Teeth Crumbling Dream

A dream featuring teeth crumbling generally represents feelings of powerlessness. This type of anxiety dream reminds you of a costly compromise or dilemma that’s impacting your life negatively. Have a look at what is falling apart in your life and take action before it’s too late.

Dream scene with woman running on crumbling teeth

Dream meanings of crumbling teeth

Dreaming about crumbling teeth could represent:

  • A costly compromise or decision
  • Things are falling apart
  • Feeling powerless, losing your power
  • Fear of the effect of aging on health and body
  • Insecurity you are currently experiencing in some area of your life
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Woman unhappy about her teeth dream

Crumbling teeth: Dream symbol for costly compromises

Crumbling teeth in your dream symbolize the cost of making a compromise that could be difficult to sustain long term. Dreaming of crumbling teeth reflect ambivalence you feel about a challenging situation or difficult choice you’ve made recently.

Perhaps you are feeling you have been giving your personal power away in a relationship or are staying in job or company that does not fully satisfy you. Dreaming about teeth crumbling points to the cost of this compromise. For instance you may experience frustration, feeling you’re wasting your talent or your time, value conflicts, tension within yourself or with others.

Teeth crumbling in a dream: When things fall apart in your life

A dream about crumbling teeth could also be a pun on the word “crumbling”: Typically, when things get out of control or are being destroyed under some pressure, we say that they “crumble”. Dreaming of crumbling teeth could indicate that this destructive dynamic is playing in your life.

The idea of losing your teeth or having teeth crumble could point to the fear or concern over losing your power, being involved in a situation where you feel powerless. Crumbling teeth could remind you in dream images that what was once stable and long-standing could very well be unstable and subject to change.

A possible interpretation for this type of teeth dream is about fear of physical aging, losing teeth as they crumble being a symbol of the effect of aging.
Dream scenery with crumbling teeth wall

Crumbling teeth dream interpretation: Putting it all together

A dream about crumbling teeth is a reminder of consequences of a decision you’ve made. It usually symbolizes a compromise that is costly to you or possibly to people close to you.

When your teeth are crumbling in your dream, ask yourself how viable your decision is long term and consider what other options are available to you.

This teeth dream theme is closely related to the idea of things falling apart, both literally and symbolically. To further interpret your dream, ask yourself:

  • What is currently crumbling under your feet or around you?
  • Do you have the feeling that things are falling apart in your life?
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459 Responses to Crumbling Teeth Dream

  • Shaundi

    This is crazy to me!! Just dreamed that one by one my teeth would crumble and I would spit them into my hand and put each ‘tooth’ in piles on a table, hoping a dentist could put them back together. I was doing everything I could to keep them from crumbling but it kept happening. Finally I saw my smile with only my top two teeth left and said ‘what the heck’ and spit one of them out whole. I need to simplify my life!!

  • Rosemary Lopez

    I had dream about crumbling of my tooth, just received news about a friend who passed away in a car accident.
    I hate those dreams!!!

  • micky

    wow i have these teeth are being are grinding on eachother and then snapping off into my hands everynight usually.. i have alot of things in my life uncontrable and bad anxiety so probaly explains it.

  • N.A

    I had a dream that I went to London with one of my best friends, then I tried to be a guy (I’m a girl) and walked into this ice-cream shop and ate there. A while later, three guys came in with guns and robbed the shop. The police arrived and one came in telling them to stop and put the guns down. One of the robbers took out a grenade and said he’s gonna explode this whole place. And then suddenly, it felt like the time stopped until two guys walked to the door and escaped. (The robber didn’t do anything about it) Then I tried to escape, so i walked to the door and opened it. The robber looked at me and started walking up to me, i freaked out and as i was about to run out he was trying to close the door, but i managed to escape. I started running then met my friend (she either escaped from the back door or idk what happened, coz i don’t remember seeing her around me at the shop)We went to a shop and then i felt stuff inside my mouth, so i wiggled one of my teeth and it came out. One by one it started falling out and crumbling so i freaked out. I wrapped it all up in a tissue and started walking back to hotel while i was freaking out. As soon as i got back to the hotel, i went to the mirror and looked at it, and more started crumbling and falling out. I was so worried and scared so i started slapping myself, telling myself to wake up wake up, this is just a dream and then i woke up!

