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As a general rule, teeth falling out in dreams symbolize transition times. This type of dream echoes the emotional disturbances you may be experiencing as you or your environment is going through a period of change. >> See full dream interpretation

Your interpretation may focus on a few negative meanings, such as insecurity or fear of loss. Keep in mind that this symbol also has positive meanings, including a new direction in life and renewal.

Dreams About Teeth Falling Out

For Freud, teeth falling out in dreams point to anxiety about sexual repression and the desire to be nurtured. This disturbing symbol also tends to show up in dreams during important moments of transition in the dreamer’s life.

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Key Dream Meanings

What does it mean when you dream about your teeth falling out? This symbol has both negative and positive meanings:

Negative meanings

  • Insecurities, especially about a personal loss
  • Anxiety about sexual experience
  • A compromise that is costly to you
  • Life changes and “growing pains”
  • Fear of becoming older

Positive meanings

  • Signs of personal expansion
  • Wish or need to nurture yourself more carefully
  • An invitation to explore feelings of loss and personal growth
  • A call to look at your support system
  • The Jungian interpretation: Times of renewal and “rebirth”

Dream Interpretation Tip:

dream interpretation tipCheck both positive and negative dream meanings before drawing any conclusion. For each definition, take the time to ask yourself: How do I feel about this interpretation? Does it resonate with me? Does it make any sense to me personally? Sort through the various meanings to find the one that is most relevant to you.

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What does my dream about teeth falling out mean?

  • Teeth falling out in dreams symbolize insecurities…

In the field of dream interpretation, teeth falling out are associated with loss and important life changes. This symbol points to feelings of insecurity or vulnerability regarding a recent event that disrupted your life.

Such dreams indicate that you are dealing with loss in one way or another: It could be a sudden loss, like an abrupt end to a relationship or job change; it could also be a more gradual process of releasing old ways of living and adopting new habits. For instance, you could have this type of dream after moving, changing jobs, ending a relationship or starting a new one. These are important emotionally charged changes that may be expressed through the symbolism of teeth falling out.

  • Your dream reveals you’re making costly compromises…

  • Dreams about teeth falling out could represent the cost of making a compromise that is not satisfying for you or is bringing your life out of balance. We tend to have this type of dream when we are confronted with decisions to make, but feel we have limited options available. The symbolic images used in the dream language illustrate the risk making a decision that could costly.

    For instance, you may have disillusions about your career path or school work, be stuck in a job you do not really like, or feel ambivalent about a relationship or decision you’ve made recently. Your dream would point to feelings of ambivalence or the sensitive nature of that situation in your life.

    • Your dream indicates a lack of willingness to make a choice…

    • Teeth falling out in a dream could signify that you are or were recently facing a dilemma in your life. It points out the cost of a decision, but it could also bring light to the price of inaction or lack of willingness to make a choice.

      Such dream generally indicates that you may be feeling like you lost your ability to “chew on things” or digest information or an event. This symbolism could draw your attention to important matters that you may be unaware of at the moment.

      • A dream revealing concerns with self-image…

      • A common dream interpretation for teeth falling out sees this symbol as a representation of the fear of aging or becoming less efficient or productive. In other words, it would point to the loss of your means to fully bite into life, to break down what life brings you.

        This type of anxiety dream remind us of issues we may have in our waking life about self-esteem, decision-making, and assertiveness. The overall tone and atmosphere of the dream can point to positive or negative meanings. For example, dreaming about having bad teeth could be a call to examine the way you show or assert yourself in life, whether it’s at work or in personal relationships.

        • Freud’s perspective on teeth falling out dreams…

        • According to the classical Freudian interpretation, teeth falling in dreams are considered symbols of castration and fear regarding the male genitalia. For men as well as women, such dreams could relate to anxiety about sexuality or sexual interaction with a partner.

          Beyond this literal sexual and psychoanalytical analysis, this symbol can be interpreted as a representation of the fear of being deprived of your personal power. As an extension, common interpretations revolve around the idea of powerlessness, aggression, and concern about your safety.

          Dream Interpretation Tip:

          dream interpretation tipKeep in mind that a meaningful dream interpretation is multifaceted. The symbolism of the images featured in dreams are generally made of several layers of meanings.

          Note that if you’re dreaming that a lot of teeth are falling out, the quantity or intensity of the pain or horror you feel while you are dreaming is proportional to the cost associated with the fear you’re feeling in your waking life.

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          Positive Meanings of Teeth Falling out

          Analyzing your dream is like looking at the two sides of a coin: For each seemingly negative meaning, you can uncover a positive explanation that can help you understand the constructive message conveyed in your sleep.

          • Teeth falling out in dreams & signs of personal expansion

          A modern perspective emphasizes teeth as symbol of the process of growing up, expanding and developing yourself. A tooth falling out during childhood is often first time we experience the loss of something that is a part of us. It also represent a time when we get tangible signs that we are growing up out of childhood and transitioning into a new phase of our life.

          In dreams, this symbol represents the passage from one situation or one order to another. Dreaming that your teeth fall out could therefore signal that you are in the process of changing, growing out of the old into the new.

          While you are in the midst of change, the process may feel like you are loosing something or leaving a familiar environment or habit and jumping into the unknown or the unfamiliarity of a new place, job, relationship or way of doing and seeing things. As with any major change in ones’ life, this might be disturbing or even scary or painful – just like when something happens to your teeth. Transition times can also be seen as periods of discovery and personal growth.

          Dream Interpretation Tip:
          dream interpretation tipDreaming of teeth falling out may be a reminder that something similar is happening in your present life. When you have such a dream, be sensitive to your own development, how you’re growing through experiences or challenges, or pushing beyond your usual limits to discover new territories or ways of doing things.

          • A secret wish to be nurtured

          Conventional psycho-analysts provide an additional perspective by arguing that dreaming of teeth falling out indicates an unconscious desire to regress at early stages of childhood when we were toothless and nourished by the mother.

          A brief explanation of that interpretation: During early childhood, we did not have to deal with difficult decisions and constant adjustments to make to deal with reality. Dreaming of teeth falling out is therefore likely to come up when one is struggling with problems or difficulties that seem insurmountable or when you’re facing challenging decisions.

          It’s also an indication that you’re facing a period of potential growth that could turn out positive if you pay attention to the delicate balance between your needs and the requirements of the moment.

          • An invitation to look at loss and personal growth

          Losing teeth when you were a child was probably the first time you experienced the loss of something that was so close to you it was literally part of you. As you dream that your teeth are fall out, your unconscious is using images that play on similar feelings. This symbolic imagery suggests that you are dealing with an event or situation in your life that prompts you to deal with change and find support wherever you can.

          When this symbol shows up in your dreams, it may point to the need to take care of yourself while you’re undergoing radical changes in your life. It may be an indication that you’re in the process of growing, discovering and developing aspects of yourself that were previously hidden or neglected.

          Be sure to acknowledge that you need to take it easy on you, perhaps take some rest and give yourself the support you need to accomplish the task at hand or challenge the obstacles that are on your way.

          • Symbols of strength and self-esteem

          A traditional interpretation consists in seeing teeth as symbols of personal power or self-esteem. A number of common idiomatic expressions evoke the relationship between teeth and the capacity to find your own edge or to live life more fully.

          If the dream contains some tension or violence, the teeth images could be interpreted as a symbol of aggressiveness and personal strength – or lack thereof depending on whether the dream scenario is positive or negative. Look at how you are using your instincts and primal drives such as fear, sexual desire, or desire to take control or dominate in your waking life.

          On one side, you may be in the process of gaining more control over your environment or others, rising your level of confidence in a business environment or a relationship for instance. On the other side, the teeth in your dream may reveal tension or conflicting feelings regarding your personal power or ability to succeed.

          • Psychologist C. G. Jung and symbols of rebirth

          For Jung, one of the most influential psychologist and dream analyst of the 20th century, having a tooth or teeth fall out in a dream symbolizes giving birth to something new. According to him, this is especially relevant if the dreamer is a woman, but the symbolism could be applied to anyone’s dream.

          Dreaming of having your fall out reflects the tension and sometimes painful process that comes with starting or creating something new whether it’s a project, personal resolution, decision or responsibility. It usually connects to emotions you may be experiencing currently as you are going through changes or important shifts in your life, such as changing jobs, home, ending or starting a relationship or simply going through a period of significant personal growth. In any case, it may feel like you’re ending something and starting something new.

          Tips to interpret teeth falling out in dreams

          A popular dream interpretation technique consists in connecting dream images to experiences you have or had in your waking life. If you dreamed that your teeth were falling out, remember the feelings or thoughts that came up with the experience in the dream and connect them with emotions or situations that evoke similar reactions in your waking life.

          For example, imagine what it would feel like to have a tooth fall out and what it would mean to you. If you or someone else in the dream has bright white teeth and a shiny smile, what do you typically associate with these traits: Is it seduction, beauty, power to impress, cleanliness, something else? The answer could point to possible meanings for the symbols in your dream.

          The bottom line of this dream analysis method is to connect to the original feelings and emotional charge expressed in the dream through teeth imagery. As you practice free associations, playing with symbols and their meanings, revealing more and more layers of understanding, you gradually uncover the true meaning of your dream.

          Dream Interpretation Tip:

          dream interpretation tipRemember that your interpretation is far more meaningful when you connect it with events, situations or feelings you have in your personal life. When analyzing the content of your dream, ask yourself what this image could represent or what role they play both in your dream and in your waking life.

          Video about dreams of teeth falling out

          Click the video Play icon above to see the digest of the most important dream meanings or watch the dream interpretation video directly on YouTube.

          Dream Research & Fun Facts

          Dream research: Are Dreams About Teeth Falling Out Universal?

          Confused or intrigued by your dream featuring your teeth falling out? Be reassured, you’re not the only one. Contemporary studies confirm what Freud was already saying in his classic, The Interpretation of Dreams back in 1900. The father of psychoanalysis outlined a series of common dreams, such as flying dreams, dreaming about having an exam, missing a train, falling, death of a person you know, and losing teeth.

          Conclusion, dreams of teeth falling out and losing teeth are universal as they are common across cultures. They also tend to be recurrent within one’s lifetime.

          This type of dream scenario is among the top 3 most common recurring dreams. In Barrett’s article, “Trauma and dreams” (Harvard University Press), teeth falling out are the third most common recurring dream theme after dreaming of being chased or pursued, having problems with house maintenance.

          Through the eyes of scientists

          Similarities between dreams about falling out and certain types of seizures
          A study about the case report from Koutroumadinis and al. reporting tooth-brushing seizures makes correlations between the imagery of losing teeth and teeth falling out in dreams and during this specific type of seizures.

          The seizures studied in that case relate a woman’s seizure convulsions experienced during vigorous tooth-brushing with the imagery and sensations “as if my teeth were falling down into the sink one after the other.”

          The images of losing teeth reported during this type of seizure is very similar to the typical dream imagery featured in dreams about teeth falling out. (Koutroumadinis M. et al., Tooth-brushing induced seizures: a case report. Epilepsia, 2001)

          Do dreams of teeth falling out result from dental excitation?
          Dreams about having your teeth fall out would be associated with neuronal stimulation focused on the trigeminal nerve and some parts of the brain. This reinforces the hypothesis that some dreams about teeth falling out are somatic in nature; in other words, they are triggered by a physical stimulus related to the mouth.

          In addition to being precipitated by a somatic sensation, a dream of teeth falling out or losing teeth is the product of mental and emotional states and associations the dreamer experiences. The research suggests that the neuronal networks that support these states interact with the networks related to the teeth (e.g., the trigeminal zone).

          Even if the imagery is similar in dreams and the type of temporal lobe seizures presented above, the neuronal network excited during the dream state appear to have a much lower intensity. As the article concludes, “dreaming itself is a product of focal network hyperexcitabilities appearing below a recognizable seizure threshold.” (Arthur W. Epstein, Department of Psychology and Neurology, New Orleans, Louisiana. Epilepsia, 2002)

          Need help with your dream about teeth falling out?

          Submit your dream below to get insight from other readers and interpreters. Ask questions about what your dream about teeth falling out means or comment on someone else’s dream.

Despite the uneasy feelings a dream about teeth falling out may trigger, this typical anxiety dream could be a blessing in disguise. >> Discover all the meanings of teeth falling out in dreams

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497 Responses to Dream About Teeth Falling Out

  • Engineer

    In my dream, my upper jaw teeth from the left incisor to the right bicuspids started to detach as a group, as in the front ones were completely detached from the gum like baby teeth, but the bicuspids and canine were attached by threads of tissue, the group pivoting in my mouth. I tried desperately to clench my jaw, thinking that if I can keep pressure, the falling piece would somehow adhere and heal.
    Ultimately they fell out with a bit of my skull from below the nose, along with a few other pieces with teeth attached. I remember trying to piece them together thinking “how do I salvage this? I don’t have the money for a dentist!”

    I am graduating as an engineer in a few weeks, so there’s the “change in life” bit.

    Some months previously I’d seen a dream where my molars turned to a granular powder that didn’t get wet, despite my mouth being a wet environment.

    • Anonymous

      Congratulations in advance on your graduation… You must definitely deserve it. I wish I could be there with you on such a special moment.

  • kayden

    in my dream i was walking than i felt my bottom teeth to start touching my back top ones, so i pushed my bottom teeth back with my tongue and than they just caved in, and just started moving around and we’re on the verge of falling out. i woke up all freaked out and my teeth felt very weird. i just lost my cousin i was close too (she hung herself) could be related?

  • Ebony

    I woke up. MY body was fit, like the body I had always wanted. I was getting ready for school, and I woke up to floss my teeth.
    My hair was short, which was unusual because I was always wanting to grow it.
    As I began flossing, I felt the floss get stuck and flicks of my teeth starting breaking in my mouth.
    At first it was no big deal, as I continued flossing, and the whole tooth fell out.
    I started brushing to get the blood out of my mouth, and my wisdom tooth fell out, I showed my father and I said “I need to see the dentist.” and he said “Your brother can take you.
    I wasn’t my house I was living in by the way.
    It was a house I can’t recall, and the washroom of the first house I remember living in.
    When I returned to the washroom to continue grooming my teeth, I flossed, and the teeth that were white, began slowly turning black over, and chipping and crumbling out.
    When the bigger pieces were falling out, I tried to rinse the blood off them to get a better look, and they literally started to turn to mush.
    Like wet sand or gritty melted marshmallow, but still held the form of the tooth.
    Despite being black in my mouth, when the pieces came out, they were yellowish brown.
    The only teeth that remained in contact, where the front ones. I flossed them first before the back ones.
    I had only done the left side of my mouth. I wonder if the right side would have fallen out too.
    I went to show my father that I needed to go to the dentist NOW, and showed him the mushy teeth.
    He got mad at me “Why did you have to go and ruin them?” and he didn’t want me seeing the dentist until after I went to school. (which is weird, because I haven’t been to school in months).
    The dream ended with me hovering over the sink, staring at myself in the mirror.

  • Mia

    I had a dream about my teeth falling out, all on the right side. One by one they all came out and I tried to save them so that they could be put back in…. Ive been having a difficult time facing the relationship with me and my childs father. Trying to keep things together, take the hurt and pain that he’s put me through. Today I didnt go to work… wasnt feeling too well. Ive been doing alot of arguing and under alot of stress because of this relationship. After reading this I feel like I havent made the changes that I need to make. Im settling for less… missing out on things that are important in life and Im scared to make a decision because of how it would affect my child. Shes the only one I have and Im just trying my best to do whats right and ive been trying I just keep trying but God has showed me many times what I need to do. It is so hard..

  • Teeth falling out

    Dream : I was at highschool on my way to class and suddenly all my teeth started falling out if my mouth. I called out to one of my teachers to help but they couldn’t help me. The funny thing was that there were thousands if teeth falling out. So many that I was scared that I was going to choke on them all. They were overflowing my hands and into the ground. What do you think this means?

  • Stefanie

    I often dream that i loose 3 teeth and in my dream i try to put thèm back in my mouth In my dream i pannick and cry.

  • Jia

    No matter what dream I have there is some kind of teeth coming out – wether it’s my teeth falling out or Bruce Willis pulling them out of some guy (yes that dream was recent)

  • anoynmous

    I had a dream that slowly all my teeth fell out then a huge amount at once. They were covered in blood but when I checked to see my missing teeth they were all still in place but I kept coughing up more and more teeth. I then realized I was in a dream and tried to stop it but it wouldn’t. Then finally I woke up wIth the taste of blood in my mouth.

  • Layla

    I was at work & all of a sudden I felt a crunch in my mouth. It was my tooth, it had broken off. Next thing you know my molars were just breaking loose. I went to my boss & told her I needed to leave & she was reluctant to let me go. -this horrifies me because I’m terrified of losing my adult permanent teeth. Any teeth for that matter.

  • selounge

    i keep dreaming of taking my tooth out and them kinda crumbling in my hands

  • Yvonne

    I had a dream that my front veneer came out at a dinner party, it was hanging to the side then eventually fell I ut but everyone act like they didn’t notice it.

  • Barbara

    My sister had a dream in which i smiled at her and my teeth fell out.What could this mean?

  • shawno

    Last night I had a dream that my teeth were falling out one by one. I was really okay with it and I would throw them away, one by one. Then as the dream went on and I lost my last tooth, I decided I wasn’t okay with just throwing them away. I went back and found every tooth, soaked each one in milk and then jammed it back into my gums. By the end of the dream, my teeth had all been returned to their place in my mouth and healed.

  • NoTeethOnlyDreamsNow

    It starts off with a faint wiggle of a tooth which i start tonguing. It becomes looser and looser but i cant help but continue doing it. Thats when it falls out and it process starts again but this time it takes no effort, a single touch of my tooth with my tongue and it falls out. I now have two teeth sitting in my mouth as i rush to the bathroom and when i finally reach it i have almost all my teeth floating around in my mouth. The last thing that happens is i spit them all into the sink, see the blood/teeth and think to myself ‘well this sucks…..’ And that is the point at which i wake up and start checking to make sure my teeth are still there.

    • Anonymous

      I have somewhat the same dream except I have a loved one or two telling me its okay, and smiling. All the while I spit out my teeth.

    • alyel

      This is EXACTLY how mine starts! Always with a wiggle of a tooth… This last time, all of my teeth were slowly chipping away, they were jagged as all hell and nasty looking. I remember thinking “I need to get to the dentist” very calmly. And then I wiggled my front tooth and it just came out. Ugh. Such disturbing dreams…

  • Anonymous

    My dream about a tooth falling out was short, and i felt no pain at all, what could it possibly mean.

  • Dr. Reginald Van Toothe

    This is an important message from a licensed therapist concerning a disturbing trend affecting young women and the rise in frequency of dreams in which their teeth are falling out. A recent discovery in Vienna, Austria of a rather large satchel containing a virtual treasure trove of notations and observation on a collaboration of effort between Dr Sigmund Freud and Dr Carl Jung reveals that these dreams are a significant step in the development of a rather large number of physical failings in young women; these dreams serve as a warning to young women that if they wish to remain youthful and maintain a proper body representation and not develope certain cancers, the absolute best way to accomplish this is to get as much semen on their teeth and gums as possible. It should be as natural and frequent as breathing air- in fact, it should be the sole pursuit of all females who are relatively attractive, between 15 and 85, and even some of the older uglier ones as well. This may be the most important scientific discovery of this new century, and more information will be forthcoming, I can assure you of that.

    • alyel

      Lol. Feckin brilliant, dude.

  • Sharon

    My teeth didn’t fall out , I dreamed I took it out, but it is a temporary cap. i took it out and the gums , I don’t know wasn’t swollen or infected, but felt different.

  • Michelle

    I will have either one of the two dreams dealing with teeth: One scenario I will be trying to talk to someone in a very rushed environment such as working in a restaurant or whatever, and I will try to speak to someone urgently, but my jaw will feel as though it is clamped shut. I can’t move it or open it in any way, and can not communicate. Usually when I have this dream I wake up and find my jaw clenched in real life. The other dream which I have often I will be speaking to someone generally, and my teeth will start to fall apart, directly out of my mouth. It will start with my front tooth being very loose and I will, in the dream, try to keep it inline with the rest of the teeth. Eventually it will loosen and fall out and then the rest will just crumble out of my mouth as if I was hit in the face. Though I have rare had any violence occur, just the teeth themselves falling out.

  • Dave

    In my dream I’m parked outside the Sunset Grill on West Street, the one that you can do tequila shots from the girls belly button. I been working on this bargirl Margie for the last three and a half years and finally she’s polishing my knob and my car is a ’67 Vette- cherry and Riders on the Storm is playing on the radio. Margie looks up at me and she says-”How am I doing?” and I said-”How the Hell should I know, I ain’t no cock sucker!”…she stopped, looked up at me and all her teeth fell out. I thought- “I dint think it could get no better than this but it just did!”…Then I looked down and all I hear is like a gagging noise. It was the wetness of thevGoddam dog puke that woke me up. My wife’s Bitchin Freeze or whatever that damn thing is called is crawled up onto my Easy Boy recliner and yakked right in my crotch.I hate that goddam dog.

  • SKS

    Seeing Maa Kali (Hindu Goddess) in dream

  • Yong K.

    I was sitting in a classroom setting, all of a sudden I spit out 6 teeth. The teacher says “oh my” & I excuse myself to the bathroom. When I look in the mirror, I see that all the teeth that fell out come from the right side of my mouth. I brush my teeth to remove the blood in my mouth. No pain & I’m calm throughout the experience. I remember thinking as I look in the mirror that I don’t look that bad physically. I also remember thinking that it’ll be easy for a dentist to fix with dentures. Then I realize my left front tooth is loose. I touch it & it basically crumbles to pieces. No blood, it just looked decayed. I wash my face which had smears of dried blood on it & go on my way.

  • 108

    before my uncle died at the age of 18 from car accident my mother had a dream her tooth fell out.. tooth/teeth falling out in a dream is a pretty bad omen.

  • keonaa

    my brother had a toy hammer and he did not put it away when I asked him to. He got mad and hit my bottom canine tooth and I thought “well look at that” I could feel my tooth hanging in my mouth and it just feel out. Later on in the dream I was taking notes at my desk then I decides to go get some water. When I was walk king back to get my water my entire mouth just shut like a bomb was going off in my mouth and I could feel something squeezing really tight and my mouth I ran to the restroom and when I finally got my mouth to open all my teeth just slid eight out… and now I’m up and like this literally just happened a couple minutes ago

  • Nita

    I was with my sister an I felt a loose tooth an began to cry to my sister then she asked me to open my mouth an both my front Theron were missing. I was very upset, that’s all I remeber.

  • jaqulin

    I was at a huge party. I had just met Nick cannon whome my cousin works with, and we were talking. Then I walked to the bathroom And fixed my hair when two girls rushed in to throw up.after they left I noticed a tooth of mine was missing and my gums were like torn up. I noticed another tooth falling out so I tried to hold it back in its place so it’d stay lol then I woke up. The gums in my dream really creeped me out

  • Nia

    Dreamed about a guy friend front teeth fallout but it seams like theres another tooth(maybe a crown) behind it coming out. When he dropped it he catch it with his hands and we were laughing hard because he dropped his tooth on the floor.

  • Leah

    I was packing my things and moving when I couldn’t feel my mouth any longer. There was no blood but as my teeth feel out I could see they were rotting from the inside. The root of each tooth was a cavity filled with black and green like a rotten apple. As each tooth fell out my friends and family left in horror. I rushed to the hospital but before I got there my teeth had all fallen out and my life was draining from the holes in my gums. I laid down in the center of the road and watched the life drain from me. Then I woke up.

    • LaWanda

      You prolly really should have took a good long dump before you went to bed. It sound like in your dream you is rotten toothed because you be filling up with dookie and in your sub consios you needs to get that mess out. You was breakin wind too, i bet but your was like all into you sleeps and dint wanna go to no bathroom. Its may be erry time you farted one of you moms or dads and snivling got tired of that mess and just up and went. I remember one time DJbari made me do the buttsex and i ant shit right for a week! My dreams was all just like that. I dream my teeth fell out erry night. If you and your mans doing butt sex you need to chillax on that for a week unless you into it.

      • JustMe

        This is so messed up… and then there is your grammar.

  • TGABonilla

    In my dream I was looking at myself in the third person! I was awake and speaking to my mom, when I was offered something to eat so I did, it was something soft. A piece of bread, so I take a bite and I realize that my teeth are loose so I don’t bug them. Then I started to play with them with my tongue though I was still talking to my mom, I notice that one by one they started to fall out, but I didn’t spit them out because I couldn’t believe it. Then i spit out most of them and my mom just looked at me, like if nothing was wrong.I freaked out and woke up to being confused of what it means.

  • s. r. hilton

    I was at a hanging out with close friends we were having fun and eating. I was poking at my teeth with my tongue when I heard something crack. I didn’t think anything of it until I was poking my teeth with my tongue again and then my one of my bottom teeth fell out into my hand. My first thought was, call my mom for the dentist’s phone number. As u was on the phone with her, another tooth fell out. The next thing I know, I’m sitting on the floor spitting out teeth slivers and metal (I have a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth). When I looked in my hand, I was holding my teeth and other things that looked like teeth but were too big to have been able to fit in my mouth. I then woke up and started to run my tongue across my teeth to make sure they were all there.

  • stephanie p.l.

