Losing Teeth Dream

Losing teeth in a dream is a common symbol representing anxiety. It tends to come up during times of transition and often points to concerns experienced by the dreamer in waking life.

Tuck coming to save dreamer about to loose their teeth

What does it mean when you dream about losing your teeth?

Dreams about losing teeth generally symbolize:

  • Losing teeth in a dream: Representation of anxiety
  • A costly compromise or decision
  • Radical change
  • Starting a new project or phase in your life
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The scenario of losing teeth is one of the most common in the field of dream interpretation. Written examples of such dreams are said to be traced since the second century.

Woman dreaming about loosing her teeth

  • Dreams about losing teeth reveal anxiety

According to recent studies in dream interpretation, dreaming about losing your teeth is an indicator of anxiety and, possibly, depressive states. Dreams about losing teeth also tend to point to feelings of helplessness and lack of control over one’s life circumstances.

In “The Loss of Teeth in Dreams: An Empirical Investigation” (in Psychological Reports), the analyst compares the personality profile of people who have recurring dreams about losing teeth with some who have recurring dreams about flying. The article states that people who are dreaming often of losing teeth “are significantly more anxious and depressed, had lower ego strength, were less satisfied with their lives (…).”

  • Common interpretations of losing teeth in dreams: Death and fear of aging

Until the end of the 20th century, it was common to interpret losing teeth in dreams as a sign of the future death of a family member. This meaning associated with the loss of a tooth or teeth in a dream is held in various traditions, including traditional Chinese and some native American dream interpretations.

More recently, a more symbolic interpretation is preferred to present losing teeth in dreams as a representation of the dreamer’s fear of aging. The idea of death is still present, but the interpretation focuses now more about the dreamer’s concern over her own death and lack of control over the process of aging.

  • Losing teeth in dreams: Representation of personal loss

Dream interpretation studies show that dreams about losing teeth commonly occur during times of transition where the dreamer experiences a higher level of anxiety than usual. The loss of a tooth or teeth in your dream could be a way to bring symbolically bring to your awareness something you are giving up or feel like you are losing in your waking life.

A dream of losing teeth could be a reminder that you either made a decision or are about to make one that feels like a heavy compromise and could generate emotional suffering if not dealt with it consciously. You may be facing a situation where you have to make costly compromises and the trade-off is not satisfying.

  • Dreaming of losing teeth: Symbol of a new start

A positive interpretation for losing teeth in dreams associates tooth loss imagery with giving birth to something new in your life. Jung, one of the most influential psychologists of the 20th century at the origin of Jungian dream analysis, suggests that, especially for women, dreaming about losing a tooth or teeth relates to birthing.

In the field of contemporary dream analysis, the imagery of losing teeth can be understood symbolically as the process of starting something new like a project, a relationship or changing habits both for men and women.

  • Dreams about losing teeth as indicators of life changes

If you’re dreaming of losing teeth or a tooth, such a dream strongly indicates that you are dealing with events that feel like you are letting go of something important. Perhaps you are just changing jobs and feel like you are leaving something behind.

A dream about losing teeth as you just moved could also point to the feeling of missing the comfort or familiarity of your old home or apartment.

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Dreaming about losing lots of teeth on ground

What about Dreaming of Losing a Lot of Teeth?

If you are dreaming of losing a lot of teeth or feel horrified in your dream, it’s important to remember that the intensity of this symbolic imagery reflects the intensity of the anxiety or loss you may be experiencing in your waking life.

The dramatization of these feelings through the imagery of losing your teeth symbolizes how costly some choices may be for you. As Gillian Holloway explains in The Complete Dream Book, “the gore of the dream imagery reflects the severity of the price being paid to keep the peace or stay the course.”

