Loose Teeth Dream

Loose teeth in dreams signify that you are facing a difficult decision or transition time in your life. Common dream scenarios involve discovering that a few teeth have come loose; you may feel that a tooth is not stable and you’re worried is will come loose. These dream images point to concerns about the stability of your foundations in life and the prospect of letting go of something important to you.
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Dream Interpretation: Loose teeth dream

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Loose teeth in a dream generally represent:

  • Instability in your life
  • Ambivalence about committing to a decision or direction
  • Things are loosening up

Dreaming of loose teeth indicate that you may feel unsettled or unsure about what to do regarding an important matter in your waking life. This dream symbol typically represents a state of instability or indecisiveness.

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Loose teeth in dreams: Indicators of indecisiveness

A dream about having loose teeth could point to a situation or decision where you have made a compromise that is costly to you: Perhaps you have been staying in a relationship that is no longer fulfilling, or you accepted responsibilities at work that you do really want to take on.

Loose teeth in dreams tend to represent the cost of indecision or compromise: Perhaps you’re thinking to change something about it, but have not yet fully committed to doing it or decided what to do. During that time, you may feel tension, frustration, worry and tolerate a situation that does not fully benefit you.

Loose teeth: Indicators that something is loosening up

A dream about loose teeth could very well be a pun on the word “loose”: Have you been loosening up lately regarding some matter that used to be sensitive?

Another side of this interpretation plays on a similar set of meanings: Do you feel you have been too “loose”? In other words, your dream could point to a moment when you may have felt you were too permissive or allowed something to happen that is now tinted with regret.

Dreams of loose teeth and grieving loss

When you interpret the meaning of loose tooth or teeth, consider feelings of worry, even perhaps fear of letting go of something that has high value to you in you waking life. The dream may be a warning about a difficult decision you have to make in order to preserve your integrity.

This interpretation could point to the need to protect yourself against influences, external or internal, behaviors or personal habits that could be detrimental to your health or emotional balance.

Interpretation take-aways

A loose teeth dream provides you with useful feedback on a decision you’ve made or have not made yet. Listen to feelings you are experiencing in the dream and as you wake up. They will give you a thread to follow in order to connect the dream symbols with your current life.

For Gillian Holloway, dream analyst and author of the Complete Dream Book, “this kind of post-decision feedback serves as a reminder that a temporary compromise may be strategic.” Remember that you can rethink or change direction now or at a later time when more appropriate.

A meaningful message delivered through this teeth dream is about weighing your choice of not following what would truly be most suited for you against the cost of preserving the status quo.

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290 Responses to Loose Teeth Dream

  • Angel

    Last night I had a disturbing dream that my mouth was full of blood and a tooth was loose and longer than the others.

  • Frans Hasane

    I loosed my job unexpected and I was still willing to continue working so I use to dream about that job always in a week three times consecutively.what types it mean

  • Anonymous

    Its just a wobbly teeth. What does it mean? but it didnt fell out tho

  • Anonymous

    Its just a wobbly teeth. what doesnit mean? but it didnt fell out

  • Tilly

    I was in my friends house and we’re talking and kissing, then we went to get ice cream. Then while I was speaking my tooth fell out and I attempted to put it back but it never went back in.

  • Christine

    I had a dream that I was standing looking in a mirror and one of my teeth came out and the other two teeth beside it and one on my left side started to become loos and i was panicking to keep them in , my mouth started to pour with blood and they fell out , all of a sudden…

  • Naomi

    I have recently been having a recurring whereby right incisor is wobbly or loose, I keep pushing it with my tongue and then it falls to the floor in a pool of blood leaving a gaping and bloody hole in my mouth. The tooth falls in the dirt, I have to scrabble around to find it, I try to keep it safe but I keep losing or dropping it, I am in a panic to get to the dentist in time for them to put it back in… then I wake up.

  • Tri

    Had a dream I had a loose tooth and Everytime I moved my jaw, my jaw would get stuck due to the tooth. The other teeth would get stuck around it and made it difficult toove my jaw. The tooth wouldn’t fall out.

  • Harry

    I had a really weird dream. it was really short. I dreamed that i woke up and ran to the bus stop thinking school has started, (i dont take school to bus i did it when i was in high school 3-4 years ago) when i get to the bus stop i realise thats its dark and the clock is 21:00. And during this my tooth is loose for some reason. Anyway as im walking home really confused i feel abit scared i dont know why but i feel spooky. Anyways the next thing i know im laying in my bed and a big cold wind goes beneath my blanket and suddenly i wake up scared and really cold, im so scared that i dont dare to move convinced that something is in my presence. as im laying completely still i imagine that my bed is moving.

    Someone explain this shit

  • Angeli

    At first i’m dreaming about my tooth that’s just came off and then after that, I dreamed about my mother died. I’m so scared :(

  • Eileen

    i had a dream that my nephew, who has lived with me since he was a baby.
    he came to visit us, he had a woman with him, but i was so shocked by his appearance, he looked ragged and drawn and had plastic play teeth in place of his own teeth which were gone.
    he looked like he was addicted to drink or drugs in the dream and i was so upset to see his life had ended up like this

  • MaryAnn

    I had a dream last night that I had my second premolars and first molar were loose. I could lift them up with my tongue and I could taste the blood. What does it mean.

  • Elizabeth B

    I dream that i was just at a family members house….and then all of a suden all of my teeth wer falling. ..ones i wouk up it really feel like i didn’t have any teeth. ..

  • Stephanie

    I had a dream that I was at a school dance. I’m 25, school dances are way done for me. Well, I was in the bathroom with a couple of girlfriends and I looked myself in the mirror and saw something was wrong with my tooth. I touched it and it was coometely loose, it was barely hanging in there. I panicked and went in the bathroom booth and try to do something and it totally fell out. I was worried for why it had happened. I checked my other teeth just in case and one more was loose but not as much as the one that had fallen off.

    Idk what was going on I’m just glad it was just a dream.

  • Robert

    I had a dream before of a moment when im speaking with my girlfriend and in a sudden odd twist I can feel the teeth in my mouth loosen up. I flicker my tongue around to feel my teeth and once I flick my tongue around they all seem to drop in my hand followed by a large amount of blood. I dont know what this means, vut does speaking to my girlfriend have anything to do with my dream. Im self conscious and lately ive been worried if im good enough for her, please help.

  • Karen

    I’m 16 tonight I had a dream about me looking at myself in the mirror and was kissing some teeth & in my dream I didn’t feel worried about me having to loose my teeth.

    • Karen


  • Lil Momma

    I had a dream that we (my daughter, son, kids dad, and myself) went to a birthday party across the street. The kids were playing in the jumper and ray and I offered to go buy more soda for them. So as we were driving we were talking then I moticed that my tooth was very loose. Almost to the point of falling out. I couldn’t help but play with it, but my main worry is if it would grow back or if I would be toothless. So I began to cry and get really scared. So then we went back to the party and my son got sick and starting throwing up so I cried out for ray to help and he ran down the stairs and then I woke up.

  • Jun Chessechne

    This is really interesting. I’ve had dreams like this before but recently had a dream where a tooth actually came out, flowing with blood, I tried to stop the blood with my tongue and could feel the blood gushing out against my tongue and could taste it. It was definitely strange.
    There has been something that happened in my life recently, that I’m still trying to get over that matches up with a lot of the things that’s listed here. In my mind I usually make connections between something and things going on in my life as a metaphor, but I never thought of this teeth one… Is my mind doing this without me being conscious of it while I sleep? Interesting. I guess it only confirms that there is a problem in my life that I need to deal with

    • Jun Chessechne

      As far as I can remember, the dream only involved this one scenario and I was alone in it. I can’t quite remember the location even though this was only a few nights back

  • Chris

    In the dream im with someone else like my brother or friend and we are roughing up a cousin that is not a good person. We are trying to show him that you can not say or do what you like a not suffer consequences. As I’m holding him telling him that he needs to get his life together my top teeth and even some bottom teeth start to fall out. I am a bit concerned because I was going to talk to my girlfriend next but then i seen that my teeth grow back on the top and I can see some teeth on the bottom coming in as if i were loosing my baby teeth. What does this mean? I been having some girlfriend trouble lately she seems distant and different hopefully that helps. I also been getting into shape and finally started to play basketball again so maybe this could be positive basketball use to have me injury ridden thats why I had to stop.

  • loose thin tooth

    i dreamed i was brushing my teeth and i touched my bottom gum because it looked irritated. when i touched it pus came out. i then pulled out the tooth that looked 2 times smaller and thinner than it is.

  • bluespider

    so last night i had a dream about my to lower canine teeth being loose. I’ve had dreams in the past of losing teeth even all of them, but last nights was different. It was very specific on which teeth and that they were loose but not gone. I don’t remember what i was doing in the dream, but i was in some sort of decision making position, we were in a war… odd, thing too is that i’ve had the same dream the last two nights in a row, the 2nd night clearer and more detailed. thoughts?

  • nova

    i loose my teeth

  • One Tooth

    I have had dreams of teeth falling out of my mouth, but the dream from last night was insane. I dreamt that I was home cleaning my house, but suddenly I felt like I needed to check my teeth. I only had ONE tooth, the front one, and I wasn’t sure if it was normal (in the dream) or I was just staring at it wanting to cry or kill myslef. Dreaming of one tooth, can really bite you in the ass(no pun intended).

  • Kennedy

    i had a dream that this girl came to our school and beat me up and then the next day i went to school and a new girl came and she looked just like her but turns out shes really nice and now we are friends

  • treena

    I had a dream that i was at a house of whom i dont know and i went downstairs after waking up and fought a girl i know in real life but from the past..i fought for for a very long time a the end result my two front teeth were partially knocked out my mouth was full of blood but i could move my teeth with my tongue. when i ..pressed them back in place with my tongue they were alot shorter not like my own teeth and very very loose i immediately started to call to see if i could see a dentist my boyfriend that i am with now in real life was there and he was not surprised he talked of something else and made jokes as if my teeth were not a concern i even was acting a lot more calm then i would ever expect even in dream

  • Tami

    I dreamed my teeth were so yellow and I kept brushing them and then they finally looked white. I was then in my room and one felt loose so I went the bathroom and I pulled it out, no blood no pain it just came out then another, both on the bottom and I tried to put the 2nd on back and it hurt so I left it out. Then one on the top side fell out again no pain, but this one bleed so I bit down on a towel and went and got in my bed. I opened up my hand and I had 7 blue stars and I 3 teeth. Then I woke up and and felt my teeth with my tonge and thought oh it was only a dream. I went in the living room to tell my husband who has been dead for 11 years now and he said it was a dream, but I still had the bloody towel in my hand and when I opened my hand in the palm of my hand was a very small white tooth like a baby tooth.

    • Tami

      That is 3 teeth not 13, I miss typed.

  • snake

    I dreamt that a snake jumped on my back I screamed loud

  • attacked by beetles

    “I’m sleeping in bed, and all of a sudden I wake up to find that my bed is covered in beetles, and, two have bitten on my chest; right above my breasts. I begin to panic and I run in to my mothers room, she proceeds to pull one of the beetles off, but, it is making my bottom front tooth come out, so I yell at her to stop. The tooth doesn’t come out; it is just loose. I pulled the other beetle out, and attached to it was a long clear fleshy string.” At this point I awoke from the dream.

