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As a general rule, teeth falling out in dreams symbolize transition times. This type of dream echoes the emotional disturbances you may be experiencing as you or your environment is going through a period of change. >> See full dream interpretation

Your interpretation may focus on a few negative meanings, such as insecurity or fear of loss. Keep in mind that this symbol also has positive meanings, including a new direction in life and renewal.

What does it mean when you dream about your teeth falling out?

Wondering what it means if you have a dream about your teeth falling out? You’re not alone. Teeth falling out in dreams is one of the most common anxiety dream scenario. Here are dream examples and how to interpret what they mean.

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What is the meaning of a dream where your teeth fall out?

Here are 5 keys to interpreting a dream featuring teeth falling out:

  • Positive meanings: starting something new, period of growth and development
  • Negative meanings: insecurity, ambivalence, cost of inaction or compromising
  • Dreams about teeth falling indicate times of change and feeling of loss
  • Teeth falling out are symbols of a costly compromise, lack of balance in your life
  • Intensity of the emotions in the dream are a reflection of tension felt in life
  • See all the dream meanings of teeth falling out

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What do teeth dreams mean? Questions & answers

Here are interpretations of selected dreams shared by dreamers on this web site.

What does it mean? Teeth falling out and personal tension

“I had a dream that I was in the car with my Mom and a some guy. Then I wiggled my tooth and felt it was loose and it came out. Then after that another another two teeth came falling out. I was freaking out in my dream…”

Falynn describe a dream where she sees her teeth fall out and several symbols, such as a car and her mom, that will help decipher the meaning of her dream. >> Read the interpretation of Falynn’s dream

What does it mean? Bathroom settings in dreams of teeth falling out

“I had the strangest dream about all my teeth falling one by one out my mouth. I was in the bathroom, brushing my teeth in front of the mirror when I feel one of my tooth come loose. I keep brushing and suddenly I see one of my teeth fall out on the counter.”

Sandra shares a dream that takes place in a bathroom, an environment common for dreams about teeth falling out and that carries important clues for her dream interpretation. >> Read Sandra’s dream interpretation of teeth falling out

What does it mean? Teeth falling out symbols and need for support in life

“I had teeth falling out and my mouth filling with blood from where they had come from. I was so scared and crying in my dream, I was at my nans whom I’m very close to and she was comforting me. “

Emma shares a distressing dream where she sees her teeth fall one by one and struggles with her own despair, searching for relief. >> Read Emma’s dream interpretation

What does it mean? Losing teeth dream, job and family anxiety

“I have a pregnant wife and a two year old, and with the new job I will have to do quite a bit of traveling which is new to me/us; this has made me very anxious. In the first dream I was where I currently work talking with a good friend and one tooth fell out, and then all of a sudden the entire top of my mouth came out, gums and all; then all of the bottom teeth fell out one by one.”

Ryan’s dream echoes various sources of stress he’s having in his life: job responsibilities, pregnant wife, lots of work travels… The teeth imagery illustrate concerns and anxiety shared by a lot of us.>> Read Ryan’s dream interpretation

What does it mean? Losing teeth and mirror symbols in dreams

“I had to go to the bathroom for some reason, when I went into the bathroom all of a sudden I feel a lot of pressure in my mouth (no pain at all), so I look in the mirror at my teeth and and felt I should put my hand out.”

Britt’s dream has two common dream symbols: Losing teeth and a mirror. Mirrors and bathroom settings are often featured in dreams about teeth since they symbolize the need for self-reflection and privacy. >> Read Britt’s dream interpretation

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Guide to the meanings of teeth in dreams

Losing teeth dream

Losing teeth in dreams is a common theme in dream interpretation. This type of dream could be a useful indicator of:

  • Lingering fears about losing control, fear about “losing it”, whether it’s control over your life, your own sanity or people around you;
  • Fear about losing your edge, your “bite” on life.

See also Falling Teeth Dream.

Teeth being pulled out dream

The dream imagery symbolizes how painful or difficult the experience of change is [...] >>Read more about pulling out teeth dreams.

People also have many other kinds of teeth dreams:

  • Animal teeth
  • Chewing on something
  • Fake of false teeth
  • Missing tooth
  • Rotten teeth
  • Spitting out teeth

Fake or false teeth dream

False teeth or a fake tooth in a dream represent:

  • Conventional masks or facades you put in social settings or to protect yourself.
  • Field of illusions; lies told to yourself or others.
  • Lack of trust in your natural gifts, physical, mental or emotional self.

Spitting out teeth dream

Spitting out teeth in a dream indicate:

  • Anxiety about losing your effectiveness or good looks.
  • Desire to say something that has been repressed for a while; contained emotion, especially anger or agressivity, that need to be expressed or acknowledged more fully.

Rotten tooth or teeth dream

Rotten teeth in a dream represent:

  • Something you’ve said that you regret;
  • Feeling bad about something that happened to you or others;
  • Conflict that is of concern, but not yet fully addressed or acknowledged.

Missing tooth dream

Missing a tooth in a dream could represent:

  • Feeling of loss.
  • Anxiety about losing effectiveness or power in social life.

See also Losing Teeth Dream.

Animal tooth or teeth

If you dream about having or seeing an animal tooth, it could refer to:

  • Your instincts or emotions are coming to the surface and need to be acknowledged.
  • Aggressiveness, repressed primal instinct or motivation.

Look at the meaning corresponding to the specific animal.

Dream of chewing on something

Chewing on something in a dream is symbolic of:

  • Ability to analyze or integrate new information or events
  • A situation or habit you need to reflect on in order to better understand.

Look at what you’re eating to see which qualities or information you need to better integrate into your life.

Despite the uneasy feelings a dream about teeth falling out may trigger, this typical anxiety dream could be a blessing in disguise. >> Discover all the meanings of teeth falling out in dreams

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I Had the Strangest Dream…: The Dreamer’s Dictionary for the 21st Century

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666 Responses to What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Teeth Falling Out

  • Tareta McLaughlin

    I keep having dreams that my teeth are lose and if i touch them with my tounge they would fall out. And i feel the pain in my teeth while im sleeping. it feels so real. in my dream i loose about 6 teeth. i get worried when i wake up that i have no teeth an my teeth aches are gone

  • Martin

    I dream Im having my teeth pulled out one by one and il ways wake up to this

  • Maeve

    I have a bridge with a false tooth. In my dream I felt that the tooth next to it was crooked. So I touched it but the bridge came out, no pain, no blood. When I had it in my hand, it looked like an entire draw of things organized such as alligator clips and the like – really bizarre.
    I was with one of my University professors. We were moving from one classroom location to another on an upper floor so we could watch films (which we normally did in class). But the room wasn’t set up properly. I found myself constantly moving from the floor where it was supposed to be to the ground floor and running into people I knew. Not sure what this all means.

  • Denisse

    So… my I’ve had two really strange dreams.

    The first, I remember a tooth fell out and then it was like a waterfall of little teeth streaming out of the area the first tooth fell out. I was really disgusted and scared and I can’t get the image out of my head.

    The next dream happened a few months later. I remember someone poking my tooth and then a few seconds later, it just fell. Then I rushed to bathroom to see if it was noticeable. I thought i was real, so I tried to wake up to feel the area I thought to be the missing tooth. For whatever reason, I was unable to move my body and I started to freak out. It wasn’t until maybe a minute that I was finally able to move.

  • Victoria

    I had a dream where I was falling from a darkness and I hit the ground. When I hit the ground from the pressure and force of hitting the ground my top teeth came out and ended up in my bottom gums. It was very painful and felt so real, it was a nightmare. I woke up.

  • Matthew Wise

    I had a dream last month where I woke up wentto my bathroom turned on the water drank some and when I spit the rest out it was all blood water and I spit again and I lost a tooth, then I did it again and my whole mouth was full of blood and all of my teeth and I spit it all out into the sink…

  • Emma

    Okay I’ve had these kinds of dreams a lot but recently I dreamt that I was at my school with a lot of people I knew, and this girl was being extremely mean to everyone and I was starting to get mad and I finally snapped and yelled at her. Then I went into the bathroom and cried because I was so mad and suddenly my teeth became loose and they all fell out.

  • Gigi

    I was dreaming that someone gave me a pill to drink and that made my teeth start falling one after another…

  • emp

    I recently had a dream where I remember losing about 5 teeth. I was minding my own business
    I just felt them come out of my mouth and into my hand. They were purple and green like they
    were bruised or rotted, but they also looked like baby teeth because they were quite small.
    I can relate to the entry about rotten teeth, my life has also been very stressful.
    I have dreams where my teeth feel loose, but this was the first time any had fallen out.