Dream research: Do women dream more about losing their teeth than men?

dreams losing teethSeveral psychological studies point to possible gender differences in dreams about teeth falling out. According to psychological research on dreams, women seem to dream more about teeth falling out than men. (Source: “Typical Dreams: Stability and Gender Difference”. Psychological Reports, 1984)

Among the prevalent themes for women are dreams about teeth falling out, but also eating delicious food, being locked up, tied, seeing a person who is alive as dead, and failing an examination. Men show a higher prevalence than women for dreams about sexual experiences. Other themes include: having magical powers, finding money, wild beasts, killing someone, to name a few.

Losing teeth dream: Questions to further analyze your dream

Losing teeth in your dream is an indicator of your ambivalence or the cost of a compromise you’ve been making. A losing teeth dream is a call to examine the reasons behind a decision you’ve made or have to make and how you feel about preserving the status quo or changing how things are.

Dreaming about losing a tooth or teeth draws the dreamer’s attention to important questions:

  • Will you maintain the direction over the long term, make small adjustments or take a totally new course?
  • How willing or able are you to tolerate the discomfort or tension of the situation you are in?
  • What do you need to better align your life or living conditions with your priorities?

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1112 Responses to Dreams About Losing Teeth

  • Ben

    Last night I dreamt I lost my left front tooth. First I was quite concerned about losing this tooth but I noticed a new tooth was beginning to pierce out from my gum. I felt relieved but it was not exactly where the other tooth fell off. I was a bit anxious about it but I said to myself it’s better than nothing!

  • Meg

    I had a dream. I remember a big house, it looked Victorian from the dream and I somehow know I have been there before.It was familiar to me. AllI can really remember was the floor dropped mechanically into a staircase and I was going to eat soup. I notices NY tooth was missing and there was blood all over it and ran to my husband who came out of nowhere.I was freaking out while he held me I was feeling the rest of my teeth with tongue and they were all really loose in the back. Then I woke up. Help me understand?

  • Jennifer A Leleux

    Last night I dreamed my husband and I had bought a boat and we were riding on it with our 2 children and we ran into a large wooden post and only I was affected all of my teeth were knocked out and was brought to an emergency dentist/orthodontist and what was left was pulled out until my veneers or new teeth came in. What is this meaning? They are being knocked out not falling out!

  • Elizabeth Simmons

    Last night I dreamt about losing my teeth at first my tooth was very wigggly so my bf pulled it out he was so grossed out about it he threw up and pucked up blood then my whole mouth started bleeding and more teeth started getting wiggly I tired pulling them out myself and then I woke up the dream was so vivid I didn’t even realize I was dreaming even after I woke up I wasn’t still sure it was a dream

  • Barrington Roberts

    I dreamt that I lost a bottom row front tooth that I have problems with in my waking life. This was not the first dream about this tooth.However this last dream was different in that I ate an apple and it came out. I found myself inspecting the tooth and found it was rotten. I didn’t feel anxious in the dream. I recently took redundancy from a job about 2 months ago and hated it there. I am applying for a new jobb as I write this. Could the dream mean I am moving on/changing my life and getting rid of the rotten tooth is the past?

  • Ritz

    I’ve dreamed a lot of times when my teeth was crumbling off. Like more than 5 times already. Before it was just like 2 or 3 of my teeth are falling off, but yesterday I was so horrified because I dreamed ALL of them were falling! Like I was getting all of them off in my mouth. Like literally I had a handful of them in my hands. I did not see blood at all. I was so horrified when I woke up. I googled my dream and I was shocked because the meaning was absolutely right for me. I am really insecure about myself and how others treat me, I am also currently not satisfied with my job right now. Like I am so pressured in my life right now.

    • Willie

      Juu, luin tuosta myös Pharyngulasta. YouTube-pätkä Dawkinsin luennosta, jossa hän käsitteli kyseistä “lakia”, oli hilMtiön!lutta, miten ihmeessä se on päässyt lakivaiheeseen asti? Käytössä taitaa olla vain ateistisuodatin; kaikki muu pääsee läpi.

  • dawn

    I had a dream where my teeth were loose and I was plucking them out. It wasn’t horrific. I actually felt…relieved –like they were painful before I got rid of them. What does this mean?

