Dream About Pulling Out Teeth

Pulling Out Teeth Dream

A dream featuring your teeth being pulled out indicates that you are facing radical changes in your life. The symbolism of pulling out teeth may point how challenging the situation is in your waking life and the difficulty to let go of something important to you.


What does it mean when you dream about pulling out teeth?

A dream featuring teeth being pulled out corresponds to:

  • Moment of transition particularly difficult
  • Renewal, giving birth to something new
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Pulling out teeth in dreams: Representation of painful transitions

Dreams of having teeth pulled out may come during times of significant transition. The dream imagery symbolizes how painful or difficult the experience is for you as you go through changes.

The changes in your life may be experienced as an aggression or be emotionally painful. Perhaps it’s like extracting yourself from your comfort zone, which often comes with facing loss, challenges and disturbing emotions.

Pulled out teeth as symbols of renewal & self discovery

According to psychologist and dream analyst Carl Jung, if you dream about having a tooth or teeth pulled out and you are a woman, the dream symbolizes giving birth, either literally or symbolically such as giving birth to a new self or a project.

Your dream about pulling out teeth indicates that you are becoming more aware of your emotions. As such, it a sign that you are growing into self discovery, even if may at times feel painful.

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Pulling Out Teeth Dream

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118 Responses to Pulling Out Teeth Dream

  • Justyne

    i had a dream two nights ago that i was wiggling one of my bottom teeth and then got out of bed walked into the bathroom stared at myself for a while and then ripped my tooth out and then calmly walked back into my bedroom and went back to sleep in my sleep.

  • Demi

    I had this dream of my teeth being pulled out a few times and it seems every time I have it someone I know passes away . I had this dream two nights ago and today someone I knew passed away.

  • Luci

    Hahahha this comments make me crack! These are such supertsticious old and untrue interpretations

  • Anne Taylor

    Doe anyone ever interpreted these dreams other than radom people?

  • Raquel

    I had a dream that my tooth was parcially out so i pulled it out. I was at the sink and i could see blood in the sink. I was very calm about the situation. Which is weird because blood is a fear of mine and i really do need a wisdom tooth pulled but have put it off because i cant handle the blood part.

  • Mar

    I had a dream of me picking my teeth out from a carpet. What does that mean?

  • Mev

    If you dreaming your tooth is falling out It stands someone you know will passaway!!

  • M

    If you dreaming your tooth is falling out It stands someone you know will passaway!

  • kale

    So what does it mean if I dreamed about pulling out all my teeth and then proceeded to take myself apart?. What I mean by that is first I ripped my skin off, the flayed the flesh from my bones, then pulled my organs out. Am I just a psychopath or has anyone else experienced this?

    • Anne Taylor

      Seems like you have a lot of anxiety going on in your life.

  • ukele h.

    what the acutual heck i just had a dream that a friggin zebra came and yanked my tooth out like wtf and then miranda sings shoed up and yanked out my tongue!!??!?? someone help i am very confused and feelin a lil wild. if anyone has a waffle hmu.
    – ukele

    • banjo k.

      woah haha your name is kinda like mine (banjo ukele haha) maybe we should start a band!! woo hoo. i have had a dream kind of similar to this, as crazy as it sounds. i had my tongue ripped out by a celeb as well, though it was kim k. if your tongue is falling out, it probably means that you are holding bak from telling someone something. get those words out sweetie!
      heart, banjo
      if you need any more help email me @banjokim@gmail.com

      • ukele h.

        lolz your name is so frickin cool wth. i would love to start a band with you!!11!!11!!1 lmao lolz haha. we shuld toast start a band like asap as possible. lolz. plz respond let’s think of a band name and talk about our wild crazy teeth dreams lolz. #justgirlythings .
        – ukele h.

      • banjo k.

        @ukele do you wotch that show, stranger things? we could make a band with a name from the show maybe because my entire life revolves around stranger things. #strangerthings #banjoandukele

  • banjo k.

    i had a dream that was very reelistic about getting my teeth pulled out by a shark. no honestly, a heckin shark. it wuz wild. ive developed an extreme fear of sharks and teeth and cant even look in the mirror anymore without screaming about my teeth. so scared. help
    love, banjo

  • neetu kashyab

    i had a dream that i pulled my teeth by my hand and the same thing is done by my friend . we both pulled out our teeth . and it happened very easily .

  • Shayla

    I had a dream last night about a bath tub over flowing with water
    And that I was able to pull out all my bottom teeth no problem and was surprised when I was able to pull out my teeth

  • Brook Shane De Veyra

    I had a dream that i pulled out my own teeth in the front and when i pulled it out theres a replacement for it.

  • Mia

    I have are dream that I was pull out all my top front teeth out without no pain and I’m so surprise what does it mean

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