  • Dying slowly

    I’m a female 15 year old and I’m finally gonna meet my boyfriend from another country. I know he’s “safe” because be is a gaming friend of my father, but I keep having sleeping troubles. I’m usually meeting someone, like my boyfriend or walking somewhere with mum. Then I feel a tooth is hanging loose, so I push it gently into place, but it falls out. Blood pours out and tooth after tooth fall out. I panic and see blurry while trying to stop them from spurting out, but drowns in my own blood. I wake up sweating and crying, scared and longing for an embrace of a loved one. Can this be because of my dark past with my parents? Am I just yearning for ‘him’? Help..!

  • Sarahgirl12

    I had a dream that I was in my friends house and. I had a loose tooth so I went into the bathroom and I pulled it out and a discusting huge brown long root came out it was discusting and I was bendy eww

  • Vir

    I had a dream which my teeth was starting to fall off while i was in school having classes, suddenly instarted feeling weird (not painful) and just starting spitting my teeth on my hand and they where all bloody and i was panicking, so i ran away and told my teacher what was happening then i woke up..

  • nik

    I usually dream of falling down from stairs which makes me awoken . All this generally occurs near to midnight .

  • Having sex

    I had anal sex with Kim kardashian

    • Matthew Wise

      Always that one person

  • AB

    I had a dream where I went to the restroom and my teeth fell out and then I started taking them all out and I put them back in but after I was done I looked in the mirror and they were very long and also they were in the wrong spots, after I went to the living room and did whatever I was doing again. bad memory of the dream though scared the crap out of me for a min lol.

  • Latoya

    I had a dream that I was in the bathroom flossing my teeth when two of my bottom front teeth fell out of my mouth one at a time. I starred to freak out and the rest of my bottom teeth shifted over to replace the two that had fallen out. It was uncomfortable but my teeth regenerated in the back of my mouth and everything went back to normal.

  • nicky

    I had a dream about all of my tooths was falling out and it happend to me 5 times

    • jerri.

      Even i had tis dream more then 5times….

  • elizabeth

    Ik droomde dat mijn Gebit gewoon in mijn Mond zat, maar mijn mond zat vol losse tanden, die ik er uit haalde/.

    Die losse tanden wil zeggen als symbool, zware vermindering van Potentie, geen zin in sex.

  • ashwin

    I dreamt that my teeth were falling out and they were all very white. So I picked them all up as they were in good condition and put them in a packet for future use in case they were required. Then I check my mouth and see that all my teeth are still there so I am happy and feel maybe these were extra thats why they fell out.

    • elizabeth

      Dear ashwin, the dream will see to you, that you have on this moment No feelings at all for sex.

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  • ruby

    i all ways see my all tooths fall together except corner 2 tooth upper ans lower and gums feel like old woman without teeth this things i have seen in my dreams but i alwaya i think what was happening with me in my life in my dream i c all of sudden my teeth fall one by one in one time i am boder with this kind of dreams most of the time pls tell me what does it mean.

  • Stephanie

    In my dream my teeth were falling but i actually chew my teeth they we’re like all falling and and i would chew 1 or 2 they taste like dirt and rocks

  • mychemicalurima

    I had a dream I was stood in front of the bathroom mirror brushing my teeth and I noticed a wobbly and rotten tooth.I was horrified because it looked so strange, I was then at the dentist and he pulled my tooth out. It was weird.

  • Kelly

    I had a dream that my teeth was hurting so I went to go floss my teeth, and I was looking in the mirror checking it out like why does it hurt so much like something are stuck in between my teeth. Then I flossed it again moving the floss around a lot and as I took the floss out my tooth came out as well. I freaked out! Then my other tooth started to fall out. I just thought to myself the pain is gone and it felt good but how did my teeth fall out and I woke up.

  • Carmen

    My mom recently has passed so I’ve been feeling some depression and sorrow. In my dream my mom is present. My top teeth are coming out of my gums one by one. There’s one tooth left and I’m trying desperately for it not to fall. It starts to loosen up and it too comes out. All my teeth are in my hand I’m examining all my teeth. Some had a little bit of decay but the majority were in good condition.

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  • Shellz

    I had a dream I was playing with my tooth Infrint of the mirror and it starts to crack and I keep playing with my teeth and it eventually falls out but I have two teeth behind it so I go to the living room and call my mom over to hand her about maybe 10 teeth and she tells me that’s not good in my dream at first I panicked but then I was ok what does this mean ?

  • Anynamous

    Dreamt someone was holding my Son’s mouth open and I saw all the teeth in his mouth was rotten.

  • Anonymous

    i dreams that i lost my new job

  • Anon

    The constant grinding of teeth slowly lodges them free. I know it is damaging, but I cannot stop it. Mainly the molars.

  • fall out boy quotes - RTH

    […] What does it mean when you dream about your teeth falling out? What is the meaning of a dream where your teeth fall out? here are 5 keys to interpreting a dream featuring teeth falling out: positive meanings: starting something. […]

  • […] What does it mean when you dream about your teeth … – Wondering what it means if you have a dream about your teeth falling out? You’re not alone. Teeth falling out in dreams is one of the most common anxiety dream scenario…. […]

  • […] What does it mean when you dream about your teeth falling out? What is the meaning of a dream where your teeth fall out? here are 5 keys to interpreting a dream featuring teeth falling out: positive meanings: starting something. […]

  • Amy Rop

    I was in a courtroom, although i am not in trouble. All of my teeth were coming loose and i was spitting them onto the table there was blood everywhere

  • Antonio

    I had a dream where I casually touched a tooth and it was loose so I wiggled it a bit but barely touched it and it came out in my hand. A few of my friends began to laugh. Then I tried to slide it back in hoping it might re-attach. But as I did this other teeth also felt loose and sure enough one after the other most of my teeth came out. Now all my ‘so-called’ friends were laughing at me (even stranger passing by). I was angry but when I tried to curse them all I just blathered and slurred as I had no teeth of course. I just sat there drooling like a village idiot, feeling no pain but helpless and lost.
    Does this mean I’m a kind of loser maybe? I’ve never lost a tooth and I’ve always thought I was more of a winner actually.
    Could I be wrong?

  • Alison

    I have a dream about my teeth falling out quite frequently (in fact its the only dream i clearly remember) normally in the dream ill be siting in the living room and id wiggle my tooth and it would just fall out. then i continue to do so until i only have one tooth left, mean while all the teeth that fell out i’m holding in my hand. i’m not normally freaked out by this dream, but recently it has gotten much more vivid. the more recent dreams i’m in the living room again except there are people (not any i recognize) i start biting my nail and doing so some how cracks my bottom right central incisor in half. This really freaks me out so i run to the bathroom and stare in the mirror as my teeth one after another start cracking and falling out until only a few fragment of what remains of my teeth are left in my mouth. the whole time this is happening i’m basically having an anxiety attack in my dream. at this point i wake up sometimes breathing heavy, but most of the time i’m just extremely confused and panicked and feel the need to look in the mirror to make sure i have my teeth. i’m a 17 year old girl

  • Katherine

    Last night was the FIRST time I ever had a dream about ALL my top teeth falling off. I had fallen to the ground face-first & nothing seemed to be wrong with me so I went home. then, i realized that ALL my TOP teeth were loose & I felt pain as well. I pulled one tooth out then I pulled the other one .. One after another. some of them fell out on their own. I was crying so so so much in my dream, but when I woke up everything was normal. my teeth were in their place & I did not wake up crying like some people do! It was a weird dream tho. I’m currently a 16 yr old girl in HS.

  • p.b.

    i had this dream where i wake up and everything feels normal. its a normal morning. suddenly my jaw feels all crusty and stuck in one place. so i sort of push it sideways and all my teeth crack in half and fall into my hands. they didnt come out, the broke in half so i had half of a tooth in my mouth and half in my hand. and this happened for all my teeth. so then i freak out and run outside and my mum is awake walking around the house which is usually what happens every morning (which made the dream seem so real) and im trying to explain to her what happened but she isnt listening and i cant speak. so i grab a pen and some paper and i try writing it down but the pen wont work. so i try grabbing other ones but they all wont work and im crying hysterically and my mum is still isnt taking notice of me bc she thinks im pulling a prank or something. and im still freaking out and then i wake up and realise it wasnt real. this really freaked me out bc it seemed so vivid and real (like i swear i could actually feel my jaw all stuck and crusty) so if anyone has any thoughts/interpretations, please reply.

  • alivia

    I’ve had the same dream almost four times so far this month. I’m out, in front of people, then I start grinding my teeth and I can’t stop. Then they just start falling out, one by one, and I’m freaking out, yelling and screaming for anyone to notice. But everybody just acts like it’s normal.
    Idk what it means.