    I woke with all my teeth, but in my dream I was sleeping and I could see myself in 3rd person…It was odd since I only sleep on my side and in my dream I was sleeping on my belly with my face buried in the pillow. All of a sudden I was back in MY body wakiing up. So I lifted mmy head up off the pillow and there on my pillow was the perfect imprint of my face. And it was smiling. Really smiling. I mean it was just an imprint, but all my teeth were no longer in MY head. They were all perfectly in place in the imprint of my face that was in MY pillow. Smiling up at me.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had tooth loss dreams before, but this one was especially strange. First of all, I want to make it clear that I dozed off for just a few minutes. Ok so I was with my sister somewhere that I had never seen. It was like a giant strange house but almost like a student housing community place. It was comfortable and felt totally normal for me to be there. Anyway I had tripped and fell, was fine but my hand instantly went to my mouth to touch my tooth and it was hanging on by a thread. I was crushed. “I’m screwed” I thought. No money, no insurance, can’t get a job with no tooth, everything would be ruined. My self-esteem would be gone. I’d be toothless.
    I wiggled my tooth again and out it fell, rolling oddly across a hardwood floor. (That I don’t even have in reality) I could feel the hole in my gums with my tongue, yet no pain and practically no blood even though I could taste it.. After I did that I poked another tooth with my finger and guess what? Loose! It wiggled. My teeth!!! My poor teeth!! My life was over. I tried thinking of a solution as I crawled reaching for my now 3 teeth that lay scattered on the floor. I laughed to my self bitterly. Chiclets. I could find some toxic free glue, and viola. Brighter, whiter, mintier and fresher teeth. I thought how I could make up for my humiliation, by laughing at myself. Hold my ciggarette in the hole of one and blow it how the other empty space. Like a bar trick. But honestly I’d be completely devasted if it happened for real. Now that was just like the first 5 seconds of my dream. There was much, much more. Yet I was sleeping maybe 10-15min, if that. More like 8. But I know it quickly turned the focus to the actions and reactions of others and they pertained specifically to my sudden and multiple tooth loss. Then there was another point where I was felt almost drugged with a paralyzing dose of who knows what and all I could do was lay there on my stomach, unable to move at all, while I drooled on the floor. But I knew who was around me and there was life depending urgency. I needed to get moving. It was taking a very dark sinister turn and something bad was gonna happen.. I was angry and getting a scared too. Very. I knew I was dreaming but I was starting to lose that comforting knowledge that I would be awake soon. Before I was too immersed in such a strange, dangerous, scary dream, I made myself wake up. This happened in less than ten minutes when I dozed off on the couch. Now can someone analyze that little fragment of the dream for me please.

    • Dr. Orthstein

      Yeah. You’re batshit crazy.

  • Skylar

    I woke up to my dream where I was at school in the gym. Everyone was sitting in a circle, then all of a sudden I felt a rush of blood come out of my mouth along when with 2 teeth and 8 shattered pieces of the rest. The teacher helped me to the washroom. Then out of now where his mood changed, and then he tried to punch me with his weak hands for no reason. His image also changed, his weight and height went down. Then he just vanished. ~ Skylar

    Q: What does this dream mean?

  • ihatemyteeth

    for years and years I have had all different dreams of a tooth or multiple teeth coming out. there’s no other correlation with these dreams. I do have constant insecurities about my teeth and my smile while awake.

    • TeethFall

      so do I! For years, I’ve been having these dreams where i feel my teeth are about to come out, i can move them with my tongue, or they’re actually falling off. In real life i am insecure about my teeth and generally very stressed or hypochondriac-ish :/ . maybe i m grinding them at night but my boyfriend says he hasn’t heard me, and i assure you it’s a sound straight from Hell.

  • stephanie

    I dont normally remember my dteams once i wake up, but recently ive been remembering small details about my teeth in my dreams. Most recently when i woke all i could remember was thst one tooth fell out of my mouth. I got nervous but just put the tooth riht back in my gums. It slid right back in and didnt hurt. I remember thinking “well, ill just have to be careful when i eat.”

  • May Anne

    i wake up this morning .. i dreamed about all my teeth was turning that creates to much pain and my gums are slowing falling .. wat it means? .. im so afraid when i wake up and i ran to mirror to check my teeth , my heart was pounding to fast .. :|

    • Dr. Orthstein

      It means that you have been impregnated by Lucifer, and you are carrying the Spawn of Satan.


    In my dream I was home over my kitchen sink, I think I was doing something prior but I cant remember what exactly.
    Then I felt the sensation of a loose tooth then gradually I felt the sensation of spiting it out. But it very soon turned into me spiting up my back teeth but with small white balls. In the palm of my hands I held them and ran to show someone in my house. I ran toward my indoor porch and looked through the glass pane. I saw someone I knew outside and tried to signal to them. I couldn’t speak because the sensation of spiting up came over me again. Then I found my self on my knees spitting up again. This time all my teeth big and small came rushing out my mouth along with small white little balls, like a waterfall. As these fell through my hands I grabbed into something and tugged a little, as this waterfall thing continued, and felt a tug in my throat. I pulled and a white rosary necklace came up and out of my throat with a small wooden cross at the end of it. Then other one came up just after the first one. Both were lying in the pile of teeth and white balls I had threw up and still going. AS ALL THIS OCCURRED I DID NOT FEEL ANY PAIN. THERE WAS NO BLOOD…

  • Chrissy

    i woke up from a dream this morning (Thanksgiving day).
    I dreamt that my ex and his girlfriend
    (my two best friends) came to have dinner
    with us. My old best friend and i were
    standing in the kitchen, and I asked
    her how long she had been sexually
    active with my husband.Instead of tell-
    ing me, she opened her mouth and showed
    how all her back teeth were rotting at
    the gum line. What does this mean?

    • Dr. Orthstein

      It means your husband prolly has some kind of the Clap. You should seek treatment as well. Little bit of Penicillin should clear things up, but it sounds like it may be too late for your friend.


    For more than 6years have been having these constant re occuring dream of my teeth falling out,if am not exaggerating in the whole of all these years i dont think have had it less than 50times.There are times it breaks into piecies and it falls out,there are times it falls out with blood,and at times with my jaw bone.Can anybody kindly tell me what they think it means.

  • Miranda

    i had a dream that i was washing my teeth and all of my teeth fell out in the sink, the filled my mouth and they were hundreds i tried to spit them all in the sink and i was choking on them

  • Emily

    Just this morning, Nov 23rd.. I had a dream where i was fighting one of my bestfriends and after we were done, i felt one of my teeth starting to feel loose and i wiggled it with my tounge and it fell out into my hand and i felt another one gettin loose so i pulled that one out and then i started spitting out abunch of my teeth and i felt scared, i felt anxiety because i was scared that people were going to laugh at me because most of my teeth are gone. Then i woke up feeling scared and worried.

    What can this mean? please help

    • Dr. Orthstein

      As an expert in this area, I can tell you that this dream will be repeated until it eventually drives you insane. That is- UNLESS you replace the fear of being ridiculed with the fear of being naked in public. The best way to accomplish this is to travel to a place that will be very crowded- a shopping mall will do- and take off all of your clothing… ALL of it.

  • k

    just had a dream. short. i see my hand reach in my mouth (from both third and first person pov) and pull out the only molar i have left on the top left side of my mouth. i look at it rolling it around in my hand and i turn and hold it up to someone for them to look at, as if it is a trophy or something. any insights?

    • Dr. Orthstein

      You may want to do a little more flossing, a little less sugar.

  • Jae

    this interpretation is so on point! i just moved to a new area and I’ve been having a very difficult time adjusting. Thank you!

  • Julia

    I’ve had this reoccurring nightmare 3 times now. In the 2 times that I remember the most, my teeth continue to crack and fall out as I frantically try to put them back in my mouth. I’ve researched and found that these dreams can have both positive and negative meanings, although each time I’ve had the dream it is a very negative experience.

    I took a nap today and my dream was as follows:

    I was going about my regular, insignificant dream life when the teeth started falling out. First it was all my front teeth in groups of 2 or 3, like connected kernels on a cob of corn. Then all of my teeth on the side began cracking and falling out. I frantically tried to put them back and keep them in my mouth so the dentist could repair my teeth. Suddenly, my dad walked in. In the dream my dad was Alec Baldwin — irrelevant. I said, “Dad, we need to go to the dentist NOW!”. He says, “Oh, no worries, we’ll go tomorrow, or next summer!” I finally convinced him of the urgency and we sped to the dentist, which was housed in an old English estate building on a beautiful grounds. As soon as I got into the building, I was overcome with a sense of fear. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something didn’t feel right; although I have never been afraid of the dentist before. I told the dentist that I needed my teeth fixed immediately. I received the same response as the initial reaction from Alec Baldwin/dad: “We’ll do it next summer!”. Eventually the gave me the paperwork and we headed upstairs to get started on the surgery. There was a white door in an otherwise colorful room, with a beautiful view of the lawn outside. I was instructed to go through the door alone, that no members of my family could accompany me — even though I was quite scared — and that my younger sister (who I am very close with) would stand outside and hold the key. At the last moment, I grabbed my little sister and pulled her inside the door. We stood in scared silence for several seconds before my mom threw open the door. As soon as she closed the door behind her, she vanished, along with the surgical room down the hall. My sister and I turned around, and on a white wall were a series of corkboards, much like I have on the wall of my room. My corkboards have photographs mounted on decorative paper. In the dream, the same decorative paper framed hand-drawn pictures. One of these pictures was about the size of a stamp: a small picture of an airplane, mounted on blue paper. Rather than hanging flat like the rest of the pictures, this airplane kept rotating around it’s pushpin. At this point I realized something wasn’t right and eventually concluded that I was dreaming. I was still very scared by the dream and wanted it to end. The only thing I could remember was that in the movie Inception, the act of dying wakes up the dreamer. I had no idea if this had any element of truth to it or if it would work, but I grabbed my little sister by the hand and told her we had to jump out the window. She immediately responded, “No, Julia, I don’t want to die!”. But I assured her it was a dream and we had to end it. I should clarify that I was terrified, my fear of death/pain was still very real and I had no idea what the outcome would be. We were supposed to hold hands and jump at the same time, but at the last moment she jumped a second too soon and hit the pavement — dead. At this point I was devastated and still quite afraid, but I knew I had to jump now too. I took 3 deep breaths and I jumped. I fell quickly but as soon as I made contact with the pavement, I felt myself come back into my body in real life. I took a breath and sat up — in shock but thrilled to have a full set of teeth.

    What a dream.

    • Dude


  • Joy

    I’m almost 34 weeks pregnant and know this can be a common one in pregnancy. But in the dream I was doing outreach for work and was walking towards a home when I felt something in my mouth. Went in and pulled out the whole tooth, completely out already. I found it odd that the tooth was completely hollow with just a red tinged ring around the inner rim. A man in the dream goes, “oh yeah, your body’s telling you something”. I tucked it away, concerned but not panicked. Woke up and tongued the area, it felt so real! Just had my baby shower 2 nights ago and did a ton of cleaning yesterday. Who knows? Nice site!

    • Barry Rosen,Esq.

      If you think you have any idea who the baby’s father is, and would like to go after him in order to collect child support payments, I will be more than happy to represent you

  • Nathan

    I dreamed that my teeth were like in my rear end. My buttocks were buttocks but they had lipstick on them and I had teeth in my buttcrack. I was sleeping on my couch I fell asleep watching television with my girlfriend. Then my mouth on my butt burped. The teeth did not really look like teeth anymore. They were a dull pewter. The buttmouth burped again this time really loud. The pewter butt teeth did not fall out. Instead a pillow now covered them- a small throw pillow exactly like the one on our couch. I woke up and looked around. My girlfriend was really mad at me. The remote control for the television was stuck in the crack of my ass and there was one of our pillows smushed up against it. She told me that I was not ever allowed to eat deviled eggs and drink alot of beers no more as long as I was her boyfriend. I was sad and confused.

  • Valentina

    I had a dream where my front teeth were all pushed inwards and then the back ones, the big ones, started to pull away from the gums.

  • Jasmine

    I had a dream that a dog was pulling a string from my pants and it was getting tighter and tighter. I felt like something was wrong, as the dog kept pulling I felt my teeth tighten. Then I realized that there was string from my pants wrapped around my teeth !!! I heard a crunch sound and I could just taste the blood and I remember grabbing scissors and cutting the string. Then I looked in the mirror touched the tooth all the just came tumbling out.

  • Penesopheles

    I been havin Mad Trouble with my #2 and #4 bitches recently. Just not bringin me that coin like they should- I think they be holdin out on me but I aint sure. Anyways, I dreamed last night I was at The Pimp Ball in Madison Square Garden and ALL the biggest pimps was there- Ray-Ray, Flappy Slap, Megatron, LeDickkio, ALL them niggas was there. I was like memorized by all the disco ball lights and the whores and all. I had me a brand new cane with a real live pit bull head on it. It bit me right in the ass. My grill fell out. What do that mean?

  • Lhoyd Balajadia

    I dream last night that I am with my boss and all my teeth was falling and I don’t know why. And some of my teeth was falling on the sink.

  • Bobbi

    One of my top front tooth sticks out. And I’ve always wanted to do braces to push it in or smthg but recently I had accepted it and was totally cool with it.
    Last night I dreamed that that tooth fell off. I was actually laughing about it and was thinking that hey now I can go to a dentist and get an implant to replace this hole with a tooth that would fit perfect. Even my parents were encouraging me to do it.
    So all was good and we were all happy.
    Then afterawhile my teeth just suddenly all fell out and reduced in size while it was still in my mouth idk what happened after but all I remembered was that I was still happy (lol)

    Back to read reality, my day went exceptionally well, made a lot of new friends (like 15, I’m in uni) and everybody was complimenting me (like oookkaaaaaay) but yeah!

    One thing was that I’ve been bothered by a best friend that I have drifted from? Like we don’t even talk anymore but I’m totally cool w it

  • glidingneedles

    I have this type of dreams quite often – I move a lot (different country every two years or so an dabout to move again) so can relate to the “indication of change” interpretation above. Now that i’ve had it more than a few times, i can tell myself that i am dreaming and go lucid. Just becaused Im stressed a bit doesnt mean that I can’t have fun in my dreams!

  • kathy

    metal balls kept falling out of a tooth. as soon as i removed one another one fell down from my gums and into the tooth

  • Joy

    I keep having this recurring dream..It always starts out happy. But then my I notice something weird, my mouth is bleeding. And then gently, one after I start taking out tooth after tooth..usually about 7-10 teeth(the back ones). I always feel very anxious and confused about it in my dream. And when I wake up my day is quite depressing:(

    • Kohl

      I have almost the same dream, I spend most of the dream spending time with my girlfriend whom I never see due to distance. And then my mouth starts bleeding and I start effortlessly pulling out each tooth and at the end im just holding a handful of my own teeth

  • Arthur W. Epstein

    In my dream, my teeth dint fall out by my chewing gum did. I was on a beach. I pick it back up and start chewing it. Its crunchy. Then I wake up and find that I have been sleepwalking and I am in the laundry room and my face is in the litter box. I have a sizeable cat turd in my mouth. It is nowhere near as bad as I would have thought. I have actually had worse at Taco Bell. I am left with the feeling that I have liver in my mouth.

  • Xaviera

    my dream consisted of my tooth coming away but not only that part of my gum came away with it. I recall trying to hold it in my mouth and thinking how awful this must look and it freaked me out so much.!!!

  • V

    I dreamt that I was walking in a park with my bf and just plucked out NY two bottom front teeth together. I showed him and he was surprised and laughed a little. I could put them back but they were loose. I kept messing with them.

  • Dwaraka

    I dreamt my testicles came off , fell of to the ground while I was wiping myself after a bath.

  • Nikhil

    I had a horrible dream last night:

    I was drinking tea and suddenly I felt something hard in my mouth and I bit down on it and nothing happened so I spat it out into my cup and it was my front tooth! Then I realised all my teeth were now loose and falling out.

    That dream was one of the most vivid I’ve had in a while. The feeling was so intense, I think I remember waking up and actually feeling my teeth.

  • John Paul

    I dream of it but it is like a milk teeth when I was a kid, It doesnt fall out but Im the one who pulled it off. First, I move it sidewards then pull the tooth and no pain at all. I pull only three teeth.

  • Anonymous

    being in prison

  • Az Girl

    I experienced a dream where all my teeth were falling out but inside my mouth. I was trying to hold them in for fear of losing them. Nothing excited was going on in the dream. But this part was very distinct. Thoughts? Thanks!

  • Raymond

    I dream of all my teeth are falling out and I am spitting them out by the bucket load then I am thinking how come I have so many teeth but still but continue to loose by teeth over and over again

  • teethdreamer

    I have dreamt of my teeth falling out several times.
    I’m 37 years old, and i think such dreams started when i was a teenager probably 14. I can still remember some of those dreams till now.
    One was when I dreamt that one of my molar falls off. Then, another molar. And then many more molars — to the point that i was wondering how come i have so many molar teeth. There was no blood.
    But last was by far my worst teeth-fallin-out dream i’ve had so far. My mouth suddenly bled. I spit the blood on my hand and about 7 teeth came with it. My mouth kept bleeding, and more teeth fell off. I put them in a plastic container box. There were even metal pieces than came out of my gums, and i put them all in the container. Later on the container had more teeth that fell off my mouth. I tried to feel my gums, thinking that i have no more teeth considering how much teeth have fallen off. But only my lower gums have no teeth. I still have all my teeth in my upper gums. Yet my teeth continued to fall off. Then i saw the container full of broken teeth, metal pieces, including spoons and forks which i also got from my mouth. I woke feeling feeling like i just had a nightmare.

    • teethdreamer

      In all my teeth-falling-off dreams i felt no pain. Last night was the first time there was blood.

  • Kristian

    I had 2 separate dreams in the same night, both with my teeth falling out. The first one, I was laying in bed with my boyfriend, our dog, and a boy (who I assumed was our son). The boy laid on the ground with the dog and my boyfriend put his arm around me and I felt like one of my bottom teeth was loose. so I kept playing with it. then I felt something in my mouth so I went to the bathroom and spit all of my teeth into my hands. I panicked and ran into where my boyfriend was to show him and then I woke up.

    The second one, I was at the movies with my mom and 2 ladies I didn’t know. The whole movie, I was playing with that same tooth that was loose in the first dream. After the movie, we sat outside at a table and 4 guys came up to us. As soon as one started talking to me, I spit my teeth into my hands again. I kept them in my hand, looked at the guy and woke up.

  • Seth

    I’m in my underwear. I’m at the bus stop. It is raining but the rain is coming up from the ground and heading into the clouds. I see the bus it is coming but when it passes me my legs won’t move. I miss the bus. The clouds part and there is this giant man with a white beard and he says to me-” Half-caf skinny latte “…I tell him-” This is not a Starbucks, this is a bus stop.”… He scratches his head and says-” Just my luck”..I haven’t had a coffee since I stayed up all night and made Moses write down those ten things”..”This has to be the only street corner in America without a Starbucks”…I said-”Wait right here, I will get you one”… He said- “Nah”… “Forget about it”…”I have a ton of suffering to ignore”…I said-”You mean like the Holocaust?”..He said-”SHIT no!”.. .. “Adolph was one of mine”…”You think the world is fucked up now, just think what it would be like with six million MORE jews!”… Then I laughed and my teeth fell out…Oy vey!…

  • Vivien

    Teeth falling but new teeth growing

  • Keegan

    I’m in my dream with a friend at my house and she leaves and when i go upstairs to talk to my mom, I look in the mirror because my tooth feels weird and i look, and there are little surgery dots halfway through my tooth and i freak out becuase i wiggle it and it shows that itll break if a little more force is used, so i ran to my parents room and try to tell my mom without my teeth hitting together(because even that would make them fall out), I eventually am successful at beckoning her into the bathroom to check out my teeth and when i show her, my front tooth falls out, she seems concerned and tells me to show my father, and i go into the room, and show him and more of my teeth fall out, almost all of my top teeth are falling out and im crying now at this point coughing, i almost coughed something big up, but i happened to swallow it, now im showing my sisters in the kitchen and theyre all laughing at me… My parents didnt laugh though.. and the longer this dream goes on the more teeth i lose. I’ve been having multiple dreams of me losing teeth, but this is the first one that so many fell out, and this is the first one thats felt this real.

  • Stacy

    It was in about 1900s, we were all during in a sectioned train, some areas for poor and rich. At first I was in the poor section eating scraps, then the attendant said I was in the wrong area, moved me to the high class area to eat wonderful foods. My crown fell outand I also have a flipper. Some weird food got stuck and I kept pulling abd it wouldn’t come out until I pulled out my fake temporary tooth. Disturbing.

  • tbalx

    A close friend told me he had a dream about MY teeth falling out. I’m curious to know what it means when one dreams of someone else’s teeth falling out.

  • Iggy

    I’m in one of them fast ass raceboats and Jock Custodian, the dude from The Ocean thing, the Natural Geographic old guy. I look at the speed-o-meter and it says we are going 300 mph.We are in the pond at the park it may be like a acre or so. Alla sudden he puts on the breaks and we skid to a stop. There’s a Great White White Shark and he is like right there. Jock says to me-”Go ahead”… I said- “What?”… He said- “You must teabag him”.. I asked him why, and he said-”Because.” I said “Okay”, and dropped my sac on his nose. The shark wasted no time and bit my balls like they were Purina Shark Chow. I dint feel a thing, but the shark yelped real loud and all 3,745 of his teeth fell out. WTF?…

  • Mr. Jakk

    Usually when I have the teeth dream, its only one tooth, always a front lower incisor. I usually treat it like a minor inconveince, cram it back into place (painful, but minor), and move on with the rest of my dream…

  • Nakeya

    My dream was about all my teeth falling min by min and they all looked big as rocks and became a bunch of black tar in my mouth

  • Dr. Acula

    Sometime last week, I dreamed that my teeth fell out, I could fly, and I was being chased by vampires. I don’t remember any of the other details about the dream with the only exception being that when my teeth fell out, there was no blood and no pain. I was a little shocked, but I wasn’t worried or upset in any way. I’ve had lots of dreams about flying and even more about being chased by vampires, but this was my first dream about losing my teeth. Even my dreams of being chased by vampires are predictable. The majority of the details are always different, but in most of the dreams I’m being chased by either a vampire who says he’s the king of all vampires, or else I’m being chased by one or more of his goons. There was one time, though, where instead of vampires chasing me, it was headless-zombies. Yet another time, it was wizards that chased me.

    • Dr. Acula

      Something I forgot to mention in my above post: In the dream where the vampire-king is chasing me, I always feel like he’s my father.

  • Grace from Philipines

    I have a dream last night that the entire tooth is removed entirely. How did it happened?. Due to braze my teeth is not well settled, now I adjust it, now happened I deleted what I did today I will treat him been excluded deleting my whole teeth I’ve been left him extremely ugly teeth. I felt too sick to my teeth. I really had a hard time too, Suddenly I woke up of too much pain what I felt…And when I woke up I thought really true of what happened to me. But I felt really deep pain happened to woke me. What does it mean?Please give some true advise or answer. Thanks soOo much..

    • Derek

      I had a dream just like it!! I have dreams all the time and it freaks me out. i finally decided to go find out the answer. I’m thinking about purchasing a dream expert training program online and it’s really pricey but i think its gonna work. i think it’s like $660 or something….would you pay that much for a dream program?? i really wanna know whats going on

      • Nikki

        Looks like our feelings are mutual when it comes to dreams…

  • Yesenia

    I dreamed I was on the side of a volleyball court, getting ready to rotate in, when the girl in front of me was roughhousing with her friend and accidentally hit my mouth with her elbow. I was so pissed, that I ran to the bathroom. I stood in front of a mirror and saw my front tooth fall out. I was SO worried, angry, and crying for myself all at the same time. I was trying so hard to put my tooth back in place, (I tried about 20 times) but it still kept falling out. I finally stopped trying, and figured I could just get a fake tooth to replace it. Then I woke up.
    - I’m a pro volleyball player, haven’t played in a long time, and next week, I’m going to start it up again
    - Also, my boyfriend broke up with me a week ago, and just last night, (the same might I had the dream) he told me he still has some feelings for me

  • lkjlk

    In my dream a tooth was loose so i touched and wiggled it as i would in real life if my tooth was loose then suddenly it would fall out along with several other of my teeth and i would angle my head down and they would fall out, some where whole teeth others appeared chipped and broken, it left me confused in my dream. But the weird thing for me is that once my teeth fell out there where new teeth in place already

  • Narruc lagref

    I dreamt all my teeth fell out in one movement

  • ~Maggs

    What does it mean when you dream of having sex with an incarcerated friend?

    • LaFeeseas

      It mean you stir crazy…

  • Scarlett

    my teeth-falling-out dreams are mostly always the same. i feel an immense pressure in my mouth. my teeth feel as though they are all being pushed together by some unknown force. it’s as if my upper and lower jaw bones are shrinking, and that’s what’s forcing the teeth to become so close in proximity. my teeth begin to crack; and i can feel them becoming loose. in some dreams they start to fall out one by one, and in other dreams i am able to pull them out as if they were a pair of dentures. (i don’t wear dentures.) sometimes they grow back, and the same thing happens over and over again until i wake up. other times one just snaps off due to the pressure. in one dream, i felt the same pressure i usually feel, and rather than the entire tooth falling out, it just breaks off. there’s a small stump of a tooth left behind. these types of dreams happen to me so often, that even in my dream when it’s happening, i don’t freak out; i know that either my teeth will grow back, or not all of them will fall out. in the stumpy-tooth dream i described above, i didn’t worry at all, i simply just placed the tooth back onto the stump to see if it fit snugly. it did, and i then went about super-gluing it back into place; no big deal. i always feel a pressure though, in these kinds of dreams. it’s not painful, there’s no blood ever. they just come out.

  • Kristen

    Last night I had the most terrifying dream I think I have ever had. That’s saying something considering that I had frequent night terrors all my life. Anyway, in my dream I was in a large institution of some sort. Not sure if it was a college or museum, but there were lots of people there bustling about and minding their own business. I was walking alone when one of my teeth fell out. It was almost entirely painless, but freaked me out, so I went to the bathroom to check it out. When I arrived at the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and discovered that the tooth directly next to the one that had just fallen out was lose. I wiggled it a bit and it, too, fell out. Then, one by one, I watched my teeth come lose, and I would pull them out. I couldn’t stop myself from pulling them out, and I was crying the entire time. I wasn’t crying because it hurt, I was just terrified. The process of pulling them out was actually almost entirely painless. After all of my teeth fell out, I ran from where I was in search of someone who could help me. My hands carried my teeth and were covered in blood from my mouth. I eventually found a doctor who put all of my teeth in a jar and then told me there was nothing they could do for me. That’s about the time I woke up.

    • Narruc lagref

      I used to have terrible nightmares then somewhere I read
      Sleep to the left
      Sleep to the north.
      Lavender oil….put some on your pillow…sniff some…put in bath .
      Now I don’t have nightmares which were scary.