  • Helen

    I always dream of losing all my teeth but I hold them in my mouth. I then go see a dentist to fix them. But I usually wake up half way. Was wondering I was eating candies in reality ?

    • Anonymous

      This is a regular dram to me. My teeth are sometimes crumbling but I hold them in my mouth until the dentist but I never get to the dentist. I always wake up. What does it mean?

  • Gigi

    I have these dreams at least once a month. It involves me being in a big crowd or an important event and my bottom left teeth being loose and top right teeth. Can someone help me?

  • kylanikae ella relato piamonte

    i was dreaming about my boyfriend i pleases him to move away to the girl who had a crush on her and i count his teeth the four side and he said he can’t

  • Rubi

    I don’t remember exactly how the dream went but I remember that I felt my tooth was lose and then it fell out. I’ve hade this dream for 2 days

  • Tam

    I had a dream Lots of maggots were crawling on the wall outside my bedroom. I have a phobia of creepy crawlies too so all I said in my dream was “Someone move them before the baby eats them” no idea why he would eat them. But anyway no one responded to my shouting.

  • Teeth falling out with mouth full of blood

    I had a really vivid and horrid dream where my teeth on my left side of my mouth were all falling out leaving a huge gap. There was an awful lot of blood and I remember saying to my close friend about it in my dream and also getting upset and crying to my husband as there was a big gap and how I looked ugly and unattractive. When I woke up I felt like it was real and it had actually happened and I felt sad and anxious as I still had the big gap and how I was going to get through the day!

  • James

    Pulling gross teeth with ease, and continuing pulling until my mouth is empty. I pulled an entire section out at one time, no pain. It was actually relieving to get those bad teeth out of my mouth.

  • Fedge

    Hi sir mam
    I need your help. My girlfriend told me most of her ex’s had the same dream that I had. Dream of being followed or hunt by a grim reaper,mine was different hunt by the grim reaper then Hugh Jackman wearing the Van Helsing custome came in the picture and he was trying to help me but the reaper caught me and ate me. Next dream was the same but I was running away from the reaper then he caught me again. He grabbed my hand then I woke up. Help, it bothered me since its not just me but all of her ex’s had the same dream.

  • brandi

    Always starts out the same. I feel one of my bottom back teeth and it’s loose, then I proceed to feel the others and they are all loose. I get a freaked out feeling and that’s all I ever remember. The only difference in the multiple times I’ve had this dream is on occasion one will actually fall out.

  • Nina

    I had a dream where I had a few loose teeth and I wiggled them and they all came out. I was calm and trying to put them back into my mouth.

  • always runningt

    I steal fire trucks and dump them in the lake near a park while cops are chasing me

  • Eric

    I had a dream last night that felt familiar but I cant recall the last time I had it, but I was driving to my aunt and uncles house through a winter storm with my cousins (i should note that my uncle in the dream committed suicide last year) and the dream seemed to take place about 5 years ago when i was a teenager. I was sitting in the back seat and no one was scared about the drive, but then i was feeling my teeth and one on the bottom middle was very loose, which startled me since I knew I no longer have baby teeth that simply grow back. The tooth was so loose tho that it was useless to keep it in so I gently pulled on it and it came right out, which shocked me still. I was very upset about losing one, but when i looked in the mirror i noticed it would be hard to see the missing tooth in my mouth if i didnt smile, but then i could feel more loose teeth and before i knew it i had pulled out 6-7 teeth from the middle-bottom of my mouth and i sat there with a handful of my own teeth, now just perplexed and less panicked. then when we arrived at my aunt and uncles old house it was warm and sunny. and I saw that new teeth were growing underneath which made no sense to me.

    • Eric

      I should also note that the first tooth that fell out was the only one that is slightly crooked in real life and now that i think about it, it all started when my female cousin told me that i have such a ‘nice smile and great teeth’ I replied saying something to the effect of “gee thanks, but this one tooth is crooked and keeps getting more crooked” which is true in real life as this tooth is turning more and more as i get older.

  • Anon

    I had a dream I can remember most of it but I can distinctly remember I had to loose teeth and one of them fell out and went down my throat and I chocked on it but I managed to cough it up, I was with my mother In my dream and I distinctly remember having feelings of sadness and anxiety after my tooth fell out as I could feel the other one was wobbly too I was very distraught as I am quite young still and I remember thinkin was it because I was aging, in the dream my mum was trying to reassure me but I woke up after this as the draw was so vivid and I remembered it really well I strongly believe this dream is associated with my employment as I’m with an agency and have been worrying about it a lot lately

  • Anon

    Dreamt of loose teeth they didnt fall out just moved.
    Today in the morning my mom asked if we wanted to bury our father on wedesnday with his family who passsed away, They were all ready dead. And it is a very tough desicion

  • MM

    I dream my teeth are falling. Sometimes i see blood and sometimes i c m just puking while my teeth are coming off. Also 1 thing that i have noticed in my dream is, i always 1 of my family members next to me. Sometimes my father, sister, cousin etc. falling of teeth has become a part of my daily dreams. Sometimes i dream the same ‘dream’ twice and its always the same. The only difference is sometimes i see blood sometimes not.

  • Justin Thayer

    I dreamed of seeing these numbers 9 1 9 1 34 21 any one know what they mean?

  • Ash

    My dream started off with my
    Teeth feeling lose and then it
    Went to some random lady telling
    Everyone to take some kind of mouth
    Wash but it was making your teeth
    Fall out and if they didn’t all
    Fall with that they kept giving you
    More till they did so you could
    Get your new teeth but mine never
    Wanted to completely fall.

  • Losing Teeth is bad omen

    i had an experienced way back when i dreamed about losing my teeth, one of my closes relatives died. first my uncle, then my grandfather, a year later my grandma mother’s side, then my other uncle died from terrible accident, and lastly my grandmother from my father’s side. Then i asked my elders about this and they said it’s a bad omen, a sign or warning that somethings may happen bad. They said when you dream again losing a tooth, bite your pillow or any hard surface in your room where you sleep. Recently, again i dreamed about losing my tooth after a week my father rush to hospital due to heart problem good thing I bite my pillow right after that dream. I just break the bad omen and He is doing well now..

  • cassie

    I dreamt that my bottom right tooth was slightly loose and that it got more loose each day. I went to the dentist who was female and i think she said that ‘there are 3 things it could be’, which is similar to something my sister said in real life . Then the dentist handed me this paper but i woke up

  • name

    I had a dream that my teeth kept growing back but then fall off seconds later. I was in front of a mirror in this huge room that was holding back a tsunami and when I would walk out of the room I was back at my h.s prom with all my missing teeth in my hand.

  • Luke

    I was dreaming of getting up for school and I saw a symbol on my chest then my tooth started to wobble

    • abimbola

      the symbol on the chest interpretes the dream,it shows confusion towards academic destiny. Your direction to follow to becoming great will be dark and unclear to you. The power of choice as far studying or schooling is concerned will be weak. You may like the left hand and hate the right hand. Its a definition of Conviction and of Direction.

  • garry

    I saw I lost my 2 teeth from the front 4, in my hands,that is the side 2 teeth from the front 4 teeth. and later I saw loosing few more teeth. and I was so scared, and crying that I just lost my teeth,and then mother called a dentist and asked for an artificial implant for my teeth. Aftr I was less worried. What does is mean?

  • Loose Tooth

    I had a dream I woke up from a dream and my tooth was loose. I messed around with it a bit and it fell from place but was still hanging by a thin vein. I was nervous so I popped it back in place and went to tell my mother but it wasn’t loose anymore. It was perfectly fine. But then suddenly it fell and became loose again! I was so confused but convinced it was a dream. My mother kept telling she was real and my tooth is really loose. Then she grabs a phone and starts talking to her friends about my tooth. It was weird because one second it was impossible to move and the next second it was barely hanging by a “thread”.

    Come to think of it…that tooth was my favorite tooth and it was crooked for some reason. Not sure if that’s significant or not. And my mother is alive…we are good friends too.

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream I woke up from a dream and my tooth was loose. I messed around with it a bit and it fell from place but was still hanging by a thin vein. I was nervous so I popped it back in place and went to tell my mother but it wasn’t loose anymore. It was perfectly fine. But then suddenly it fell and became loose again! I was so confused but convinced it was a dream. My mother kept telling she was real and my tooth is really loose. Then she grabs a phone and starts talking to her friends about my tooth. It was weird because one second it was impossible to move and the next second it was barely hanging by a “thread”.

  • Zetta

    I had dreams about my mate being with another woman when he arrives home but he’d never say it was over between us two. Now I’m having dreams about him and every time he arrives he’s always alone and coming to see me.

  • Haley

    My dream took place in what seemed to be a school gymnasium. However, I don’t think my dream started in the same gymnasium. I remember seeing outdoor scenery, but I have no clue where I was exactly. I remember seeing alot of people whom i did not recognize. There was a guy with a beard and dark eyes that greeted me when i walked into the second gymnasium. He told me something like this “walk in from those doors next time, she will come out from that end”.I remember looking for someone during my dream. I was slightly panicked about my teeth being loose. It was my right tooth, next to my front teeth that was extremely loose. I went to what I believe is the second gymnasium in hopes that someone could help. While there I showed someone how loose my tooth was and it fell out into my mouth. I remember using my tongue to feel the spot were the tooth had been. I almost seemed relieved, but didn’t want anyone to see me smile.

  • meme

    I had a dream that i was at work, and i walked out the dish room.
    Suddenly,one tooth in the back of my mouth fell out then 5 more in the back and my gum was stickin up in the back of my mouth what does this mean?

  • Theodore Shuler

    I had a dream my tooth came out and I put it back in where it fell from; therefore, I didn’t lose my tooth but had knowledge that it was still loose.

  • Anna

    I have a platic retainer for my teeth. I had a dream that my plastic retainer was really soft and bendable and it wasn’t keeping my teeth in good condition. I was constantly crying and then I realized that my lower front teeth were loose, but the top ones weren’t as bad. I was crying and freaking out. I was wondering what my dream meant because that’s all kinda crazy! Thanks!

  • Lillian howell

    I was trapped in this house and everyone was strangers but they were all paired up with the person they are most compatible with. I was paired up with a stranger but I automatically fell in love he was sweet and handsome. There was also this girl in the next room that absolutely hated me and did everything possible to hurt me mentally and physically. Then a girl with red hair came to me and my guy and gave us a baby. She ended up being a good friend to my guy. Then the dream switched and I was in Walmart and I won a prize and they said I had to run to the office and so as I was running my teeth started to hurt and become loose. Then I woke up

  • Jan

    I had a dream I was in the passengers side of a car and my tooth on the right side felt loose. So I felt it with my tongue and it started feeling weak andrhw more I pressed on it with my tongue the more it wiggled and I got so scared that I felt it with my fingers and half of it went up while the other part wasstill attached to my gum and I left it hoping it would somehow retatch to my gum. What does this mean?

