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Broken Teeth Dream

Broken teeth in a dream are a representation of disruptive challenges and stress. Dreaming of a tooth or teeth breaking can be a warning about a costly compromise you are about to make and the difficulties and misfortune that may result from it. Read more dream interpretations to decipher the meaning of your dream.
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Broken teeth dream meanings

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The main meanings for dreams about teeth breaking or broken teeth are:

  • A primary dream meaning for broken teeth is instability and lack of balance
  • Another common dream interpretation of broken teeth points to issues with reliability and trust
  • Guilt or concerns over broken promises
  • Emotional pain, fear of loss
  • Price paid for costly compromises
  • Invitation to look at your current course of action, path

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Primary dream meaning of broken teeth: Instability and search for balance

Dreaming that your teeth are breaking isn’t generally associated with positive feelings. When you want to find out the meaning of your dream, take it as a useful clue: Because your dream contains imagery and symbols that stimulate negative emotions, it may refer to something disruptive that is undermining your balance in your waking life.

How to interpret broken teeth or teeth breaking? A good starting place is to think about what is or could disrupt balance, pleasure, well-being in your life. Seeing broken teeth indicates that your foundations or stability is being challenged.

Check how this could refer to a situation or feelings in your waking life to get a key on how to interpret your dream of broken teeth.

Dream interpretation of broken teeth: Questioning reliability & trustworthiness

A broken tooth or breaking teeth in dreams denote that something is unreliable in your life. The dream could point to you or other people. Broken teeth could represent doubts or concerns over the reliability of your health, aging of your body, or physical appearance.

This dream symbol could also point to things you have said that may or may not be really trustworthy. A broken tooth or teeth would symbolize guilt you feel about a broken promise or concerns over promises you or others cannot depend on.

Broken tooth, dream symbol for pain and loss

Broken teeth symbolize pain over losing something that is important to you. You may be currently experiencing changes in your life, transitioning from one place or job to another, ending a relationship or working on modifying your habits.

Dreaming about teeth breaking is a common symbol for concerns over change and loss. Your dream could point to the fear of getting hurt emotionally and perhaps physically as well by an upcoming situation or by someone.

When dreaming about broken teeth means costly compromises

A dream about teeth breaking can be interpreted as a warning about the cost of a decision or action. You may have or are about to make a choice that compromises with your real needs or desires. Broken teeth may represent the emotional pain that comes with such a choice.

A costly compromise is like losing a part of you or denying important needs. Through an image related to the body, a broken tooth or teeth, your dream is most likely pointing to the emotional pain that your decision triggered.

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Broken teeth in dreams: An invitation to look at your life direction

A meaning of a dream about teeth breaking could be that you are “breaking” yourself and your sense of balance in order to satisfy others or goals that do not serve you well in the end. Dreaming about broken teeth could be a warning about a course of action you have chosen and its potential drawbacks.

A broken teeth dream is an invitation to look at the path you have chosen. Check if you are losing sight of yourself and your true needs by going after some ideals that may not align with who you truly are or by compromising too much to fit with other people’s expectations.

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691 Responses to Broken Teeth Dream

  • Sharmila Martin

    I dream my teeth mash up and I took out the pieces and put it away and I saw my ex husband coming towards me but I walk away before he could say anything.that’s my dream

  • Anna.

    I had a dream that I was bitting in an inwards direction against my upper set of 2 front teeth with my lower set of teeth and blood was gushing out as my teeth were falling out from my gums. It was hurting badly but I just couldn’t stop it and I continued doing so until my teeth eventually fell out and it was bloody. It felt uncontrollable, I couldn’t withdraw from doing it at all even though I knew it was hurting me and I no longer had control of myself to stop it.
    until now, the dream is still very vivid in my mind and it still feels so real and near to me, like it did just happened recently (but thank god I still woke up with all my teeth intact). I’m very curious to know what this dream may intepret because it has such a strong and negative impact on me that I’m feeling. It was scary. Anyone has any vivid interpretions to share? I’ve tried goggling up the meaning behind ‘teeth falling out’ dreams but it’d be good if anyone could dive deeper and uncover more insights to share. Thanks!

  • Zoe

    I was running for a bus on a big bus tour of people, and jumped mid-air, when I landed I knew that I had damaged my teeth, but it was only until I spit it out that I realised probably a quarter big chunks of each tooth had been broken

  • fritz

    i removed my teeth one by one and showed them to my friends

  • rishabh

    2 most common dreams which i regularly see:
    1. Flyng an aeroplane
    2. Visiting Usa

  • kari

    I had a dream that my tooth broke but then i had a white shinny tooth to replace that one

  • Anonymous

    my tooth broke only the upper part not from the root

  • isha dawar

    Watching in dream my broken teeth

  • bikash Bhandari chandra

    I saw my front teeth were completely damaged so i took all of them and waited for new teeth

  • siddhartha

    In my dreams i felt that my teeth got loosened up , almost broken from the root,..what does it mean….this is being a regular feature in my dreams.

  • Savannah

    I keep having a dream that one of my teeth are loose and I keep trying to knock it out with my tongue unwillingly even though it hurts. Along with the loose tooth, my jaw clenches up, and when I try to speak my top teeth overlap my bottom teeth and grind together; when I try to pry my mouth open, my jaws clenches tighter and tighter. It feels like the more I struggle to open my mouth to talk, the worse and more realistic the pain feels.

  • alisha

    It started with one tooth braking then kept going until all but my two front teeth was broken

  • Vanessa

    I looked in the mirror and teeth were missing, cracked and chipped and worn down.
    I thought ohh I’ve just had a baby, maybe that’s why!!!!
    Went looking for a dentist but didn’t know where I was to locate one.

  • Danielle

    I dreamed that my wisdom tooth began to deteriorate. Ad from there all the others started to break sort as well. I thought was suppose to be going to work. But I ended up going to a prom. When I looked in the Mirror to see how many teeth were broken. I tried to sit up to get a better look. And my gums fell out of my mouth; like they were dentures. I pushed them back in my mouth and kept them close for the text of the ride. When I got off the bus. I was at a prom. As I was waiting to get. Corsage pinned to my dress. I woke up. I. I may; this is the second night that I have dreamed about my teeth breaking and falling out.

  • Archiebald Konwaye

    I had a dream in which I saw a half of my watch on my hand broken. I later found it but could not mend it again. I was totally broken into pieces and could not be put back together.

  • Isaiah denitto

    So it’s a broken Teeth dream, except this time I have no control over my jaw and it forcibly shuts on it’s own and shatters a few of my front teeth, one at a time. I’ll lose control over my jaw only for enough time for one tooth to shatter each time it happens. I lost a total of 4 teeth in all. My 4 front teeth on top. I told my step dad we need to get to the hospital and he was going, but he was going extremely slow, stalling, taking his time to get in the car, then I woke up

  • OnlySaneOne

    It seems like none of you seem to know dreams are just random firings of synapses while you sleep. They literally mean nothing.

    • Isaiah denitto

      That’s most definitely untrue lol

      • okopiop


  • Kylie

    I woke up to remember I had gone trough my whole house to smash every photo

  • DMT

    I had another dream once.
    My tooth shattered and there was a jagged piece sticking out and I was in the bathroom (over the sink and in front of the mirror) trying to pull the piece out. When I banked on it my pupil (on the same side as the tooth) changed color. Or disappeared.
    And the thing I pulled out was big. A lot bigger than I thought. I expected a sliver and it was a size of two molars or so.
    And it was a very weird feeling when I pulled and my eye would change.
    Very vivid dream

  • DMT

    I was messing with my braces (trying to put a power chain on them which I usually don’t need, so I don’t know what was up about that) and the brackets came off and all (at least all the bottom) teeth broke a little bit from the gum.
    I tried to put them back in but they wouldn’t hold. The big molar looked really weird broken, had all those vain like things in them.
    I called my husband to come help but there was nothing either one of us could do.

  • sharon

    Dreaming of my teeth breaking of in bits. I was spiting out for ages I couldn’t get all the bits out.

  • Francisco

    I bite a door mouth broke his teeth and saw blood come out the dog mouth with broken teeth

  • Evelyn

    The same dream since the first week of school.I’ll be talking to this girl, Amber, and towards the middle of the conversation my mouth will feel weird. I then realize my teeth are cracking and shattering.

  • Maria Parker

    The other night I dreamt that I was in a building running around up and down the stairs going up and down the elevator & I was afraid I was gonna drop my one year old son. But also my teeth were stuck together. I could feel so much pain as I tried to open my mouth. I couldn’t open my mouth at all, my teeth were just stuck together and wouldn’t budge. I started crying, I couldn’t talk, it was just the worst thing ever. finally after trying & trying to open my mouth, it starts opening but all my teeth are shattered, little pieces are falling in my hands, i’m trying to get them all so they could get put back together but it would not be possible. they’re all broken into little pieces all because I tried to open my mouth. the pain and the taste was so bad. all my teeth were gone, broken.

  • clinton ahongshangbam

    tooth breaking in nightmare but not broken completely and hang on the gum

  • vanesa

    Last night I dreamed that I was at my grandma’s house i was eating a chocolate and all of a sudden my back tooth felli started crying when I took it out of my mouth it looked like it was only ah piece that had broken off and the rest was still inside then I felt like I had a bunch of little pieces of tooth left and I started to spit them out

  • flower

    I keep having dreams that the tracks of my braces comes off and that my jaw constantly locks causing my teeth to shatter.

  • aislinn

    I was at a house/party. I don’t remember knowing many people thre or recognized the location. Firstly I pulled a loose tooth out and it blead. Then a row of teeth broke of but they were still stuck together in my hand then the same happend on the other side leaving me with my two front teeth. I asked everyone for help and for an ambulance bit I could barley talked and had to show them the teeth I was holding in my hand. By the end I had no teeth and that’s all I remember other then my mother and her friends popping into the dream at some point and a Guy that I didn’t know who I was sexually attracted to and we kept trying to have sex but I am not sure if I had teeth or not at that time

  • Sofie

    I had a dream that the bottom of my teeth came off like a strip of teeth just came off. It was really strange. I also keep having dreams about this one building. It looks like a normal house, and then you go inside and push the bathroom wall and it leads to a hospital. It’s almost like the hospital is a secret. I don’t understand what either of these mean but they are the most vivid dreams I have, they also tend to repeat.

  • Mary Ann

    I had a dream that I was walking home in the middle of the night, and someone hit me on the head, took my purse and ran. During the fall, I hit my mouth and nose on a trashcan. I screamed but no one was there, and pieces of my teeth fell onto my hands! As I was feeling around with my fingers, more fell out. I hate these kinds of dreams, it’s so nice to wake up though!

  • ..

    I had a dream I was getting ready and I pushed my tongue against my bottom teeth and they just started to crack and fall out! Each one dropped into my hand along with blood!! I usually have dreams like this! Not as real as this one seemed though!

  • Alan

    Had something chasing me . I killed it , smashed it up . The thing that got me in the end was it’s smashed up teeth.

  • Jannet

    I was going to see my old love. But went out a night before and when I woke up my teeth where broken and some pieces in my hand still. I thaought of glueing them back but then said i well he’s gotta accept me the way i am.

  • luna

    I dreamt that my upper right teeth starting with the the tooth with the filling all the way to my wisdom tooth feel out into my hands. Then they started to crumble in my hands as I tried to save them. Then I woke up in my dream and was relieved to find them there and then my tooth with the filling fell out and I started chipping layers of it off. Then I finally woke up for real.

  • Cristina

    I dreamt my left fang was weak and then I saw myself in the mirror,the lower part was broken and olive oil was coming out of it . One pf my cousins was there and told me to put my tooth in my pocket. I felt what was left of my tooth with my tongue, and then realised it was growing back. Then I touched my pocket but the previos tooth that fell was still there…

  • broken teeth or your teeth breaking

    I am having dreams of my teeth breaking and i dont know what they mean

  • Staceylee Clark

    I dreamt that one of my teeth at the front bottom row began to be wriggly.
    Then all of my teeth started to shatter into peices and I used my hand to catch it all falling out then walked around with shattered teeth in a pile near my mouth….
    It was so vivid and felt very real

  • Dezrae

    I was im a class room trying to speak to my cousin but I could feel my teeth crumbling and falling apart in my mouth, specifically the back teeth. My mouth was filled with my broken teeth. I had the urge to spit them out but couldn’t because I was in a room full of people.

  • CC

    I just saw myself cringing, and it was like I was biting my teeth. They were crumbling. The teeth were chipped and I picked up the pieces that had fallen off in my mouth.

  • Morgan

    I was feeling pain in on of my front lower teeth and then it shattered. I picked up all the pieces…. Then my very back lower tooth started hurting, it had this red blood bubble growing in it. I went to tell my boyfriend who was outside but it exploded and I spat out blood all over the concrete. My boyfriend said something, but I can’t remember.

    I went to the dentist, booked in at reception. The dentist was named Dr Reid, he came out and sat beside me eating his lunch. He said something about getting me an appointment and I said thank you, I’m having big problems. He then told me to open my mouth so he could see and as I did so he held a hair dryer towards my mouth. He asked me if I had been using both sides (for chewing I presume).

    It all changed from there, my dad’s partner, an adopted baby and a fishing trip with Stevie Wonder.

  • Michelle

    In my dream I looked in the morrow and my two top teeth on the left was just ragged stumps with blood on them

  • rach

    I cvant really remember my dream fully but I remember I was awake and the bottom set of teeth broke in half but it was my back teeth and they broke in half meaning the roots were still in my mouth but the teeth that broke away broke away still attached together?

  • confused

    I’ve been having this dreams of my teeth breaking off and in the dream it hurts when it breaks.

    please can u tell me what it means

  • Marlene

    Dreamt that myself and best friend of 17 years fell out and stopped our friend ship

  • Kar

    In my dream I was driving down the highway and my teeth just started to fallout.one or two at first then a hand full. It was weird felt like I had more teeth in my hand than I had all together in my mouth.

  • Memememe

    I had a dream about teeth breaking or crumbling. and on both sides of the teeth was some type of metal split that was trying to hold them together.

    • Lena

      In my dream, one of my friends was stressing me out right before we were about to leave for a trip. Then all of a sudden my front teeth had a cracked and a all of these teeth started falling out of my mouth. There were no gaps in between my teeth. My grandma, sister, and boyfriend were there and they told me to throw the teeth on the roof of my old house. After I threw the teeth I woke up.

  • Ravi Agrawal

    during day time…I dreamt of fallling two teeth of upper jaw.

  • finn

    Yep – broken promises and guilt. Need to do lots of purification practice and… well… start me life all over again. I never thought I would have to start from the scratch so many times. But there I am. Life is not a straight line.

  • Anonym

    Each and everytime i dream zat ze same teeth is breaking..and each time i remove it..sumtimes there is even blood and sometimes i feel the pain..but it is always ze two same teeth zat break

  • Gloria

    I dreamt that ,there was an occasion,so I sat at a table and there was a man sitting opposite my direction,and he kept askin me questions about where I stay.I told him but when he smiled I saw two little teeth at his the front or his mouth.The rest were on a bigger side but just those two at the front were very very little.so he gave me a sheet of paper I looked at it .it was his name and number on it.I went to where my parent,my sister and husband and my brother were waiting for me ,so we drove off

  • Carrie

    I dreamt that I was out in the town when one of my eye teeth chipped and then I pulled it out.Does anyone know the interpretation to this?as one of my eye teeth is still a baby tooth which has never fallen out.

  • Helen

    I had a drem my rabbit teath broked and became the near the same length as my other teeth and I was happy

  • Lost

    I don’t remember the exact details but recently I have been dreaming of my teeth breaking more often then I would like. Should I be worried ?

  • Veeda

    this morning i dreamt that i observe that one of my bottom front teeth looks extra tall and discoloured and when i touched it it came out easily

    • sweety

      In my dream my front four teeth came in my hand when I touch it but someone replace the same teeth in the same place.

  • Anonymous

    In my dream, I remember opening my mouth, and I had no control, so I could not make my mouth shut. My mouth kept opening wider and I heard my jaw crack. Then my mouth started closing. I assume that I clenched my jaw too much which made my teeth all start to crack and break. I have never dreamt something even close to related to this so I want to know what this means. Should I be worried?

  • getting lief to

    People in my dreams say one thing and I find out later it’s not true only to find out they thought it wouldn’t hurt me when it hurt more. The dream starts out with me getting beat up and left in the dessert.

  • Anonymous

    I was hanging out with friends and going about running errands with them when my cheek started to swell up then it swelled up to the size of a huge ball only on one side my boyfriend told me it would go down and it is fine – but then a half hour later or some time passed … then my teeth started to SHATTER into tiny pieces till there was no more teeth in my mouth. The pieces stayed in my mouth and the swelling got bigger and I had to go to a doctor who said it was too late to fix the teeth. I took some mediciation and the swelling went down. It was an infection they said and if you treat it early your teeth aren’t affected.

  • Randy

    I had a dream I was in a hotel and my back teeth began to crumble. I fought them in my hand and tossed them into the trash thinking maybe it was just one or two but as I continued to walk more began to crumble and break. With the front two remaining I went to the bathroom and looked in a mirror as they wiggled and fell out. I thought to myself I need to collect them up. I grabbed what I had right there and the parts I threw away and calmly walked out of the hotel. I walked past a older woman on my left and spit on her by accident I looked back and saw that I did. She asked me if I had spit on her I nodded not to show my missing teeth an cleaned off her pants. I mumbled to her that I was sorry and had to go to the dentist. She asked me if I needed a ride, I nodded yes never showing my teeth. As we walked to her car a man had pulled on our side and stared at us. She knew him stopped him made him get out of his car and give her a hug. Then I woke up, the thought of my teeth kind of stops my heart. It freaks me out to have the crumbled teeth in my mouth and have to spit them out. I have had the broke teeth dream before it was just different. What does this mean???

  • Kamran

    i saw a dream last night i which i went to my cousins marriage with a college friend on reaching my friend vanished i dont know where but i met my mom there while sitting with her and talking moved my tongue over right upper jaw sectiom and a tooth broke i put it on my hand then after a while i did the same again and another tooth broke what is meaning of this dream? there was no blood or pain when the teeth broke

  • Ashley

    I don’t much remember every single detail, of course I forgot to write it down right when I woke up, I was kind of in a little bit of a panic. For the record, I’m 22, and female, if that gives any more information for an interpretation.
    My friend was in it as well, but not in the same place I was, I was with her in …what I’m guessing now to be a room or living room… But I went to the washroom. I can’t remember if others were there, but I specifically remember this one friend who I have been friends with for about 7 years.
    Anyways, sorry.
    I went to the bathroom and looked to the mirror, feeling these crackling sensations in my mouth. I opened my mouth and touched the back and it moved. Took my hand away and my eyes started watering.
    Losing teeth isn’t exactly on my bucket list, so I would probably cry out of frustration.
    I can still remember very vividly the feeling of my back teeth crumbling. I know what crumbling teeth sound like because I’ve gotten my back wisdoms removed by a dentist, and he used the tool that makes it sound like there’s a nutcracker in your head.
    After I realized they were crumbling and breaking, I started spitting pieces out, and rolling them with my tongue out of they’re place and putting them into the palm of my hand. At least point i’m freaking out and my friend I think is calling out to me asking me what’s going on.
    I don’t remember much else, but I’m almost sure I came out of the bathroom with my hands full of broken teeth, but it gets fuzzy at that moment. I think that’s when I woke up… and went on the computer to find this site haha.

  • ja

    my dream is very odd.sorry for the gory story. its starts off with me getting stabbed in my lower back by some unknown girl ,then i disarmed her and when i disarm her i end up with a dagger and sword. the sword would not work but the dagger would. then it turned into a whole other scenerio. i was sitting in some what appeared to be some elevator but it had seats so there were 2 more girls and a guy. the elevator took long to get to the first floor also then the guy shoots himself in the head and blood was splattering everywhere i told the 2 girls to close there eyes due to the splattering and not to mention the guy lived but was talking very slowly finally we get out of the elevator and it goes to a playground and i see the same guy his friends asking if hes ok, then i run because im scared he would try and kill me then it morphed into another dream where this girl was throwing glass bottles at me from her house. i was on a sidewalk and repeatedly threw them back in her front door then i suppose a mother or family member came out and tried to fight me. she later went back in her house and the girl who threw glasses at me was outside i walked up to her, grabbed her by her head cupped her top set of teeth and snapped them. strangest dream ever sorry for the gory details.

  • madhu

    i saw am visiting a dargah

  • takara w.

    I’ve had several dreams of my teeth falling out but just grinding them real hard to the point that all of my bottom teeth were gone. The dream I recently had was on July 21st 2014; which was one of the dreams I’ve currently had dealing with this situation. Its weird to see that I’m not the only one having this dream and its weird to see that its actually a meaning for this type of dream. I just hope whatever comes my way in the present and future, I want the outcome to be good instead of bad.I’m glad to know that this/theses dream(s) are worth knowing something.

  • chestie

    I just dreamt that my front tooth had split into a jagged half but weirdly only one of it. I didn’t see any blood or didn’t felt any pain.(in the dream) I was walking down a street and didn’t cared about the stares. I felt good. Oddly.

  • Declan

    I woke up in my dream with the feeling of the front and back teeth, especially the front, were crumbling away into fragments.. The back teeth were more wobbly, as soft than crumbling. As the dream went on the front teeth continued to crumble. As I got to the shopping centre, especially asda, the back teeth became increasing more unstable, as I put my hand in my mouth and pulled the soft “tooth” it turns out it wasn’t a tooth at all… It was the top half of my pinky finger. As I held the part of my finger in my hand I felt another wobbly tooth on the same side as the other “tooth”, right side, I pulled out another half of my finger this time the half of my finger from the finger next to my pinky. As I looked at my hand, the top half of my finger on my right hand were gone.. And they came from inside my mouth, in my gums. I looked at them in shock with the feeling of the gap in my mouth and teeth still breaking apart… Then I woke up. In real life this time. With me holding my right hand.

  • kristen

    Im looking in the mirror and I notice im missing a tooth and when I touch the surrounding teeth they come out the root and all. My mouth was all bloody and my boyfriend was in the dream too I was just crying and saying my teeth are coming out as all my front teeth fell out into the sink. Only the bottom front teeth.

  • Tricia

    I had a dream that I woke up and was spitting out broken teeth. When I looked inside my mouth all my teeth were rotten.

  • Anonymous

    One of my top side teeth. Maybe the canine. I peeled the front layer of it off like it was a piece of moldy wood paneling that needed to be removed. Didn’t hurt. It just terrified me because it looked normal on the outside. The tooth was white and smooth underneath.

    Funny. Writing out the dream in detail deciphers it!

  • Manoj

    In my dream, My right canine teeth was badly loose and i was playing with my tounge by shaking it…
    It fall off….

  • priyanka

    i had a dream in which at 1st my 1st molar breaks of in the lower jaw after that all my anteriors teeth in the lower jaw started fall off and i had to remove it

  • Kathy

    I had a dream that my back left bottom tooth broke off and I removed it with my tongue.
    What does that mean?

  • Marie

    I had a very brief dream right before I woke up to my dogs barking, that my mouth was hurting. I looked into the mirror with my mom there to show her too, and I touched my fingernail to my left “canine” tooth near the gum line and it was as if the first couple outer layers of my tooth peeled forward from the gum line down to the point of the tooth, still attached at the point, but revealing a small and very painful dark black spot right in the middle underneath the part I peeled back. The black spot was not visible until I peeled that part back, but the tooth hurt very badly before and during. I woke up laying on the same side of my face as the tooth was in the dream, and my mouth almost hurt when I woke up. But I finally realized it was only a dream. It was very realistic feeling. Not sure what this means right now. I just went through a breakup, and we still live together while my new place is getting ready. But I have had some very serious feelings for a very close friend of mine, but I know they are not reciprocated, and that person only sees me as friend. I’ve also been very stressed out about my financial situation, and aging as well. So I’m really unsure of what this dream means for me.

    • Cjr

      Sounds familiar.

    • Cjr

      Sounds familiar so who doesn’t like u that u have feelings for.

  • Zennymae

    Hi, last night I dreamed about my teeth, yes teeth not just only one but I dreamed 1 tooth lower left and 3 teeth lower right and got rotten’ I want to know what that means, because I just dreamed that last night..