  • Megan

    Last night I had a dream that I was at my friend’s house. All of the sudden my teeth started falling out one by one. I counted 32 of my teeth that eventually ended up on the floor. Then, my whole jaw bone came out of my mouth, so I placed it next to my teeth. The weird part was that my gums and tongue were still intact even after the removal of my facial bones. I looked in te mirror to see that new teeth (specifically the front ones) were coming in to replace the ones that had fallen out; butthese new teeth were easily movable and not stable. My sister and I left (with my teeth and jaw in our hands) and went to the creek where there was a memorial service for a character from a show I recently got into. We looked around, and then dropped my teeth and jaw into the ground. While we were walking away, I saw that someone had placed a golf ball between my upper and lower facial bones that were lying on the ground.

    • LaFeeseas

      You crazier than a squirrel . That is turrible. For first off- you ain’t got no friends because that dream was last night. It’s ironical that you use the number 32 because that is the same number of teeth that human beings and privates also have. Megan is also a very real fake name. I, who are worlds above you on account of I am replying to you know seven Megan’s and three of them are men.You obviously had you a forty with the Tee-Vee on the Golf Cannel when you was asleep and you all I’m so this and that but you ain’t even got a apostrophy in your name. Pwned

      • joyce


      • Scarlett


  • Bucko

    In my dream I’m at a bar and I’m like hammered and a female. I think it was walked near me and I reached out to catch my balance but instead my hand pretty much I guess went up her dress and when it came out it had the strings from a tampon snarled around it and there was a popping noise like uncorking a champagne bottle and my hand came out with a tampon tied to it. Her boyfriend was like 6 foot 11 and he asked me what was in the hell going on and I told him that he could beat my ass if he wants to but his newborn son was a tiny midget mummy with hemophilia and he prolly wouldn’t live anyway. The guy hit me once and I woke up in the ambulance with no teeth. My teeth fell out because I was drunk or my teeth fell out in a dream I don’t know.

  • DoJo

    I just dreamed that my teeth fell out cos its already loosing so I pulled it out then I said to someone about my dream and in our culture when you say that before eating or biting a plant someone might die.
    is that true?.. coz I really am afraid even right now.
    Please help for replies.

  • Weaser

    Last night I dreamed I had elefantitis and had to carry my balls around in a bigass weelbarrel. I was just minding my own business when all of a sudden I passed a construction site and these ass whole construction workers started throwing chunks of concrete into my weelbarrel and crushing my nut sac. It wasn’t just one or two it was like 50. My skrot felt like it gonna splode. It hurt real bad. Then my teeth started to fall out. Then I woke up and what happened was I was sitting my sisters five kids and I had fell asleep and I had gym shorts on and my balls come out and them little bastards was throwing wallnuts from the coffee table with the shells on them the real big hard ones right at my boys. I don’t know why but it made my teeth fall out too.2CUY

  • Jeraldin

    What does it mean when all your back teeth fall out ?

    • Dr.Orthstein

      It means it’s time to give up chewing bubble gum.

  • Ann Marie

    I had a dream firstly that the sewage mains overflowed out of my wardrobe and then took over the house, we had to get on top of a cabinet to escape it, then when it had gone everything was covered in faeces, after that my teeth started becoming loose and falling out one by one, I kept trying to put them back in but they were still loose and eventually all feel out into my hand! Bizarre! I have had the dream about the teeth before but never the sewage! What does it mean?

    • Dr.Orthstein

      Time to move your toilet bowl out of your wardrobe. WHO does that kind of shit, anyways?….Hang your knickers in a closet like everyone else. What, were you born in a barn?

  • lillie

    i was putting on makeup in my room. i felt an ache in my back teeth and i pried my lips apart to see what the ache was. half of my back teeth were about to fall out, however, there was one thing that kept them from falling out. there was a red rubber tub and a silver tube holding onto them. i poked at them and my whole line of teeth & gums disconnected from my jaw. i ran to my mom and showed her what happened. she simply shrugged and said “oh thats nothing”
    a few moments later my whole bottom gum line had disconnected from my jaw.
    what does my dream mean i am desperate to know !

    • Dr.Orthstein

      Your mom hates you and she dresses you funny. It will take an Act of God to prevent you from becoming a prostitute or worse. All of this could have been prevented by simply flossing on a regular basis.

  • Tyrese

    I was in my Summer dress. We had marshmallows. There were poodles or bichon frisée, depending on the light and tine. My dress was Lake Placid blue with white polka dots, but tasteful, not like Zooey Deshanel or her retard sister; I looked like a million dollars. My friend Calista was there, but her face seemed different. She had, like, I don’t know, maybe three hundred teeth. I saw my reflection in a silver tray the help was porting, and I, too had at least 200 teeth. Suddenly , Calista’s teeth all became one huge incisor, and she ate the dogs along with the marshmallows. There was toffee and chocolate and lap dogs. I saw my reflection again, and it was like I was Korean or something. I, too had one single big tooth. I smelled toast burning and my face got numb. The wire rim wheels on an old British car became my new home. I was skewed in vision , perhaps by 45 degrees. My vagina was now just below my nose and I was in a bar in Halifax. I got raped by toothless drunken Canadian dishwashers until I became Oprah. Rich, now, but relentlessly hampered by my blackness, and constrained by the America that allows asphalt to cover her highways, I decide to become white and I marry Brad Pitt, and adopt all of Africa and then my lower left bicuspid becomes loose. I wiggle it and my breasts become bronze and I defecate a Ford Taurus with all the extras. I drive right the Hell out of this dream.

    • Nick

      Asshole copycat

  • Mac Daddy Rufus

    Other night I had me a dream. Honeys all up in it. We was pitching the wang dang doodle all night long and my boy Anfernee had him a forty in both hand like always and still be hittin him a blunt. Anyways I fount myself goin down this long tunnel and I felt all wet but I could see erry few yards it was a slit of light from above then it hit me. I was in a damn sewer!…For real!.. I musta felt asleep and crunked out and roll in the John Brown sewer!… Then my grill fell out. I said-”Sheeeeeit!”… ” Who got time for that?!?”….

  • johanie

    well minds was scary be case one by one my tooth them keep breaking in my mouth and i spite them in my hand.

  • Maropeng

    In my dream I was so sad, I went running to my grandparents bedroom (they passed away).my grandmother was holding me asking what’s wrong? I couldn’t speak clearly because my teeth we’re lose, I lost my first two teeth then the rest fell down, I was so sad. In my dream my brother was taking pictures & was going to publish this on the news papers and I was unhappy about that.at a far distance some1 was so pleased that I never succeeded in what I wanted, but that made be to be more determined, at this stage I was bit calm my gums were Strong & my teeth started to grow and they were strong…(I am like sex, but I can’t be with someone for a long period of time) :(

  • Alex

    So the first time ever that I had this dream was last night. My teeth fell out, leaving me with these teeth: my bottom teeth remain on the right side, and the top teeth remain in the middle. All others are gone. It left me with a hard time talking.

  • Dude

    In my dream I’m having sex with Queen Elizabeth. She likes it rough and I’m slapping the piss out of her. Suddenly she says-”Du ga whiffle ding!” I ask her what she said and tell her I can’t understand her accent. She reaches into a glass on her dresser and puts her teeth in and says -” Dear boy please do the nipple thing!” I don’t know what she means but like it is in dreams, now I have a pair of 14″ Channel lock pliers in my hands. I grasp both of her nipples in the pliers, put my foot between her breasts, and pull with all my might. They stretch, like as far as I can reach in this position and it looks like I’m making poodles with balloons at a kid’s birthday party. I let go, and a snapping noise like a bullwhip goes off. She laughs and it sounds just like Seth Rogen. Then the roof of Buckingham Palace opens up, and a spaceship is overhead. It beams me up- just me, no queen. I’m surrounded by aliens and they all look EXACTLY like Kim Kardashian, except their breasts are where their buttocks should be, and their buttocks are where their breasts should be. Actually, there is very little difference in the overall look. I ask them if they are going to probe me anally, and they all say in unison-” No.”..”That is an urban myth”.. I’m relieved…. Then they tell me that I have been selected to educate the people of Earth; make them smarter. They tell me that they will know if the people of Earth are any smarter by monitoring our media waves, and if less people are listening to country music and rap, or not watching Duck Dynasty or Keeping Up With the Kardashians, our planet will be saved. Otherwise they will return and probe us all anally until we die. Then my teeth fell out…. Wierd, huh?…

    • Queen Elizabeth

      Wooo, I had the same exact dream, except I was Queen Elizabeth and I slipped some Dude a ruphy colada. I then let my alien friends into the palace, all shape-shifted as Kim Kardashian. They then proceeded to insert a probe into his anus until he ejaculated. His sperm was used to create a hybrid offspring which looked just like Si from Duck Dynasty. Fully bearded, with camo skin and all . Then the aliens downloaded a lot of BS information into his brain to cover up his anal raping. Immediately after that, he randomly started smacking me and yanking on my nipples with some fucking 14″ channel lock pliers and I knocked his teeth out. So no… not weird at all.

      • BS

        Im calling bullshit. lol

  • Ben

    I tend to get this sort of dream about 6 times a year at least for the last 5 years. Don’t have a solid idea why, probably something to do with me not being very confident in most social situations.

    In them, everything is going fairly normally, until I feel a tooth start coming loose, and I don’t know why, but I seem to clench my jaw and bite down on it, and it makes it worse, to the point where the tooth pretty much gets crushed. It hurts, and its messy, and you get the idea. It’d be great if these dreams would stop. Any ideas?

    • Mayuri

      Lisa! I can’t believe you have aenohtr blog. Something else for me to stalk (apart from the jeffandlisa blog). I could not resist commenting on this. I am so absolutely happy for Jeff and you. Parenting is the best thing that happend to Ej and me too. And I can totally relate to knowing how such a small little bean makes such a BIG impression in your life. Good luck guys!

  • Tracy

    I have a tooth that has been filled which isn’t 100% and annoys me sometimes….. In my dream this tooth snapped and fell out leaving a smooth white surface aligned with my gum. I initially was shocked but when I looked in my mouth I thought this May be better for me.. I then saw the tooth next to it was very loose but didn’t fall out. Is hoped it would strengthen in time and I think it did a little. Again not 100%, but didn’t fall out. Can you make any sense out of this dream please. Thankyou x

  • billi

    i frequently dream of having sex with a person I dont know and I cant even see his face but I always wake up with an orgasm.What does my dream mean.I am female.

    • Kreap

      I dunno…. What’s your number?

  • Ashley

    Last night, I spent most of the night randomly waking up and falling back to sleep – I could tell that I was trying to suppress something. My Dream consisted of the following items; pulling my teeth out and new ones being there (I am 27 years old – new teeth would not be there) and being engaged to my best friend (male) and then cheating (done by him).

    Dream part 1: I am out with friends/family was at a BBQ and we are enjoying the sun – laughing and talking among-est each other, as the sun is setting. I find myself, thinking i have something stuck in my back teeth near my wisdom and I start pulling on it, and the tooth falls out – then I feel all my teeth become very loose and I pull on them — having all my teeth from my mouth in my hands (and were I am panicking) as I see them – i rub my tongue across my teeth and realize that there are new teeth there. (wake up)

    Dream part 2: I was walking into a party with friends and family members and we were laughing and enjoying ourselves, at one point the music stops and my best friend (male) gets on the mic and says “i have loved you since I first laid eyes on you.. (Bends down).. Ashley, will you marry me” there were tears everywhere and everyone kept saying “finally” – we are so glad that you both realized that you are meant to be together. You could feel the amount of LOVE there was in the room, and he looked at me like I was a million dollars…so many kisses and hugs, we were even intimate.(woke up)

    Dream part 3: Upon getting engaged we were living separate from each other and as tradition after work I came over to see him. His house looked very different than it does now. I knocked on the door and he wasn’t answering. So I rang the doorbell, and he walks out of a room – towards the door in his underwear looking at me strangely. I said “hey, just stopping over – to see you and see what’s going on” (it was a very odd interaction for best friends but best friends who just recently became engaged months before). One detail that kept sticking out when speaking with him, was there were so many cars outside his house. He said, “I am busy right now — and I will have to talk with you later.” I looked at him funny, and said “what do you mean? What are you doing?” and he pointed to his underwear and he said “what do you think….. Having sex”… as I am walking away confused to my car about the situation (thinking okay, he just wants time alone, I will stop over later)… I then, notice his ex-girlfriend car is there; I walk back to the door and he says, (just looking at me) “Yes she is here.” … I then start walking towards the car in rage and I find myself keying her car and driving home. (Woke up)

  • Caroline

    I’m 20 and i just had my first teeth falling out dream. I was having problems with my boyfriend (in the dream) but then we made up and I was happy and i went to his parents house but they were different people and his mom was annoyed with me for some reason (in real life she likes me) and then a tooth fell out and it was all bloody so i went the bathroom to see it and another fell out, but i was weirdly casual about it and figured it was ok because they were my wisdom teeth. Then i woke up really suddenly and felt to see if my teeth were still there and realized i had slept in. The transition in life theory kind of makes sense for me, I am going to big life changes and am in the process of sponsoring my boyfriend to live in canada with me, which is a big long process that i have been thinking about a lot the last few days and i guess is a transition into adulthood? maybe i was so casual about my teeth falling out because our relationship is going well and the transition feels natural? (in real life, apparently not as well in the dream)

  • Susanne

    Last night in my dream, I don’t remember where I was or what I was doing but I think I was eating and chewing when my top rear molar just fell out. When it landed in my hand it was perfectly clean and sparkling white even though I was eating – there was not a speck of blood or food on it and no food left in my mouth. Looking closer at the tooth I noticed it had 4 roots, one of which was broken off about half way but other than that it was perfectly healthy.

    There are a lot of things going on in my life right now like separation from my husband (a couple of months ago but decided and most welcome on both sides over a ear ago) and a currently ongoing job search simultaneously in healthcare and administration, which landed me a perspective interview for an office position. I wonder if this dream was telling me I don’t really want this particular position b/c I’d rather work with people. But office work pays better and has better hours which I need b/c of my daughter. So my heart want to aim for healthcare with irregular hours and bad pay but my head says go into office work b/c you need the money.

    Anyone have an idea what this dream was trying to tell me?

  • Anonymous

    Had a dream I was on the way to meet my Friend guy and all of a sudden my teeth start falling out in the front and bottom can any one help me very good at breaking a dream down but this is far off

  • judd hughes

    this happens to me all the time it has for years and it frightens me.. I’m 19 it started happening when i was around 13-14 but i dream wether it be at a function or just at home that i chew on my teeth so hard inside my mouth that they come loose and it spit them into my hand with a lot of blood. it has come to the point where i don’t want to sleep- i think it is somewhat to do with my emotional state and transitioning into a man in a society in which i cannot understand– someone help ?

    • Captain Obvious

      Are you in a closet in these dreams?…Perhaps you should consider coming out.

  • p

    May 25, 2014

    I don’t remember exactly were I was but I was doing something in my dream, any who my teeth just started to fall out then i started pulling them out with no pain no blood. Then I looked into the mirror and saw that majority of my teeth were gone. I then found myself in the car with my guy. I was embarrassed to show him but I did and he looked at me like wth! I have been feeling down in reality kinda confused with my relationship with my guy. What does this mean?

  • Arelly

    I need help finding out what my dream meant. I dreamed that my front teeth were falling out. First they were really loose and the more i would try to keep it from falling completely it would be worse. I would tell my mom to look at my teeth and all i could think of is going to the emergency room so they can put my teeth back. 3 of my teeth fell out but no blood came out. I did dream that when they were out i had the tip of the other ones coming out like if the ones that fell were my baby teeth but i knew in my dream that they werent. I ended up driving to a store kind of like walmart and people were fighting and i was looking to help my teeth. I felt like i was far away from home and i tried to leave fast so i bought baby wipes. After i left i left but i had a hard time driving it was complicated. All i wanted to do is go to the dentist i was afraid people were going to make fun of me. I just recently got in a car accident and was rushed to the hospital and i am pregant maybe my dream had to do something with that.

    • Rick Perry

      Here’s what you do. Before you go to bed, place a hammer beneath your pillow. When your teeth start falling out in your dream, you reach under your pillow, retrieve the hammer, and knock your teeth back in. That’s what I do.

  • gina

    people were standing looking out on the balconies of the condo. Then it swayed and fell… Then the other condos like dominoes fell too.

  • Shartimus Gordon

    Last night I dreamed I was at the Alamo. We was all there, Daniel Boone, Davey Crockett, LBJ, Errybody… All of a sudden out from nowhere, a bazillion Mexicans showed up.. Davey Crockett turnt to me and said-”Who ordered concrete?!?”.. Then my teeth fell out. What do it mean?

  • lynn

    I dreamed I was looking at a gap in my teeth that wasn’t really there in real life, and my lower right canine fell out with gums and all. Then later one in the dream my left lower canine falls out. The weird part is that later on I was being chased by a clone of my dad who was evil guess you could say, when he touched me it was like he was burning my skin. Searing pain on my bare skin back, he asked me to go get this katana sword and i instantly was all turned on and sweating. I instantly became obediant. So I told him i would go and get it.
    What does this mean.

  • Tina

    Last night I dreamt 16 teeth fell out. It felt so real and I was in shock but not freaking out. What does this mean? It was weird that my mouth was full of teeth and that is when I spitted them out in my hand and that is when I counted 16 teeth. Also, one tooth was broken and it reminded me of a broken wood chip or something.

    • lynn

      what happened to u when u were 16? Is 16 a special number to you some how?

  • Abs

    This is a reoccurring disturbing dream. I’m alone somewhere, there’s nothing around me at all, I’m not standing on anything. It’s just me, I’m there and I can feel a loose tooth, I move the tooth with my tongue, it comes of my gums and I can taste blood. Then my mouth starts to fill up with teeth and I move my tongue around and I can just feel them all, I can taste the blood, feel the texture of the teeth and hear the clinking of them together. It feels so real I check my mouth in the mirror in the morning.

  • Charri

    I was hanging out with my 2 college friends at the mall and I was talking about where I wanted to work for or have my ojt. Then we decided to go at the 4th floor, we used this weird manual elevator that only two people fit and was controlled by some wheel that needs to be turned. So my 2 friends were ahead of me, and I got scared because I don’t have a companion but the security guard came along with me and I was so scared inside the “elevator” that I was holding onto the guard and wanting to get out. Then after I finally got out, I saw my friends waiting and they have no idea where to go then that’s when my teeth started chipping and falling. And it was so many front teeth that I was gonna cry because I’m going to be ugly as f and I was scared that my dentist was gonna get mad at me because I wasnt taking monthly check ups anymore then I had the feeling that it was a dream so I told myself to wake up then I did in reality.

  • sugey

    I dream I was driving to.a store and out of no where I ran over a dog few minutes later o my back teeth became to fall off

  • Chris

    So it started I was eating with two males. I don’t remember who they are. Then shortly after, two females show up I remember they were both attractive. So as I introduce myself to the one sitting next to me my tooth with a filling chips does not fall out completely. The female is not freaked out but the male is. I actually even had teeth fall into her lap. Still she was fine. I never panicked but convinced myself that I was dreaming then remember feeling for my teeth with my tongue and they were still there. Funny thing is I am still holding my teeth in my hand and the female has some still in her lap. Even after convincing myself I’m dreaming it doesn’t end. I am losing teeth again. I think to myself it must be real. Holding all of these teeth in my hand, I wake up and it is just my iPhone. Don’t know what any of it means

  • celeste

    This is just one of the THOUSANDS of teeth-falling dreams I’ve had over the course of my 16 year old life. I just had it an hour ago when I woke up from a nap, panting. Here’s how it went:
    I wear braces on my upper jaw, and I’m getting them off on the coming Monday. In my dream, my parents told me to go to my room because they wanted to watch a movie (this doesn’t make sense they never do this). When I went to my room, I realized one of my braces from my right canine fell off, followed by the one next to it. In real life, I don’t wear the wire since the orthodontist took it off a while ago, but I had it in the dream. Therefore it caused an excruciating pain and a screamed. One by one, the rest of the braces broke off too. I was screaming and crying and I came out of the room to tell my parents, but they ignored me. I yelled at them, and went to my brothers room (who’s 11) and stood in front of the mirror checking my teeth and crying. He kept kicking me and teasing me. I told him to stop but he just continued. And then I don’t remember what happened but I woke up panting intensely.
    Its extremely stupid and irrational, That I’m actually crying as I’m typing this. I really don’t understand what’s happening to me. Its nothing to cry about. I’m so confused..

    • Caroline

      that sounds pretty scary, crying doesn’t seem unreasonable

  • Kusimba

    Dreams about pride and wedding

  • Kusimba

    A crowd budding farewell to a pride who is crying

  • Jolynn Montes

    Well I remember crying non stop and my kids handsome other males were around my ex’es.While crying I put my hand over my mouth trying to put my tooth back and then the other teeth start falling to. Still I have my hand on my mouth and still crying hard. .

  • Dagmar

    In my dream other day I lay back in long green chair. There is a very bright light in my eyes. A man stand over me with some kind tool and I hearing a small streams of waters run on my left side. I remember pain and a sounding in my mouth like small rocks hitting metal. I wake up in the car my wife drive me to our home. When I get home one of my tooth gone. Am I die soon? My friend Sven tell me I will be die soon on this dream.

  • Alexis

    I have a dream about my teeth all crumbling once a week maybe. The situations are always different but the way they fall out is always the same. Slowly, painfully, and not all at once. They fall out in bits and pieces instead of tooth by tooth. Often times I wake up sweating or even crying. My boyfriend and I live together so he is here every night and often shakes me awake because I’m crying, sweating, or tossing back and forth. These dreams have been going on for a year or so and happen so often. Please help me analyze this!!

  • Jezebelle

    I was looking in the bathroom mirror and my tongue slid across a back tooth which started crumbling in my mouth. I was trying to get all the pieces out and feeling very scared. I looked in the mirror and smiled. I could see that I looked goofy with the missing tooth and began to worry. Shortly thereafter, while still in the bathroom, all the rest of my back teeth began falling out-but they were root and whole. I was looking at my teeth gathered in my hands and started crying. I still had my front teeth; top and bottom. Then some stranger came into the picture and told me I had used to much salt in the saltwater I had pre-rinsed my mouth with and it relaxed my gums so much that my teeth came loose. I woke myself up whimpering and sweating.

  • tamara u

    I dreamed that it was morning andthe sun shine coming through my bedroom window.I sat up and all my teeth were falling out and I wasn’t scared, but I was trying to figure out what was going on and trying to catch my teeth falling out. My room was very bright with bright sun light.

  • Monica P

    I’m very worried about having these dreams. Please Reply back if you have anything to Say, My dream started off at my house. All my family members were over since we were celebrating my older brothers birthday. He is now gone and not with us anymore, he past away 1 year ago and it was very hard for all of us.I was very happy to see him in my dream and spend some time with him but later on I felt my teeth began to feel loose.. very loose so I go to the bathroom and open my mouth to take a look in the mirror and notice at least 5 teeth were loose. I pulled all of them out and I was freaking out! My boyfriend then came into my dream and saw that my teeth were falling out. He asked me if everything was okay he ended up helping me pull my last tooth out and I could finally talk! It was super weird and not ask if them feel out but it felt so real and felt sad the fact that my teeth were falling out.

  • Nikki

    I dreamed all of my teeth were falling out on by one and being replaced by an alien form of teeth. I was scared and I ran to my mom (who’s been gone now for three years), and she was there to guide, comfort and reassure me but we were both concerned as to why this was happening. The alien teeth were more like white posts rather than human looking teeth.

    Anyone have any thoughts? On a side note, I’ve dreamed about losing a tooth before but never all of them, never going to my mom, and never replaced by alien teeth. So bizarre.

  • Justin

    I dreamed I was on a Pirate ship with all my sister’s friends and all the teeth from my zipper on my jeans fell out and this bigass white cannon came out. WHAT could this POSSIBLY mean?!?!?!?.

    • Anonymous

      Means you wish you had a big cock. But in reality you are embarrassed to display the small piece of flesh between your legs.

    • Anonymous

      It could mean that you are attracted to your sister’s friends and they give you a boner. Or maybe it’s just one of your sister’s friends. Either way.. I think you’re hot for at least one of your sister’s friends.

  • Evie-anne

    I had a dream last night and once I told my mother about it she said to look up the meaning of my dream so I did but found nothing that fit the description of my dream. In my dream my teeth were quite simply falling out, I was spitting out groups of four or five teeth throughout the course of my dream yet nobody cared or took any notice of me whilst this was happening. On a few sites I read that it could be a desire to tell the truth or reveal something that you have been bottling inside of you. I was just wondering if anybody had some insight to my dream and what it might mean.

    • Nikki

      Maybe you are facing a change in your life that is stressful or an event and the fact that nobody noticed you were losing group of teeth is a symbol that you feel a lack of support from others in your life about this change or stressful event in your life.

    • Kayla

      Omg I had the same exact dream last night I’m 14 and I never had a dream that was so frightening. I remember in my dream that I was almost choking on the teeth that were falling out and I would spit them right back up. All of my teeth in the dream fell out.

  • Deborah Arthur

    Dreamt that my teeth all fell out with the exception of front teeth. I tried to find my boyfriend in the dream who incidentally happens to be my friend that I dated long ago
    I feared in the steam that he would see that my teeth were missing. I then woke up.

  • Dr. Orthstein

    I am both a dentist and a psychiatrist. In my practice, every single time that someone’s spouse has dreamed that they had a tooth fall out, the other spouse was dead within six months. My advice to you would be to either get your affairs in order and make peace with your God, or max out every single line of credit that you can establish,drink all the alcohol and take every recreational drug that you can get your hands on, and begin as many hour-long relationships with prostitutes that your finances will allow.

    • Kyle

      Thank You dentist, Im forever in debt to your priceless advice.

      • daymev


    • anonymous


  • kisor

    I wss sleeping at the day time. I sae a dream that my teeth is moving or forcing to fall ..I try to control a lot but I cant and finally entire teeth from my mouth fell down but amazing part is that when I again checked my mouth still I got all yhe teeth it was like handfull of extra teeth fell from my mouth….kindly interpret the meaning of this kind of dream..