  • Carlos

    I dreamed that ALL my teeth were loose and I would stick my toungue out and they would move easily , :/

  • Antero

    I dreamt that I was with my partner and 6yrs old son ( he looked a bit different to our son but I knew it was him ) He smiled then opened his mouth and calmly lifted the entire row of his lower teeth out and handed to mum ( my partner ) the teeth were very white and shiny but they just came out without any blood etc

  • Kaioki

    One of my teeth split in two and half of the tooth came away in my hand. I was somewhat bewildered how easily it broke off but took refuge in observing how beautifully smooth it looked, ivory in colour with the bottom edge slightly dirty having lived near the gums; so as I would have expected.

  • Irolynn

    Swimming in the sky

  • Backwards Horse

    I had a dream that I was riding my horse, my legs were around her tight and she was running backwards in a serpentine pattern. In the dream it was “fun” and we were clicking well together when in real life we have issues and haven’t been working well together lol.

  • mary hainesnaps

    cleaning up a mess that keeps getting worse and worse the more i keep trying

  • Anonymous

    So last night night I broke up with my boyfriend because hes disrespectful to me and always put me on the back burner. He never answers my phone calls or calls me. But hes also the father of our newborn daughter. So when I slept I dreamed that my whole front bottom teeth were hurting me SO BAD but I couldnt wake up. So in the dream I looked in the bathroom mirror and its like my teeth were melting away as if acid was pourn on them or something was eating at them. All I could see in the place of my teeth was a little circle of teeth left with my gum and blood in the center. I couldnt take it anymore. I started playing with what was left of my teeth to make them fall out but I just couldnt get it for some reason. Next thing you know, one just falls out all on its own. So effortlessly! And I just watched it sit in the sink. And what was left of the tooth stared back at me.

  • Michelle


  • Michelle

    I had 2 different dreams, the latest one is were i was on holiday with a few friends, and were walking round the town in a weeding shop and felt like something was caught in my tooth but as i was trying to get it out the tooth broke in two.

  • Sarah

    I dreampt that my side teeth came out I was scared Walmart does it mean when you lost the whole side of your mouth that has teeth and you where calm at first but now scared??

  • ray

    I Dreamed of loosing my bottom teeth all of them like at first it was loose like a little seperated from my gums and i was worried about them coming out and everytime i pressed them down it would get looser and looser and it eventually came out and fell to the ground and my mom was also in the dream i was trying to tell her about them being loose ANY HELP?

  • girl1990

    i dream that one of my upper tooth loose. and ii was moving the tooth to see how loose is it. but the tooth never fall.

  • julz11

    i keep on dreaming often that my tooth is falling down though i keep on holfing it but seems theres no stop

  • Falling Teeth

    I keep having dreams were I pull off a tooth or various teeth while I look at myself in a mirror and always say “Oh I’ll grow back”
    I’m in different places. A lawyers office, an amusement park and in a strip club.
    I also had a dream where I had a loose fang and my father shot me 4 times in my left and right leg.

  • Helen

    I dreamed on my mum pulled out one of my bottom tooth.

  • Dana Green

    I keep having dreams about this girl im interested in. Shes in almost every dream now. The latest dream we were at a meeting for work, we work together, and as we were leaving i put my uniform on a habger she carried it for me and we walked to our cars. The enitire time i felt my tooth wiggling like it was really loose and it was uncomfortable so with some effort i pulled it out. It didnt hurt but i kept tonguing the space where it was. The funny thing is it was my wisdom tooth that i pulled out but in waking life my wisdom teeth were removed long ago. In the dream i kept holding onto the tooth. The girl helped me put everything in my car then invited me out to hang and we went. Then i woke up. I’ve never been interested in another woman before. She is my first. Please tell me what the dream or dreams mean.

  • armeika

    my dream was about loosing 7 teeth then i put it in my pocket and expect it to be restored…

  • recurring ex dream

    I’ve been having the same dream for almost an month about my son dad.. We’re always together. I don’t kno if it’s NC I regret what I said t I’m r what.

  • Shane

    my dream was my fourth tooth on the top left was coming loose and i was weirded out cus i knew that i lost all my teeth

  • Daisy

    My jaw has been hurting a lot lately and I’ve dreamed that I was brushing my teeth and I started bleeding and I saw that every single one of my teeth was falling off every time I pulled them.

  • Pamela

    I dreamt of three of my teeth were loose and almost ready to drop out! I am really particular about my teeth and have took great care so this dream was quite disturbing.

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream that my day looked at me and said it was something wrong with my eye so I went to the bathroom and checked it out and I saw my right eye looking disfigured.

  • Jessica

    For some reason I was l lying next to my brother, we were lying like a shape of a T. For somereasonyIwas blaming him for something. He got up and went into the bathroom and I followed him still feeling hostile towards him. He turned to a pad of of paper that was on the floor and checked something off. As if it was something he always has done. I then noticed me bottom left tooth was loose. I wiggled it with my tongue and the feeling of not wanting to loose it I put it back in place with my tongue. I remembered thinking that I would deal with it later.I then heard the phone ring and it was a female voice but could not understand what she was saying. I had hung up the phone thinking that it sounded like my mom and I had called my mom. She was on the phone saying something that made me feel upset …. then I woke up!

  • mai

    i lost a small tooth in my dream, im currently pregnant right now. any idea?

  • Thomas Rodgers

    I had dream regrading my left lower back tooth was hurting and very loose , it seemed so real, then I woke up.

  • IDK

    I was with my sister trying to support her she was trying not to fight with this girl that had like 2 more friends with her, all of a sudden I go to each of my parents and ask them to wiggle my teeth slowly because I was scares to loose them (my 4 front bottom teeth) I also found myself speaking to this guy I never met before but felt like we where like family, what could this mean??

  • IDK

    I was with my sister trying to support her she was trying not to fight with this girl that had like 2 more friends with her, all of a sudden I go to each of my parents and ask them to wiggle my teeth slowly because I was scares to loose them (my 4 front bottom teeth). There was also fought myself speaking to this guy I never met before but felt like we where like family, what could this mean??

  • June

    Two friends came to my house in the night, because they had nowhere to stay for the night. I put them up, gave them my childrens room. They left early the next morning, and left a note saying they had to leave.

  • Isaac

    For the past few YEARS I’ve been having dreams of having a loose tooth, and this past week I’ve been having the same dream every night, wriggling my loose tooth with my tongue, then i stop when i remember i dont wanna lose any teeth because theyll never grow back. And the other night i dreamt every tooth on the roof/top came free with no effort.

  • Dom

    For the past two or three weeks I have found myself waking up to dreams where I am almost biting my teeth out of my mouth. As hard as I try to resist it, I can’t get my mouth out of an awkward position where my teeth are almost ‘tangled’, ready to pull each other out. I wake up with pain in my gums, gnashing my teeth and tensing my jaw really hard. I always fear that I will wake up pushing my two front teeth with my lower ones. Has anybody experienced this before and/or know anything about it?

    • Anonymous

      This has happen to me a lot I am also interested in the meaning of this and why when I wake up my dream seams to feel real and numb my gums?

  • Banka

    I had a dream my tooth was loose and I took it out (it wasn’t painful at all) but there was another tooth that took it’s place. Can I please know what this means

  • Alexa

    I’ve never ever had a “teeth falling out” dream – but heard of them frequently.

    Last night I had my first ever, all I remembered was having a slight pain in the back at my molars. When I reached for them, I felt a slightly loose teeth, and pulled it out! It was completely painless, but soon after that I found at least 5 loose teeth in my mouth, which all ended up in my hand.

    I found this dream very odd, but not necessarily significant.

  • Michelle

    I just remember having one tooth drop out into my hand then all these other teeth from the left side of my mouth dropped out into my hands and i only had one front tooth… Two of my teeth fell out of my hand onto the floor because my hand was full of teeth… Then my gums and tongue came out too there was no pain in the dream, just feelings of embarrassment, shame a need to hide the fact that my teeth had fallen out and a desperate attempt on my part to figure out what i would say happened to my teeth when people (family and friends would ask)

    Its the first time ive had a dream like that

  • Jonathan Mercado

    I keep having this dream about my teeth my bottom back teeth always fall out no one can’t see them and my front tooth is always loose like it’s about to fall out but never does only my bottom teeeth does. It’s really starting to creep me about because I’ve been having dreams about my teeth for quite some time.

  • Pookie

    I usually dream about my bottom two front teeth being lose, but the other night I dreamt about my top two teeth being extremely lose and the most of it was my fear of them falling out cuz I didn’t wanna walk around with no front teeth.. What does it mean..? been happening for almost a year now..?

  • Aubrey

    I have the same dream every night and sometimes I daydream. I just reach back with my tongue to one of my back teeth and its so loose I can fit my tongue in the gap between the ragged edge of the tooth and my bloody gum when I wiggle the tooth to the side. The blood and stress makes me shudder, but my mind keeps going back and feeling the jagged bloody edge top of the tooth. This is awful.

  • Something

    I don’t really know, but i think me and a friend were out in downtown and weird that we got floorball Clubs, My friend were the one who had the club and we ran around and then we found a guy from our school, and that guy isn’t My enemy or my friend he’s just neutral in Real life, and then My friend threw the club not at the othet Guy but he just threw it to the side, and i ran and pickéd it up for him but when i looked to the others Both had clubs and there was another New Guy too that i Didn’t recognize but then the neutral Guy came and swinged the club at My head so i starter bleeding then he swinged another and that made My teeth Loose, after that i hit him with the club kicked his stumach then i don’t remember

  • Dean

    It started with me feeling like the gap in between my two teeth were widening. for some strange reason i decided to wedge a glass in between them and then one tooth became loose. I kept wiggling it but I stop sort of afraid to remove the tooth. I felt like I wanted to remove it but I couldn’t.

    What could that mean? also my past dreams were about the same loose tooth but in those dreams i pulled the tooth out.

  • JF

    Everything in the dream was basically normal, but then I had a loose tooth and I thought that’s weird I shouldn’t have a loose tooth. So i wiggled it and then easily pulled the whole thing out of my gum, root and all. Then The dream kinda restarted but this time I looked in the mirror and my two front teeth were discolored and one of the was hallowed, so i wiggled it and it was loose, and easily came out.At this point in my dream I stood there like wtf and was kind of freaked out. Then the dream restarted again this time many more teeth came out and i just sat there wiggle each tooth and pulled the loose ones out like nothing. In my dream when tony(husband) came home I told him, then showed him my mouth and then pulled a handful of teeth from my pocket. Then I woke up before I had time to see his reaction. I wish I would have counted the teeth.

  • marlene

    My brother in law was mad because his girlfriend hit his step son and grab his daughter and started banging her on bricks house and then she turned boneless like if she had no bones

  • Jordan

    I have been having these odd dreams lately about my teeth being loose. They are relatively the same. I go about my normal day of being a stay at home mom. But through out the day I notice one tooth is loose, and I cant keep my-self from playing with it. (like moving it with my tongue, like we all did as young children) I know the more I play with it the more likely it is to fall out, but I still keep moving it back and forth! The whole time im doing this I am thinking about how to hide this from everyone and how to make sure it doesn’t fall out.

    In one dream the tooth did fall out, but I took it and crammed it back in! This still didn’t solve the problem of the loose/falling out tooth. It still was loose and wanting to fall out!

    What does this mean!?!?!?!

    • Isaac

      That sounds exactly like the dreams I have. Wish I knew what it meant.