  • Broken front teeth

    I dreamed that one of my front tteth was a cap and fell off, then the second was breaking in pieces.


    i had dream my tooth side tooth were chipping away at the dentist while it was magically being replaced by my doctor white as snowlight!!!!

    Why ??? what is it?? I am scared!!! Please help??

  • Precious

    I often have dreams about my teeth breaking in different ways. One of the dreams: I clinch my teeth together and my bottom jaw becomes displaced and its crushing my teeth together and i can’t open my mouth. The more i try, is the more it breaks. The second dream is: I’m chewing bread and in the process my teeth is breaking up and on realizing this, i start to spit out the bread out of my mouth and into my hands. looking at bread in my hands i can see fine pieces of my teeth.

    • Sarah

      I also have the same dream with the jaw clenching and teeth breaking….

      • Lee

        I used to have this same dream when I was younger, the more I tried to unclench my jaw the more I’d bite down and loose my teeth, the back molars especially
        Strangely I spoke to my mum one day who told me her back molars were crumbling away and I never had this dream again

  • Anonymous

    Two front teeth that previously has dental filling has been broken.

  • Cris

    I had a dream that it was my dog’s birthday and for some weird reason I pulled my tooth out but the roots were still there. And I was bleeding a lot. What does this mean? Please reply

  • jen

    I had a dream that my teeth were really white

  • Felicia

    I dreamed that I was cooking and for whatever reason I put a large pieces if glass in my mouth. The glass was wedge against the roof of my mouth and I had to break it into pieces to get it out. I was bleeding quite a bit and rinsing my mouth with water as I got all the glass out. What does this mean?

  • h.a.

    last night I dreamt that I was at a gathering with all sorts of my friends, when I was chewing gum and one of my bottom back molars broke off into pieces, a bit freaky, help?

  • Ric

    Last night I had a dream that I was pulling half a molar with my hands and fearing pain, but it did not hurt. I pulled it out of my mouth and looked at it, feeling my mouth and not feeling pain, then putting it back in like a puzzle. That is all I remember.

  • Anonymous

    I dreamt one of my teeth began to break off into layers almost like a cracker. I tried to get people to help me fix my tooth. I went to the dentist but he said he couldn’t help me. That I was doomed. Then the rest off my teeth fell out. I started to starve because I couldn’t eat anything. Then I woke up.

  • Ray Mcsween

    I had two holes in my teeth and I was looking for a dentist to fill it

  • Tyler

    I had a dream last night that I was biting my nails (something I haven’t done in a very long time), and the nail was so tough that one of my two front teeth broke almost in half. I panicked until I went to the bathroom and couldn’t turn on any lights.

  • sherry

    i had a dream about my husband he was crying out that 2 of his teeth had hole and it was hurting him so i open his mouth and i saw 2 teeth got 2 holes 1 was bleeding and i was trying to put something in the hole . can someone tell me what this dream means

  • Godard

    My wife smiled at me and her upper front teeth broke in pieces and she begun looking older

  • Anonymous

    Had a dream that I got bit by a shark in the hand and soon after woke up with the taste of blood in my mouth . really strong taste

  • Rick

    Dreamt last night that while brushing my teeth with my electric toothbrush a tooth or two on the left hand side broke up and I had difficulty spitting out the bits. I have very good dental health (Due to private dental care). I have been working in a role with a very long commute that is taking it’s toll on my general health however and I am looking for new roles although there has been no specific worries.

  • Ena

    My 3 years old son forced my 19mths old son to stay in a basement. As if a locked him in there. When I found out I pushed (as if I hit him) my 3 yrs old who fell in the stairs. One of his big teeth flew, it broke. Of course he cried.

    That was the dream ( nightmare)

    How awful!!!

  • Courtney

    A baby got kidnapped but the baby was a shinny star I chased the man got shot in brow but didn’t die or bleed. I felt scared all day

  • marissa

    All I can remember is that one of my front tooth (which is covered with a gold cap) broke in half and that to the roof of my mouth it seemed as if there was a plastic/ clay like denture up in the roof of my mouth, that too fell out.

  • omi

    I always have a dream of my falling tooth along with blood…

  • loneguy

    My friend were making fun of a kid whom I din’t recognize and I laughed at the jokes made at him and then my crush appeared but suddenly the kid jumped on me and tried to crush my jaws but I was successfull in getting rid of him but when I opened mu y mouth all my teeth were crushed except my molar and premolar teeth but no blood .. What does it signifies

  • Amanda

    I had a dream, no where special just inside a building, and i felt that my two front teeth were sliding out from its gums. I tried putting them back on, but they kept on sliding off. Then someone told me that my teeth had been replaced with fake ones.

  • Ferhenda

    I saw my 4 or 5 teeth fall out at the same time suddenly snd i become worried and go to dentist butbi havev no psin or blood with teeth which fall out.

  • apo

    i had dream my wisdom tooth fell out

  • geselle

    I had a dream of my teeth being bright white so white it glowed. The glow so powerful that my teeth shattered and this cold came over me with this terrifying feeling.

  • My shattered, bloody teeth with a side of ex-boyfriend

    Amberly Gorman

    i was running, trying to get away from these ppl that continued to try and grab me..i avoided capture by flipping them over…kept trying to find ex-boyfriend/love of my life..my teeth were shattered and bloody in my moth, I kept have to spit dozens of them out at a time..ran passed ‘him-the ex’, I heard him say..”Just wanted to know if she’s ok, now that I do, I can leave..”..I spit out more bloody shattered teeth, looked in mirror..and woke up. PLZ Help

  • Emily

    I was in a kitchen eating something with my family when one of my molars cracked and a piece broke off. I spit it out and started feeling around with my tongue and more pieces started coming out. I ran out of the house and was walking down the road trying to find someone to help. My bf rode up on a bicycle and all I could do was show him the pieces of my teeth. He didn’t seem to care. My dream jumped to me looking in a mirror and all my molars were gone.

  • jose

    Was looking into he bathroom mirror when suddenly all my teeth started breaking with a lot of blood…. what does this mean?

  • ann

    Drving in a friends borrowed car in turkey down very narrow streets. Frighten a horse carridge with people on it. Backs up to let them pass.. Gets lost and the car starts playing up. Went to toilet and couldnt find car and my tray of food. Some men start joking about. Lost the keys in a pond. Find another friend and helps to find directions. Friends looking for me. Break a tooth. Wakes up

  • Scott

    Every night, for the past couple of weeks, in my dreams I’ve been grinding my teeth soo hard that that they are litterally disintigrating, it’s mainly the front canine tooth, the dreams seem so real, when I wake up I have pains in my mouth and I find myself grinding my teeth throughout the day and biting down on my teeth to the point where I find myself in a lot of pain

  • Callum

    In my dream I was deliberately trying to break my teeth. I was grinding them fairly hard to the point where one just snapped and fell out. When I took the tooth out of my hand it appeared to be huge almost like a shark tooth. At this point I woke up and had to check that it hadn’t fallen out. I have had this dream twice now but the shark like tooth wasn’t involved in the first one.

  • Tobette321

    I had a dream that I got into a fight based on real life situations and my teeth at the front started to crack; which I know means something bad like death or negative vibes. It’s making me nervous cause I’m only 6weeks pregnant; I’m scared my dream is telling me something.

  • Zoey

    In my dream I was standing on top of a chair trying to fix something on the ceiling. I hit my mouth somehow and my jaw dislocated. I got down and ran up to the bathroom. Then I looked in the mirror and relocated my jaw. I sat down on the toilet and then my back molour tooth fell out and there was blood everywhere. I woke up in tears to realize it was only a dream.

  • Katie

    I just recently hada dream that my upper tooth just cracked in half and i don’t understand why

    • Caty

      One of my front teeth broke. Although I looked at myself and though it did not look that bad I was upset about it. What does it mean?

  • Desiree

    In the past week I have had several dreams that were so surreal. The first I time I dreamed I had a broken leg and I was holding the bone in my hand. The next dream there was baby snake in our house and it bite me twice. The next dream was that on the right side of my mouth a molar tooth fell out it wasn’t the whole tooth with root it was just the tooth part that you can see but it was very painful and the tooth had red stuff on it.. I feel like all the dreams relate to each other just don’t know what..

  • Sabrina

    I was looking in the mirrow and discovered a tooth had grown in front if the others in the bottom row. I broke the tooth off with my hands only to discover my front tooth was broken in half and my mouth was bleeding.

  • Sadie

    I had a dream last night that my front tooth came loose and the more I tried not to wiggle it the looser it became before it broke in half. When I went to my family to get help with my tooth my mouth began bleeding. The more help I tried to get the less people payed attention to me and the worst my teeth got. Finally my teeth became big shards of Brooken light bulb glass and egg shells that I would pull out of my mouth despite the very loud and disturbing cracking noise it made. My mouth was gushing blood. Then I remember being on vacation with my family at a frozen water park happy as can be but silent because I kept my hurt mouth shut the entire time. This dream was very upsetting and a friend advised me to look into it but so far I haven’t found anything quite like mine. Can you help?

  • Lou

    I keep dreaming my front tooth gets chipped. Last night I had a dream my second tooth from the front became really wobbly. What do my dreams mean. Im desperate for answer its really affecting my life and Im considering taking dental insurance in case my dream becomes reality though I know I can’t afford to take out this cover. Please help

  • Marilyn Lira

    I was dreaming that my tooth got chipped and then all of a sudden my teeth Will fall out when I went to touch the chipped tooth. And In my dream I knew I was asleep and I will wake up and touch my teeth but they will fall out again because I was still dreaming and it kept repeating over and over again.

  • Sadie

    I had a dream that I tasted blood all in my mouth, in my dream I could stick my tongue between my teeth as if the teeth were not there. I went to the bathroom (in my dream) and looked in the mirror to see that some of my teeth were gone and my mouth was all red from the blood, creepy.

  • Julie

    I dreamt one of my teeth was broken and part of it missing.

  • Ross Brewer

    In my dream I’m in my bed and get up for some reason, probably because of my teeth. Anyway I went to touch them and it my teeth felt soft, as in they were malleable, I could adjust their shape at will. This sounds like a broken tooth dream but the malleability thing seems way too specific to ignore.

  • Lea

    My dream took place in the kitchen of my dads house family was over cooking and I wake it with a fat lip I pull my lip down and I say oh wow look this is why my lip is like that my tooth was almost an inch long and had one side of the root mising please not I don’t live with my dad anymore I’ve been living with my fiancé for 3 months not And I use to be a dental assistant and haven’t been working sinc I moves

  • Ashley Raine


    I’ve been having odd dreams where my molars are falling out. I end up trying to tell people in my dreams, not panicking but not calmly, and no one listens to me. Then while I am holding my molars in my hand, if I barely close my hand, they break into pieces. Strangest part is that they aren’t normal molars. They are fake, like the caps/crowns that are put on your teeth when you break or chip one.

    I believe it may do with stress from school considering exams being next week, family issues with summer planning, and a change where I now have a boyfriend and I’m completely unsure if I can handle a relationship.

    Am I just overreacting or over thinking this? Or am I on the right track?

    Concerned Dreamer

  • Loss of old tooth because of a new one

    Last weeks i have found out that i dreamt already several times about teeth. In the beginning i experienced rotten teeth. I thaught that i needed to go to a dentist because i experienced also some mild pain on a certain location of my teeth. Yesterday i had another dream. This time one of my teeth was chipping off due to the growth of my wisdom teeth. Althougb all my wisdom teeth were removed when i was 18, Somebody explained my that it was my wisdom teeth. The growth of this wisdom teeth put pressure on my whole set of teeth. All became out off balance and would become Not aligned.
    When i experienced this dream i understood the dreams about teeth has another meaning then going to the dentist.
    Sometimes difficult where to start searching for a correct explanation or direction. I red already something about anxiety,and hiding things for yourself, emotional pain.

    I recently started working abroad, left my friends and family behind. Before i lived more healthy and was more busy with higher vibrational things than now. No girlfriend but that is no new news : )

    Anybody some advice how to interpret this dream with the background i gave you and what I need to do with it?

    Thank you for your feedback,
    Kind regards,

  • Morgan


    I dreamt that I needed a filling on one tooth and they made me do it myself, only to realize they got the tooth wrong and I had just drilled into and broken a good tooth. It was almost cut in half and I could see it quite clearly rocking side to side

    Thank you

  • Steven vega

    I was a running from something. I don’t know what but I was scared. I ran until I got caught & when I got caught, it was a figure I couldn’t make out. My front teeth were getting broken in half. When the piece that was on my gums was left, I felt it being pulled. Unlike the bottom half which I felt being shattered by a hammer or something like that

  • Maribel

    I dreamed i was carrying a heavy box, the box have a thin rope, i decided to bite the rope to provided more grip on to the box. As i walk i trip and i slides one of my bunny teeth in half , straight down the middle i could feel it with my tongue. I ran to the restroom and saw my tooth chip and broken on the mirror. I was in shocked i didn’t even know what to do.

  • Susie

    First I was dreaming that I was being chased by someone not sure who it was. As I was hiding from this person I saw a young child about 10 or 11 years old with a baby also hiding from someone. Then I saw the same child buring the crying baby alive in the ground.

  • Reliablefloss

    I dreamt that I was lying in bed but that there was a party going on downstairs in my house, however, I just lay there noticing my teeth were breaking off one by one because I was grinding them. I would take out each broken bit and put it on my side locker. Then each time i clasped my teeth together, I noticed that there was more gaps and spaces between the. My girlfriend then came upstairs and in to my room and I just remember pointing towards my teeth… cant remember anything else.

  • Anon

    I live in the uk, and I dreamt that we were sat watching a program called u you’ve been framed, and I saw 5 or clips of when I was younger, I don’t really remember the clips being real as in what actually happened, but there were details that were true, such as the broken table leg in our living room, or my horrible fringe hair cut I had, and the pot belly pig we had called blackberry.
    I remember being happy in the videos like really happy, but I was so embarrassed that my mum and dad had sent them in, then they told me I told them too. The only thing that was out of the ordinary was in one of the clips I had a chipped front tooth, which I never had a problem with my teeth as a child. Also woke up with stomach pains so not sure if this is all connected or just a dream.

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream that I was pulling floss out of my teeth that was stuck and in my dream I was waking up rubbing my tounge on my tooth and it broke. It was an eye tooth

  • Anonymous

    I always dream of having affair or intimate encounters with people i know i shouldn’t even be with after the dream I feel guilty and scared but it was very enjoyable

  • jasmine Cason

    I dreamed that the bottomset of teeth slowly cracked became brittle and then fell out. The whole lower jaw was just red gum line

  • LEB

    I have a tooth on the bottom (front) that is longer/taller than the other teeth. It is loose (note I do have gum problems with this tooth) the teeth keep hitting each other when I am talking and it eventually break’s. Then I wake up in the dream to discover I was dreaming the tooth falling out .. But then it falls out. Then I really woke up.

  • dandelion

    Recently i keep having this reoccurring dream about me losing my teeth.its always my back molars, no blood or pain, the just wiggle out. As I reach back to pull the tooth it either come out whole then crumbles in my hands, or it’ll automatically break in my mouth.also, some seem to grow back quickly .

  • Steering Wheel

    I bumped my head on a steering wheel. Head a loud “Har!”, looked up, and it was Tormund Giantsbane raping my mouth. I can’t say I didn’t like it when I woke up.

    What does this mean?!

  • PsuedoScience


    this website is a joke.

    thanks for trying to set psychology/psychiatry back a couple hundred years.

    Do you also sell homeopathic sleep remedies?

  • Beb

    I dreamed this afternoon that my crown teeth is breaking into pieces
    And my one real teeth came out :(

  • DG

    car crash flying thru 2 windshields then teeth breaking apart with glass and teeth pieces coming out in piles on the ground.

    • Steering Wheel

      It means you get sexually aroused when you witness car crashes. Please see a medical professional about hormone treatment to deal with your compulsions.

  • Anonymous

    car crash flying thru 2 windshields then teeth breaking apart with glass and teeth pieces coming out in piles on the ground.

  • kenn

    I dreamt about to beautiful women in an island wearing dresses and then their hair was like flying because of the strong wind.. then suddenly one of the women had like a sun-ray like straight hair… then she was possessed by some demonic thing then went away… the other women ran to find help then suddenly that women became “me” without me noticing the change… I ran to find help and saw 2 guys riding a small boat.. each of them has… then I saw my crush riding on the other boat so of course I road with him and I felt my tooth was falling but not the whole tooth but some parts of the tootha was there and my teeth is still fix… we flew we flew and we flew while riding the flying boat until we parked and I went off and he kissed me… (it was actually romantic ^^) so I want to my somewhat appartment like house… I went up to the stairs and saw my living room locked and then I saw my guy classmates having a meeting or what… then they said to me that to go away… so I went to my bed… and suddenly one of my classmates went outside the living room and then he said a joke so I just go on with it… then after that I went back to my crush but somethings bothering me… something scary… I was suddenly all alone in tje place… then my dream changed… I was in my bus having some sort of field trip with my classmates… then my teeth stars to fall… one of it was like together :O… then some starts to grow… then we had a stop over and I saw one of the bus conductor is having gay thingy with another guy… so I was like “awkward” so they saw me and they was supposed to rape me tho they’re gay and im a girl xD… but then I spit out my tooth like guns to them and they died HAHA #ToothPower… can someine help me?

    • kenn

      It actually doesnt hurt btw xD pleasr I need help because at this point in my life I need to decide things…

  • Fancy

    My dream started with me walking on a street that look familiar, like a street from my childhood. I was walking alone when a guy on a bicycle rode behind me with a sexually aggressive intention. I turned around to confront him. I somewhat remember his face but I can’t identify him as someone I know. He pulled out a big handgun and shot at me six times. I dropped to the floor and I wasn’t sure what part of my body was he shooting. I pretended to be dead, so he went away. I realized he had shot my head those six times. I prayed to god not to let me die. I stood up and started walking looking for help, I had my cellphone on me but I couldn’t talk. I went to talk to a young woman, and I tried to signal her what to do. She looked at me and tried to steal my phone by keeping it in her pocket, but I took it from her and walked away. I tried to call myself but I was afraid of not holding my head right where the holes from the bullets where. I kept walking until I found a group of six people, some of them were teachers from my primary school. I asked them to drive me to a hospital but they ignored me. Then I begged for help and told them I have gotten shoot but they didn’t believe me, so I had to let go of holding my head and showed them. Then they said they would drive me to the hospital. We were walking down a narrow street with a small canal. When we were on the outlet of it the guy that shot me came. I couldn’t see him but I knew it was him because I saw the tip of the gun he used. The teachers stood up on a row facing me, waiting to get shot. I ran away to hide when I ended up in the house of an acquaintance. On my way there I called my boyfriend, but when I tried to talk all of my teeth were broken in pieces and I had to spit them out. After this I was able to talk to him and tell him to pick me up to drive me to the hospital. He arrived to the acquaintance house and say there with us talking. I kept asking him to go to the hospital but he wouldn’t take me. Then I told him not to tell anything if what had happened to the acquaintance because the shooter was looking for me. All of a sudden a bush on the front yard opened a little and the tip of the gun started to show. I got out of there with my boyfriend before we got shot. We were running down a street where we found the canal again and he tried to jump it, but was just lying down with his feet touching one side and his hands grabbing the other side. I was dab sting wether to jump or not. Then I woke up.

  • radhi

    I always saw a dream my teeth were falling out of my mouth.& I was scared in my dream dat this was nt d age & I was too young;how did I look & all dat

  • mell

    I dream my front teeth have two holes what is the meaning my mom always say when you dream teeth is death I’m scared

  • Tatyana

    I had a dream that a little piece of my front tooth cracked, it took me by surprise. What does it mean?

  • Ma'De Fite

    At first the two front of my teeth were like broken into a triangle, and then all of them started getting really crooked and hurting bad. And in my dream I thought it was a dream, but then they fell out and I swear to you I could feel the blood going down my throat. And then they all fell out at once. But it was weird because my aunt and grandpaw took me too the hospital but the said they couldn’t do anything about it because I didn’t have insurance so we went home. Then I was hanging out with this kid and he kept like messing with my mouth and apparently didn’t understand that it really hurt so I cussed him out and hit him. Hahaha but then like my teeth started growing back in but they were really soft and some were still falling out and my mom said I would probably need braces again.

  • Jenna Henderson

    I was sitting in a car with people coming back from my old primary school I was talking to old teachers and looking at the classroom and it was all my classmates as children. But as I got in the car my tooth broke as j touched it and it was a back tooth then I put my hands out as blood was gushing from my mouth and parts of my tooth were coming out too.

  • Shannon

    I’ve had a recurring dream where my tooth is causing me agonising pain, and it has a huge crack in it-it’s my canine- and i try to wiggle it to pull it out, but it refuses to come out. The pain in the dream was so bad i genuinely felt when i woke up that i had a tooth problem

  • vick

    I was looking into a mirror and saw half of one of my front teeth crack and fall into my hand

  • Caitlyn

    I had a dream last night and I was talking to my friends. Suddenly a stranger came up to us and said that she had a secret to tell us. She told us this horrific lie that for some reason I knew the truth to. I was about to tell them them the truth, but suddenly my jaw completely locked. Something was keeping me from telling them. Every time I tried to open my mouth, it would snap shut and my teeth would start to crack. Finally the feeling went away and I opened my mouth only to find it filled with blood and broken teeth. I have absolutely no clue what this dream means, I’m kind of scared because I’ve had the same one for about two months now…

  • Sara Richardson

    My dream is about me when i am sleeping i have this pain like half of my tooth is falling out and my teeth on top get stuck in the holes of my tooth that is broken on bottom and it pulls it around and i have to get it out…… weird dream i know but ive had it the past few nights

  • teeth breaking

    The past year on and off I have had dreams of my teeth breaking 1would break and a second later in the dream thw other would start and come out same with the rest they were all like the same dreams.. scared me

  • Maria

    I have so many strange dreams i would like to know about..
    I will tell you this dream i just had.. 3 dreams ..in one nite..
    First one .. I was having a miscarriage.. But when i went to the hospital i was able to
    See inside my womb and doctor was telling u lost one of the babies , your baby boy is still
    In here.. I was relief but griefing for the lost one ..
    Second dream i was goin to go to my sons first comunion , some local people came over and
    Invited themselves in my home and ask if they can take a piece of some plants they wanted
    To plant some at there home , i did let them only some when they reached my husbands plants
    Thats when i told them not his , he dsnt want nobody to touch his plants.
    Went inside , husband was telling me he broke his tooth, it look weird, but i noticed he had
    One of his eyes covered his left side. We got ready to go to a party or gathering, went to a field
    A house was being constructed , but i had been there before because the before and after
    Of the house the old house was small , but this one was huge and beautiful, i noticed
    That they the workers were lifting a fat man up the attic or a room upstairs..then some laydy
    I dont know began to talk to me , another one was pregnant.. The dream shifted,
    Now i am goin to a beach , a beautiful beach that i had been there before , but only in
    My dreams not in waking life, anyways went inside a cave looking place,some people where inside
    Already in the water when something began to suck them in.. Some energy, i ran with some of my
    Kids , we ran to the street waited for the strange energies secretary to come out,
    We then kidnapped her and tied her up, the strange being had the potencial to get into
    Any body he wanted as long as he knew there name. The secretary was tied up , and he began
    To look through her eyes to see who was there , we closed her eyes .. I then began to talk
    To him , i even began seducing him in a way , that i knew he was in a room,the laydy i remember
    The secretary we took her phone and threw it in water, as we approached a place i told her
    To put the phone in rice so we can see the phone numbers , the laydy said she didnt want
    To do what he says , she felt bad for the people..so this is when i saw the being in another room.
    So i told him u are very week , and you are only mind, but how will you and i be if we can have
    Mind and body i said fisical together? It was tempting in his part , he began to talk about
    Some girls in texs , beauty pagents that he was helping win , so they can send him his
    Profit. Then i saw my husband not in real life in my dreams , he said do u want me to play
    The seductive song, he then began to cry , i was trying to hug him but he couldnt let me,
    Its like i saw inside his head , saw older people breaking apart , being seperated.. Then
    I woke up .. Can you tell me what this means ?