    • LOLO

      I had the EXACT same dream only the teeth were falling out and they were in weird shapes, but just like your they were in handfuls and my jaw hurt so much it felt tense and I couldn’t open it at all without it hurting. It was really stiff. Also I was ashamed of people looking at my teeth so I would enclose myself in the dream

    • Kristy

      Same here — I spat out a handful of teeth and pieces, but then looked at my teeth in a mirror and they were still mostly there, I just remember one or two looking chipped.

      I don’t know who the people around me were, but there were three other girls having the same problem in my dream. I felt like they were meth heads, though.

  • yonna

    Im dreamimg with my mother who is dead already since 2005 that she is with my son 5 years old then im dreaming that my tooth is remove from a doctor .what is the meaning of this.?

    • Captain Obvious

      It means you failed ESL…

  • Eliana

    My bottom teeth were very loose. If I touched them, they would all shift to one side and move very easily. I could feel how loose they were, and I could also taste the blood in my mouth. My teeth reminded me of someone playing piano keys, that is how my teeth seemed to move. I would press down on them so they wouldn’t come out. But they would still listen up.

  • superguy

    My wife dreamt of her tooth falling.is it true that someone closed to you will die?

    • Anonymous

      No, dude. If you read the part on this page above the comments you would know that it is just a myth.

  • Angie

    I had a nasty dream that my toddler and I were visiting someone and they were distracting me while the baby left the room, she started screaming and I went into the hallway to see she had fallen and her gum and whole row of front teeth were hanging out of her mouth, I was so horrified I woke up straight away.

  • Grandpa

    I dreamed that the country was in, like , a Civil War. I was watching. After the country was ravaged a alien race of people who looked like us, but had no morals and a evil agenda came from afar and established banks and newspapers and took the country over and the next thing you know after they had established a Social Security system and a income tax, they monetized and had bought all our congressmen and senators and presidents and we were enslaved to them.They put a monkey in the White House and gave all our money to beaners and chinamen and push starts and all. They ran our economy; Hell- even a pair of jeans cost $50 and $ 45 went to ads on the tee vee.They only made up 2% of our populace, but they owned 98% of everything.Funny thing was- if you pointed your finger at them, the idiots around you would grab you and take you to a place far away.I lost my teeth a long time ago

    • Anonymous

      Are you sure this was a dream? other than the part at the beginning about the country being in a civil war, this sounds like real life. There have already been at least 2 monkeys in the white house just in my lifetime.. George W. Bush and Barrack Obama. The truth is, this country (USA), and possibly the rest of the world as well, is run by the richest people. They only make up about 1-2% of our population, but they run the show. Our president, senators, and congress don’t run this country, the top 1-2% run this country. The president, congress, and senators are just their puppets. These people don’t care about us. They only care about themselves, their families, and their money. Heck, for all I know, maybe they don’t even care about their families, either. And if you try to bring these facts to peoples attentions, the reality is that they’re probably going to think that you have lost your mind. The might even assume that you never had a mind to begin with. And the jeans thing… My brother bought a pair of jeans a few years ago that cost him $75, and they had holes in them.

      P.S. If you look up the world “congress” in a dictionary, one of the definitions is “a group of baboons”. It’s not important to my point, but I just thought it might get you to chuckle a bit.

  • Jacquie

    I dreamed last night that my fillings were falling out, and my teeth came along with them! But underneath, there were new teeth growing! Anyone know what this means?

    • Nikki

      Sound like there is a change happening in your life and you are releasing the past and seeing the new and future events that are inevitable.

  • Molly

    I had the dream just now where my teeth were falling out. I had denture-like implants as well, and I took those out to find my natural teeth destroyed and falling out. I was at my parents house in and out of the bathroom trying to to find the words that my teeth were falling out, but all they could do was try to give me vacuum cleaners and hairdryers (they collect tons of stuff from garage and estate sales). I felt extra uncomfortable because there were two acquaintances from college/same internship as me there watching me, and I didn’t want them to know about my teeth.

    In my dream I kept thinking about how my childhood retainer from when I had braces for almost 5 years wouldn’t fit and this was why my teeth were not only falling out, but grew to point in different directions. I hadn’t taken the denture like implants off in so long that I neglected my natural teeth.

    Point of reference: I just got out of a serious relationship of two years. I get the growing part and possibly rejecting other aspects of my life in the actually losing my teeth.

    But why am I at my parents house? Why are they trying to give me appliances? Why are there two sort-of friends there watching my every move? I’m confused about that part.

  • Shioski

    It seems like it happens to a lot of people, so why not? So I’ve had these kinds of dreams several times. The situation, setting, and people always change and they’re usually so random. But one thing that remains the same are the teeth. It starts off with one tooth being quite loose. I’d question it because I’m able to reason in my dreams and I reason that I’ve already lost all my teeth. Usually, it’s because of my ability to reason in my dream that I don’t usually have nightmares or stuff like that. But for some reason, these teeth dreams are different. It’s one loose tooth, then 2 or 3 loose teeth, then as they fall out. The rest of my teeth are loose and falling out. The scary thing is, it is legtimitately so realistic, like the feeling of having these teeth in my mouth. Another weird thing is that once I reach this point in my dream, there are WAY more teeth in my mouth than possible. And I have no idea how to react to this…

  • Mary Ellen McClintock

    In my dream I was working in the Wawa in Morgantown West Virginia- you know, the one across from the Piggly Wiggly, next to the Pick & Lick Factory Chocolate Seconds store. My father, who is also my uncle AND my grandfather came in and asked for a pack of Luckies and he smiled and winked at me, and I knew I was in trouble.It was his signature move, the same one what got my sister, who is also my neice pregnant. I tried to run but I seemed to be in quicksand. I was in my underwear and my pink bunny shoes and the whole floor of the store was covered in banjos and them cotton candy paper cones like they have at the carnival.He was gaining on me and just as he grabbed my arm my only tooth fell out. It grew to the size of a elephant and turned into a big couch and caught on fire. Then the strap from my bra caught the cigarette and Slim Jim display and it was like a slingshot. All the cigarettes and Slim Jims shot into my daddy/uncle/grandpa’s mouth and his only tooth fell out.He fell into the burning couch and turnt into The Devil and I was pregnant right then and there. The baby come flying out of my butt and it was a monkey with wings and it got elected President and I was Queen of West Virginia with a tiara and everything and I had me a magic wand and dentures that were made of gold and I was on Wheel of Fortune and I could actually read and I won a trip to Wyoming. I was real excited on account of I never been to another country before and then I woke up and my butt hurt real bad and there was my daddy in the doorway of the trailer and he was leaving to get some oxycontin from the clinic and he was smiling and he winked at me. Am I going to be pregnant again?

  • Shleprock

    Just this morning I dreamed I got a hot tip and took all my money to the track and bet it all on a race horse from Russia. He was going off @ 45-1. He looked good and Edgar Prado was his mount. This was a dream come true. As the ponies walked to the paddock, he looked to be a sure thing. He was about 45 feet tall and grey as Barbara’s bush. THEN he took a dump. PERFECT!…Everything was set!. The gate opened up and all the other horses tore off and my horse, the Russian Racehorse stood like a statue and started pissing. It looked like he had a firehose under his belly.Soon the whole track was almost under horse piss as all the field rounded the stretch, and the winner crossed the wire. My horse, the Russian Racehorse just stood there, pissing away. THEN all his teeth fell out. I looked down and tore up my ticket and the horse urine rose above my waist, up to my neck, and MY teeth fell out.

  • D. Cheney

    Last night I dreamed I went to a 7-11 and someone put a Truck Stopper Sandwich into a microwave and my pacemaker quit. I saw a bright light. I was in a tunnel filled with light. The light cleared and I found myself standing on clouds. There were huge gates that seemed to be made of pearl or some similar material. The gates opened up and there was a very tall man standing behind what looked like a podium or something. He had a long scroll in front of him and did not seem to notice me at first, but when he did he did a double take and looked back at the scroll. He seemed to panic and looked around, but there was no one else there. He studied the scroll again and looked at me and once again and seemed to be looking for help from someone who was not there. Then Ashton Kutcher ran in and was followed by angels and he slapped the man on the back, and they all laughed so hard that ALL of their teeth fell out. There were teeth everywhere and the laughter was the loudest thing I ever heard. Then I felt myself falling, falling, and it got really hot…Please interprate this dream as it has me quite concerned.

  • Erin McHunt

    I dreamed I was in a bar and Alfred Einstein was the bartender. I was sitting next to Adolf Hitler and he was in a pink tutu. The door to the bar opened up and there was no one near it. A glow entered the bar and it was Jesus. He walked in and sat down. The bartender- the Einstein guy said-”Jesus Christ!”…”What were you born in a barn?…Close the goddam door!”…Then he turned to Adolf and asked him if he wanted a drink or was he just gonna sit there all night and Mr. Hitler said-” No thanks I never drink”…Jesus looked at him and asked him why, and Mr. Hitler said-” It makes me mean”..Then it got wierd…A bigass grizzly bear walked in and sat down and asked Alfred Einstein if they served minorities in this bar. Einstein said yes, they do..The grizzly bear said-”Good”…” I’ll have two jews and a beaner”…Then Mr. Hitler asked Einstein what was the capital of New Hampshire and Einstein said-”How the Hell should I know-what, do I look like a Rocket Scientist?”…Then my canine teeth fell out and I asked Jesus if he could heal me and he said-”Oh no- you dont understand.”…”Yeah, my name is Jesus, but I’m just the dishwasher here”…What does all this mean?

  • Craphonso

    I just got off the phone with my moms in the Dominic Republican. She always tell me goodbye the same way. She say-”Dont drink nothin blue, dont eat anything bigger then your head, and most important- dont eat tacos with pepper on them and drink you no orange soda, cuz if you do, you will fart, burp, and sneeze at the same time, and your teeth will fall out.”…I had just ate me some tacos with pepper and drank it down with orange soda. I fell asleep, and in my dream, I farted, burped and sneezed at the same time and dreamt my teeth had all fell out. Was it because my moms jinxded me, or was it because I am sexually repressed on account of I weigh 450 pounds and cant cant get me no womens unless I go to 7th Avenue?

  • Daniel

    I had a crooked front tooth that begins to become loosened and falls out .
    Then my gums begin to fall out in sections just falling away .
    I tried to put them back but they just come apart in sheets and fall away . I felt anxiety and awoke

  • Anonymous

    I dreamed that my whole right bottom teeth all fell out. It fell out with the roots. There was no blood, it was very white & shiny. In my dream I was very scared, it felt so real. I held all my teeth in the palm of my hand. When I woke up I felt like I had a gap in my teeth. Can you please interpret my dream for me. Hope it’s not a bad meaning. Thank you

    • Sig F.

      Anonymous- your dream means that you secretly wish to have sexual relations with your mother, and kill your father. Believe me,I would know, I wrote the book on this stuff. You are one sick son of a bitch.

  • AK

    My right top canine fell out, then my two front teeth spread apart. When I went into the bathroom to look in the mirror, my left front canine fell out. I ran in to tell my mom who, apparently in this dream, I was living with again and when she woke up and I tried to show her, my teeth were back in place as if nothing ever happened. This was my first teeth falling out dream, and it was rather terrifying.

  • Me

    My dream started with me in the bed asleep just like I really was non my bed asleep with my boyfriend. I woke up because there was something in my mouth. I sit up turn the light on and feel with my tongue and felt something odd on my tooth. My boyfriend sits up and looks at me asking what’s going on and I open my mouth and ask him what’s on my tooth he says it looks like a crack. I get a mirror and look for myself and he right there is a crack so I use my fingernail to see if it’s just something on it but when I scratch it my tooth just breaks in half. I freak out and start to cry then I feel what is left in my gums and it just falls out root and all so I start feeling the rest of my teeth and the tooth next to it does almost the same thing so I grip the tooth to see if it is loose and it just comes out. At this point I wake up for real breathing hard and my heart is racing.

    • D'Brickshaw

      I think in your dream that mebbe your boyfriens want to put something else in your mouth

  • Alex Ovetchkin

    I dream other night I am skating on ice and my ears ring like bell. I look down my teeth fall out onto ice.Then I hear my coach call my name and I come off ice. He tell me that if I can name him my address home, I can go back on ice again and play the hockey. I cannot remember where I live. Dream over.Was it a dream?

  • Sheddy Draws

    In my best nights of dreaming, I have the dream of standing on the beach and watching these trios of men slowly walking into the ocean and swimming away to another land. The men are always in groups of three, with the biggest and strongest man appears to be African-American, and the two smaller men are always wearing some sort of head covering small hat, like a yarmulke.Then my teeth fall out….What could this mean?

  • matt

    Im in my previous job then I lost my tooth some of my tooth are colorfull.what is this mean?

    • Sheddy Draws

      It means that you are a homosexual and a Communist.

      • Shioski


  • Miranda

    I have had many dreams of my teeth falling out. However, this one was quite odd..I remember being at a playground by myself, with a bunch of overweight(by like 150 pounds) women. Then suddenly, all of my teeth started to ache. I ran to my friend’s house, Rachel, and went straight into her bathroom. As I stood in front of the mirror, I remember pushing against my second tooth to the right, it wiggled so much, and bled everywhere. I pulled it out, hoping that was the last of it. Then my entire mouth started to pour blood, and my teeth just randomly all started to fall out. I then, woke up, feeling my face, and a little freaked out of course.
    I am unsure of what to think of this..It scared me a bit, but mostly, I want to know why I had it? It had to mean something, I’m sure all dreams do?

  • jerm

    in this dream, i was in the bathroom looking at my teeth in the mirror. i noticed a big gap between a single tooth and the rest. and the more i focused on the tooth the bigger the gap got and the looser the tooth got. i could actually see the tooth wiggling on its own. i then decided it was time to pull it out. but as i grasped it i got a hesitant sensation like i should not pull it. but i did…. and it was tragic. as i pulled the tooth out i pulled the nerve attached to it with it. and the pain i felt in the dream, i actually felt physically. so i kept pulling and pulling and eventually i decided to cut it with scissors. the pain was excruciating and blood was spewing everywhere until i finally woke up.

    • Shioski

      Hmm, I’m no expert, But i’m quite sure yours has something to do with self-image. Try not changing yourself to fit in with others? The pain you feel could somehow be related to the pain of you giving up the things you like and doing painful things to change yourself in order to look better to other people. Or i could just be spewing out nonsense :P

  • Pepe Teoz

    Ayo subscribe to my friend’s YouTube channel. His channel is: Mango Maloney


    Can someone tell me what it means? none of you aren’t speaking English anymore. what the heck is sexual repression.

    • Sheddy Draws

      Sexual repression is the feeling that most Catholic priests feel when they see a young boy, especially a reaaly cute one, and there are too many people around to take the boy away in secret in order to defile him.

  • Brittany Soulet

    [Repost Many typos]
    It’s stressing. The first dream I had a week ago [Febuary 27, 2014] started of with me waking up and feeling that loose-tooth feeling. So I walk to bathroom and I look in the mirror and it looked like shark teeth. Like, my teeth were normal but it looked like there were about 200+ dangling teeth and then I constantly spat them out. I tried to tell my mom but I think I was either invisible or being ignored. Now for last night’s dream, It was about the same, I woke up and had all those dangling teeth and were spitting them out. But in this dream, I could finally talk to my mom and when I showed her she freaked out. For this dream, I think it was about me hiding away in this glassy mansion with my mom from somebody. Anyways, after she freaked out I figured she couldn’t do much to help so I just pulled, scraped, and spat them all out. The dream ended with me looking in the mirror with my mouth wide staring at my gums. Looked scary. I literally always have dreams of fighting, killing, yelling, hiding from/finding people, I call them stress dreams. I always of course have nightmares. Yes, sleeping isn’t very pleasant..
    If anyone would like to discuss these personally feel free, my Tumblr is souletgifs.tumblr.com

  • Brittany

    It’s stressing. The first dream I had a week ago started of with me waking up and feeling that loose-tooth feeling. So I walk to bathroom and I look in the mirror and it looked like shark teeth. Like, my teeth were normal but it looked like there were about 200+ dangling teeth and then I constantly spat them out. I tried to tell my mom but I think I was either invisible or being ignored. Now for last night’s dream, It was about the same, I would up and had all those dangling teeth and were spitting them out. But in this dream, I could finally talk to my mom and when I showed her she freaked out. This was during the dream, I think it was about me hiding away in this glassy mansion with my mom from somebody. Anyways, after she freaked out I figured she couldn’t do much to help to I just pulled, scraped, and spat them all out. The dream ended with me looking in the mirror with my mouth wide staring at my gums. Looked scary. I literally always have dreams of fighting, killing, yelling, hiding from/finding people, I call them stress dreams. I always of course have nightmares. Yes, sleeping isn’t very pleasant..

  • Sam

    A few nights ago I had a dream where a bottom front tooth was loose, but it didn’t fall out and that is all I remember. Last night I dreamt that the very same tooth was loose again, but this time I kept playing with it with my tongue until I loosened it enough to pull it out. After I pulled the one tooth out the rest began to feel loose and slowly started to crumble and crunch in my mouth until I was spitting out blood and pieces of my teeth into my hands. I don’t remember exactly where I was, but I believe it was my bedroom, and my ex-boyfriend was there. I was frantic and scared in the dream and kept pacing around wanting him (or anyone I guess, but he was there) to help me or make it better. Interestingly, I believe I was scared of him and his reaction as well because I have an image of him being angry about it or mad at me. The last thing I remember was being on my hands and knees with my hands cupped and full of teeth and blood, with him standing over me. I was so scared and finally became almost lucid, wondering if this could be a dream. I decided to try to scream to figure it out. I made no sound in my dream when I tried to scream, but in real life I screamed loudly in my bed and managed to wake myself up. Thanks God, because it was honestly the most terrifying thing.

  • beejay

    wen i first start havin this dream my teeth would be loose and i would be careful not to let them fall out becuz no one wants to lose their teeth the next couple of dreams one or two fell out me and my girlfriend of two years had been having problems in our relationship during all of these dreams About 3 days ago i had a dream all my teeth fell out and around this time i was so unhappy in our relationship Yesterday i told her it was over not knowing what this dream meant til i googled it today I feel like she was the bad teeth in my mouth that i didnt want to get rid of becuz of that thing called love

  • sam danha

    sticking her tongue for me

  • Alyssa

    I’m not going to lie I thought my teeth falling out in dreams ment I was going to loose them… haha but I’m 15 years old and I had adream about my teeth falling out it wasn’t fun I thought it was real life.

  • Theo

    This is nuts! Wow…most of what is said here is well…exactly the issues that I face. I’ve been having heavy dreams of my teeth being loose, spitting them out. I have something I need to find within myself now…

    • Chris Ramirez

      I’ve been dreaming that I lock my my jaw so hard that I can feel my teeth breaking … In my dream I keep opening my jaw with my hands because I can’t without them because it’s such a strong lock … I put my hands in between and bite my hands so my teeth won’t break … In my dream I can hear and feel my teeth crumbling and breaking !! I’m so glad I wake up with a smile and all my teeth !!

  • K

    My dream is pretty simple, it just starts off with me walking anywhere, then all of a sudden my teeth start to feel loose, i just start spitting them out, looking and walking. I just keep doing this till all the teeth are just gone.

  • jackson

    I have dreams of losing teeth about twice or three times a year- I wonder if that makes me a “control freak”.
    Last night’s dream, though, was different; my teeth would usually fall out one by one and spit them at the ground, disgusted and a little relieved. Last night, I dreamed that all of my teeth and gums were coming loose all together, as if I’d been wearing dentures my whole life. I took some comfort in the fact that I could remove my teeth and put them back in at will- I didn’t spit them at the ground, but just knowing that I could do so anytime I wanted was enough to make me smile a little.
    When I smiled, my gums fused back into their place and the dream went on as if nothing happened.

  • Anonymous

    Waking beside a stranger

  • Robyn Lynch

    I keep getting frequent dreams about my teeth falling out. It usually starts of by me putting pressure on my teeth by my other teeth and I try to stop myself from doing it but I cant then the teeth im putting pressure on crumble and fall out. Ive had several of these dreams but last night I dreamt again about putting pressure on my tooth and it fell out and there was blood everywhere and I was crying because I had lost other teeth and this must have been in relation to my previous dreams. These dreams have just started all of a sudden and its weird because the same thing keeps happening. Any ideas as to why im having these consistent dreams?

  • Christina

    In my dream, I lost only two teeth (my canine and two teeth over towards the back. Where they fell out, there was a rotten tooth growing underneath. I looked into a mirror and smiled and I looked awful. My smile was so broken and I immediately felt depressed because I believed I looked ugly.

  • Rebekka

    In my dream i’m standing in front of my bathroom sink and my teeth start falling out; their is blood and teeth everywhere. The weird part was, I wasn’t shocked or scared. I was just like, “Oh, their goes another one… yup.” I even pluck a few out myself…

    • nisa

      Same! Its like subconciously I’ve gotten used to losing teeth in a dream so I’m like popping them out myself and I act like its not a big deal

  • Aloma

    I was running in my P.E class, and thn I tripped. After that I blacked out, but when I woke up, I had pieces of my shattered teeth in my mouth. Only my back teeth were damaged and had fallen out.

  • KarenP

    my front teeth fall out and I can’t find anyone to fix them or put them back in. I can’ smile anymore.

  • Beryl520

    I dreamt that my teeth were falling out and I was worried about how I was going to eat, but then I saw my mouth in the mirror and bigger and stronger teeth were already on their way in, as when I was a child.

  • Richard

    I had this dream that ALL my teeth feel out, I ended spitting them out into the cup of my hand. I also noticed that they where all crushed, not solid or full teeth but in pieces.

    • Sam

      This is what happened to my teeth in my dream, as well.

  • shorlaith

    i’m runing from bad people. my daughter is with me, she becomes smaller and before i know it shes’s in my pocket and some times i lose her.

    • Dr. Acula

      Is your relationship with your daughter strained? It sounds like you’re afraid to lose her, even if you aren’t consciously aware of it. Maybe you should do something to strengthen your relationship with her. Whether you take my advice or not, I hope you figure out the cause of your dreams.

      P.S. this page is about dreams in which you lose your teeth. In your description of your dream you didn’t mention losing any teeth.. Are you on the wrong page? Or did you just forget to mention the part of the dream where you lost your teeth?

  • Anonymous

    I have this dream where my teeth will slowly begin to fall out one by one in my mouth as I talk. I can feel them rolling around in my mouth as if it’s real life; the thin, jagged, and open bottom of each tooth and how it scrapes against the others as they’re jumbled in my mouth. While my teeth fall, my mouth pools with blood underneath my tongue, and eventually, it’ll spill out of my lips and flow as if it’s never going to stop. All this happens, and it’s as if I am crunching on my own teeth and I can’t get rid of them as they’re jumbled against each other in the thick blood of my mouth. Absolutely horrifying, if I do say so myself. i believe I’ve been having this dream for years now, so I figured it’s reoccurring was too abnormal to just be a random dream. it’s comforting to know others dream similarly to this, however

  • Anonymous

    Ive had several dreams where all my teeth are wiggling and I cant keep them I my mouth and then at the end of my dreams they all fall out and theres blood or liquid in my mouth

  • weird

    I had a dream that i was at school and i was on my way home then out of nowhere the teeth on my left side were becoming loose and once i touched them with my tongue they were hanging by the tip and i had to pull them out…later on these two guys had repaired my teeth as if he had put new ones in because they looked different than the ones i had before… after they had fixed my teeth they made me swim and grab a coin that was at the bottom of the water (there wasn’t a pool it was just like a flood or something) i couldn’t swim because i didn’t know how even in reality i don’t know how to swim. They were moving their hands as if they were swimming so i just did the same thing, then this other guy told me to put the tip of my toes toward the coin and kick it upward causing it to flip in the air, so i stood in the water and did exactly what he told me then i grabbed the coin and the water disappeared. I heard the bell ring so i ran home when i got home i looked in the mirror admiring my teeth then i noticed that there was a tooth all the way in the back and it was becoming loose as i was watching it, then a lot of blood was coming out my only choice was to go back to the school and see the guys who had helped me but they were gone…then i woke up…please tell me what this means (i am a girl and I’m 15 1/2 years old)

  • gloria rodriguez

    I dream all my upper top left teeth fell and my gums open very large and every other teeth on my upper right also falling. What does it mean?

  • LindaPrescy Pesca

    Dreaming my teeth hurt,pulled it hard and when tried to put ut back,went right back with no problemLD7L

  • Falling out golden teeth

    I had a dream on 4th Jan 2013 that ma lower n upper teeth are falling out. Few teeth were golden in color. I’m crying n i can feel the pain of loosing them n look ugly. I gave me teeth in ma BFs hand n cried see what is happening. He promises me to get fixed. N ma Dream breaks. Similar dream I had today on 5th Jan. 2013 but the difference is ma BF is not in ma Dream I’m just looking at ma fallen teeth n crying for loosing them.

    • Falling out golden teeth

      Sorry it’s not 2013. Its current year 2014

  • SleepingEarth

    In my dream yesterday, i felt something coming out, and it was a tooth from the back of my mouth, i panicked, and then a second one fell, and then the third. I held them all in my hands and they looked like fully grown red and white little roses. Then i looked at the mirror and found that the gaps are hidden when i smile, and so was relieved!

  • Justice

    I was sitting with my girlfriend at her house watching television, and I smacked my lips together and just wiggled my jaw a little and boom a tooth fell out, my immediate reaction was “What the fuck?” Then I dragged tongue along the new gap, boom another, I did it again and a third tooth, My the time i got up and made the twenty foot venture to the bathroom all of my teeth were in my hand, no blood no rot just teeth. Then i looked in to the mirror and I awoke.
    I had a similar dream again last night except it was just a hand full, I don’t quite remember the events from this one, however yesterday’s dream was just soo weird…

    • stylemarcher

      I’ve been dreaming of the same kind of thing the past few weeks. I will just be sitting there and I’ll start pushing my tongue along my teeth on the right hand side and I would push one tooth out. I had a dream last night that the third one back just fell out. I felt the hole it left with my tongue and everything so I decided to read up on it. There was no blood or anything. But it felt so real. Its comforting knowing that it’s pretty common thing to dream about, apparently a lot of people do.

  • Bunjita

    I dreamed of falling out with bleeding of other person.
    what does it mean?

