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Dream Interpretation Tips

As a general rule, teeth falling out in dreams symbolize transition times. This type of dream echoes the emotional disturbances you may be experiencing as you or your environment is going through a period of change.  >> See full dream interpretation

Your interpretation may focus on a few negative meanings, such as insecurity or fear of loss. Keep in mind that this symbol also has positive meanings, including a new direction in life and renewal.

Dream Interpretation – Teeth Dreams

Here’s a list of different types of dreams about teeth:

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Contemporary dream interpretations

Teeth are symbols rich in meaning. Here are the most commonly accepted interpretations. Teeth in dreams represent:

  • Transition times
  • Personal growth and challenging your limits
  • Self-confidence and strength
  • Self-expression and personal nourishment
  • Courage and assertiveness – or lack of it
  • Concerns about self-image and attractiveness

Simple interpretation techniques

Here are 3 simple steps to analyze your dream. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How do you feel in the dream?
  2. How does the feeling in the dream relate to your current life?
  3. Why would you mind if you would… Here, fill in the blank with the scenario of your teeth dream; for instance, a dream where you lose your teeth, break a tooth, etc.

1. How do you feel in the dream?

Ask yourself how you feel in the dream. Pay special attention to your experience or feelings, especially when something happened to your teeth.

dream interpretation tipDream Interpretation Tip: Connecting with the raw feeling, impressions, sensations or even fleeting emotion or images can help extracting more meaning out of the dream content. You can take note in writing or mentally and go to the next dream interpretation step.

2. How does the feeling in the dream relate to your current life?

Are there any connections between these feelings and impressions or feelings you may have in your everyday life?

dream interpretation tipDream Interpretation Tip: Here’s a key point in interpreting dreams: Strong dream symbols tend to show up when an event or a situation in the dreamer’s life triggers intense emotions. Check what’s happening in your life right now that may be related how you felt in the dream.

More specifically, look for moments where things are shifting or changing dramatically in your life; making compromises that are not completely satisfying for you; facing choices that are hard to bear or make; expressing yourself with assertiveness or lack thereof.

3. What do the dream symbols mean to you personally?

One of the most important questions to dig out the deeper meaning of your dream is: Why would you mind if your teeth would fall out like they do in the dream?

Your answer will point you to another layer of interpretation. For instance, your dream could be related to the fear of aging, not looking as good as you would wish or stem from a feeling of powerless in face of change or losing something important to you.

Other interpretations may lead you to the idea of biting life more fully or getting more of the nourishment you need to enjoy life.

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Dream interpretation advice: Become your own dream interpreter

Interpreting the meaning of dream symbols can be a daunting task when one is looking at definitions in a conventional dream dictionary. This interpretation guide is designed to empower every dreamer with knowledge and techniques to support the creation of a very personal interpretation of dream symbols.

Unlike the already-made dream definitions or the predictions astrologers or clairvoyants may offer in their readings, meaningful dream interpretation relies on your active participation. When you interpret your dreams, you become your own dream expert. Who else than you could better understand the dream meanings coming from in the recesses of your psyche and the messages of your unconscious?

Dream interpretation does not require you to be a clairvoyant or psychic, nor a seasoned psychologist. To interpret dreams, you need to engage your intellect, but also your imagination and intuition. This dream dictionary and interpretation guide is a starting point. You’ll find that combining symbol definitions, dream analysis techniques, and letting your brain work with free associations and imagination, will go a long way in uncovering the true meaning of your dreams.

Dream interpretation theories: Why do we dream about teeth?

According to traditional psychology, an explanation for dreams about teeth, especially dreams where you see you teeth fall out or you lose a tooth is linked to highly charged emotions in your waking life.

Most often dreams about teeth are disturbing and could even be a horrifying nightmare for the dreamer. The emotional quality of the dream scenario usually corresponds to emotions the dreamer is experiencing in her waking life.

The reason this emotional content appears in the dream though teeth imagery is because the dreamer has probably not fully acknowledged these emotions or repressed them because they were too frightening or painful to deal with in the moment. As a result, this traumatic or difficult experience and its emotional charge appear in dreams disguised in images and symbols.

For instance, teeth being pulled out or falling out remind us of the painful nature of these experiences or situations. In the symbolic language of dreams, emotions are represented indirectly through images and offer meaning for the curious dreamer who’s willing to understand their deeper meaning.

Literal and symbolic interpretation of dream symbols

In the field of dream interpretation, teeth symbols can have multiple meanings. Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud was one of the first modern dream analysts to focus on the distinction of the literal content of a dream, i.e., the matter-of-fact content featured in dream images, from the latent content that has a more symbolic meaning and represents a hidden unconscious meaning.

Teeth dreams emphasize a specific part of the body, the teeth, but also the mouth and possibly the face. Several interpretations are possible:

  • The most literal interpretation points to concerns relating to your body, health, or physical appearance you may have consciously or unconsciously in your waking life.
  • A more symbolic interpretation of the latent content of the dream consists in seeing body images as a representation of the way you see yourself and lead your life, as well as the feelings and emotions relating to these topics.