    • Eddie

      its nothing but you are going to loose big time

  • Maya

    I was just sort of there, clenching my teeth and I felt a horrible break like when your teeth shift across each other too hard. Somehow I knew they were broken and reached in my mouth to pull out the broken pieces. They were of two different teeth and the pieces were slanted but not sharp. I didn’t know if it really happened so I licked the spot with my tongue and they were broken but not sensitive like usual. It felt so real.

    • same here!

      I had the same dream, I had it several times, last night I thought it was real, I was like I know that I often dream about broken teeth but this time it is for real, I was so releaved when I woke up

  • chandni

    i saw in dream that my lower teeh is broken by me

  • Jessica

    My friend Elizabeth was sing to me she was singing take my breath away to me and she was crying in my dream after singing to me me and Elizabeth have been seperated in real life for three years what could this mean is Elizabeth trying to tell me something in real life through my dreams I dream about Elizabeth a lot and idk why

  • saul

    My partial tooth fell out and broke

  • Christy

    I had a dream that I was in my dream and I personally was putting pressure on my teeth by my bottom teeth and I keep pushing my teeth together until they broke. I felt relived when I woke to see tht my teeth were still there brava use it felt so real; it was strange.

  • D

    My mum had a dream that she was inside a public bus sweeping water away with a broom as it had flooded, and she said while sweeeping she saw a glass cup and she didn’t know how it happened but suddenly there were pieces of glass in her mouth and she spit them out along with blood and a tooth.

  • Esperanza

    I had a dream that my mother that is deceased, was in a room with me. I asked her to examin my tooth as it had cracked. She put her hand over her mouth and looked then out her hand to pinch her nose then looked again. Then we both started to laugh. I woke up.



  • Ac

    Had a dream I was in a small place trapped with this aggressive wolf like dog. He tore through my arms and my bum. I manage to escape running and bleeding and fall on my face breaking all my teeth.

  • Dreamer

    I have this dream quite often but in different settings. I dream that my jaw keeps clenching so tightly and I am unable to open it. I dream i have to use my hand to pull my mouth open but it is often too late and my teeth break off and it is extremely painful. When this happens this is a lot of blood and the people in my dream seem often to not care or notice. Other than this, the dream seems normal but this pattern of lock jaw and breaking teeth happens over and over again in each dream.

    • Anonymous

      I have the exact and I do mean exact same dream I wish it would stop but it seems to keep happening lately. .

  • Suz

    I wasn’t actually asleep. I stepped out of the shower and touched my boyfriends towel. I had an image of teeth breaking/shattering.

  • Sara

    Hi, I dreamt that we are all going somewhere and I put on my sandals before leaving. I feel that one of them is a little lose and as I look, its broken. I can still walk but I know its broken. The sandal that I was wearing was mine in the dream…but in real the same sandals belong to my son. He really owns the maroon n beige beach sandals. What does it mean?

  • yusuf yusuf

    i had a dream dat one of my tooth bleeding bt doesnt fall down,its just shaking

  • Dee.

    I really can’t remember a lot about my dream but I do remember a tooth falling out it broke into 2 then another tooth just fell out so I was kinda worried but I was calm and just went to the dentist

  • chris

    My dream showed a single tooth with discoloration like a stain and it was uneven. I dont recall anything else significant with this dream but the following dream was with my father who passed away a few months ago.

  • jeff

    Dreamed my teeth was getting fixed

  • Lily

    I had a dream in which i was touching my front teeth and suddenly it was in my hand. I dont remmber anything else.

  • Disha

    I dreamt I wad simply walking arkund the house and then I looked at the mirror and just thrkught my front two terth dont look kinda good, mismatching, you could say, and they were like a bit loose but they didnt move in their places. So I plucked them out myself. It did not pain tge tinsiest bit.

  • jessica

    I dreamed that I was at work cleaning houses and the entire time I kept licking my teeth and talking funny so I put in my retainer for some reason I haven’t worn it in years but I put it in then I took it out and my teeth from the upper right side all were stuck in the retainer. Every time I dream about my teeth falling out they are the same teeth.

  • ND

    I dreamt I was standing in the kitchen. I bit into something frozen and heard a crack. I felt pain in my molar. I kept my mouth closed bc breathing caused pain. As my mouth filled with saliva I could feel chunks of molar floating around. I went to the sink and opened my mouth and a large chunk came out, root and all. I passed it to my mom. She said she could see a gold filling from underneath but the top of the tooth had been covered with porcelain, so you couldn’t tell I’d had a filling. I sat over the sink and mouthfuls of saliva just kept pouring out with chunks of tooth. I started picking the chunks up and throwing them at her… once all the pieces were gone, the pain was gone and left was a hole. Not a speck of blood throughout the dream.

  • SF

    I have a dream that I am flying high but then after some time I start falling from space into a zone that never ends. What does this dream mean?

  • Danica

    My two front teeth were breaking halfway, the other half was connected to gums still but broken at the bottom in a semi-circle shape. My two front teeth kept on re-growing but if I touched the new formed part of the tooth it would break because it was so fragile. I couldn’t do anything with my two front teeth. My two bottom teeth started having problems after I discovered my chipping teeth. There was mercury or some kind of non-shiny silver that was at the bottom of my teeth where the gum and root of the bottom teeth connected. Once that happened all of a sudden all of my teeth were replaced. They were really strong and a were made of fine quality shiny silver.

  • Myra

    In my dream my teeth start to crack and fall nd some of my teeth are lose ready to fall out

  • Nia

    how to get rid of this type of dream(broken teeth)? Please tell

  • Rachel

    I don’t really remember how the dream started out all I remember is when it turned into the actual nightmare itself. It started out where I was in a unfamiliar house (to my knowledge I didn’t focus on the surroundings).I was opening a door and each time I opened the door it opened to a new place/ scenerie. Well the last
    Time I opened it I ended up in my room with basically no doors at all in my room (which I noticed was rearranged and some things where missing). I looked over in the corner where my bed would be and there was a girl huddled in the corner. I dont remember every thing because then all of a sudden there was a door with a key in it. I went to go open it and it was where my closet door would be and that was exactly what it was i opened it expecting it to lead to some where else or something but I had seen clothes hanging up ect. But when I looked down there was this demonic looking creature (like the thing off of Lord of the rings that always says precious) it lunged towards me but i managed to shut door and lock it. I ran to the corner of room where the girl was and stared at the door . All of a sudden it was like the dam door had a doggy door on it and it crawled out after us. I pushed the girl behind me and kicked out at the thing. Some how managed to get a hold of it and shake it’s scrawny neck and then stuck my fingers into its neck. It was so gruesome and horrifying…. I am not sure what happened after that all I remember right before I woke up. I opened the door again and there was another one in the closet but this time it asked for the key. I didn’t respond and then I think it said or the girl. I really don’t remember what happened after that just that I woke up freaking out. I tried not to think to much into it but I can’t get it out of my head so weird random and scary I hadn’t watched any scary movies nothing to trigger a dream of that magnitude so confused as to what brought it on. …….

    • Disha

      Sounds a bit like an astral projection that first part where you open doors and land in different scenes and places…and well, things missing after you came back and all that…and astral travel has a lot of door problems…did it once myself and didnt even realise it..well,hope it helped you


    in my dream I was chewing on nails and my teeth kept breaking and falling out of my mouth, both in broken pieces or a whole tooth

  • caiti

    I was chewing ice in my dream and then my front tooth chipped and all of my other teeth ached but I still continued chewing the ice.

  • Emma

    I don’t really remember much of my dream, but I was in a hotel bathroom at night and I had an uncomfortable feeling in my mouth I smiled in the mirror and noticed long strands and clumps of dark hair coming through the frames of my teeth. I started to pull out the hair between my teeth like dental floss and it wouldn’t stop.
    All of a sudden I look back into the mirror and notice some of my teeth and missing and the others are broken.
    I have no idea what this could mean, and I find it quite disturbing….
    (Thank god it was a dream)

  • Laura

    i went to see my new boyfriend at a party in my dream and the i had a drink/something to eat and suddenly all my teeth were wobbly as if they were about to come out, and some did break, i tried to hide it from everyone but i couldn’t really speak because they were really close to all coming out, i kinda felt embarrassed but i was already planning on going to the dentist i just had to get through the night. If anyone talked to me i just smiled without showing my teeth but it was horrible i didn’t know what to do or why they were all wobbly!

    • Disha

      No offence but it could mean your new bf is going to be a bit of trouble…teeth problems in dreams mean emotional problems

  • Hollie

    I keep dreaming that my front teeth are breaking off.

  • Bill banner

    My boss ran over both my dogs by accident.

  • Dre9mer

    I dreamed my teeth- two molars specifically- turned to glass and began breaking in my mouth before I spat them out. Powdered glass mixed with my saliva and I could feel it as I struggle not to swallow. The more I gagged the more was produced. Now, hours after, I can still taste it at the back of my throat and almost feel the same consistency in my mouth.

  • Cynthia

    I was in a pool yet it was the oceans huge waves I was fighting against. I was holding onto the pools edge stuffing a child who felt like my daughter but looked like someone else, inside the little cubby, to protect her from the massive waves coming at us. While I hold on for my life. One of the waves knocked me up and my right upper side of teeth broke off.

  • Shea

    I had a dream where I kept trying to open a door and when I finally did I hit my mouth and got a chipped front tooth and a fat lip.

  • broken teeth

    i dreamed that someone hit me in the face and most of my teeth were broken

  • counting babby teeth ,it a young babby can crawl but not yet walking


  • Broken Teeth

    I keep getting dreams about my teeth of the upper jaw breaking specially on the right side. But recently had a dream that a hair is stuck in my teeth and on pulling it all the front teeth of my upper jaw fall.

  • Tabby

    I dreamt my left molar only had the shell. The core of the tooth was empty and I kept sticking my tongue in the hole to remove any particles of getting in there.. Trying to keep it clean.the tooth itself was white with no decay..

    • Olivia

      If this were my dream, I would take it to mean that a long time friend, acquaintance or family member has been a lost cause for some time. Yet you continue to be there for this person out of love or perhaps a sense of duty/dedication. You will soon have a real life example that this person is not just someone down on their luck in life – they actually are made this way. Then you will have to decide to stay the course or move on.

  • Alisha P

    I keep having the same dream about me constantly biting my teeth of and by me saying that I mean using my teeth and putting
    A whole heap of pressure onto a tooth to the point of breaking and falling off and I can taste the blood
    Ts possibly the worst feeling Ive ever witnessed in a dream I wake up and I actually believe as if my teeth were gone and iget this dream quite a lot but not every day just occasionally here and there and I don’t know what to think of it. I s tarted having these dreams this year if I can remeber and I have no idea of what to think of them I never
    Have nightmares so idk is this is classified as one. I hate having them, just had one last night eh I couldn’t even tel if it was a dream I never do, so I don’t even bother to try and wake myself up

    • Olivia

      If this were my dream, I would reevaluate the time in my life when these dreams first started. Whatever life change you made at that time is what triggered them. The dream itself signifies that there is an area of your life where you have begun to sacrifice yourself to the point that is unhealthy. To continue in this manner is to become the opposite of what you intend. Secondly, I would try the book “The Tibetan Yogis of Dream and Sleep” or books by Robert Moss to find a technique that may best handle your nightmares. Lastly, you may find solace by either wearing a necklace with a charm/pendant on it that holds powerful signifcance or by placing a similar object under your pillow. As you fall asleep, practice picturing this item and tell yourself “When I think of ___, I will wake up.” Best wishes.

    • Johnny

      I have the exact same dream or should I say nightmare. Its always in a different setting but always ends up with me clenching on my jaws so tight that I cant open my mouth without some teeth breaking off. This last one I really thought was real and woke up checking all my teeth.

  • mittens

    I had a dream that my front tooth was chipped. I could not awake from the dream.

    • Olivia

      If it were my dream, I would question a recent decision you made. It may likely result in a chain reaction that you will not be able to escape from. Seriously think about where you want your life to go and how you would like others to perceive you.

  • Broken teeth dream

    I have dreamed that my jaw gets stuck to one side and I move my mouth so hard that my teeth start breaking and crumbling. I feel pain on my jaw, I start spitting out pieces of my teeth. In my dream I always see my spouses family. I can feel myself while sleeping that I’m spitting, so when I wake up from my dream my pillow is kinda wet from me spitting. I have been dreaming this weeks now and I’m worried if it could be something bad. Anybody who can help me and describe to me what these dreams mean.

    • Olivia

      If it were my dream, I would take it to mean that you will witness something in the future involving your spouse’s family that you may be forced to keep secret, if this has not happened already. Whatever it is will be emotionally costly, but you will eventually be forced into a painful situation despite your best intentions.

  • Moataz

    I had a dream about me and in the dream my teeth were crumbling. I have move to a new school and my bestfriend left and i have been slacking off ever since. I feel like i do not fit in.

  • alex D

    I have been having these weird dreams about my teeth crumbling, falling out and biting so hard until i crashed them into pieces and it felt so freaking REAL and PAINFUL. It starting to scare the hell out of me. They also told me that i grind my teeh when im asleep. Can someone teel me how to stop these horrifying dreams of mine?

  • Areeb

    i have been having these weird and horrifying dreams over the past month! I Have had 2-3 where almost all my teeth fall out. And today, i had a dream where my teeth were pulling themselves out and literally spinning. In the dream, i went to my mom and show her what was happening but her reaction was nothing of great concern.In the dream, i looked in the mirror and i could see that there was a huge tear mark on my right front tooth while the one on the left elongated.One more thing, i could feel all the pain.

  • Iron

    In my dream, I couldn’t stop biting down. I’d try as hard as I could to open my mouth, but I couldn’t. Eventually my teeth just shattered & I was panicking. It was pretty shitty

  • Samkann Tan

    I had a dream that my upper front teeth were crumbling and breaking off and that the whole in my mouth were broken. Never dreamt such thing in my life. Please what does this mean?

  • Tina

    Last night i had a dream about one of my lower teeth breaking but it did not fall out it was loose like i could bend it and when i realized how flimsy it was i got scared and woke up. can some one help me understand this or give me advice.

  • kylie

    I dreamt two of my back teeth were crumbling while I was at work and I was spiiting parts of the teeth into my hands, while a couple of people were behind my desk and then I was looking for a matching pair of shoes and I had about 5 pairs behind my desk

  • Latasha

    Hi what do it mean if I dream that my 9year old son crack his tooth

  • Rene

    My dream was that the bottom half of my 2 front teeth broke off. I was trying to find the parts that broke off and I couldn’t….so I was trying to get my teeth fixed so they looked like they did before the bottom half broke off. Then I woke up.


    I dreamt another Lady’s kid damage my phone in an exam hall & I was crying.

  • Frances Cassidy

    Teeth are crumbling in my mouth, slowly but surely, sections of my teeth are becoming loose and falling out. Some clusters are staying in tact but not very safe, these clusters of teeth are relay to come out. Somehow I hold them together with my tongue. The people in the dream have been out of my life for more than two/three decades. All of them had an negative impact on my life at the time. Somehow there was a felling of wanting to change the outcome of thirty years ago. A little bit of the present came into the dream – again a severed relationship (working). I have had this dream 3/4 times over a period of thirty years.

  • Nicole

    i actually have two dreams that creep up on me quite frequently:

    the first involves myself and my significant other. we’re in a large, ornate mansion or hotel, usually a mansion, and it’s very dark — lots of deep blues, greys, blacks. he is apparently in some kind of polygamous relationship with myself and anywhere from 3 to 10 other women, all of which are the ideally beautiful woman and portrayed in vivid color — long hair, sculpted bodies, perfect makeup…something straight out of a magazine. the other women are unaware that he and i have secretly gotten married. i eventually find myself alone somewhere, usually another room like the kitchen or a bedroom, grinding my teeth. they then become stuck together as if i have lockjaw, and the only way to separate them involves painfully breaking them. the dream usually ends with my s.o. driving me to the hospital. a common image for the drive is interstate 5 through los angeles, something i attribute to our recent move to the pacific northwest from southern california.

    the second dream is shorter, and involves my s.o. and i living in a small, orange-yellow room. it’s very monotone in that there aren’t many objects in the room, and whatever is there is the pale orange-yellow color. it often begins with me cooking his favorite meal and him arriving home from somewhere. he then falls onto a cot face down and falls asleep. while i’m cooking the food, my lower right canine gets caught on my upper jaw somewhere and snaps in half. shortly after, my mother and an older gentleman whose face i cannot see enter the house and ask me what’s wrong. i show them the broken tooth, bleeding and all, and my mother convulses and leave the house. the dream then ends with me attempting to put the broken half of the tooth back on by sucking on it while i cook.

  • Anonymous

    teeth crumbling

  • hannah miles

    I keep on gettin bad dreams about my teeth. Such as my teeth turning into vomit in my mouth or my teeth crumbling and falling out. But recently its been worse. In the dream I am gritting and biting my teeth together really hard and I try to relax my jaw but I can’t stop bitting untill my teeth all shatter and I can feel the sharp broken teeth all in my mouth then start to cry in my dream and often wake myself up either by crying or in shock.

  • Viviana

    In my dream I start off normal, in real life I have a little tiny chip on one of my main teeth, and in my dream during they day they just crack and fall like a mirror and I am trying to put them together because I am embarrassed anyone will see me but by the end of the day I still have some of the roots of some of my teeth.????

  • fatima

    In my dream my lover teeths came out in my hand with lot of blood in my mouth what is it meaning

    • Anonymous

      I had dream that my top teeth all crumbled nd came out in my hands and I was bleeding loads pls intrepret

  • Top back tooth grinding and loosing the tooth

    Grinding tooth very painfull but keep grinding on it until it bends and snaps and falls out

  • Alanna

    In the dream, I was brushing my teeth and I guess something was stuck in between. It would not come off and finally it came off by poking at it. My gums cracked upward and sideways above the tooth. I told my grandma she was suppose to take me to the dentist to have it fixed but we never went. Then later their was cracking or breaking in my back and you could see right threw me. And I wake up.

  • Angelica

    I was sitting in a swing, swinging then, I my head hit on wood and I suddenly started feeling like rocks in my mouth. as I spit them out they are my teeth. My mom took me to the doctor and they said that teeth will grow back.

  • Eva

    Dreamt one of my front teeth partly broke and as it was in my hand that piece became small pieces. I managed to wrap by tissue and put in water as adviced after a phone call to dentist. Then I continued my traveling to see a friend and upon my arrival I felt my whole mouth full so I Almost vomited parts of my teeth but when I checked I could not see or feel which ones as they were all intact. I was much calmer this time. I wrapped everything in tissue and placed in water again with aim to see the dentist to replace things back as adviced.

  • Sarah

    It was late at night and dark. A news reporter on the TV was saying that there was a paedophile loose in the neighbourhood. I was running about the house, trying to find my niece and step-daughter so I could check they were safe. Then my mum was saying that people in the neighbourhood were saying that the paedophile was my dad, or that my dad was a paedophile (not quite clear) and I was really angry with her for not telling me before. Then I was outside the front of the house and there was a rustling in the bushes. I realised that I was the only one standing between the paedophile and my niece and my step-daughter, and I had to protect them.

    Then I woke up – I was terrified, my heart was pounding and I was really upset for ages after.

  • Anon

    I have a recurring dream which involves my jar dislocating and my teeth shattering when I try to keep my jaw in place. It’s quiet painful to the point where once I have woken up my jaw hurts. Any idea as to why it hurts?

    • steve

      This is the exact same dream I have!! It’s doing my head in now!!

  • Max

    I dreamed that I was at my uncles house. However it did not look like my uncles house at all. While I was there my little cousins from my aunts side found a snake with its tail sticking out of the wall. My uncle grabbed the snake by the tail and pulled it out of the wall and I grabbed the head. It was a big green snake. Smooth and green on the top with a smooth creamy white enderbelly. At first all the snake tried to do was wriggle away and then it started to try more frantically. It started to snap it’s jaws at me so I clamped it’s jaw shut with my hands but it just made the snake more frantic. I found myself trying to choke the snake and it made a guttural sound no snake could make. Almost human sounding. By this time it has bit me a few times and I am grinding my teeth very heard. All of a sudden my teeth start to break. Almost crumbling but with no blood. I try to hand the snake to my brother so I can spit my teeth out onto the counter. At first the pieces of tooth are small.but as I spit more the chunks get bigger. Soon my teeth are like the new York cityskape. Jagged and ugly. My brother could not handle the snake and it Emsworth it’s head around and bites my aunt. And then I wake up.

  • Genoa

    I just dreamt that i was with my wife in a city where i live except its really like a hood area. Dirty, dust flyingall over and large electricity poles except they were broken in half.. A world kind of weird when i lie down i can see the sky and also the city itself.. Then i dream about stepping in someones house and in that house two different types of people live… I get my teeth broken by one of these men then i go complaining to the other family inside that house.. My teeth got broken crumbled bloody and not a good feeling

  • shikha

    Hi, i keep dreaming very often that my teeth are about to fall out and it pains…yesterday i had a dream that y teeth fell out completly and when i woke up, i sill had that heaviness in my mouth…this is almost a nightmare..please help

    • Anonymous

      Better forget about it.

  • Macho

    I dreamed I was walking and a friends was going to hit someone with a skateboard and I tried to stop it and it hit me in the face and my back tooth came out loose at first but then I took it out it broke out in 3 pieces

  • V@L

    I was inside a building, a school maybe, I couldn’t see the place but I knew there was teachers there and one of there taught dentistry so I kept trying to ask him for help because the left side of my bottom teeth were hurting. As time went by, four of them started to break but it was as if I had crowns on them. Except it was my own tooth. Then after they broke off, I could feel and she only a little piece that was still attached like a little bone? And they were all bleeding. What could this mean??

  • Anita

    I dreamt that that multiple teeth containing the gums broken off my right upper side. It wasn’t just the teeth but the entire piece on this side as a whole. I’m wondering what that could mean?

  • Anonymous

    All I can remember about my dream is I was chewing on something and CRACK!! It was so profound that I woke up feeling my teeth to check if any were cracked. None were, but then my mouth was sore on the side the tooth had supposedly cracked from my dream. I went back to sleep and when I wake up, I have no pain. What does all this mean??

  • rachel

    The only part i can remember is knowing i got hit by something..my bottom teeth became wobbly as well as the back left molars crumbled and broke apart.. A couple more teeth would just fall out. I could see it happening..i remember being scared in my dream also

  • Me-

    I dreamt that half of my front tooth had falling out I read what it means and ivd just not long list my father and I have just been in a relationship for a few months now so the interpretations mean something to me thanks really missing my father plus not sure about my new relationship

  • front tooth

    I dreamt that my right front tooth was broken, only a shard remaining. I was sitting in the back seat while my mother who has been deceased for some time… was driving me to the dentist to get it fixed.

  • Niamh

    In my dreams my teeth crumbling has become reoccurring. Usually in my dream my jaw is clenched so tightly that my teeth just begin to crack and fall out in my mouth. It’s terrible.

    • shikha

      I get the same dream very often….could you please help as its terrible

  • Shabana

    My tooth feel uncomfortable so I pick it n it breaks so I take it out it breaks so I continue to gather all pieces in s tissue and I give it to my mum n she keeps it

  • Cracked front lower teeth

    I dreamed about my front lower teeth cracked in half and fell off the ground.

  • Stressed

    Dreamt that all teeth were falling out, crumbling, breaking and bloody

  • Noni

    i dreamt my tongue was peeling off in pieces and i would spit what was peeling out.

  • Broken Front Teeth

    My front tooth chiped then both of my front teeth fell out

  • Jennifer

    I dreamed jealousy of anither womwn in dream who was beautiful and tried to look better and died my hair but the hair that i colored turned dark purple.

  • Erica

    I was driving a car….under water! And a girl stole my car and paid a visit to my mom. And the next thing you know, I pulled out one of my front teeth. And I remember feeling it with my tongue and it wasn’t completely out, it was just broken in half.

  • Deepak Dua

    when i sleep at night in my dream i have seen my teeth broken by me and bleeding in my mouth .plz give me a solution how to face this situation.

