Missing Teeth Dream

Missing Teeth Dream
Seeing missing teeth in a dream can be a warning about an issue or feelings you may have overlooked in your waking life. In the dream interpretation of teeth, missing a tooth or several teeth signals potential issues with self-esteem, especially with regards to your body image. Another dream interpretation for a dream of missing teeth points to a more symbolic meaning where the missing teeth or tooth represents emotional struggle and lack of support.

Dream meanings of missing teeth

Seeing missing teeth in a dream could have several meanings:

  • Concerns about self-esteem and body image
  • A calling to take care of yourself
  • A warning about a reality and feelings that have been ignored
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Missing teeth in a dream signals concerns about self-image

Missing teeth are strong dream symbols of concerns about body image. Since teeth are an important part of one’s facial features, they are objects of a lot of attention. If you are missing teeth or a tooth in a dream, it may point to concerns over your physical appearance, health, and aging.

Having a missing tooth or teeth in a dream does not usually mean that you are worried about your next dental health checkup – although this could be one way to analyze your dream. The source of worry signaled in your dream is most likely about a more symbolic part of you, either related to body and health, or to your emotional well-being.

Missing teeth as a call to take care of yourself

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Unlike the predictions found in horoscopes or psychic readings, dream interpretation relies on your active participation. When you interpret your dreams, put yourself in the shoes of the dream interpreter who understands the symbols and meanings of your dreams the best.

When was the last time you had a tooth missing? If it was during childhood, chances are that your dream about missing teeth relates to some old, obscure feeling related to that time.

Your dream may point to the need to nurture yourself more: Have you been taking care of yourself lately? Where are your sources of support in your private or social life?

A dream of missing teeth could point to a current situation where similar feelings are coming up. Pay attention to feelings of loss you may be experiencing because of a sudden change in your life. It could be related to your job situation, family, personal relationships.

Missing teeth dreams as warning

Dreaming about having teeth missing acts as a signal that a situation or feeling has been ignored or denied. The dream imagery is strongly associated with fear and concerns. Check what in your daily life may be causing such concern or grief and see how you have been dealing with it lately.

Your dream may point to the need to acknowledge the seriousness or the depth of your situation or feelings. What is missing in your life right now? Or what have you been missing because you were too busy or worried?

A dream of missing teeth is a calling to become more aware of what is going on and deal with it more in a more open, conscious manner.

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Missing Teeth Dream

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310 Responses to Missing Teeth Dream


    I had a dream that only 3 of my teeth fell out and I told my mom are they going to grow back and out of no where I started laughing. What does this mean anyone ?

    • Lawanda

      Death is to take place for me its where they fall out rather from the top or bottom and it lets me know rather to prepare myself in the passing of a family member or close friend of the family …each time death occurred

      • Kendra

        Lawanda tx?

  • Priya

    I dreamt of that my teeth disappeared in the mouth and i felt the lossening sensation then afyer few time n seconds teeth strted to come again in the mouth


    my dream is about my friends,we were in someplace like a farm,we were surrounded snakes like cobras,and vipers.All my friends scared to kill them,but I took up courage to attacked them like a five of them.I hit them on their heads with my belt head.Then I wake up I already hold my belt.

  • April

    My ex is a good looking guy that loves tge girls and he has a lot of money, I had a dream that I went to his house and it was disgusting, bugs garbage everywhere, he came home and tried to kiss me and he was very sickly, his teeth were falling out and he was very crude and just all around disgusting,the things I had given. Him however were the only things that were not destroyed in his house so I took them and left, I remember being worried he had aids and being disgusted at him, what does this mean?

    • Anonymous

      That means he’s no good don’t let what he have fool

  • no name.

    i had a dream my bofriend and i were arguing and we ended up walking past a fight then he decided he wanted to fight to get his anger out and wont hurt me and after the fight his teeth were falling out.

    • Braboy

      Your boy friend will certainly die within 100 years

  • Anonymous

    in my dream, I was talking to my friend when he spoke , he had no teeth at all. I then asked him what happened to your grill?

  • Tamyah

    I had a weird dream of my baby she grew teeth. 3 teeth but 2 teeth were abnormal they were cross over one another.Can someone help me out what does it mean???

    • Anonymous

      She will face two paths on her lifetime. A path that will mean a great deal

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream of looking in my baby mouth she had 3 teeth coming in however what I did notice 2 teeth were crossing over the other it looked abnormal.Can someone explain to me what this weirdo dream means?

    • lacey

      I also had a dream of my baby having teeth. Been trying to find out what it means

  • goutam prasad jessora

    I saw my girlfriend playing with my elder brother with water on the road infron of my friends
    And she saw and stop it and said i wil see later.

  • Brooklyn1011

    So I dreamt that my 2 top incisors became wobbly and I started moving them around with my tongue. Then they came out but I can’t remember what had happened to them? But 2 new teeth grew back as baby teeth, and they stayed little.. I seemed to be happy though? I can’t remember where I was at the time of this?

    • Liz

      I have a reoccurring dream that I’m on a playground (yet I’m a g
      An adult) and my tooth is loose so I just pull it out and it comes out whole. I am not anxious at all because I know my teeth will always grow back.

  • Quantum

    my dad dreamt about me losing my teeth

    what does this mean?

  • Chuck

    I been having a reoccurring dream of being at a party or place where there are other ppl but when I want to leave or do something else I find my wife not wanting to leave and to stay because she is getting attention from what seems like a more important person then myself and even fi Ding her naked in a threesome at points

    • pakarang

      i think you need help my friend. marriage counselling.

  • Toofluss In Seatle

    When I was is my 20’s, I used to dream that all of my teeth were falling out one by one and I would have a mouthful of teeth. It was a very strange and sensation that felt so real. I would wake up and feel inside my mouth and realize it was only a dream. The really strange part is this was a recurring dream that I had over 50 times throughout my 20’s.

    I always thought that I was going to lose all my teeth in some kind of accident or playing basketball. The real Catch-22 was that I had no cavities or fillings until I was 52. At 52, I had my first cavity and filling.

    Ten years later, I have had 8 teeth crumble on me while eating and I am going to start the process of implants. If those dreams were a message of a future event in my life, then I was obviously forewarned.

    Strange huh?

    Toofluss in Seattle

  • faye

    I dream about my tooth was missing and when I awoke started feeling for my tooth

  • j

    Hanging out wiyh elementary school friend. Go to sleep at her house and i woke up to my teeth falling out

  • Marcia

    Dream I had no front teeth

  • Nia

    Dreamed about a guy friend front teeth fallout but it seams like theres another toot behind it coming out. When he dropped it he catch it with his hands and we were laughing hard because he dropped his tooth on the floor.

  • Yelena

    I had a dream that my best friend had lost her top front teeth because she was in a fight or something like that! She had no teeth in the front and i told her i will help her and pay for her teeth and find the guy too!

    • Adele

      eeThanks for this thought provoking topic, I was just now wondering about this very same topic. Wow it&qrsuo;s so nice and fortuitous to find a post which I’ve been looking for without needing to browsing the web all day long!24

  • lana

    my ex come baack with no teethon front and ask merry him and he gave me box with ring I said yes

  • lana

    my ex come to me and ask me merry him gave me ring box i said yes and in dream i was happy

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