  • patricia

    my boyfriend and a few of his sisters were in thisdream . his momand sisters were angry and I went inside and i3 of y teeth fell on the bed in passing.y it

  • Shay

    I had a dream where I was at a fashion show and it was my turn so I walked down the runway and then as soon as I was done I got off and fell I rolled and stood back up, suddenly I was at someone’s house my four front teeth were loose and bloody and they wouldn’t go back into place until the tv stand and the tv was put up into the wall and that took forever it was a pretty scary dream but in the end everything was okay.

  • Bottom teeth loose

    I had this dream for the second time. I had
    A dream my bottom teeth were loose like when I was a small girl. And I had to wear bottom denchers
    But they started falling out as well. I was with my
    Current fiancé about to go to a club for Halloween, but couldn’t decide
    Where to go and how to hide my teeth that are falling out.

  • Rean

    I had this dream about my teeth and it’s like struggle by its self and loose does it mean something ? It’s my second time to see the same dream that happen last night and think if there’s something will happen or what

  • Maria S

    I dream of one fallen tooth very bloody and another tooth was loose

  • Barbara

    I had this really weird dream!! In my dream I went to brush my teeth and they looked normal. After I brushed them they were an ugly yellow/ brownish color. I kept scrubbing them. They wouldn’t turn white again. Does this dream mean anything. It’s been on my mind for days now

  • Janice Bowers

    I had a dream that b it started out hailing then the hail turned into big huge rocks.

  • Brianna

    My friend had told me in the dream she pulled out my teeth for a reason I can not remember.. But I tried to put the teeth back in and it didn’t work and I was crying and could barely speak or scream to say how upset I was that she ruined my teeth and that was really frustrating

  • Amy

    I’ve been having a few dreams lately, where one certain tooth keeps becoming loose and i cant help but bite my teeth together making it more loose, to the point it is hanging off.. i keep waking up shaking, but then i feel great for the whole day. i dont know why i keep dreaming such similar dreams. they feel so realistic..

  • Marimar

    I LoSt my teeth and it didn’t fell out to the ground

  • Marimar

    I lost teeth in my dreams

  • Christine

    I dreamt of i was pulling out a loose upper left tooth beside my two front teeth but i was confident and feel good after the tooth fell off

  • Mario

    I’m standing in front of a mirror and notice one of my top front tooth is lose. so I decided to pull on it to see if I can remove it. And it comes off and then I put back into place. While I’m doing this I don’t feel any pain. The same thing happens once again with the bottom front tooth.

  • houdy

    i had a dream that i was at the beach and out of a sudden i saw my husband and his sister joining me and they had their nephew ,then after his sister took off my left canine and said it was loose .i didnt feel any pain .but the whole atmosphere wasnt really comfort.

  • immortal

    Crazy stuff after I took some piracetam poison. I had dream after dream and it was as if I was seeing visions before my death. Regarding my teeth, they were loose (some molars–4 to be exact) and happened to be loose with a symmetrical vertical axis. Anyways, my aunt pulled two out closest to the outside of my mouth. I wondered if they would grow back and I reasoned that they would not since I am an adult. I thought– hey, my teeth should not be falling out or becoming loose, what the heck!? Anyways, I do feel powerless at the moment and, prior to my dream, I have been feeling my death is close, I pray not.

  • valeria

    My dream last night was more like a nightmare. I was at what seemed to be a get together, I was in a big room with alot of people I did not recognize but they knew me. Their was tables where people were sitting at and at my table there were two men, my mother, my little brother and my best friend. All of a sudden all of my teeth became loose, every single one of them its was like they couldnt stay put in my mouth. Every time i would straighten them up they would become loose again. Only one broke off, it was a very strange dream. Is there any significance to this dream?

  • Lydia

    I dreamt last night that i was loosing my teeth and some were falling out while others just were loose and very unconfortable

  • lianne

    I dreamt i was a man

  • Rob

    I had a dream last night that I lost my bottom teeth an there was tiny sharp teeth under them. One part of the dream I specifically rememeber is my top front tooth coming out and me getting mad and throwing them all away. What does this all mean?

  • Amanda

    I have had this same dream for the past year on and off, its my next tooth to the left of my front teeth it always wobbles but u can never seem to pull it out because its sore, but last night i finally got it out but i was unsure of whether i felt embarrassed or releived? In not sure what this means but the tooth didnt look like the one ive just described it looked like a molar but it was from the front top of my mouth and my other dream is where im pulling my teeth out with whatever i can find n its all so realistic i have to check in the bathroom when i wake up straight away help?! Also can soneone tell me what licking blood in a dream means off my own body?(my blood from a wound on my arm)

  • dawn

    I have had this dream like 6 times now. Its always very clear. I have a loose tooth, i can lift it out, but i never fully do, i always push it back down and it stays???? Its a a molar tooth on the bottom left side if there is a difference???

    • jess

      I have been having the same dream as this about 4 times now! Big molar on the bottom left side as far as i can reach, i always wiggle it around but i dont pull out fully and just push it back into plac e after a bit, i dont feel freaked out by it either i just do it. What does it mean?!

  • Purita Gacho

    my dream is about a jacket hanged in a clothes line and the other one is about 2 pieces of centipede. about the first dream runs like this… i saw a black jacket hanging in a clothes line with a strand of thread in one of its sleeves… i tried to remove the thread but the husband of my sister in law got angry when he saw me touching it. the one about the centipede runs like this…i saw two pieces of centipedes, the first one is smaller than the second one… the smaller one ran away but i caught the bigger one by stepping on it but the head part was exposed, but the exposed part was not enough to reach my foot that prevented the insect to bite my foot.

  • Hero

    I dreamt that my right canine tooth and one behind it come out. It was very loose and I pulled them out with my fingers fairly easily one by one. I looked at the root and it was clean, no blood. It hand some marks on it. Marks like borrows of some sort. Then I put them back in just as easily.


    I dremt that my bottom tooth was loose. I was really scared in the dream becuase I was confused why a permanent tooth was loose.

    • TEETHI

      UH…. I posted this on October 31st at 10:00 p.m. It was not yet November 1st…

  • teeth

    dreamt my tooth was loose and l pulled it out
    and it came out w hen checked the root of my tooth it was breaking.what is the meaning of this

  • John

    I am shocked with this dream interpretation. I have had the same dream where my teeth become loose and are about to fall out. I become so worried and sad. I have had this dream 3-4 times in the last 6 months…

  • Dewi Qashrina

    I dreamed that on july till now my tooth fell of alot of time and that is 5 times.But it was not a dream but it was real all of the toth that i mention came out and i hope that i would grow a healthier tooth

  • Mari

    I dreamed that my front tooth was loose and it fell out and I had it in my hqnd. Well it was loose and I slowly pulled it out onto my hand

  • J

    Dreamed that all my teeth were loose and I was pulling them out, but there was always new teeth regrowing. I felt annoyance from the process. I’ve had a lot of dreams with this happening and it’s always during something else, like it was a minor thing to the main dream.

  • Lacrasha

    I dream that my two front teeth crack in half the bottom of my teeth were hanging and bleeding then my front bottom tooth was loose and I wiggled it and pulled it out with my hand and it was like tissue was sick to the tooth and was hanging on it…what does that mean?

  • Lisa

    I dreamt that I lost both arms (amputation), but they were surgically reattached and good as new, pain free the next day

  • June

    I had a dream last night that I could suddenly move my top front tooth with my tongue. When I checked it with my fingers, I found that the tooth wasn’t just wobbling back and forth but I could pull it down a little way too. It wasn’t completely free of my gums but it was scary enough to Panic me. When I checked the rest of my teeth, I found that my fang tooth was twisted so it wasn’t straight (how it used to be before I had them straightened with braces). As I tried to twist it straight I found that the rest of my teeth would move into place and stay still but then there was always one tooth that wobbled and felt as thought it could fall out any second.

  • Sarah

    I would walk around and I would push my teeth together . This would make my front teeth push out and my molers . I have had this dream 2 times in a week .

  • My mom's dream of myself

    My mom had a dream that I went to visit her and I had a cut on the back of my head that was “infected” she said that when she asked me in the dream what was wrong with my head I said “Nothing I’m fine.” she said that when I turned my back on her in the dream I had a huge HOLE in my back right by my right rib cage, and she asked me again “What is that are u ok?” in the dream I said I was fine, and then she said when I turned around again she saw an animal coming out of the decaying hole in my back and at first she though it was a rat, but when the animal hit the floor it was a small white kitten.. when she told me this it freaked me out, because she also mentioned that a week ago she had another dream of me pulling out my own front teeth, and that They were bleeding.. please help. I’m not sure exactly what this means. please help

    • Anonymous

      Your mom is instane and might want you dead

  • Ryan

    I have two of the same re-ocurring dreams. The first is that my teeth are falling out and the second is that i learn of my dad’s death. usually i only remember these dreams when i take naps during the day, but they happen quite frequently. could these two things put together symbolize something greater? or should they be evaluated individually?

  • kayla molina

    i had this iferent dream twice, one i was at the dentiist i beliwve and my moelr was loose, 2nd me nd my “uncle” drove a truck i was woried my moler was fnna fall out so i would hold ut tight we stoped at somewhere where they put a bomb and i woke up no fire thoue,
    yet i slept thinking bout my dentis appointment is that the cause of it i want to know why i had it twice -.-

  • Alison

    I have reoccurring teeth dreams of all kinds. Sometimes they are loose and feel as if they’re about to fall out so I have to put my hand in my mouth to keep them in their place. I mostly dream about my teeth crumbling out of my mouth or falling out in my hands and there is always a distinct discomfort with my jaw. these dreams make me afraid to fall asleep at times because I remember the feeling so vividly and I have flashbacks of them at random times. in my dreams I’m always doing normal things and they will just crumble/come loose out of nowhere and it makes me embarrassed because the people in my dreams comment on my teeth and yeah I want to stop having these dreams it has given me a new level of anxiety.

  • denise

    i was helping ppl in need taking care of their needs and getting everyone together to help each other but as everything goes i keep feeling my teeth falling out by the hand ful but i still keep going . friend was sick so i get a helecopter to rush them to er not once but twice and both times i crashed losing more teeth .everyone telling me to stop and get help for myself but its just teeth i had to take care of more important stuff . more crumbling in my mouth teeth are turning to crumbs and still falling out and yet two diffrent guys fall in love with me and i have to fight it off cause im faithful to my terminally ill husband who in real life is terminally ill but its so nice to feel desired but how i have almost no teeth and they are still falling out and i cant stop moving foward i keep spiting out teeth wondering when its goibg to stop i should only have so many teeth

  • Lola

    I had a dream that I was going to the dentist b/c my teeth were all loose. When the dentist saw how loose they were she walked over to my husband and patted his back and told him to take me for an ultrasound. We then left and were in the car with family driving to a park when I pulled down the visor to look at my mouth and found that all of my bottom teeth had fallen. During the entire dream I felt like I was going to die. I woke up very nervous. Please help me interpret this strange dream. Thanks.

  • chioma

    I had a dream whEn I was tasting a wedding gown.what does it mean?

  • cheating

    I dreamt when my husband was cheating on me

  • Andria

    In my dream i looked in the mirror and saw that one of my teeth were squint, then another of them fell out. Thats when i realised they weren’t even real, just veneers over my own which were discoloured little stumps. There were three sets of each tooth in my mouth and they were held on by some plastic mechanism. They then all started to fall out and landed in water and i tried to scoop them all back up.