  • kyle crawford

    i dreampt that i was asleep and woke up to find all my teeth smashed out of my mouth,into little pieces look down and blood all over my hands and teeth are everywhere.had that dream alot in the last 2 months would like to know what it might mean

  • maribel

    i was looking in a mirror and smiled and one of my front tooth was broken

  • Ferdous

    I had very interesting dream last night, I intentionally pulled out my front lower two teeth without fussies and they came out without pain as they were delicate, i was embarrased and tried to put it back on its place and was successful to just place it on its position but i crused it in my mouth after sometime with my other teeth. IT became into small small pieces. I though I should not have pulled it for which they came out of my mouth and even if u pulled it i should not have placed it back and later crused it unintentionally. could you please tell me its meaning. I really aprreciate your help.

  • marlena

    i dreamed that my teeth were falling apart and was replaced by dentures.

  • Sanji

    I have dreamed my left side all teeth falls of n after that I started vomiting.

  • Barbara

    Last night I had a very strange dream. I was sitting in the back of a very old theater/boarding house with some other people, who I was comfortable with, and a man, who was medium height, bulging fat stomach, and bald, came at me and I knew once I saw him that I should run as fast as I could to keep out of his reach. The people around me sort of knew that he was bad news for me and ran to their rooms as they saw him, not wanting to be a part of it. I ran in the next room and shut the door, looking around for a way out and something to protect myself with. I put my foot against the door trying to block it and moved a small, old style piano in front of the door and tried to hide myself under a plastic table, laying flat on the floor. He pushed right through the piano and pushed it down the stairs, and then walked up to the table and said something as prove he was right that made me poke my head out and he grabbed my hair and bragged me out from under the table and made me look him in the eyes and told me disapointing things about myself, let go of my hair and began beating me in the face, arms, and jaw with a wooden bat. I began to run down the stairs and into a room that I knew just felt right. I knew the two people in the room and I locked the door with four latches. I began explaining what was happening and they were getting me out of the house, we snuck out of the window and it was dark and I could feel the cool, crisp air and the whole time since we left and were in the house, I felt my teeth aching and as were around 20 feet from the house, my very front left tooth fell out and I felt in on my tongue. I looked at them and half yelled, “My big tooth!” and I wasn’t shocked when, (there was now a larger group) everyone just looked at my teeth and I saw in the pit of their eyes, that they couldn’t believe it and they were just going to get me out of that place and then it wasn’t their problem anymore. I don’t really remember the dialog and what everyone was saying, but, my friend had pulled up in a car and they didn’t seem all the way there, so I crawled in through the window and then another tooth fell out, two teeth fell out during that short car ride and then we were walking up to my random ‘safe’ friends house. From the car and the house, it was about 75 feet and that’s when 4 teeth fell out and crumbled in my hand. I looked at the teeth, my front tooth was rotten and almost to the point of crumbling, one of my back teeth had a cavity filling around it and the top reminded me of a ring that I owned and I said out loud, “Wow, I can’t believe that people have kissed this mouth.” and I didn’t feel so bad about it. For some reason, It didn’t bother me at all, and I was just in shock. As we got onto the porch, two more teeth crumbled out and I ran inside to their bathroom. Bloody-saliva ran from my mouth into the sink and I ran my tongue through-out my mouth. I felt all of the gaps and looked at my teeth in my hands again, they honestly looked like shells and wet dust. I then heard pounding at the door and I grasp my hand with the teeth tight and heard his voice screaming outside. After that, my dream became very fuzzy and I basically remember me putting all of my pressure on the door and it flying open, knocking the teeth out of my hands and he wasn’t at the door, literally what was at the door was (I know this will sound weird) winds of emotions, so strong, you could see the winds. Fury and anger was very prominate, and they were almost yelling and screaming, but no one could see them but me as they filled the room. I screamed and felt them power around me, they all clung to me and I felt a light come from my eyes (my soul) and from third point of view, I saw myself heal, arms spread out, light coming from me and then I had my teeth and the house I was in was mine. I just felt it. The next thing I remember is walking outside and seeing all of the trees, the blue air of the dark lightening into day and I felt a smile I’ve never felt before. It almost stung like citrus.

  • Moon

    I saw in my dream that My front tooth break and I told my Mom and she said throw in the river and I throw in the river. What’s the meaning of that dream.

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream where I was in this kind of resort and suddenly my teeth start breaking when I clench too tight my jaw. I feel everything, like the whole tooth breaking thing and I can feel my tongue passing over them. The thing is that when I pulled the teeth out they weren’t all teeth, a few were dices/die and I couldn’t figure out why. I just walked around with my broken teeth in my hand and they wouldn’t stop breaking.

  • Natasha

    Dreamt there was a big round hole in one tooth

  • Natalie

    I had a dream that I was grinding my teeth and pushing against them with the bottom row of my teeth and they were just shattering and crumbling, it was very vivid, I felt everything like it was really happening.

  • Wasungoni

    I dreamt that I was discussing a business plans with a friend, then my left-top wisdom tooth shattered.

  • Andy

    Iv had a reacurring dream that im eating and my back teeth just crumble and break. I stand there just holding my teeth and panicking.. Why?

  • Emma

    I have had this dream a lot about the same tooth crumbling and breaking. It’s always a different dream I’d be going out or out somewhere and my tooth would hurt in my dream then it would just come out.

  • Aria

    A few nights ago I had a dream that I was in my aunts house, my mum was in front of me and one of my teeth were wobbly – one at the bottom on the left side. Suddenly the tooth shattered into hundreds of little pieces and I spat it all out on my hand and my mum was laughing at me. I felt horrible, scared, humiliated. What do you think this could mean?

  • Jennifer

    I am a 34 yr old, in my dream I was at the store with my mother and her husband. And had a piece of hard candy in my mouth, it fell against my two front bottom teeth. They were cracked in a straight line across the bottom near the gums. I showed my mom and her husband and they he said “well you gotta let’em fall out”. This not the first time I have dreamed of broken teeth in my mouth. It happens about 4or5 times a year in the past two years.

  • Nikki

    After walking around eating different foods, when I got home I looked in the mirror to are my two front teeth had a hole in them, my teeth were also a lot then they usually are. Then my m yelled at me for not taking care of my teeth. Does this mean anything?

  • Sejal

    I had a dream that I was working at the dental surgery, (which I used to until I got married and moved country). I dreamed that my front two teeth at the top came off whole, leaving the inside stubs and that my bottom two tearing teeth, the number 4′s one broke off half and the other came off completely.. it was lunch time and my colleague then gave me a ride to the old dentist I used to work for a few years ago’s place. When we got there a new employee came out of th e front door, and told me I can’t go in, and the dentist won’t see me.. I still went in a my old colleagues were all there including my old manager. And they had opened up a crush on the side of the reception desk. The old manager was looking after babies and children. And thats where the dream ended.crazy dream.. .

  • Brandy Baker

    I have many dreams of my teeth ultimately just falling out. I am going about my day as normal and all of a sudden one tooth wiggles and then falls out. Next thing I know Is one after another my teeth fall out so rapidly into my hands. Before I can take a breath my hands are pressed up against my chest trying to juggle all my teeth. There is absolutely tons of blood everywhere. There are drams my teeth are sharpe and pokey inside my mouth. It never hurts, but as soon as my teeth start falling out I run and try to hide. Another moment later I’m telling a family member “I don’t know what happen”. My dream never finishes and I wake up thinking I have no teeth left.

    • Harshwardhan

      Same as my dream…. And the first thing i do on waking up is check my teeth…. Feels wierd..

  • Tiffany Mauldin

    I had a dream that I was looking in the mirror at myself. As I was doing so my teeth were breaking off and I was taking them out of my mouth. My mouth was bleeding and I was in a lot of pain.

  • kay

    there was a moment when my sister’s dog was there and I was holding him and he was crying
    Something fell out of his mouth and it looked like a giant fang
    but it was a peanut
    I opened his mouth and It was a huge mouth and I can see straight in
    at the top of his mouth i saw a lot of fangs growing out and they looked painful.. I pulled it out and I could see the cavity (hole) it had been in… I pulled it out and ate it and it was a peanut…

  • Falling my teeth

    Hello! Have a great day.
    I saw in my dream that my teeth was falling until nothing is left, and the teeth were white and not really broken but were falling.

  • Kristen

    I dreamt that I was with visiting old friends and family, I was mad and started gritting my teeth, it hurt to do it but I couldn’t stop and so I proceeded to grit my teeth to the point I loosened one up and it fell out

  • Kallie

    I cant remember much of my dream. But what I can remember, is just looking and my teeth and seeing that their all cracked, and they were just hideous.

  • Rose

    Dream of tooth broke that was supporting a bridge work (porcelain denture) and the bridgework fell but found a friend to fix it and put it back in the mouth.

  • hole in front tooth

    I dreamt that I had a hole in my front tooth. Not underneath but right in front, as if the tooth was flat with a hole in the center. I immediately ran to my dentist but I didnt have any money. But he said he would see me. Two bottom teeth were also gone completely. I have always gotten compliments on my teeth and smile so the dream was horrible. I wondered how I would ever smile again.

  • jeanne

    I had a dream that my eye tooth cracked length wise and the two pieces fell out. What does it mean please?

  • Carla

    I dreamed that one of my tooth broke and fell off. I was bleeding and I was crying. What does that mean?

  • Rach

    Had a dream i was chewing gum andfelt something.. Tooth broke off.. A molar. Woke up instantly

  • israel perez

    I was eating and all of asudden my bottom teeth just broke into pieces and i spit them out in my hand, had little blood but they were crushed????

  • anil singh

    I have seen my own teeth broken in early morning from last two days

  • teeth breaking all the time

    About 3 times out of the week I dream of my teeth breaking and falling out of my mouth usually when im talking in my dream they just start to break and fallout and when they break its into a bunch of pieces ive been having these dreams for years now. Can anyone help me with what it means

  • teeth breaking

    Keep having dreams every time about my teeth breaking. Whenever I put my tongue over my front top teeth in my dream they come off because of the pressure of my tongue. I may be eating then my teeth crunch into small pieces and completely fall out

  • Bailee

    Teeth missing or are half way there in my mouth . Broken and missing teeth . Then i dream About how i cant open my eyes like their glued shut

  • dusturbing.

    well!! last night i dreamt that my lower jaw was hanging by my chin and that the i was very uncomfortable because it was neither falling off or stayed in place.
    incidentally, today was my job interview and i totally bombed the written test. so screwed up.

  • Puppet Dream

    The reason I named my dream “Puppet” is because in my dream I felt as if I were a puppet on a string and someone was clenching my jaw as tightly as possible whenever they wanted to. I could not unclench my jaw no matter what. I have recently chipped a tooth and the doctor suggested I could have done it in my sleep. This is the first dream I have ever had like this though. During the dream, I was hiding. I’m not sure from what, but I was. Perhaps a mirror, because at the end of the dream, I gained enough confidence to look in the mirror, and I saw my teeth, broken, mutilated.

  • mr c

    in my dream i was taken by a group of men then hit and beaten then one put my head in a contraption that held my mouth and lips so that a swinging device that was attached to it like a halo would swing right to my teeth then hit and bash my teeth till they cracked and broke they kept saying something and holding me so i couldn’t get away it was horrific all i could think was how horrible and awful it was looking ,i could see myself as third person and blood was coming from my mouth and teeth were shattering and and woke me from my sleep it seemed so real and then i awoke.

  • drew

    well i havent had this dream before, but my molars were loose and i was loosening them further with my tongue untill all of my molars split shards of tooth as i spit them into my hands, felt and looked like a handfull of tooth shards. someone asked me if i was ok and i said it hadn’t happened in awhile. then i distinctively remember a hamster i had wrapped in my sleeves keeping it warm maybe or something and it seemed happy, but got away and crawled under a dog, and the hamster belonged to my brother for some reason, and i went to get it back and my bro crouched down and the hamster ran to him safely, but this dog suddenly had an alligator beside him that a woman claimed not to move too quickly around like it was her pet. on this field i used to play on in elementary school. soo the alligator had its jaws open ready to attack and i somehow had the dog in my arms perhaps to move it from the hamster, i dropped the dog and the alligator didnt seem to attack, and i turned around and leaped off the field hill over my elementary school and put my arms forward like superman and began to accelerate into a great distant void in the horizon, it was very dark blue with different blues and purple and black. was a breath taking horizon. and i got a rush from flying faster and i woke up. haven’t had a flight dream in about 2months or soo. i also seemed to have another dream that took place around my old highschool with the hallway lockers and it was like it was the last day of school, and i even ran into a friend i knew and he asked me if i wanted “Iced Tea” which is unusual cause i rarely care for it, but i accepted and he led me into these doors and rooms where i lost sight of him and i was in a hospital room with numerous beds and curtains for walls. and a doctor lady came in and i sneaked around the curtains as she walked around the room, then she found me and i said something and idk what after :P but i continued throughout the school, was another area at an old mall i used to hang at, where we stopped by some guys selling something to hear them and some people gathered around, and my little cousin was next to me crying saying when i grow up im gonna move far away, and i starting to cry told him i wouldn’t be That far. thats all i can remember soo far, but my bro now lives over seas and i rarely see him once a year. soo idk what the hamster meant over then that he used to own a ferret. the end :P

  • sandi

    well,have been havin the same dream for about 4yrs i can be talkin to some one and it always happen in the same house and like anyone i talk to i could feel my teeth breakin and i would run to my room and they’ll just keep fallin out i would wake up so scared i would un to the bathroom and check my teeth

  • Sara

    I have been having a recurring dream of an ex. I was at a swimming pool with a couple of old friends and he showed up to join us. Before he left he took my phone and put in his number. When I seen him he had a chipped front tooth and looked like a teenager. Later I seen him wearing a red shirt and he was trying to call me and I seen the the name melissa show up on the screen

  • zahida

    slm. my late dad comes into my mums dreams showing her my brothers unborn baby wid excitement.

  • gauri

    I had a dream that my boyfrn n his frnds came at my place n suddenly i strtd breaking my own teeth…
    Den my boyfrn topped me frm crying..

  • Basilia

    I dream that I was talking to family members about the way in which other family members have treated to me and while I was speaking my denture falls out and smashed into pieces. What does this mean?

  • paddy

    Had a few dreams in the past that my canine tooth was wobbly and seriously hurting, and last night I dreamt it actually broke off. Good or bad??

  • elkay

    dreamt that my tooth broke out at the root



  • Anonymous

    I was talking to someone and I leaned on the trampoline and my finger bent and broke

  • Seth

    I was walking along a foyer and I saw Shot Putters training in groups of 3s. Then, I spoke to one of the group, the unknowingly walked backwards and into another group, where I got hit by a shot putt ball in the cheek. I was ok when the guy who threw approached me. He was a Middle Aged man with balding head. Then as I walk away, I realized the teeth in my mouth started to break and I spit it out, to about 5 teeth. So I went back to the guy to tell him I broke my teeth and he only offered 2 dollars for compensation saying that’s all he has and he refused more. That’s when I woke up. Can anyone interpret it for me? /:

  • Sian

    Loose teeth then crumbling teeth the they fall out

  • Sian

    Crumbling teeth, spitting them

  • Fabiana

    Hello there,

    I just dreamed that I noticed something loose on my second molar on my right. I went to the mirror to see it and my tooth was half broken. I removed it with my hands. Then I look at myself in the mirror and my bottom central incisor was half broken too. So I removed it too and leave wondering that from now on I should smile without showing my lower teeth. Then I meet a friend and I simulate a smile showing my broken teeth but he doesn´t see it. I suddenly wake up.

  • a girl

    In my dreams I found broken pieces of mah teeth…what’s does it mean

  • R

    When I touch my tooth I get some pieces of my broken tooth when i Check it again still there is some tooth broken and keep broken.

    What does it mean?

  • Ariel

    I had a dream my boyfriend was with another girl and my iPhone got broken

  • Marie

    My dream was about my tooth. It was my canine tooth but it wasn’t sharp but dull. My tooth started to hurt and it exploded into like 20+ pieces and then what was left of it was a tiny tooth that was in tact.

  • saliva

    Spliting of saliva on urself

  • kelly h

    I was at a party and 2 of my bittem teeth broke

  • Olga

    I have the same dream over and over again. Its an image of me sitting somewhere, and then my teeth just start falling out and breaking. I’ve had this dream for a really long time.

  • jay

    I often dream about my teeth shattering and having to spit them out like shards of glass.

  • Anu Shrestha

    Recurring same place at every end of Dream usually

  • Mhossain

    i saw another person teeth broken? What is the meaning of that?

    • drew

      lol ive never heard of that!

  • Anonymous

    Frothing vomitting

  • Miguel

    I dreamt that my lower incisors were cracking right in the middle.
    Thats all i remember. They never fell off though.
    What could this mean? Could you help me out

  • wonder

    My back tooth chipped off and my front tooth chipped off. But it was still a small tooth there. What does that mean?

  • Anonymous

    what does it mean to dream that two hens mate and later the female hen is seen takin care of her chicks

  • Paige

    I had a dream that my boyfriend was drunk and hurt himself & had broken teeth

  • Susy

    I recently lost my father about a month ago and this past week I’ve been having dreams of my tooth. It cracked in three little pieces. I’ve had this same dream about twice. What does this mean?

  • dean

    I’m being held down by twomen whilst another laughs as he uses a hammer and screwdriver to smash me teeth out

  • renaldi

    I dreamed my dentures fell out of my mouth and in to pieces I went on my knees to pick them up I found I capten morgen simbel wen I turned it a round it sed u have won R175000…and wen I looked up I saw a black spider and it ran away…..please can u help me

  • sez

    i woke up and found that all my teeth had been pulled out with only gums and stitches, the few front teeth i had were smashed up….im pregnant only few weeks and argue with the dad a lot. maybe this is it.

  • RW

    I gad a dream last night that I went to the airport to get my husband and when I saw him and he saw me one of my front teeth broke of and I was trying hard for him not to see or notice it. when I woke up I think this dream means that I am afraid of what my husband is going to say when he sees me because it has been 4-5 years that we haven’t seen each other.

  • J

    Always get a picture in my head about my teeth breaking and shattering even if I’m awake I just get flashes of it in my head !?

  • Mackenzie

    I was with my crush cause we’ve been talking and we were talking on the street and I smiled cause he made a joke and my teeth just shattered like glass and fell out… I woke up right then and there.

  • pat

    upper dentures broke in half

  • gary barker

    In my dream I had a clamp on my mouth and the more I tried to get it off the more teeth I pulled out…my whole family was there and they couldn’t do nothing about my teeth coming it is like they didn’t even care..I had a melt device on my neck and it took a key to get it off and my teeth where still coming out..

  • elize

    i was dreaming of my teeth that was falling out (broken). I’m bussy with a devorce. Can it be that Im making the rong choice or making the rate choice. Please help

  • tooth chipping away & bleeding profusely.

    In my dream, the bottom left back tooth starts chipping away & I keep picking little pieces out & everyone I tell about this, act like they’re disappointed or even mad about it. That makes me upset,so I storm off to be by myself.

  • neetu

    to drown in water

  • sue

    In my dream i was talking to my friends son about why he had been behaving badly. He tried hitting me in the face when all of a sudden i felt my tooth come loose. Then one by one my teeth started breaking and crumbling and i was spitting the pieces into my hands. This continued to happen until all my teeth were gone

  • iris mastroni

    I had a dream about my right size of my back tooth was chipping really bad and in my dreams I was afraid it would be gone.I could off felt the tooth turning into a big hole,like if there were a big cavity.what does that dream means ?

  • Vishal

    I dreamt about a very huge long snake. I was standing behind a wall and the snake was roaming around and i was peeking through the wall watching him. Then it stopped near a man and the man was petting the huge snake and was not at all afraid of him.

    Can you please help me with this.


  • Stephanie

    I felt pain in my mouth and when I reached my finger in there I pulled out a piece of my tooth

    • goblin

      exactly the same happened to me



  • Samantha brown

    I’d be doing something normal and then all of a sudden when I put my teeth together they break into millions of pieces and they start crunching together and then I’d spit the pieces into a bin walk away and it happens repeatedly after this, just the same thing happening.

  • Annai jaimes

    I had a dream that I my bottom teeth were bent …. All I would see on the dream was my two bottom tooth bent

    • Ime S. Etukudo

      I had dreamed i broke a little piece of my lower tooth.

  • ebb

    My teeth were cracking , some falling out completely , I just kept showing my family and asking them to give me a reason as to why

  • trang

    Me hurting someone that person head was busted open blood everywhere person was dead i was defending myself dogs in my dream also

  • carson

    I was standing in front of the mirror in my bath room and started biting really hard slamming my teeth into one another then they were cracking and falling out and i spit my teeth with blood into my hand

  • pree

    New front teeth on top of existing ones

  • donald

    i was sitting on the edge of a bed,i was talking to someone didntknow who. then i heard a sound i looked down my teeth had fallen out there were 3 teeth stuck together two sets of three in one place and a set of 3 to the right on the floor. in my mouth the teeth had broken off level with the gum and what was left of the teeth were black. i said looks like ive got have faulse teeth now, as i said this i turned to the person i was talking to it was my auntie who reasently past away in march. she died of cancer

  • Stephanie Doerksen

    I have had this dream about five times now sometimes i lose all my teeth they just fall out no blood or nothing. But this dream i only lost one bottom tooth and after it fell out it broke in half and lots of blood. Im starting to worry now about thses dreams.

  • matt

    Flying flapping my hands and using the flying to escape unconfortable situations

  • Monica

    Playing with my finger in my tooth then it broke in 3 parts remember taking the pieces out of my mouth

  • Ian

    I took a nap for like 5-10 minutes and had a really bad dream, in it I was with one of my old friends (I cant remember what we were doing even though this was literately minutes ago) and I clanked my teeth on the right side of my mouth and my k9 broke which caused me to do it harder from being scared and broke more teeth and as I am spitting out broken pieces of teeth and blood I am screaming in pain but my friend for some reason dose not seem to notice even though he was right next to me (I think he was looking in a garbage can, don’t ask why). The dream felt so real it was not even funny, more real than any dream I have ever felt and I could feel the broken shards of teeth and emptiness in the right side of my mouth (They all didn’t fall out, most of them did and some others stayed in but were ridiculously broken). I transitioned from being in a dream to waking up very slowly for it went from the dream fading out slowly into blackness which was the back of my eyelids and I couldn’t tell I was awake and I still felt the same exact broken shards and missing teeth on the right side of my mouth and I actually didn’t know I was awake until 10 seconds later. As I am writing this I can still slightly feel it but fortunately not like how it was just a little bit ago. Can anyone tell me what this could mean? I feel like its something more severe than what is listed above but I cant figure out what it could possibly be.

  • queen

    I dream about my ex-boyfriend friend visited in my home. so I want I want to know at what does this dream mean

  • Eddy

    “My dream started in a concert. There was alot of people, and i slowly started to lose part of my teeth, the more the people that came to the concert the more teeth i lost . Once the concert got fully packed, i literally spit all my teeth out.”

    What could this possibly mean?

  • lee all

    i dream i was eating and broke my denture

  • julie

    i dream i carry my baby and one of hertooth infront brken ..i touch her tooth half n blood come out to the gums. i run to bring her to the hosptal wth my eldest daughter .its heavy rain n floods evrywer..im waitng fr a taxi or any vechcel that can send us to hspital..but cant get i told my daughter to wait fr me i will call taxi n take care of her sister. i go other place to find taxi bt diffcult to find ..then one citezn said cnt go to other side of the road the flood gettng higher.. i remembr my two kids is der..

  • Hassan Raza

    I have Seen that My All teeth from below jaw are broken.

    detail as under,
    sum1 gives me a thing which was made by steel and told me to break it.
    i tried to break with my hand but i failed then i tried with my teeth & i successful, after that suddenly my all teeth from my below jaw gone broke.
    i took my all broken teeth in my hands & rushed away to my beloved (My Girl Friend. I only love her, she dont) whilst thinking in mind that,
    is she show sympathy by watching me in this condition & pain or she comes to hate me.

  • Dolly Perez

    I dream that while trying to etch a certain tooth, the whole assembly of my upper teeth broke down without falling into pieces and I was holding the whole teeth and wandered why it broke down and did not fall into pieces.

  • Louise

    In this dream, my tooth chips, and I spit pieces of it out throughout the dream

  • Louise

    I have had a reocurring dream that I am back in university, it is nearing year end, and I have an advanced economics exam to write, except that I have not attended any of my classes, and I worry (in my dream) that I will not have enough time to self study the entire year’s module. I wake up anxious, and keep thinking I need to get hold of my economics text book, only to remind myself that I am on my way to work, not university.
    (Note: I graduated from university 6 years ago, and only took a freshman course in Economics)

  • Dana Cappola

    I dreamt last night that my teeth were coming apart and chipping off in layers. I had a dentist ready to give me new teeth but I didn’t have the money. I was searching for all the pieces of my teeth to try to put them back together. I was also running through a hotel looking for a wealthy friend from the past to see if he would give me money for new teeth.