    • Kayden

      En parlant “Restos du Coeur” et nombre de repas servis, qui peut expliquer la &#;#e08vrai2&28221; raison de l’arrêt du PEAD (plan europeen d’aide alimentaire) par l’Europe (ou plus précisément par l’Allemagne) ?Tout l’idéal Européen est socialement réduit à néant par de telles attitudes !!!Et ce n’est pas les “99%” ou “les indignés” qui changeront la donne…

  • P C Stout

    When I have this dream, it’s always one tooth (normally in the back) that falls apart. It just crumbles and I have the pieces in my mouth. One time I was in a classroom and I knew or felt that I needed to keep the pieces in my mouth to save them, because I knew that someone would fix my tooth. Other times I’m with my mom, and we are not close, but I know that I have to give the pieces to her so she can call a dentist for me.

    What I mean by not being close to my mother is that she has always treated me as if I’m her sister and acts stupendously jealous of me. I’m nineteen now and it started when I turned thirteen and entered middle school, she would refuse to share makeup with me and hide hairspray and the “good” shampoo, get into my clothes/shoes, etc. So I don’t understand why I feel that I need to give them to her. Maybe it’s because she makes me feel self-conscious or I’m longing for her to have treated me how other mothers treated their daughters at that age. Even now, I’m jealous of my boyfriends sister and their mother.

    • Anonymous

      Just had this dream last night.  First was only a couple teeth then I kept spitting the others into my hand as they crumbled woke up very thankful, seemed so real!

  • Stephanie

    In my country, it is a believed that when you dream of your teeth falling out someone close to you or a family member will soon pass away. I had this dream a few nights ago but not all my teeth fell off. Last night all my teeth fell off.

    So far when I’ve had this dream throughout the years, shortly after, I’ve found out someone close to me and my family was sick.

    • Chas

      I hope nobody close to me passes away . I have this dream often

    • Jimmy Velez

      So true,sometimes someone close to you or the family is going to die!!!!

  • Nikkie

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that had this dream.  I’ve had this same dream several times within the past 4 years and it freaks me out

    • Laura H

      This is the first time that I have had this dream where my fear didn’t take over… I felt in control; as my teeth were crumbling. More less because imI knew it was a dream, as real as it felt, I was very happy to wake up to my teeth. The funny thing about these dreams is that, there is no end to the crumbling, even if it’s just one tooth; you keep finding more and more. Infinite.

    • Arnie

      Ted, can’t waste any more electrons on you.  You’ve made up your mind, you’re the smartest guy on the planet.  The fact that you can’t get anyone else to listed to you doesn’t seem to have any influence on your ଄thinking,” yet that should have been the tip-off.

  • Anonymous

    In my dream every time I would try to close my mouth my teeth would loudly crack and pop and break out of my mouth, then I would spit them on the floor everywhere. I’m wondering if this only happens because normally I wear tooth protection during sleep (I bite my teeth together very hard as I sleep) but this time I didn’t, and this same dream occurred once before and if I recall correctly I wasn’t wearing the protection then either..

    • Kelly

      I have that dream repeatedly it’s horrible as I waking thinking I’ve lost all of my teeth I having popping in my mouth too it’s horrible

  • J. Vincent

    I’m glad that I was able to find this site. The explanations for this terrifying type of dream helped me to understand why I might be having them… and the comments left here by other visitors let me know that I’m not alone in having these dreams. Unfortunately, after reading what this site offers as explanation for the psychological causes for these dreams, this latest bout of crumbling teeth dreams are probably due to the fact that I’m so focused on and depressed about the fact that I’m going bald. I guess I’ll just have to get over the fact that I’m losing my hair if I want to stop losing my teeth in my dreams.  🙁

    This type of dream has been one that has been reoccurring off and on for me for at least the last ten years. For some odd reason, these dreams where my teeth are crumbling away always tend to occur in a classroom setting or involve me being at a college somewhere. The one last night was different though and even more disturbing than usual. The aspect of my teeth crumbling away was the same but the setting went from me being in school to me being back in the Marines. In these dreams occur, I always find that I’m struggling or failing.

