Rotten Teeth Dream

Rotten Teeth Dream

Rotten teeth in dreams are viewed in the field of dream interpretation as a presentation of something in your life or a part of yourself that you would rather ignore, but can’t. Whatever it is, it feels like it’s decaying and not pretty to look at. Dreaming of rotten teeth could point to a sticky issue that has been bothering you for a while and not dealt with completely. It could mean that you did or said something you regret or that it represents a part of you that you reject as being not acceptable.


Dream meanings of rotten teeth

The main meanings for dreams about teeth rotting or decaying are:

  • A loss in your life
  • Dealing with insatisfaction
  • Fear of dealing with lingering issues
  • A call to deal with unfinished business
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Rotten teeth as representation of loss

Seeing rotten teeth is a sign of a loss in your life. The dream could point to a symbolic loss, such as during a period of change, or a real loss of something that you used to rely on or was important to you.

The rotten teeth in your dream may also represent something in your life that is slowly going away or changing. Teeth could symbolize health, physical appearance, but also your strength, sense of power.

Rotten teeth as symbols of insatisfaction

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A dream featuring rotten or rotting teeth could also be a warning about something that is not unfolding to your advantage in your life.

Check to see if a situation, something that somebody said, or a behavior you may have are undermining you in ways that feel like demeaning, humiliating.

Rotten teeth in dreams as representation of lingering issues

Dreaming of rotten indicate that something has been bothering you lately that has been ignored because it was too difficult, painful or disgusting to look at.

Rotten teeth in dreams can been interpreted as symbols of what has been rejected out of your consciousness, but still has a strong influence on how you feel.

Positive dream interpretation of rotten teeth

A dream about rotten or decaying teeth is an invitation to resolve unfinished business. Listen to the message communicated through your dream to take care of a situation or emotions you have ignored before they poison your life or decay into something even more unpleasant.

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Rotten Teeth Dream

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432 Responses to Rotten Teeth Dream

  • Kevin

    I just had a dream where I walked into a room with this girl I’ve only met once crying on the bed, I got down and spooned with her to make her feel better and eventually she sucked my dick. Well I made out with this girl after I came in her mouth and we both commented on how slimy gum can be in your mouth. While at the sink to wash out the slime I peel off a layer and my two front teeth are rotting and I looked at my gums and it was battery acid like corrosion, she’s freaking out and I shake my head and wake up 15 minutes before my alarm goes off. What the fuck does it mean??

    • Kevin


  • shane

    My dream is that my lower fangs were rotten. Both are from behind but the left one breaks in half and im running home with my tongue feeling the half.

  • Shivangi

    I had a dream that my friend who is a dentist is pulling my teeth Nd a teeth came out that was half Nd it was rotten. Not completely but it was rotten

  • Samone

    I had a dream where I woke up one morning, and the majority of my bottom teeth were rotten (completely black and disgusting). The back and sides of my top teeth were also black. I freaked out and tried fixing them, but in vain. Could someone help me interpret this? This dream has given me anxiety but I don’t know if that’s because in the dream I was anxious.

  • minakshi

    I saw in my dream that my a decay tooth from last of the row itself was removed without any pain or blood and I was very Happy and contented at that time…..that it came out self without pain and rest of teeth were fine at their place…..
    What does it means???

  • Kayla

    I recently had a dream that I was in a dark unfamiliar place. While I was there I noticed that I had a loose tooth.  I rubbed my tongue across my teeth and noticed there where 2 more loose teeth.  One in the back top, the one directly below it and a tooth close to my incisors.  I opened up my mouth to check them with my fingers and my loose teeth fell to the floor.  Completely frightened I started looking for them in the dark unfamiliar room.  I found a small flight of stairs. I walked down a few steps found one of my teeth, but I was never able to find the others.  But it gets stranger.  After finding my tooth I didn’t know what to do with it.. so I checked my mouth again. Inside where my teeth I lost still there decade and wiggly, but I could tell that I had small if not baby teeth underneath the decade ones.

    • Mat

      NO WAY.

      OK I totally just had a weird ass dream that my teeth were rotting and I was pulling them out and there were little small baby teeth growing under the decayed ones.

      But the scary shit was that when I was pulling my rotted teeth out, I had this horrible taste in my mouth like blood and dirt, and my gums were like ripping and tearing my gums off too and they were all black and rotted. And then the tip of my tongue just like

      fell off dude.

      • Sherilyn

        Wow we had exactly the same dream

      • Olga

        That meant the new The Walking Dead season was going to begin on October… duhhh!😜

  • Theo

    I had a dream that I was with my girlfriend. We were joking around with each other like normal and everything was fine. Then she smiled and her teeth looked black. I was confused and thought that maybe she had something on them so I leaned forward and tried to scrape it off with my finger nail… nothing came off, her tooth just wiggled. That’s when I realized her teeth were rotten. She looked scared, she reached into her mouth and tried to scrape it off and she ended up pulling her front tooth out. It really scared me, I felt like I was going to cry. I lead her to the bathroom so she could look in the mirror and when she saw her teeth she started to cry and pull them out one by one…

  • Savonah

    Okay everything I experience doesn’t happen while sleeping but this site is something similar I don’t know I’m Hoping somebody has some insight for me. I am an empath I have spirit visitors come to me all the time I think an old friend put a spell on me he’s involved in dark arts something I’ve always been afraid to mess with we had a fallin out and since then I’ve been having lots of demonic attacks been made on me I moved into this one house been here 2 in a half years and it’s gotten worse like multiple entities and not nice ones….
    OKAY SO HERE IT IS: I was in the bathroom then behind me stand a woman who in some way resembled me a bit but her face and rest of her skin was rotten and decaying something like a zombie she was laughing at me it was evil like she was taunting me also before that I had take. A picture I abd it looked like my arm was rotting I didn’t notice this untill after I seen that woman I. The mirror what does that mean anybody know ?

    • TenTen

      FUCKING PRAY!!! Devote yourself in GOD please it will save you

    • Jannika

      Youre so awesome, man!  I cant believe I missed this blog for so long.  Its just great stuff all round.  Your design, ma2t08n3#;&oo amazing!  I cant wait to read what youve got next.  I love everything that youre saying and want more, more, MORE!  Keep this up, man!  Its just too good.

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