Teeth Crumbling Dream

A dream featuring teeth crumbling generally represents feelings of powerlessness. This teeth dream imagery reflects insecurity you are currently experiencing in some area of your life. The concerns could be about personal health, body image, relationship or job related. When you see you teeth crumble in your dream, you are reminded of the cost of a decision you’ve made or a dilemma that can be costly or risky. Crumbling teeth dreams can be a call to look at what is falling apart in your life and need some attention.


Dream meanings of crumbling teeth

Dreaming about crumbling teeth could represent:

  • A costly compromise or decision
  • Things are falling apart
  • Feeling powerless, losing your power
  • Fear of the effect of aging on health and body
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Crumbling teeth: Dream symbol for costly compromises

Crumbling teeth in your dream symbolize the cost of making a compromise that could be difficult to sustain long term. Dreaming of crumbling teeth reflect ambivalence you feel about a challenging situation or difficult choice you’ve made recently.

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Perhaps you are feeling you have been giving your personal power away in a relationship or are staying in job or company that does not fully satisfy you. Dreaming about teeth crumbling points to the cost of this compromise. For instance you may experience frustration, feeling you’re wasting your talent or your time, value conflicts, tension within yourself or with others.

Teeth crumbling in a dream: When things fall apart in your life

A dream about crumbling teeth could also be a pun on the word “crumbling”: Typically, when things get out of control or are being destroyed under some pressure, we say that they “crumble”. Dreaming of crumbling teeth could indicate that this destructive dynamic is playing in your life.

The idea of losing your teeth or having teeth crumble could point to the fear or concern over losing your power, being involved in a situation where you feel powerless. Crumbling teeth could remind you in dream images that what was once stable and long-standing could very well be unstable and subject to change.

A possible interpretation for this type of teeth dream is about fear of physical aging, losing teeth as they crumble being a symbol of the effect of aging.

Crumbling teeth dream interpretation: Putting it all together

A dream about crumbling teeth is a reminder of consequences of a decision you’ve made. It usually symbolizes a compromise that is costly to you or possibly to people close to you.

When your teeth are crumbling in your dream, ask yourself how viable your decision is long term and consider what other options are available to you.

This teeth dream theme is closely related to the idea of things falling apart, both literally and symbolically. To further interpret your dream, ask yourself:

  • What is currently crumbling under your feet or around you?
  • Do you have the feeling that things are falling apart in your life?
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450 Responses to Crumbling Teeth Dream

  • N.A

    I had a dream that I went to London with one of my best friends, then I tried to be a guy (I’m a girl) and walked into this ice-cream shop and ate there. A while later, three guys came in with guns and robbed the shop. The police arrived and one came in telling them to stop and put the guns down. One of the robbers took out a grenade and said he’s gonna explode this whole place. And then suddenly, it felt like the time stopped until two guys walked to the door and escaped. (The robber didn’t do anything about it) Then I tried to escape, so i walked to the door and opened it. The robber looked at me and started walking up to me, i freaked out and as i was about to run out he was trying to close the door, but i managed to escape. I started running then met my friend (she either escaped from the back door or idk what happened, coz i don’t remember seeing her around me at the shop)We went to a shop and then i felt stuff inside my mouth, so i wiggled one of my teeth and it came out. One by one it started falling out and crumbling so i freaked out. I wrapped it all up in a tissue and started walking back to hotel while i was freaking out. As soon as i got back to the hotel, i went to the mirror and looked at it, and more started crumbling and falling out. I was so worried and scared so i started slapping myself, telling myself to wake up wake up, this is just a dream and then i woke up!

  • P C Stout

    When I have this dream, it’s always one tooth (normally in the back) that falls apart. It just crumbles and I have the pieces in my mouth. One time I was in a classroom and I knew or felt that I needed to keep the pieces in my mouth to save them, because I knew that someone would fix my tooth. Other times I’m with my mom, and we are not close, but I know that I have to give the pieces to her so she can call a dentist for me.

    What I mean by not being close to my mother is that she has always treated me as if I’m her sister and acts stupendously jealous of me. I’m nineteen now and it started when I turned thirteen and entered middle school, she would refuse to share makeup with me and hide hairspray and the “good” shampoo, get into my clothes/shoes, etc. So I don’t understand why I feel that I need to give them to her. Maybe it’s because she makes me feel self-conscious or I’m longing for her to have treated me how other mothers treated their daughters at that age. Even now, I’m jealous of my boyfriends sister and their mother.

    • Anonymous

      Just had this dream last night.  First was only a couple teeth then I kept spitting the others into my hand as they crumbled woke up very thankful, seemed so real!

  • Stephanie

    In my country, it is a believed that when you dream of your teeth falling out someone close to you or a family member will soon pass away. I had this dream a few nights ago but not all my teeth fell off. Last night all my teeth fell off.

    So far when I’ve had this dream throughout the years, shortly after, I’ve found out someone close to me and my family was sick.

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