  • Jeanifer

    I had a dream last night, I was throwing up and open mouth, my teeth was falling out I can’t stop and I was crying so loud and I ask to somebody and help me to take to doctor but it seems like they ignore me. Very time I close my mouth it keep falling apart my teeth so I used to open my mouth so wide while I’m vomiting..this is the first time I ever dream about falling my teeth out.

    • R

      Oh wow….mine is so similar. My teeth crumble and fall out though and I’m usually just standing there with my hands cupped under my chin, trying to catch what is left of my teeth. I can’t really talk through the grit in my mouth but I try to get family and friends to help me but they seem to either drag their feet with getting me to the dentist (stopping to shop or whatnot) or they ignore me. I hate these dreams and when I wake up, I feel like I’ve had sand in my mouth. I’ve been having dreams like this since I was a kid and they are almost always the same…Ugh!

      • Anonymous

        My teeth dreams are basically the same as what you described and I’m always standing in front of a mirror while my teeth are falling. There’s normally no blood but the dream last night there was blood and I was examing the inside of my mouth after most of my teeth had fallen.

  • J

    As I was laying down in bed, and out of nowhere my teeth began to fall out, but new ones grew instantly and I could place the other ones back if I wanted. Then I woke up in my dream but I was still dreaming and I woke up again ! At the in of my dream I woke up and felt like nothing … but as I remembered I bought a lottery ticket the night before! I hope its something good!

  • M.C

    I was at my local mall and i was sitting on some bleachers, while all of a sudden i felt an odd sensation in my mouth and a huge quanity of my teeth starting falling out. It felt like they wrre obly coming from th back of my teeth. But i could also feel all my teeth still intact.

  • Joseph

    A woman widow gave a live fish from the river.

  • Disturbing Dream

    I was in a setting with many other people (or at least it felt like there were many other people). It seemed like some sort of group activity where we were moving down a hill – walking/jogging – not taking straight paths and slightly disorganized but we were still moving in the general downhill direction and following the winding path, having fun along the way. There were trees and grass and general shrubbery on the hill (jungle-ish but not too much). At the bottom of the hill was a plain and it was a sunny and partially cloudy day (the weather wasn’t much of a big deal but I remember that there was a good amount of light and it was not dark). Somewhere along the path there was a bump and I (or somebody, might have been some girl) tripped on it and fell, precisely landing on my bottom jaw on the edge of the path, which knocked out almost all of my bottom teeth. At this point, whether or not it was me who fell or somebody else, I ended up transitioning into the person who fell and stood up, and used my tongue to feel around my mouth. There was no gushing blood or pain, but there was just a tiny bit of blood (no taste of blood) and just empty spaces where most of my bottom teeth used to be. There were still one or two teeth left but they were on the sides. I remember thinking to myself in my dream, “oh well my teeth are gone”, of course I understood the situation but I did not seem to panic. It was at this point that I woke up.

    Tell me what you guys think…

  • Random Anomaly

    I just had this dream last night, for the first time in about 20 years. I had this nightmare all the time as a child, but never as an adult.
    I just started a challenging new job after years of unemployment, so I think it may be related to a fear of failure, or of not being good enough.

  • Anonymous

    Showering with my wife and friend

  • Gaja

    In my dream half of my upper teeth fell out, they all were very strongly connected with each other and were healthy. I was surprised and worried, wasn’t sure what to do, but after a while I realized they had to be put back so called my dentist, she agreed to fix them, we made an appointment, but when the time of appointment came she was still working with other patients and wouldn’t invite me. I started to doubt if she will be able to help me and the more time passed the more anxious and worried I was.
    Before I woke up the situation in the dream was double – I still had the feeling she will help me, but doubts and worry were getting more intense.

  • b

    Could it just be that i work in the dental industry!

  • Anonymous

    My dream occurred about three days ago. In the dream I was talking to a friend and while I was talking one of my teeth (K9 I think) just fell down into my mouth. I was like WHAT IS THIS??!!! I pulled it out of my mouth and looked at it. It wasn’t bloody or painful; I was just in shock and so was my friend. I felt my gums with my tongue but couldn’t feel the whole where it had come from. I held onto the tooth and began talking again. Another tooth fell down! My friend was starting to become alarmed… but I was calm; shocked again, but calm. Felt for the location, but no whole again. The teeth weren’t normal sized teeth. They were about 3inches long and pointed at the end, almost like an animals tooth. No blood or pain, just confusion as to where they were coming from and why was this happening. We continued our conversation (as I kept searching my mouth for the location). Just before I woke up, a third tooth came out. Very weird. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror first. Again, no pain or blood. So does that mean the transitions and changes I’m facing will come without pain and be smooth??

  • deserttrouble

    I was looking in the mirror and saw that my k9′s were bloody little nubs. I started to wiggle them as if I were a child trying to loosen a loose tooth even more. When they finally fell into the sink they were sharp, jagged, and tiny not at all large enough for my adult mouth. When I looked back in the mirror I looked at where they were and there were large gaping holes just profusely bleeding. I remember feeling shock and horror that this was happening and I couldn’t stop myself from trying to pry the teeth out, even though I knew I couldn’t replace them.

  • Hildaaa

    I had the exact dream. I’m standing in front of the mirror because I was worried my teeth felt loose and as I open my mouth in front of the mirror with my mouth opened I just sucked out my lower right molars with my tongue. They just come right out! I spit them out into my hand and when I look down it’s three bloody teeth sitting in my hand. I look in the mirror again and with my tongue push out two left top teeth. As I rinse out those two teeth just flow into the sink. I look up I scream and yell for my mom to show her as I smile to show her I remember telling her it’s OK that because it’s not my two front teeth. I remember feeling scared but relieved that it wasn’t my tooth front teeth. Now that I’m typing this It makes sense to me! I’m currently taking a huge exam that will determine a promotion for a career change that carries a lot of stress and uncertainty and I have not been able to do the things I usually enjoy doing like going out with friends for drinks because I feel bad/guilty if Im hung over or tired that I can’t study. Or even going to the gym makes me feel bad because I feel that that time should’ve been spent studying instead. I keep telling myself this is temporary but it’s been months of studying and I can’t wait to get this exam out of the way which correlates with the uneasy feeling of discomfort I had when I noticed I lost my teeth and also explains the feeling of relief I felt that it was not my front teeth because I’m hopeful that this unbalance in my life will end once I pass my exam.

  • Lana

    I was cleaning my ears with qtips, and oddly a top set of false teeth came out. I wasn’t scared, just bewildered…. what could that possibly mean?

  • vee

    I had a dream where some of my teeth fell out with sections of bone. It was frightening and appeared quite real. The teeth, upon examination looked decayed in some parts. At the same time some in the upper row grew back immediately. Some teeth were baby pink in colour while others were white. At one point a purple object looking like a miniature spoon was positioned diagonally along one side of my mouth. what could this mean?

  • Jazzy

    I have been told that dreaming about teeth falling out means money. So im actually excited. Cause money it’s good :)
    But reading this it’s like fuck…. :/
    I want money -_____-

  • Chelsea

    I have a dream that I’m just standing in a room and I just start spitting teeth out my mouth then when I look into my mouth I have weird shaped odd coloured teeth instead of my own teeth, I look in my hand and I have lots of my normal teeth there. it seems so quick but it lasts for ages.

  • Misty

    Im 46, a mom, living in a weird friends living room with 14 yr old son, been in on and off 2 1/2 relationship who lied and betrayed me many many times. DREAM: I was living with a boyfriend but I dont who he was, but I believe it was a loving relationship. I was talking when a bottom tooth fell out. I tried not to worry and said I think it was a baby tooth. But then another bottom tooth fell out, then another and another into my hands. I began to cry saying “its not right, somethings wrong somethings wrong” I called an old neighbor girl who is missing teeth and (for real in prison for accomplis to murder) she arrived with her kids and I told her I called ber cuz “i knew she’d understand” by the time she got there tho, I had lost more teeth. Sometimes when theyd fall into my hands, thered be giant teeth not my own. I was crying on the couch saying, im not beautiful anymore, I want to die if I cant be beautiful” Ideas?

  • Carla

    I recently had a very vivid dream where my teeth felt weird and I just pulled 2 out easily without any problems. They just came out. Then I was looking at myself in the mirror, horrified by what I could see, as I was missing 2 front teeth, one in the upper one in the lower jaw.
    I feel shaken by this dream and I don’t know why I would be dreaming of such things.
    Did anyone have a similar experience and what was going on in your life when you had this kind of dream? I don’t feel I have major anxieties…some worries yes, but nothing out of the ordinary.

    • Vida

      Hey Carla, I had a dream my teeth were just falling out, they didn’t hurt but i felt ashamed. I think it was because i just broke up with my ex. I tried to give him a 2nd chance but i felt he was lying to me. Wow, i think i answered my question…

  • Jose Francisco

    My dream started with me and a girl i liked and her ex boyfriend. We were at my house, in the kitchen. When the girl i liked smiled while looking at me, then looking at her ex, i realized that she only has 2 teeth, and her braces feel out.
    Her ex started to talk to me, saying that i need to leave them 2 alone if I still respect their former relationship. Her ex was one of my friends, but not one of my closest. When i left, i realized that one of my teeth is loose. when i went to the bathroom, one of my teeth in the bottom front fell off. I panicked a little bit, but eventually stayed calm when it regrowing after a while. But before it completely regrew, i did something to my mouth(i didnt remember if it was chewing, or touching my cheeks) and eventually, all of my teeth broke and fell off. i panicked a little bit again, but stayed calm after i felt that every tooth is regrowing. At the end of my dream, every tooth regrew and then i woke up.

  • Frayzure

    In my dream I just had ( woke up moments ago) my girlfriend hand a major fight. We were at a gamestop that was going out of business and they were doing a sale. I saw these to hello kitty phone cases (she loves hello kitty) and I was trying to show them to her. She refused to look at them nor look at me, and for some reason she was taller than myself. I got mad and told her I has enough (everyone in the store went “oooooh”) I stormed out with her following close behind. we exchange a few words and she goes back in the store. I then find myself in a comically small and cramped RV trying to move a table into an empty room in it. That is where the first tooth is cracked and it falls out. the second one falls out while I’m walk back to the Rv after telling some people how to get to the state park.I was chewing gum and something hard was in my mouth and felt slight pain so I removed the gum and it was in the shape of a large tooth. That jolted me awake and I had a soreness in the areas where the teeth were missing in the dream.

  • Joyce

    In my dream
    I have 1 broken tooth that I really want to pull out coz it’s really hurt, and then while I’m waiting the dentist to find the anesthesia cream that need to put on my hurting tooth, I’m so scared of my dreams coz when I open my mouth all of a sudden almost of my teeth will falling out except of that broken tooth that I really want to remove.
    All the good teeth in my dream was falling out.
    I’m really puzzled what does it mean

  • Sara

    I’ve had this dream way too many times in my life. Mainly just me spitting out mouth fulls of teeth over and over again. After reading this, especially the loss part I guess it does make sense since I have lost a lot of people in my life. Weird how dreams can be.

  • Dug

    In my dream I was at a bar that I frequent. I had ordered some hot-wings and it was taking a realy long time, several of my family members were there and ordering stuff as well. When I eventually got my order it wasn’t what I had ordered. When I confronted the bartender (politely) he began to get all defensive and act like it was my fault. So then a couple of bouncers try to rough me up, I start fighting back and eventually I walk my self out. When I get outside to the corner of the street two of my teeth fall out and my whole mouth is sore. Then all of a sudden I’m in this strange woman’s house and walking around her hallway until I end up in the bathroom where all of my teeth are coming out like 4 or 5 at a time. the weird thing is that throughout the whole dream no one seems to care that my teeth are falling out, even when I point it out to them. When I found this site right after I had my dream I was shocked at the realness of the interpretation. I’m currently seperated from my wife of almost 10 years, graduating this semester, attending nursing school in the spring, and my mother is moving back out this month.

  • Jazelen

    I had a dream where it wears a family reunion and both sides of the family came to my granny’s house. I felt my tooth loosen up so I started looking for my daddy so I can show him. Every room I went into someone was having sex. I went in one room and though someone was actually havering sex with my daddy. At that point I was furious so I pulled my lose tooth out and put in my pocket and found my daddy out side, he got mad at me for thinking he had sex with someone else.

  • Sarah

    In my dream my tooth fell out, with the slightest of impact, I think I was biting in to something. At first, I didn’t realize that it was a tooth of mine – it was so huge. I thought, that’s odd but it must be a one-off thing. Then I was travelling in the auto rickshaw with my mother, we were at the Sterling Road signal in Chennai. It was at night. Another tooth fell out, I said, “Mom. My teeth are falling out, mom.” She took me to the clinic, which looked more like a bank. Dentists were sitting behind teller’s booths. I said “Doctor, Doctor my teeth are falling out, please help me!” To show her, I was able to remove my front teeth with ease. By then, my teeth were falling off in groups with just four remaining. The “Doctor said, it’s ok. We’ll fix it.”
    I’ve felt so scared only twice in my life before.

    • Dug

      I felt really scared right when I woke up. When did you feel scared.

      • Sarah

        All through the dream. When I woke up, I was really glad that it was over.

  • sanamdeep singh

    i saw my old dead friend but he is like kid and one old man with camel and playing music

  • New College Student

    I’ve now had several dreams in which teeth start falling out into my hands. One or two fall at first, but eventually I’m losing teeth in groups, with 4 or 5 at a time, still attached to the gums. I try to put them back in, but it just causes more teeth to fall out. It usually happens in a public place, but no one seems to notice anything happening to me. Once all of my teeth have fallen out, the dream ends, and I don’t remember anything happening before or after in the dream. I feel horror and shock during the dream, and I say things like “this can’t be happening” or “this can’t be real” but I never realize it’s a dream. I’ve just returned to college after being a dropout for three years.

  • Losey Mia Teeth

    In my first dream, My tooth fell into my hand. I was excited and showed it to me mom. Then I started crying because it was a permenent. After that, I spit out teeth in many dreams. The last one I had was diffrent. I lost about five teeth so I put them in a cup. A few minutes later, the teeth crumbled into shards. I felt a few teeth in my mouth, but before I could spit them out, they turned to shards as well. This happened many times. Finally, I somehow got to a dentist. The dentist poured my teeth shards into a glass of milk. As I was picking on a spot on my tooth, the dentist said I had cavities. Then whole front of the tooth vaporized and inside was brown stuff. After I left the dentist’s office, my teeth kept on shattering.

  • John

    One more obvious interpretation that is not mentioned is a prior real life tooth problem that caused anxiety. For example I recently had a tooth that needed a root canal and crown and then a second and I suddenly started having dreams that all my teeth were falling out. I guess the dreams represented an inherent insecurity I had about losing my actual teeth that manifested in the dream. On waking and realizing it was just a dream I had feelings of intense relief.

  • Maybe a loss

    i had a dream about my teeth falling out for the first time in my life. this is a week since i lost my first dog who had to be put down because of aggression problems toward most people. i was very scared in my dream when i opened my mouth whole teeth came out from the root, they were clean and mostly coming from my left bottom jaw. i was in school which is strange because i graduated last year. i’m not sure what to think of this dream.

  • Kyulaust

    Dreaming about falling teeth since i can’t remember, maybe around the first grade of elementary school. Thought of it many times, but never got to a conclusion, i remember feeling very weird when i struggled to remove my milk teeth, twisting them around with my tongue and shaking them, always hanging there helplessly. I am really getting used to this dream because it happens so often, maybe once per week or so. In my dreams i always feel them loose and they eventually fall when i talk or chew something, but i always try to put them back in, and they last for a little time and than fall again or shatter, but always grow back. I feel no pain though maybe because i inherited a good dental dna bit from my grandmother who is currently 81 and has only lost one tooth, and or the fact that i never been to a dentist. But after i wake up from one of these dreams i feel weak and in need of nurturing. This was so helpful, i find myself in so many of the descriptions above, i will try to fix the feelings and scars that lead to this weird experience. Thank you for all of this, and the rest of you who have the same problems as we do, remember that you are not alone.

  • Claudine

    I dream about my teeth falling out since I was 8, I think. I am 21 now and still having horrible dreams. At first I thought it was because of my dental braces that were hurting my teeth, I had them for 4 years. Since then, at least once a month I dream similar situations: my teeth suddenly start to fall one by one no matter how much I try to keep them. After I loose more than half of my teeth, I always grow back some of them, but they’re different. Sometimes they’re already rotten and I can easily pull them off, but there were many times when they were made of odd materials, such as plastic or minced meat. Once or twice, I had dreams about my teeth but they didn’t fall, they were very long and sharp, like piranhas teeth.This kind of dreams would always make me feel insecure, like my teeth were and I could never figure out the reason I dream such things, but now I can surely relate with some situations I read above, so I found this very helpful. Maybe now I can pay attention to useful details because I was always focusing on putting my teeth back or the feeling I had when they were loose and screeching and of course the pain. So, thank you my 13 years old mystery is almost solved.

  • Mel

    Ive had a couple dreams of my teeth falling in the last 4 months. The first dream one tooth fell out than all my teeth starts falling, the second dream one tooth was rotting and i picked at it but all of them started rotting one after another and falls off, third dream last night i try to pick food off my teeth but then they just all start falling out fast. Ive gone through a lot of stress with Pre-med and stress in my marriage so maybe thats the interpretation of my dreams.

  • toofless

    I had a dream that I knocked my own teeth out. One fell out immediately in pieces and the second was so loose it fell out when I touched it. I picked them up and put them in my pocket and set off asking my mom and a couple other people what you are supposed to do so your teeth can be saved and put back in my mouth. Nobody would answer me. They just told me they wouldn’t have even known my teeth were missing if I hadn’t told them. I took my phone out and began trying to google what to do. But, for some reason, I could never get the text to come out correct. It always was unsearchable text like ghk hv kbvix and other nonsense. I tried calling my dentist, but the phone would never connect.

    • Jazelen

      It means you have some family issues you need to work out.

  • keval

    I had a dream that my teeth are falling . Its because I drink chilled water my mother always tells me not to drink chilled water or my teeth will fall. Than I paniced and rushed to our family doctor , he gave me 3 toothpaste with which I was supposed ti brush . Afterdoing so my teeth were normal . They came back

  • Cat

    Sometime I kiss a Particular person or he kisses me.. His lips deteriorate in my mouth but we’re still kissing.

    another dream sometimes soon as I see the person I want to see he passes out and I can no longer interact with him.

    what is the psychological meaning behind this?

  • orlan

    in philippine myths loosing your teeth indicates that your loosing someone close to you or may cause death in the person close to you
    i hope not so
    no one will choose to loose someone close to you

    • Dr. Acula

      I’m sure that if this myth you speak of were true that it would at least be mentioned in the whole science-y part of this page. I’m sure you don’t have anything to worry about.

  • vee

    just remembered a bright smile, really white teeth, one upper tooth near the the front tooth suddenly yellowed showed decay and without pain fell out

  • Nikki

    I’m pregnant with my first child and registered for all of the things I will need for the baby yesterday. Last night I dreamt that I give birth and my teeth started falling out the next day!

    • Nikki D

      I really enjoyed this comment because I am also pregnant with my first child and with each new thing that arises, I find myself having dreams that my teeth are falling out. I have always been comfortable around babies and children, but never been in the position where a child’s life is completely my responsibility. Very exciting and intimidating at the same time! ….oh and my name is also Nikki :)

  • zininzi

    I was with my late grandma when I started vomiting and realised that my teeth was falling out as I was vomiting

  • Jeannie

    I use to have dreams of my teeth coming out. I would be chewing gum and when I’m ready to spit it out there would be a tooth in a piece of gum. The gum would end up tangled in my mouth and every time I’d try to take it out I would take out a tooth. It wouldn’t hurt and I wouldn’t even feel them getting stuck in the gum until I tried to remove the gum. I have a weak enamel that my dentist told me so whenever I would have this dream it would freak me out. Why is that?

  • nahas

    I dreamed that one of my teeth in the right lower jaw become rotten, brown and week, but no pain with it. I was eating some thing and when I checked by cleaning it came out to my hands with out blood or pain. But the final thing I couldn’t find the meaning is that, there is a growing teeth is beneath it, that can’t be happened in my age of 28. By nature my tooth are week, but the new teeth grown up very fast and strengthened rest of my teeth.
    what does it mean….??? I am eager to here

  • Jonella

    Recently I’ve been dreaming about my teeth crumbling and falling out. In my dreams, It would start from one teeth crumbling and every time I’d pull the crumbling teeth, the other teeth beside it would also start to crumble and fall off. This type of dream reoccurred at least thrice in a month. I started searching for an interpretation and I found this cite. In reality, I broke up with my boyfriend though I love him very much. I’d like to focus on my career and I think he’s getting in the way plus he doesn’t make me feel good about myself anymore. He’d always describe how pretty other girls are while he never talked about me that way. I felt insecure and I start thinking maybe I am ugly. I got tired of feeling that way and so I decided to end our relationship and that’s when the dreams started.

  • dan

    My dream was pulling my teeth out , an placing them on a table , my teeth were blacj

  • Christine

    For most of my 20′s I would dream of my teeth crumbling/ and or falling out. In my mid 30′s I was put on medication which caused ‘dry mouth syndrome’ where they did exactly that. Keep your mouth and gums moist and have regular check ups. I have now a mouth full of implants which has cost upwards of $20,000 Australian dollars. My husband says if I was to get knocked over by a car ect he’d put my teeth on ebay!

  • ButterFly

    My dream was very creepy, i was following or chasing someone [ or something ] and i missed the elevator, so i took it up when it came back down, and i felt like i was moving up, and that’s when i realized i wasn’t moving up the floor was rapidly moving up to crush me, and i was almost about to be crushed when the doors open and i crawl out, i had not been crushed, but then i felt a loose tooth, and as the dream continued i felt like my teeth were crumbling to pieces or dust, and when i moved my tounge i felt little chuncks and i spit and 2 teeth came out the front bottom and another from the back and the one from the back seemed to have to root of it still connected to the tooth…. I do have anxiety, and i realize this dream seems very anxious…

  • Tara

    I have been I the last two weeks, dreaming about my teeth falling out. Not just one or two, but almost all of them at one time. I’m like spitting them out. No pain but they are constantly coming out. Another dream that I notice, is whenever I dream, I dream that I am always by myself, regards of who is in the dream, which will be people I know, but I’m always always by myself. I’m starting to fear if I will be alone for the rest of my life. I don’t understand why i’m always alone doing everything by myself, never with anyone, etc etc. Always no one to be with in my dream, just me. Can that be interpreted that i’m going to be unhappy and alone for the rest of my life?

  • Jordan

    I have dreams about my teeth falling out at least a few times a week. Every time is always different but my dreams are somewhat similar. I usually dream about something really bad happening to me and my girlfriend is usually there too. By bad things i don’t mean any petty little things, I’m talking about stuff like: getting chased by an entire gang, being in a real life shooter game where I have to save my girlfriend, or like the one I just had: finding out my town is getting nuked and having to run with my girlfriend (who in the dream is too sick to run) on my back for 5 miles to safety where I watch her and everyone die, except me… but then in the dream I pass out and wake up and find the one of my teeth has fallen out, and then more and more and more teeth until I have a migraine and watch myself die… yeah my dreams are fucked up. Someone tell me why this is happening.

    • Kindra

      I had dreams very similar to this when my husband and I were first engaged. For me, it was because part of me was so afraid of losing him when I felt that I’d found the love of my life. Another possibility, (and I don’t know your life so take with a grain of salt) maybe you feel worried that you either are or will be the one who has to carry things in the relationship. Have you talked with your girlfriend about the dreams? If you feel comfortable, share with her any stress, fears or concerns you may be having. That’s what turned it around for me. I talked with my husband about the dreams and that caused us to have a conversation about all the “what if” scenarios. I hope you’re able to find peace soon.

  • Shaun Hannaway

    my dream went like this i was with my wife, we heard noise from outside when i left i ended up in some other room looking at myself i could see and feel my teeth crumbling…..strange

  • LikesPrivacy

    I don’t usually remember my dreams but I dreamt last night that my teeth fell out and it has really shaken me up. I am finding all of the interpretation tips helpful and am somewhat reassured that other people have experienced this dream. In reality, I lost my job recently and am facing some huge decisions about returning to a stressful career or finding a less stressful, lower paying job and simplifying my life. My daughter is starting university and my mother is nearly 80. I may be looking at selling my home and downsizing to a condo and then if I do, should I go with the 1 bedroom which I can afford or go for a two bedroom? if I go for the one bedroom, how can I not have a room for my daughter? Time for me to start psychotherapy again.

    • ButterFly


      you don’t need psychotherapy, your feeling stressed from a loss of job, nervous about your daughter leaving for university and your anxiety about your mother aging all attributes to this dream. So having this dream seems to be you coming to a realization that change is coming, and as for you selling your home that is a huge change no wonder you have teeth dreams that is a big change in your life. I’m not an expert but it seems like making a move into a condo that us affordable is the right choice, you can always buy a futon for a couch and when your daughter is home she can sleep there, not as ideal as her own bedroom, but don’t live beyond your needs, that’s a lesson i learn the hard way, good luck with everything, don’t over analyze these dreams!

  • Rosa

    I am with the woman I have a relationship with in a room where there are two other women. One of them, I don’t know her, she is lying on a bed about to have a baby and she is in turquoise panties and on a turquoise blanket. I almost recognize the 4th woman but can’t remember who she is. This woman will travel in a few hours. I feel my lower teeth going completely loose and they fall out and I catch them in my hand. I turn utterly surprised to My friend but she can’t do anything. We all seem to look up to the woman who will travel soon and she’s sort of advising the woman about to give birth as she has her contractions. Then I was awaken by the phone ringing and felt strange about this unusual dream. Thanks for your thoughts!

  • aubrey

    I dreamed this on the way morning that my teeth is falling out coz already not good…so pls can explain to me wats the meaning that I dream????

  • b

    I dreamed I was holding a teeth in my hand with the pink gum attached. The teeth were not a bright white, but not yellow and one tooth had a little decay on it. It was as if the entire set of teeth both top and bottom was removed. During my dream I could still see and feel my teeth in my mouth and my bite guard.