    Right now in my life I am going through the toughest, hardest heartbreaking situations.

  • Stefanie

    In my dream I was standing. In front of mirror one tooth broke and others just fell out.. then I woke up

    • Amanda

      Omg i dreamt EXACTLY the same thing and then woke up!! (today morning)

  • Nicole

    I had a dream last night that my already chipped tooth
    Cracked in half and when I made it to the dentist it was
    Cracked worse than I thought and he said ill super glue it back together
    Then my phone rang and I woke up. Weird


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  • naydean

    i dreamt i found a hole in one of my upper back teeth, i put my finger in my mouth to touch it and it broke into pieces and landed on my tongue, my dream ended with me picking bits of teeth of my tongue.

  • Ashley

    I had a dream last night where one of my bottom teeth came loose and fell out, and when I looked in the mirror, all my molars were cracked. I ended a relationship in June, and I’m taking care of bills, the house,a full time job, and I’m commuting. I have started dating a great guy, but he doesn’t live in the town where I work, and I need to sell my house and move a little closer to my job so I can afford my bills.What does this dream mean?

  • victoria

    I was taking assembly at school when suddenly my bottom teeth broke in half, you could lift them together as each half tooth was stuck to the next one.

  • Ruby

    I’ve been having this dream for about a month. It gets worse and more gory each time.
    It started where one of my molars would crack into several bits. I’d try to hold it in my mouth in a way of saving the tooth (dream logic). To the end of the dream I would just end up spitting the pieces out into my hand.
    The dream has been getting worse with more teeth breaking apart into more chunks. It is so frustrating to keep
    dreaming this.

    • naydean

      omg ive had the same dream. ive looked it up and so far its apparrantly to do with stress due to big changes and also not feeling you can rely or trust people to keep their promises to you.

      if you find any other meanings let me knw please, that dream really freaked me out

  • Teeth breaking and falling out

    i had a strange dream about my teeth breaking one-by-one and then falling out but the looked like ash and heaps and heaps came out my mouth. What does it mean?

  • iggy

    In my dream I was sitting in front of my house at nught by myself. I cant remember why,but I was very angry and clinching my jaw out of anger.until all of a sudden, because of the jaw clinching out of anger my teeth all shattered! What does this mean? Night time, alone in front of my “home”, anger (which I dont know why I was angry), teeth shattering.I also Woke up in a bad mood feeling worry some but it was just another day of work nothing new.
    Thank you

  • Jade M

    Had a dream that I put my finger in between my middle teeth and pryed it apart that one front tooth actually came out, breaking horizontally in half, that I even thought of supergluing it back! But didn’t because of not wanting to taste the glue and if it would even work!

  • marize

    Woke up dreaming bout horrific body parts all over a river dissplaying blood and heads feet and arms

  • Connie Bellmer

    I woke up fr my dream w/my teeth clenched down hard on my tongue.it was a complexed quick dream of mainly a negative overall feelin. I was with a platonic male friend who was helping me out somehow and we either ran into my current boyfriend that in my waking life our relationship is in the long drawn out process of ending. ohe’s been cheating on me in several occassions but never owns up to it and acts as if I’m the one doing us wrong. he as of the moment has been gone for another day or so wth no phone calls or replies,so I do know he is up to doing me wrong in some way-but back to my dream…so I run into him and he s angry at me for being wth my male friend and I’m wraring some fluffy airy type of skirt sitting next to my friend and he gets all irrate about that. out in the driveway my father has his boat out on a trailer and somehow I accidentally make it fall off trailor and am desperately trying to find help from others to get it back on trailor before my dad notices. it is noghttime and once I do find help, the boat is gone. and somewhere along the line of this dream there is a part where I’m walking ahead of a friend following me not sure if was a female or male friend, but we are in like a darkish cave/tunnel thing and headed somewhere but I don’t remember why

  • tooth falling apart

    i was in a car driving somewhere and beside me was the boy i like. i looked at myself in the car mirror. i chewed on some chewing gum and all of a sudden, i noticed that my right front tooth chipped. then it begun chipping even more, almost like a nail would from all directions, until nearly half of the tooth was left on the verge of falling off. the tooth became weak and it begun to wiggle.

  • lustfull/brokenfront teeth/laptop/stranger

    I was with a group of people I did not know but they knew me & one person “a younger guy” was very fond of me and knew me well I had no clew who he was. We went to look at an apartment as a group for them, it was a dive but very cool layout, on the way back to their place me & this guy branched off from the others, I was very, very, attracted to him as he was to me, suddenly my front teeth started to crumble and I became very concerned, he told me it did not matter that nothing that ever happened to me could ever make me ugly inside or out. suddenly we started to kiss with passion and that led to other things, I suddenly realized it was being filmed onto his laptop and I even said to him “hey is that us” as I watched myself and he returned with a “yes” as he said “I told you are beautiful” I said to him I am old enough to be his mother and he said he did not care, I was still looking at the screen of the lap top at us & I was very concerned about my front teeth and being ugly, I suddenly realized I may have a future with someone who will love me for me, just before my dream ended on its own my alarm ran & woke me so I will never know if my dream lover really did love me?!

  • broken tooth

    I saw in night in dream that i lost my most of teeth and only few are left and and some teeth are breaking.what does it means????

  • Caitie

    I had a dream where I was out with all my friends when I noticed one of back teeth had shattered and after that more teeth started shattering and I started spitting out bits of shattered teeth and blood. I felt holes in my mouth with my tongue. It really scared me can someone tell me what it means?

    • KJ


  • Helen

    I dreamt about my little girl, her left front tooth was chipped, it seemed like she was grinding her teeth off the curb and chipped one. I had been watching a movie where this did happen to a character so maybe it was tied to that. Just wondering what this means, if anyone knows I would appreciate their insight. !

  • Maria

    I dreamed I was with a man I truly care about and want to be with that he told me my tooth looked loose and I was like no it’s not I hid that I wiggled it and it crumbled then I hid the tooth under the bed to look at later

  • Alexa

    In this dream it was me, a woman, my girlfriend, another guy and a young girl. I remember getting out of a car to get into a building. There was a woman and a child that I was following behind, then I heard a woman say that she was on a very high floor I believe 174. I remember walking in and I believe I heard two people in a room and I thought it was my girlfriend and another guy, a guy that I know likes her. When I rushed into the room I jumped on the bed and pulled the covers back and saw the guy with the other guy that was in the house. When I got up and out of the room I could feel my teeth breaking piece by piece and Iran for a sink and I see white foamy spit with pieces of my teeth falling out. I also saw something brown in the sink that I was spitting out. I woke up with pain in my teeth and I was very very hungry.

  • Nickie

    I dreamt that i took in a deep breath then all my teeth shatterd in my mouth i was spitting out piles of teath then spitting them out like peanuts strangest dream iv ever had xxxxxxx

  • Nicole

    Earth splitting in half

  • mary

    i also dream my teeth r falling out while i am eatting. after that they dont stop falling out

  • Steph

    I had this dream where I was pushed down and I had my jaw broken I half down the middle causing my a bunch of my teeth to break and fall out what does it mean??

  • Ashlea

    Several times over the past few weeks, I have dreamt of my ex husband and I talking and getting along and him throwing his new wife out. I’ve dreamt about him removing the court orders that she has lied about to get put on me. I’ve not seen or spoken with him in real life for several months. I have no love for the man and would never get back with him or even think about getting back with him. We have kids that he has full custody of and I have no contact with due to his wife’s and his lies. The court will not hear me.

    • Ashlea

      I forgot to mention, last night I dreamt that my back teeth were chipping off piece by piece and that I had dentures and they were breaking off, as well.

  • Ingrid C

    I dreamt I was at work sitting at my desk and all of a sudden 2 of my back teeth fell out in crumbles. I couldn’t open my mouth completely because my teeth were intricately tied down by white string. I ran out the office saw my boss and he said you’ll be alright. It was as if he was not concerned about my situation.

    The boss in my dream in reality is my new boss. And now after having this dream i feel like that it maybe something about him that not right. I woke up feeling uncomfortable about him.

    Please can someone shed some light.

  • Anonymous

    Family from out of town we went to the beach it was very cold water got on fur they were upset because it was ruined

  • Anonymous

    I don’t usually dream very clear and vivid dreams. It’s usually patchy and jumps from one place to the other very quickly and people change. For example if I dream I’m at the store with my mom, next thing I know it’s not my mom but a friend, or my husband but the dreams continue naturally and I’m never stunned at the change. It’s as if they were there the entire time. Well last night I dreamt the 3 teeth of mine had fallen out, but only the “crust”, as if it were the facets of my teeth. I had surgery and fixed them but one fell out after and another crumbled in my mouth because I accidentally chewed it and I ask the dentist if it was salvageable and he said no.
    So to conclude: 3 broken teeth, fixed but another one fell out and one was irreparable. So in the end only 2 teeth were fixed.

  • janeth

    Dram my dad (whom is deceased) that he had studied to be a dentist and my brother amd sister and I were asking him to fix our teeth cuz when I would pick mybteeth with my nail pieces would crumble

  • Ryan

    In my dream I usually slam my jaw shut, and my teeth shatter like car window glass.

  • sonia

    i have nice teeth so it doesnt matter.

  • ramya

    my teeth not only cracked but they also phell out. what duz dis mean??

  • sumayya

    Was dreaming my top teeth from the left to middle front broke. To the gums only tiny piece stick out from the gums in front. At a time was standing with the broken teeth in my hand crying nd showing to people I have not seen before

  • Armando Salinas-Martinez

    I was walking to some place i didnt know of a friend named Xoua was there and like these guyswhereplaying football and i told thHe wase guy
    I could throw a 80 mph fastball which is true so when i threw it my teeth breaking
    Cause as i released i put my teeth together but the weird thing is that i could physically feel my teeth in my mouth then i saw a guy we used to named mikey.
    I looked at him weird thinking why was i in here and idk something
    About money etc.

  • Selma

    Dreaming of teeth braking and falling right out of my mouth scary .

  • Dee

    I was in front of a mirror and my teeth were falling in my hand . A couple were whole teeth but most were shattered pieces. Mostly all of my teeth were still in my mouth but very jagged ,broken off and sharp.

  • Steve

    I just dreamt I was in why looked like a space station and I was biting my fingernails and part if the mail got lodged between my teeth. I went to remove it and I chipped my right tooth in half and then my left underneath. Then I cried out my gfs name who in my dream I lost and yelled out how now I was ugly. Wtf?

  • Having sex with a girl who is attending her period


  • Melissa

    I had a dream that I was with my girlfriend having some drinks in some house that I never been in and I slipped and feel and busted my 2 back teeth what does that mean?

  • Trisha

    I dream that the whole side of my mouth top teeth break of at the gum in one go leaving me with no teeth on the left hand upper jaw.When I tell my loved one how distraught I am they just laugh at me

  • James Norfor

    About water.

  • Abida

    I’ve had many dreams in the past about my teeth falling out of my mouth, just want to know what it means

  • I saw a gap is created btween my two upper front teeth...


  • Spider and broken teeth

    First I dream of a huge web. Upon closer evaluation I see that the web is made of cardboard. Then I hear tearing and look over to see a piece of cardboard being ripped from the inside. And a fat spider about 2 inches long starts running toward me carrying a piece of the cardboard. I am too afraid to move but I yell for my husband. He does not come and the spider climbs onto my bare leg. (I was kneeling on the floor.) I don’t remember if I stand or flip off the spider. But I am upset that my husband didn’t kill it before it climbed on me.
    Same dream but later on I am trying to bite something hard but it breaks my tooth. My face starts to swell and I feel pain in more areas than I think I should. So I go into the bathroom and look in the mirror to find that three or more teeth have been broken and there is a little blood. I then decide I’m going to call work and tell them I’m not coming in. While walking around I continuously feel little pieces of tooth in my mouth and spit them into my palm. But no matter how many pieces of teeth I spit out I still have a lot in my mouth.

    • Spider and broken teeth

      I have recently come to admit to having depression issues. But other than the obvious, what might this dream mean for me?

  • leah

    i dreamed that i was somebody else, and i kept biting my teeth together real hard, and pieces of them secluded :// does that count as me losing somebody?

    • leah

      OH, and then i take out the pieces of the teeth and i see that they are very small

      • May

        I had a dream that I lost 2 bottom front teeth and 2 days later I found out that my aunt died and then 2 days later after my aunt died my brother got into a very bad accident and died 2 weeks later. :’( so…when I hear about broken teeth I get scared. They say bottom teeth represent your family and top teeth is your hysband’s side of the family.

    • Barbara

      Last night I dreamed that my molar tooth is broken into three two comes out. In my experience every time I dreamed my tooth is out from my mouth somebody will die from my family or a close friends. I saw kids will die in my dreams. How is it possible? Thank you

    • Anonymous

      I have had the same dream as you did.. all I can compare to is if you have loss someone close to you or something like that

  • brendan

    I was at school and my teeth just broke in half my 2 front top teeth can’t remember much of the dream

  • Paige

    I had a dream last night that I was fighting with a woman that came from the water (weird!) and somehow my teeth got broken by her head hitting me. It happened to be days before a big event so I was worried about showing my broken tooth. There was a lot of water involved in my dream…like swimming and being in the water, but I don’t remember all the details of the water.

  • Candice

    I am talking with my mother, face to face. I start to press my lower k9 teeth against the upper ones. I put more pressure and more pressure until my teeth break off. There is no pain, but I feel horrible that my teeth break off like that. Very disturbing dream.

  • sharon myers

    I dream that Teeth which were the lower front ones ,which appears like denture was broken exactly in half was also 5 single digits floating in the dream and one double digit number also.I was shocked that the teeth splits directly in half.Then i woke up repeating the numbers i saw.what does this dream means?

  • Sarah Townsend

    I would fall down some stairs and I would land on my face. My teeth would be broken into a billion pieces and I would crunch them around, trying up get them out of my mouth. I’d be crying, and I wake up covered in sweat.

  • iswittzshel

    my front teeth lose and some are broken . i feel like scared and embarrassed for my appearance .
    i dreamed it twice that i was looking at the mirror then i figured out that my teeth were lose and some are broken .
    i was crying and feel scared and embarrassed .

  • Alexandria Scott

    I keep having dreams of my teeth breaking. In most of those dreams, I just grind my teeth and thread into little chunks. I can feel it like it was happening in real life, but with no pain. I can feel and taste the chalkiness of the little bits of teeth chunks rolling around in my mouth. It’s disgusting and just really creepy when it happens.

    I had a dream where I had a wire hooking my teeth to my gums and I was pulling it out. I could literally feel the wire being pulled out and again, my teeth were cracking into huge chunks. It feels like it does in my other two dreams described before and after this post.

    The most recent one was really quite different from my other ones. I had braces and apparently I had them for quite a while in my dreams. This is weird because I don’t have braces and haven’t had braces since middle school and I am now late into college. A bracket broke in my dream and it took a chunk of my tooth with it. I pulled the bracket out and it took the wire and the rest of the bracket with the wire with huge chunks of teeth and whole teeth. Again I can feel it like it was happening in real life, but with no pain. I can feel and taste the chalkiness of the little bits of teeth chunks rolling around in my mouth.


    I can feel my molars cracking then breaking off leaving my gums big flabby. Then my front teeth start to break too but are bloody. It seemed so real.

  • taslyn

    I was with my parents in the dream all I recall were having bits of pieces of broken teeth all over my mouth..I could bearly talk and had been taken too this man who owns his own dentistry at home

  • eliza

    i had a dream of half broken upper tooth with lot of blood and dirt, not sure whether it is the food in the mouth or dirt. the broken part is still there hanging.

  • jazzy gee

    I dreamed gamed that my tooth was broken..

  • shayna

    One.of my front teeth is broken..I’m feeling it with my tongue and can actually fel the.broken tooth in my dreamm!

  • jess

    I always dream my teeth are too big for my mouth that when i close my mouth they start to wobble and break for the first time they broke. I went to a dentist who said she had to pull more teeth out. There were always animals in my dream, chickens, cats, pigs tropical fis and dogs

  • Will

    I was sitting in the car with my dad whilst he was a taking me home after a strange sequence of event earlier in the dream. Whilst talking to him i start to feel little pieces of something hard in my mouth, at first i didn’t know that my teeth were breaking but i soon realize, more and more pieces keep breaking it feels like all of my teeth are breaking because there are so many pieces and it isn’t stopping. I get home and speak to my mum and look in the mirror and see that only one tooth is broken and what i say is that its my teeth leveling out? But in reality my teeth are fine and level?

  • falling teeth :O

    So i was just talking to my aunts and i feel one tooth touching the other. As in hitting or rubbing against it. Then it just come out and falls in my had !! Then i tell my aunt about the dreams i have about teeth and waitto show my mom. When my mom comes i show it to her and another one od my tooth falls onto my hand !! And my aunts nor my my mom neither say anything like they can see it but dont say anything

  • Dee

    Boyfriend had a dream that my front tooth chipped – his in reality is always chipping in the front – but, he had a dream of my tooth chipping – What would that mean…

  • nosa

    i dream i keep eating in a dream sometimes

  • Ashley

    i keep having dreams about my teeth falling out or shattering. when it shatters its like the pressure builds ups so much until the tooth breaks, its like i can feel the pain of the pressure and once it does shatter its a slight relief. when my teeth fall out, new teeth will grow back in its place. its always the same thing but a slightly different dream.

  • theeth spitting them out into my hands with lots of blood

    They just fell into my hand with lots of gum attached then the bleeding went on for ages

  • sanjeshni

    I dreamt about mi teeth falling and something coming out of my mouth with a big hole and I was also cleaning it, and my mother saying that she’s going to die, I have also seen a man and woman doing witch craft their eyes were glowing

  • shashikant verma

    i have seen the following dream since 18 october 2005-

    1- alien or different type of species will attack on earth
    2- i saw a transparant man and a person whose face is like a lion….
    3- latest dream is about my house. i saw breaked main gate of my own house…. and someone attacked on me…..
    what the hell is this…… i an not afraid but curious to know about this…
    4- i have seen a lady which is dead and i am totally confused that, that was a dream of reality… that was a horreorable moment….. it make me upset…
    please tell me the meaning of the all above dream..

  • Tiffany

    My mouth is hard to open my teeth fall out and there’s pain involved

    • shashikant verma

      the same dream has been seen by me but i also dont know the meaning of the dream..

  • Haley

    I just had the most horrible dream in my life. My boyfriend was in it. He had the same name but it wasn’t him, or even look like him. He wa awful. He got me obsessed with him and got his friends in on it and we went to his friends house to stay over and we got drunk…then he and him raped me and said “Come on, did you really think all this was gonna be your dream come true?” and they tried to steal my car but a cop came up and then didn’t even give a ticket. Then he put a huge dent in the back driver side of the roof of my car and one of his friends had a car that looked like mine but his was a drop top to confuse people and they beat my face into a toilet seat at the mall, my teeth were all chipping and falling out and I spit them at him and kept some for evidence and he cut my brakes so I couldn’t stop when I finally got away, but when I went to crash in the cement water ditch thing I could just pick the car up around me like a dress and land on my feet and catch myself with myy feet and hand, very gracefully. And then one of the cops rode in my car with me for a while and told me to “turn my lights of during the day” and all I said was “if I had died, he would be paying for all of this, with his life. Since I didn’t, look at how I have to live now” and then I woke up, heart racing.


    • Lydia

      It seems that you will really have to get to know the guys that you date before rushing into your emotional side as a woman. Be very careful not careless with your very own life.Turn on the light ( God is the light and the only true God,seek God for direction in life because he is the only one that can direct your path and you will still end up on the safe side with no regrets.





  • Broken tooth

    I dreamed I was eating some chicken with out bones but felt something sharp in my mouth. I went in the bathroom to check what was going on and looked in the mirror. A couple of teeth in the back on my right side were just breaking apart and falling out. I started screaming and crying but they kept chipping and breaking out piece by piece. My face image looked distorted, then I woke up.

  • ...

    I had a dream in which i saw that i vomitted and all my teeth fell into my hand. The teeth were white in colour and i didnt have any pain. Someone else was also there who saw it. I have this dream ofte
    I had a feeling that the teeth would grow back.

  • anonymous

    I had a dream that someone somehowtricked me into doing something which resulted in my teeth breaking. There were holes un some of my teeth and ome gaps in my mouth as well as some teeth which had broken in two. Weirdly enough I wasn’t particularly freaked out or anything, but I still felt annoyed. I remember reminding myself in my dream ti go yo the dentist sometime and wondering if that would help.

  • rachel

    i keep having the recurring dream of eating the softest thing and my teeth just snap off or fall out, it feels so real i wake up thinking i have no teeth, i am in the process of moving and the house i am in needs some work, which i am not paying for the landlady is but i have also been trying for a baby for nearly two years and in the process of having the fertility tests done? could this be the reason?

  • Aeriel

    I don’t remember anything about where I was, but all of a sudden part of my upper right hand tooth chipped off, then a while tooth right next to it fell out further to the right in my mouth. Then a few more broke or fell out, all on the right side. Last the bottom front teeth chipped and broke, leaving whole gaps and broken teeth in these areas. I remember feeling horrified as this was happening. The dream ended with me looking in the mirror at my broken mouthing thinking, oh my god, how will I be able to live like this. And then the last thought was that everything is not over. While I don’t have the money for it, I can get then replaced with either veneers or fake teeth. I remember thinking about if I had to have dentures about them shame I would feel about people finding out my teeth were dentures.

  • Jizanthpus

    I dreamt I was down on this girl. She shifted herself a little which hit me in the head and knocked me out. I woke up an I had broken all my lower teeth. So should I stop going down on girls?

  • Varun Menon

    have been having this recurring dream. It’s been happening for over a month. It does not occur on a daily basis. Sometimes its 3 days in a row. Sometimes once in a week. I went to a boarding school. I was a high achieving student academically, in games and sports and extra curricular activities. By the end of it, I was kicked out of school for signing a petition to remove the headmaster. So by the end of it, all my awards were taken away from me. I wasn’t really sad when I left school, because I had so much to look forward to. I had a girlfriend who I was really fond of and for my graduation I decided to stay back with her. She left me after a few months and it was something that left me affected for a long time. It’s been almost 5 years since both these incidents happened. In my dream, it is my ex girlfriend in school with me. And it is different situations. Sometimes we are just so happy walking together, sometimes snuggling each other in bed, sometimes we are so mad at each other we keep fighting. All this happens in school and it is just the both of us. I have begun working in a different city. When I visited my folks back home. I was in a taxi when I saw her. At first, I told the taxi driver to speed off. Then something got a grip of me, I stepped out of the taxi and went upto her and gave her a big hug. After all these years I still love her. I have been with other women, but my feelings for her haven’t changed. Is this why I dream about her? I would do anything to be with her, but I would never do anything that would go against her. So if she doesn’t want to be with me which I know is what she wants, I have accepted it. Still somewhere I really hope something works out. Which is what I feel the dreams are for? Please help me. 

    P.S: I haven’t been to school since they kicked me out.

  • Alanna

    I used to have this dream where I’m running from something, but it like I’m running in sticky mud. After a while, I find someone but when I start to speak, my teeth start crumbling in my mouth. I start choking on them. This part feels so real that I usually wake myself up.
    Haven’t had the dream for a while, but last night it happened again. Can anyone tell me what it means?

  • Glenn

    I had a dream that I worked on a family vineyard/farm, each morning someone else had been killed by what appeared to be an animal, over time my teeth started becoming pointer and larger to the point they were crumbling in my mouth and falling out in pieces. My cousin was also in the dream and was starting to have the same issues as me, like not being able to control himself. It was found out I was ‘sleepwalking’ in my dreams and attacking these people. Not a very nice dream at all!

