Broken Teeth Dream

Broken teeth in a dream are a representation of disruptive challenges and stress. Dreaming of a tooth or teeth breaking can be a warning about a costly compromise you are about to make and the difficulties and misfortune that may result from it. Read more dream interpretations to decipher the meaning of your dream.

Girl dreaming about having a broken tooth

Broken teeth dream meanings

The main meanings for dreams about teeth breaking or broken teeth are:

  • A primary dream meaning for broken teeth is instability and lack of balance
  • Another common dream interpretation of broken teeth points to issues with reliability and trust
  • Guilt or concerns over broken promises
  • Emotional pain, fear of loss
  • Price paid for costly compromises
  • Invitation to look at your current course of action, path
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Woman having a bad dream

Broken teeth dream meaning: Instability and search for balance

Dreaming that your teeth are breaking isn’t generally associated with positive feelings. When you want to find out the meaning of your dream, take it as a useful clue: Because your dream contains imagery and symbols that stimulate negative emotions, it may refer to something disruptive that is undermining your balance in your waking life.

How to interpret broken teeth or teeth breaking? A good starting place is to think about what is or could disrupt balance, pleasure, well-being in your life. Seeing broken teeth indicates that your foundations or stability is being challenged.

Check how this could refer to a situation or feelings in your waking life to get a key on how to interpret your dream of broken teeth.

Girl confused about the meaning of her dream about broken teeth

Dream interpretation of broken teeth: Questioning reliability & trustworthiness

A broken tooth or breaking teeth in dreams denote that something is unreliable in your life. The dream could point to you or other people. Broken teeth could represent doubts or concerns over the reliability of your health, aging of your body, or physical appearance.

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This dream symbol could also point to things you have said that may or may not be really trustworthy. A broken tooth or teeth would symbolize guilt you feel about a broken promise or concerns over promises you or others cannot depend on.

A broken tooth, dream symbol for pain and loss

Broken teeth symbolize pain over losing something that is important to you. You may be currently experiencing changes in your life, transitioning from one place or job to another, ending a relationship or working on modifying your habits.

Dreaming about teeth breaking is a common symbol for concerns over change and loss. Your dream could point to the fear of getting hurt emotionally and perhaps physically as well by an upcoming situation or by someone.

When dreaming about broken teeth means costly compromises

A dream about teeth breaking can be interpreted as a warning about the cost of a decision or action. You may have or are about to make a choice that compromises with your real needs or desires. Broken teeth may represent the emotional pain that comes with such a choice.

A costly compromise is like losing a part of you or denying important needs. Through an image related to the body, a broken tooth or teeth, your dream is most likely pointing to the emotional pain that your decision triggered.

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Dream scene with woman facing crossroad

Broken teeth in dreams: An invitation to look at your life direction

A meaning of a dream about teeth breaking could be that you are “breaking” yourself and your sense of balance in order to satisfy others or goals that do not serve you well in the end. Dreaming about broken teeth could be a warning about a course of action you have chosen and its potential drawbacks.

A broken teeth dream is an invitation to look at the path you have chosen. Check if you are losing sight of yourself and your true needs by going after some ideals that may not align with who you truly are or by compromising too much to fit with other people’s expectations.

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856 Responses to Broken Teeth Dream

  • Nina

    I dreamt that back tooth broke off longitudely and the root still remain.  I found the piece and a thought in my dream of sticking it back. Then I woke up. What could this mean?

  • Antonella

    I dream that a small piece fall down and i went to the dendist and he told me just a cover i need todo cos the tooth still there

  • Suren

    I had this kind of a all teeth are broken.

  • Paulin

    I had this dream last night.I was breaking teeth of one of my colleague. He was sleeping and I was breaking his teeth one after another.

    What could my dream possibly mean?

  • Jake

    I had this dream last night. Some lady too well familiar friend, wanted to have sex with me, I declined her request for a later date. A new dream then came in right afterwards, almost immediately, my front tooth cracked a piece chocking me

  • Tanu

    I saw a dream in which something got stuck in lower front teeth , when I tried to remove with the help of hair clip, tooth got broken and came into my hand. I had seen that new tooth just like a tiny seed is raising from the gum back side but not sure that this one is the actual new tooth or not. Kindly help me

  • Irshad Ahmad

    In my dream I saw I removing my tooth while finding the remaining tooth in there. I’m taking upper part of the tooth out and showing it to my brother.  Plc interpret this dream.



  • Reene Constantine

    Ok so in my dream I had just gotton out of a tsunami and now everything’s fine and I’m just walking along the edge of the cliff and my teeth feel weird so I’m pushing it forward with my tounge and then There’s a mirror and my teeth are all jacked up and loose and are about to fall out but I know there’s perfect teeth under it. So yeah idk what it’s saying

  • Carlos

    I have dream my denture teeth breaking apart and i show it to my friend they just laught about it then they told me to go to a dentist to repair it..

  • benson

    I hv always had dreams when my teeth are breaking for like two years nw queit often en hv always wondered why,so last nit i dreamt about t again n n the dream aman told me to search about e meaning of broken teeth in the greek methologyes,n today wen i searched i found t thre n t says that ,broken tooth or teeth in adream could be call to warm mi about the things i do in life,breakin promises,and that it is awarning abt disruptive challanges dt are yet to occur n mylife.

  • elvis

    I was fast asleep suddenly I hard a sound like a broken glass only to find out in the dream all my teeth was broken wat those that signify

  • Ayn

    Hi! My two dogs were stolen last July 4th this year. The other one was stolen just last August.

    I had a dream last night. In my dream, a woman was walking with my two dogs. When I saw them, I immediately run into them and called their names.

    I was not even sire if it was them or was I just hallucinating. But then, their respond was like the usual when I go home from work, or not seeing them for a long time.

    Then I was sure it was them. Then, when we went home, I looked at the older dog’s teeth. I even asked her, “how did your teeth become this broken? Didn’t they take care of you responsibly? I saw his teeth almost falling apart.

    What could my dream possibly mean?

  • Alejandro

    from a 3rd person view i am talking to some people, i’m guessing friends, and in the middle of a sentence i clench my teeth down and the view shifts to 1st person, and i feel a pain in my two bottom canine teeth. I look down and pick one up and realize its my teeth that have broken off. The view again changes to 3rd person, and i can see see the cores of my two teeth, like the rings and they are flush with my gums. there is also blood and my gums look intensely red. with my tongue i can feel the holes where my teeth were but all the other teeth are still there. I think my father was also in the dream, but that is just a vague feeling rather then me actually seeing him. and then i woke up.

  • Stephen

    I had a dream I was kissing an attractive man, and I felt my teeth start to break and chip apart during the kiss. When I pulled away, I could see the front layer of my front tooth was missing, and the skin of my forehead was also peeling away.

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