  • Andrea

    My dream my son went to his prom in a cruise. Then the teachers call saying that my son is sick and all his teeth came out. And I was like what u mean all his teeth came out how that happen. When I went to pick him up from his prom he was in a wheel chair. I was in shock saying what happen. How can this happen and no one was giving me an answer. All they could say he got sick

  • maru

    this not first time i dream about falling out my teeth. in my dream i was in the room i never seen before. then i feel something wrong in my teeth,so try to pull one of my teeth but after a few seconds suddenly all fell down. then i ran to bathroom and check in the mirror then i saw my teeth all gone. what i worry about is the last 3 time i dream this something bad happen to my relatives. 1st, my grandmother died. 2nd the sister if my grandmother died, 3rd my nephew died.so i thinking what will happen next.

  • kennetta

    in the dream i was in my room cleaning. my cousin was sitting on my bed on the internet. her daughter came in and i told her that every time she comes in my room something alwasy goes wrong. so i put her daughter out my room. instead of leaving out my room, her daughter went running to my cousin. so i told her again to getbout. she left out hollering and crying. once she left out my teeth had tighten up. then all of sudden im feeling other teeth growing behind mine, so i get up and go look in the mirror. i see the other teeth and touched them and they fell out. they continue to grow and fall out. i then spit a handful of teeth out and went back in my room showing my cousin like look i dont know whats going on panicing and crying. she like whats wrong, what happen. i said i told you every time your daughter come in here something goes wrong. then i woke up from the dream.

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  • […] What does it mean when you dream about your teeth falling … – Wondering what it means if you have a dream about your teeth falling out? You’re not alone. Teeth falling out in dreams is one of the most common anxiety dream scenario…. […]

  • Smoothyh

    i was sleeping in my girlfriends commune but we were sleeping on the couch by the kitchen,so i woke up and decided to make me some eggs and bread with a glass of water.as i was eating a felt a slight pain on one of my teeth that felt loose but i paid no attention until it fell on my hand and i was all of a sudden with my dad next to his car.from there on the rest of my teeth started to fall out rapidly falling on my hands,i panic so me and my dad get in the car and and drive but he keeps on telling me that those are not my teeth and as i look in the mirror i find myself with a set of baby teeth

  • Jo

    I woke up one morning to brush my teeth in the bathroom. I proceeded to brush really carefully in order to brush each tooth. I turned around to answer a question and when I turned back around, half of my jaw bone on the left side of my mouth along with one tooth attached with dark tarter and a small amount of blood was lying near the sink. I could only mumble because I was in shocked. It seemed within seconds I was holding my toothbrush and talking freely again. Someone touched my shoulder in encouragement and said “good, you can talk again”.

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  • rose

    in my dream a guy that has problems with my boyfriend was pointing a gun at my boyfriend. he didnt shoot but he kept saying he was going to. it was a confusing dream because it happened on main street where i live and there was cops everywhere. my boyfriend is on probation so i kept freaking out thinking they were going to stop us but they would judt cruise by and stare at us but they wouldnt do anything. i dont know if i should consider my dream as having a bad meaning or if i shouldnt worry over it.?

  • Rayna Patricia

    I was in a house that wasn’t my house on the inside but was on the outside and all of a sudden my tooth (front right k9) became loose and i took it out. When i showed my little brother he said “that’s why i asked you earlier. Even grown ups can have baby teeth still.” I was going to snapchat it but i thought it’d looked to childish. That moment i looked out my window and saw a guy standing in the middle of the road… he was soon accompanied by a young woman. It was me and my dad. I yelled out the window that is be right or to see him and as i walked out he was now in a cat and i could hardly see his face. Moments later i awoke.

  • George Bouziden

    I was walking in a Dave and Busters type setting (I’ve never been to one or wanted to) and an ex from years ago text me some stuff that was indistinguishable. After sending her a text, I ran into her, a guy from my high school class and a guy I don’t like but I saw out last night and wasforced to hang out cause we have the same friends. Anyway, I ended up talking to my ex for a bit and ask I could notice were her teeth. They weren’t black or falling out but they were the kind of teeth that had that blackish-brown tint on them. I know it is am important part of the dream because that was all I was noticing. I don’t even remember the conversation. Anyway, the end of the dream was an argument with the guy in high school who I barely knewwith, him slapping me, and me laughing in his face. It was a peculiar dream.

  • sherbet

    I had a dream I was eating pumpkin seeds and they crunched a lot. Anyway, in my dream, my tooth shattered yet kept together enough for me to put my tongue through the cracks and freak out. My teeth then continued to fall out of my mouth in the dream. The next day my cat died and my friend, who takes dreams seriously, implied to me that dreams mean much more; she had a dream where she too, lost a tooth and her stepdad’s aunt passed away. If anyone should add to this, please do.

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  • Ana

    I had a dream where my teeth where all crumbling and falling out, they seemed like baby teeth, then i saw my reflection and i had a new set of teeth

  • Monroe

    I dreamt that I was I was brushing my teeth in front of a mirror. The place that I was in was unknown to me. However, I was brushing my teeth and I felt something in between my bottom lip and I checked and it was a tooth. I didnt freak out since I’ve had multiple dreams about my teeth falling out. But this time I felt my heart racing and getting scared as more came out

  • […] What does it mean when you dream about your teeth falling out? – What is the meaning of a dream where your teeth fall out? Here are 5 keys to interpreting a dream featuring teeth falling out: Positive meanings: starting something …… […]

    • josh

      I keep having repeated dreams where my teeth just keep on falling…and as they keep on falling I see my self cry alot and sometimes try to put them back on…it’s always me alone in the dreams…no one around…they feel so real some times…i have them quiet often…i get scared sometimes

      • josh

        *on falling off

  • paige

    I had a dream where i kept feeling pressure on my gums. I can remember running my tongue on my teeth and them wiggling. I would walk around freaking out to people i knew about how my teeth were loose. Finally i the pressure was to much that i walked into the bathroom to look at my teeth. My best friend was in the bathroom with me, and as i opened my mouth to look at them, i pressed my tongue to my teeth. Suddenly, all of my molars fell out of my mouth. The front 12 teeth were still in place, but my gums were dripping blood. It was the weirdest thing. I had no pain, but my friend and i were freaking out standing in the mirror. Then when i woke up, i still had residual pressure on my gums, and i have been running my tongue on my teeth all day. i’ve never had a dream like this in my life.

  • Jay

    I have had dreams in the past about losing my teeth. Although I could have subconsciously thinking about something like what it says above, but i think it is much more literal in my case at least. I used to be a big smoker and drug addict and i was always worried about losing my teeth if i kept smoking drugs and cigarettes so i was probably thinking about it before bed or it was in the back of my mind and it came out in my dream. Interesting ideas though about the reasons for having these types of dreams.

  • Nikita

    This morning i had a dream that i was at a day care and i was observing all the kids playing on the courts. The age range was like 3- 16 years old, i couldn’t understand why there were school kids at this day care. Im 3 months pregnant as well. But anyway I sitting there with some familiar faces and were discussing what we should do after they had lunch. I had started to feel a lot of pressure in the back of my mouth and it was pretty sore. Than i put my hand out and four teeth fall out it wasn’t sore or anything but i was freaking out, than another five fall out they were all my front teeth and when i felt in my mouth the teeth that had fell out were replaced with new ones but they were falling out also. Next thing i know i got like twenty teeth in my hands and the back of my mouth was still sore than i spat out another five teeth, my mother in law was there and she rang the dentist to tell them my teeth were falling out and he couldn’t help. Than i spat out another two teeth and one was rotten and it didn’t look like a humans tooth it was strange looking. It freaked me out that much i woke up feeling if my teeth were there. The dream felt so real, i woke and i had a sore tooth in the back of my mouth?

  • xxmell

    so this morning I had a dream i was with my ittle sister and we started arguing with some girls one of the girls was on a wheelchair and i started calling her a cripple and then I was gonna fight the other girl that was standing and me and my little sister walked away and moments later i touched my bottom tooth it was really loose and it fell off and i didnt really care i started thinking about how i can easily replace it with a new one and then i touched the tooth next to it and it was really loose too and it fell off as well and then i started clenching my jaw really hard and felt another tooth was really loose and it fell off and then now im just noticing it, nothing else is happening and I’m not thinking about anything. my boyfriend woke me up and i told him i had really weird dream but as i closed my eyes again i felt like i was deeply falling back into the dream and felt really heavy when i woke up.. when i was younger i used to have a lot of weird dreams where my teeth are falling out but i havent had one in a while…

  • Rachel

    I dreamed that I was in a bus with a bunch of people my age that I didn’t know. My front teeth began to feel increasingly overcrowded. I kept putting my hand to my mouth, thinking they would fall out at any moment. The overcrowding became painful and when I touched the teeth, they just fell out. What does this mean?

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  • […] What does it mean when you dream about your teeth falling … – What is the meaning of a dream where your teeth fall out? Here are 5 keys to interpreting a dream featuring teeth falling out: Positive meanings: starting something …… […]

  • Kat

    This is my 2nd time having this dream.. the first time I was at my grandma house going outside and out of nowhere my teeth started to hurt and as a had an h2 speak it I was spitting out all my teeth.last night I dreamed that I was walking and I was walking my teeth hurt and then you just start falling out in some of them was like rotten like they were like black no spitting into the trash can the next thing you know I pulled out the whole top And Bottom of my teeth came out i just had Gums no teeth at All Than I Ran to Church to tell my Pastor but than I woke up someone can you tell me what this means? Kinda scared.