  • riya

    last night i saw a dream of losing teeth so what does it means in my life.

    • aliyah

      I constantly have dreams where my front bottom tooth falls out and everytime it does I try to put it back together and cry , I’m just wondering why I keep having these dreams can someone tell me what this means ?

      • Sibel

        Your teeth are falling out in your dream represent some attachments or lifestyles that you are or will be letting go of, maybe youre the kind of person that does not like change and thats why you tried to put your teeth back in your mouth basically by doing that in real life youre just staying in your comfort zone, and then you cry because nobody likes change!! And when it happens and we try to make things as they were it doesnt work, because some things , some feelings, some people some habits need to go and sometimes we dont want to let go of them and transform

  • awoo

    xerfvan is cute

  • TAS

    I other night I had a dream that I had a face brace on and I tried to take it off when I pull it, all my teeth easily came out, every single one, some of them the roots were still in my gums. then as I was panicking I ran to a bedroom in my grandparents house and my grandpa that recently passed away was in their. He had just woken up and someone mentioned that he is forgetting things so he won’t know me. As soon as he seen me he said “I know who you are! You’re my granddaughter!” And I was so happy. And he knew what to do with my teeth. In my dream I knew he wasn’t alive. I thought maybe he never really did die. But after he said he could do something about my teeth I woke up.

  • Hospital Records

    Overthinking. That’s it. Who ever you are, relax. You will become an adult. You will figure out your career. You will find someone who loves you. You have a whole lifetime; time takes time. The only way to fail at life is to abstain.

  • Haley

    I’ve had many variations of losing teeth in dreams my entire life, including my teeth rotting, turning to liquid, falling out in numbers, and nursing a toothache with the tooth falling out in my hands.

  • merz

    having this dream of losing a two teeth 1 at the top and another is in my front. in the Philippines having dream of losing a tooth means so bad. in our myths it means of losing a member in your family. but 1 thing i realized believing god is more important than believing in that myths.

  • Sta

    Early this morning I had a really vivid dream that my lower right molar tooth (actually a ceramic crown since I had a root canal) had broken into pieces & were coming off as I ran my tongue over it. In my dream – I was asleep and in my sleep, I felt small pieces that felt like plaque on my tongue. I woke up to spit it out however as I ran my tongue over my teeth to see where this as coming from, i realized it was my molar/crown! I kept running my tongue over it till it had all come off and nothing left except my gum, the screw that was drilled into my gum and a piece of left over popcorn(?)There was no pain or discomfort but I remember tasting blood.
    I don’t normally dream like this. So far in my life, I have had only 3 dreams that felt so real and I remember each and every details for days after the dream.
    I am frustrated trying to understand what this dream means. If anyone would like to share their input – it will be most welcome.

  • Scott

    I had a dream where I was back in my old Army job as an officer and my front-top-left tooth (from the front) fell out. It’s my most beautiful tooth. I think it was a big deal too that there was yellowish plaque on either side of the two remaining teeth. I didn’t clean the plaque though, I just tried to put it back in. But when I tired to fix it myself the rest of the teeth started to fall out. The plaque remained on surrounding teeth again, even though I floss quite frequently. I never tried to floss it clean before shoving whatever tooth had just fallen out back in in a hurry. I probably should have taken the opportunity while it was exposed to clean it good. I tried to fix the decay of self w/o professional help. It didn’t work work.
    I really should have flossed while each tooth was out… really gotten in there. But I was afraid it would exacerbate the situation.
    Turns out, Dr. Smith isn’t a good Dr.
    Thank you for your pride patience.
    The app says, “hit me up.”

  • Isabella

    i recently had this dream. i think it was either all my teeth that fell out or just the entire bottom row. i remember desperately trying to stuff them back in. and then i realized there was another row of teeth growing underneath {but they were not fully grown out, just peeking} what does that mean? im sure it relates to being depressed and change cause ive been feeling like this for months now. but ive never heard about the teeth growing? it must be something positive..