    Looking back, with the help of what I read here today, I could understand some of the imagery better and even pinpoint what probably caused the crumbling teeth dreams when I was having them. Thank you for helping me understand this dream better… and thank you everyone who commented for helping feel a little less alone.

    • Gen

      I just had this dream last night and I was in a classroom, too.

    • Carrie

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  • lis

    I have dreams of my teeth falling out a lot. These kinds of dreams started in high school and carried on to college. I hate these dreams. I remember before it was more like an aching. And the pain felt real. I thought that sooner or later they would fall out but I always woke up before they did. Now I dream that they just crumbled in my mouth and I have to spit them out. I hate these dreams with a passion. I am a deep dreamer. I dream a lot. These dreams are nightmares to me. I just want to stop dreaming them 🙁

    • Jocelyn

      I also have had this type of dream on and off for years.  I actually feel as though I can feel the broken and crumbled teeth in my mouth and I am spitting them out and I’m always running around trying to find a dentist to save them.  It’s actually reassuring in some silly way that others have this dream too.  After reading this article I know where these dreams are coming from but unfortunately can’t see my situation changing any time soon.  I hope you can identify your problems and make the changes in your life that will bring you a good nights sleep.  Take care.

      • Anonymous

        Omg I had the same dream last night that my teeth was falling out one by one one after another and i was running around trying to find a dentist to save them i was so devastated in the dream because i couldn’t find a dentist

    • Conor

      Makes me feel better that I’m not the only one. In my dream my teeth keep crumbling I continuously have to spit them out. When I spit them into my hand it’s like a couple of teeth together, almost like all my teeth are connected, like dentures, and they are breaking apart in random connected sections, but it’s mostly the back and side teeth, never the front ones. And the dream feels so real, serious feeling of anxiety in the dream. But there was other stuff going on too, it wasn’t all about the teeth, but the teeth-in the dream-were causing me so much anxiety. Anyway, glad to know I’m not alone, lol.

      • anthony

        My dream was exactly the same teeth together only the backs crazy!!
        so much going on in my life I cant put a finger on it

    • Clint

      I can’t find any but yours is the closest one to mine. Same crumbling teeth but the difference was I was trying to put it back. I can put it back on and off wherever I go. I had this same dream for a long time.

      But now was different. All of my upper teeth were removed and I forgot how to put it back. I looked at the mirror and saw my upper gums with empty teeth replaced with holes with black particles.

      I think the lesson here was I forgot to rearrange my teeth. But I don’t know what it means

  • Tanja

    I recently lost my job.  A few nights ago I dreamed that while I was talking to someone (in my dream this was a prominent person, just wasn’t sure who they was) my teeth fell out of my mouth and they were crumbled up.  The dream itself was heartening.  Thanks for this clarification of my dream.  I was with the company a long time.  I am very concerned about my future now, and the uncertainty is overwhelming sometimes.

  • Matt

    I had a dream I said something insulting to some random guy, he punched me in the mouth. I woke up (still in my dream) and noticed my entire bottom row of teeth got realigned so that some were in front of others. Seconds later while I was rubbing my tongue against them to feel the new positioning of my teeth, they began to crumble in my mouth and I started spitting them out in attempt not to swallow any. Some of the ones I spit out were black.

    • Jimbo

      08/11/2012 – 4:06pmPues yo le estoy muy agradecido al señor Roncerdo por un pequeño ejercicio mental que hago cuando estoy deprimido por alguna cosa.Seguro que conocen el cuento de Kafka en el que un tipo se despierta convertido en una cucaracha. Pues ahora imagínense que se despiertan ustedes convertidos en Roncerdo y que tienen que ser él el resto de sus vi as.ÂdEsto es jodido, no lo tomen a la ligera y traten de imaginarlo. Bueno pues cuando vuelvan a la realidad verán que cualquier problema es una pequeñez y recuperarán el optimismo al momento. Les garantizo que funciona.Un saludo.