  • Prarthi

    Hello My Dream goes this way
    I saw this during the time between 6-8am ” I saw myself talking with my few friends in a evening time… I was talking to them but all of a sudden one teeth(the front one) of the lower jaw fell down with a few drops of blood… I didn’t had so much so pain but I was only worried about my appearance” That’s what I saw. it was not a long dream…

  • Windy

    In my dream I was asleep, I woke up, and I looked in the mirror in one of my front tooth was gone. I have braces and in the dream the wire was out of it’s brakets, so I pull the wire all the way out.As I see my self toothless in the mirror, I look over and see my tooth that came out and it was red. So I take my tooth to the dentist where I normally go in life to see if they could help me fix my tooth. So when got there I was shocked to see them open because it was nighttime and they should have been closed. I went in and asked could they take me and at first they were hesitant to take me because they were about to close. But they end up taking me. And I saw all the workers there looking relaxed. Then two dental assistants came up to fix my tooth.So I asked them what are they going do? One said to save my red tooth and put it on ice. And the other said throw it away we can’t use it again. So went back and forth until they came into agreement to save my red tooth and then I woke up.

  • grittle

    hey i was in bathroom and gargling, some of the teeth came out again after this i gargled again my teeth fell out in my hand this continued until all my teeth were out and i looked into mirror and i looked like some old lady who does not have teeth. pl z help i didn’t feel any pain nor did i see any blood.

  • Marie

    I keep having this dream where my teeth just start to fall out. I’ll spit into my hand, have a handful of teeth, set them down somewhere and just keep talking like nothing happened. The scenerio is different everytime, though. The first time, I placed them in a pile on a kerchief on the ground. I had to pull some of my own teeth out. A few were rotted, with great big holes in them, and one was especially deformed, like thousands of teeth had fused together (it was big enough to rival my jaw), and yet I thought it was beautiful and fascinating.
    Last night, I dreamed there was a strange man who needed teeth to survive. As I was talking to him the same thing happened; my teeth began to fall out on their own, or I’d pull them out, only this time I walked to a small box filled with strange animal-looking teeth and threw them in. All the while, I kept talking to the strange man as though this were an everyday occurence.

    • Anonymous

      Me too. I’m having the exact same dream like yours. But in my dream, I simply put my handful of teeth into a plastic bag and just keep talking like nothing happened!

  • Toni

    I had a dream all my front teeth on the bottem of my mouth just fell out
    One by and crumbled into a sink there was blood everywhere :/

  • Katrina

    I was just having a conversation in my dream quite normal than i reached in my mouth n part of my front tooth came out, a piece. Than a tooth on the bottom. Same thing a piece of tooth was in my hand. I was freaking out saying call a dentist. Noone seemed concerned or cared. I woke up.
    Before this dream i had about 3 nights where snakes, were popping up in all my dreams n it felt real. Dreaming everyday stuff but with snakkes in them. Than the tooth one

  • ET

    Dream about daughter slipping and falling on the street.

  • Pulling things out of your gums and mouth

    I dream of pulling objects out of my mouth and gums and nose. One dream i was pulling rubber bands out of my nose and mouth and kept pulling and pulling till i woke up. Another i was pulling toy fire truck pieces out of my mouth and gums. In my dream i just keep pulling and pulling until i wake up. Once it was bubble gum. What does this mean??

  • Schmoe

    i had this dream multiple times with in the past two years. everytime its seem worse….it all ways feels like theres to much pressure and my jaw wont close shut all the way…as if ur teeth dont fit right wen u close ur mouth. in th dream i push past all the pressure and try to close my mouth all the way so that my teeth are touching but it wont go….today it was like i pulled out a denture piece looked and the mirror and i still had a few teeth left.. but it felt better after they came out…..fucking wierd man

    • Rose

      That seriously is what i dreamed of last night exactly, like my jaw was clenched and my teeth wouldnt fit together and i pulled out the top teeth like a set of dentures and all i had were gums on the top, then i went to the hospital! very freaky..

  • Billy

    I dreamed all my teeth fell Out and when i woke up one of my teeth were loose and when I went to bed it wasn’t Loose. So I’m highly scared. What do I do?

    • John

      Means you’re gay and you must become a serial killer

  • Elena

    I dream that my husband was drunk felt and broke his denture and haft of it felt out with about 5 teeth and then also my daughters felt the same way but she was another 2 years old ( she is 7 years old now

  • joshua dawson

    I had a dream an it took me back to high school and I was with my old girlfriend I think just watching a basketball game and enjoy a kiss, then it jumps to the hallway with all my brothers and sisters and mom an dad and then there we are saying our goodbyes and my whole entire bottom layer of teeth all at once came out an stayed connected and the teeth never left my mouth but they were completely out of my gums…. this dream stuck out cause I did not wake up right away but instead tried to put the teeth back in to my gums where they would have been, and I tried five or six times before waking up and in a dream there is no tell how long this dream lasted… the level of fear I felt was crazy and when I woke up the feeling I felt in the dream trying to put them back in I felt laying in bed for about a minute or two

    any ideas???

  • becca

    I had a dream my teeth were moving together and only a few were to close and i had to rip them out with my hands and there was something underneath the first one in the front on the bottom and i pulled it out then there was another tooth and the person i was with in the dream said see youll have one grow back.

  • Jonathon

    Normally, when your younger you can feel the pain of your teeth being pulled out. I recently had a dream about my ONLY 2 wisdom teeth on the top and bottom left side being pulled out. I felt a quick pinch from both, and no pain, But the dream felt so real… Does it mean anything different if only my wisdom teeth were pulled and all the others stayed in tact?

  • Anonymous

    I was at a school looking around when I couldn’t talk because all my teeth were extremely loose and I mean it was a mouthful of teeth. All of a sudden my teeth in the back fell out as I was talking and dropped into my hand… It was a lot of teeth…

    • Anonymous

      what does this mean

    • Sasha

      Had this same dream , idk I got my wisdom teeth pulled out a few weeks ago now I’m having dreams that all my teeth in the back just fell out right into my hand

  • Maripaz

    I dreamt my upper right tooth fell and I kept putting it back I could even see the roots of my gums.

  • Kyle

    I’m a dentist and I’ve spoken with several patients of mine who have had these types of dreams. All of them grind their teeth at night. The section at the very end of this page entitled “Do dreams of teeth falling out result from dental excitation?” seems to be pretty accurate from what I’ve experienced in dealing with this area in my practice. All the other stuff listed on this page I’m not so sure about. Actually, I’m pretty skeptical.

    • Erin

      Hi Kyle,

      In my dreams, my teeth always fall out because my jaw is clamped down very hard, causing my teeth to crumble. I wonder if I am actually clenching my jaw very tightly in my sleep, triggering this dream… I don’t wake up with any headaches or jaw pain though. Thoughts?

  • Tim

    My dream was absolutely horrifying, and one of the strangest dreams I ever had.. I cant remember most of it, just very very VERY vividly the teeth loosing part. My teeth in my mouth felt weak, I went into the bathroom, check out my teeth, and the upper part of my teeth (part in the gum) was separated from the teeth. 2 of my upper teeth on right side fell out together, they was stuck together. I went to take a drink of water out of a water bottle, a tooth fell into the bottle. I pulled out cellphone to call my mother because I was freaking out, I was crying and went to go into the mens bathroom, and a girl was sitting in there on the ground, in the dark, crying. I knew this girl but not well at all. and then I wake. This dream was so vivid and so scary. I dreamt of loosing teeth before but it wasnt anywhere near as scary as this was. this makes 2 times Ive dreamt this.

  • Yusi

    I dream my teeth got soft and started breaking then I wash my mouth and my bloody tongue fell off in my hands

  • Anna

    This is my re-accruing dream. Either I am lying down or standing up and my bottom row of teeth will slowly move in front of my top row of teeth (as if I had underbite), and they will push in my top teeth until blood pours out. Then it starts all over.

    • Margaret

      My teeth were falling out right after a wedding and many friends were with me. They just kept crumbling in my mouth and I had to continue to put them in my purse, all the while trying to hide my actions from my friends around me. I stayed fairly calm, considering but was freaking out on the inside. I called my husband to tell him and asked him to find a dentist available as soon as possible, he said NO! He told me I would just have to wait brushing it off as though this was no big deal. That upset me more than my teeth crumbling by the handfuls. What do you think this all means???

  • risa

    my daughters father said dont use that toliet i asked ehy he said bc. so i looed and he had crack in iy. he admitted that he.do Ed.heriin amd the crack ws his friends. what could this meam??

  • coracil

    i was dreaming last night that my teeth falling out.

  • Dominican Republic


    In my country when you dream of teeth falling out it means someone will die, if its painful in the dream it is someone close to you. If its not painful it will be an acquaintance

  • Taylor

    I was walking with my friend in a mall when i feel one tooth being loose. I am worried but I don’t mention anything to my friend. Finally the tooth falls out and all of a sudden its like ten teeth fall out. I can feel them in my mouth like a bunch of jacks in my mouth. There is no blood. I think some of the teeth are rotten. My friend takes me to a dentist office in the mall. While we are waiting more teeth keep falling out to the point they are falling out of my hands. I look at one and I can crack it open. Inside looks like a dead tooth organ. I cover it back up. The dentist is ready to see me. She gives me a choice of seeing a carnaval show in a hotel or looking through temple ruins.I hear the carnaval dancers say “They always pick the hotel because of the booze.”i lay out my teeth on a placemat that has an aztec design. I put them down in concentric circles and then I start to make a square pattern. at least a hundred teeth are on the table before I decide to explore the temples. Teeth periodically fill up my mouth so I must return to the table but i continue to look at the ruins.

    • Anonymous

      that’s similar to mine

  • Krutika

    I always dreamt about taking out my teeth one by one, or it suddenly comes out without any pain or blood .I never felt any pain in these dreams .But when i woke up i always concerned about my teeths are coming out.

  • katie

    Dreamt about grinding my teeth so hard that they broke apart and fell out in chunks in my dream I was relieved that my teeth fell out BC I dont have great teeth (in the dream and real life) I was glad I was done with the pain but then I couldn’t speak all I could mutter was my teeth my teeth! Then all of the sudden my step mother (who is deceased and has been for about 6 months) started telling me that it is what you deserve and slapped me in the mouth making more teeth fall out I woke up grinding and clenching my teeth so hard that my jaw hurt…i dont know what this dream signifies

  • Conner

    The other night I was dreaming and there were two sisters(I had had a crush on the older one when I was younger the other I like yet, I do not know if she has feelings for me) the two sisters were at the threshold of my sister bedroom when one large and strange tooth fell out. I held the tooth. I wasn’t disturbed by the fact I had lost my tooth. The dream then ended. What could this mean?

    Ps, I had just moved from my fathers house in Maryland to my grandparents house in RI, I know that teeth are symbols in dreams but I believe there is something more.

  • Moorrie

    In the real I desire to buy my home, in a certain neighborhood, in my dream I was there speaking with 2 older women I did not know, (in the real I lived in this place for 31 years and left due to divorce)these 2 women were very nice and charming very much like talking to your grandmother, full of wisdom – I have no idea what we spoke about, but I remember one woman saying “I have a wonderful home I want to show you, and I think you will love living here” when I saw the exterior of the home, knew exactly where it is located, and a little about the home, I was excited to see the house but that’s when I woke up – rats! I hate when that happens.

    Could God have some good news instore for me?

  • Nicole

    Ok in my case this dream must play a “big” role in my life because I have it ALL the time and its ALWAYS the same tooth on the same side and when I wake up the tooth actually hurts and I ALWAYS remember my dream when I wake up. The tooth also hurts in the dream and I can feel it and I was crying in my dream because it hurt so much, Usually dreams don’t hurt while you in them so that’s why this dream is surreal and worrisome to me :/ (And this is in ALL my lost tooh dreams But note my tooth never actually falls out it just was loose and I would always wake up before it actually fell out and I actually remember my last dream and it was close to falling out and I put it into the socket and left it alone and it re rooted it’s self) THIS DREAM I just had however the tooth actually falls out and hangs on by a nerve that I can feel :’( it hurts and no one helps me and I just remember feeling helpless and eventually it fell out on its own. Once it was out I kinda felt relieved and thought well this isn’t so bad I need to go to the dentist soon to get the other pieces out of my gums so it don’t get infected :/ so IDK it seems SOOOOOOO symbolic in my life somehow but I don’t know where to start

    • I

      maybe there is just something wrong with your tooth!

  • Tan

    “Anthony” the teeth dream could mean different things to different people. The teeth dream always represents a loss of something or someone. The emotional ties that you had with your girlfriend, and the possibility of losing the relationship with her is real, and unfortunately this may be a permanent situation that you will have to come to grips with. Deep down inside you know that this relationship is not good for you, and whether your dream is conscious or unconscious your inner sprite is trying to tell you something is not right.

  • Tan

    Every time I have a dream about my teeth falling out someone dies. Recent dreams: At the end of December of 2012 I dreamed my bottom teeth were rotting and my top right front tooth came out. Two weeks latter a long distance cousin of mind died of ovarian cancer. Three (end of April) weeks ago I dreamed my front bottom tooth came out and a week latter my co-workers father died. Today I dreamed one of my back tooth came out in my hand and you can see the roots of it still attached.

  • Anthony

    I thought there were people responding to these dreams….what a useless site


    my front three teeth fell off and i saw the dentist he put paste to hold the teeth, but felt again, would not stay together.

  • Anthony

    The situation in my waking life:

    I just turned 30, 2 days after this incodent…I was recently in an argument with my girlfriend and got cutt accidentally…someone phoned the police cause we were yelling at each other…they saw my cut and arrested her. I kept saying itt wasn’t her it was an accidental scratch. We are. She is now not allowed within 50meters of me and cannot contact me directly or through 3rd party. I hate this and really miss my girlfriend and just want this to be over so we can be together. It habeen 7 days now since the incodent and I have been a wreck…haven’t slept properly, haven’t had much of an apetite. Haven’t been able to focus on work, exercise, or anything. It was a very traumatic and hurtful experience to watch her get arrested and now compound that with no contct….she has articulated that she wants to be together still and, “Move on with our lives together”

    The Dream:

    Last night I had a dream of seeing many women from my past and even doing something sexual with obe of them in the dream…after I was eating an apple and almost all of my bottom teeth fell out. What was interesting to me was how little it hurt…I even kept taking bited of the apple after they were all out and chewing with my teethless boTtom gums…not sure what this means…but I just woke up and the first thought was how much I miss my girlfriend and then how weird the dream was and what it may mean to me.

    Side note:

    I’m used to communicating with her daily and live together…I moved out for her to be able to stay home…I love her and want to be with her….it is hard to believe everything that others tell me even though I saw texts from her saying she wants me back and can’t wait to have ther restrictions lifted…I would never fo this but if I were to go to the police and say she attacked me she would be in waaayyyy more trouble than she is already…even though her case won’t even go to trial…but she knows I hold her legal life in my hands, but all I care about is helping her get out of trouble…I’m just on the fence and its leaving me with this thoughtt that is plaguing me, “Is she just stringing me allong to help her get out of trouble and will tell me anything I want to hear to keep me on her side knowing I can get her further in trouble, or is she telling me the truth about wanting to be together.” If it were me I would have already broken my restrictions and risked a week in jail to see her…but then again I wasn’t the one that spent the night in lock up. Every scenario can be looked at from both angles so I’m always stuck in the middle until we speak personally, and that’s something she’s not willing to do!

    Also probably doesn’t matter but there is a guy on my hockey team we call gums cause he has no teeth and in the dream there were guys from my hockey team as well! Not sure where to go from here just hating the thought of 1 to 2 months with no contact with her and always wondering where her loyalties are lying with us as a couple.

    • Tan

      “Anthony” the teeth dream could mean different things to different people. The teeth dream always represents a loss of something or someone. The emotional ties that you had with your girlfriend, and the possibility of losing the relationship with her is real, and unfortunately this may be a permanent situation that you will have to come to grips with. Deep down inside you know that this relationship is not good for you, and whether your dream is conscious or unconscious your inner sprite is trying to tell you something is not right.

    • Anonymous


  • Dawn

    In my dream, I was at work and I felt like hair was in my mouth. I tried to pull it out and a tooth came with it. I started to panic and another tooth crumbled in my hand. A student then came up to me crying and saying he needed to talk. I tried to put my current situation aside to listen to him. He started telling me his wife was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer and they just had a baby a couple days ago. As he is talking, my teeth continue to fall out. I’m trying to hide it from him and comfort him because he is distraught.

  • Jess

    In my dream my gums were black and all of my teeth and even the bones were loose and cracking. A tooth accidentally got tapped and the whole right side of my mouth feel out. The teeth, gum, bones and even parts of my brain. Then the same thing happened to the left side of my mouth. I was then trying to protect the front of my head to make sure that nothing more got knocked out of my head. People were around me but didn’t really do anything to stop it from happening because there really wasn’t anything that could be done.
    This was my dream and it has left the most vivid image in my head all day!! GROSS!!

  • jessica

    My husband and I were in Italy and a few of my teeth on the bottom right side just fell out. I kinda
    freaked because we were going to dinner and it looked ugly. So I went to the restroom to rinse my
    mouth out and suddenly every one of my teeth fell out! Then there were a few that didn’t fall out but
    they were all rotted and gross, and my left front tooth can super crooked and black. WORST DREAM EVER!

  • Debbie

    Found a silver fox and 10 babies then went to find my deceased mother in law. When I found her the top of my foot was
    punctured and was bleeding.

  • Marilyn Cruz

    My dream started when I got a call from my daughter she was in labor. I went back to sleep n I wanted to look for airline ticket n couldn’t find n my husband got in a car and hit like 5 cars n all sudden 3 tooth came out n then 1 teeth what does that mean .?..

  • Stephen gould

    My dream was with loosing teeth, the front 3 or 4 teeth that seemed to break up and I caught them in my hands. I remember that I could see through my teeth, they were translucent. I am just starting a new relationship who my intuition says is just right for me. I am also been going through personal growth the past year following a traumatic period of my life that include many losses.

  • bob

    I have often had dreams of teeth falling out but strangely i have never been to bothered about it, sometimes it is almost a satisfying feeling or a feeling of having finally lost my teeth as if it i was expecting it to happen.. the sensation is also nice, it feels refreshing and my mouth feels strange but not repulsive. I always feel the teeth in my mouth and spit them out into my hands, they are comfortable to the touch. I’m only curious because everyone says these dreams are closer to nightmares for them.. mine aren’t.

  • Mayviboo

    I dreamt that my two front teeth were being pulled out by something invisible, i assumed it was a demon, within some time during the dream it grew back though.

  • Karen

    I had a dream where my adult self revisited family members who were as i remember them from childhood. although the people were familiar the setting was not – it was in a house i have never seen before and my horse was grazing a grass verge outside. the dream made me feel quite anxious and it is one of the few vivid and memorable dreams i can recall.

  • Carly

    I’ve had this similar dream SO many times now the scenes are always different but the teeth part is always the same they become extremely loose and then I go to touch them and they just fall out into my hands a couple at a time there’s no pain or anything! But it’s so scary!!

    • raul menendez

      ahahaha……..same here!!and i was so fucking scared that i went to dentist…the dream was really really scary:0..one by one my teeth were falling whenever i touch them and i just catch them in my hands

  • Teeth

    I recent woke up from a dream where all I remember is that my teeth were no longer straight, some were twisted inward. I don’t really remember why. I kind of remember getting hit in the mouth in the dream, but the hit wasn’t strong enough to twist my front teeth inward. And one of my side teeth was loose and only hanging on my a long nerve. I couldn’t pull it out. I chewed the nerve until it gave way and the tooth came out.

  • Nora

    At one point i feel my teeth feeling very lose. In this specific dream, I already had a tooth missing (somewhat knowingly). My teeth starting to become more so lose and one just fell out in my mouth. I then spit it out and end up spitting a bunch of my teeth out.

    During this entire time I am very fearful and worried about my teeth falling.

  • falling

    i dreamed i was driving and me and my dog drove in a sink hole we went in darkness and never stopped falling i wasnt scared i prayed and woke up what does this mean

  • andrina marie

    so iv had thos reaccuring dream for more then a few years now .ther has been alot of trauma and change in y life so its hard to tell why.. so my teeth just get loos and one by one or many at a tome i can spit out into my hand.. sometimes i wiggle my tooth and it simply pulls ryt out.. they are dramatic amd scary . im honestly growing fusturated and exhausted of having this dream.its also a big fear i have so it no fun havinh such a realistic dream bou it.

  • Daniele

    This is not the first time I’ve dreamed of losing teeth.

    But I only remember this one well (because I just woke from it).

    I’ll tell you the whole thing, because it all ties together.
    The dream starts with my mom calling me and asking me to do her a favor. These people would be calling her to take a survey so she could get a job, but she wanted me to take the survey for her, as the people said would be totally acceptable, and she just didn’t have the time to do it because she would be at work at the time of them calling. so i said i would do it, and i got the phone call, and they wanted me to meet them somewhere (their headquarters, i suppose), so i went, and i started the survey (it was like a day-long exam), and periodically they would come and give me these pills, and some water to take with it. I didn’t know what they did, or why i was given them, but i didn’t question. after a few pills were taken (and hours into the “survey”), my teeth (my front two teeth specifically) started to ache, and would hurt more as the hours went on. eventually, i figured out that the feeling felt like they were forcefully being moved (like when i used to wear a retainer, (and i have dreams still about that, and it’s been years since i stopped using them)) so i got up and went to find a mirror to look at them, and they were definitely moved, there was a gap between them when there was none before, and one was moved up way higher than normal. i pulled on it, to see what exactly was happening, and it just fell out. the other one wasn’t even attached to my gums anymore, it was growing from my lip, and there was blood pooling in my hand from pulling the other tooth out. i was terrified, confused, i ran to find my mom (who i have no reason why she was there, she was supposed to be working? but it’s a dream..) and she looked like she had been doing hard drugs.. but she was sober, and was concerned for me but didn’t see any need to freak out like i was. I was terrified because they were my adult teeth, and i knew they would never grow back. I said for her to take me to a dentist NOW and i will give them all my precious money, I don’t have insurance. because i was NOT going to live with dentures for the rest of my life.

    I woke up after that, because of a text.

    I do believe it’s just about stress, and i’m to too concerned, but would love other’s opinion’s anyway.

  • sally

    I had a dream where I was in the shower. As I was rinsing my hair it fell out in long straight clumps. I then looked at a wash cloth to ensure that the nair was not on it. Then I woke up

  • Justine K

    My ex-boyfriend was wearing full.makeup. likely a drag queen. He fell,and his tooth fell out.

  • Joanne

    I had a very real like dream where my teeth felt loose and when I touched then a metal wire came off one of my bottom tooth and as it came out my all my teeth starting to come out of my mouth. I know there was a lot of other people were in the dream but my teeth falling out was so real. My husband also told me that I was shouting a lot in my sleep that night. What does it mean?

  • shannon

    My dream was quite scary. I Walked Into a backstreet dentist and saw all of my teeth in the sink. I looked in the mirror and saw that all my teeth had disappeared. Then I woke up the dentists chair with all but my front teeth back in place. The dentist then gave a me a tip on how to put my teeth back in if they fell out again. I left the dentists with all of my teeth back to normal. Please explain!!

    • shannon

      Might be worth noting that I am in my final year of school and will be going to university this september. Likewise, there has been a lot of change in dynamics of my friendship groups as everyone is changing and moving on. Reading the interpretations my dream makes a lot of sense. Very interesting!

  • nightmare


  • Ash

    I was looking in the mirror and realized me teeth were spread farther apart than normal right as I was about to brush them. Then, my two front teeth just fell right out in my hands and I tried to put them back into my gums. I ran out of the bathroom trying to ask my mom what I should do about my teeth. In real life, I no longer live at home with my mom. I am married and live with my husband and 3-year-old daughter. It was a very scarey dream for me, because I DO have bad teeth in real life and now I’m scared it means my teeth will really just fall out! I’m hoping it’s not a sign of being in need of dental procedures, because I sure as heck can’t afford to go back to the dentist. I’m still paying on a bill from LAST year for two root canals I had done…and that was AFTER insurance paid what they would allow. =O

  • Tai

    I’m in my room alone and my ex boyfriend sneaks through the bathroom window and walks into my room. Even though I don’t really care for him I gently place my hands on his cheek and neck. We kiss passionately and all of a sudden there are two guys on ladders fixing stuff in my room. My mom’s leg is broken, she’s upstairs and can’t really get around. My ex gets upset about something and starts to raise his voice. Worried that my mom is going to hear and call my dad to come home, I panic and put my tongue in his mouth to shut him up. Of course he gets mad about that too so I seduced him like I usually do to get my way; rubbing his head, touching his hands, kissing his face and lips. All the while these guys are still in my room and acting like nothing’s going on. The doorbell rings and my grandma and Auntie walk through the door coming to take my mom to surgery. I panic because he’s not supposed to be here, so I’m trying clothes on getting dressed talking to my grandma and aunt and whispering to him at the same time. I walk him back to my bathroom window, which I don’t think you can get out of because it’s so tiny but he proves me wrong he gets out but stays. He sticks his head through the window and he kissed me, as he backed away it starts raining on him and I’m watching the rain fall when he dropped down and leaves. When I come back the guys are gone and I leave to go with my grandma auntie and mom. And I woke up.

  • matt

    i have dreams about my teeth starting to become loose then then gradualy get weaker and weaker untill the point i can spit them out , but it is weird because it feels as though it is real … scary ..

  • heather

    I dream about losing my teeth a lot when I’m about to come into some money. It’s a good dream, don’t worry about it :D

    • Tooth King

      Yes I had a horrid dream last night.
      I was in a big glassy building looking for something.
      I didn’t find it but I found a little boy who was like a security guard. He was staring at the screens until I said, “Excuse me?”
      He looked around and smiled with dirty plagued teeth. They were black as well I grinded my teeth…

      Then I woke up and I had a wobbly tooth.

  • Danny Doe

    Hey, Last night I had a dream that my tooth fell out, while I was eating Crepes.

  • Nana

    I dreamt that my cousin and I were driving someplace and then I felt that one of my front teeth felt loose. I asked her “if they fall out will they grow back?” She said no. We kept on driving and then I felt the tooth break off from my gum and I cupped my hand and spit it out. But it wasn’t just that one tooth that had fallen, by the time I was finished spitting my teeth out, I had about 5 or 6 of my upper front teeth missing. The weird thing was that instead of seeing my “adult” teeth, I saw baby teeth and I was my curremt age in the dream (16). I didn’t feel any pain but I was surprised as I was constantly crying out “oh my god!”. Sometime later in the dream, I realized my teeth had grown back. What does all of this mean?