>> Read more on teeth dream symbolism

Despite the uneasy feelings a dream about teeth falling out may trigger, this typical anxiety dream could be a blessing in disguise. >> Discover all the meanings of teeth falling out in dreams

Dream Interpretation Must-Read

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156 Responses to Dream Interpretation Teeth

  • Maxie

    I was with my two friends and I suddenly felt that all my teeth on the right upper part was aching. Then they just all fall off. What would be the meaning of this dream? When I woke up I was crying.

  • Genevieve

    I dreamed that most of my teeth were loose and fell out. had all off them in my hands as they fell out with little broken pieces included and bleeding as well. I was at my uncle’s home, somehow I was also running from someone chasing me at the same-time, the man was black in complex. Just as I was running from the man more teeth fell out and he keep on chasing and looked for me. I would like to know what the dream means, please!

  • Richard

    I painlessly take a large tooth from my mouth and feeling how easy it was to do.  During my dream I felt happy and unbothered about anything as I remember. Quite tranquil actually.

    • Richard

      What is the point of posting on here

  • Angela S.

    I was dreaming that I was at some kind of party and I notice that my teeth are getting really lose on one side on the bottom of my mouth. And then i feel it crumble and a few of my teeth break and fall out.Later on i see that my teeth are rotting really badly and big chunks of my teeth fall out. I don’t think it was all of my teeth that fell out though…After that I woke up. What could this dream mean??

    • Angela S.

      I didn’t know i was in the dream when I woke up. In the dream I wake up…I thought it was real life. Then i actually really woke up.

  • Larissa

    My aunt lend me a gold ring and necklace with a letter.she said i can pawn it to pay for my placement fee but when i told her it’s uncertain that i can go abroad because of my goiter she asked for the jewelries back.i gave it back to her and she told me to ask her again the jewelries when its sure that i go abroad.

  • Patty

    I went to the dentist who put a cocained cotton swab on a rotted tooth. After a while the teeth started to crumble and came out in peices.

  • Anonymous

    Everything I touch renewed itself

  • Anonymous

    someone who i like was my boyfriend ryan instead of himself.

  • intensive teeth falling all of them

    I didn’t know I was in a real dream when I woke up. In the dream one tooth I picked out then suddenly I felt like I had to spit and others start to fall out until the point that wholes where in my mouth and more and more teeth start coming out by the chunks. In the dream I knew that I had to go somewhere to see why this had happened. In the dream my daughters where watching as they were assisting. My oldest daughter went somewhere outside and came back with something big to put all my teeth in. In the dream the object she had felt like a gold catcher. In the dream I felt after being hysterical that I had to figure out where I was going to go get treated and what treatment I would need to fix my teeth. I had other dreams of my teeth falling out, but not to this extent. This was serious! I woke up and thought wow! I was dreaming.

  • Kathy

    I dreamt of my niece who was lying in bed and she had a piece of cotton in her mouth and I noticed that she just come from the dentist after extracting one of her front tooth.  I then asked her why she had her tooth extracted because there was nothing wrong with it.  She replied that it was discolored.

  • nicci

    we were on holiday at a beach resort when i dreamed that there was a flood and i was trying to keep my 2 year old son above the water when all off a sudden while in the water we were across the border for palistina or iran or somewhere where they are killing each other when they shot my baby in the head while we were fleeing…. i felft his pulse stop as i was holding his wrist with my one hand to keep him afloat…. it really sucked

  • Ann

    Riding on a horse

  • Ashley

    My tooth like broke then I started pulling it out then
    then the tooth next to it, I could feel the pain from
    My own self pulling out my teeth& I could feel my teeth
    That I pulled out crunch on my other teeth, I’ve had these
    Dreams before, they scare me& I don’t understand them.

    • Jisha Elizabeth

      The same I have seen today. several days- same dream! what is it ?

  • Marilyun

    Last night I dreamed about my deceased Husband We used to live in los Angeles and we were moving back there. Also my son was in the dream and he wanted to go back too. The lady who was showing us the house where we would live was a deceased friend of ours but we found out that she did not own the house she was showing us she kept insisting that the house was hers.

  • judith Modise

    I always dream of my teeth locking up then my gums tearing up nd bleeding

  • andre

    I dreamt my husband hammered all our dogs teeth out and my dog us had gums , in my dream my I felt so sad of what had happened I was feeding my dog soft food. Then my friend had. A dog that was very playfully bit everyone was scared of it apart from me.

  • Anonymous

    Beans coming from vagina

  • tallia

    jaw tightening off to the left then it stops for a little bit then happens again and my teeth shatter and fall out

  • Sandra

    A glass bowl containing a dark liquid. Floating atop is pieces of broken teeth. It is then wrapped in a white cloth and taken away. I saw my mouth with a whole new set of teeth.

