Loose Teeth Dream

Loose Teeth Dream
Loose teeth in dreams signify that you are facing a difficult decision or transition time in your life. Common dream scenarios involve discovering that a few teeth have come loose; you may feel that a tooth is not stable and you’re worried is will come loose. These dream images point to concerns about the stability of your foundations in life and the prospect of letting go of something important to you.

Dream Interpretation: Loose teeth dream

Loose teeth in a dream generally represent:

  • Instability in your life
  • Ambivalence about committing to a decision or direction
  • Things are loosening up

Dreaming of loose teeth indicate that you may feel unsettled or unsure about what to do regarding an important matter in your waking life. This dream symbol typically represents a state of instability or indecisiveness.

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Loose teeth in dreams: Indicators of indecisiveness

A dream about having loose teeth could point to a situation or decision where you have made a compromise that is costly to you: Perhaps you have been staying in a relationship that is no longer fulfilling, or you accepted responsibilities at work that you do really want to take on.

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Loose teeth in dreams tend to represent the cost of indecision or compromise: Perhaps you’re thinking to change something about it, but have not yet fully committed to doing it or decided what to do. During that time, you may feel tension, frustration, worry and tolerate a situation that does not fully benefit you.

Loose teeth: Indicators that something is loosening up

A dream about loose teeth could very well be a pun on the word “loose”: Have you been loosening up lately regarding some matter that used to be sensitive?

Another side of this interpretation plays on a similar set of meanings: Do you feel you have been too “loose”? In other words, your dream could point to a moment when you may have felt you were too permissive or allowed something to happen that is now tinted with regret.

Dreams of loose teeth and grieving loss

When you interpret the meaning of loose tooth or teeth, consider feelings of worry, even perhaps fear of letting go of something that has high value to you in you waking life. The dream may be a warning about a difficult decision you have to make in order to preserve your integrity.

This interpretation could point to the need to protect yourself against influences, external or internal, behaviors or personal habits that could be detrimental to your health or emotional balance.

Loose Teeth Dream

Interpretation take-aways

A loose teeth dream provides you with useful feedback on a decision you’ve made or have not made yet. Listen to feelings you are experiencing in the dream and as you wake up. They will give you a thread to follow in order to connect the dream symbols with your current life.

For Gillian Holloway, dream analyst and author of the Complete Dream Book, “this kind of post-decision feedback serves as a reminder that a temporary compromise may be strategic.” Remember that you can rethink or change direction now or at a later time when more appropriate.

A meaningful message delivered through this teeth dream is about weighing your choice of not following what would truly be most suited for you against the cost of preserving the status quo.

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362 Responses to Loose Teeth Dream

  • Jocelyn

    I had a dream that I don’t remeber where I was but my bottom teeth kept hurting because they were loose. They were close to falling out. I kept touching them and it hurt so much.

  • Monica

    I had a dream that I was pulling dead teeth of something that look like dentures and putting them in a string.

  • Jerry

    I have one single tooth that’s slightly crooket. I wear a retainer to keep it straight. I dreamed that I moved that tooth with my finger and it fell. And that I told my ex partner that I was able to put the tooth back in place and it’s fine.
    I’m currently going though a break up after 2 years.

  • Joey

    I had a dream last night where for some bizarre reason, my top gum started melting and dissolving away, and I remember it being painful and horrifying. As a result all my top teeth started falling out right after and I even had to pull a few out. I can funnily enough vaguely remember the pain because this dream felt real.

  • vanessa

    I had this crazy dream last night where all of my bottom teeth fell but i could put them back i just had to fix some of the edges and cut a bit off. What does this mean cause its not the first time this happens

    • Bryant

      Me too how weird

    • Daija Lyniece

      I had the same exact dream. My whole bottom row came out. There was nothing I could do they’re my adult teeth

  • Richard

    I had a dream last night that my incisor(front teeth) has fallen out.

  • Nick

    I had a dream where i was able to take out and put in my teeth as i pleased. It would hurt when i took them out, but i could just push them back in if i wanted to. All of my friends were in the room while i was pulling out teeth and putting them back in. They were fighting each and i was trying to break them up. I was using my teeth as a distraction so that they would stop fighting. This worked. Then i needed to keep pulling out teeth, even though it hurt, just to stop them from fighting.

    • Joe

      Do you wear a retainer or have braces? I have those dreams and it started when I got Invisalign and had to wear retainers at night. I think it ha something to do with my teeth moving while I sleep

  • Selecius


    • John Cena

      It’s cancer.