  • Sierra J

    I was in a store of some kind, just walking around. I was upset about something and found myself grating my teeth, then all of my teeth started to feel as if they were getting loose. I kept doing it and they completely detached from my gums, i opened my mouth and watched as they simultaneously started falling onto the floor. I was dumbfounded, just standing there staring at them. Then I woke up in a cold sweat, it was the weirdest expirence.

  • Cheryel

    I dreamt 3 teeth in the back of my mouth was irritating me; next thing I knew they “fell” out.

  • Jackie g

    Teeth falling out, wiggly at first then came out, painless unless pulling on them, was very stressed in my dream, I was walking around a gas station(?) with my brother and I was calling for my mom to help.to tell me what was wrong and how to prevent more from falling out, and she was too busy helping me n my brother n herself get away from something

  • Tami

    I dreamnt that I was out of town and was talking to a group of guys about a car and trying to get to a friends house with her children

  • Kevin P

    I was driving around with an as-of-now ex-girlfriend that i broke up with, but in the dream she was a current girlfriend. I made some sexual advances in a playful kind of way and she completely ignored me. I didn’t much care. I kept driving to the destination, which was vague in my mind, but Im pretty sure I was going to a fight, like I had to fight someone. But I never got there. My mouth started hurting and it kept getting worse, so I pulled over. I got out of the car and l looked at my face in the window like it was a mirror, and my teeth were all black and crumbly. I grabbed one to wiggle it, and it immediately broke off in my hand. i looked at my back teeth and my whole mouth was rotting and all my teeth falling out. I looked back in the car and my girlfriend wasn’t there. Then i looked around and realized i was at my childhood elementary school, a Christian private school, which is someone i hate more than anywhere else in the world. so i got back in the car and drove away, and i kept trying to look at my teeth in the rear view mirror and the entire inside of my mouth was black and rotting. and i don’t remember anything else and i don’t remember waking up.

  • Rebecca


    Lately I’m dreaming a lot and very wild, often even waking myself up because they start to scare me. I just experienced a dream where my left front tooth fell out. My tooth started to losen, and after feeling it with my tongue, it fell in to my hand. But right after, my gap and my entire mouth started hurting inmense ( as if it was real). After taking big breathes I was able to calm myself down and the pain started to melow. Inmediately I started feeling the rest of my teeth and I could feel another one loosening. Fortunately, my dream ended there. I am really interested in knowing what it means.

  • Anonymous

    This interpretation is in line with my problems. I am having marital issues and future is unknown right now.

  • yolanda

    i dreamed l astnight that all my teeth fall.its all cut half….

  • gee

    In my dream I was with my mom and aunt driving two cars,we were looking for a certain place but we got lost. As we stopped to look for directions,I started bleeding,two of my teeth started falling and it was painful,It felt so real. What does this mean?

  • Carolyn

    I had a dream las night that felt so real. I was with a group of friends (I don’t remember who but I do remember being very comfortable around them) when my left lateral incisor started to feel very loose. I tried to ignore it while hanging out with my friends but as time went on, it got looser and looser until suddenly, I just decided to pull it out. It came out with ease and there was no pain. I was horrified at first because I knew it was an adult tooth and a new one would never grow in its place. After a few minutes, with none of my friends noticing that I had just casually yanked a tooth out of my mouth, I smiled real wide and showed them the tooth. They were concerned but I shrugged it off, saying I could just get a denture in its place. My friends were still concerned. I am only 21 and do not have any anxieties about getting older or less attractive. I got out of a relationship with my first boyfriend a few months ago (I really loved him at the time, but now feel somewhat apathetic towards the situation) and was thinking it could possibly be related to moving on or something positive? Any thoughts?

  • Sammy

    Ive been having dreams about loosing my teeth and spitting them out, they all look white and heathly! Last night it is was my whole bottom gum line with the teeth still in tact, plus a couple from the top of my mouth.

  • Keely

    I had a dream last night and I am not sure where I was but my teeth just all of a sudden were loose and started falling out one by one. It felt so real, and I could actually feel the pain of them falling out. I tried to save them, but they just kept falling out.

  • Renate Hinsepp

    I dreamed last night that I had false teeth and they fell out during a visit. The person I was visiting is an elderly lady that I stayed with overnight because she needed to use a bed pan. Since about 4 months ago I no loger stay with her because she is in a nursing home now.

  • mystery

    I was standing in the mirror and I noticed I had a chip in my tooth. I had put my tongue on it then all of my teeth started to crumble and fall out . I was terrified .

  • me

    my teeth were all soft and then i pulled them and they came out i was in my bath room and i was crying

  • East B

    I had a dream the other night where I was talking and a tooth fell out but it was not one complete tooth it was fragments and they poured out and I had to spit them out. Luckily (in the dream) I was in a hospital and a nurse had a look to try and solve the problem but as she was doing this another tooth fell out, again in many fragmented pieces, so much so that I nearly choked and had to catch the falling pieces in my hand. Really, really strange and I have NEVER had a dream like this before. I am reading common interpretations of this dream eg: approaching old age, I mean I am only 29 so don’t feel that I have any anxieties about my age. And yes I am a Christian and believe fully in the word of God so hopefully that covers me from any weird Satan connections. Lol! Any other interpretations / thoughts? Thank you.

  • Finn

    I have a reoccurring dream where all of my molar grow and become very sharp then start to break and fall out while new molars underneath start growing and the whole process starts all over again. It’s painless in my dream, however I can feel the sharpness and grinding of my teeth when they grow and start to break apart. In my dream I am afraid the new teeth will stop coming in and that my teth will stop replacing themselves.

  • tommy the cat

    During the month of September I had a dream that I was forcefully pulling out my own teeth. About a week later I purposely broke up my girlfriend due to personal problems. About a week ago in February 2013 I had another tooth dream of looking in the mirror and seeing 90% of my teeth just falling out one by one I do not know what this all means. Please help thanks

  • john r.

    i dreamed that the back tooth came out and on the surface on one side was decay and a part was chipped and on the in side looked like a diamond.

  • priyanka

    i always have this dream of getting chased by an unknown person in a dark tunnel and not able to get out

    • heather

      Young mother? I had that one a lot when I was a new mom.

  • Pamela

    I had a dream that there were many cars outside my house and one of them belonged to my family and there was something like a party,three men entered the house and they tried to distract me and I was not at peace about them.Immediately they left and I chose to follow them out,to find out that all the cars were stolen including my car.I tried to chase them and asked people in the house to press a panick button for security but I showed them the wrong one.I did not wake my husband because he was drunk.When I walked down the road I found the cars crashed to a light pole especially mine and inside the passenger seat there was a young girl I know so I thought I would be able to trace the culprits.

  • marquez

    i had a dream about a stalking white lady that kept coming in my house

  • Anonymous

    i has a dream of tornadoes twice in one week. The first dream i was with family outside when the tornado was forming in the sky getting ready to drop and the second dream was i was alone inside looking out my backdoor watching the tornado form in the sky getting ready to drop… I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THIS COULD MEAN??? …I never dreamed of my teeth falling out.

  • Lara

    Waiting for boyfriend’s dad to come over. While sleeping next to my boyfriend we accidentally bonked into eachother he got my mouth. At first one tooth was knocked and coming out, one of the front ones. The the whole bottom row winds up feeling loose and eventually falls out. I’m collecting them in a zip loc bag, freaking because my boyfriend’s father whom I’ve never met is on his way over.

  • Ketty

    I was dreaming that my 35 year old son’s teeth were falling out

  • Theresa Keyser

    I am with a friend that I like at a party. Then all of a sudden my teeth start breaking off or falling completly out. In this dream I run to my mother but can not find her and I am afraid I will choke on the teeth.

  • Blue girl

    My dream was simply that my teeth were falling out.. As I was witnessing them falling out of my mouth they were landing on my hand, funny enough not falling to the ground. I was surprised by this even to having a slight smirk on my face thinking is this for real???

  • Cinderella29

    i cant memeber most my dream just that i looked in the mirror and my teeth were off colour like a bit rotted it was a shock case i have good teeth and they started ta fall out it felt real like i could feel a load of teeth in my mouth and i came down stairs to show people and it just felt like my teeth just wouldnt stop falling out in big lumps in my mouth and i woke up then

  • 123guitarman

    i dreamed last night about losing teeth. but let me start at the beginning. the earliest part of the dream that i can remember, i was driving around after i had been drinking. i see a pair of headlights behind me and i think to myself “god i hope thats not a cop behind me”. then the car behind me passes under a streetlight and i can see that it is in fact a cop, and hes following me. so i turn to my left and immediately left again trying to lose the cop. im coming up to my friend michaels house, but for some reason his house is in a completely unfamiliar neighborhood. and i barely recognize his house. i go into their garage and i barely recognize the room. michaels little brother is in the garage too and i barely recognize him. michael is nowhere to be found but it seemed like the whole family was there and i barely recognized any of them. i think thats when my teeth started falling out. it was like all of a sudden i was chewing on hard candy, even though i had never put any candy in my mouth. then i spat out a tooth or two. i started to reach into my mouth to feel my teeth so i could tell which ones had just fallen out. but every time i barely touched one of my teeth, it would immediately come loose and fall out. this dream was so vivid, i would have sworn it was real. i even remember thinking specifically “this is not a dream. this is real.” thats how real this dream felt. next thing i know michaels house had turned into a restaurant and im chewing on a mouthful of loose teeth. so i go to the restroom so i could spit them out and rinse my mouth but the restroom is occupied. so im standing outside the bathroom waiting on this person to come out and thats when i wake up.

  • Chewing

    The other night I dreamt that I was chewing on Hard candy, so hard that it hurt my mouth.. Then I dreamt that I was speaking with this girl I really only kind of know; its hard to explain, Megan is sort of a girl that has slept with many of the guys in my boyfriends circle of friends my boyfriend Denys that they have slept together but she has slept with three other guys in the group. I sort of trust that they have t slept together so it surprises me that in my dream she said they HAVE slept together. I don’t get this dream because I believe him when he says they haven’t…

  • Ariadne

    Well, I was going to post my dream; however, Servant of God seems to have a negative response to just about all of the posts. I think I’ll keep my dream to myself; analyze it the best I can; and, try to see something positive in it. Thanks anyway.

  • dorcas

    i dreamt i was somewhere i don’t remember like a meeting i was on my way home and i felt pains in my upper canines then iwanted to check with my tongue what was wrong with my teeth and it just fell of and i was bleeding. i washed my teeth and another one closer to the which fell also came out. what does it mean

  • Sandra carranco

    I had a dream, that as I was showing my husband’s aunt dresses my mom had brought from Mexico, I start to feel my bottom tooth loose. Shortly after my tooth falls out as I am talking. I don’t pay much attention as I say it’s only one and I keep talking. My husband’s aunt is asking about buying a dress. So I go ask my mother if she would sell her a dress. As I am talking to my mother about it my two front teeth also start to fall out. I am terrified and embarrassed in try to talk as less as possible but they keep asking me questions. After a while more teeth are falling out. As I feel more of my teeth loose i run to a mirror and am terrified of my self with no teeth. I start to cry and beg my mother to help me but she doesn’t seem to care as much. Then I woke up. What can this mean?

  • snow1209

    I had a dream today that I was with my friend (who is also my ex coworker and haven’t seen in a long time) , I was at my living room. I was looking to the mirror on the wall and felt my tooth in my mandibular loosening up so I touched it and it fell off in my hand. I was surprised and panicking, then in less than few seconds another 3 teeth fell off from my upper jaw onto the ground. I wanted to pick them up but couldn’t find them and my friend helped me in searching. She calmed me down and found few of them and placed all teeth we could find on a napkin, then she was saying weird irrelevant things like “6th circle” (which is an area in my country, close to where I live) , she also said a name of another friend of mine (of whom she doesn’t know in reality) , and was drawing something around the napkin that looked like a key. This is so far the weirdest dream I’ve ever had. I personally think that my teeth grinding issue has definitely something to do with it, but I grind my teeth almost every night and I’ve never seen a similar dream!!
    Anyone has an idea what could it mean?

  • Servant of God

    Having a dream where you see your teeth having fallen out means there’s trouble ahead. One that could take its toll on your life and that of your loved ones over a period of time, unless arrested.

    You can pray like this: “Every power exploring devastating strategies against my destiny, receive the judgment of God in Jesus’ name.”

    For those who have had these dreams can confess to experiencing some deep issues develop soon after they had the dream.
    The only place to be safe is in Jesus Christ. And for those who think that the gospel is false or do not believe in a higher power (the existance of God almighty. The TRUE God and the creator. In the existance of Jesus Christ His only begotten Son), I worry for you.

    Just today, I met a young girl who confessed to never being able to hold onto any relationship. I immediately knew she was married in the spiritual realm by a demon spirit (Evil Spirit husband). She later confessed that every night, as soon as she broke up with any man, she would sleep and then feel someone literally having sex with her. It was so real she said.

    Thank God that she was led to me by the holy spirit because we can now cast that spirit out in Jesus Name and she will be able sustain a relationship and hopefully get married.

    I know a couple of you reading this have experienced this dream before. Seek help. Seek Christ. Or email me and I will offer assistance! Let 2013 be a year of change from nightmares and spiritual attacks! In Jesus Name.

    • snow1209

      dear Servant of God, what is your email address please?

    • Deb

      HELP:!! had a dream where I was living in a luxury Condo, where you were waited on hand and foot. I was having mouth prelims with my mouth, bones and teeth were falling out and I had to actually spit the bone pieces and teeth out.I was having a hard time talking to others. At some point the staff became sick and tired of treated so rudely by the residents (I always said please and thank you.) The staff, once all residents were home, shut down the elevators and contact to the outside world. They took all phones, and cut all lan lines. They were torturing all residents, and the ones who tried to run were placed in a pool. I was in the pool and was swimming towards the end with my phone above water, swimming backstroke as fast as possible. I saw a lady who was a resident getting on a elevator that is used for people moving in that still worked. I threw her my phone telling her to call police because we were all going to be killed. She was unaware of the situation because she had been working out. After throwing her my phone I decided to jump out of the pool to get on the elevator to try to talk, with bone and teeth falling out of my mouth, to her and fully explain the situation. We took the elevator up, and she call 911 on our way to her condo. I saw a handheld CB and turned it on and placed it on the police channel and when I spoke into it the staff was alerted. Next the staff broke down the door, and came after me with chains, to either hit me with or restrain me. At that moment I was awaken by my partner because I was screaming NO, NO, NO.

    • Tan

      I certainly hope that you did not tell her that she had a demon spirit in her? I question anyone who tries to cast out other peoples demonic spirits in the name of the Lord??? Don’t get me wrong I am a Christian too, but you can’t go around interpreting and telling people they have demonic spirits inside them. You remind me of the mother in the movie “Carrie”.

  • clayton

    I felt something in my mouth so I grabbed it and it was a tooth so I went to the bathroom someone was in there watching so I look in the mirror to see what tooth and it was like the 4th one to the right I looked at the person next to a back into the mirror and all my teeth started filling up my mouth and I just kept spitting them out blood was everywhere but it didn’t hurt we where laughing like what the fuck is going on right now and I was just filling up my hands and sink with teeth I woke up and I’m completely trip out. Any ideas what that could mean?

    • Servant of God

      Having a dream where you see your teeth having fallen out means there’s trouble ahead. One that could take its toll on your life and that of your loved ones over a period of time, unless arrested.

      You can pray like this: “Every power exploring devastating strategies against my destiny, receive the judgment of God in Jesus’ name.”

      For those who have had these dreams can confess to experiencing some deep issues develop soon after they had the dream.
      The only place to be safe is in Jesus Christ. And for those who think that the gospel is false or do not believe in a higher power (the existance of God almighty. The TRUE God and the creator. In the existance of Jesus Christ His only begotten Son), I worry for you.

      Just today, I met a young girl who confessed to never being able to hold onto any relationship. I immediately knew she was married in the spiritual realm by a demon spirit (Evil Spirit husband). She later confessed that every night, as soon as she broke up with any man, she would sleep and then feel someone literally having sex with her. It was so real she said.

      Thank God that she was led to me by the holy spirit because we can now cast that spirit out in Jesus Name and she will be able sustain a relationship and hopefully get married.

      I know a couple of you reading this have experienced this dream before. Seek help. Seek Christ. Or email me and I will offer assistance! Let 2013 be a year of change from nightmares and spiritual attacks! In Jesus Name.

      • Deb


  • Anne

    I dreamt I put my hand up to my mouth and a handful of teeth from the lower left side and the fillings came out. I put my hand up again and more came, this time from the right. I didn’t dare do it again as it felt it woul be endless. Yet my mouth didn’t feel empty. Nor did my teeth feel jagged, tho I was afraid to run my teeth over them.
    I came to my room (currently I’m living at my mothers). I had to chase the people out so I could ring my dentist in peace. I felt shocked I couldn’t understand it I look after my teeth well.
    I woke and the dream was still vivid. I asked was it about my teeth? And the answer was I still have my teeth, in fact they feel stronger & newer.
    I’m doing a very powerful transformational seminar on Awakening to My Life’s Purpose.

  • Jordan

    I was in my school (I’m in middle school) and through the window I could see a tornado coming. It was a big dome-like window, so everybody could see. But everyone I told were acting calm, telling me there wasn’t a tornado, when it was plain in front of their eyes. I was freaking out, trying to tell everyone, but nobody listened. I hid in a gym, and a teachhers room searching for a place to go when the tornado hits. But, nothing happened. I walked out of the room by the nurse’s office and my teeth fell out, rotting away one by one. Only some people were staring at me, but with blank reactions on their face. My two front teeth grew back. I don’t remember having dreamed anything after that. My mom woke me up.

    • Jordan

      My mom has been telling me to lose weight for a while. But I’m happy about my body image. She’s sort of ruining that for me. I’ve been having trouble with my boyfriend, who hates everything I like to do. Usually were happy, but some nights I don’t understand why I’m with him anymore. I don’t want to lose him. He’s one of the only people I have. Could these things have anything to do with it?

    • Servant of God

      Strong winds blowing against you mean that evil spirits of sudden destruction have been unleashed against you. You have to stand your ground here, command every satanic wind to cease in the name of Jesus. Then you go on the offensive and unleash the whirlwind of the Lord described in Jeremiah 30:23. If you pray this particular prayer point at the midnight hour for just 15 minutes for a few days… within days, you’ll be surprised at the dramatic turnaround in your life.

  • Amy

    I have a recurring dream about all my teeth falling out. I can’t remember when it first started, but I had one again last night, and all I remember is feeling one loose tooth and pushing it out. Then all of a sudden I put my hand in front of my mouth and start spitting out teeth until theyre all gone. I was then poking at my bare gums with my tongue and trying to eat without any teeth. It’s a horrible dream, I don’t understand why I keep having it. Any ideas?

  • Lynda

    Mine was a shocking experience. I was driving my car in lots of ice and snow. I was returning home however the cul de sac did not look like home or anywhere I have been. Instead of slowing down my car accelerated of its own accord, I steered my car into a tunnel that was like a house as tha looked like it would cause the least damage! The passenger side scraped down he walls and literally my car with me in it was thrown backwards, back out if the house – ground to a halt! I got out in shock the left hand side of my car was completely crushed.. I walked to the rear. Several weeks earlier I had reversed into a tree by accident broke the light box on drivers side and scuffed the bumper but not had it fixed yet as no time to take it into garage with Christmas! Anyway in the dream the damage was there but the rear of the car was unchanged… In my dream I was shocked his hadn’t been made worse all things considered. Remember in my dream being annoyed thinking I could put a claim through the insurance… How do I explain the back of the car….. As if this hadn’t been traumatic enough I touched my face with my hand and I could feel ALL my teeth just dropping and falling out of my mouth!!!! I woke up immediately shook up and crying – I have been unable to forget this dream all day… Can this be interpreted please? Many thks

    • Servant of God

      Lynda, you need to pray very hard!!!!!

      Your life is under a lot of attack and I fear you will receive more devastating dreams.
      the enemy (devil) is trying to bring a lot of calamity into your life. teeth falling out means trouble that might take a toll on your life and loved ones as well.
      your car in a dream represents your life right now and to see it damaged means something very bad will be coming your way.
      but in Jesus Christ you have the power to change all this.
      The reason you get dreams when asleep is because that is the time the dark powers resume their duties. So they implant trouble in your life through dreams. A dream is just never a dream! There are godly dreams and satanic dreams.
      You need to be born again to use the power in Jesus Name to cancel the dream. And it will not manifest in your life!

  • Anonymous

    Mine was a shocking experience. I was driving my car in lots of ice and snow. I was returning home however the cul de sac did not look like home or anywhere I have been. Instead of slowing down my car accelerated of its own accord, I steered my car into a tunnel that was like a house as tha looked like it would cause the least damage! The passenger side scraped down he walls and literally my car with me in it was thrown backwards, back out if the house – ground to a halt! I got out in shock the left hand side of my car was completely crushed.. I walked to the rear. Several weeks earlier I had reversed into a tree by accident broke the light box on drivers side and scuffed the bumper but not had it fixed yet as no time to take it into garage with Christmas! Anyway in the dream the damage was there but the rear of the car was unchanged… In my dream I was shocked his hadn’t been made worse all things considered. Remember in my dream being annoyed thinking I could put a claim through the insurance… How do I explain the back of the car….. As if this hadn’t been traumatic enough I touched my face with my hand and I could feel ALL my teeth just dropping and falling out of my mouth!!!! I woke up immediately shook up and crying – I have been unable to forget this dream all day… Can this be interpreted please? Many thks

  • christian

    in my dream i was asleep in my bed with my wife and i was grinding my teeth and 4 of the bottom teeth became loose 3 fell out but the 4th was just hanging on by a thread of skin so i pulled it out thinking it would be painful that was the last i remember.

    • Servant of God

      Trouble coming your way, cancel it by the blood and the Name of Jesus Christ. Ask God to fix and situation that the devil is trying to bring into your marriage.

  • Carol

    I have had a recurring dream lately. I dream I am sleeping in my bed in my childhood room and that I grind my teeth which results in them all coming out together – as if they are false teeth. I feel no pain or anything like that. When I wake up, it feels so real that I check to see that I still have my teeth.

    • Servant of God

      Hi Carol,

      First of all, I am sure your life seems stagnat to you. You try and move forward but dont seem to make the progress that you would wish to make. This happens because of the spirit of stagnancy programmed into your life. Hence the dreams of seeing yourself back in your childhood home. The same could be said for people who dream of being back in class in Pre School or high School even when they left school a long time ago.
      Teeth falling out means trouble coming to make things worse for you.

      you must pray against it.
      You need to fast and pray. Asking God to cleanse your foundation in Jesus Name and restore your life to how He intended it to be. Stay away from evil and live a righteous life recognizing Jesus as your savior.
      Be blessed!

  • Justin

    I’ve had several dreams lately about my back teeth becoming loose when i pushed against them with my tongue and one by one I was able to pull or just spit them into my hand. Only the very back teeth. When this happened in my dream last night I found myself walking into a large house and when a woman asked what I wanted I asked to see the dentist. She led me upstairs and he was a very old tiny man with a big dentist mirror and insisted that I had all my teeth! And insisted that I had spit them out and could feel only gums in the back, gums that had been hurting.
    There could be something to the Jungian theory on this in my case. Not only did I recently lose my job and decide then to start my own company that is slowly starting to grow, but I’ve also recently gone back to a healthier diet and working out daily as well as meditation. I certainly am “growing up” and taking on more responsibility, and also going through a period of personal growth. But then I’ve also been clenching my jaw and gritting my teeth recently and waking up with a sore jaw and headache so perhaps the scientists are right! Hmmm….

  • Wayne

    I had a dream this early afternoon that my right front tooth was loose an I pulled it out an the roots of the tooth was so large an long almost like ones back tooth an I looked at my girlfriend nervously I immediately thought of finding milk to try an put the tooth back in but I woke up went in the restroom to brush my teeth an my bottom ones begain to bleed what does that mean any suggestions

  • Chelsea

    I have had numerous falling/pulling/breaking teeth dreams in the past two weeks. some of them are just simply my teeth fall out but never all of them and i just have them ib my mouth like a chipmunk. i then start to spit them out and im freaked out. my mother is always there somejow telling me it’ll be ok we wil just get new ones. she works at a dentist office btw. the others are painful where my teeth feel lose and i pull them out sone all the way from the root othets just break in half. abd i can see the teeth layed out on a napkin like im saving them. my mom again is in these dreams and says its ok we eill get plastic surgery, vanears or w/e there called. i’m really freaked out by having so many and so frequently. anyone know anything that could help me interpret these?

    • Servant of God

      Your teeth falling out means trouble coming your way and it could also affect your mom indirectly.

  • Holly

    In my dream, my teeth fall out easily just by my tongue pushing against them. They fall out so easily that in the dream, I talk of being toothless and I spit full handfuls of teeth out. I don’t know what it could mean. Help please!

  • DW

    I had a dream last night that my teeth kept faling out it started with the two bottom teeth and then i would wake up or at least what i thought i woke up scared cheacking my teeth and then check in the mirror only to realize my teeth were falling out, but it was another dream i kept having these dreams all night just when i thought i had awoke from my dream i was in another one and it was the same thing running to the bathroom freaking out about my teeth falling out.

  • slow motion

    need to get away or move quickly but only able to move in slow motion

    • Servant of God

      Your spirit is in bondage. Held captive by the enemy.
      You need to loose yourself in Jesus Name.

  • gaby

    I had a dream last night that my teeth were falling out. It wasn’t like the descriptions above tho. It was more like my teeth had new growth underneath so the old teeth fell out to let the new teeth show. It wasn’t painful but when it was happening I was very anxious and freaked out by it. My mouth just filled with the “old” teeth and I had to spit them out, but didn’t know why or what I was spitting out until I had looked at them. Someone in my dream explained that it happens to everyone and it was just making room for the new teeth and I shouldn’t worry about it. What could this mean?