  • Rosemary

    In my dream I’m walking down a side walk with two ppl going too a store. While I’m walking I feel that my tooth is loose. Them out off no where I’m inside a store looking at some electronic stuff with one off the ppl I was walking with but that person it’s a little insecure and shy. I was a Lille m disappointed cause I really liked him.

  • Brianna

    In my dream I noticed I had a loose tooth and I was nervouse and had an anxious feeling about it. I went to run errands with my mom when I noticed there was another tooth beside it coming in. I got less nervous when I thought about the panic of not having a tooth on the side of my mouth when I smiled.
    So I decided not to go to the dentist.

  • kb

    hi last night i saw that my lower right canine teeth is loose, in my dream i keep on moving it through my tongue and eventually that teeth falls out. I am satisfied that the long pain which i was facing is over but then i am also slightly worried that a new teeth may not grow here. The strange part of my dream was when that teeth falls out i saw a slight blood with it and also i felt so much pain that i woke up and believe me even after waking up i kept on feeling that same strange pain.

  • Amanda Heath

    A little girl is standing im one of my closets, holding a peice of paper. And she has really dark eyes. She starts walking towards me and rips up the peice of paper. She then whispers “its here” and then i wake up gasping for air.

  • ghold abanono

    i dreamed about me loosing my tooth in front and the rest are shaking and misaligned. the loose tooth was bleeding and i’m having hard time to speak because of them shaking.

  • Jake

    I have a recurrent nightmare and it is where I always lose one of my top right molars. It has been a recurrent dream for awhile now. I also dream that I grind my teeth and it feels like it is right before I wake up. Just recently I started the teeth grinding dreams.

  • Olivia

    In the last paragraph about dreams you say: “A meaningful message delivered through this teeth dream is about weighing your choice of not following what would truly be most suited for you against the cost of preserving the status quo.” But that is saying the same thing twice- you’re advising us to weigh the cost of not doing what is most suited to us (thus if you’re NOT doing it things are therefore staying the same- which is also known as ‘status quo’ AGAINST -the STATUS QUO???? So you are therefore suggesting that we weigh the stays quo against the status quo???? I think this really needs to be reworded, or if you think not- would you be so kind as to explain it to me? Because I have sat here for quite some time trying to work out if I am mistaken- but so far it seems, not.

    I apologise if I come off as arrogant- that’s not my intention or motivation.
    Cheers, livvie ;)

    • Niel

      It makes sense to me – you need to weight the cost of doing what is most truly suited for you AGAINST the cost of preserving the status quo, assuming that the status quo isn’t truly serving you. She’s saying it’s up to us decide which is more important to us.

  • Papa

    I had dream which my all teeth come out and I am checking in the mirror I ask my older sister can u see my all teeth com out and then she said in my dream is ok you getting better I don’t no why I had this dream.

  • sapna

    I saw my son’s tooth loose and was woRried in the dream cos he also had a head ache- his dentist showed up out of no whwere to hand him a brush to clean his tOoth- she says she will jave a look at him!! Amd then I woke up feeling concerned. What does this imply?

    Same day- next dream was- my son, husband and I are running in a train station somehwere in Europe- and we make just in time – we reached the right platform amd got on the train!!
    What does this mean?

  • kristen

    I had the same dream a few times last year where a voice came into my head saying “there is someone else” she was referring to anotbher guy.. I was dating someone at the time. I said “no there is no one else. Not even a crush or someone new i’ve met” she just kept saying there is someone else…. It was really strong and intense. It gave me a headache. Well i woke up with one… Then later in the year i had a dream where i was talking to an older lady. I told her there are two guys in ny life. One named todd who i cant stabd. He gets on my nerves i dont like what he says and i want ro rip his head off. The other guy naned jason is perfect. He is attractive charming and sweet. He writes me love so.gs powms and letters. He sends me flowers
    And gifts. He is perfect. She told me to go for the guy whose head you want ro rip off. I told her i couldnt stand him. She told ne agsin to choose him. She said that is true chemistry and the other stuff with the other guy will fade and get old. well in real life i actually met another guy a few months after that. i never thought that would happen but it did. So ive been thinking about this dream a lot.

    Ive also had a dream a few years ago where i was sitting on my bed crying and a guy comforts me. I cant see his face. Tben after i met this bew guy jason ive had lately where i was in distress or crying he was Always there to comfort me with no judgement.

    These two dreams have me utterly confused and i dont k.ow which guy whould be the right one for me…

    Sorry for the typos

  • Lynn

    Alright. (This is the only part I remember.) So I’m at my job in my dream attempting to close up the store when a lady comes in with her son. They are looking at cell phones and asking tons of questions. A few of my teeth AND a piece of my gums fall out. I excuse myself and go to the bathroom to see if I’m bleeding. No blood. I hold my teeth and my gums in my hand. She continues asking questions then I begin choking. In front of my customers I have just coughed up the 5 teeth that I was choking on. The customers leave and a few more try to come in but I inform them that we’re closed… then I wake up.

  • Yvette

    I am a dental assistant and last night I had a dream that a male dentist I didn’t know was suppose to be doing some work to my teeth but instead loosened a permanent back molar. I freaked out and went to find the female dentist I (actually do work for), in hopes of her telling me that the damage could be reversed, That I wouldn’t lose the tooth. In addition, I wanted to blow the whistle on this incompetent dentist who messed up my tooth.

  • aynslie

    I was in a car with my mum and my back left tooth fell out and i lost it

  • Imalay

    Last night I had a dream that my top right tooth(the fourth one) was loose, for a while I kept using my fingers to wiggle it to check if it was really loose or if I was going crazy and just fooling myself into thinking that it was loose. After a minute or two, the tooth was Extremely loose and I stopped wiggling it. I touched it with my tongue gently and I heard a crack. I realized that the tooth came out and thought ‘what have I done!’. I tried putting it back in place hoping it would magically re-attach. Then i was worried because I was wondering if it was a baby tooth or not and if it was going to grow back or not. I run my tongue over the space where the tooth was and I taste some blood. I then touch the space with my finger, checking to see if another tooth was growing, which might have made the previous tooth loose. I don’t feel any new tooth so I look at the tooth that I accidentally pulled out. It was broken in half! I was sure it was intact when it came off, but it was not broken in half. I looked at it again and noticed it was kind of big, and I thought ‘I guess it’s not a baby tooth’. I set my tooth down on a table and see a small tooth container((I don’t know how to describe it exactly but if you ever lost a baby tooth in elementary and the nurse gave you a small container shaped like a tooth where you can open it and put the baby tooth that fell out in there, and it was attached to a ribbon or string so you can take it home, then you know what I’m talking about)). I noticed how the actual tooth was bigger that the container, and thought ‘yup. Definitely NOT a baby tooth’ …….. That’s what I remembered from my dream. In real life though the same tooth is chipped. So I think that’s related somehow(or not).

  • Jason Mathews

    I keep having a dream where my bottom tooth is loose and I wiggly it and see a silver thing barely connected to my tooth and it is hanging on by a thread and I am in fear to loose to my tooth

  • carlos

    in my dream all my teeth fallout and my diseased grandfather picks them all up and hands them to me

    • carlos

      what does this dream bout all my teeth falling out mean

    • carlos

      what does this dream mean

  • Gloria

    i saw in a dream that the tooth i was experiencing pain on and off became loose and i pulled it off..

  • maryjo

    I keep dreaming of my right front tooth being so lose, and its weired cuz i have braces.i feelsad and this worrieness.and i wke up upset .

  • Abi

    i had a strange dream. something hard was stuck between my teeth and was making me uncomfortable. i trier to take it out but instead 5 of my teeth( 4 in whole and one half broken) came in to my hand. it didn’t hurt but i got really scared but i thought i should go to dentist.

  • djamila

    i dreamed of having 2 loose teeth, one of them came out easily but the other did not want to come out, it was only attached by a string. the doctor had to pull it out. it didn’t hurt or anything

  • Loose tooth?

    I had a dream that I was putting pressure on my back teeth, sort of like grinding and I happened too look at my back molar and it was coming out.. I tried too pull it but it felt like pressure so I just left it. Some blood was coming out but not alot just around the tooth outline.. What does this mean?

  • Anastasia

    Ok some one help please, according to a book I read long ago dreaming about the teeth falling ment a death in family. But I’m not sure if it was being espesific on what tooth weather front or back. I had a dream that my mother and I got into an argument and I started to punch her. I take her to the Emergancy right away was there waiting and I kept felling pain in my mouth check in the mirrow and see the that one of my front tooth was about to fall also two of the bottom..

  • saraah qureshi

    i had a dream last night tht one of my pre molar tooth was paining alot i go inside the washroom nd just touch it. the toothe comes out nd even it started to bleed alot what does my dream mean??

  • Charli

    I had a dream that my boyfriend walked into the classroom and he’d dyed his hair black.
    The following night I had a dream that all my teeth came loose.

    Could this mean anything?

  • keke

    I had a dream that i was looking at myself in the mirror, then all oga sudden purple nd pink teeth start falling out,

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had the same exact dream as Isaac, and I’ve had it more than once. It is pretty scary because it is so real, and I can almost dream that I taste blood as I’m pushing the tooth with my tongue. Not sure what it means.

  • Stef

    I dreamt of losing just a tooth. In my dream, I was actually the one who pulled it out. What does that mean?

  • loose tooth

    Was just talking with someone over the phone. And my tooth was loose and about to fall.

  • Lindsay

    My starting off with my boyfriend in it. Of course were going through a break up and trying to work things out. We were talking and then he kinda disappear and I found myself looking at a mirror. I smiles and my teeth werent normal. Then the sky got really dark and I fell like I had mouth wash in my mouth. Um. No they were my teeth I spit them all out of the ground. I felt them , it was the worst feeling in the world. I has these types of dream several times a month. They really end up turning in to nightmares.

  • Lori

    I dreamed that my tooth was lose and I became worried. I then touched it and it came out. I showed my husband and said what do I do? they then all fell out and I had them in my hand. A female took me to a dentist and they put some of them back in but the rest I had to ask the female I was with to call my husband and bring them. I was then somewhere and noticed that the teeth that were put back were all crooked. I then was given the rest of the my teeth and I rushed to get them put in. Sofia Vergara (actress) was the person who was suppose to put my teeth in but I was waiting and hand to go poop (sorry but it was all weird) but someone was in the bathroom. I then ended up remembering another bathroom in the place I was at. I ended up up running to that bathroom but when I lifted the lid it was full of things (not gross things) and I knew I couldn’t use it. I then woke up.

  • Anonymous

    I dreamed i was hitting someone else’s teeth with a hammer and a tool, making them loose. The person
    did not show pain. Also, I was unto something, which was in his teeth, and I wanted to get that. Some
    jewelry (!) in his teeth perhaps. That day in the evening I had an insight about important and big isssue, which bothered me. I felt relieved. I connect that to loose teeth in the dream, as I read above. Do you think it is correct?