  • katie

    My teeth shifted all weird became loose and fell into my hands when i touched them. Then new teeth were sprouting.

    • Anonymous

      i also had that dream – someone told me that it means you or someone in your family is pregnant and it means advance or success in life….

  • losing a tooth

    i just got up and i dreamed about loosing a tooth! it felt so real,,, my whole family was in the dream except my husband… can you please let me know the meaning of this dream….

  • Dancing with a dead famely member

    I dream dancing with my dead brother

  • Caroline

    I dreamt of pulling out teeth from others mouth. About 3 big teeth. And there are some gold on it. I kept the ones that has gold on it.

  • kc

    I dream a lot that I keep trying to pull gum out of my mouth but can’t get it all out just keep pulling and pulling

    • Anonymous

      I have this same dream! Thought I was the only one!

      • Brroke

        I literally have the same dream!!!

      • umstar

        i have the same dream. when i pull the gum, my teeth come out with it…

  • Vela

    In my dream I’ll be out with family or friends and out of nowhere one tooth falls out so I’ll catch it before anyone seems to notice… I’ll turn away or find some place so I’m alone and soon evey tooth starts to fall so I’ll quickly try and put them back in place but they won’t stay… I’ll even try to bite down hard but still won’t stay

  • althea

    A friend and I was walking and talking then I notice each step of the way a piece of tooth came out. And I said to her look here and each piece I show her and she said so easy your tooth coming out. It was pieces of one. Never felt any pain.

  • Monse

    In my dream i lost 2 teeth and they were both slliver
    . What does that mean?

  • george

    i had a dream of my wife falling of a building

  • melissa

    I keep dreaming about my ex-boyfriend

    • felene

      my dream is i pull my bottom back tooth out

  • amir,

    I dreamt 4 of my upper front teeth fell down.

  • Mike

    I just woke up and thought I would write this before I forget. I dreamed that I was in a very large house with my girlfriend. (In reality we live together in a very small apartment) It was night-time and my girlfriend was asleep. I got up from the bed and discovered that I can fly. I then flew around the house and I saw that it was filled with sleeping people who I don’t know but who look very familiar. They were all sleeping in beds and all the room door were open. I remember seeing a young woman sleeping on the bed in a half-propped position, and I flew through her like a ghost. But to my surprise I felt something. I flew through her head and upper body, and I felt that I was flying through something semi-solid. I then returned to my room and came back to bed. After lying in bed I suddenly felt like there was chewing gum in my mouth. I was surprised but remembered that earlier that day (in the dream) my girlfriend gave me a piece of gum and that it tasted weird. I tried to get the gum out of my mouth and felt a tooth that apparently fell out, and was just lying inside my mouth. I felt around with my tongue and discovered a gap in my right upper jaw. My first thought was “it’s going to be harder to chew now”. And my second thought was “now I have to go to the dentist to get one put in”. Then I got up to go to the bathroom and woke up.

    • nicci

      i had one similar like…. i fell from a scateboard and as if i left my body like my soul left my body and flew around above everyone who were standing around me. i was lying lifeless on the ground… i saw my brother crying and i tried to console him that i was ok but he could not hear me. now that was scary… i woke up before the dream ended though.

  • hafsa

    i have seen my lover in hospital her mother told me that he is injured in car accident his mama n me were in the way she told me that in front there is city hospital where he is admit we can look after him i said yes but when we arrived there some one told he is not injured nor he is in hospital but her neighbour is injurd like this and admtted

    • hafsa

      if it is islamic dream interpretation site then told me its interpretation otherwise delt my dream frm this site

  • jose velez

    in my dream my molar was remove but was only a part the piece stay in my gum there was no bleeding and no pain

  • Anonymous

    In my dream my teeth are loose I shake one and it just keeps getting looser and looser then I pull one out then the next then the next!

  • Anonymous

    I keep having this weird dream again and again.my teeth start falling out on their own and I have to spit them all out and with that blood also comes out. Sometimes I try to put them back in place and I am successful also but after sometime they are start to fall out. I have had this dream like 6-7 times in the last month itself. Whenever I have some other bad dream the teeth falling incident finds a way to be a part of that bad dream. when I am having a good dream there is no clue of the above incident. When I wake up after the teeth falling dream I feel horrible

    • Anonymous

      you might just be feeling sick in the night and may have a bad taste in your mouth. Simplify by thinking about what else is happening in your life. The teeth may symbolise something that is distasteful. Also sometimes we sense something wrong with our bodies. Are your teeth ok?
      cheers, Sharon

  • Jennifer Wakely

    In my dream all of my teeth just were loose and I was taking them out one
    At a time it was really stressful.

  • Ann

    Hi i dreamt of been at my parents house and I notice their garden was cut?

