Dream About Pulling Out Teeth

A dream featuring your teeth being pulled out indicates that you are facing radical changes in your life. The symbolism of pulling out teeth may point how challenging the situation is in your waking life and the difficulty to let go of something important to you.


What does it mean when you dream about pulling out teeth?

A dream featuring teeth being pulled out corresponds to:

  • Moment of transition particularly difficult
  • Renewal, giving birth to something new
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Pulling out teeth in dreams: Representation of painful transitions

Dreams of having teeth pulled out may come during times of significant transition. The dream imagery symbolizes how painful or difficult the experience is for you as you go through changes.

The changes in your life may be experienced as an aggression or be emotionally painful. Perhaps it’s like extracting yourself from your comfort zone, which often comes with facing loss, challenges and disturbing emotions.

Pulled out teeth as symbols of renewal & self discovery

According to psychologist and dream analyst Carl Jung, if you dream about having a tooth or teeth pulled out and you are a woman, the dream symbolizes giving birth, either literally or symbolically such as giving birth to a new self or a project.

Your dream about pulling out teeth indicates that you are becoming more aware of your emotions. As such, it a sign that you are growing into self discovery, even if may at times feel painful.

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1037 Responses to Pulling Out Teeth Dream

  • Dntwannabesnagatooth

    Im my dream i just woke up and felt my tooth was loose. so i just kept messing with it, wiggling it til it came out.then all my teeth became loose after that one came out. Then one of my back teeth just fell out. I was terrified and snag a tooth.

    • Cheyenne

      I had the exact same dream last night!!!

  • Zi'Asia

    I had some kind of twisted nightmare. It was interesting. Long story short these deadly creatures were in some place with friends and family,strangers (mainly kids), and myself. About 6 or 7 of them. They terrorized us , most likely killed some of us. They did kill someones fairly big dog. It was a graphic dream, filled with gore and violence. Anyway. At the end or something I found myself standing in a bathroom looking in the mirror and like the scene in Insidious 2 (I believe) when Josh pulled a loose tooth out of the back of his mouth in the bathroom staring at the mirror, I did the exact same thing and panicked repeating “no no no!!!” and kept feeling the empty slightly bloody space.

  • Sabs

    I had a dream that a tooth was missing. I could feel the hole in my mouth. Then my other teeth started to get pulled our of my mouth. I then has severe rubbing and pushing on my front teeth feeling them be grinded extremely painful but I also couldn’t open my mouth it was like it was wired shut.

  • Nicole

    I dreamt that during a party, my fiancé’s tooth was loose and so his mother helped pull it out for him. I think I remember it being as if it was a baby tooth, that only slightly stung. Any ideas?

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