  • Alex

    I dreamt I was in a jacuzzi and I felt my teeth were a little loose. Just then they started falling out by 3′s. I showed my mom and I looked down at my hand and there was a puddle of water and about 5 teeth in my hand.then later I felt my gums and my teeth were there and instead of teeth in my hand, there were tooth-like caps. That’s it…

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream last night that my tooth was loose apparently the dream means someone in your family is going to die soon my grandpa is really sick right now he lives in mexico and my dad is over ther right now, he is very close to me but my parents won’t let me go please help.

  • Ali

    Ladt night, I dreamed that two of my front upper teeth were loose, I could play with them, reposition them, snd then they could get fixed and stable if Ibwanted them to be. What does that mean?

    Thanksvvaey much,

  • Rae

    My son (19) had a dream that we couldn’t interpret, so maybe someone else can?? He told me that in his dream, he finds that he has had all his teeth (at least his TOP ones) fall out. He reacts by moving the braces on his bottom teeth to his BRACES-LESS top teeth. He somehow uses the
    “New.—from-bottom-braces-now-on-the-top-braces to hold the teeth in place. He’s able to MOVE the braces OFF the bottom and snap em in place on the top. He can then snap each of his TOP teeth into his bottom/now top braces and he fixes the problem. End of story.. any ideas???

  • naomi

    I dreamed that one tooth was loose and then another and I was realising they all were and that if I left them they would b unstable and if I plucked them I would b like my mum and have to have false ones

  • Ashley

    I dreamed my upper tooth was really loose, so I pulled it out.. In my dream i felt it wasnt that bad because no one would see.. But not to long after my lower front tooth was loose also and had to be pulled out. I felt ashamed and ugly my dad was there by my side to make me feel better, their was a girl there also but don’t know who she was.

  • Daisy Gomez

    My teeth were loose and chipped and fucked up. Nd they looked monsterous.

  • Hobbes

    I recently had a dream about loosing my teeth: I noticed I had a lot of caries; my teeth were very dirty, covered with that yellow thing you get when you don’t brush them for a long time. Then I noticed some of them were even loose already, so I began touching them and pulling the loose ones to remove them. I felt the need to remove the loose ones to get them out of my mouth and clean everything. I disliked my mouth with lots of holes, but I felt better removing them. If you have any insights on this it would be of great help! thx a lot!

  • theresa

    I had a dream that I was with my husband and my brother and my top tooth and my bootom tooth were startng to hurt and be uncomfortable. I pulled them out with minimal pain but there was alot of blood.

  • Roxana Maffatt

    Hello in my dream i was at the movies, but in the ending as im walking out I’m using my tounge to play with my tooth then i woke up

  • Steph

    I keep having a dream that I have a loose tooth on the bottom right and I keep moving it with my tongue. I finally tell myself that if I leave it alone then it will reattach itself.. What does this mean?

    • Stephanie

      Omg I had the same dream as you and my name is Stephanie too.. hmmm… Freaky!!

  • Isaac

    I have had at least 4 dreams where I have a loose tooth, and it scares me in the dream because I really dont want to loose and adult tooth, but I cant seem so stop pushing it back and forth with my tongue. Its the first tooth on my right side of my 2 big front teeth. While im pushing my tooth im doing regular activities, mostly walking or excersizing and I can feel my tooth threatening to come out. Ive had this dream several times and wasnt sure what it meant

  • Jas

    I had a dream that I had lost one tooth involving my aunt and cousins in it and I kept showing them that I lost it what does it mean #reply

  • Theresa

    I had a dream that two of my teeth were loose one in the back and one in the front, because of the loose tooth in the back I was spitting up A LOT of blood. What does that mean?

  • A

    I had one loose tooth; I kept feeling it with my tongue. I got more and more alarmed, so finally I pulled it out. It was a huge tooth, and bloody at the end. More and more came loose. I ended up sobbing in front of a mirror as both whole teeth and shards of teeth came out of my mouth and gathered in the sink below it. The mirror was the only lighted thing in a big, dark empty, warehouse-like room. My jaw and mouth became swollen. I couldn’t control the tooth loss. I screamed for my brother to come help me and sobbed. He or another male replied off in the distance something like, “Yeah, yeah I heard you. I’ll be there.” Mind you, I have four brothers, but I only called for one in specific, the one who in waking life lives in the same city as me.

    Context…1) I just graduated from college with an English degree, and I’m just trying to get a job at a minimum wage so I can pay my rent.

  • Anonymous

    A demons beat my child with a hammer

  • Dani

    my close friend recently passed away. Afew nights ago I dreamt I had been shot and then saw my friend. He was starring at me, I tried to speak although I couldn’t. it was frustrating and now I wonder what it meant?

  • Chloe

    I keep having dreams everynight about my teeth coming loose and some falling out, but I push them back in and still some of them come out again, also in my dream my teeth are crooked. The dream isnt exactly the same, but its the same kind out dream I have every night. What does this mean?
    Thank you

  • Ely

    I had a dream im having fight with my aunt i am so angry with her too angry and she only said that im just here to inform you about the leather shoes that i throwed. The black leather shoes is own by a man who killed in a hold-up at 711. One of a family of a man need that for evidence. The black leather shoes has a blood.

  • Dena Hilliker

    I had a dream that i was some other guy that was my mom’s freind little did i know that he was dead, died a long time ago i had no idea who he was until i was telling my mom of this dream and she said that it was his(people where calling me by the name Tony) that’s not my name my name is Dena and second, im a female.WEll……this is what happened in my dream…………………..i was sitting on the stepps of my school doing homework and the whole school background turned in to a grave yard, then like a dusty cloud(with some flash back) appeared, in that cloud was the boy AKA me in the dream well he was playing footballand i heard some one yell out……GO TONY!!! then it all turned into a lake with rocks everywhere and i was standing on the edge of a cliff, looking down and someone pushed me off and i hit my head on a rock and i was then under water and was inable to swim ubove water due to the top of the water turned into glass and i heard someone say…..ha! you shouldn’t have jumped tony. all i could think is MY NAME IS NOT TONY IT’S……IT’S DENA. Unfortunatly later my mom told my that the dude died by drowning…i say again that i was not aware of this guy at all before the dream.

  • Falling teeth

    I had a dream that it was my birthday and I arrived home and had family friends over. I arrived home crying so I went into my brothers room and whenever I would cry, my front two teeth would become very loose and I knew they would come out the more I cried. They then fell out but two new teeth immediately grew back and then fell out. Then suddenly one by one every tooth started falling out and I held them all in my hand.

  • Vanessa

    In my dream my molar comes out sharp with many pointy things and is a little under a half of size and after it fell out i realized I had two more lose teeth. In my dream i was scared because I was talking about the world ending (with God coming) and i was given the time in Aug. Im not saying that hes coming but i dream that I am always some place other than town running from bad people but yet I always find myself in apartment buildings with people I know (family some friends) and nothing is ever happening where we are but in many of my dreams we are preparing for something bad to happen. Many times in my dreams its involving things with water. The water is always covering the buildings I’m in or if it hasn’t yet happen in my dream im expecting something to happen. Every night my dream involves noticing water as well. Im always fearing in my dream. Any thoughts on what can they really mean ?

  • John p.

    In my dream I am inside a gas station paying for gas. I notice that my right upper incissor is suddenly loose. I reach in to touch it and it is so loose it just pylls right out. When I pull it out there is a large amount of dirty blood that flows out and stops. The tooth itself is long. The entire root has come out. The root is covered with moss and an old dry leaf comes out with it too. It is in my hand and as I am in public place I close my hand around it to conceal.

    The dirty blood is still flowing from the socket into my mouth and I need to find a sink or washroom to expell it. The gas station has a washroom that is literally for both men and women at the same time and all the fixtures, including sinks, are on the floor. There is a women in there who is perplexed by the bathroom settup as well but seems to adapt. I eventually kneel down on the floor overvthe sink and expel the fluid from my mouth several times and then wash my mouth and face with fresh water.

  • Raychel.

    I had a dream I was in a strangers house and I was playing with their three children. Tickling and bouncing them on my knees but the part that stands out to me the most is the youngest was my favorite and I gave her the most attention, but there was something wrong with her teeth and I couldn’t make out what is was no matter how hard I tried. What is the meaning of this? Also three other parts I remember very well and need an answer to is 1. A dresser fell apart as soon as I touched it in my boyfriends fathers room and I looked at him and said I’m sorry I didn’t know that was going to happen and left.. What does that mean? 2. My boyfriend is in the military and doesn’t do anytime of drug, doesn’t drink, doesn’t even smoke nor do I.. But in my dream we were in a random house and he walked up to me with a joint and handed it to me! Any meaning for that? 3. Walking in a little village and there was a mini cop car bike type thing and a girl pushed me off the sidewalk and said I told you so?. 4. Walking in a crowd and a girl coming out of a bar says nice ass and I flipped her off and was exhaling smoke with no cig so wtf

  • curious

    Dreams of cheating on husband and not wanting to

  • TJ

    i saw my 3 teeth loosing while a funeral im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad ,,,,,,,,

  • Sabrina

    It was a dream I will never forget; it began with my husband and I lying in bed, he was caressing me. Once we woke, we were in a different town and not our home. Staying with people we did not know and they seemed like strangers in the dream. There was a woman, the mother, men, who seemed like sons whether in laws or not, not sure, and daughters, once again not sure if they were her biological or in laws. I do not remember if there was a husband or not, but it felt like there was. The house was two levels, kitchen and their living area on the first floor, and the second floor consisted of a open room slash den, bathroom with old style sink and two claw foot tubs one not working, and another guest bedroom. The furnishings upstairs were all antique. The bed we stayed in had this different head board of a wooden boar that moved around on a fixed surface. These are things I noticed as the dream progressed and as I continue will emphasize more details.
    One of the first eerie experiences in this dream was my family, husband, son and my self, were driving around this town, which is kinda hazy, but we came to a restaurant with a haunted house next door; the restaurant was a spooky theme which fit with the haunted house theme We talked to a man about them opening because it was unseasonal, but did not go in. Continued to this house where we stayed. Walked in and tried to cook something to eat; noodles, for sure and other things that involved water boiling over. The woman came out because the smoke alarm was going off, but it didnt seem like a smoke alarm to me. I remember not being able to function well in that kitchen (in reality I cook all the time) and being genuinely frustrated with my husband and child. To the point where I was unfairly disciplining my son and arguing with Tom in midst of this woman. I sat Zephyr on the steps to the upper level walked down stairs, and then back up grabbed my child. Once we got up stairs I noticed there were spiders all over the ceiling. Grabbed my child and ran down the steps and by the front door I seen fly-swaters, which i grabbed and explained to the woman and now the other four people (2 sons and 2 daughters) what I had seen. They immediately followed me up the stairs and that is where it gets creepy. The spiders somewhat disappeared, there we not as many as I had first seen. While trying to swat what was present, I was delayed with explanations of the benefits of these critters. Then I began to notice other things present in the room, a big grey bird on the wood boar, it had some color, blue, under its wings; a bat with red and and yellow V marks on its chest, butterflies and moths, cats. I inquired but was left with only stumbling round about explanations from the people of the house. I was informed it was time to get ready for bed and asked about where Zephyr could sleep, in the second spare room there was a large bed with litter boxes overflowing underneath and a banana like recliner where he would stay the night. At this point we got our child’s jammies and tooth brushes and headed to the bathroom. I remember things being covered in cat debris. Also, I remember the wood floors being very slick and falling walking into the bathroom. It was odd because all these people were standing in there while we did our nightly routine. Zephyr finished and I began brushing my teeth and once ready to spit noticing blood, first thought, brushed to hard, but on further examination my teeth were all coming away from my gums and red blood was just coming out. My teeth were all falling out. I demanded to be taken to a dentist, doctor, somewhere. I was then informed if I left I would die. It immediately felt like witchcraft. That I was being taught lessons because my behavior and the things I had done in my life. This was the first trial. The games preceded, with every step invoking a different aliment within me. Skinny and frail, no tongue with a board game with colorful blocks. I did not make it through this dream, my actual neighbor was banging on the the door, causing my dog to bark, and I woke up. Here I am now. Worried.