  • Anonymous

    I have false teeth and I dream that I go to dentist and change them but first I didn’t like my tooth made by the dentist after that I try to check again my tooth and after I like

  • brooke

    i feel like i’ve had this dream about a hundred times, but not really sure if i have. all night i remember this short dream repeating itself over and over.. i remember i was leaving my house with one other person and i grabbed a coke zero bottle off my table and i put the bottle in my mouth because i had no where else to put it and i would bight down so hard that my teeth just crushed in my mouth as i walked through the front door. in my dream i didn’t care i walked to some random red pickup and it restarted again and again.

  • Mike

    Im constantly having dreams where im grinding my teeth so much they shatter, afterwards im spitting out the debris what does it mean

  • Janeen

    My mouth keeps filling up with pieces of broken teeth. The more I try spit these shards out, the more they appear. At times it seems as though it has spread to my jaw bone and chunks of these join in with the shards of teeth. The most upsetting thing about this dream is that I can never seem to rid my mouth of the millions of chips that are in my mouth, no matter how hard I try my mouth keeps filling up

    • karen

      I dream of my teeth crumbling and falling out too,thought I must have been the odd one out but obviously not.

  • Ladyjade

    3 nights in a row now have had nightmares that all my teeth are coming out, I’m spitting them constantly into my palm but they fall too fast and I keep swallowing them and choking on them, help :-(

  • Michael

    I had a dream that my beloved aunt who passed some years ago was scolding me and my sister about getting our teeth fixed. Can anyone help me with this.

  • Justin

    Whoa.. that is weird, this dream interpretation says that it “symbolizes pain over losing something that is important to you. You may be currently experiencing changes in your life, transitioning from one place or job to another, ending a relationship or working on modifying your habits.” Dude, I’m so confused, is any of this stuff real?? I just typed in my the interpretation of losing teeth because the dream seemed so real to me and ironically, I remembered how my girlfriend dumped me the day after last night’s dream. I never even expected that my girlfriend was going to break up with me because I thought everything was going well between us. This dream interpretation is so weirdly accurate because its not even the fact we broke up the next day, its because I haven’t been depressed and lost like in my life in a very long time. As of today, I’m still trying to get over her, but its been getting better.

  • Justin

    A few weeks ago, I had this dream that all my teeth were falling apart. This dream was so lucid, that I even felt relieved that none of this was real when I woke up. I even checked if my teeth were intact. The weird part of all of this was that this dream happened the day before my girlfriend whom I spent 6 years with broke up with me.

  • rose

    my boyfriend gently smiled at me where I discovered that one of his tooth was broken

  • othima

    i ve seen this dream many times.
    my dream..
    my tooth ( upper Incesior) is getting into pieces,i mean its getting broken into very small pieces and am collecting them from my mouth. in the meantime, i get unconscious and random but known people come to my rescue.
    but i never get my tooth back or fixed.

    please help me..coz this dream haunts me

  • beth delgado

    in my dream.. all of a sudden i looked into a mirror and looked at my teeth and they were white but tiny and it seemed like they had some pieces missing like the front teethes were broken and were thin.. also in the dream i was thinking that it was because of a tooth paste i used and that , that was the reason why my teeth became think and had breakages in them .. only the top front teeth nothing else.. and that was my dream can someone please tell me what it means??? oh and also in the dream i wasn’t mad of worried i was just confused and shocked that my teeth were like that and i that i didn’t know why..

  • Joel crampton

    I was walking in my dream after somthing to eat. I felt my tooth wobble , then I pulled it out?
    It then loosened up all the teeth on my left side then they started falling out but it wasn’t just my teeth it was my lift died of my jaw

    What does it mean?

  • kayley

    I had a dream last night that My front teeth started to crumble, 3nights b4 I ha a dream my partner was standing infront of me an his teeth feel out but not in the same way???

  • roman canseco

    anybody out their that could help contact me at 7606887939 live in escondido california adress 92027 please anybody out their

    • .:/.

      Please delete this post, someone could use your information to hurt you. I am sure parents would be upset and scared that you put this on the Internet. You have to be so careful ok? I am scared for you and hope that no has used this to hurt you or your family.

  • roman canseco

    i was in the middle of slipping and awake and my theet starded being pussed in my mouth i was trying to wake up but i couldent i was in my brothers room he was awake playing video games i starded calling my brothers name and i woke up told him wath i felt with my teeth he talked to me then i tried to go to sleep ones again and the same feeling came back of my teeth being pussed in i freaked out got of bed and went to the livin room….

  • Ally

    I had a dream I fell from a really high place and my teeth broke

  • maria johnson

    I had a dream I was whiteing my teeth and one of my front teeth broke

  • Mary

    mostly just my back teeth crumbling and breaking,no pain felt

  • Gaga

    My all teeth has ben broked n crushed in small pieces in my dream, i cnt evn took dem out properly. Its most of i had dream dis.Dis really make me scared. Plz. Tell me abt it ???

  • Gareth

    I had a dream where I fell asleep in my dream and in my dream’s dream my teeth were chipping away like crazy. Like I was picking shards out of my mouth. Then I’d wake up within my dream’ dream holding my teeth, which I also think ended up me really waking up. When waking up I can’t remember if I had my hand touching my teeth, but I might’ve been. This happened several times in one night. Any ideas? I think i made a big spend in my dream on something as well, but talk about weird, a dream’s dream where my teeth are like flaking/chipping away

    • othima

      this is exactly what happens with me..but with minor changes..
      1. i never dreamt in my dream
      2. i get fainted in my dream after picking up few pieces

      rest is same

  • sachin

    i hav seen my front upper side one tooth is as i touched by my hands ..its come out in my hand and after that the rest portion of my tooth just crushed automatically just like a stone crushed in small parts i feel it while i was in dream……what it mean pls tell me

    • Joselle

      That is exactly what happened in my dream this morning and I would like to know to. Plus after the shock of seeing my teeth out of my mouth I ran to call my mom but the phone kept ringing. She wouldn’t pick up… She lives in Oregon and I live in California

  • James

    My dream is wierd because i dont dream that my teeth are falling out, or that my mouth fills up wit broken teeth, only that i force my jaws together to bend my teeth outwerd as if i was trying to take out a loose tooth, but in a very painful way, and trust me its painful.and the more i try to stop beacause of the pain im experiencing, the more force im pushing my teeth outwerd trying to break them, but never break. And iv had this dream countless times. Does anyone know what thise means? Because i hate this dream.

    • Raf

      I had a same dream last night 12/june/2013, it was the first time i had this dream but in reality this morning i had a loose tooth which actually broke.

    • Anonymous

      I had the exact same dream.

  • Martin

    I was returning to my to live in my old hall in college and decided to try LSD while in the dorms. I ended up just walking around the hall when I saw some dogs in the front yard that resembled the front yard of my house. I kept walking around and eventually had to drive my friend home even though I was really under the influence. I had a hard time concentrating on the road and was trying my best not crash and I ended up parking perfectly in front of his house (I don’t actually remember seeing anyone in the car with me, just knew I was driving someone home). I return home/to my dorm and keep walking around just thinking about life and try to keep my mind happy to avoid having a bad trip. I end up walking into a room where an old friend who has also tried LSD is playing video games an stay there hanging out with him. Then I notice the there is something in my mouth, I actually felt throughout the dream, but ignored it. I spit out what’s in my mouth into my hands and it’s a bunch of pieces of my teeth, I can feel all broken teeth in my mouth, I show my friend, but still try to keep cool to avoid a bad trip.

  • Krysten

    I find myself having this reoccuring dream where my teeth almost get stuck together,and when I try to talk they crumble and break off into my mouth into several pieces.in my dream I can actually feel the pain and it always wakes me

  • Random or a sign?

    Hartford whalers city is a floating place only accessible by boat. Diner alone ordering dinner. Lose table have to sit with robocop. Tommy lee walks in. Get drunk. Take some drug Don’t remember anything. Get back to hotel room. There’s 4 of us. One is jeb Aldred an old good friend I haven’t spoke to in a long time. Don’t know who the other is. Mouth is numb and I can’t speak well. My phone has had some Download so now it doesn’t look the same and I can figure out where my text messages or emails are. It’s all games. Look in mirror and all my teeth are broken and gone. Tommy says we were carrying a bed frame and I walked into a wall and smashed mouth. Then I wake.up. Disoriented and sweaty and disturbed. Wtf!

    And before that its winter and I’m working in the field doing a job thats a step back from where i used to be in my work Linewell won’t stay flowing. Keeps hydrating. Consultant hates us. There’s no lights on location and when I try to turn light tower on its some contraption I’ve never seen before and I end up wrecking it so there is no power anymore. And after breaking my teeth and knowing I’m in trouble with cara I consider suicide as I feel nothing can get any worse and I’ve hit bottom

  • Jennifer

    Can’t really remember my dream but all I can remember is that I was looking in the mirror when I realized my tooth was chopped… Not a huge piece just a barely noticeable chip. I was frantic in my dream but when I woke up I clearly didn’t think of it at all… But as the day went by I remembered and it and felt my tooth to see if it was a dream or really true. Thank goodness it wasn’t. According to a few lists above one stood out when mentioning that my decision or actions can be at a cost. I am stuck between choosing between two Gus that like me but I didn’t know this bothered me. But another bigger decision I had to make is whether I would tell the guy that doesn’t know my age my real age or to try and avoid saying anything. Please let me know what my dream means and what I should do!

  • Patti Clark

    Good day

    I cant recall the dream but it has happened more than twice now.
    I get the felling that my mouth is full of coarse crumbs and when emptying my mouth, I realise that it is tiny teeth particles- the size of baby teeth – some pieces intact and some btoken. No bad or decaying teeth though – all milky white.

  • Rosa Sorrentini

    I had a dream where after I finished eating I was biting down on my teeth so hard that half of my teeth just broke off.

  • ruchi

    I saw that i lose 3 or 4 of my teeth,one by one and came on my hand.

  • Rae Rai

    My dreams vary, but the reoccuring theme is of me spitting out mouthfuls of my crumbling teeth. My teeth just crumble like pieces of chalk, and im just spitting out all of these little pieces, and it doesnt stop until i wake up.

    • Monica

      Thats crazy, I have had that exact dream where my teeth are just crumbling.

  • darlene

    Newborn baby had sharp squared off crooked teeth

  • Colleen

    I’m a junior in college and dreamed that I was forced to go back to high school. I was speaking to a student when my front tooth cracked and I spit it out into my hand. Then I spit out most of my teeth and they ended up in a bloody pile in my hand. The remainder of my teeth (including the chipped front tooth) were suddenly crooked and I was left only with my wisdom teeth.

  • dove

    I always dream theives breaking into my yard but not breaking into my house. What does it mean?

  • Al

    I saw in my dream one of my front teeth being split in two pieces vertically. I was looking in the mirror and the two pieces were still stick to my gum and did not fell off, when I touched them, I noticed I could take them out from my gum, but I was scared.

  • Sumire

    My dream was simple.
    I felt as if my tooth was wobbly, so I went into the bathroom, looked at the mirror, and pulled off one of my incisors.
    I remembered being a little scared and somewhat freaked out.

  • Jade

    My mouth wouldn’t close because my teeth hurt. My teeth kept grinding and finally one of them painfully broke. Then My family lost our home and I cried. Walked back to that house.

  • Carolina

    Teeth falling off ,after i placed them in water

  • alicia

    I dreamed that I placed my teeth in its container soaking in water and peroxide, when I go get them they were broken by melting..my teeth are not dentures they are cosmetic teeth covers so melting is possible

  • Laura

    I have perfect teeth and have always looked after them well, so I found my recent nightmare about my teeth falling out to be very distressing. Last night I had a very disturbed sleep, waking several times in the night and going from one bad dream to the next, but this was the most vivid… I was having a physical fight with a man who was trying to over power me but I managed to get away from him afterwards my mouth felt swollen and numb. My best friend was there and I could tell by the look on her face that something was seriously wrong with me. I kept asking her what was wrong but she wouldn’t tell me because she was afraid of my reaction, I was guessing, asking her if my face was bruised or scared but she shook her head each time . Then all of a sudden it registered n I gasped and shouted out “my teeth!”. I ran to a mirror and my mouth was bloodied and bruised. One of my top teeth was snapped and looked sharp and jagged. When I put my hand to it the tooth next to it just came out, I was freaking out, when I put my hand to my mouth again out came another and that’s when I woe up with my heart pounding.

  • Louise

    I dreamt my tooth felt loose and then broke with the
    Root still there, it snapped. I wasn’t worried in the dream I assumed
    It was because I whiten me teeth and thought no one will notice but I was
    Bothered I was covering it up and pretending it would be ok so I didn’t get depressed.
    I’ve never dreamt this before what do you think??

  • Cil

    Ive been having dreams about my teeth for a while now. Its always the same, I think Im looking in a mirror, open my mouth and then see (either one or many of ) my teeth break just above the gum in a clean cut and I can simply lift them off as if they were perfect pebbles. Its true Im under a lot of emotional stress now.

  • starla

    I was trying to get the kiids in our family to tak pics and i was setting up their clothes in order. I felt my tooth wiggle and ot broke off

  • Anonymous

    I dreamed that two people I know fell and busted their mouths on concrete floor knocking their teeth out!

  • anisa

    After class I called my best friend to pick me up and he told me that he will need 10 minutes, I told him ok and I decided to spend that 10 minutes doing some extra math practice on the white board, the class was not totally empty there were students there talking and stuff but no one was actually paying attention to me, suddenly my friend walk in and ask if I was ready to leave but as I open my mouth to answer, one of my front bottom tooth fell and broke. I quickly picked it up and I realize that it had broken into two equal halves, then to top it off the one next to where I had just fallen from began to shake.

  • Fay

    I had a dream that I was locked in a shed with another person and in order to escape we had to smash out teeth with golf clubs. There were still teeth left but, they were broken and jagged.

  • Lex

    I had a dream that I was invited to a dinner party and just before dinner was served one of my left canines cracked and was hanging by a thread and two other top front teeth fell out.
    I made up an excuse to leave and left suddenly; running into the pouring rain all the way home.
    What does this mean?

  • Victoria

    I cannot open my eyes in my dream I am just tring to open them my eyelids stuck then I wake up

  • dora

    I am sitting in a chair and a dentist is checking my teeth, he finishes and I get off the chair and I feel my mouth swelling and three of my teeth are broken and loose. What does that mean?

  • Will

    I dreamed I broke a tooth and it hurt so bad I woke up..what does this mean?

  • Lew

    I dreamt that I had a broken tooth whilst eating something, I removed the broken part only to realize there. Was more debris in my mouth, consisting of smal nail scissors, paper clips etc,. What does that mean?

  • teeth breaking an falling out.

    I had a dream last night that I was walking around and my teeth kept breaking an falling out or I’d spit them out .
    What does this mean?

  • MG

    In my dream my mouth for whatever reason will be shut and i cant open it, all the while it feels like im biting my teeth together harder and harder, when i try to open my mouth in the dream they just bite together harder i can feel the pain in my dream and then i usually wake up disturbed. Its happened a few times but this time i just cant get over it, almost scared to go to sleep right now.

  • RJ ( I am a Guy )

    Thank-you for helping us , and taking your time for this , really noble …

    The Loose & Broken Tooth
    I have just made a decision of quitting pornography and have managed 2 days successfully . With that I’ve also made a decision of concentrating more on studies and quit the thought of making any girlfriend for certain period ( An Year actually ).
    So last night ( 2days after planning these decisions AND taking action ) I have this weird dream … I am doing some random thing and suddenly one of my lower teeth falls .I rush to see it in mirror . I touch my teeth and all of them feel wiggling and loose , with that touch few of my teeth start to fall ,but they are saved by roots of my teeth which look wires (like metallic braces wire) .Now I see my teeth hanging with those wires …(I don’t even have braces) …after a moment I don’t know ,I try to smile and check to see from which angle my face looks best . In all this process I only loose one teeth of the lower jaw …rest of them are perfectly placed back .’
    I am just confused what it means .

  • Nicole

    The only dreams I ever have are about me, either breaking, chipping or losing one or all of my teeth. The dreams are so real, i can feel the tooth/teeth with my tongue while its breaking, and i can feel them wiggling. I could be in a normal situation in my dream, eg: talking to friends, watching tv, etc and my teeth fall out or crumble, when they crumble I can feel/taste the tooth pieces in my mouth and have to spit them out. When i wake up i notice i have been grinding my teeth really bad too.

  • Jasmine

    i had a dream the guy i really like met my parents and had a chipped tooth

  • queen

    My dreams is every time i have a dream about my boyfriend as in marriage or making a upsetting decision my bottom Teeth aches and then i end up in tge bathroom irritating then then,one by one they fall out only my bottoms front but there always one grown behind them like a extra tooth and it hurts but never fall out

  • Darel

    I was at the dentist and he glued
    a fake tooth on top of the real front tooth and then decided to snap the teeth out and he had done the same to the back tooth!

  • Margaret

    last night i had a dream i was in a nightclub with my boyfriend and sister, i went to the bathroom and when i looked in the mirror i noticed my front tooth was cracked up the middle i could actually move them apart, i then noticed it had led the rest of my face to crack from my lip straight up to my eyebrow, i felt terribly ashamed and ugly. i then began putting plasters and cotton wool over it to hide the crusty areas where my face had cracked.

  • Xochy

    Showing off how nice my teeth are and then I look in the mirror and my front tooth is chipped

  • I have generally saw snakes in my dream. what is the meaning of this? ???? plzzz tall me anyone.


    • Anonymous

      Sweetie I have to say that I have had many dreams and I have researched dreaming. I find that in my dream logs that I have kept. A snake is a symbol of a enemy. Someone usually with whom you are unaware is very pissed at you and ready to strike. Snakes are people who will not bother you even though they are upset with you, only if you dont ruffle any of their feathers. I would keep track of anyone you come in contact with that day of the dream. I find that dream warnings take about 24hrs to unfold. Its a person who is gonna lash out at you in some way.

  • teeth

    Spitting out a bunch of crumble of back teeth

    • Anonymous

      I just had that same dream– spitting out many fragments of upper molars into my hands.

      • Anonymous

        Same here, Very uncomfortable dream.

    • Anonymous

      I had that same dream, my veneers all cracked and fell out!

  • Akjk

    My boyfriend dreamed about me pulling his nose hair out and him grinding his teath causing one tooth to break

  • Aayushi Goswami

    I had a dream that two of my front teeth are breaking and changing colour.
    one of the front teeth changed into the colour of my gums and the one one just broke of from the roots and hung very loosely.
    I ran to my mom and she said that we need to go to dentist and get your teeth repaired and I was really scared and crying.
    and then I woke up.

  • Anonymous

    For the last 3 nights ,I had this dream I wake up in my dream with a small pc. of my front tooth in my mouth,but when I got myself up my teeth are fine

  • Mark

    In my dream I have 4 teeth breaking. One on every side of my mouth both on top and in the bottom. I’m not sure how they are breaking, but it’s in the midle of a diskussion. And I have to like take every bit (4bits) with my fingers. The teeth breaks one at a time at different times and locations.

  • Mastahang rai

    Teath pain and brocken,taken by hand teath inside were Two insect.

  • Debra

    A dream My adult daughter died wuth her 5 year old daughter. She was trying to get help from me but I did not hear her. In my dream I was told she had been sick anyway and was not informed why she died. She is healthy and is due to have a baby in one week. Very scary.

  • Brandy

    I keep dreaming that I’m teeth are breaking and crumbling in my mouth and my teeth clench together and there is nothing I can do to stop clenching and my teeth just break apart easily.

    • Anonymous

      Yea, in my dreams too, I clench so hard the tooth either breaks up into pieces or falls out of the gum.

  • Sasha

    I had a dream that the top halves of my teeth were breaking and I was spitting them out.
    Then in the second part of the dream, a popular tv character attempts suicide but fails (in the show), and ends up alive, but severely impaired

  • Julie

    My upper and lower teeth are offset form each other and are jammed. I can not pry them apart. So I move them in desperation and all my molars and side teeth start to crack apart.

  • Kizzy

    I was in a grand foyer with a huge marble floor, in a que to speak to a receptionist.
    I was wearing a red silk dress, but the zip was broken at the back and I was holding it up, it keeps slipping because its so soft.
    I then notice that my hand is hurting and I open my palm to see I am holding a section of 3 teeth that appear to have been cut out of my mouth. I run my tongue over my teeth and to my horror I realise not only the top ones are damaged the bottom ones are too, and it appears to make a circle shaped hole gap in my mouth when I close my jaw.
    I start looking all over the floor to find the other teeth, but can’t see them

  • Nina

    Was in a restaurant with my niece and her friendswho were seated on a table on my left and i was standing,suddenly one of 2strangers(men) harresed me then my foot slipped while standing on the toilet and fell on my face then my 4 upper teeth broke from the top completely and got crushed on the floor and one totaky fell off and also crushed on the floor then i found myself lying on a white carpet on bedroom floor with lots of blood on the carpet and my right sleave, went to a toilet near that bedroom to check my teath found an extra molar lose and fell off when i touched it then rushed out looking for my mum to help me and couldnt find her and had a lot of pain in my mouth.

  • Lola

    I was talking to a long time friend of mine, who I cut ties with some months ago. As I was talking to her bits of my teeth started breaking and I started spiting them out. Suddenly I was talking to my ex-girlfriend, who I also broke up with a couple months ago, and even more bits of my teeth started breaking and I spit those out too. I became worried and I went to a mirror and I was horrified to see all of my teeth were broken and jagged.

  • Jenn

    I have a permanent retainer because I had braces. I dreamt that I forced the retainer out of my mouth which caused a tooth to come out with it. From then on all my teeth continued to shatter and fall out of my mouth. Which caused non stop bleeding. I was also not able to wake up until every tooth fell out of my mouth. What could this mean?

  • Q

    One of my two front teeth was cracked in half with blood in it

  • Jasmin

    I am at home I know that but I can’t remember everything else my jaw just is clinched and my teeth start breaking I can see in my mouth after my teeth began to first break I saw holes in my teeth and just broken teeth then I broke teeth in half with my own hands in the dream I could hear my roots break my teeth break I felt like I had no way of stopping it then I woke up

  • abcd

    broken tooth

  • sara

    i was in a large premises with lots of different rooms and doors and strange people… i was trying to get them all out – to find a quiet spot to show my husband what had just happened to me… my back tooth fell apart in pieces and into my hand,, then my front teeth broke off in parts, in chunks leaving me with small stubs for teeth – i was devastated and upset but could not get my husband to listen to me

  • Jennifer

    I saw a Collie (like Lassie) dog that had broken teeth. The dog was not hostile. It just stood there looking at me. I’ve had this dream three times – the exact same dream – in one week.

  • Worthy

    I had a dream that mu upper tooth broke; the sides broke off, and it left my tooth with a extremely sharp point.

  • joy

    my teeth are all broken

  • breaking of theeth

    I dreamt that 14 teeth of mine broke out one after the other while I was going somewhere with my friend and sister, I frantically ask my sister to call my husband and ask him what to do.

  • Kayla

    I keep having dreams that I can’t stop grinding my teeth no matter how hard I try. To try and stop the grinding, I try to keep my mouth pulled open because it’s as if I have no control over my muscles in my jaws. Last night, my molar on the right side towards the back actually ground down into pieces in my mouth! I had a mouthful of ground up tooth pieces. It was like powdery glass-like. And it hurt so so terribly. Then there was a piece stuck under what was left of my tooth and I pulled it and it was one of the worst pains I’ve ever felt in my life. EVEN THOUGH IT WAS A DREAM!! It finally ground down all the way and I woke up. Anyone have a clue as to what this means???

  • Lina

    Dreamt last night that mg tooth has come down and I press really hard on it to replace it into the tooth socket but then a thin portion of the entire crown of the tooth breaks and I take it in my hand. But the rest of the tooth is there then 2 minutes later another tooth next to it chips off from the side and spot it in my hand showing it to somone saying omg look what is happening….

  • Barry

    I dreamt I was sleeping and in my sleep I felt one of my left back tooth broke shuttered into pieces. ???

  • Breaking Teeth

    The front 3 bottom teeth were breaking off, to the point where there were no teeth there. The bottom back teeth became worn down, but were not gone. I had a zip lock of these teeth that I was trying to save in order to hopefully get them put back if possible. I happend to have a dentist apt. that evening where I was hoping to handle this, but ended up missing the appointment due to my cousins side tracking me, etc.