  • Josh

    My dream was about my teeth both falling out and crumbling, I picked up two packs of chewing gum and placed 2 pieces in my mouth. As I was chewing them I noticed there was something hard inside it so I used my tongue to get it out while the gum was still in my mouth, I pulled it out and realised it was a tooth. I then felt another large lump inside the gum so I took the gum out of my mouth and started opening it with my fingers, I found another large hard white thing but dropped it on the floor I picked it up and yes it was another tooth I then carried on rummaging through the gum and there was loads and I mean loads of little pieces of tooth. I then looked in the mirror and realised my back 2 molars where gone, then I woke up. Actually gad to check to see if they were still there.

  • Anonymous

    When ever I have a dream about my teeth falling/crumbling it always end up with receiving money later on.

    In my dream, I was sitting in a classroom when I felt my teeth crumbling.They were ctimbling from the left side. So I started to slowly break them off and placing them on the table. They were sharp but were such a bright white. It felt like pearls. The teeth kept reproducing. At one point I started to try and make the teeth whole again by fitting them back together. It worked.

  • Hugh Robson

    What is the significance of a tooth crumbling rather than falling out? And is there a significance of the tooth getting caught on each other before they start to crumble?

    Hugh Robson x

  • Ebony

    I woke up. MY body was fit, like the body I had always wanted. I was getting ready for school, and I woke up to floss my teeth.
    My hair was short, which was unusual because I was always wanting to grow it.
    As I began flossing, I felt the floss get stuck and flicks of my teeth starting breaking in my mouth.
    At first it was no big deal, as I continued flossing, and the whole tooth fell out.
    I started brushing to get the blood out of my mouth, and my wisdom tooth fell out, I showed my father and I said “I need to see the dentist.” and he said “Your brother can take you.
    I wasn’t my house I was living in by the way.
    It was a house I can’t recall, and the washroom of the first house I remember living in.
    When I returned to the washroom to continue grooming my teeth, I flossed, and the teeth that were white, began slowly turning black over, and chipping and crumbling out.
    When the bigger pieces were falling out, I tried to rinse the blood off them to get a better look, and they literally started to turn to mush.
    Like wet sand or gritty melted marshmallow, but still held the form of the tooth.
    Despite being black in my mouth, when the pieces came out, they were yellowish brown.
    The only teeth that remained in contact, where the front ones. I flossed them first before the back ones.
    I had only done the left side of my mouth. I wonder if the right side would have fallen out too.
    I went to show my father that I needed to go to the dentist NOW, and showed him the mushy teeth.
    He got mad at me “Why did you have to go and ruin them?” and he didn’t want me seeing the dentist until after I went to school. (which is weird, because I haven’t been to school in months).
    The dream ended with me hovering over the skin, staring at myself in the mirror.

    • Ebony

      Sink* not skin.

  • Anonymous

    My book was being cut with scissors by my brother.

  • Dot

    I dream that my teeth is crumbling and i take them out bit by bit.  Some teeth I take out has a skull on it.  Horrifying dreams and they keep coming back.

    • Brandy Killingsworth

      HI! Ask God to protect you from all bad dreams. Say out loud”I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over me.” It helps, if u believe in Him! He WILL protect u! God bless n keep u.

    • Trudi

      My crumbled teeth and jaw had brain attached too. Maybe we are losing our minds?

  • el

    I have also had a very realistic dream that all my teeth were crumbling/falling out, and that it was getting so bad that I was swallowing them by accident or spitting them out! This is not the first time I have experienced dreanms like this, ive had the same one about my hair falling out too.

  • Anonymous

    Broke my daughter and girlfriends teeth accidentally and than I ended with the a broken tooth myself tried to put it in but failed,later started coughing out bits of teeth like they were broken

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