Broken Teeth Dream

Broken teeth in a dream are a representation of disruptive challenges and stress. Dreaming of a tooth or teeth breaking can be a warning about a costly compromise you are about to make and the difficulties and misfortune that may result from it. Read more dream interpretations to decipher the meaning of your dream.

Girl dreaming about having a broken tooth

Broken teeth dream meanings

The main meanings for dreams about teeth breaking or broken teeth are:

  • A primary dream meaning for broken teeth is instability and lack of balance
  • Another common dream interpretation of broken teeth points to issues with reliability and trust
  • Guilt or concerns over broken promises
  • Emotional pain, fear of loss
  • Price paid for costly compromises
  • Invitation to look at your current course of action, path
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Woman having a bad dream

Broken teeth dream meaning: Instability and search for balance

Dreaming that your teeth are breaking isn’t generally associated with positive feelings. When you want to find out the meaning of your dream, take it as a useful clue: Because your dream contains imagery and symbols that stimulate negative emotions, it may refer to something disruptive that is undermining your balance in your waking life.

How to interpret broken teeth or teeth breaking? A good starting place is to think about what is or could disrupt balance, pleasure, well-being in your life. Seeing broken teeth indicates that your foundations or stability is being challenged.

Check how this could refer to a situation or feelings in your waking life to get a key on how to interpret your dream of broken teeth.

Girl confused about the meaning of her dream about broken teeth

Dream interpretation of broken teeth: Questioning reliability & trustworthiness

A broken tooth or breaking teeth in dreams denote that something is unreliable in your life. The dream could point to you or other people. Broken teeth could represent doubts or concerns over the reliability of your health, aging of your body, or physical appearance.

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This dream symbol could also point to things you have said that may or may not be really trustworthy. A broken tooth or teeth would symbolize guilt you feel about a broken promise or concerns over promises you or others cannot depend on.

A broken tooth, dream symbol for pain and loss

Broken teeth symbolize pain over losing something that is important to you. You may be currently experiencing changes in your life, transitioning from one place or job to another, ending a relationship or working on modifying your habits.

Dreaming about teeth breaking is a common symbol for concerns over change and loss. Your dream could point to the fear of getting hurt emotionally and perhaps physically as well by an upcoming situation or by someone.

When dreaming about broken teeth means costly compromises

A dream about teeth breaking can be interpreted as a warning about the cost of a decision or action. You may have or are about to make a choice that compromises with your real needs or desires. Broken teeth may represent the emotional pain that comes with such a choice.

A costly compromise is like losing a part of you or denying important needs. Through an image related to the body, a broken tooth or teeth, your dream is most likely pointing to the emotional pain that your decision triggered.

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Dream scene with woman facing crossroad

Broken teeth in dreams: An invitation to look at your life direction

A meaning of a dream about teeth breaking could be that you are “breaking” yourself and your sense of balance in order to satisfy others or goals that do not serve you well in the end. Dreaming about broken teeth could be a warning about a course of action you have chosen and its potential drawbacks.

A broken teeth dream is an invitation to look at the path you have chosen. Check if you are losing sight of yourself and your true needs by going after some ideals that may not align with who you truly are or by compromising too much to fit with other people’s expectations.

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841 Responses to Broken Teeth Dream

  • Luppita

    I had a dream about my deceased grandfather first her drove me to this huge house house and he told me this is yiur new house its ok dont be scared but in my mind i was but you died years ago.then in another dream he is smiling at me and talking but i cant make out what hes saying then as i’am going to hug hug him his teeth fall kut hit the floor and break into tiny pieces my grandfather died ten years ago.

  • Jim johnder

    I just had a dream my tooth broke into pieces and i am facing some problems with my relationship and my job right now.i guess this is true, thank you for the info.

  • brent julies

    Just had a dream that one of my molars broke into 4 pieces. at first only one piece broke off but later the other 3 broke off and seemed as if it crumbled into sand. I am experiencing doubt and disturbances in my relationship. but I’m also suffering from a bout of bronchitis.

  • Chander shakher

    Many times i see same dream of teeth broking,what its mean???

  • Susan

    Thank you for the information. I believe that everything you said is what I am facing and going through in life at the moment. Life is so messed up, I’m finding it difficult to find solutions to these problems. Thanks again.

  • Edith

    I had a dream that I slaughtered a chicken and after its dead it has two front teeth and everyone that saw it was amazed that I could catch such a chicken and could kill it since it was not possible to get a chicken with teeth. I was also amazed by my finding. What does it mean?

  • Jorge

    Just woke up from being in a cybernetic gorilla suit battling robots being piloted by people and I totally beat all of them in an epic combat ,but when I got home for diner I realized one of my bottom teeth broke off and as I slept I kept wondering if it was broken in my waking life it was very uncomfortable.

  • john

    I had a dream last night where all of my front teeth were broken. I don’t know the cause though but this ain’t the first time I’m having such dream. I’ve already had it several times but ignored it. I’m starting to get worried. I’m a boy of 22 years of age

  • Gertjie

    I had a dream where I was out with friends and my tooth started to pain a lot so I started te clench on it and after a while I felt a crack and my tooth was broken I immediately went to someone and asked for the nearest bathroom which they replied was miles away. After walking a few meters I found a bathroom that the person didnt know about where I went and inspected the tooth and soon found out that 2 of my teeth are broken and the more I look at the others the more would break or fall out bleeding intensly. People would come in and look at the blood and continue on while my hands are full of blood an pieces of teeth.

  • Joshua Orekhie

    God bless you.

  • Sam

    Last night I had a dream that my boyfriend and our kids were just driving around when suddenly my tooth cracked in half. I reached up and it wiggled for a minute and then it just fell out. And when I was like oh my god my tooth, my boyfriend told me it was my problem, not his. That’s about all I can remember

  • Brittany

    I have repeatedly had this dream where I am just clenching my teeth so hard to the point that my teeth shatter. What does this dream mean? I am very curious to know.

