Losing Teeth Dream

Losing teeth in a dream is a common symbol representing anxiety. It tends to come up during times of transition and often points to concerns experienced by the dreamer in waking life.

Tuck coming to save dreamer about to loose their teeth

What does it mean when you dream about losing your teeth?

Dreams about losing teeth generally symbolize:

  • Losing teeth in a dream: Representation of anxiety
  • A costly compromise or decision
  • Radical change
  • Starting a new project or phase in your life
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The scenario of losing teeth is one of the most common in the field of dream interpretation. Written examples of such dreams are said to be traced since the second century.

Woman dreaming about loosing her teeth

  • Dreams about losing teeth reveal anxiety

According to recent studies in dream interpretation, dreaming about losing your teeth is an indicator of anxiety and, possibly, depressive states. Dreams about losing teeth also tend to point to feelings of helplessness and lack of control over one’s life circumstances.

In “The Loss of Teeth in Dreams: An Empirical Investigation” (in Psychological Reports), the analyst compares the personality profile of people who have recurring dreams about losing teeth with some who have recurring dreams about flying. The article states that people who are dreaming often of losing teeth “are significantly more anxious and depressed, had lower ego strength, were less satisfied with their lives (…).”

  • Common interpretations of losing teeth in dreams: Death and fear of aging

Until the end of the 20th century, it was common to interpret losing teeth in dreams as a sign of the future death of a family member. This meaning associated with the loss of a tooth or teeth in a dream is held in various traditions, including traditional Chinese and some native American dream interpretations.

More recently, a more symbolic interpretation is preferred to present losing teeth in dreams as a representation of the dreamer’s fear of aging. The idea of death is still present, but the interpretation focuses now more about the dreamer’s concern over her own death and lack of control over the process of aging.

  • Losing teeth in dreams: Representation of personal loss

Dream interpretation studies show that dreams about losing teeth commonly occur during times of transition where the dreamer experiences a higher level of anxiety than usual. The loss of a tooth or teeth in your dream could be a way to bring symbolically bring to your awareness something you are giving up or feel like you are losing in your waking life.

A dream of losing teeth could be a reminder that you either made a decision or are about to make one that feels like a heavy compromise and could generate emotional suffering if not dealt with it consciously. You may be facing a situation where you have to make costly compromises and the trade-off is not satisfying.

  • Dreaming of losing teeth: Symbol of a new start

A positive interpretation for losing teeth in dreams associates tooth loss imagery with giving birth to something new in your life. Jung, one of the most influential psychologists of the 20th century at the origin of Jungian dream analysis, suggests that, especially for women, dreaming about losing a tooth or teeth relates to birthing.

In the field of contemporary dream analysis, the imagery of losing teeth can be understood symbolically as the process of starting something new like a project, a relationship or changing habits both for men and women.

  • Dreams about losing teeth as indicators of life changes

If you’re dreaming of losing teeth or a tooth, such a dream strongly indicates that you are dealing with events that feel like you are letting go of something important. Perhaps you are just changing jobs and feel like you are leaving something behind.

A dream about losing teeth as you just moved could also point to the feeling of missing the comfort or familiarity of your old home or apartment.

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Dreaming about losing lots of teeth on ground

What about Dreaming of Losing a Lot of Teeth?

If you are dreaming of losing a lot of teeth or feel horrified in your dream, it’s important to remember that the intensity of this symbolic imagery reflects the intensity of the anxiety or loss you may be experiencing in your waking life.

The dramatization of these feelings through the imagery of losing your teeth symbolizes how costly some choices may be for you. As Gillian Holloway explains in The Complete Dream Book, “the gore of the dream imagery reflects the severity of the price being paid to keep the peace or stay the course.”

Dream research: Do women dream more about losing their teeth than men?

dreams losing teethSeveral psychological studies point to possible gender differences in dreams about teeth falling out. According to psychological research on dreams, women seem to dream more about teeth falling out than men. (Source: “Typical Dreams: Stability and Gender Difference”. Psychological Reports, 1984)

Among the prevalent themes for women are dreams about teeth falling out, but also eating delicious food, being locked up, tied, seeing a person who is alive as dead, and failing an examination. Men show a higher prevalence than women for dreams about sexual experiences. Other themes include: having magical powers, finding money, wild beasts, killing someone, to name a few.

Losing teeth dream: Questions to further analyze your dream

Losing teeth in your dream is an indicator of your ambivalence or the cost of a compromise you’ve been making. A losing teeth dream is a call to examine the reasons behind a decision you’ve made or have to make and how you feel about preserving the status quo or changing how things are.

Dreaming about losing a tooth or teeth draws the dreamer’s attention to important questions:

  • Will you maintain the direction over the long term, make small adjustments or take a totally new course?
  • How willing or able are you to tolerate the discomfort or tension of the situation you are in?
  • What do you need to better align your life or living conditions with your priorities?

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1113 Responses to Dreams About Losing Teeth

  • Aldon

    Hi,.I dream about.a.spacewoman who give birth a child in which i saw it grow into teenager on outer space. Then I became that man and I now live in earth with my girlfriend. I ask my girlfriend for a sex while waiting in some sort of Company waiting area. Then some goons at the back jerks and splash their liquids to us, i let my girlfriend run and I went to fight back. The punches of goons is strong that my teeth fall off, as i run away from them, my teeth continue to fall off. But I still collect the teeth, until i overrun them. Before i wake up, i heard a voice telling that someone died. The name is familiar to me.