  • Jade

    I remember having two or three dreams in a week about loosing teeth. N one of them, I don’t remember what was happening, but I remember going through the day and having slightly loose teeth, but then I could pull them out in a matter of minutes after just discovering they may be loose. In the other, I was in a room in my elementary school and they just WOULD NOT STOP FALLING OUT! It didn’t hurt at all and I don’t remember any blood, but I think someone sent me home because I held out my hand and there were like five teeth in it. Can anyone tell me what that means? It’s so weird.

  • Denise

    I had a dream that my tooth felt wiggly. As I child, I used to yank out the teeth that were ready to fall off, so I yanked the tooth that was loose. Then there was a new tooth underneath the old one, just like when I was a child. I was confused and anxious because this is not normal in adulthood. Then I noticed other teeth were loose, so I yanked them off as well. Then, I noticed that the other teeth I had yanked off did not have new ones coming in. That made me more anxious

  • Emiline

    I used to have these recurring dreams where my teeth twisted around of their own accord and painfully fell out one by one. I was calm throughout the whole ordeal and ended up with a handful of bloody teeth.

  • crush

    i dreamed that my crush was my boyfriend

  • Randa

    so in the past week all in 3 different nights, I had a dream my tooth/teeth fell out. the first night I was sitting in my room and I was reading something, and a picture fell out, and when I was about to turn it over my back side teeth broke in half, like in my dream it just broke, and I felt it broke, I pushed it back with my tongue, and it was only half of my tooth, and I felt it and it was broke in half, I stood up and I didn’t know what to do, it felt so real… The next night, In my dream I was sitting in a room, I think I was alone, but it felt like someone was in my dream with me, but I was just sitting there, my front left tooth just fell out, the one next to my front front teeth, I stood up and spit it up in my had, and I started pacing around trying to figure out what to do, it felt so real I woke up and my teeth were actually hurting… the next night In my dream, I was sitting there having a conversation with my little brother (who is 13) and all of sudden my four front teeth all fell out at once, and I was freaking out cause well of course its your teeth, I woke up feeling weird that I had dreams about my teeth falling out. Now im really curious about it, this is not the first time I had dreams off my teeth falling out, but when I do have dreams before it seem like it was always the front left tooth, next to the front front teeth….

  • jane.

    I had a dream Where the artificial tooth that i had broke into pieces,what is the meaning?

  • Tina Mccomb

    Ive dreamt before about pulling my teeth out before but lately i dreamt my teeth broke n i tryed to out them back wen i was tryin to oush ine back in another one broke of do u know what this means i have a bad feeking about dreaming abiut teeth because last time i dream it i lost my mum n dad within a yr of each other

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream where I was fishing and had just caught a large fish that was actually being swallowed by a turtle. I looked into the water and say my reflection and I then felt my teeth begin to hurt and then they started to fall out one by one. The dream progressed into me being given false teeth and then going to my job which was apparently in a musical theater of some sort. I often wake up at night lately feeling like I have been grinding my teeth.

  • agar

    Why do I dream of past love

  • Raquel

    I had a dream I was sleeping and I woke up feeling like my tooth felt funny, I got up and looked and it looked crooked…so I tried to put it straight and it came out, my mouth filled with blood. I ran to the bathroom to find my sister sitting at the sink. As I was over the sink…she asked what’s wrong and I told her n she wouldn’t move and acted as she didn’t care. I am guessing it has something to do with her since we really don’t get along. My husband just left for a week (military)….so maybe I lost the tooth because he left and I hate doing things without him. We have 2 kids.

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  • Brenda

    I had a dream where I was wiggling my back tooth and it just came off, I then handed it to a man who’s face I do not remember, nor recognize, but I pulled another out from the other side and felt had no pain or saw any blood and again handed it this man. It was just odd because they were small teeth.

  • valerie

    I had a dream that my teeth were crucked again. I thought inorder to make them straoght again i would put on my retanners. I went to sleep the next day i wake up Nd take off the retanners. My mouth felt numb i touched my teeth and one by one my teeth were falling. Iwwoke up but i wasnt panicing. What does it mean.

  • Heather

    I had a dream yesterday but I cant remember where I was in the dream but my teeth in the back of my mouth were falling out one by one and I was spitting them out into my hand. I remember feeling the gums in my mouth where my teeth once was and blood was everywhere. I was panicking and freaking out in the dream. It was so surreal that when I woke up the first thing I did was check if all my teeth where in place in my mouth. The strangest part is this dream occurred on my 21st birthday when I was taking a nap.

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  • Seerani

    In my dream I felt as though I were in a video game. I stopped out the front of a house across the street and by a tree I knelt down. I could feel an aching at the back of my mouth so I tongued it and a bit of tooth fell out, then I kept doing it and a whole mouthful of broken teeth came out. When I spat them out I looked at them closely and they were diamond encrusted. Then I shot some guy by accident and all these army looking men guarding the house came out and started firing at me. And I was hiding and shooting back, from behind another house.

    Like wtf? Wat the hell does that mean!???

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  • Aria

    My dream started out with me helping a friend with her photography, I was with her some of her friends, my mom and husband. All the sudden we were at a cabin, after I brushed my teeth my back molar came out, then another one, and then one more, they were all molars on the same side of my mouth.(two on the bottom and one on top) I went to go tell my husband and my mom, I was crying and my husband was like ” no that didn’t happen”, and then perhaps disappointment like somehow it was my fault for not taking good enough care of my teeth. I was thinking of trying to go to a doctor to get them put back in, I was crying and holding my teeth, I could kind of taste the blood in my mouth then I woke up. It was horrible:(

  • Zizo Mawisa

    I was with my mom and friends when my teeth unexpectedly went out two of them in the lower row then again they grow constantly and in that process I find it hard to talk then they grow painfully then they become fine

  • Katie

    In my dream I was in school, but it was a bit strange because it didn’t look normal. When one of my teeth was suddenly wiggling about in my mouth. I couldn’t even talk for fear of it falling out as it was one of my front teeth, and an adult tooth. Eventually, it did fall off into my mouth and I spit it out. But left behind in it’s place was, what I called in the dream, the root of the tooth and another small, not fully grown, baby tooth. Soon after realizing all of this I noticed the tooth immediately behind the one that fell out was also loose but it never fell out.

    • tim

      I just had this dream when i woke up today. its 716am now and ive been researching it. could you find anything?

    • christina

      I dream I was in school doing my test and my jaw teeth start falling out

  • Gabby

    I had a dream where I looked into my mouth and saw my back molar decaying. I touched it and it began to crumble into pieces, so I had to tear it out and the tooth in front to reach it. What does this mean?

  • Paiton

    I was on the softball field with all of the people from my school and my teeth were falling out one by one onto the ground and I was trying to find them and people came rushing onto the field And trampling me and my teeth I wasn’t worried about not havering teeth in my mouth but making sure I got them all into my hands so I would still have them I’m a little scared

  • Ruby

    in my dream I was just walking around and then i looked in a mirror and my teeth looked very different. I Started to wiggle one tooth and it came out. I wasnt really freaking out but i was still worried.

  • Christina

    I dont remember the dreams, but i remember the teeth part, and i always have to look and feel my teeth when i wake up. I only remember bits and pieces. for example. one time i dreampt that i had loose teeth. then i have dreams where i had a tooth pulled, and i felt the holes with my tongue. Then the most recent, i am assuming it was like false teeth, because i was pulling out bottom teeth, gum and all. it was a row of teeth. and then other halves of teeth. it wasnt all a complete set like you normally see.

  • Sarah

    In my dream, I started out with my old crush, and we had a secret relationship. I decided that I did not want it because I was not being appreciated, so I left for my best guy friends house, that I have never seen before. He and one of my old friends that does not like me were there swimming in a pool. I went close to the pool, and my old friend playfully grabbed my foot. I fell down, and when I sat up I saw myself, and one of my teeth were crooked. I touched it to see if I could move it back into place, and all my front teeth fell out. I was then in the house and my old friend was hugging me saying he was sorry, and I forgave him. This dream was really weird, I rarely dream to begin with. Also I have not talked to my old crush in months, yet he popped up in my dream. Please tell me what it means!!

  • Tish Sampson

    In my dream I was travelling to America with other people who I knew in my dream but not in real life. I was famous and although it was me I looked very different and was due to appear on tv. My mouth felt strange and I pulled out one of my front teeth. No one believed it was my tooth but I showed them the gap. I was sent to a dentist nut my tooth shattered on the way and thrte was nothing he could do. I then went back to my friends and conyinued travelling to America. I did not seem too upset about my missing tooth.