    • Vicki

      This is the exact dream I have!!

      • Nick

        I have this dream too sometimes, usually when I’ve been really stressed lately. Had it again this morning actually after a bad day yesterday.

  • Brittney

    I have recently dreamed of my boyfriends tooth breaking while we were hanging out with friends. In the dream, after he claims that his tooth hurt after taking a bite of something, I have to force him to leave so we can go to the hospital. from then on it is an uphill battle of me telling him to show me, not touch it, and to move.

    In my ‘real’ life, my boyfriend an I have been apart for the last 6 months. Our plan was to move together (he gets a job in WA and I stay at a friends place in MT and look for a job in WA). So we both started paying for an apartment in WA.

    2 months later, he then claims the hates his job and is looking to live anywhere (WA,OR,AZ,AL..) I on the other hand fall in love with my job in MT.

    2 months more months, he quits his job without telling me causing huge strain and stress on me. This also caused a trust issue. I was already toying with the idea of maybe breaking up.

    2 more months, we are still together, I am moving out of my friends place and getting my own apartment (FINALLY). Our lease is up in WA. My boyfriend has a job offer and a few more interviews. I have now moved all of my stuff back to MT and am ready to live in my own place. Still thinking about the idea of breaking up, but also not 100% sure about it like other people assume I am. I am afraid to end the relationship because I don’t want him, his family, and our friends to be upset/resent me.

    What does dreaming about HIS tooth breaking and not listening to me mean?

  • Sirish

    I always get a dream that all my upper teeth fall off and even lower one. It is as if all my teeth are very weak and shakes and then falls off.
    What does this imply?

    • Anonymous

      Same dream I also had yesterday what does it mean

  • Alice

    Would anyone really help me out here..I am only human I’m not sure whether ri can rely on dreams but to be honest I’ve always relied on my dreams to come this far in life…I had a serious dream about me breaking out one of my own teeth and the good friend of my bf being in sight…I recently went through an upheaval of inner turmoil..and finally aligned with my inner goals in life..I plan on flollowing through with my dream of joining a particular university abroad and to let go of all my other habits and people, who hinder my I take up this decision…is that whats all this is about…? Is my plucking of the tooth purposefully imply that I’m taking the balance out of my own life?!

  • Lucila DJ Munoz

    I dreamed that my tooth is breaking and falling out i just want to knowthe meaning and interpretation of my dream thank you

  • Jyoti sharma

    I had a dream of lossig all my teeths after arguing and telling a guy in my dream that i will show his true face to the world.. (the guy was forcing small childrens to cry forcefuly)
    I later lost all my teeths…

  • Megan

    I have always had recurring nightmares, but the main event in them all is people trying to chase after me, or hunt me.

    But last night I had a nightmare I have never had before. All I can remember from the beginning is that I was drunk, though I don’t remember drinking in it. I remember trying to get up the stairs fast so that my mom wouldn’t notice how drunk I was (she was about to come up behind me) but no matter how hard I tried, I kept stumbling, couldnt stay straight, and my legs were like lead. It felt like forever.

    I finally got into my room (my room at home, as I am home for Christmas break) and I remember being sitting up in my bed, towards the very end, leaning forward, and the next thing I knew I had excruciating pain in my mouth. I could almost feel it in my sleep. It was unbearable and I couldnt even close my lips over my teeth.
    I finally looked in the mirror, and 3-4 of my teeth had the top right corner (when looking in a mirror) chipped off, and two of them were cracked at the bottom with my gums spilling through. I remember thinking to myself during the dream, “This can not be real, this has to be a dream.”
    Then at one point, I think it was still in the dream, I dreamt that I woke up and realized that I was right, that my teeth were fine. But then I woke up again and I was back in the dream with the pain of my cracked teeth again, like I was being teased.

    I quickly woke up again this morning and realized I was right, that my teeth were fine. But it felt so real… what does this mean…

    • Richard

      Well this is my exact case, I thought it was so real, it didn’t seem like a dream at all, but I still said that I needed to wake up 👆

      I wanna know just what is going on with me

  • Re

    I have this reoccurring dream where my lower front teeth is loose and I’m trying hard to take it off .And after I do I feel a sense of relax and at the same time worried about not having a teeth.And when I wake up from the dream I feel so relived that it was just a dream and I still have my teeth .
    This time I saw the same dream and now after I wake up my gum is feeling so sensitive .i am having the same type of feeling in my gum as I had in dream .its so annoying .

    • Anubhav

      i’ve been having the same dreams lately.  My lower teeth are loose and gradually they fall out. I have been grinding my teeth during sleeping for a long time now so i thought that the two things might be connected. But then i realised the teeth falling out is a very recent thing. I think in my last dream, i even realised i was in a dream because this(the teeth dreams) has been happening a lot, so i wasn’t that concerned. I might use that as a trigger to change such dreams into lucid ones now.

  • Alina

    last night i had a dream that my two teeth broke one after another and my sister-in-law came and gave me ice water i rinsed my mouth multiple times that’s all
    this is the first time i had this type of dream

    • Gerri

      Well-loved. I’ll play devil’s advocate here and say it really depends.  It’s not her business to “play mama”.  It’s HIS responsibility to take care of his kis3d82&0;.regar#leds of the age of his girlfriend.  I was with a wonderful man, who had a 4 year old daughter, for 3 years when I was 20. We broke up for reasons other than his daughter. We’re still good friends to this day, his daughter will be 14 next month. I knew what my place was in my relationship. I cared about his daughter, but she wasn’t my business. If we had gotten married, that would’ve been a different story.

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