  • Kate

    I dreamt that I was with people with no faces going someplace where family were and got into a car and a glass broke into peices and somehow got into my mouth and throat, and I could swallow or breathe. Then my teeth started breaking in pieces and falling out. It was very frightening and I woke up in a panic with a dry throat.

  • Karen

    I feel one of my back teeth has fractured & I take half out with no pain.
    I then feel my right eyelid is irritated by a swelling, which bursts with a bit of rubbish & then some knotted string comes out! Wasn’t painful!

  • Charlotte

    I am sitting with a guy I have a crush on (no idea who this is as I am happily engaged) A tooth in my bottom jaw gets stuck and shuts my mouth together so I can’t speak. When I prise my mouth open, the tooth breaks in half, the top remaining stuck at the top of my mouth and the bottom looks ugly and is very painful.

  • Maritza

    in my dream, I’m trying to speak but when I try, my teeth begin to crumble.in my mouth and it sorta feels like I have a mouth full of glass. Sometimes my teeth wiggle off.

    • charlie

      This is exactly how my teeth break in the dreams I’ve been having lately. Bits and pieces just begin to crumble off into little shards of glass

  • pulled out tooth and some roots is left

    I dreamed last night that my lift side of my tooth at the front is going to pull out and siddenly ists pulled out without pulling it and i seen some of its part are left.

  • zahera

    One ship passing from one highed bulding .i have one babby boy and watchng seewater from window. After some time i saw one lady with candels and praying. Again i hold one babby boy in my hand and watching see water

  • joanne

    I dreamnt that one of my front two teeth had craked and a piece broke off

  • Jacqueline

    I was standing in front of a mirror and looked at my teeth. My two front teeth were cracked, but behind them were two more teeth that where pearly white and looked better than my two original teeth. I remember thinking in my dream that I should just pull the cracked ones out because the teeth behind them were so pretty.

  • Jocelyn

    In my dream I was getting ready for a soccer game I walk into the bathroom look into the mirror smile and I see that my right front tooth is missing and my left front tooth is a silver tooth the ones you get when you have cavities and then I woke up.

  • Sandra

    In my dream, my front left tooth is rotting and part of it is cracked almost but off length wise. I am wobbling it showing it to others how its about to break off. Iam not in any pain. Can you please explain this to me.

  • ralph

    i am dreaming of my teeth breaking into points then breaking off. after i awake, my mouth is bleeding

  • hazra

    i watchd my teeth breakin into half nd fallin and the teeth wer stained wid blood

  • Dominic

    In the dream i had Told mothers boy friends i would knock his teeth out. My teeth started to fall out one by one.

  • Areal

    I have been dreaming of one of my teeth breaking lately.Not once but quite a number of times..i also feel scared that my teeth is falling out..Its not always the same tooth..Everytime its another tooth thats breaking..

  • stephanie

    I dreamt of all but my front teeth breaking and falling out, I called for my son’s father. And before they started breaking and falling out I saw dogs, they first started as friendly then turned vicious. They started biting I called for my son’s father for help, he took his time he didn’t rush, I then began beating the dogs, they were grey very skinny I couldn’t see their eyes, I was sitting on the floor collecting my teeth by the handleful everything was vivid and surreal. I woke myself up and checked to see if they were still intact.

  • Dawn

    All I remember is finishing with brushing my teeth, and I notice very clearly (like my teeth are magnified) a crack across my one tooth and I can see through it. Through it I notice that what I assumed was plaque (it was white and polygram shaped) underneath it that my brush did not get. So I reach up and use my fingernail to get under the crack and lift away from my tooth. I remember having a sensation on my teeth that I would compare to feeling like slowly peeling acrylic nails off of one’s regular nail. Next thing is that crack gets bigger and actually go goes onto another tooth. The piece of “plaque” falls out, but since I’m pulling part of the tooth away more “plaque” begins to fall down/out. I then freak out and start shaking my head trying to get all of the “plaque” out and then I woke up. Anyone want to take a stab at deciphering this for me??

  • Jen

    Last night I dreamt I was driving to my boss’ house in the morning while it was still dark outside. My car started spinning and I couldn’t get it to stop for what seemed like a couple minutes. I didn’t feel like I had hit anything. When I stopped a couple came out of their house to check on me and I told them I didn’t think I hit their property but gave them my name and phone in case. My husband showed up while I was talking to them. We went to my boss’ house where everyone had arrived for a meeting and I went to the bathroom. When I got there I felt a crunch in my mouth and looked in the mirror to see my whole top row of teeth broken (the front only half broken, the back moreso). I ran outside and my husband followed me. He looked shocked at my teeth and went back to tell my boss I was in an accident and had to leave. Later we went to my brother-in-law’s house (who we currently live with) because they had moved into a new apartment. I remember feeling jealous. Then my niece came out and said hello, and my sister-in-law told me she had started Kindergarten since the move. I was really shocked and jealous. When I woke up I thought my teeth were broke and realized my niece in my dream is actually my daughter in real life. But my son was with us as normal in the dream.

  • Joel Dirt

    A common day dream I have is me sticking a fork in my mouth, fitting the forks over my front tooth and then breaking it off… Its very disturbing and I’ve always wondered what its about. I recently broke off a lease agreement for my business space due to the shiestyness of the person I was going to be signing the lease with due to my distrust in them. I would rather suffer the consequences of not being able to meet my business goals and costs associated with this decision, than go forward with being locked into a situation with them. I have a wife and six month old son and while I have a path of action to take, it will be difficult and costly. I had this conversation with my wife and we looked the dream meaning up. Pretty crazy how well it connects.

  • Ginette

    An ex lover comex back into my life.. But I find he also has a girlfriend… I find out she is beating on his son whom is special needs. Enraged I tell him take the garbage out of my house. Or I will . She gets roudy in my face.. I punch her mouth and teeth start flying out… I then climb on top of her and keep beating her till she is toothless and expires in my hands… I get up and tell him take the garbage out of my house… I walk away a bit disheveled bloody but satisfied!

  • michelle

    I dreamt my front teeth were serrated in the middle, and if they were to fall out only small pieces of my teeth would be left in my mouth. My teeth were also stained. I was frantically looking for a dentist to help me but for some reason they wouldn’t book me an appointment.

  • ashley

    i was swimming in a lake with clear water but tree limbs in the water, a snake comes up and bites my hand i throw it but it goes into my 4 month old sons mouth. the only way it will kill the snake is if i kill my son. everyone agreed that that is the only way. i tried 3xs but didn’t suceed. woke up crying

  • Catherine

    I had a dream that a friend of mine was applying for a job with my neighbor. I wanted to get her attention, so I pulled out my molar. But it cracked at the root. It was very disturbing.

  • Julie

    I was on circus grounds, but there was no circus, just groups of people standing/sitting around talking. There were women throwing what I thought to be oranges, but turned out to be softballs. My teeth started to hurt and I was telling someone who thought it was no big deal (my husband I think), and then I felt a piece of tooth in my mouth and showed him. I then looked in my mouth and saw that my molar had broken in half on the right side. In its place was a blackened, rotted space. REALLY weird dream.

  • princessa

    mi sueño lo he tenido varias veces en diferentes etapas de mi vida pero este fue algo extraño soñe que mi dientes jugaban con los otros los de abajo con los de arriba y que de repente uno de enfrente se rompia pero que no me daba miedo ni pena ni dolor pero no tenia mi diente solo se rompia y ya….. me podrian ayudar que signifaca? gracias

  • Melanie

    I dreamt that I was biting the tooth left to my front tooth so hard that it broke 80% of the tooth off, I tried as hard as I could to stop,but I couldn’t. I dreamt it repeatedly through out the night. What does it mean?

  • I dream of attending a party with my fiancee and i do not knw all the faces i saw in the party

    Okorie blessing

  • Tshering Lhamo

    I dreamt last night that my front two teeth were broken half way, i had no right molars and there were more teeth about to fall off. Please help me interpret it.

  • Macy

    The other night, I had a dream one of my back teeth breaking and then eventually falling out. And then I could feel where my tooth was gone. What does this mean?

  • Jaky

    Last night i had a fair bit to drink at a party and fell asleep. i dreamt that i was walking around and my finger had been broken, but no one could help, and i was in agony. because i was stressing over my finger i had realised my teeth had began to crumble and break, and i was spitting out the pieces. i had not teeth left.

  • sister's broken teeth

    i saw my sisters teeth broken… when i slapped her….

  • Kali Mdv

    I had 2 teeth broken falling out of my mouth. when i realised that one of my front upper teeth is broken, i tried to check the other one by hand and it came out too… there was blood cmming out from my gums ….and i could taste that in my dream. My teeth in dream were very pointed from top (vampire types). Thank you.

  • virendra kumar kanojiya

    i have dream that my tea th has broken one by one.
    nd I am very confused thatvwhatbhappej to my tea th.

  • lodivic

    i always dream with my previous Boss or manager at work and working with him at the office as his assistant architect, i am not practising my profession right now.

  • Ayla

    In my dream, I was walking around a house full of “bad people” that I “needed to kill” but in the dream the only way to kill the bad people was to bang their mouths or head into the wall and break the top jaw/ teeth.

    This was such a scary dream…because I felt like I had the presence of the grim reaper. I had killed one or two people ( I remember that I smashed someone’s head into a wall but seen only the jaw and teeth cracking. And I felt like I had done that before because once I saw the mouth break I knew they died and I dropped their head like a basketball.) Then I went to kill the third person and couldn’t. I think I felt guilty or recognized the persons face. I saw the person in a room; the door was open and I stopped right at the doorway and woke up. I also think the third person was a past friend who betrayed me. I haven’t thought about her in forever.

    I was so scared when I woke up because I had the feeling of being a killer. It was horrible. I don’t like dreaming of teeth breaking.

  • sam

    I dreamt that I was driving with mother and we had a car accident. The car bounced up and the landing was so harsh my jaw clacked together and shattered all my teeth into strange sharp loose pieces, still connected to my gums but wobbling, threatening to fall out. My mother didn’t seem to notice or care, as we kept driving I was trying to tell her how desperately I needed to go to the dentist and get them fixed before they completely fell out. I couldn’t tell her this though, because if I opened my mouth they would fall out and be lost forever. The dream felt so real and the mundane drive would have been boring if it were not for the constant agony and concern that all my teeth could fall out, while being unable to explain my problem at the same time.

    • michelle

      I had that same feeling that I had to get to the dentist before they fell out b/c I felt that after they did everything would be ruined.

  • Mary

    IN my dream, my friend and I went to our friend’s house and we were getting ready to go out. I forgot to bring the pants that I was going to wear and my friend who accompanied me to our friend’s house was making fun of me and wouldn’t let me barrow any. They both started to laugh and told me that I guess I wasn’t going out after all and that I wasn’t going to see my boyfriend that night. In my dream, my boyfriend’s house was right next door and when I went to see if he was there he wasn’t and my friends kept laughing, then we argued and my friend elbowed me in my mouth and one of my two front teeth had crocked. The tooth became loose and as the night passed it started to crumble. By the middle of the next day, my tooth had fallen apart little by little.

    After reading the interpretations, I just recently stepped into a new relationship and one of my closest friend’s (who was the one that went with my to other friend’s house in the dream) claims to be happy for me,but she always makes certain comments to our other mutual friends about my relationship and it bothers me. I don’t know. The dream felt so real, I woke up in a cold sweat and immediately checking my mouth to check my teeth.

  • prajakta

    I had a dream that, a tooth from my lower jaw stuck between the two teeth of my upper jaw. While struggling to free my lower jaw teeth, my teeth start chipping and start getting destroyed because of the friction created. In this process I loose around eight teeth from the left side of my lower jaw. I then look into the mirror to see how damaged are my teeth. I smile into the mirror and tell my self that its good that my desrtyoed/fallen teeth are not seen while I am smiling. And soon I will get them fixed.

  • Angelica Ramos

    I had a dream that my tooth fell out. I try to show my mom the tooth but when i opened my hand, the tooth cracked into pieces and all i could think of was that someone might die. What can this all mean?

    • Anonymous

      Omg I dreamt this exact dream!

  • i had half of my teeth broken and fall out

    it was just not strong in my dream…it was so loose that it was going to and fro….and finally it felt after a while in dream…..what could this mean???my goals are unrealistic?? or what??

    • Chakkrit

      This is the answer to every plot hole I have seen on this page.1. Adriadne didn’t get put on setaidve in snoww dream going to limbo. They just went. Saito can kill himself in limbo because the setaidve would have already worn off. We don’t even know if saito truly did escape limbo 2. This was their only chance to do it. If they would have quit then, Saito would have lost total energy dominance, Fischer would have gotten the company and beat Saito, and Cobb would have gone to jail(since Saito wouldn’t have called him if they failed).3.He creates the chemical to enable people to go down to deeper levels and to make sure they stay asleep. Cobb uses it since he didn’t know Fiscer would have a militarized mind, therefore no danger. They had to use it to get down to 3 levels while staying asleep.4.If the subject or dreamer thinks its real physics, then the world is real physics(except for interaction from the world above). If the guns aren’t realistic, the subconscious would know something was created that’s not real that it didn’t create and would try to find them. The real guns=realisticness=Fiscer believeing its real=no discovery.5.Rich doesn’t equal money forever. If you get on top, you want to stay on top. A company that is broken will fall in status, therefore the broken company can’t beat Saito. He goes in to make sure it works.6. The military never released the machine to public, but since some people have it, we can assume the secret got out somehow(theft, ex-developer from army, ). Therefore, there are very few people that have knowledge of it. It is not known about to wide public;only to small public. It coud actually be happening today and we don’t know it.For comments which had new questions, here are the answers:Only a syncronized kick on all levels will wake them up with the setaidve. There are two types of kicks: a kick on level above, and a kick on the level they are currently on. Falling or death are the only kicks; not spinning. The setaidve doesn’t give brain damage. It puts the person who dies in a basic coma until they get out of limbo. The spinning is because the different forces of weight making them feel this and that way is down. They didn’t die or wake up in the car crash because they didn’t feel falling, and the van was possibly made of inforced steel since they noticed the militarized mind. In reality, Fiscer maybe either didn’t feel the need to have bodyguards or he did, but they couldn’t come on the plane and weren’t always with him. Totems are’t programmed for just other people’s dream. They are programmed for every time they go into the dream world, and will work every time. Fiscer isn’t old because he was in Limbo for maybe an hour. Cobb is still young because he was kicked to the dream in the van after he was crushed by the storm. He then drowned because he had maybe a second or two of air once he was in the van. He then died and went back to limbo. However, Saito was in limbo for a long time due to the time differential. When you arrive in limbo, you don’t know you are in limbo and think it is reality. They forget they are in limbo and don’t kill themselves. The free fall doesn’t affect the 3rd level because they feel a change of normal gravity in 1st level, which then affects 2nd level. They don’t feel different in 2nd level since the actual gravity is free fall. So, the environment doesn’t affect the 3rd level because there is no change in environment in 2nd level.The projections don’t get stronger the more you go down, they only stay the same. There may be other people in limbo besides just Cobb and them, but since it is unconstructed, you show up at a random place and don’t think to go anywhere else. Since Cobb’s brain wasn’t mush when he woke up the first time from limbo, we can assume the brain mush effect isn’t permanent, and is more like a coma. If saito waited on the 1st level, he would have died before the kick. They took him down to try to avoid him dying, but it didn’t work. If Cobb would have told Mal to try to change, it wouldn’t work and she would be able to explain it somehow since she will believe it no matter what due to Inception. Cobb may have considered the possibility of putting Adriadne in the dream at first, but then thought against it. This changed when she demanded to be put in the dream. Not everyone knew 100% it would work. They were there to try as hard as possible to succeed in doing it. They didn’t know if it would work, they were trying to do it. Cobb did know it would work since he did it to Mal.

  • Kathy

    So I was at a building it kind of looked like an apartment building I lived when I was little. I was walking when all of a sudden some guy approach me and said hey some guy wants to meet you I really can’t remember his name but while I was walking over a group of girls came up to me and one of the girls begin arguing with me for no reason I had no idea who she was n what we were arguing about but what I do know is that I warned her not to mess with me but she didn’t listen so we began to fight when someone pulled me away from her because she was full of blood when I looked at my hands I had a hand full of her teeth with blood. What do u think this dream was all about?

  • Vanessa

    My front tooth broke in half and I try to connect it with the other half by putting them together

  • Leslie

    I was eating with my family at a restaurant or actually just sitting to eat and the couple next to us the girl tyi be exact made a snappy comeent u called her a bitch she came over to fight me I put her on her place and by doing to I clinched my teeth to tight and I heed the crack. As she left I realized that my tooth had broken and in fact 2 of my front lower teeth had cracked and fell out. As I have them in my mouth I tell my family (we are no longer at the restaurant but in a room) that I have to go to the dentist I even mentioned my dentist name because my teeth broke. My feeling of calm surprises me though… At no moment I feel panic, or fear, I feel that more hope for the possibility of being fixed. That is when I looked at the mirror and thought to myself with in the dream that there was a message in it and I needed to figure it out… Please help me there is a lot going on right now. The night before I got a glimps of something that actually happened yesterday, I need to figure this out. Thank you.

  • Jamika

    I had a dream I lost a broken toothe that I have in real life. What does that mean?

  • Rohit

    I dreamed abt my teerh falling out one by one..and I was shouting ki wots happenning…and I was consoling my mind tat I ll fixe it ba a dentist….i had seen this earlier olso…i am v confused..is dis represent some omen….

  • saika uromachi

    i dreamed about my teeth has another teeth above of another teeth,… everytime i think of it my whole body shakes. i dont know..

  • louella

    I dreamed my teeth was falling out..I could see myself in the mirror..I was calling my mom..screaming and bawling as they were falling out in my hand. I could see a hole in my front tooth..and I kept thinking Oh my god..I have to call the dentist to get him to put them back in..I was histerical.



  • Free

    Dreamt that my 4 yr old daughter tooth broke and fell out. In the dream I noticed the broken tooth and ask her where is the piece that fell out . She showed me she hid it on the dirt next to a banana tree. But then I opened her mouth and saw most of her teeth is rotting..in the dream I’m shocked because in my household I teach her and even my husband we take out oral health seriously so this to happen is weird . She havin her tooth fall out so early and have decays and plus hiding the broken tooth… Help needs someone to explain what does this mean

  • Carol

    I had andre that I felt something on my bottom 2 front teeth so I was looking at then in the mirror and as I pushed my top teeth on to bottom ones they crumbled big bits off leavin these stumps. And then noticed in the dream they were new teeth stumps that were coming thru !

    • louella

      I had one similar to this..pieces falling aprt.

  • Jodi a

    I keep having reacuuring dream of my teeth painfully splitting an then just falling out. Then soon after it happens I have 2-4 teeth that also just pop out attached one by one without pain. I did in my dream finally ask my parents to take me to the er for some help but only after half of my mouth is gone.

  • Anonymous

    Last night I had a dream that my tooth ha been accidentally smashed by someone I can’t remember. On of my front teeth was completely missing and the other on was half gone. But when I looked in the mirror it had changed and the were both gone but on dangling tooth that didn’t belon there.

  • Dentures Rotting

    I had a dream this morning that my tooth in the front had rotted off and the one next to it was gone. It was there and then when I looked in the mirror in dream it was like that. So in my dream I was trying to go to the dentist but for some reason ended up in a school with a bunch of kids running around. That is when I woke up. Please explain this dream to me.

  • Bgm

    I dreamed of my teeth falling out and just litrally crumbling and breaking into pieces it seemed so painful they just kept crumbling everytime i moved my mouth to feel my teeth it seemed so real 0_0

  • M.E.

    I had a dream that I woke up and my front tooth was badly broken and sort of dangling and I had to hold it in my mouth to keep it from falling out completely. Then I saw this boy I have feelings for with his “ex” girlfriend and it seemed to break completely. My teeth continued to deteriorate throughout the weird course of events.

    • Bgm

      I think your dream ment that you were hurt because something similar happend to me ..hmm emotional and mentaly hurt i guess

  • Patty

    I had a dream of my dentures cracking on one side in the front, and I was trying to glue them back todether

  • gemma

    I was in my aunties house ans all family cousins aunties sisters and mother as we were preparing for her wedding and I was clenching my teeth from nerves and it broke then when I was asked to smile for photographs I couldn’t and had to tell them what happened and they were angry about the fact I nroke my tooth on her day when she was getting lots of fotos with me as I am being bridesmaid in her real wedding in feb!

  • dina

    i have had this dream about 6 or 7 times now and it just feels like such a bad nightmare it really gets me down…in this dream i have excruciating pain in my jaw and each time i bite so hard on my jaw that all my back teeth break into small pieces in my mouth and i spit them out.the pain is always so vivid and real. i always wake up straight after

    • Anonymous

      gasp thats the exact same dream ive been having … maybe we grind our teeth at night?

  • Patricia

    i had a dream that one of my teeth was half broken; i could see the reflection of the inside of my mouth through the mirror and found that half of my tooth was broken

  • Nicole

    I had a dream I was a little kid again but I got braces. So I was walking then I moved my mouth a certain way & could feel my braces cracking . The braces started shatterring out of my mouth with a lot of force, like I couldn`t control it . Kinda like I was puking but just my braces falling off . I woke up right after .

  • Ivana

    I had a dream where my front right tooth broke..i was freaking out in the dream because of this. Then i ended up walking around a pool to notice that my car was towed.

  • jasdeep

    everynight i saw dream that my teeth are breking very fast…

  • Shanty

    I was chewing some gum in my mouth. I started chewing the gum on the left side of my mouth. While I was chewing, I felt 2 teeth break out on the upper part of my mouth. I took the teeth out of my mouth and moved the gum in my mouth to the right side of my mouth. I started chewing again on the right side of my mouth. As I was chewing, other tooth on the upper right side of my mouth broke out. I took the gum and tooth out of my mouth and looked at myself in the mirror. When I looked, I saw the missing teeth and screamed. I woke up out of my dream screaming and the dream won’t leave my head. What does this dream really mean? I really want to know.

  • Adela

    Ive had dentures sence I was 18 now im 26. I quit smoking ciggs 48 days ago and basiclly started a new path for my self. Last night I had a dream that I broke my dentures. they are only three in the front top but I broke them myself. I remember biting down on them and breaking them. Then this one girl I dont like was just hanging out with me and my sister. I dont know why I would dream of her let alone her hanging out with me. Then I smoked a cigg. It felt so real I was dissapointed in myself but thought I can do it again without getting hooked. Can someone shed some light. I feel lost. It may not have happened in this order but it happened in my dream.

  • Jo

    When i was growing up, I used to have nightmares of my teeth falling out . The scenario would vary but the result was always the same: teeth just falling out one at a time, falling and breaking my teeth off, rinsing my mouth and teeth falling out. I stopped having the dream in my 20′s. it was a very scary dream for me. As a result, I have always seen the dentist regularly and took care of my teeth daily. Now, I am in my 60′s, and my teeth gave actually started breaking! I have had 3 teeth break in one year. I feel like my nightmare is coming true!

  • Reneé

    In my dream, my mouth hurt so I would clentch my teeth really hard…then one tooth broke out perfect with no cracking, and oddly enough it released pressure in my mouth….then a couple mins. later my mouth hurt again and I did the same thing but this time the tooth cracked and I spit it out and again it released pressure in my mouth…but this tooth didn’t come all the way out there was still a piece that stayed intacted…I remember looking in the mirror and looking at where the teeth used to be…there was no blood and they did not hurt…but that’s all I remember. What does it all mean?

  • l49racing

    for many years of my life i had dreams of my teeth shattering and spitting them out its probably been about 10 yrs since i had that dream i have always atributed it to my childhood of incest and abuse but never understood what my teeth have to do with it was dreams i had for about 40 yrs of my life and then it didnt happen anymore

  • J.G

    I dreamed that my two bottom front teeth came off… But before they came off a quick image of a devilish horn like tooth flashed on my left teeth… I thought it was really interesting especially the fact that I can remember exactly what I saw. Only kind of dreams I hate..!

    • Kumar

      Our Tooth Fairy is inconsistent and abratriry, sometimes, leaving coins, other times gifts; no rhyme, no reason. There have been times she has hidden the prize so well that our sleepy children have managed to push the booty out from under their pillow and deep under the bed where it cannot be found until the next day with parental help. Then there are tthe imes when a tooth is lost so late at night that it misses the West Coast cut off time and has to be rewarded the next evening. Last week Sistafoo lost her first top front tooth late in the eving. We were convinced she had missed the cut off, but the Tooth Fairy must have been impressed by the fantastical little house she made complete with a bed for the tiny ejected not-so-pearly white; because she left her a twenty as if she couldn’t find change or something!

