Crooked Teeth Dream

Crooked Teeth Dreams

What does it mean when you dream about having crooked teeth? A common dream interpretation sees crooked teeth as symbols for personal insecurities regarding attractiveness or the way other people see you. Another meaning points to concerns over something you’ve said or did not say but wish you had that does not feel totally genuine or lacks authenticity.


Dream meanings of crooked teeth

Dreaming about crooked teeth could mean:

  • Feeling embarrassed about your image, how other people see you
  • Something is out of line, lack of authenticity
  • Feeling inadequate; out of place especially in social settings
  • Weakness, concerns over lack of personal power
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Crooked teeth in dreams symbolize concerns about self-image


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Having crooked teeth in a dream may reveal your concerns about your image. It may relate to your physical appearance, but also how other people see you, the opinion they have of you. Since teeth are a central elements in how we typically define attractiveness, crooked teeth dreams signal that something is not quite the way it should be and the insecurities that come with that realization whether it is conscious or not.

Depending on scenario and how you feel in the dream, you may look into how you feel about the way you appear in public. Perhaps you are feeling concerned about your ability to attract positive attention. Check whether you are overly concerned about what other people think of you.


Having crooked teeth as indicator of lack of authenticity

This dream scenario could point to the fact that something feels out of line in your life. By extension to the literal meaning of the word “crooked”, it may also relate to something that is dishonest or untrue. The dream imagery associated with teeth suggest that it could relate to something you’ve said or wish to say.

Have you expressed something lately that feels it does not align with your truth or that feels inauthentic? Or perhaps you’ve had to deal with conversations or communications that did not feel genuine.

Crooked teeth as symbols for issues with personal power

Crooked teeth in dreams could indicate issues with personal power. This symbol carries the image that a part of you is getting weaker or not as strong. If you had crooked teeth in the past, the dream might bring you back to that time or the feelings you had then.

Crooked Teeth Dreams

Check whether there’s something in your life right now that brings back these memories or emotions. Look at what you need to take care of yourself in a way that feels empowering. What supports your strength, either physically, emotionally or spiritually, so you feel more aligned and balanced.

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67 Responses to Crooked Teeth Dream

  • Chef

    Well I had a dream that my bottom braces broke and I look in the mirrow to see how or by what…. I just saw them being crooked again…. I just been through a break up and have been having weirds lately… espcially about us arguing a lot… any recommends to do help my dreams be better?

    • Anonymous

      I had this exact same dream and the day before my mother in law said I was poisoning our kids. I bet it’s us being afraid of judgement

  • Jessica

    I currently just have top braces and had a dream that I got then removed. In my dream my teeth started shifting as soon as the braces were removed, I started getting big gaps between my teeth and I could see the roots. I was running around my Orthodontic’s office trying to find someone to help and everyone ignored me so I had my husband drive me to another Orthodontic office.I woke up before I got there, lol. It was weird!

    • E

      Wow, i got my braces removed a couple years ago but had a similar dream.

    • Lolo

      Omg i had the exact same dream and i got my Brages removed 6 months ago

      • Lolo


    • Honey

      i have the same dream last night my teeth are shifting. what does it mean?

    • Kruti jinwala

      OMG !!same situation, same dream ! I too have only top braces. Nd treatment is on its way. But we have just a difference. I had dream till rearrengment.

  • anonymous

    I had a dream where my teeth got more and more crooked in a matter of seconds,one of my front teeth was completely vertical, so I tried to fix it and put it back the way it should be but it fell out, and behind it was a smaller tooth coming in

  • Dunya

    Last night I had a dream, my all bottom teeth were falling out.

  • Anonymous

    i had a dream, last night my all bottom teeth were crooked and falling out one by one

  • Leticia

    I had a dream that I was looking in the mirror with my mouth closed and I was experiencing a pain like soreness. I gently opened my mouth and my four bottom teeth were side ways. Fear and anger rushed through my body. I used my finger to push my teeth back into place but it didn’t seem to work it just made my other bottom teeth shift.Once I started to freak out I woke up with pain on the bottom four of my teeth.

    • Trish

      Full of salient points. Don’t stop beinveilg or writing!

  • dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewuzzzzzzzupppp

    i had a dream my jaws were side ways…….. after that i had a dream my teeth were being forcevly shut by something or some one =l

  • Karen

    I had a dream that I had just gotten my braces off, which meant my teeth were perfectly straight and I decided to bite into an apple and all of a sudden my teeth shifted completely, got worse than what they actually were before I got the braces. I was so sad/mad, and so I went back to the orthodontist and all I remember is my front tooth being so lose it was nearly going to fall off…

  • nina

    i dreamed my partner left me for another woman he met while walking a dog we used to own,in my dream he was genuinely sorry he was leaving me and introduced me to his new partner who i thought in my dream was not very attractive but she was extremely lovely,kind and caring.she also expressed she was sorry about my situation and consoled me as i cried to her wishing i could be more like her and that maybe my partner would take me back if it were so,then his grandmother came to me and said not to give up hope that we would get back together soon,i told her hat was had nothing,no money,no car and that my teeth are straight enough (that part i find especially strange) for me to be alone and that i cant live without him.then i was suddenly with an ex-co worker whom i was telling my situation to and he said no one cares it happens to people all time.when i woke up i felt extremely upset but didnt tell my partner and he would preobably just think it was strange but i have been feeling very sad all day thinking about it.

  • Things stuck between fron teeth

    I have recurrent dreams of items stuck between my front teeth and I cannot release them

  • Emy

    The one below is mine

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream were I was at school one girl touched my braces I could feel them coming off my teeth never came out but my braces were still attached in the back and coundnt talk the called my phone orthodontist right away and I was crying the whole time

    What Does It Mean?

  • Carri

    I had this very interesting dream where I was climbing a really shaky makeshift building and I started to fall off. Somehow, I hung on, avoiding it all together, but I was supporting myself by biting down on a pipe attached to the building. My two front teeth started moving into two different directions (I use to have the same crooked front teeth before I got braces) but I still hung on until I climbed back up. Later on, they fixed themselves into their original place. No pain, no blood.

  • Cristel

    I’ve had braces for 4 years & rarely wear my retainer now.. In my dream I smiled in the mirror and my bottom teeth sideways and pushed to ft back and to far forward.. It really did scare me what the hell does this mean ?!?!

  • ginny

    I had a dream that one of my front teeth on the top was almost sideways.  I thought it was going to fall off and when I touched it cracks appeared.  I woke up as I was trying to fix it. Then I had to feel my own teeth to make sure it didn’t happen for real.

    • Erick Davila

      I had a dream that iI jacked of and my parents caught me.  And yeah

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