  • Lisa

    I have had dreams of teeth falling out for years on and off, but never looked it up until today. What’s on this page really resonates with me, I’ve been bad at listening to my own needs and scared of everything. I’ve made changes recently, stood up for myself, focusing on me and has lost a lot of what I was afraid to loose already..

    BUT THIS DREAM I had last night was different, before I’ve had all my teeth fall out in a crumbled bloody mess or such, this time one fell out and one was loose, a few was bleeding but I happened to be at the dentist and she put them back. All my teeth felt weak but stayed in place after that.

    How can I interpret this???

  • Mornay

    I had a dream this morning. I’m the bathroom looking at the mirror an suddenly i open my mouth an take my teeth out one by one with my hand. No blood at all.
    Does it mean death cause i got that feeling immediately after that dream?

  • jack

    I dream this very often. Its like my nightmare. It happens in many ways its usaully im with my mom and i drink water, and i feel my teeth loose and it falls off. And in my dream i try to put them back on cause i worry, on how i look, i ask my mom for help, either to take me to the dentist and she doesnt do anything but ignore me, it goes to the point that if i spit more teeth fall off.and my family doesnt care.

  • David

    I had a dream that i hit my mouth on something and a tooth came out. There was a little bit of blood but when i woke up it confused me why i had this dream.

  • Anonymous

    I was in a room in with me and my husband tied up on a couch and some lady walked in with a chainsaw..(we were in her house) and she started cutting me in the stomach with it. The. She left and a while later came back with a hammer… Then a baseball bat.. Well anyways in the end we got lose and I beat her and another lady that was helping with the bat and we ran out of the house and there was a pirate ship… I got on bored and my mother and a whole crew was there.. Then I tapped on my tooth and it just fell out… I stared panicking and losing it cuz I didn’t know why.. And the pirate grabbed me and I was looking at his teeth that where all nasty and rotten looking as he yelled at me that my own teeth didn’t matter, that it was ok that he kills ppl to get his teeth that I could replace them too… (Then I woke up) yea so I’m confused and as soon as I woke up I checked my mouth lol xD

  • Jovy

    In my dream i was brushing my teeth then suddenly my left side third teeth from the start come off

  • Tiffany

    In my dream I remember being in the my bathroom at home. I felt something weird in my mouth and opened it, and teeth fell out. There was no blood, but all my teeth fell out onto the floor. They kept falling and soon there were hundreds of teeth on the floor. I looked up into the mirror and saw a distorted version of myself, like a monster, then I fainted (still in my dream). What does this mean?

  • sabrina

    I had a dream that I was chewing a peppermint and my back teeth shattered like a building being knocked down.. I was by myself what does this mean…

  • Ela

    I’ve had this dream three times recently, one of those times being slightly different to the other dreams. In the two similar dreams my teeth just started falling out in a stream, many more teeth than I actually had. I tried to cry out but I was choking on all the teeth. The other tooth dream I had involved what felt like just a tooth falling out then finding that half of my jaw bone was attached to the tooth. This happened repeatedly without any affect on my actual jaw.. odd.

  • Melissa

    I had a dream where i bit down on my teeth and it cracked in the middle and then fell out each half at a time. What does this mean

  • Ana

    I had a dream about my boyfriend cheering on me with my cousin. I was sad and hurt at the same time, but for some reason I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror I see my brace come of the I close my mouth and open it there’s blood everywhere and all my teeth started for fall out.

    • Ana


  • Mrs. Ali

    I have a dream of losing my upper jaw teeth. i have lost 9 teeths in dream and without pain. they all fall in my mouth and then i collected them all in my hand. all teeth were fine, with out any no damage. Kindly help

  • j-live

    I was spitting for some reason and my teeth felt loose. spit out one tooth because it was already loose in my mouth! then as i was walking to the bathroom to see the situation and seriousness! I felt all my teeth become loose and all at a single moment! went to the sink spit out all the loose teeth and watched them go down the drain! was to late! Then i tried to catch some before going down the sink it was already to late! when i looked in the mirror all my teeth where gone except a few on the top and a few on the bottom!

  • Lucas

    I was at a party and for some reason I felt angered and I went into the bathroom to snap out of it and I had felt a tooth come loose, I pulled on it and I freaked out I saw all the others were coming loose and I didn’t want them to come out. This person who was in the bathroom had said you shouldn’t have done this and I went to go tell my mom but she kept saying if only you had done this it wouldn’t have happened she would blame me for things that were irrelevant. only the top teeth were coming out the bottom didn’t.

  • Ema

    I had a dream last night I went to go visit friends who live far from me, I felt I had to use the bathroom for some reason and my tongue just pushed all my front bottom teeth out, and there was another set growing underneath! I was also ridiculously calm

  • Erica

    I had one where I was just sitting in the living room with mo and I was very happy about losing my first one and then I felt another one come lose and I was trying to stay positive about it but I knew that something was wrong and my mom said ‘uummmm… that shouldn’t happen.’ That’s all I can remember I do think I walked in and out of the bathroom though to remove the lose tooth.

  • Shiloh

    I had a dream last night that I was chewing on a bobby pin and three of my teeth fell out?? two on the bottom and one on the top left.

  • jay

    I had the same dream as kayla a few nights ago. I was on a oad trip or something and stopped in a gas station to use the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and noticed my bottom front teeth were loose and i began pulling them out, then new teeth were coming in right behind them. I dream about my teeth falling out about once a month but this was the first time that i can remember new teeth growing.

  • kayla

    Hi in my dream I ended up pulling out my canine tooth and the tooth beside it, it was Painless and in the dream I watched the i guess new teeth comeback in within 15 seconds…. I cant find anything for this kind of dream and im very curious

  • Sarah

    In my dream I was around this black guy and I guess we were smoking crack and at the moment I have never tried it, but suddenly all my teeth startes falling out . When I woke up I was mortified.

    • Aria

      That one seems obvious to me, don’t do crack or you with loose everything in your life. Stay away from bad influences.

  • zac

    I had a dream where an old school mate that ive had no contact with for 4 years came up to me and held my face whilst pushing his thumb intensely on my top side tooth. i felt strange but let him do it we conversated casualy and after he left i wondered why he came and why i just let him push my tooth out.

  • hello

    i was with friends and something hit me and i was talking and i then felt my teeth loosening and they then started falling out. I then spat out my teeth

  • teeth falling out and being replaced

    I had a dream that all my teeth were falling out I was fixing to have them replaced with new ones but I didn’t have an account number to give the male dentist he said he’ll wait on me to get it but I was to late by the time I came back and my dentist changed to a woman. What does my dream mean

    • teeth falling out and being replaced

      I’ve also had dreams that my teeth fall with hair coming out of my mouth I can feel it down my throat and I’m just pulling and pulling and it never end feels like I’m choking on it

  • Eliza

    I had a dream where the middle 5 teeth on the bottom row were missing and my jaw was stretching to try and shut my mouth properly with the missing teeth. It seemed very painfull and it was like I could actually feel the pain. But that wasn’t the only teeth related dream I’ve had I get them constantly and it’s worrying.

  • Vanessa

    i dreamt of waking up from grinding my teeth too hard and feeling bones like stones in my mouth, which was my teeth. My whole top row of teeth had became lose and they all fell out with the metal pieces of my braces. I didn’t freaked out like the first time when I dream of losing my teeth but I was scared and knew it was going to be permanent (the whole incident felt so real ). I gathered all my teeth and ran outside seeking for help. In this dream it seemed like my family owned a restaurant ’cause I exist from my room to this empty restaurant. It was during closing hour. I saw a few people but they had no intention to help me, so I ran out the restaurant. at the entrance of this restaurant is a flat bridge and I was just standing there with my teeth in the cup of my hands… Though it felt normal without the top row of my teeth, the dream felt so real like I was living it and I was making myself adapt to the fact that I no longer have the top row of teeth.

    • Caitlyn

      Oh my gosh, I had the same dream earlier today! I woke up from a nap because I was grinding my teeth (The Ortho. had told me they could tell I grind my teeth just a week or two ago). I also have braces & I ran to the bathroom & some of my teeth were falling out along with my braces. I gathered up my braces & teeth & I was about to run outside & run to my orthodontist for help, but then I woke up. Unlike you though, I was freaking out & crying.

  • alba perez

    I had a dream I was walking to the park alone. I was very happy and very excited as I’d never walked anywhere alone. Whilst I was walking my gums felt strange, therefore I started touching my teeth and they fell out easily. Three of them fell out: one to the left of the middle one and two to the right of the middle one. I was so confused and scared, and I thought how am I supposed to smile like this and I started imagining myself speaking without three of my teeth. I asked my mum if they would grow and her response was that maybe they would. I was so perplexed and tried to remember which of my teeth had never fallen out when I was little.

