Teeth Crumbling Dream

A dream featuring teeth crumbling generally represents feelings of powerlessness. This type of anxiety dream reminds you of a costly compromise or dilemma that’s impacting your life negatively. Have a look at what is falling apart in your life and take action before it’s too late.

Dream scene with woman running on crumbling teeth

Dream meanings of crumbling teeth

Dreaming about crumbling teeth could represent:

  • A costly compromise or decision
  • Things are falling apart
  • Feeling powerless, losing your power
  • Fear of the effect of aging on health and body
  • Insecurity you are currently experiencing in some area of your life
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Woman unhappy about her teeth dream

Crumbling teeth: Dream symbol for costly compromises

Crumbling teeth in your dream symbolize the cost of making a compromise that could be difficult to sustain long term. Dreaming of crumbling teeth reflect ambivalence you feel about a challenging situation or difficult choice you’ve made recently.

Perhaps you are feeling you have been giving your personal power away in a relationship or are staying in job or company that does not fully satisfy you. Dreaming about teeth crumbling points to the cost of this compromise. For instance you may experience frustration, feeling you’re wasting your talent or your time, value conflicts, tension within yourself or with others.

Teeth crumbling in a dream: When things fall apart in your life

A dream about crumbling teeth could also be a pun on the word “crumbling”: Typically, when things get out of control or are being destroyed under some pressure, we say that they “crumble”. Dreaming of crumbling teeth could indicate that this destructive dynamic is playing in your life.

The idea of losing your teeth or having teeth crumble could point to the fear or concern over losing your power, being involved in a situation where you feel powerless. Crumbling teeth could remind you in dream images that what was once stable and long-standing could very well be unstable and subject to change.

A possible interpretation for this type of teeth dream is about fear of physical aging, losing teeth as they crumble being a symbol of the effect of aging.
Dream scenery with crumbling teeth wall

Crumbling teeth dream interpretation: Putting it all together

A dream about crumbling teeth is a reminder of consequences of a decision you’ve made. It usually symbolizes a compromise that is costly to you or possibly to people close to you.

When your teeth are crumbling in your dream, ask yourself how viable your decision is long term and consider what other options are available to you.

This teeth dream theme is closely related to the idea of things falling apart, both literally and symbolically. To further interpret your dream, ask yourself:

  • What is currently crumbling under your feet or around you?
  • Do you have the feeling that things are falling apart in your life?
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473 Responses to Crumbling Teeth Dream

  • jayesh

    breaking tooth

  • Oscar

    In my dream I hit my teeth with a stool on accident and I just remember holding my teeth crumbled in my hand. Well in real life I’m going through a five relationship break up :(.

    • Conor

      I hope you mean 5 “year” relationship breakup and not that your going through 5 different breakups right now…

  • Rosio

    Crumbling teeth falling out

  • Stacey

    My dream was very weird, images of my old family home were there, images of my husbands cousin, I was younger and was caught by parents sneaking around. I had baby teeth that weren’t in place inside my mouth, but I was an adult… I had a mouthfull of loose teeth that I had to put into their place with my tongue but I was struggling to do it while trying to hide from a boyfriends parents, I never saw the boyfriend or the parents faces. This was a rather weird dream with lots of different things thrown in from all different stages of my life!! I have an idea of what it all means but anyone else’s insite would be cool 🙂 thanks!!

  • Ex and teeth

    My dreams are full of daemons and deathbed but one think I hate about my dreams is my ex partner is always in my dreams and we r always getting back together I do miss him so much but I’m in a relationship over a year now with a new guy but every night my ex of over 2 years now is in my dreams every night last night I dreamt we sorted stuff out an moved away and then my teeth crumbled and fell out can some one please help me because my dreams r very intense

    • Conor

      To me it would appear you’re not at all over your ex. You probably should have worked that out before committing to another relationship, but being alone can be hard for a lot of people, and I’m sure your new sig other makes you happy, which can make it even harder. But if you still have strong feelings for your ex-which is seems likely considering they dominate so much of your subconscious-you may need to work that out or you’ll be short changing your new partner. Also, teeth falling out can be caused by feelings of getting older, so maybe your feelings for your ex, who you were obviously with when you were younger than you are now, coupled with feeling like you’re getting older combine to form the teeth falling out/ex partner dream. I’m not trying to tell you what to do by any means, just trying to figure out what your subconscious may be saying through your dream. Good luck!

    • Stevie

      This is my first trail cam so I have nothing to campare it to bu&2#8&30;t#8230;It seems to be a little slow on the trigger at times. I get quite a few pictures with nothing in them but the grass and trees. I tried the video mode and that is amazing. Uses a little more battery than stills but that is to be expected. Overall I am happy with the purcahse.

  • earnestine

    Hanging plastic to window from cold air coming in

  • anilette

    I was dreaming that someone was putting a powder in my mouth i felt a weird taste and woke up with my heart beating fast and felt scared. what does this mean?

  • Nate

    I had a dream where one of my back left molars fell out.  I went to the dentist, and he seemed to brush it off.  He put a fake tooth in as a replacement and said I would be fine. 

    Next, I remember being at college even though I had already graduated.  I was happy, because I enjoyed going to class and learning new things. 

    I was eating a personal pizza and was late to a difficult class.  I hurried to the classroom, which was already packed with 50 or 60 people.  I found a seat way in the back where I could barely bear the professor.  The professor had pizza of his own that he was giving out to students. 

