Types Of Teeth Dreams And Their Meanings

Here’s a detailed list of all different types of dreams about teeth and their interpretation.

Fictional man giving interpretation of teeth dreams

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Teeth Dream Types

Contemporary dream interpretations

Teeth are symbols rich in meaning. Here are the most commonly accepted interpretations. Teeth in dreams represent:

  • Transition times
  • Personal growth and challenging your limits
  • Self-confidence and strength
  • Self-expression and personal nourishment
  • Courage and assertiveness – or lack of it
  • Concerns about self-image and attractiveness

Simple interpretation techniques

Here are 3 simple steps to analyze your dream. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How do you feel in the dream?
  2. How does the feeling in the dream relate to your current life?
  3. Why would you mind if you would… Here, fill in the blank with the scenario of your teeth dream; for instance, a dream where you lose your teeth, break a tooth, etc.

1. How do you feel in the dream?

Ask yourself how you feel in the dream. Pay special attention to your experience or feelings, especially when something happened to your teeth.

dream interpretation tipDream Interpretation Tip: Connecting with the raw feeling, impressions, sensations or even fleeting emotion or images can help extracting more meaning out of the dream content. You can take note in writing or mentally and go to the next dream interpretation step.

2. How does the feeling in the dream relate to your current life?

Are there any connections between these feelings and impressions or feelings you may have in your everyday life?

dream interpretation tipDream Interpretation Tip: Here’s a key point in interpreting dreams: Strong dream symbols tend to show up when an event or a situation in the dreamer’s life triggers intense emotions. Check what’s happening in your life right now that may be related how you felt in the dream.

More specifically, look for moments where things are shifting or changing dramatically in your life; making compromises that are not completely satisfying for you; facing choices that are hard to bear or make; expressing yourself with assertiveness or lack thereof.

3. What do the dream symbols mean to you personally?

One of the most important questions to dig out the deeper meaning of your dream is: Why would you mind if your teeth would fall out like they do in the dream?

Your answer will point you to another layer of interpretation. For instance, your dream could be related to the fear of aging, not looking as good as you would wish or stem from a feeling of powerless in face of change or losing something important to you.

Other interpretations may lead you to the idea of biting life more fully or getting more of the nourishment you need to enjoy life.

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Dream interpretation advice: Become your own dream interpreter

Interpreting the meaning of dream symbols can be a daunting task when one is looking at definitions in a conventional dream dictionary. This interpretation guide is designed to empower every dreamer with knowledge and techniques to support the creation of a very personal interpretation of dream symbols.

Unlike the already-made dream definitions or the predictions astrologers or clairvoyants may offer in their readings, meaningful dream interpretation relies on your active participation. When you interpret your dreams, you become your own dream expert. Who else than you could better understand the dream meanings coming from in the recesses of your psyche and the messages of your unconscious?

Dream interpretation does not require you to be a clairvoyant or psychic, nor a seasoned psychologist. To interpret dreams, you need to engage your intellect, but also your imagination and intuition. This dream dictionary and interpretation guide is a starting point. You’ll find that combining symbol definitions, dream analysis techniques, and letting your brain work with free associations and imagination, will go a long way in uncovering the true meaning of your dreams.

Dream interpretation theories: Why do we dream about teeth?

According to traditional psychology, an explanation for dreams about teeth, especially dreams where you see you teeth fall out or you lose a tooth is linked to highly charged emotions in your waking life.

Most often dreams about teeth are disturbing and could even be a horrifying nightmare for the dreamer. The emotional quality of the dream scenario usually corresponds to emotions the dreamer is experiencing in her waking life.

The reason this emotional content appears in the dream though teeth imagery is because the dreamer has probably not fully acknowledged these emotions or repressed them because they were too frightening or painful to deal with in the moment. As a result, this traumatic or difficult experience and its emotional charge appear in dreams disguised in images and symbols.

For instance, teeth being pulled out or falling out remind us of the painful nature of these experiences or situations. In the symbolic language of dreams, emotions are represented indirectly through images and offer meaning for the curious dreamer who’s willing to understand their deeper meaning.

Literal and symbolic interpretation of dream symbols

In the field of dream interpretation, teeth symbols can have multiple meanings. Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud was one of the first modern dream analysts to focus on the distinction of the literal content of a dream, i.e., the matter-of-fact content featured in dream images, from the latent content that has a more symbolic meaning and represents a hidden unconscious meaning.

Teeth dreams emphasize a specific part of the body, the teeth, but also the mouth and possibly the face. Several interpretations are possible:

  • The most literal interpretation points to concerns relating to your body, health, or physical appearance you may have consciously or unconsciously in your waking life.
  • A more symbolic interpretation of the latent content of the dream consists in seeing body images as a representation of the way you see yourself and lead your life, as well as the feelings and emotions relating to these topics.

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170 Responses to Dream Interpretation Teeth

  • Roy

    I saw there was a launching product of toothpest.colgate.i use it new launch of there one product is red toothpest.the sales boy gave it to me to brush.i did that. My teeth get sooooo white in color.i was soooo happy.but i saw one of my front teeth is not good in shape.when i have beautiful teeths without any problem in my full real life.the sales boy in dream compliment my beauty. Thats all.what its mean?

  • edith

    what is the meaning of dreaming that one of my friend wipe her tooth decay on my cellphone

    • Studebaker Hoch

      Like put your cellphone on her teeth and brushed them with it?

  • jodeci

    i was walking with a class of people i knew ( keep in mind i dont go to school anymore). it wasnt just a couple of school friends but also other friends that i have. we were going on what felt like an excursion. i dont know where but we were all walking in the same direction. i found myself biting on my teeth. and then thinking my teeth are going to break if i keep biting on them. then the next thing i knew my two front teeth teeth felt very week and broke. i spat them out and put it in my hand and tried not to open my mouth infront of people around me.as we kept walking all my teeth felt like they were loosening. i called out to a teacher and said “ive gotta go”, barely being able to get a word out with my mouth filling up with teeth. i started walking back on my own and more teeth feel out and i put more in my hand and i touched inside my mouth and could feel more teeth my gums coming out so i gently pulled everything out and held them in my hand. i reached to touch my mouth again and there was a new set of fresh teeth and gums in my mouth.

    please tell me what this means!!!!

    • jodeci

      i was embarrassed that my teeth were falling out so i left, but i wasn’t scared, just had a little anxiety over what was happening but when i felt my teeth had been replaced by new ones i threw my teeth on the footpath and was happy.

  • Marty

    Agreed. Ads with enhanced images, especially if the enhanced image in question (like lashes) is the product focus, are nothing short of fabrication. Aspirational would be if the image was to be used for an editorial sto&3r#82y0;but an ad is a completely different ball game.

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