    • Sabrina

      I should mention, I always have very vivid dreams with colors

  • Angela

    I have had several dreams over the past week where I am being given a gift of a tooth. It has been given by different people in each dream but the tooth is the same. I can find lots of interpretations of if you loose teeth but none about if you are being given one. Please can anybody help.
    Thank you

  • Kourtney

    So I’m in this car with another lady. We are both passengers. I see that we’re about to crash so I throw myself on top of the lady to absorb impact. Next I’m in a hospital bed in a hospital hallway asking what’s going on and if the lady is ok. I’m ignored by everyone. I get up to look for the lady and as I’m walking more and more of my teeth begin falling out. I feel weak and faint. I come to and ask about the lady. They take me to her and more teeth fall out with every step I take. Then I look at the lady and she is me.

  • Scared

    I had a dream that I was relaxing in the bath n when I got out all my teeth loose m uglg n I needed to call my bf but couldnt find
    Phone until he called I was yelling and.asking him why did he not answer the phone and he said I’m with a friend I asked him what friend and he hung up on me

    does that mean he’s cheating on me??

    • Anonymous


    • Nice

      It probably means you are scared of losing him and fear he is cheating on you.

  • Annie

    I had a dream last night that I went to the dentist and during the exam he told that all my upper teeth were very loose and going to fall out any minute. It was up to me whether I got him to take them out, or to let them fall out naturally. I was undecided, and while I was thinking about it , I reached in and felt my back mollour which was barely hanging in my mouth and then i pulled it out. I woke up after that – very strange.

  • morgan

    I had a dream last night that I shattered two of my teeth while throwing a ball in my basement. Everything was very vivid in my dream, even to the point where I could taste the blood.. what does this mean??

  • Susan

    I have been having dreams recently that involved my teeth. Last night, I had a dream that my teeth were all rotted and old and I kept asking people if they looked alright. I also kept looking in the mirror. It was like I had been given a new set of teeth and was still trying to get used to it. A couple nights before I had a dream that my front teeth were extremely loose and about to fall out. Could this mean anything? I have heard that teeth dreams could signify an upcoming death…Please give me some feedback!

  • Confused

    I had a dream my boss called out. The following day at work he approached me and I noticed he had veneers in his mouth. The veneers were too large and he resembled a horse. As he spoke to me his mouth made the same motions horses make when they chew on hay. I then proceeded to look at him and walk away. What does this mean?

  • Melanie Solorio

    my dreams are like this a lot of the time when i am going threw something that involves a big decision or something does change in my life that i may not be ready for: my Dream though I’m not always alone but i was this time, i had a loose tooth one of my front ones but it was like the 3rd tooth from the front and it was sharp looking in my dreams and i was scared and i felt it very loose and end up plucking it out, as i did that the tooth came out in one hole piece not broken like it does happen sometimes to me. i held it and saw the gap it left me in the mouth, no blood this time i do have sometimes, and there was another something tooth like sharp like it didn’t belong there, as i looked at it i felt it uncomfortable being there so i did the same thing and plucked it out it felt better. then i woke up.

  • confused

    My fiancé broke up with me after 4 years of being together. her family didn’t want us together because I was previously married and have two kids that I have custody of. and she has never been married or has any children. They actually confronted me and told me this. She finally gave in to their requests. ive been having strange dreams the last one was last night my two top front teeth came loose.

  • Front bottom tooth

    I had a dream lastnight and still trying to make sense of it by going up various sites some are saying good and some bad so getting confused to mention worried, i had a dream that i have pulled my front bottom tooth out i dont know exactly how i dont even realise i have done it i remember holding the top of my tooth next thing i know i got it in my hand, the root of this tooth is amazingly long and im thinking ill never be able to put this back in, i am trying to slide it back in and i cant im getting nervous and think about rushing to hospital and i turn and see my neice (she is a dentist by profession) i ask her to put it back in and she refuses and im upset at her and dont know what to do, now that im awake its playing on my mind

  • mayra

    Sunday night I had the weirdest dream . I was sitting in the passanger seat of my friends car
    And as we were habing a converstion I felt like my teeth were turning and as they turned inside out they strted falling first the 3 front teeth fell.After that one by one satrted falling into a empty shoe box..Funy thing is that my oldest sister had a dream the same night but she felt one of her tooth were loose so she tpuched it and right after in fell….what could this mean?

  • Bolaji

    Dream of not finishing an exam, also dream of shaking and loosing a tooth

  • Anonymous

    Having a baby with no arms

  • Ray

    Roaches all over my walls in my home

  • anonymous

    I dream’t that my crowns were loose and they fell out and when i licked my original teeth with my tounge they felt almost perfect please interpret it for me.

  • PEtra

    Hi, I took a nap and had a dream with 4 of my bottom teeth, left side…I broke off completely clean in the jaw and then I noticed the other next to him is loose too and I pushed it out. next too, I was already scared about it but I noticed I can just pull then out but 1 came out loose on its own and one broke in kind of half and was bad. I was not able to get the jaw part out of my mouth. I remember I called the dentist and asked him to do dentures as we have no money for anything bigger now. (ps is it possible I dreamed about it because my mom wrote she is having her expensive bridges done and my hubby received a check up invitation in mail the same day – today?)

    thank you so much. this worries me as I have a little baby and these kind of dreams worry me so badly I actually feel stomach sick:(

    I appreciate it

  • Angie123

    i had an ex bf’that lasted 2 years, i started seeing someone else but a few months later i decided to get back together with my ex bf that i was with for two years.Still i have feelings for the other guy and want to talk to him but didnt know how to. Here and there i have dreams, i don’t remember what im doing but all i rememeber is trying to take my tooth out it since its really loose but scared to. In last nights dream i took off that tooth and the next one started getting loose. I woke up and without hesitating i msged the guy i started seeing before i got with my boyfreind.Ive been confused for months on what to do. Stick with my bf or try new things with the other guy. Are these dreams trying to tell me something? someone help me, someone whom already experienced this !

    • Anonymous

      If u try to loose one which u got u might ending up with loosing all

  • my teeth all loose & pulling one out.

    I was with my father. I discovered all my teeth where very loose especially the large pointy tooth bottom left. I wiggled it a bit & pulled it out, noticing it in my hand, it was not rotten but it had no root, it was an empty white tube; & said to my father in anger & despair ‘that’s it, I’m pulling them all out & getting false teeth then!’, he looked confused & concerned. I then sobbed bitterly. The dream is still strong with me as I type this. Stephen Morgan

  • bibi

    Last night I finally ended things with my bf of 8 yrs and father out my kids… Weird that I had this dream of a loose tooth… cant remember anything else about my dream… Just that I Had a loose tooth…

    • Angie123

      and do u regret ur decision? because im kinda on that same case.


    I dreamt that I lost 5 of my bottom front teeth and they had a protected coat on them the over the original tooth

  • Jenn

    For the past 3 nights, i have been having dreams about losing teeth and last night i dreamed that i had a loose tooth. About a year ago i had a dream that i was at the dentist and standing in front of him, i pulled out 13 teeth from the back of my mouth, asking him for help. Can someone help me interpret that? For me to pull out 13 must be something serious.

  • Farwa hasnain

    hello , I actually often see in ma dream that my teeth is about to loose and I feel some pain in my gums too in the dream… Can you interpret my dream ???

  • Julia

    I dreamt that I was in a house and my husband an a women who he had an affair with was there in my dream they told me about the affair and I experienced all the same emotions I did when I had found out for real three months ago but this time after going through the emotions she told me it was a joke and it wasn’t real they just told me that as a prank. I was so angry an upset about it, I felt a loose tooth and wiggled it with my fingers until it pulled out it started happening more until both hands were full of teeth and other weird things like an old piece of wood but all came from my mouth with my tongue I could only feel four teeth missing (not sure what the teeth are called but they are the sharp ones that are a little to the side second over from the middle teeth) they thought it was weird but didn’t seem to concerned but i kept feeling loose teeth and pulling them out the dream ended while I was looking down at my hand full of teeth.

  • Kenn

    My tooth looks as if its behind my other teeth then it starts to feel loose and hurts my parent go in my room and I asked for my phone that my brother has instead my mom takes out a galaxy s2 phone and says she finds it I tell my father keep my iPhone if you put me braces ..

  • Consued

    My ex is cheating with my brother’s wife.
    My front tooth falls out. I’m running,
    Confused, and lost.

  • Anonymous

    i had a dream that my tooth was loose i tried to pull it out and it was stuck it wouldnt come out as i was walking down the road with my new boyfriend!

  • Anonymous

    There is a lot of bad grammar in this article. It’s a little dumb especially since this articles are supposed to be written by smart peole. Otherwise, don’t wirte articles. Thank you!

    • Anonymous

      You are the one who cant write!!! Idiot! Articles help people. And you are the one reading them!! What a retard!!!

  • The tooth is loose out but it is about and feeling pains

    Estoca odoi

  • kirsten

    I had a dream that my sons front left tooth was loose and was falling out of his mouth I was very worried that he was loosing it and told him to put it back and not let it fall out and than I woke up.

  • Shyla

    For ash Wednesday I gave up chips and meat for 45 day so it applied to my dream as well I was with my step sister n I told her to taste the difference of chips from here and Mexico .i picked up a chip and unheard a crack and my front tooth was loose .then the scenario had changed we were in the car and I kept saying we have to do something about my tooth.i was crying drastically saying how horrible il look and I can’t loose my teeth and no one seemed to care . I kept crying and screaming and I woke up.

  • idk

    I was at a carnival and I went to the bathroom and my teeth were very looser and I was kind of trying to push them out with my bottom teeth and iy hurt so bad. I don’t remember bleeding but I know I woke up very scared.

  • Emily

    In my dream I was clentching my teeth and two of them came loose enough to bend at a 90 degree angle, even tho it was bloody and messy I kept them up right and made sure not to lose them. I then tried to carefully keep them in and look for someone to fix them.

  • Aileen

    My dream was that I had one of my bottom teeth loose felt scary weird because I have lost my baby teeth. Anyway this tooth I would wiggle it twist it but would not fall off, would just dangle there. I’m not sure what it could mean?:/

  • Laura

    I dreamt last night that I was holding two teeth in my hand but had none missing in my mouth. And one of my teeth in my mouth started to become loose. Any input?