    Perhaps reading my mind that I couldn’t hear him, or perhaps to embarass me for walking in late, he walked to the back of the classroom and addressed me.  Last night we had been assigned to read a book.  As I was still munching on my pizza, he asked me to read out loud from the section we had been assigned to read.  It was so vivid I can almost remember the words on the page.  He asked me to read from page 152. I did not do the assignment the night before, and had no idea what the book was about, so I opened my book to 152 and read from the top of the paperback book at the start of a new paragraph.  I really wish I could remember the name of it.  I read nice and slow, articulating the sentences.  Only a few sentences in, another of my molars fell out.  My gums started bleeding pretty bad.  I said “my tooth just fell out!”.  My teacher, acted inquisitive.  I repeated, “my tooth fell out!” and ran to the bathroom. 

    Over the course of the next few days, more teeth were falling out faster and faster.  They would fall out whole.  One time I looked at my hand at the teeth that had fallen out.  It was 5 teeth in a row all connected that had fallen out.  I was shocked. 

    More time passed and it got worse.  I still had not looked at my mouth in the mirror.  I decided to do this to see how bad it had gotten.  I remember looking in the mirror and seeing that although only a few of my bottom teeth had fallen out, on my upper jaw, I only had 3 or 4 teeth left.  I remember moving my tongue around my exposed gums, and the mere touch of my tongue would make my upper teeth crumble and fall out. 

    At this point, I was horrified and woke up, frantically running my tongue around my mouth.  Thankfully, I still had all my teeth.

  • Lee

    Misspelled , I meant we broke up recently.

  • Lee

    The love of my life , we broke up ‘re gently in a bad way, but are still in contact, sex and all. He was in what used to be our bedroom, I’m in the bathroom looking through a plastic bag filled with little girl shoes. He’s calling me I, a happy pleasant way to come in the bed with him.

    • Hugh Robson

      Why were you looking at little girls’ shoes? This is what concerns me most about your dream.
      Also, please bear in mind that this is a forum about teeth crumbling and falling out, and you do not appear to fit this criteria.

      Kind regards, HR

  • Greg

    _In my dream my teeth are crumbling because I was grinding on them and then all of a sudden they start falling out and becoming loose and begin to crumble in other dreams sometimes my teeth are loose then I push them out with my tongue as well

  • cboge05

    I had a dream last night that a man broke into my house and snunk into my bedroom placed his hand over my mouth and stabbed me 3 times with an ice pick with my husband sleeping beside me. I woke up before I could finish the dream to see if he killed my husband and my 2 children

  • Ibelieveitc

    In my dream I was at my house and my ex boyfriend of 3 years who I recently ended the relationship with was also there as well as my older brother. I dreamt that my moms pitbul was there ( who once bit my arm during and argument between myself and my mother) and we were all just hanging out until my ex cc tried to pet the dog when the dog began to snarl and growl which I immediately recognized as a pre attack sign so I jumped up to try and help my ex cc from getting bit by my dog when my dog began to run around wildly and pounced on me biting my arm again Nd his large head hitting the bottom of my jaw causing most of my teeth to loosen immediately with the taste of blood mixing in my mouth in my dream I went to the bathroom and pushed my tongue against my teeth and all of them instantly caving in and falling out. Once this began to happen I started asking myself if this was a dream and trying to wake myself up cause it all felt so real. I then was able to convince myself this was a dream( while still dreaming) yet I still was scared of the possibility being real life so I was desperate to take a picture of my teeth to see if it was real or to have proof from my accident. I’m so confused and I was so scared and terrorized by the thought of this happening. As my dream continued I began to cry and panic then asking my ex cc and my older brother to leave my house while I try to get help or atleast get myself together as all this Just Happened! My older brother and ex began to gang up together and fight and say they did not want to leave leading to a physical altercation in which my brother who was drunk in my dream then punched me out. Awakening me. I really would like to hear someone’s insight on this crazy dream.

    • Carrie

      Here is the suitable site if you needs to discover more about this unique subject. You accomplish a great deal it is just about chaellnging state along with you (not that I seriously wished for). Without doubt fit a brand new spin and rewrite on the subject which is become revealed those things decades. Good!

  • marco

    In my dream I was pulling some kind of plastic thing on my tooth and I pulled too hard and my gums deatatched it looked like plastic frames holding my gums to my mouth well I lost a piece of plastic I was looking for it because my gums along with teeth were just hanging and my teeth started falling I kept on wanting to go to the dentist in my dream but was looking for the white plastic piece that fell out afraid the dentist wouldn’t be able to fix my teeth without it

  • Anonymous

    This article certainly put into perspective my dream of crumbling teeth. For 2 days I pondered turning down a job interview. I weighed the pros and cons and on the 3 day (yesterday) I made the decision to inform the prospective employer I would not be taking the interview. That night I dreamed of losing 3 upper left molars. Boy it was a vivid dream”, I still remember the feel of the jagged edges and taste of chalk that’s why I researching what this all means.

  • cry

    I had my whole house painted 6 months ago and last night I dreamt I had my living room in a mess with the walls to be painted again and I broke into tears powerless( there were two people with me)



  • tatiana

    looked like a red demon with horns shaking a bell whenever i see him….also teeth and gums hurting in dreams feel like a lot of pressure and like my teeth will fall out if i pull it at all

  • Anonymous

    When I put my hands together (linked) I couldn’t separate them?

  • jay

    I am climbing a ladder my boyfriend is climbing behind me but he falls to his death

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