  • Anonymous

    I dreamed that during a fight I had with my brothers my front tooth cracked and my gums fell off. My gums were bleeding and I remember it ” was very painful ” and I was hiding it.

  • Anonymous

    I dreamt that my front bottom to fell out.

  • Pamela Bell

    Last night I dreamt that my teeth ha broken, not fallen out but genuinely broken to the point where I actually woke and had to touch my teeth just to make sure they were still there!! Scary!! ;) xx

  • Tim

    In my dream I was grinding my teeth and one of them broke off. I remember that the dentisit took my to a room that looked very similar to a movie theater and wanted me to pick one. These rooms were operating rooms and I guees the broken tooth needed to be surgically removed and replaced. All the rooms had different themes and I picked the Star Wars theme because my son likes Star Wars (he actually does, so that made sense to me) The last part I remember is that I was driving on my car and I drove by my dentist and I told him that the new tooth (that I guess was replaced during surgery)looked great.

  • Phil

    Yesterday I dreamt that my down right canine was broken off and fall out to my hand. I thought the reason in my dream: maybe food remnant hidden in that teeth corroded it and made it broken off. Recently in real life I was encountering many unfriendly faces and people in business. Yesterday night I met with 2 girls that I believe I’d like to spend the other half life with. My parents were diagnosed with chronic diseases. I kept in my house a wild spotty kitty which I picked up in my cross-city trip a month ago and scratched to finger bleeding once by it.

    I don’t think anyone human at present can give a scientific explanation about a person’s daily dream. Most times are teasing, I think.

    I am wondering what really happened AFTER they dreamed of teeth falling out.

  • Mina

    I have had this dream before, in which my front teeth are hurting, and the pressure on them is so high (pressure comes internally though, not from an outside source) and I feel like my mouth will explode. Then they start chipping and bleeding…. until they slowly fall out. the pressure is very painful and I wish I could stop it but I have no control over it despite it is coming from within my own body. My mother was present.

  • Stephanie Kim

    In my dream, I was getting picked up by my mother from my flat (which didn’t really look like my flat). Mum made me some lemon muffin which I ate a few of, my friend had also made me G/F lemon muffins, but I said she could have them. Mum took me to another house where I hung out with some of my family and other people. I decided that I needed to leave the house. Then I realised my tooth was wobbly and annoying, so I broke it off. I felt in my mouth and realised there was more there, so I kept breaking off the same tooth and throwing bits around the room, then I realised that was gross, so I picked them up. I felt so relieved to have the tooth gone.

    • Pauline

      None of these are plot holes, and most of them are explained in the movie.1) Saito was in limbo at the end. Killing yoelsurf while you’rein limbo wakes you up. Ariadne didn’t kill herself, she was fallingso she would be kicked into the level above that one.2) They said in the movie that they would have to wait therefor a week, and by then they would have been killed and endedup in limbo.3) So that they can go down more levels, and so the dream wouldn’t collapse.4) They were trying to be realistic I guess, since the projectionsmight try to kill them if they notice something strange and realizethat they’re not supposed to be there.5) Maybe Fischer’s corporation was making more money. Saito saysin the movie that he wants to go into the dream so he can make surethey really did it.6) That’s not a plot hole, it’s a fictional thing for the movie (how it works). They said the military used it. I didn’t seem like it was something that most people knew about.

  • Kim

    In my dream I was at a party, my tooth became wobbly, I touched it and it fell out. After this more teeth became wobbly and began to fall out, then some teeth snapped in half… I wanted to keep all my fallen teeth in case I could put them back in later somehow, but there were too many teeth in my hand and I kept dropping them on the floor, each time I would go to pick up my teeth, more would fall to the floor.. then I woke up

    still cant understand what the combination of these events could mean?

  • Stephanie

    In my dream I was with my family eating i stoof up to the living room then for some reason I saw this machine with a cord I also saw buttons (like for shirts or pants not the machines)all over the place then I saw one hat placed on a table I’m guessing it was a glue Gun because for some reason I put it in my mouth & it felt sticky I wanted to throw up I ran to the bathroom which seemed to take forever but on my way I was already thinking my teeth were already falling off so I get to the sink spit out the glue look in the mirror & I see one small tooth looked broken & my front tooth fell too so I put my finger in my mouth to see if I had the pieces I spit half of my teeth & tried to put it back in then I spit the other half & tried putting my tooth back on seeing what I was going to say or do I felt so bad even after I woke up.

  • Kassandra

    In my dream I was helping save lives of people in the middle of a war zone. I was at the hospital checking up on some people that I had connected with and my teeth started falling out. Someone said that I should be seeing a doctor becuase it wasnt normal. So I saw a doctor and it was my ex-boyfriend. I woke up, or so I thought, because I was in the same place I had fallen asleep. I went to the bathroom and my tooth had fallen out, I was so dizzy and worried about it because I wouldnt know how to explain it to my parents. I went back to the couch and my boyfriend was there, and he asked if I was okay and I told him about the dream, and how I was confused how he had gotten into the US so quickly (He lives in Guatemala) at that point I actually woke up and went to check if I was actually dreaming about my teeth or not, and they were just dreams.

  • Tracy

    In my dream I trying to fight off a guy who broke into my house and tried hurting my daughter, later ended up in a different setting looking for my husband. I was alone and I started breaking my own teeth, I felt the pain but still kept going. Even thinking about it now I can feel a dull pain.

  • Jennifer

    My dream last night was that first my front tooth broke in half and fell out. Then after meeting with neigbors and my bf’s family the rest of my teeth started to brake. But instead of nerve endings, shards of glass were connected to the ends of my teeth… I have no clue what the means…

  • Arley

    This is an interesting dream poeple…

    I have been thinking all day about this dream and what it means, thinking about my present situation or even fearful of illness and death.

    I was with my stepbrother in this dream, he was driving so I was next to him and I was worried because he was driving crazy, so I had the fear we were going to crash. And, yes it happened, we crashed; then after the crash I was with him up onto a hill and saw the car crashed down there. So we were thinking why we were there. So at that moment I was wondering if I was still alive, if I was OK after the accident, then I saw myself coming out of the crashed car, I looked 15, Im about to be 30, so I saw myself way younger; as I got out of the car I saw myself with my mouth hurt, bleeding from it, ¨This was while I was looking at myself from uphill¨, then I also noticed by stepbrother had got out of the accident well, so I was relieved. But then, ¨not from the hill anymore¨, but into myself again, as I knew I had been in this accident and hit on the mouth, my teeth started to fall, of course because of the accident, so there was blood and teeth falling.

    My teeth kept falling and then, family members started to appear, like if there was a family meeting; I was afraid of my family seeing me with no teeth and also afraid because I had no medical insurance so I wouldn’t be able to get them fixed. So I tried to hide, to hide from my family members to not see me like that. As I was hidding on a corner of somewhere, my teeth kept on falling and so I was trying to pick them up for no one to see, As I was picking them up I was putting them in my pockets, but they were falling off my pockets cause there were too many teeth, and they wouldn’t fit all there, and so it went on like that for a while, then I woke up.

  • Annie

    I had a dream that i was clenching my teeth really hard to the point where two teeth broke. I was in considerable pain when i was clenching and i was so upset when my two teeth broke in my dream. I became scared of my apperance and what others would then think of me- in my dream.

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream that my teeth had broken in front of me which formed a circle in the middle of my smile. I knew they were like this but I kept smiling at certain people in my life. But It makes sense because these people have to do with the fear of loss and instability in my life at the moment.

  • E

    I had a dream where I was in a presents of a friend who I have some feelings for and my teeth just started to chip and break, as well as some of them fell out. I felt peaceful and calm about it when I was spitting the pieces out. One of them was an implant with a star and some other signs on the implant, which reminded me of a Russian flag. My brother showed up at the end of my dream who lives in Hungary, and I was explaining to him what happend and asked for his friend who is a dentist there. He just srugged his shoulders and sad; ok, we will handle it. It felt way too real and woke me up touching my teeth to see the level of damage. And yes I am going through a lot of transformation lately and I do feel distracted by this friend’s presents in my life right now. But what I do wonder about; why did I feel so calm and peaceful?

  • David

    i just woke up and thanked God it was a dream,
    i dreamed that i had a fight with someone but during our fight he didn’t hit me on my face (teeth) and after the fight, i found that my upper teeth were falling and i felt a little pain / or felt that i’ve lost something that can’t be substituted ! and i kept thinking will it grow again and get a new teeth instead !? although i knew that it only changes once (when i was a kid).
    For the first time i find that the interpretation for my dream , makes sense as i am a person who doesn’t believe in horoscopes or that kind of things …
    Yea I am changing career, and and I’m working hard these days that I’m sadly ignoring a lot of important things like my hobbies , friends , family , main career , church … and specially this weekend i was supposed to travel to a friend and i was waiting for this weekend to enjoy it and get out of the work mood , but i didn’t .
    Now i know that this pressure is affecting me, and it shows in my dreams, but unfortunately i don’t think I can change this as i really need to achieve this .

  • Despen

    I dreamt last nighg that my front upper teeth had broken off half way up as a result of grinding them too hard. When i took a close look in the mirror it was like i could see right into my sinus cavity. I didnt feel overly worried about my teeth, i just figured i would go to the dentist and get them fixed.

  • Hollywood Diva

    My denture was broken in three pieces in my dream…And yes I feel unstable and stressed now–per the article above…

  • confused

    I had a dream that I was at work going to the washroom or just going upstairs and my mouth had been feeling tight like my teeth were so tight on with each other, as in the bottom ones with the top and like rubbing each other so hard and all of a sudden they began chipping off and one fell out and it was just weird.

  • Lila

    I was chewing something and saw that one of my teeth had chipped off, then another one crumbled, but the whole tooth didnt come out, just chipped.

  • Trish

    I had a dream that all my teeth were crumbling and falling out.

  • liza123

    i have a dream last night that i saw a small boy then he slap my boyfriend after that all the teeth of my boyfriend was gone. What does it mean? last night also i had a dream that he dont have a teeth on the upper portion of his gums. Can you explain this to me?

  • Bilal

    I saw in Dream that when I tried to touch my front two teeth they were missing and I got sad and I tried to see my teeth in the mirror, when I went in front of mirror I saw my front teeth are there. What could be the meaning of that? Please advise.

  • Anonymous

    Holding on to two houses, standing in one of the houses formally a friends looking in the mirror at a broken tooth in my fingertips then another half tooth came out iend

  • Jessica

    For 2 nights n a row i have had these disturbing dreams about My 2 front teeth chipping. Im w My fiancé n i remember them chipping n me running to the bathroom and than cried for a few min. And than i go to the mirror n try to practice smiling or talkin in different ways to try and hide the chipped teeth. Of coarse it didnt work and i remember My fiancé seeing them and saying omg babe what happened. Then i woke up and felt My teeth just to reassure myself that My teeth were fine. Its crazy though because it felt so real. I hope i dont have another dream like this tonight, because its freaking me out

  • Anonymous

    My dream was so vivid I woke up and had to check my teeth to make sure they were all still there. All I can recall is that I was looking in the mirror & my teeth were just chipping off bit by bit and I was very upset. The funny thing is in real life I am so anal about my teeth I go to school for dentistry, but I guess there is a deeper meaning to my dream. Hope it doesn’t happen again.

  • gill

    hello i had a very odd dream about teeth last night. What I can remember was a guy with curly hair was sucking my teeth then all of a sudden springs started falling out from my teeth..hmmmm very odd

  • Angela

    My dream was with only one tooth. I felt something weird in my mouth so I to a mirror and saw that one of my bottom teeth were very loose, so I pulled it out. When I did this it came out in three pieces.

  • Jay

    I was looking in the mirror at my teeth then noticed that one of my bottom tooth was split in half and loose an I took it out. Then I checked to see if any of my other bottom teeth were like that an they were. I could just take them out my mouth one by one. They were all broke in pieces while I was taking them out.. None of them came out as a whole tooth.

  • Ato

    In my dream I was the only one. One of my tooth was cracked, bleeding from the crack, and a little bit lose. Also a felt a little bit of pain. Was one of the lower teeth.

  • Amanda

    I had a dream that I was at school normally and my big tooth fell out. I could clearly feel the jaggedness of my gum. It felt so real! Then I desperately asked the professors for a good dentist place. And I showed them my fallen tooth to notice that another one fell out. Then I somehow kept the two teeth and brought them with me. However, I met a friend along the way and he broke the teeth…and they formed a skull image. Very creepy.

  • saboj al amin

    I have seen in dream that my teeth have broken by me.

  • Ciera

    The dream itself is really a blur, but from what I can really remember was that I was in a struggle with someone and the next thing I knew I could feel my wisdom-teeth shattered in my mouth. They weren’t shattered from like me being hit in the mouth, they were just crumbling in my mouth. It was really unsettling all in all. Though, in the dream I remember that I was with people that I was familiar with, so maybe it is some sort of foreshadowing?

  • Leo

    Last night I had a dream where I was hanging with a friend from school I barely talk to. We were chilling at my house and I wear braces and I need rubber bands. I had them on and jumped on my bed and the rubber bands caused my teeth to smack against each other HARD. But the only tooth I chipped was my left canine. It didn’t hurt and when I showed my friend she said it would be fine and I woke up. But for the past few weeks I’ve been dreaming I lose my teeth and it’s starting to really freak me out.

  • anonymous

    I had a dream last night that I was in a school I never been to. I just kept running around holding my mouth and I don’t know what I was running from. It felt like my whole jaw was going to cave in. Then I found skeleton teeth to try and fix my teeth with them. The dream was so weird.

  • RJ

    I was out at a party with friends and I could feel myself clenching my teeth so hard that one of my teeth breaks and comes loose. I spit out the tooth to look at it and it is broken and chipped and in pieces, as are the rest of my teeth. I worry about how I am going to fix my tooth, and how long it will take.

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream last night that I looked in the mirror and my front tooth was kind of sticking out and when I touched it to push it back into place, it fell out into my hand as did all my other teeth after that, one by one. It was the grossest thing in my entire life.

  • Valeri S.

    I had a dream that I was road travling to a family members house with my boyfriend and parents.

    We were packing the car to leave to go back home from trip. I was clibing some steps and felt a gap between my teeth and taste of blood.

    I walked over to a full view mirror and saw that my teeth in half vertically.

    than questioning “y didnt I make that doc appointment” thinking that dentist can fix it.
    I tried to not make a big deal and trying to say good-bye to be on our way back home. Didnt want to talk much just go.

  • Ki

    I had a dream that one of my teeth was broken. An upper tooth that actually has a small chip. In the dream, half of it was chipped off. I looked in the mirror to see and realized that I am wearing dentures behind my teeth. My teeth were fine. I take out the dentures (the were blue and reminds of the blue pills I take every morning). I say to myself why am I wearing these when I should be wearing a mouth guard to sleep? ( in reality I do wear a mouth guard).

    • meyfang

      so does anything happen to you?

  • christina

    i had a dream that my clock was breaking, and i could’nt tell time.

  • kurstin

    i had a dream the other night it was that i bit into somthing and my tooth broke and it was all rotted out.

  • John

    Recently my parents have gotten divorced and now i keep having this dream where my front 2 teeth and the 2 below them brake and bleed and fall out i end up swallowing pieces of them. Thats when i wake up

  • abby

    I had a dream that included my boyfriend who right now I’m having problems with. I really don’t remember what happen but I was standing and I was talking and spitting out chipped solar piece from one tooth.

  • avidhearts

    So I am in a large house. I have the power to eliminate dark spirits with holding out my hand and a ball of light would emerge. I’m chasing a spirit up the stairs and shoot at it. I then run out the door and get in Carlos’s car. Carlos is the current boyfriend of my ex-girlfriend of one year.He had been her boyfriend before me on and off for about a year. I was her best friend for her and she got over him. I made her into a different person we were together 24/7 after he left to rehab and transferred to another school. He had cheated on Anna (gf). Me and Anna fell in love and were together for one whole year. Throughout this year Carlos little by little integrated himself into Anna and I’s new friend group because he was friends with one of them. (Arlo) soon he became close to everyone and loved by all..It always upset me he was around. It put me in a dark mood for I lost self confidence. Later on me an Anna break up because he mom finds out (I’m a girl). It made things complicated and my mother tried to keep me from being with her too. Literally 2 weeks after that she hangs out with Carlos 24/7 the whole summer and completely cuts me off. We were together for one year! So in love..Anyways back to the dream..I hop in Carlos’s car and we zoom off. Me and him had become slight friends lately so I didn’t mind him. But then Anna shows up in the passenger seat and talks to mr I get confused but we’re all laughing having a good time. I turn around and see the evil spirit and my teeth break on my right side and almost all peel out but I push them back in and they are fine..Then I wake up. What does this mean?????!!

  • Junie B

    I dreamt I was in an all asian orgy (im Black btw) and surprisingly enough, they all had pretty huge cocks. So anyway one of them asks me to give him some head and when I told him I didn’t know how ,I could hear my teeth cracking. So I ran to the bathroom mirror and my teeth were just breaking and falling out until I had only gums left. So then the asian dude who asked me to suck his cock comes in and says “hey, no teeth,it don’t matter, you can suck now”. After that I woke up pain in my gums AND the back of my throat.

  • xtina

    had a dream my top tooth was loose and then all of the sudden it became strong but cracked horizontally perfect in half

  • Michelle

    Looking in a mirror and my teeth r breaking and falling out I’m spitting teeth out and wake up to my mouth in pain

  • Trudie

    I was dreaming about my false teeth that was broken and I try to fix it and then a next piece was broken off.

  • sar

    i woke up in my bed and went directly to the mirror because my mouth hurt. i stoked the bottom half of my teeth with my finger, as i did this my teeth enamal started breaking off revealing grey rubbery teeth behind i started crying “my enamal is falling out”, to my mother and boy friend. my top were left prefect and white, but my bottom enamal was all gone, i could feel the chips in my mouth as i was crying and spitting them out.

  • Karen

    I dreamt that my two top front teeth had combined into one tooth. The tooth has come very loose and I was freaking out it was going to fall out. I went to the dentist to get it fixed and they said they couldn’t fix it because they would have to dig into my gum to put a false on in and couldn’t do that. They asked me to wait and I sat in a large waiting room. In this time it broke straight across about a 1/4 from the bottom of the tooth. It was all black inside and blood just kept pouring out continuously. I kept freaking out and crying. I remember waking up the next day and tasting blood in my mouth. That was it. I would love to know what this means as all the suggestions don’t seem to be giving me much hope.. Thanks

  • Georgia

    I dreamt that my ex boyfriend came over and we fought i walked back inside to later see red and blue lights flashing outside my house. A woman screamed. A ran outside only to see my ex boyfriend had slit his wrists on my front law, crying in pain and laying in a pool of his own blood. His parents both there screaming at me to be my fault, i held him as the ambulance officers worked on him to save his life…the dream continued and he was saved though i was in a shopping center and my teeth started breaking out of my head whilst talking, as the dream continued more teeth keep snapping and in the end i had no teeth yet hand fulls of my broken teeth…pretty fucked.

  • Laura

    Dreamt of living in post-apocalyptia with an unrecognizable companion, being hunted by packs of wild cats. Sleeping on the patio of an abandoned apartment building, woke up to my top right second-to-last molar severely chipped. No pain, thinking I must have ground my teeth way too hard that night, and wondering how the hell I’d find and pay a dentist to fix it. Spit it out but companion was more concerned with the sleeping wild cats surrounding us. We quietly left, tho I had some reason to poke and prod at one animal without disturbing it, it was laying on something important but I can’t remember what. Walking and musing aloud where to find a good dentist and why the tooth didn’t hurt. Another peice fell out. No pain, no blood, just bits of tooth(mostly enamel) in my hand. I could feel the sharp edges of what remained in my mouth and could not leave it alone, too big and sharp to leave alone. Finally woke up from the dream… to my cat begging for food.

  • Mona

    I was on a meadow, lot of trees were there and I was with a friend, we were running, I was running behind him and I was happy but suddenly my one of my tooth was brown and when I touched it, It was loose and I pulled it very easily then other one comes out same way then all my front upper teeth started falling without pulling them out suddenly I lost whole upper front teeth they were all brown in colour. This the only part I remember…..

  • chipped tooth

    I dreamed that my left front tooth got chipped & I grabbed the piece with my finger & took it out & I looked at it & I said oh well I gotta smile sideways now & i actually saw myself trying to smile & hide the broken tooth.

    From what I have been reading it means that I’m concern & in real life I’m going through a break up so obviously its that my stability is being challenged…

  • Reoccurring1

    I have a reoccurring dream that when I bite down one of my front teeth splits. Not in half but the surface comes off and I’m left with a very rough thin tooth. I’ve had this dream atleast 3 times and it’s always the same tooth.

  • Ellie

    I have had two dreams recently about teeth. Both involving all of my top molars. In the firs they rot and all I am left with is a thin black stump. In the second, they start to feel loose, I bite together hard and they shatter so that I have to spit the sharrered teeth out.
    I am currently going through a break up, from a relationship where I was having to make a lot of comprimise at the expense of my own happiness, so there is a lot of change in my life at the moment

    • Julie

      I have had two very similar dreams and am also going through a similar break up. One of the dreams my ex was actually in and was taking me to a very strange dentist. Crazy how dreams work!

  • Annie

    In my dream I have a hole in my front tooth (right side) The hole is a perfect square and I am worried about going back to work with this hole in my tooth!

  • Christopher

    In my dream I was running around with my friend in a busy place I can’t remember much but I clearly remember waking up drunk or drugged in my house with my dad yelling at me telling me he found something in my pocket, then I ran to the bathroom n my face was black n blue n my lips where swollen like I had been bashed, I oppebd my mouth n my teeth where broken some fell out n I was screaming , then one of them fell down the sink , my dad came in and said how could we have missed this n then I remember banging my head against the wall praying that this is a dream and to wake up n I wasn’t waking up finally I did

  • vicki

    A molar that had a filling in it broke (the top). I spit it in to my hand.

  • Rachel

    In my dream, it was my mother who’s teeth were broken. She walked into a gas station to use the bathroom and a worker was mopping the floor. He dropped the mop and it became stuck in the doorway. She tried to help him get it out and slipped and four teeth broke off. I watched this from across the street and ran over to help her. When I got there I saw the teeth and asked her in she was alright. She could not respond, I assumed from the pain, and as she opened her mouth more and more broken teeth fell out. SHe was in shock so I went to call an ambulance and I was upset with the man mopping and that’s when I work up.

  • Marje

    I had a dream where every time I allowed my teeth to touch together, the inside half or the whole tooth chipped out. My teeth ended up being really pointy and gross by the end, and they were really thin. I remember just walking around spitting out parts of my teeth and thinking that it was a problem but acting calm about it.

    • Jasmine

      @daniela I have the same dream all the time, just how you described it. My teeth crumble and crack everytime they touch and I walk around spitting out chunks of my teeth im my hand trying to ave them for repair…i feel calm but its like im trying to convince myself not to panic…its crazy and quite disturbing…

      • Jasmine

        I meant @marje…^^^^

      • Georgia

        ugh i have the same dream!!!!!

  • Daniela

    I had a dream where my teeth broke 3 times. I don’t remeber the irst 2 times, but the last time my cousin lifted a table and it hit my jaw breaking all my teeth. I remember looking at my mother and saying “this is not funny, it broke 3 times in one day”. The last time it broke, I tried to save the teeth to glue it back, but when I spit in the cup it there were no teeth pieces. It looked like flour.

    Can anyone give me an insight!
    Thank you.

    • Suzie

      Last night, I dreamt that I chipped my one of my front teeth. I’ve actually broken them in real life, surprisingly, but I dreamt that they were broken again. I dreamt that when I woke up in the morning from sleeping and walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take out my retainer. When I took it out, my tooth felt funny. And i felt it with my toungue. It was chipped and rotting. I tried to show someone. But no one was there to help me.

      In the end of the dream, I decided to put the broken, rotting piece of tooth back in my mouth and hold it in with my retainer, even though it hurt.