  • gene

    Someone was underwater they looked dead . Arms was crosses as if they were dead. Hair was moving with the water

  • Anonymous

    Person on top of me

    • RW


  • RW

    I gad a dream last night that I went to the airport to get my husband and when I saw him and he saw me one of my front teeth broke of and I was trying hard for him not to see or notice it. when I woke up I think this dream means that I am afraid of what my husband is going to say when he sees me because it has been 4-5 years that we haven’t seen each other.

  • antonia

    i cross a park with a lot of trees and i saw a person that i know who i told me to mop the long stairs down of is nursery, but hlf way down i was a bit fet up and bit depress because i had a lot of stairs still to mop

  • Pulling husbands teeth out

    I dreamt that my husband gad 4 wobbly teeth at the front, but for some reason we decided to remove them all, and than i was trying really hard with my husband to put them all back in its place but he was refusing, it was a horrible dream, all throughout the dream i felt like i was struggling to convince my husband and i know for sure that am right and that he should listen but he is resisting me. After successfully re-inserting a set if teeth back in its place, he decides to stop because it painful and refuses to complete, he doesn’t get what the fuss is about, and he says he would rather be without teeth. Than the next day i try to convince him further, and than i go looking fir the teeth, and i find that someone has stored it in the freezer with chicken drumsticks lol, anyway i end up butting another couple of teeth back to their place, but am nit successful in doing all of them as i lost the rest and i find some broken ones, so in the dream am unsuccessful in completing and am very upset with my husband for resisting and i feel very sad.

  • pulling out my own teeth

    I had a dream yesterday. I was in class. I don’t recognize it though. And my friends where around. A
    At some point, for some reason, i pulled on one of my teeth and it fell out my mouth.. Then i started pulling on the others, one by one. It didnt even hurt a bit. And there was this guy that was in my dream. (Hes a guy in my class that i have a crush on) In the dream, he didnt notice i was pulling my teeth out. After, my friends disapeared and i was alone with my crush. And he kept asking me questions, but i didnt have teeth anymore, and i was embarassed sad and scared he wouldnt like me back or not find me attractive at all.. i didnt want to speak, because he could have seen that i didnt have teeth anymore. I never answered his questions..

    Then, I woke up..

  • RW

    I had small but very weird dream last night and I don’t know what it means. The dream was about a white line on my forehead turning black and then I faint and when I woke up my forehead was hurting.
    What does this dream mean?
    If anyone knows please let me know!

  • sarah

    I dreamt that my son had loads of white lumps all over his tummy. they looked so ugly

  • Giya

    its a recurring dream i have..
    i had a dream that my lower canine as falling out. i was avoiding it, but then i had to give up. I felt that i would look so ugly now. there was so much blood everywhere.

    when i went to clean my mouth, i saw a lesion inside my mouth..telling me i had the signs,and if i had paid attention, i could have avoided it.

    i thought i can get this fixed from dentist,no problem. but then..my tongue swelled so much that i could not open my mouth.i kept crying out loud,but i couldn’t speak,no one could listen.

    and then i cud never speak again..i woke up crying n i cant shake away the same feeling i had in my dream.

  • grapesfruit

    my mom eat greapfruits in my huis

  • Kmryan

    Leaves growing out of the veins in my arms

  • Tina

    I dreamt that my granddaughter got hit by a car and the car was on her head I could only see the back of her head but I saw her shoes on the road everything was in color

  • Oli

    In my recurring dream all of my teeth uncontrollably, and painfully move around, as if they are trying to pull themselves out. I always feel as if it’s me grinding my teeth but then i prevent myself from biting down by biting on my fingers (i think i actually do this in my sleep…sometimes I feel like i’m awake whilst it’s happening)My jaw throughout is trying to clamp down, but my fingers prevent my teeth from touching. Regardless of this, my teeth still try and force themselves out, moving back and forth. The pain, is terrible. Often there are other people nearby who watch and cannot believe what’s happening.

    • Anonymous

      Wear a night splint, it could be basically because you are grinding and its painful so you are continuously aware of that, and trying to stop yr self.

  • naky

    i had a dream and in the dream a gay guy (homosexual)feel inlove with me and his gay partners were chasing me in the dream i kept running and running till i woke up

  • elsa

    I dreamed my 4 month granddaughters two top teeth were growing

  • elsa

    Granddaughters top teeth were growing

  • jean

    cold water was poured on me but when it touched me it turned very hot.

  • going to buy padlock


  • Tall chair

    I was reading a book of 700 pages on a very high chair that I couldn’t get down.

    • RW

      To dream about a book means that you are reaching your goals in a slow and steady pace. To dream that you are on a long chair means that your ideas are being dismissed or that you need to just take time out take a breather and relax.