  • Jocelyn.A

    Last night, I’ve dreamed that I’m pulling my tooth. I also saw my aunt pulling her tooth too. It’s kindda weird but after pulling my tooth there’s a screw in my gums.In the part where the tooth pulled. I also tried pulling out the screw but suddenly I felt pain.

    After that I woke up.

  • Ann

    I dreamt recently that my teeth were loose and when i put my hand in my mouth I pulled the teeth out (at first i was worried) and then crushed them into dust (then i felt relief and nonchalantly powerful ). What does that mean?

  • Stefanie andrea

    I had a dream last night where the bottom row of my teeth all got very loose and i would pull them out with ease (except my molars) and would grow back again and the process would happen all over again 3 more times it was the worst teeth dream i ever had

  • Elizabeth Pellerin

    My boyfriend told me he had a dream that he looked in the mirror and all his bottom teeth were really spaced out and short. Then he went up to someone and his teeth were really long and sticking out of his mouth. What does this mean???

    • N

      Forgive me for saying so. Sounds like he needs to get on with growing up. He is aware in the dream that he appears to have baby teeth. And when others look at him,perhaps they see him to be obviously immature? Just a thought.

      • Karen

        Disagree entirely. Sorry. It’s just a dream Elizabeth 🙂

    • Kirsty

      Omg so did !! And on top of it my left front took fell out and so did something else with like a heart beat, I thought it was my f heart omg and I had baby teeth growing in the roof of my mouth! I’m so terrified!! I don’t even wear braces!

      • Karen

        I think maybe it’s resembling someone you might have lost and your scared to loose again, Kirsty. Teeth dreams could mean anything. Maybe even simply get your teeth checked or if you maybe have pain in there or a candy sore could trigger you to maybe have that dream. Like I said it could resembling a lot of things or anything anyone wants to make up but honestly, it’s all in your head and it’s just a dream sweetie. 🙂

  • maria

    I have dream that I was holding a teeth and I break it

  • tameca

    I don’t remember muuch but i was talkiln with a lady and as i was talking my front left tooth was getting in the way then i took my tongue trying to feel as i was talkin then felt a crack and saying i gotta go to dentist as i was finishing talking to lady got wokr up i was calm but was freaking out inside

  • Ash

    Hi.. so I’ve had teeth dreams before, but none quite like this.. It was pretty disturbing and awful, if I’m being honest. So I was at a concert and this girl walked by me and she was wearing barley any clothing at all, so I said something out loud which in turn caused her to say something snarky, and me to reply with something witty. I apologize, I cannot remember the conversation, but I do remember people laughing at what I was saying. When the girl walked inside this other girl commended me for what I’d done and as I was saying something, I noticed this awful pain in my bottom tooth. Now I imagine it doesn’t matter which one, but I’m gonna tell you; it was the second one from the two front on the bottom. If that makes sense. So after I noticed my tooth was hurting, it began to feel out of place and strange, so I got up to check on it. That’s when I realized my tooth was, for some strange reason, crooked. So I tried turning it to make it go back to place, but it would just turn the other way, never fixing, and it was starting to get more painful. After a while of twisting, my tooth eventually came right out. I, of course, freaked out and immediately started running so I could get it fixed.

    Please if anyone could help me further with this, that’d be great. Nothing here specifically really helps me..

    Thank you

  • David

    I´ve had a dream where i had one great and ugly central incisor that, somehow, twisted the other teeth, making then crooked. In the mirror, i saw that it was loose and then i managed to pull it out just with my fingers. When i removed it, it seemed like a giant molar, so great that it was the size a hand, and i needed both hand to hold it. I remember felling terrible as if i had lost something very important. My mom was in the dream near me, and she tried to comfort me, saying she would take me to a doctor to put it back.

    • Billy

      Hey man, if it hasn’t happened yet, that might mean a great loss of something valuable will come to you. Maybe not now, but in the near future. Prepare for that if not pray to whom ever you might believe in or pray to to protect you. I pray to my One and Only God almighty. And normally when I or family member dreams something like that, something terrible happens in the family where we have lost money, got in a certain trouble, and even lost a loved one. Alway we pray that what ever it may be, that God may guide us through it all. He does. Always does and always will!(: God bless. Take care.

      • Frankie Perez


      • Geegee

        Billy When I have those dreams I hear some one passed away. Yes is a guidance to prepare for a grief.

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