  • Hema

    Hi, I have a dream of loosing all my teeth at once for all in my dreams. It happens at least 4-5times a month repeatedly which is so annoying in my dream but I realise and remember how terrific it is while loosing all teeth aimlessly without any power of holding it back again. Annoying!! Please help. I am very much in a depression, anxiety mode, have no control over time my life, nothing happens as my wish, no luck, feel very low BecUse of my job change over

  • Andi

    Had a dream my cat got out of the house and he ran to the front yard and began to furiously dig. I went to grab him and he went from his black color to an orange. As I picked him up looked in the hole he was and had dug, and saw molar teeth. Like from a dog ( jaw was of a dog) but somehow the buried dog was still alive! I dug him out but he changed into a man and asked why I helped. Then I woke up

  • Ronnita MacKay

    I drempt I lost a few of my back teeth. I wasn’t upset in the dream I kept repeating that they would grow back Nd sure enough they did in my dream. It was like I was lossing baby teeth. I am to old to be losing baby teeth as am a few days short of my 38th birthday.

  • Sulayman Teethloser

    I’ve been trapped in these troublesome teeth-losing dreams for almost 10 years. Sometimes it was one tooth that went off and I could restore it back with my finger; sometimes it was the whole mouthful of teeth as if I was chewing a mouthful of marbles.

    That was terrible. Hope I could get out of these dreams.

  • Paul

    I experienced a dream of losing 5 of my top front teeth and upon looking at them, they were crystal clear and yellow in color.

  • David

    I loose my teeth regularly in dreams, for awhile it was just one or two.
    Last night i accidentally removed about 7 loose teeth and had them in my hand for most of the dream.
    I always panic and it usually always casts a bad vibe over the dream.
    It always triggers me to go in and out of being lucid but i ALWAYS settle that the loss off teeth is real (until i wake up and check, obviously)
    I am a smoker and i know I’ve been slack on oral care most of my life so i figured it was just anxiety for the inevitable demise of my pearly yellows if i keep mistreating my mouth.

  • Samantha

    I dreamed i lost all my teeth i wasnt scared n i remember washing them in the sink taking off the blood of them when one tooth went down the drain after that i woke up im wondering what my dream means

  • Hilli

    I had a dream last night that I lost one of my teeth. I am very worried because someone told me losing teeth in a dream means loosing someone in your family. Is it so?

    • Rena

      Sometimes.in Russian tradition it is so,meaning if you loose tooth you will loose someone very close relative.when I was young and was in USSR and dreamed about loosing teeth or tooth I lost family member but now I moved away from there and now I’m dreaming for about a month loosing teeth and thank goodness all family is well,but I’m going through very big changes which are out of my control and I’m hurt so I believe that I’m just very anxious and stressed that’s all.And hope that you are good,and you just stressed 🙂 that’s all.keep well 🙂

  • Jenifael

    I dreamed at least twice that I lost one of my tooth after noticing that it was shaking a bit and ripping it out of my mouth while regretting my action.  It wasn’t a good experience, I felt terrified about having to go in public without a teeth but the worst part was that I felt so hopeless toward this situation and I knew that I couldn’t deal with it alone : I needed help and I didn’t want to show myself while I was in that situation.  I hated the feeling.  I felt anxious and stuck with my anxiety unless I told anyone which I never did.
    When I think about it, it was actually in a time in my life when I was feeling less good at school and I had the perfect smart/genius girl image to keep so I never told anyone about my difficulties not even my best friends because I was to afraid of their judgment.

  • Bree

    I had a dream I had lost 5 teeth. But in my dream it wasn’t me. It wasn’t my body or my house or ppl I know. I was just seeing everything through that persons eyes. I remember that I lost 5 teeth and was happy about it because I was getting new set of white, straight teeth.

  • Mia

    I had a dream where I was out travelling, and the bus drove past this beautiful grove where one could bathe, the water was warm and everything. This slowly turned into a public bath in my dream where some of my old friends came into the picture, friends whom I haven’t talked to for a while, and I bathed with each and every one of them for a time at least. When we were leaving the now public bath, I had lost the last bus for the night, and as I was turning to one of my friends I could feel that some of the teeth in my mouth was loose. And I kept poking at them with my tongue until I was able to just pull them out, which I did. And my friend was freaking out at it while I remained oddly calm about it all. But my friend, she pointed out that these teeth had no roots, they were just flat and looking kind of horrid compared to normal teeth. This is when I woke up. I am interested to know what this dream means. I don’t usually have a lot of nightmares, but recently they’ve occured multiple times.

  • kenneth

    Hi..i have a dream that i am pulling out my own teeth.. i was worried a little bit because someone told me that dreaming of teeth specially falling out teeth is a bad omen..thats why i worried a little.. but i believe in Gods will..i believe this is just result of too much thinking of something..

  • Monica Fernandez

    Hi! I also have a dream of falling teeth in 2 consecutive days first night my real 2 teeth is falling and 2nd night my upper denture is broke (2 teeth attached) and in my dream i am there swinging in a hanging chair looking up the sky and i saw a falling and i wish that my mom and boyfriend will become close again and hoping they will bring back their bonding and forget the hatred of each other.what does it mean?

  • Wendi

    I had a dream the other night that I ran my tongue over my front set of teeth and felt a gap so in this dream I looked in the mirror and saw that my 2 front teeth were missing. (in real life I am not missing any teeth/no current dental issue). Thank you!!


    I LOOSE ALL MY TEETH what does it mean… i assume my brother who passed away last 2014 are reminding me to visit him.. and ofcourse to focus in my goals.. which is what is matters most… just enjoy the life here in our world and do what i love MY PRIORITIES…. MY WORK… MY BUSINESS.. and take care love our family PARENTS…

  • M3Li$$a

    I have upper dentures… but my bottom teeth are real. I keep dreaming that all my teeth are still real & I pull the top ones out one by one…. weird part is my mom is always in the dream… different place, but always with my mom. & in real life, she lives in a different state than me…

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