  • Randomer 34

    I dreamt last night that I was out with freiends and then one said my real dad (who I dont see ) was looking for me, I then saw hima nd was running away from him for ages and he found me, I kept runnign and hiding and then I was also dreaming that my teeth were really loose, what does this all mean? I ahve been having a few wierd dreams of also swimming deep underwater and eating glass? lol

  • julia

    3 front teeth extremely loose almost falling out I keep pushing them back up so they don’t fall out and there’s bloody

  • lb99

    I had a dream that I was getting married to my current boyfriend. On the day of the wedding, my mother and I were getting ready together. I had noticed on that day my teeth were really lose. I closed my mouth, and half of one of my teeth came out. Concerned, I asked my mother what I should do, she told me that I will need to go to a dentist immediately. After I phoned the dentist, I went in to the washroom to brush my teeth. When I was rinsing and spitting out the stuff in my mouth, all of my teeth came out.

  • boyfriend cheating

    I had a dream I was talking to my friend on the phone, we stopped talking and she forgot to hang up, than for some reason I over heard my boyfriend talking to someone on the phone and he was saying stuff like baby I love you, so I hung up on my friend and called his phone and I asked him who he was talking to and he said veevee (a girls name) so I told him fuck you then go with her. I was crying in my dream historical

  • Wendy

    o my goodness what they said above is so true, ive been having dreams of loose teeth and me pulling it out for month itz true i have alot of instability in my life. it feels so wierd. hopefully the dreams would be over soon

  • Samantha

    Hi, new here.
    Last night I dreamt that my son and are were playing (do not know what we were playing) but he jumped up onto me and knocked my tooth out. It was really vivid as I remember the pain and taste of blood in my mouth-I woke-up just after the bump and taste of blood to find that-thank goodness it was only a dream..

    should I be concerned or just ignore this dream as I have all the others?

  • Alex

    I keep having reoccurring dreams about my teeth being loose. Throughout my dream they eventually fall out simultaneously. I’m always standing over a sink and everything is so vivid. I can see the bright red blood in the sink and can taste it too. It makes me uncomfortable throughout my whole dream because the loose teeth feel so real.

    Additional details about me:
    I’m going to college in the fall and don’t know whether to stay in-state for school because my parents are guilt-tripping me or going to school down south.
    I feel bad because I’m the only child and my dad works all the time, and I don’t want my mom to be lonely all the time.

    These dreams have been going on for months!

  • haile

    i saw two dreams in different time. i saw my grandpa became a blind and after three days i saw my self losing one of my upper jaws.

  • Maria

    2. Red foxs kept trying to enter my home through my washing machine while I was standing with 2 camouflage lizards on each arm.

  • Karen

    Sorry…new here. I thought this was for any dream. Not just about teeth! Nevermind!

  • Karen

    I had this dream off and on over a period of a few years.

    In my dream, I get a new pair of contact lenses. (I do wear contacts in real life, if that makes a difference). When I open the package, the lenses are HUGE….bigger than quarters. I try to put them in and of course I can’t. They keep folding and won’t stay in my eye.

    Like I said, I had that same dream off and on for a few years. Then one night I had a variation of the dream. My husband got a new pair of contacts (he does NOT wear them in real life) and encountered the same situation: lenses bigger than quarters, he couldn’t wear them.

    After I had that variation of the dream involving my husband, I never had the dream again.

    Any ideas?

  • DJAY

    I dram last night that my teeth falls as i gargle… What does it means?

  • tooth fell off

    In my dream, Just one tooth in my lower jaw fell off and I am desperate to find ways to fix it back. But it does not fix in. Finally i decide to store it and find a doctor to help me fix it. I see myself in smiling in the mirror to see my teeth missing and I get very upset. What does this mean?

    Additional details about me and my life right now

    Right now I am looking to get into a job with no luck as of now.
    We are looking to buy a home again finding no good ones.
    Me and my 5 year old are at conflict once in a while that really upsets me a lot.

  • Emma

    I can’t remember the start of my dream but I was at this house, I knew in my dream but not in real life, anyway I had just put anti bioethics on my gums and tongue and like 5 mins later my mouth became numb and I cud feel this in my dream the actual feeling of numbness so I looked in the mirror and my 2 front bottom teeth were wobbling and in my head I started to think oh no the cream isn’t working and fearful that they will drop out, soon after that thought the numbness started to become painful and I cud feel my tongue pushing on my teeth and I cuddnt stop it I tried to hold my tongue but everytime I tried to stop my tongue would push harder I was so scared that strangely I started telling myself in the dream to wake up,wake up, and I jumped out of bed scared feeling to see if my teeth were still there. I’ve had dreams like this before, normally all before my life completely changed. Most of the time it is my teeth falling out but I have never felt the physical pain. At first when I had the dreams of my teeth It became my phobia I’d constantly worry about my teeth. But I then linked the dreams to times I worried the most, the times I felt most unstable like losing my job, my step dad dying, moving to a new country and losing a friendship but I’m worried about the pain I felt in the dream is it normal to feel pain.

  • Loose front bottom teeth

    I dreamt that my two bottom front teeth came loose after flossing. They kept pushing backwards and I would quickly try to straighten them back. I ran down stairs to my husband begging him for help. The first thing that came to my mind while dreaming was my health and the need to take better care of myself.

  • Emily

    I had a dream at the weekend that some of my teeth were wobbling. I kept wobbling them and then eventually pulled them out. They were bleeding, but I was reassuring myself in my dream that it was OK that they were coming out as they were “baby” milk teeth. My two front teeth in my dream also had veneers on them, and they were falling off too. Any thoughts on the details of my teeth dream would be very interesting! I do have big decisions in my life at the moment and my trust and faith in a very important relationship has been shaken. Dont know if that has something to do with it?!

  • Kate

    I was in this house with my family and i looked into a mirror to see one by one all of my teeth were falling out. I asure you i was freaking out the next day touching my teeth if they were still there.

  • Yolanda

    I do not recall events of my dream but I do know I had a tooth at the bottom on the side very loose almost about to fall out!!! And I am
    Anxious to know what this mean, I currently just married Dec 20 and me and my husband is house hunting to buy a house and he wants to buy us another vehicle we have two which is paid for. He currently oversea working. Also I have been frustrated trying to figure out if by being a true Christian is it better to wear dresses or pants so I don’t understand this tooth dream!!!

  • CarmenGaile

    I was in the town I grew up in but as an adult, now. It started with me feeling that a tooth was loose with my tongue. Then as i felt it with my fingers and pulled it, as if on a string several came out with it. This continited to happed as I looked for desperately looked for help. The striking thing to me is that the visible portion of the tooth was clean and white but the root was black and porous like charcoal. I kept saying, “but ive never even had a cavity! What is happening?” There was no help to be found and even when I would wake from this dream I would fall asleep and return to it…

  • Sienna

    Odontoceti remember all of it but I was standing in a large emptyish building with two of my goods friends – a girl and a guy and I had been running there and on the way my tooth had fallen out of my bottom row of teeth. I wasn’t horrified but I was really shocked and when I went to feel the hole I noticed two things – there was no blood and the other teeth around it were loose aswell ready to fall out. I looked up and kind of laughed then went back into shock and ran away to get it fixed

  • Amber

    I had a dream that my back right tooth on the bottom was wiggling. I was at home making my bed and looked up to see pictures of my soon to be ex husband and myself on the wall. As I kept walking I faded out of those pictures and soon it was him and someone else’s wedding pictures. I was angry that someone had put them up. My divorce will be finalized tomorrow.

  • Lisa

    I had a dream that really affected me.
    I had two teeth that were loose.
    They fell out and I kept trying to put
    them back in. They stayed in pretty well
    But I kept getting anxious that they’d
    fall out unexpectedly.
    :-0 gummy smilie!

  • Joanna

    I have had teeth dreams often and this was my 6th time.But usually teeth fall out. This time, it was like i had fixed some problematic teeth and those teeth were causing trouble.I had a lot of red thread around a teeth and a plank like thing to hold it in place or something.For some reason, this implied to me that it was a fixed teeth, in my dream. But this was becoming loose and in the end came out while another jus chipped right off on touch, without effort..What could this mean?

  • Jade

    I had a dream that i was
    Looking at my front tooth in a mirror anf it

    Was loose and I was trying to push it back, but it was still loose.
    I will admit in reality I do have one of my front teeth slightly overlap my other tooth and it bothers me
    But there’s more to it than

  • Joseline Flores

    I was I think in a field trip with classmates went camping and at first they out us with partners the partner I got was one of my ex and we started talking an ended up kissing but I already have a bf in the dream then after we went to some classroom and I don’t know why but there wa screaming outside of terror of some students I went outside to use te restroom and I met up there with this girl I never talked to before in real life but I’ve seen her before and she was telling me that kids were just screaming because they were playing a game as I went to the sink besides me there was some intestines or that’s what I thought but I tried not to look at it and started to try to pull out a loose tooth I had but it was hard to and then I woke up

  • julian

    My tooth was loose then i pulled out out. then the second one got loose and pulled it ouy

    • Jade

      Hi Julian -
      It means you will have two subsequent unpredictable situations come
      Up shortly and it’s preparing your for this.
      Be encouraged these are
      Not necessarily bad events either

  • danielle

    I find that my teeth are loose and i pull out all of them on the left side only mullors

  • Steph

    I have a boyfriend who I love very much but I had this dream the other night where me and a friend (a guy) who I study with quite a bit were at this other university to work on a project but we were swimming in this indoor pool. It was pretty dark in the room and the pool was lit with one light. We were both swimming when he came up to me and kind of wrapped his arms around me and it was “a moment”. Our faces were VERY close and there was a lot of sexual tension, except nothing happened, the dream just ended. What on earth does this mean…

    • Jade

      It means you have deep feelings and inquisitive feelings for this guy and it’s important to acknowledge them
      In your waking life.

  • Wow

    wow, that is so bizarre! I had a real intense dream in which I lost one of my front teeth. Through the entire dream this caused me to feel very unpleasant. After reading this, I can connect it to my own life. I am having alot of stress with finishing my internship to graduate, I am working about 12hours a day. Besides that if I graduate in a few weeks, that means my student life will be over which I feel kinda sad about.. Never thought dreams could mean like anything..

  • crazy. bizzare

    Im looking in the mear becuase my teeth feel really loose when i go to touch them they fall out completely.

  • Laurel

    I dreamed that my family and extended family were all together and we were supposed to go somewhere but no one was ready. I was frustrated so my friend and I left the house and decided to go hide on them. We were running outside when she pushed my head down in order for them not to see me through the window, but I lost my footing and fell face first into the ground. My nose and mouth were bleeding, one of my teeth was chipped and the other one was loose. I went inside to try to tell someone and I couldn’t get their attention. I finally got my dad’s attention and he helped me rinse my nose and mouth out in the sink. We were trying to get my mom to take me to the dentist office but she was unconcerned and just said she’d take me later, but I was freaking out about my loose tooth.

    Similarly, I had a dream a month or two ago that my gums fell out into my hands, and I couldn’t talk and tell anyone that I needed to go to the hospital or something.

    • Jade

      You are doing a lot of things in your life independently which may or may not be new for you. There is likely a feeling of disappointment or you feeling let down by some one in your family. I suggest to write it down and formulate your thoughts and in the right time
      Bring it to them. The delegation
      On one of your families ‘time management’ hence your mother
      Not wanting to go in the dream. Think about who these people are and
      Gently address it

      • Jade

        This is for Lauren ;-)