  • RW

    I also had this other dream 1 night before the last dream I just wrote about. In the dream I get abducted by aliens and I wake up (still in the dream) and I see lots of reptile like aliens with big black eyes just staring at me and I get so scared and terrified. Then one of the aliens comes to me and changes in to my husband and smiles and says everything is ok and I’ll make sure that no-one hurts you, I wont let anyone hurt you. Then my husband hugs me and I am happy and I wake up. It felt so real and after this dream I love my husband so much more and I don’t care if he is human or alien or anything else I WILL ALWAYS LOVE MY HUSBAND FOREVER FOR ALL ETERNITY AND AFTER!!!!!!!!

  • RW

    I had a really weird dream that the sky turned pinkish/red and everyone was screaming that it’s the end of the world. UFO’s came down and actually helped mankind. Both mankind and aliens got along and mankind was in earth and in the universe, we could also take trips to the moon and mars and to other galaxies. At the end of the dream the last place the aliens took me was to a planet outside our own galaxy where everyone who had died actually went to this planet and stayed their forever. IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The best dream I have EVER had!!!!!

  • cindy

    I was talking to someone telling him/her that I felt like I was up against a wall and all of a sudden
    He/She said like this backed me up against a wall some sort hall way wall pulled out a large nail or spike put it to my forehead and was going to hammer me to the wall but it wasnt a hammer it was like a pipe wrench4

  • hand shake style

    i saw my crush before and he teach me a hand shake style. when i hold his hands it was so soft i was happy those time. but he leave after he teaches me. please i need some one who can give me the meaning of it. thanks

    • RW

      To dream about your crush means that you really like him/her and if you constantly think about him/her when your awake then you are sure to see him/her in your dreams. This dream could mean that you are happy when you are with him/her and maybe far a starting point you both should be friends and take it from there. sometimes friendships can blossom in to beautiful long lasting relationships. In your dream at the end he leaves maybe this shows that you are insecure. You maybe scared to tell him how you feel but if you never tell him you’ll never find out if he likes you back. You should at least give yourself a chance and tell him how you feel because he maybe really attracted to you too. Hope this helps and good luck!

      • KP

        My dream started with texting a Guy, (who indirectly told me that he loves me, I usually keep thinking about him even awake), I started chatting him as i do in real also (but I am not into it, yes i do keep thinking about him… but I am not very sure to be with him… I am just not able to feel it that way and the chatt in dreams also let the same way) after that chatt we end up in a big convocation where he was sitting and me an my family was hosting it. Suddenly a small girls come crying to me as she was suffering with pain, i told her not to worry, I will take the pain for her. and when home whit her ( she was totally stranger i dont remember her face related to my family) on my way home I was thinking about the guy, and once we reached home…. I felt the pain and one of my tooth broke and I was consoling the girl that its fine just one teeth she will be fine with it. and it started one by one I felt the pain in some other teeth and it felled one by one

  • Scared dreamer

    Man was screaming where’s my whiskey. I was trying to run but felt like my legs where glue to the ground . I was in my moms car with my best friends and my family mom dad etc. I look out the window there is a guy in a suit with a briefcase and then he and everyone outside the car turns into a kangaroo and looks at me. Then my parents drive to a forest and tell me to run and not to wait for them. So I run then I am list in the forest and to people I don’t know come and say they are my parents and are going to take me somewhere safe. I say ok. Then I hear a noise from the bushes I say we should get out of here. they tell me no it is safe here. Then the guy screaming about the whiskey comes and yells where’s my whiskey again. And I think this is my dream and think pause. Then the wii menu comes up and I press exit. I wake up sweating. The dream felt soooo real.

    • RW

      That must have been really scary. First if you play lots of wii games then you should probably cut back. This could also mean that you feel that your life is a chaotic game where people are just bouncing of the walls and ready to start a fight and are hell bent on getting drunk. It could also mean that your not ready of going it to the big bad world – which is a jungle. Trying to find your way in the world by working or going to school can be a jungle and you rely on your parents to give you support, whether that’s emotional or financial. Then at the end of the dream it starts over – day in day out its the same felling same routine until you pause and exit to make a change in your life. Don’t let anyone control you or make you afraid of them. Take charge of your life it’s still a jungle but a jungle where your the king and no one can make you feel like their prey.

  • liraz

    I dream that I was to going to see my friend in a mall when I just met him first one teeth fall in my hand and straightly 6 tooth more fall so total 7 because I count them butt all of them they were in my hand and there where no blood or anything just tooth and I run to the bathroom to check the mirror to see what’s going on I woke up but everything was fine in the dream I was not scared or anything I was more surprised

    • liraz

      please someone help whats that mean

    • RW

      Hi Iiraz
      I think your dream means that your life is changing or that you are compromising with your friend about something. It could also mean that your afraid of losing control, your friend might be moving or you might be growing apart and want to reconnect and have a strong bond. This dream could also mean that your afraid of losing your looks.
      Hope this helps with your dream.

  • Himalika

    My friend has seeing a dream about me; climbing a mountain by bike.

    • RW

      That means you will accomplish a lot and strive for excellence and you will succeed in whatever you do.