  • simone

    I was in the backgarden and when I was taking both of my two front teeth fell out then they grew back, but just to fall out all over again.

  • Kathaleen

    I dreamt that I was trying to remove something from in between my teeth. I used my tongue to move what I thought it was but the tooth came out instead, on the right in the back

  • Ashley

    In my dream I had an under bite and I was trying desperately to fix it by jutting my teeth forward then as my top row of teeth came down they shattered and fell out leaving me to spit out majority of my teeth, then i continued to spit out all of my teeth on the way to the hospital with a less than helpful paramedic and my closest friend and cousin, but after being dropped at the hospital i was then alone and was starting to spit out what looked like the roof and base of my mouth and i was trying desperately to but them back it but they kept sliding out. Then I found myself on the other side of the hospital car park with a child in a car seat fighting my way back to the roof and base of my mouth which were left on the side of a fountain which were being threatened of being eaten by birds. I then woke and was still feeling no teeth in my mouth until I realized it was just a dream

  • Kim

    I had a dream that a clothing rack fell and knock out one of my frount teeth

  • Nessa

    Hello I had a dream I was like in an auditorium in highschool ( I graduated last year) and I had a hair in my mouth. I pulled it out and it was like a giant hairball that was coming out of my throat, and there were teeth in it. Then I went to the bathroom to wash up and slowly a tooth fell off, then another, and it felt so real. What does it mean?

  • Zombie

    Hiding in a house while the zombies take over

  • John Y

    Numerous, a couple just chewing gum and a tooth will fall out. A couple other dreams ill be wiggling the tooth, with my tounge or finger and it will fall out, its usually the same tooth/tooths the k9 tooth or vampire the pointy one near the front on side. There are usually people around and i try to hide it.

  • Cassie Mann

    I had a terrifying dream where my gums were bleeding and my mouth was in terrible pain. Every time I tried to chew or close my mouth my teeth would crack, fallout, and bleed. There was nothing I could do to stop it. The dream was so vivid and real that when I woke up I actually had to check and make sure I still had my teeth.

  • Jose

    I had a dream about having 2 extra sets of teeth they were all on top of each other and misplaced what does this mean?

  • Poe

    I can’t remember it but… My teeth just came out? I told my grandmother who is very traditional and advised me to do something, I ignored it. A few days later some bullies were bothering me and i ended up getting punched in the mouth. My teeth were very loose.. Still are and I have a splint I’m scared of losing them.

  • Brooklyn

    I was…swimming I think and my two front teeth were slowly fading away and it felt weird.

  • David Petrie

    I am at my place of work. My wife is with me. My teeth come loose and some fall out. My cap comes out and underneath is a yellow tooth. Then the rest of my teeth come out and are on a false plate. I do not have false teeth only one cap.I walk about saying look my teeth have fallen out,showing the false teeth which have came out of my mouth.

  • aie

    My memory is a little hazy because I had this dream a few days ago, but it’d been bugging me ever since. I’m glad I found this website. I’ll do my best to recall it accurately.

    In my dream, I’m standing in my bedroom. I feel like someone was watching me. And I was aware of their presence, but couldn’t really see them. Then I walk in front of my dresser and looked in the mirror above it. And my tooth fell out. (One specific tooth, actually. Ever since I got my braces off-probably 2 months ago-there’s been one tooth that shifts and sticks out if I’m not wearing a retainer. It was that one that fell.) Anyway, they just keep falling out. Slowly at first. Then it feels like they’re pouring out. There’s blood on them and in my mouth and I can feel them. It feels real when I just think about that feeling. Like I can feel them on my tongue and the holes in my mouth. It’s just weird. I don’t really move, just stand there. Then it ends. I really don’t know what to think of it.


    when i was younger, i always dreamed of getting dizzy and falling from high places but i always used to land on my feet. also, a lot of the time when i cross the road in my dreams i get dizzy and fall. in pretty much any dangerous place in my dreams, i get dizzy.

  • Haruhi

    i always have dreams of teeth falling out… especially when i go to bed without brushing my teeth! i can’t remember exactly how it happened or where, but i know in my dreams my teeth usually fall out while i’m eating lollies and i am always crying once they fall out.

  • pikachu

    me and my sister both had the same dream, but in reverse. in our dream, we were in the car park of a shopping center and we were waiting in the car for our dad to come back from the grocery store. we got a phone call from him saying he went to another shopping center and asked for us to drive the car to him. (i was about ten years old) in my dream i started driving but i sucked so we switched and my sister was a better driver and in dream she sucked and i was the better driver.

    it was funny because we even dreamed the same car! :) we don’t actually have that car…

  • Lila

    im not dreaming of losing me teeth im dreaming of losing my bracket. its scaring me i don’t know what it means can someone help me!!!

  • Aliyah

    In my dream my mom and I started off arguing outside . Then three moons came together became one. As that happened you could say it was the seconding coming because I then began to see Jesus . ( or God as you can say) I wasn’t scared , but soon began to tell me my I’m sorry and that I love her, then I saw a face in the sky which said something. Then both my mom and my family went to this place maybe the garden of Eden. As I was there my brother kept starting problems with people and then that’s when my first tooth(back tooth) fell out. Before it could hit the ground I caught it and there was blood everywhere mainly just in my hands. Then my family went off to have this big feast with everyone . While at dinner my brother kept starting trouble then you could call him satan came and offered him a better place somewhere else and while he was leaving I started to cry and my back teeth (2) began to fall out. Then I woke up.

  • lety

    I dreamed that I was chasing ( in a van) to catch up to my brother in law to go home he lived in a apartment complex in which it had 2 sharp turns and when I did catch up to him the van over heated then it was hard to get out because the gate was locked (all this time my 15 y old daughter was with my) but then the van turned to a bicycle (a really nice one) but it needed something to and then it
    turned into a hallway with stairs I was at the entrance of it with a door (the heavy kind) people were going through as if they were going to a party so I was at the entrance next to the door and my brother in law next to the gate and my daughter was next to me pushing our way trying to get out as we did we lost the bike and I felt my gums hurt and two teeth (from the top) fall off no blood then one by one all the top teeth started to get loose like hanging barely I felt them falling one by one to my hand it felt so real when I wake up I checked my mouth I was scared help

  • Samantha

    I don’t know if I can even call it a dream, ’cause it feels so real & I’m jolted awake every time it happens. I don’t remember any context to why it happens, but I dream I’m swallowing a tooth. Well, choking on it, actually. Most nights I wake up panicked & coughing. And sometimes, in addition to the tooth, I’m also convinced I’ve ‘eaten’ a cigarette. (I don’t smoke – never have) But I feel & even taste that acrid, smokey …ugh…in the back of my throat along with the scare from choking on the tooth! The heck?

  • karissa

    I had a dream I punched some girl in the mouth cause and she started spitting out her teeth then it turned and I was that girl and I was spitting out chips and chunks of teeth as I was spitting out the chips of teeth two chunks came out and it was my top molar on the left and then bottom molar on the right.
    all Through my dream I could feel my gums were my teeth had come out and it was very sensitive I was also nervous about having to go to the dentists to get them fixed.

  • DreamCatcher

    I dont remember much of it, i remembered this weird dream 11 hours after i woke up from my sleep. All i remember was: I was in my old house, i am currently living in Germany, but in that old house was in Indonesia. I hung out with my siblings and cousins in a room with green wallpaper (which exist in real life too). Then suddenly, one of my teeth fell out, and then another one, and then another one, and so on. I panicked. I ran out of the room and feeling my gums with my tongue and all my tooth are gone. I mostly remember my older brother panicking too because i shouted at him “WHAT SHOULD I DO!? OH MY GOD!!!” and there was also a clock which i dont remember what time it was but it came up a lot of time. and then the next we were in a car, im still crying, and then i woke up in real life.


  • Giselle

    I slightly remember that I was outside in weather that was like as if it had just rained. I was sitting in front of what looked very familiar to a church my parents go to when suddenly I wiggled my tooth and it came out. Now keep in mind I was wearing braces. In my dream I ran back to my house and quickly grabbed my mom and dragged her to the bathroom.I closed the door and showed her the fallen tooth and started sobbing. I remember her telling me that I should’ve just kept the tooth in my mouth for some reason and then she left. After she left I saw myself wiggling my tooth next to the one that fell and that one was wiggly too. Both the tooth that came out and the one still in my mouth had the braces bracket and the band on them but not the wire. What could it mean?