  • tonya

    I’ve had many dreams of my teeth falling out this past year. They were all very dramatic and scary for me. Every single one of my teeth fell out in the dreams. Last night I had a dream however that instead of all my teeth falling out they all just broke off half way. I wasn’t scared about it either. I was more just coping with it. Any Ideas?

  • D_doll

    WOW, these interpretations are so accurate and relates to me so much, its scary

    • Mauri

      That would be such a pain… I would think it would wake you up if you had to rinse your mouth out after eating but than again… i wdloun’t want my teeth to fall out of my head either… i would probably use mouthwash rather than water because if you’re going to do it at least do it half way… haha

  • Valinda

    Jade, You’re good.
    I had a dream a few months ago my teeth were shattering.. (I rarely remember my dreams so this concerned me) When I googled it, I found answers. Last night I had a similar dream about my teeth falling out.. again, I am facing some uncertainly in life so I understand. Question, why am I starting to remember these dreams and will they go away eventually???

  • Jess

    In my dream i was by myself at first. I had no pain in my mouth but a tooth was really loose. so i barely touched it and it fell into my hand. I wasnt concerened at all. A few moments later I was talking to someone ( didnt exactly know who it was but it looked like i knew them.) As I was talking my mouth felt funny. like before there wasnt any pain but this time all of my teeth were lose. one by one i pulled out my teeth. they were all sharp with long roots. i wasnt worried ubtil the very last tooth started to fall out. as it did i woke up from my dream. heart rate was nornal and my body didnt react except to wake me. it was really strange.

    • Daniel

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  • Kitty

    I went into the bathroom of my friend’s house because my teeth were bothering me. When I looked, one tooth was a bit loose. When I touched it, it just fell off. No blood, no pain. I felt relief after I came off. Then my mouth started feeling achy and all of my teeth were quite loose. I began ‘testing’ all of them and by the time I was done, I was left with only 3 teeth, my molars on my top jaw. Some teeth came out bloody and my mouth was so achy. I didn’t want to smile and I was afraid to touch my gumsvwith my tongue. It was horrifying.

  • HS

    In my dream, the teeth and gums of my 4 year old (top and bottom on left hand side of his mouth) fell out. I took him to see my friend, a dentist, who sent us to the hospital. At the hospital the doctor was very calm and chatty with my husband, and then turned to my dentist friend and said my son needed to be admitted to the ICU.

    What does this mean?

    • Servant of God

      There is trouble coming for your son. The dream is quite self telling. Pray for God to keep Him healthy and destroy any sickness trying to come his way. Pray for him every night and cover him with the blood of Jesus.

      • normal

        that is the most stupid thing I have ever read ….lets get real

  • gil

    I dream that I was lossing 3 of my teeth , but some how I end up putting them in my left pocket. What’s this mean? L

    • Anonymous

      I had a dream that 3 of my bottom teeth fell out

  • Julie

    I’ve had two dreams recently about teeth – In the first one, I’m just having a normal day at school (I’m a high school teacher) then I’m at home… the day moves along slowly. At some point, I feel a trickle of wetness running down my chin. I wipe at it – it’s blood. Then I realize my mouth is filled with blood. There is no pain involved, just a slowly growing sensation of panic. I reach in my mouth and pull out a tooth. Then another. Then another… finally I wake up – totally freaking out. In the dream, I just remember everything happenening very slowly – like I’m operating in slow motion, though the rest of the world is at normal speed. There’s no pain – just panic. And part of the panic is that there is NO pain…
    In the second dream, a week later, I’m out with my boyfriend. We’re at an outdoor event, lots of people milling around in the background. There’s about to be a fireworks show. Somehow, I keep losing him in the crowd. Since the fireworks are about to start, I text him to see where he has wandered off to. I keep pushing the buttons to text, but no letters show up on the screen. I push the buttons harder (it’s an older cell with a keyboard, not a touch screen – I can distinctly feel the hardness of the buttons underneath my fingertips) and harder, then faster. More panic arises as I keep looking around for him. Suddenly, the cell phone feels wet in my hands. I look down only to find that it’s a dog’s mouth I’m holding (doesn’t seem to be attached to a dog, oddly enough) and the buttons are the dog’s teeth. It begins to snarl as I realize this and I let go, afraid. Then I wake up. Panicked again.

    • Servant of God

      Hi Julie,

      Dogs in dreams are evil spirits specifically sex demons. They are responsible for lust and perverted thoughts. I hope the dog did not bite you. When it does, then this spirit attaches itself to you and therefore.
      In your dream, you kept loosing your man in the crowd and your phone turned to a dogs mouth. Your man could be lusting over other women. Pray for him. Ask Jesus to fix your problem for you.

      Be blessed!

  • Netty

    My friend texted me out of nowhere telling me he dremt that I was
    Getting married in a white dress and my teeth were falling and I was toothless …. What does this mean I’m so scared

    • Servant of God


      Being in a white wedding dress means you have been married off in the spirit realm. You have a spirit spouse who will fight aggressively to ensure that you never get married in the physical … or if you ever manage to, that marriage will be hell on earth. This is how the stage is set for separation and divorce that is plaguing many today. Here’s what you do: You rebuke those responsible for the marriage in the name of the Lord. Call on the fire of God to consume that evil marriage and release yourself from its consequences through the blood of Jesus.

      Declare that you are married to Jesus, and HE will not share you with another. After that, go into a period of extended fasting and praying.

      If you are married, pray for your marriage

      • Anonymous

        Hi can I please get your email

      • normal

        that is the most stupid things I have ever read

      • Tan

        I agree with normal, I wish you (Servant of the Lord) stop telling people that they have some evil or demonic spirit lurking around and destruction is just ahead. I understand that you are passionate about the Lord, but you are going about it the wrong way.

  • Monte

    It started out with me and my friend playing guitar(who I’m in a band with).At a house i had previously lived in 10 years ago.Then having to rush out side in panic mode to do roofing work for the company my father owns.While trying to get outside I had a strange feeling of not being able to move.It was as if I had drank a bottom of whiskey and someone was holding me down.Some how I made it out side to greet my father and as we were talking about the job we were on I felt my three back bottom right teeth come loose.I dropped to my news and pulled them out while blood was poring out of my mouth.I could still feel left over teeth and then I woke up….

  • Sheryll

    House or flat was exploded but being stopped the fire by the firemen.

  • Charlotte

    My two front teeth started to buckle inwards and i just plucked out my right front tooth. it didn’t leave a big hole – there was still a little line of white tooth coming out from my gum. My husband rang the dentist and they couldn’t see me for 2 weeks – i was horrified and so my husband booked a flight to wanganui in the hopes of getting into a dentist there. I remember speaking to people in my dream and trying desperately not to smile so people would not not see the big gap.

  • Vanessa

    I was in a dentist chair, a dentist was in a shadow and I could not see his face but I felt some coldness and he wanted to pull out my good tooth (4th left), As he tried to prepare everything for extraction, I was thinking why he would pull out my good toot hand I refused to let him do that so I got up from the chair and woke up.

  • M

    first, i was at a friend’s house. then, all of a sudden, i feel my canine going loose. when i put my hand on it, it fell. no blood, no pain. i panicked and left my friend’s house. as i was trying to get home, i got lost inside the building (of my apartment). the elevator was different, and the place looked more like a hospital. but the neighbors were the ones from the building across the street, not mine. i kept looking. i can’t remember what happened next, but i found myself at home, staring at the mirror, thinking what my smile will look like. then i woke up.

  • Kat

    My dream started out as me and my bf at thanksgiving dinner at my house, but weird thing was his ex girlfriend was there. Weirdly enough sitting on my couch as if nothing was wrong. I was so bothered but still tried to be polite and chat with her hoping she had also put our horrid past behind us. But no, she was rude and snotty and I was so upset! Just then, I felt my three back teeth come loose, i ran to the back room and just as i see my boyfriend my tooth falls into my hand. i freak out that my tooth has actually fallen out and Just as I felt the other loose teeth begin to come out i woke up.

  • Annette

    My husband came to the house to discuss our pending divorce. I was crying and went to the bathroom for a tissue. I looked in the mirror to wipe the mascara from under my eyes and noticed one of my front teeth was loose. I touched it and it fell into my hand. Then they all started falling out so fast I was afraid I would swallow them, so I was trying to collect them in my hands. I was crying when I carried them to him. Then I woke up.

  • Mattie

    It started with my bottom left molar it became loose and finally I could feel it rip out. After that every single tooth other than my top two front teeth completely ripped out of my head…the front two teeth seemed to just have a few layers taken off but part of the teeth still stood. I was at a bar out with friends and they came out one by one sometimes two or three at a time until I woke up. I could feel them become loose and when they fell out I felt that also. Definitely not a dream I want to have again.

  • Robyn

    My molars were coming loose so i was pulling them out bit by bit with roots coming out attached to the tooth by stringy nerves. They didn’t bleed but i was obviously freaked out and then i was served a roast dinner and the vegetables had blue tooth paste bits all over them. :s

  • Isacc

    My dream started out normally but at night i went to the bathroom and grabbed my tooth wiggling it a bit. All of my front teeth moved with it so i pulled it a little bit and was shocked when all my front teeth came out with it. It was like they were stuck to eachother side by side and my molars were still in so my teeth were together and in my mouth but had fallen completley out of my gum… Kind of like dentures that were partially on? I was afraid of them falling out completley so i pushed them up into my gum and held them in. I went the doctor and it turned out that i hadnt been taking proper care of my teeth so i had gotten this problem. To fix it i was supposed to hold them in place and take better care of them until they re attached

  • Megan

    All I can remember is that a lot of people were rushing around as if we were all late to be somewhere. Then as I ran towards a bridge, I tripped and my front tooth fell out. My mother appeared and became angry because I was taking too much time. I was on my knees searching for my tooth. As I was on the ground, a group jumped into a car and drove over my tooth. (unknowingly)
    For the rest of the dream, once the area was calm again, I sat and cried because there was no way to fix my appearance. I distinctly remember rubbing my tongue to my gum and feeling the vastness. Very realistic.

  • helena A

    on my way to church with family we are in the parking lot looking to park but infront of us I’d this big car with all 4 doors wide open we feel a sense of fear panic we get out of the vehicle out of know we’re I’m in ano dream with my daughter there is a lad in front of us sitting with her kid. she smiles and describes my daughters father her as soft smooth curly and I agree with her but it’s not really jowls her father’s hair is its another man I don’t know so I start speaking to these two guys and I’m arguing with the younger one about what it means to know someone and to see someone and be like I know them I’ve seen before but not really knowing them I said he was like nicking minaj the rapper girl we are going back and forth in each other’s faces now I’m in another dream in someone apartment with my daughter and my cousins we are in a room together my befriend shows up with some guy hangs out I’m leaving and I see this creepy guy and follow him I’m back to being with my cousins one leaves we come out of the room to another I’m in back to the parking lot I see a guy not strapped in one of those emergency thing they lay you down on when the EAT comes he falls down I see he has a broken neck or a neck cast and missing teeth I see it in a napkin so I’m now in the church and this little girl comes up to another girl in front of us and their mother they whisper saying we know the truth then they say it loud were going to share a secret then their talking loud again that they understand what’s happening than I wake up.

  • Ann

    I frequently have dreams where I touch a tooth with my tongue and it falls out causing the other teeth near it to become immediatly very loose and also start to fall out. I try to keep loose teeth in by biting down on them and try to replace the one that fell out by sticking it back in the socket, it either won’t go back in out it falls right out. Then the teeth next to it start to come out in neu hand too. It never hurts there is never blood and I am always convened why teeth are falling out and what I can do to stop it. In last nights dream I was initially at work but the place became a very posh, exclusive building with lots of fancy rooms and gardens. Last night was the first timed the dream reached the point of me consulting a dentist who at this posh building also attempted to place teeth back into the gums which were l like tracks with the teeth running between two raised gums, he was unable to replace teeth and then dream ended. The losing of teeth in recurrent dreams is always upport teeth and there is never pain or bleeding and I am always upset I am losing my teeth and not sure why but they always fall out like a domino effect.

    • Ann

      Sorry for all typos.

  • 2 teeth falling out at the front!!

    I was in bed in my dream & woke up with my hand over my mouth next minute I had blood on my hand then the 1 tooth fell out then the other one I started crying ran through 2 the bath room looked in the mirror then started spitting out lots of blood & was crying out at the same time. I then rinsed my mouth went back 2 the bed room sat on the bed next 2 my hubby & started crying with the teeth still in my hand & the other hand over my mouth. Headband then woke up & ask what was wrong then tried 2 get my 2 show him then cuddle me & I woke up !!!!!!! When I came to I started 2 roll my tounge around my mouth 2 my sure!!!! Did not like this dream at all x

  • shantae

    i dreamt that i was saying goodbye to my best friend and she lefted and her boyfriend was talking to me and was like i want to have sex with you and i was like no your dating my bestfriend and i have a boyfriend then he got really mad and started hitting me and i tried to run but him and his friends came after me and beat me up then me and him was in a dark alley and he was trying to touch me and i start crying and screaming and my bf walked up and i looked at him and my friends bf explained we was just talking nd my bf walked away then her bf tried to touch me and my bf camed back nd grabbed my hand and walked away then my bf sent me a text saying baby don’t worry about him and his friend i got them you are my girl and i won’t let anyone hurt you. then me and my bestfriend was getting some food and my bf camed up to me and held me and i just cried and he said i won’t let them hurt you and i woke up…??

  • teeth falling and kissed

    i am at what seems to be work but i dont really work there i used too work at a video store a blockbuster and it seems that is where i am at i am walking around putting movies away i feel one of my teeth loose i go to the bathroom open my mouth and move my tongue around to the loose tooth push it a little and it comes out i put it in my pocket and then my boss bust thru the door saying i need you out here on the floor i say okay as i am rinsing my mouth i go back on the floor then we where busy but it gets slow again i am again putting movies away and yet feel another tooth is falling off go back to the bathroom again and feel around with my tongue this time its from the bottom row towards the front i grab the tooth with my fingers and pull it out as i do that i see there is another tooth under the gum but its sideways i rinse my mouth again and this time a guy busted thru the door apparently i know him because he starts talking to me he is wearing red shorts and a white tank top he is telling me he got sunburned and pulling his shirt down and i see he did get sunburned but then i remember in my dream its winter outside and there is snow everywhere and also looking at him with lust like thinking he is really attractive and wanted him to take off all his clothes..at this point my boss knocks on the door says hey come out here i need you .. as i am about to open the door he grabs my arm pulls me toward him he is sitting on the counter and wraps his legs around me he is not wearing his shirt and he kisses me as he puts his tongue inside my mouth i am thinking of my teeth falling out but they actually feel as if they are getting stronger and growing….. then i end up waking up…..

  • Ann

    My teeth were crumbling from my mouth into my hand

  • Jenny

    Having a chunk of teeth falling off in one’s dream has had a wierd impact in my life. I had dreams about my teeth falling off without any blood and the next morning the first thing I did was to immediately relate my horrible dream to my husband. A few days later, I received the unfortunate bad news that my father had passed away. After a couple of months, I again had the same dream and narrated it again to my husband and then came the bad news of one of my sister-in-law passing away. Next time around, when I again had the same horrible dream about my teeth falling off, I decided not to tell my husband or any one for that matter about it and honestly, I actually never received any bad news unless someone in the family who was very aged passed away.

  • Toothy

    I had interprettec a dream about a client losing their teeth. Then, a few days later I noticed when drifting to sleep in a chair that I felt a loose bottom front tooth, it came out to my surprise. It had to clear points at root and I thought that it wasn’t so bad. My Trey are slightly crooked from not wearing a retainer long enough after braces. I thought an orthodontist may be able to straigten them more easily.

    The dream also came after I closely examined the setting of an engagement ring if my ex-husbands ex-sister-in-law. She’s 52 a year younger than and I noticed the platinum teeth holding the sapphire in place. Each prong had to pointsike my teeth:)
    She’s finally moved on and found love with a wealthy man, he became committed to her after she inherited several hundred thousand dollars.
    She for some reason was always envious of me. I being a spiritual person never cared about wealth. She always plays the superior person role and now she is worst than ever. She is really working hard to hurt my feelings so I fall into place below her. I know a the down sidebto her life and this engagement as I have always been there as we have children who are cousins. Everyone has moved on into more prosperous relationships while practice as a remedialist which is always my passion after my daughter.

    I feel their ability to judge me now as they have moved up and on. I an sure I will one day too. If not I do my work. I may not afford to own a place or travel much or wear bling, but I know my value. So their judgment is of little consequence. One day both my healing practice and my personal life will reach their potential.

    I need to see to my health more and my security but these are spiritual matters. The dream also preceeds my injuring my back today and unable to work. My back and neck have had a fair bit of trouble and my teeth need to have minor fillings as well.

    So my dream must mean, though it’s unsettling to be treated wrongly with envy, that it’s not that important and should remain faithful and positive.

  • asjkgh

    I have been losing sleep that past few days. I’d still be up by 3 am and would have a hard time sleeping. I’d only fall asleep when I see the sun rise or something. Last night, I dreamed that my teeth started to fall one by one, starting with the fang like tooth. I was looking at a mirror and they started to fall out. I can literally feel my teeth grinding against each other and the pain it felt. There was also a lot of blood. My mom was in my dream too, and I asked her if it was okay and she reassured me that we would go to the dentist. And then I woke up…

  • isabel

    i’m in an orthodontic treatment,last night wnet to play basketball and was alitlle worried of not getting hit on tne mouth, nathing happen. i went to sleep five houres later fron that.on the other hand i just broke up with my boyfriend and at night still think about him and wish him good. in my dream one of my front tooth fell, and i tried to put it back, i could see the root of it, and i thought o it’s ok i will just use a fake one, but my dentist will get mad at me, then while seeing where my tooth fell the one next to it fell to by the movement of my tong over it, then i tougt o God i lost both of the front ones, knowing that they could not be placed back i imagined how the two laterals would look in the meedle, an thought well may be putting something over them to make them look wider will solve the problem of beeing them too narrow, but later one in the upper maxilar fell too, and i thought well at least i will not have to go trouhg another extraccion because that just make room for the rest, i told to myself it will look fanny but i’ll work it out.

  • DJ

    I have had reoccurring dreams about my teeth crumbling in my mouth for as long as I can remember. Last night I had the worst one. My teeth were breaking off and falling out almost whole so I put them in my pocket. The rest of the tooth would crumble. It got to the point that the were crumbling so fast that I was choking on them & spitting them out as fast as I could. I told my husband that I needed help & found my Dad who said he would do anything he could to help. That’s all I remember. It kind of freaked me out that this crumbling tooth dream there were other people & I choked on my teeth.

  • Jessica

    In my dream my teeth were falling out at work. In my dream i was not in pain. I think I was on phone and I felt something in my month, and when I opened it there were two teeth. I went to one of my co workers and showed her. I then started freaking out a little and kept saying I need to call my denisit. I then went back into the backroom and begain trying to call the dentist. Then some how I saw the my very front tooth was gone. I did not feel any of them falling out in my dream. I then looked in the mirror and saw i was missing teeth on both sides of my month. I started really freaking out crying,shacking and rolled up in a bowl on the floor at work. I was saying I can’t work like this people can’t see me with know teeth. Then I woke up.

  • Anonymous

    i just rememebered a dream I had this morning
    my teeth were wobbley and one tooth came out but then it was ok because there was one underneath and i was thinking, wow thats cool bet not many people get three sets of teeth.
    But then it just sort of came out in my hand and i was thinking oh no
    this is gunna look terrible. But it’ll be ok coz i can get it fixed might have to be like this for a while but i can just sort of half smile and it will be less noticible
    and then the one next to it came out and the next one
    and i was thinking this is my own fault i knew i should have gone to the dentist for a check up and clean, bet ive got gum disease
    and i was running my tounge over my gums and they wee like soggy and lumpy
    and then this whole section of gum just sort of fell off and i pulled it out of my mouth and was thinking ok it’s fine there’s still a little bit of gum left as long as they can fix pins in it i can get fake teeth or have a plate until i can afford to,
    and then i was thinking right ill just have to live with it for a while
    Then when i went to show someone my teeth were all there
    and i was like ‘oh, never mind, they’re all fine now. thats lucky’

  • alice

    i had a dream last night that just one of my teeth was falling out. i was in ahouse setting, i dont know where and i felt horrible pain in my mouth. and then i started to feel blood. i calle dmy dentist right away, but the office didnt get back to me. i consulted a friend and she told me that i just needed to pull it out but i refused to do that. the pain started getting worse and the blood started coming more. i couldnt bit down or move my mouth. i kept calling the dentist but they wouldnt get back to me. it also was brought to my attenin in the dream the my tooth was cracked right at the bottom, like along my gum line and thats where the blood was coming from. my dentist office still wouldnt call me back to come in and the pain kept getting worse and worse and the blood kept coming. and my friend just kept saying you need to pull it out yourself and it will stop hurting. she even tried to go in and do it with tweezers. and then i just woke up.

  • Natalie

    I had a dream that I was traveling over to Europe or somewhere far. Along the way, I remember biting down really hard and breaking my teeth. it was out of place and uncomfortable and I knew they were going to fall out. My aunt was with me traveling but no other family. we got to our resort and I lost 2 teeth. I remember asking my aunt if she ever got a crown put in. then in our hotel lobby, there was the cast of One tree hill. This was my favorite show that I watched religiously from middle school to past college. it got me through my life and it was always something I looked forward to. I was even more excited when I got to meet the cast and take pictures. I specifically remember talking to Sophia bush and telling her how much of a role model she is for me, and how sad I am that the show is over and I am grown up.

  • Patrick

    In my dreams, the situations are nothing too un-ordinary. I am usually with friends or family in normal situations. Talking, traveling, the typical dream like situation where a lot is going on that doesn’t make all the much sense, but no nightmare like situations. But at times, from what I remember, when I am smiling or simply just opening my mouth, my teeth are tearing out of my gums in a painful way. I recall trying not to talk too much during my dream because every time that I do, it is a painful tear in the gums and eventually I lose teeth.

    There have been times where the dream continues and I am insecure about my smile and extremely bothered by what’s happening to me in the dream. I’m an active young male and rather confident in myself and my appearance in real life, but do find myself being insecure at times.

    I’d like to figure out what’s really going on in my head while dreaming and how I should interpret these sometimes reoccurring dreams.

  • Ellie

    I was sitting with my boyfriend who lives far away from here, and my sister, then all of a sudden i feel my tooth come off and then another one, and kinda my mouth started filling with bunch of little pieces from teeth, and when i went to the bathroom freaking out i spitted like a ton of them and i saw blood running down and i got very very afraid, then i woke up….

  • erha

    I dreamt that my teeth feltlike grinded then it fell out. It fell when I was eating chocolate cake at work another was my husband is bringing me to see the doctor as I lost my teeth . Then they start examining my body .

  • Bay

    In my dream I had been clenching my teeth then I had opened my mouth because it hurt so much from clenching and I ran my tounge around my teeth I felt sharp edges then started to panic. I spit my teeth into my hand, there where like 4 or 5 of them. This is the second time in 2 weeks I’ve had a dream about my teeth falling out : /

  • Sarah

    I appeared to be working in a cafe or hotel, feeling a little out of my depth as I hadn’t done this type of work before and remember feeling a great relief when regular staff who hadn’t been around came back to serve the customers. Felt something in my mouth, was two of my molars on left hand side of my mouth that came out, when looked at them they were joined with what looked like really hard putty. I was initially quite upset at losing teeth, then when I felt round my mouth I realised that I had previously lost more and so I then felt a sense of acceptance, and I thought I’d get myself some dentures.

  • Stacey

    I was at my salon working and my tooth was Starting to fall out but I keeped working .. Befor I new it more were falling out and they were crumbling I ran in back room to spit everything out and keeped trying to work my mom walked in the salon and was pulling my teeth out of the barrel and was so upset. I just keeped working and tried hiding it from my client…
    It was so weird… I have been under presure with my new shop and money’s tight but I have also been on and off with my Bf and I have been thinking of ending but it brakes my heart to even think of moving on…

  • Bryan F

    I had a dream that only my upper teeth fell out of my mouth, then my upper gums fell out of my mouth, but I still had my bottom teeth and gums.

    After this happened, I started pulling parts of my esophagus out of my mouth.

    The doctor told me he could give me surgery in the next 24 hours, but to be careful during the waiting period, because any movement of my head would break my neck, and I would die.

  • Cindy

    i had a dream that my teeth were falling out, there were a few rotten one’s left in my mouth, i was afraid at first in my dream but then i looked in the mirror and laughed at myself, the house i was in was crowded with men, and i was told to clean up the house this sounded to me like a duty i was given, after that the men went into a room and locked the door the one man had money in his hand just befor locking the door, weird nad scary

  • Anonymous

    the only thing that remember was my front tooth shattered. no pain no blood

  • Elia

    Hi. Last night I dreamt that four of my teeth fell out. Three of them were beside each other on the left-down side of my mouth and one on the opposite right side. Furthermore, that single one lost only its cover; its root like a cone stayed in my mouth and I watched inside the empty cover which had small black holes. The other three left nothing; their place became filled like nothing was there before. Should I worry about something bad?
    Thank you for your answer.

  • Raquel

    Hi, my dream was just of one tooth, my left front, tooth, I tripped and I felt no pain.but when u got up I felt water in my mouth, I check my fingers amd it was blood still not realizing what had happened.. I look down to this cement bowl shape flooring I was standing.over and I saw my tooth roots and all… And the picture of this round dinner all 50′s Dennis style table keeps appearing i.e. my head and most shocking I think it was,that I didn’t feel pain, it was just odd. To me that I didn’t feel pain, and I kept checking in the mirror..

  • diya

    i saw that as i hold one of my tooth it easily came out as if it was loosely stuck………then i grapped other it also came out.it was very scarydream and i was feeling like all my teeths are so loose that they will come out..please tell is there something serious?

  • Kate

    I was out our shack with my parents and siblings and their friends and i felt one tooth become loose so I went to check it out, and it came out. I then felt like there was something stuck at the back of my mouth and I spat out a lot of teeth and I kept doing that the whole dream, but I still had a mouthful of teeth, but I kept spitting teeth out. Until my mother called a doctor and she came and that’s all I can remember.

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