  • Matshidiso

    I dream all fancy properties i want to own having them. the like of Massion house, Sporty Cars, Smart clothes etc.

  • Matshidiso

    I dream all of my father’s family member who pass on sitting in the form of a circle, holing babies and in their hands were silver and gold coins. One of them told the coins belong to me.

  • mk

    My teeth are crumbling and falling out of my mouth.crumbling in my hands. An off duty dentist takes me to her hotel suite and tries to help. She pulls them all out. She is flustered. I look in a mirror and they are broken and full of holes. I hurt but I’m okay. I explain to everyone at the convention what had happened. I am supported and continue to smile my toothless grin.

  • Anonymous

    lots of people waiting in this room for a doctor with their teeth in their hands

  • Mackenzie

    My exboyfriend is carrying me through a narrow path on a cliff over a bridge.  He’s got
    me in his arms he’s looking down at me and his teeth are rotten and some missing.

    • Rusalka

      WoW I just had that dream last night.
      My ex husband who is dead teeth were all rotted in his mouth. What does that dream mean?

  • vijay

    vampires and monsters chasing me . i repeatedly see this dream. in a city attacked by monsters , peoples all my dear an near ones running for life . there are some sexy ladies too. at night all the people gather in a church. but the church is also attacked by the monsters. that time some of my friends or relatives will join me.and we all running for life.peoples are killed in front of me

  • gerald

    my dreams last night is some one told me that my head is gone

    • RW

      Maybe you’ve lost control of your sanity.

  • Abby Lynn

    Having my teeth crumble, first starting in the back then my front teeth and they just keep breaking. then my mouth is filled with my teeth and blood and i cant talk. Its so scary, I wake up crying and having to feel my mouth. But, with all that said; I also work at an oral surgeons where taking out teeth is everyday so who knows maybe that’s why.

  • Roxy

    in my dream my teeth usually slowly fall out and i feel a strange painfull numbness, then they bleed and some teeth stay in and its scary.

  • seeing teeth

    many sets of teeth
    I felt frightened of them



  • Paul bray

    This is not the first time I’ve had a dream like this.this time I was working for someone but things were not working out and they decided to fire me,even though it was something I was not at faut for,I aired my anger verbally and then I could feel that two or more teeeth all next to each other became very lose,I tried to hold them in position but moreand more bean to come out very quickly.i remember being concerned that I wouldnt know where they should go back in the correct order.the whole scenario fr all of these related dreams are traumatic.

  • kt

    I have dream of giving money to others.
    What does it symbolize?

    • RW

      This means that you are giving love. You are helping them in your waking life by giving them your attention, love, or money. They don’t feel neglected or ignored because you are there for them.

  • sadiq

    i was dreaming that iam pulling out my teeth by my self.

  • Jeff

    Crossing a zebra crossing and getting hit by a car, then waking up paralysed, and then waking up again.

  • Dawn

    My son’s tooth fell out. We found it in the bed he was sleeping. When we checked his mouth, he already had a whole tooth in it’s place.

  • Dying my hair

    What does it mean?

    • RW

      It means that you want a change and a drastic change at that. You want people to see you differently. Changing your hair makes a big impact and can change a persons mood, looks, and how they view themselves. Whatever change you make you’ll be happy so long as you change for yourself and not someone else.

    • RW

      It means that you want a change and a drastic change at that. You want people to see you differently than they see you now. Changing your hair can make a big impact on you mood, confidence, looks, view of yourself and make a big impact on your life all round. You’ll be happy with whatever change you’ll make so long as you change for yourself and not for anyone else.

  • Sheila

    I was riding a brown horse. At first, the horse was unruly but then I was able to tame him.. we rode rocky paths and smooth paths. it was a great ride. I was with some company.

  • Angeline Somah

    Someone dreamed that I was eating too much food

  • PatriciaMaurice

    I can only remember part of it and I had a ginger bushy moustache

  • Christian

    I had a dream of my and my family going to the airport but when we got there the air port was my grandpas livingroom and (my girlfriend in the dream) wanted to have oral sex so I sad ok and as she was doing it she purposely bit off my head. And she thought it was perfectly normal to do tha. This really scared me.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    im being chased by three tornados, and trying to save my sister

    • chloe

      tornadoes, i understand, have to do with lack of control over a force that is bigger than you – the family relation denotes an aspect of yourself that your sister possesses (qualities that you want to protect) from this enormous, swirling force of nature. i suggest giving consideration to any authority figures in your life that are giving rise to a feeling a panic, due to their ‘uncontrolable nature’. good luck.

  • madelyn

    I want to know what my dream means.
    Last night I dream of fetching
    water from a well near the stream and river.
    There four people in my dream
    . There are two well near the stream and river
    We have one blue container to fill in.
    Both well is filled with dry bamboo leaves floating but the water is clear.
    The two women in my dreams was clearing the well, taking off the dry leaf out of the well.
    And I was watching them holding the container. The man in my dreams who is older was sitting near the other well, he also clearing the well. The water in the river is clean and smoothly flowing..what does this dream of mie mean?