  • Clare

    I do not temember much of the dream which is odd because I usually remember every aspect of every dream I have. I remember it was dark all around me. Nothing but blacknesses. I was im my old home when I was a wee babe so I could sort of visualize where everything was like the long hallway. I remember freling one my teeth and it felt loose. I went to the bathroom to play with it like I used to do everytime I had a slightly loose tooth. It was in the back on the right side of my mouth. I started twisting it, like I was do as a kid, and I could feel the horrible pain it caused. Just like when I was younger I could feel the pain and taste the blood but I couldn’t stop twisting. It came out and I closed my mouth to see how it felt but two more fell out. They were behind the one I just pulled out and all of a sudden I was filled with horror and dread. I looked in front of the mirror I had been standing in front of and I was scared that my teeth wouldn’t grow back because I had already lost all of my bsby teeth. If it makes any difference there was also a sink beneath the mirror. My teeth fell into the sink and I tried to wash them away.

  • Saleia

    I dreamed that I was at a family occasion with my mom sisters grandma and step dad and I picked up this starburst (candy) and chewed it , it was hard so I took it out and my tooth was in it the like 6 more came and one that I guess was rotten it was big and brown I was scared ran to the bathroom to brush my teeth where a few more came out I stop brushing and woke up

  • Mariana

    Ive dreamed that out of no where i touch my molar teeth and a tooth feels loose. I try really hard to ignore so it doesn’t fall off, I end up touching it and it loosens up until i can’t help it and it falls out.

  • Jenny

    I dreamed that my teeth were loose and they came out easily. I lost about four of my front teeth then I discovered I could put them back in the holes that they came from. I woke up after replacing one or two of my teeth what does that mean?

  • Kelli Tritt

    In my dream I was somewhere dark looking at a candle nobody was there but me. I don’t know whether I was sitting standing or what. And then all of a sudden I see a dagger coming towards me I only saw the blade of the knife. Nobody was holding the knife. This dream frightened me very much I hope someone can help me ding out what my dream meant

  • rebecca

    And then one by one my teeth started falling out and I lost them all mostly I was by the starirs and in my dream I was at my dads
    What does this mean

    Inmy dream I was at my dads

  • Jaime

    I had a dream that I was on vacation in the woods and I was talking to my father and I felt like a small crack on my tooth and I pushed it with my tough and it fell out. Then I ran down some stairs and I was at work in a meeting and then I felt a second tooth get loose and fall out. What does it mean?

  • Gabii

    In my dream I went to the bathroom for some reason and when I looked into the mirror I felt pressure on my teeth and when I looked at my teeth they were crooked, and so I wiggled my front tooth and it fell out so I tried putting it back in and another tooh fell out so I tried putting it back in and like 3 more fell out and I put them back in trying to not let them fall out, for some reason my front tooth kept growing back out and falling Agian, in my dream my teeth were all bloody and I was just freaking out and I didn’t want to go out of the bathroom for my boyfriend to see them and I woke up.

  • Xavier Coleman

    In another one of my dreams, some one always be against me like my mom my two little sisters or either my step dad who passed away. Wat does my dream mean? Im constantly on the run from them or arguing with them

  • Rita

    I had a dream that my teeth felt uncomfortable in my mouth , I had to keep my mouth half open because it felt like they didn’t fit in my mouth or like I was afraid to close my mouth because I was keeping them from falling out , I could see and feel my teeth shifting around and I could see my thinning gums.

  • Xavier Coleman

    Everytime I be in half of my dreams im always getting blind and dizzy.wat does it mean.I everytime it happens in my dream it feals like im gettin weak and fading

  • nani

    I was walking around a high school campus lost and kept asking random people where a certain building was and everytime I asked someone different a tooth would fall out

  • sharon

    in my dream i lost my bottom tooth i smiled in the mirror and said that doesnt look bad, and carried on with my day…!!

  • day

    I was at a resturant with my boyfriend. The waitress was beinh incredibly disrespectful to me. Insulting me. I was eating a grulled cheese. One bite in my teeth were falling out

  • Dani

    I was at a school-held event and there was a concert going on. I clenched my jaw and all of my teeth felt loose and like they were about to come out. Normally when I have this feeling in my mouth, I attempt to keep all my teeth in, but I just spit them all out and looked at my hand and there were no teeth, but little screws and bits of metal. It makes no sense to me. All my teeth were still in my mouth in the dream and I just continued on. Weird.

  • Cat Wilson

    I was at a party at my cousin’s house and she let her friends thrash all the stuff in my sleepover bag and it was one of those dreams where the settings are switching and I was also at my school with my ex-best friend and amongst all of this I was near my mom and I was loosing my teeth they were falling out and hanging by “a thread” in my mouth. I was a little worried or anxious but I wasn’t even crying or freaking out I was acting casual.. WEIRD.

  • Anonymous

    in my dream I was at a party with some of my new friends and some of my old friends. I suddenly chipped a tooth I went over to my best friend of 10 years and told her and she didn’t care at all and they all called me crazy and ignored me. I then spent the rest of my dream spitting out teeth and watching them break,screaming for someone to call 911. I was crying and bleeding. what does this mean ?

  • lily

    in my dream i was running around out the front of my house and i just stopped and one after the other they just kept falling out and then i woke up and i was in a terrible pain like someone was stabbing my back,stomach,pubic line and crutch.i was in SO much pain

  • pablo

    I had multiple dreams about my teeth falling out, just yesterday i dreamed that i was at the movies with my girlfriend while I was in line I felt my tooth getting loose so I wiggled it a little and it came right off I looked at it and it was rotten tooth I put it in my hand real quick while no one was looking and soon my other teeth fell right off all of them were rotten I put all of them on my left hand I wouldn’t. Open my mouth or talk I was scared.

  • channa

    dreamed my bottom teeth fell out then grew back

  • Chey

    Im my dream i was on a bus then all of a sudden started spitting out my teeth, i seen inside my kouth and almost all of my bsck teeth were missing. I then tried to get some to call 911 for me but i was ignored

  • Nadine

    Dream I was at home with my mom & sister
    then I start feeling a pain in my mouth I start crying
    then I felt something on my tongue, when I spit it
    in my hand it was two of my teeth, joint together, one was ok but the other one was rotten. So I throw away the rotten
    one and keep the other one with the intention of
    taking it to my dentist, but I woke up from my

  • Nadine

    Dreameam I was at home with my mom sister
    then I start feeling a pain in my mouth I start crying
    then I felt something on my tongue, when I spit it
    in my hand it was two of my teeth, joint together, one was ok but the other one was rotten. So I throw away the rotten
    one and keep the other one with the intention of
    taking it to my dentist, but I woke up from my

  • h

    My dream involved swimming in the sea and being dismayed at the amount of litter/garbage on the sea bed. I wanted to clean it up and for some weird dream reason I used my mouth to scoop it up. I got some wire stuck in my teeth and when I got out I pulled really hard on it and all of my teeth came out. There was some random medic/dentist who told me to keep all of the broken teeth in my mouth and follow him to his clinic. That washard and there was so much broken tooth bursting out that I had to hold my hand over my mouth. He fixed my front teeth butmy molars were gone.
    It seems interesting to read what the meanings are and I feel some relevance in real life. My freelance job in real life is going badly with one £2500 contract reduced to £450 because I did it badly and another £2500 invoice not being paid as the company had gone bankrupt. I’ve earned so little all year and ama bit nervous about it, but I’ve also begun to explore a new more socially constructive job than advertising, maybe some meaning in the cleaning up. I’ve also struggled with letting anyone new into my life for 5 years after a heartbreak and am getting quite lonely these days. At the same time I have up teaching and went back to being a sole trader. That might not be so relevant inthis dream, but I think the waking up to the reality ofdoing something worthy and sociable in the community might

  • unknown

    I dreamed I was pregnant and in Wisconsin and at my moms house and I got kidnapped and then with two ladies that were good witches and she told me I was pregnant I was just trying to get to the hospital then I got kidnapped then I was in the dessert then my Moms car then my tooth fell out it was a little dirty from the inside… Really odd

  • sabrina

    My tooth dream was odd. My teeth were falling out of my mouth but there were more teeth than the normal amount. It was really freaky.

  • Nikkita

    Depending your blood line the interpretation of dreams are different
    From a young age The falling of teeth means death.
    It could mean death in my family or near friends family members. The bigger the tooth the closer to me or more meaninful person close to my heart. It has served me as warnings of family members deaths for over 20 yrs. It always comes in a very vivid dream. Is always alarming to see
    The teeth fall but theres always presented with a comforting scenario.

  • Dorathy

    I was dreaming somebody put toothpaste in my mouth and as I brush my teeth, my filling came loose

  • Kelsey

    I was in a house or cabin type area. There are two men in the dream but I can’t place them. My canine tooth (always seems to be the same one, on the left side) is very loose. I go to the bathroom mirror and seem to touch it and it comes out. No blood but I am very aware that it’s a huge hole now. I go and tell this one man that it fell out and he seems unconcerned. I go back in the bathroom to try and put it back in. I put it in and then close my mouth to hold it in. It seems to magically “grow” back into place but then the right canine tooth comes loose and falls out. The overall dream was quite weird becahuse later on I was driving and hit another car but drove off without stopping. Not quite sure what all of this means…

  • Amy P.