  • Faith

    I had a dream where I was in my room, just playing on the computer, when my bottom left teeth would start aching. They hurt so bad that I went to the bathroom and looked at my teeth in the mirror. I took my tongue and pushed it against them but as soon as I did 5 teeth just fell out. I put a hand over my mouth and walked into the kitchen. My sister was there and she asked me what was wrong. I removed my hand and spit the teeth out into it. She said something else that I don’t quite remember and that’s where it ends. For a couple of days I’ve had pretty bad teeth pain and so i’m pretty scared to look at them.

  • Katie

    In my dream, my mom and I moved to a concentration camp. Not because there was a war going on, but because we wanted to live in tents. I was walking around with these new friends that I made. I had just gotten in to an argument with my mom, so I was angry. In real life, when I get angry, I use my tongue to play with my teeth. It calms me down, I guess. So in the dream, I was angry and I was running my tongue over my teeth and pushing on them. One tooth became lose and fell out. Then all of a sudden, every time I would touch my teeth, some would fall out. Within a few minutes, my whole mouth was empty. There was no blood, no tissue, nothing. I remember freaking out so intensely that it actually woke me up. When I got out of bed, I ran to the bathroom to check and make sure my teeth were still there. I have never been this freaked out before. It was terrifying.

    What could this mean?

  • Serynna

    I can’t really remember all of it… But from what I remember I was I believe in a large place, there was a wooden path, like a board walk, and from that path two rooms, locker room, but for showering only. However, these “showers” were giant pools of white stone. There was no rooms for these large pools, just a trust that neither gender would peak at each other. I, however, did not shower, I only looked around, exploring, disobeying the “silent rule” and looking at both pools.

    Finally, under one of the board walks there was a small house with a small boy playing in his room. I skipped over him and kept looking. I am not sure what I was looking for, but I knew I didn’t think the boy was the slightest bit important. As soon as I reached the room over, I could feel my teeth(the bottom row specifically) start breaking in numerous counts, just shattering in my mouth. However, my teeth now appeared to be long a pointy, almost like,(I don’t suppose you’ve seen Nemo?) Like that fish with the light dangling over its head…. I had teeth shaped as so, but small enough to fit in my mouth. Well, anyway, they just kept breaking and filling my mouth with shattered bits of teeth. I was horrified and disgusted. And, to make matters worse, the boy caught me in his home. I didn’t really listen to what he had to say because then the father arrived home and interrogated me. I had a mouthful of teeth (almost felt like pebbles or stale rice…) I found that I could talk and sound completely normally to him. However, I myself was panicking for several reasons. The little boy then told me how to escape and distracted his father I promised I would come back and play with him sometime.

    Even after that the teeth accumulated in my mouth and I spit them out. I tried to feel the teeth with my tongue, but once again they felt normal and perfectly sturdy. Yet, they would break off easily with a swipe of my tongue across my bottom row (again the top row was fine) there was also WAY more teeth on the bottom rack. I’m not sure why, but I ended up in the house again and went to play with him. We played with cars and small boys toys and I eventually came to ignore the teeth, even though it was still happening. It ended there, I believe, well that I remember.

    If you can help… That would be great… I only said anything because I RARELY dream and I have been quite frequently.

    • Forever

      Maça gidenlerin çoÄŸu “Hep destek,tam destek” parolasını biyy,morlariuygulamılorlar.Bizim gibi züğürtler maça gidemiyor,ama bu felsefeyi ezbere biliyorlar.Hal böyle olunca baÅŸkana protesto,kaleciye protesto yapılıyor.Yazıklar olsun ama protesto yapanlara…Protesto yaparsan 5’te yersin,10’da yersin.Protestoculara afiyet olsun!

  • lyn

    I was attending an event then suddenly I felt like my teeth were falling. So I checked the powder room and yeah I lost most of my front teeth.

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