    • RW

      It means everything in your life is in balance. Even when you have worries you don’t stress because there is always someone there to help you through your struggles. Whatever obstacles life throws at you it doesn’t matter because you will be fine with others help. Work together with those who offer help – the end result is that everything is flowing nicely and calmly.

  • sindie

    I dreamt that I was in a room with lots of other people and all of a sudden I just took out a piece of newspaper and defecated on it. It was very runny and it ran over my left hand. I just rolled up the paper and put it into a bin nearby.

  • smane

    Cobra bit me on my right hand

  • phelisa

    I dreamnt that my lower jaaw teeth re falling out I can see them on da ground manythere plenty of them

  • Allie

    I just had a nap nightmare …. It started with a filling that I had popped of my tooth and all crumblely looking then to having my bottom teeth split into two whole pieces and slipping right out. Then it happen to my upper teeth! Then I had a completely empty mouth! Even my gums fell out?!?  It wasn’t even like one tooth fell out one at a time… It was in 4 pieces total… So weird. I felt my self haveing anxiety while I was sleeping over this nightmare.

  • Joseph

    I was walking and my teeth start falling out. I kept my hand and caught all the teeth. I was entering a classroom where others was also present and stacked the fallen teeth on a desk in the shape of a pyramid and left it there. Through all this I was quite happy. As I left the room, some grit (small stone pebbles was falling from my mouth as well). Later I discovered that there was two teeth remaining in my mouth – both were wisdom teeth at the ack and one was loose.

  • graceann

    my teeth are falling out I’m trying to spit them out but they are. glued in and I’m gagging

  • rhiz

    awaken by hands coming out under the bed

  • GABI

    i was at my childhood home (NY) a friend who lives in Alabama who has the keys to a home i am selling there came over to get THE MOP i had borrowed

  • JOJO


  • James

    I was in the rest room and i pulled out my left front tooth and then the tooth I pulled out became two and my tooth I pulled out was still there it grew back.  It did not hurt at all and then I was walking down the street with my girlfriend and she was pregnent then we were at a coffee shop with a stroller with two children.  what is this about?

    • RW

      This means change. If the tooth you pulled out became 2 and at the end you saw 2 children that means that this is your change of having 2 children.

  • Khaled sheikh

    It was 4am in the morning.
    I saw my upper right denture teeth falling out my mouth like a spit straight into my palms and they very white. One of them was having cavity (which i already had and i knew it but saw that first time). All teeth are very clean and pure white which we normally see in model pictures.
    I can feel my right upper mouth is empty from inside.

  • Teeth falling out in handa

    It was 4am in the morning.
    I saw my upper right denture teeth falling out my mouth like a spit straight into my palms and they very white. One of them was having cavity (which i already had and i knew it but saw that first time). All teeth are very clean and pure white which we normally see in model pictures.
    I can feel my right upper mouth is empty from inside.

  • Caroline

    I dreamed that I was in school sitting in my desk and some classmates behing me were saying that I looked like a kid and that i was ugly.What does this mean?

  • Alice

    All my upper teeth was coming out in my hand,like a nightmare

  • ben

    my wristwatch broke into a lot of little pieces

  • Anonymous

    I spit my teeth out and they turned into diamonds

  • Fiona

    I had a dream that my lower teeth were falling out. Started with just a couple being wobbly, then all of my bottom teeth came loose in my mouth. I was trying to tell my husband, upset, then my mother held my face in her hands, made me open my mouth and said ‘you will not die, you won’t let this kill you’. She looked shocked an in horror and I then knew that they were all rotten, and the bone diseased in my jaw. Very frightening!

  • Annonomys

    Every time I dream my teeth falling out the main thing I notice is that right befor my teeth begin to fall out my jaw starts to lock and then I start to feel a lot of pressure on my gums I try to open my mouth and relax my jaw but it will keep locking up and my gums will feel like an intense pressure as soon as the pressure goes away and I can open my mouth my teeth begin to fall out but when they fall out I’m not left toothless I still have my teeth

    • Anonymous

      i have the same dream, i get so often sometimes i am aware its a dream. the jaw lock/pressure is the main bit :s

  • Ashley

    i dreamed about falling out teeth just two in a lower part of the teeth, but after that there’s a new teeth coming already where i lost my teeth and i was so shocked when i saw that there are more teeth at the back of my lower teeth growing. Is there any one can help me to interpret my dream?

    • RW

      When you dream that your tooth or teeth are falling out then it definitely means change. This could be a change in job, a change in your relationship or even a change within yourself (confidence or appearance). In the dream if your tooth or teeth fall out and new tooth/teeth grow back then this means that what was lost or changed will come back to you and be better. If you’ve changed jobs this one will be better than the previous – same with the relationship or a change within yourself. this will also mean that you will be stronger in your own self – more self confidence and you will be happy in your skin.
      Hope this will help.

    • Rosa

      Hey, i had a similar dream last night, my tooth were loose and i was able to pull them out painlessly and there was a new teeth already in place- I also had extra teeth growing on top of my incisors, i couldn’t find any interpretation except the one here- if you dont mind can you tell me what happened after you had that dream?

  • justice

    all teeth falling out replaced by all new teeth coming in

  • xioma

    I was throughing teeth in the sink but they werent mine

  • Allyson

    There was a Filling in one Of my molars that felt odd. I used my fingernail to see if it was okay and it broke. I flicked out many peices. They were clearly peices of fillings. While in my hsnd they transformed in to diamonds. Some small sone larger. It was s magnificent surprise. Prior to this entire episode, I was feeling fine and going about my day.

  • Eva Jones

    I was walking around, can’t tell where with a lot of teeth in my mouth.  I had so many they were making my mouth big.  Everytime one fell out, there was another tootha already in the space and they were broken and rotten and i kept spitting out teeth into a plastic cup.  it was getting pretty full. the teeth inside my mouth looked like shark teeth.

  • Anna

    My name is Anna and I used to have dreams like this a lot it started after High school when it was time for me to move out on my own. Grown up life was not going as planned and it was pretty rough I wanted to tell my parents so much how hard it was and it only made me clam up more. So the dreams started just a tooth loose another and another then spitting them into my hand and a sensation of fear as if I would get in trouble. But now I’m older got my life onthe right track even though it’s still tough I do sometimes feel over wellemed and just want things to be different. I hadnt had the dreams in forever it seemed till last night it was violent my body got tense and my jaw locked and teeth were being pressed back and being popped out I ran to the morrow and could see the missing ones and blood everything seemed so real I thought how could this happen only happens in my dreams! Very freaky what could this one mean?

  • gill

    hello i had a very odd dream about teeth last night. What I can remember was a guy with curly hair was sucking my teeth then all of a sudden springs started falling out from my teeth..hmmmm very odd

  • court

    I closed my mouth and tried to open, when I did my fillings got stuck on one another and forced my back teeth out. It started with one and then more just started to come out. the inside of my mouth was a mess.

  • Rose

    I dreamt my top 4 front teeth came out and were like rubber teeth. then all my other teeth were wobbly and fell out. I thought oh well, I’ll get a set of those screw in dentures, even though they are expensive. I am going through an enormous personal growth, awareness and change period in my life. I’m a little worried about the impact these changes might have on my relationship with my partner, even though I know it is necessary for both of us, and the outcome will be positive.

  • ILZE



  • k

    i had a dream where one of my front teeth was positioned sideways instead of facing front.

  • Stephanie

    I keep having the same dream that I am biting down on my teeth very hard. It feels like my jaw is locked. I cant stop myself in the dream. I try to open my mouth and stop biting down, but I cant and I bite down harder and harder until my teeth begin to crack and break under the pressure. What does it mean?

    • Gliza

      oh my goodness, i had the same exact dream!  tell me when you find anything:)

    • Halie

      You might be grinding your teeth at night. Try wearing a mouth guard.

  • Mimi-rose

    the first dream about teeth i had was one tooth was loose then i pulled it out. the dream i had last night was heaps of my teeth were loose and fell out on the floor. wondering what all this means? :)

  • Carol

    I have recently had recurring dreams that my teeth have falling out. They all usually start with me touching my teeth then they become loose and the start to come out until all my bottom teeth are gone. Sometimes the top fall out also, but most of the time it’s the bottom and sometimes they fall out alone. When I wake up I always feel that it has really happened. I think this dream illustrates my fear of my wisdom teeth making my bottom row crooked and come out,

  • Kathleen

    i dreamt that some of my teeth came out in bits, leaving me looking as if I had been punched. I tried to see the dentist but he was on holiday. I waited around to see if there was someone who could help me. I was very distressed by this.

  • Kevin

    My son in the dream has a rotten molar. I pull it out with my workshop pliars and get the rotten bits. Unfortunately i also pull out a good molar and am devastated by this to the point of getting very emotional.

  • Anthony Spears

    In my Dream my Teeth and Gums came out. They looked like a pair of dentures. I was horrified in the dream. I remember looking at my teeth in my hand and touching them feeling scared.

    • Habib

      I suppose I solhudn’t even joke about having dreams about Dr. Helen, so I won’t.Some people get all mystical at me and wonder about “meanings”, as in, “My dream is foretelling the future”. They’re not happy with my response, that I believe first and foremost that the subconscious is trying to work something out. The spooky stuff is only to be considered later.But I never did come to terms with a series of dreams where my life was being threatened. These were usually in a half-awake state, which made them even more fun. Like the time someone from a neighboring house had a kind of greenish tracking beam and was trying to site in and shoot me. Or the time I was trapped between the hulls of a spaceship — that one took longer to wake up from than most.

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