    I was sitting down with my boyfriend. He gets up and leaves. I run my tongue over my teeth and the front seems loose, and it just pushes out. In a panic, I try to move my tongue over the hole but that pushed two neighboring teeth out too. I spit the teeth out and three little pearly whites fall into my hand. My boyfriend is coming back, so I excuse myself to the bathroom- I suppose I’m trying to hide my toothless state. In the bathroom mirror, I’m inspecting my mouth, and it turns out that I have two rows of teeth. The back row is a bit yellower and starting cavities at the bottom. I was brushing them with whitening toothpaste, thinking it would fine enough to trick my boyfriend. And then I woke up.

  • Aemon

    My Teeth start to hurt and then I pull them out and they stop hurting. But now my dreams are self aware and my dream self starts to freak out when I pull out my teeth, but still does it

  • one by one my teeth were falling out


  • maria

    I dreamth that my brace was loose and i touched my teeth and two came out..my father was in the dream but he didnt play a big role…i cried in my dream and woke up with tears on my cheek..i have dreamth these kind of dreams many times before

  • mikayla

    my face got pushed into a counter by someone walking by, and I was thinking “wtf?!” and when I looked at the counter I seen blood and 2 teeth and I cupped my mouth and then looked at my hand and I seen a bunch of teeth.. omg

  • Rissa

    in my dream I had to pull three of my teeth out because they had a sickness in them (or something) that would kill me if left in. I had to pull them myself because I didn’t have access to a dentist

  • neek

    Okay so i had a dream dat me and wife was talking i cant remember what we was talkin bout exactly bt all of a sudden her teeth jus start fallin out of her mouth

    • Godard

      Had the exact same dream!!!!

  • james

    I was in bed and my teeth start to flake , then one by one they would crumble and fall out . There was no blood just lots of little peices of teeth

  • Tiisetso

    I dreamt my teeth falling out, they filled both my hands and some fell to the ground but that was not the end of it.. some of them still kept falling out and me having to spit them out. What does that mean?

  • Anonymous

    I keep dreaming that I clench my teeth hard, the the top row of my teeth fall. I try to put them in there place but they dont stay in their place.

    • Frod


  • Jody

    I am chewing gum. The gum sticks to my teeth and one by one they all come out from the gum pulling them out. I try to put my teeth back in until I can get somewhere to have them put back in properly.

  • Metayah

    I’ve had about 10 or more dreams about my teeth falling out. One was at school, at lunch time but I was in line to get food when I feel the taste of blood in my mouth. I put my fingers in their and a couple of teeth fell out of my mouth onto my hand. I ran away to get someone, I found a cafeteria lady. The look of terror was on my face as I try to tell her about my teeth. I was then just spitting more teeth out of my mouth cause there was soo much blood and the teeth were trying to fall down my throat. Some of my teeth weren’t coming out like a lose tooth, they were shattered looking with sharp edges. All of my dreams were never in the bathroom but there was always someone I knew I tried to get help from. In every dream my teeth were coming out shattered looking, and a lot of blood. So much blood as equal to a pint or more.

  • Anonymous

    Just woke up but dream started with me sitting on the kitchen counter while talking to a friend while he’s washing dishes and my front top tooth fell out. I panic then all of a sudden I’m in the bathroom looking in the mirror and I notice it was not just one but 2 that came out. I leave and on my way home and while driving a third one falls out top back. I arrive at my grandmothers house and I’m explaining to her something is wrong while I’m crying telling her I’m going to the ER, she goes back to bed but an entity or force pulls me to the floor and is holding me down but I can’t scream and I can’t breathe. Then I wake up just from a text message.

  • Ashley Renee

    i was at the store with my cousin to.which o.hardly i hardly talk to in the make up aisle . the main thing was trying to avoid getting to school but at the same time really wanting to go cause i needed to pass . Then i startedfeeling pain in my teeth and when i would bite down my top tooth the k9 one felt way too big for my mouth so i kept biting down & as i did my teeth would break

  • Kirra b

    Me and a group of friends went to an amusement park and we where taking a group picture and we all put our arms around each other and when I put my arms around the guy I like he walked away and looked uncomfortable

  • Karen Yost

    I had a dream where I felt something stuck in between my two front teeth when I went to the mirror I noticed it was a tiny little tooth stuck in between my two front teeth that had fallen out and was wedged in between them. when I pulled it out I noticed that there was also another tooth growing sideways in between those two front teeth also. I looked at myself in the mirror and I noticed the two front teeth are now huge long walrus tusk-like teeth and there was a large gap in between where is the tiny tooth had been.I was mostly concerned about the gap in my teeth and not the tusks. I remember smiling at myself in the mirror and thinking that I could still look pretty with the tusks but not with the gap. next thing I remember the tusks were gone but the gap remained. azan push the two front teeth together and the skin in between poked out the front and I said that it would be okay I could live with that and that eventually it would go away and that was the end of my dream. Also, the sideways tooth just disappeared as I never saw it again in my dream nor did I pull it out.

    • Kirra b

      I wonder if you might be feeling self conscious about your teeth

  • Dani

    in the dream I was laying in my bed. I went to use the bathroom and on the way to the bathroom I felt a sharp pain in my mouth. when I ran my tongue across my teeth I felt one of my bottom teeth loose like it was hanging on for dear life. I hurry to the bathroom, by the time I get in the bathroom I have so much pain in my mouth. I open my mouth and look in the mirror and the first tooth i lose was just hanging there in the most painful position. I had no choice but to pull it out. it hurt like hell but once it was out it relieved the pain. Blood was filling my mouth from the spot where my tooth once was. I go to sip some water from the bathroom sink to rinse the blood out. as i spit out the bloody water pain filled my mouth. I flushed my mouth again and gargled the water. I began to choke. I gagged on my tooth, as i tried spitting the tooth out my entire top row except my two front teeth began to two twist to the most painful positions. blood was overflowing my mouth. i continued to rinse because blood wouldn’t come out my mouth or drip down. i gagged on more and more teeth each time. until i lost six from the top row and 7 more from the bottom row. The pain was intense. I look in the mirror I still had pain and blood in my mouth. I go to rinse out my mouth and someone bombards my bathroom and spits on my hand. the person was familiar but unwelcome. I began bickering back and forth with this person and woke up. i still had my molars and my four fronts two on top and bottom. What does this dream mean?

  • Diana

    I was hanging out with some friends and my tooth felt loose so I went to the bathroom to check it out. There was blood all around the tooth and when I touched it with my tongue it fell out. I quickly left and when I went to show my husband I woke up.

  • Alyscia

    I had a dream that I was on my elementary school bus and some one punched me in the face. Luckily I wasn’t too hurt but then I felt my 2 front teeth loose. Then my canines we’re lose and so on. When I woke up I was so paranoid and I would frequently touch my teeth to make sure they were still there.

  • Lisa

    When I have this dream my teeth crumble out of my mouth. I have had it more than one time. What does this mean?

  • Hannah

    I had a dream that one of my bottom, front teeth kept pushing on a top tooth. I couldn’t stop because that was where the bottom tooth wanted to rest. Eventually the tooth being pushed on became very loose and wanted to come out. When I was at the dentist with my brother I was describing my tooth to the dentist and all of the sudden I got really nervous and pushed really hard on the tooth and it broke off into shattered pieces along with some other teeth. I got really upset and told the doctor and she brought me back to the back rooms and tried to fix it.
    The meaning of the loosing teeth dream is very accurate towards my life right now.

  • Miss T

    I had a dream last night that I went to a public toilet and it was dirty, there was all blood smeared on the toilet seat, I was trying to clean it off, and there were people outside waiting to use it.

  • Dirty Mike

    i dreamt that i was out with the boys and we all got butt raped by a merman

  • Date of birth

    I’m going back in time to the day I was born

  • Shaila Colon

    I was in this strange place,I think I was either livin there or living there for a short period of time. It looked like this really old house or hotel with a million rooms. I with my friend and everytime I tried to shut my mouth but I can feel lose my teeth were. The more I tired to close my mouth and clamp my mouth down hard and shut it, I could feel them wiggle and turn and then a tooth would fall out and then and then another. Eventually I was left with were my bottom back teeth. I can feel my gums touching each other. There wasn’t any blood. I didn’t feel scared or anxious of losing the teeth, but more of what now? Do I use dentures? Do I leave it alone and never smile again or go and get it fixed. Eventually my mom took me to dentist office and I sat down. Then this lady came and called up everyone with problems of missing teeth please sand up and follow her. Everyone in the room stood up and I can hear everyone talking about their different teeth losing situations. I woke up after that.

  • sarah

    I had a dream I fell on my face and it was all cut and blood everywhere but when I opened my mouth all my teeth were hanging out was like my gums were jelly

  • Stephanie

    I had a dream where I was going to the dentist, I’m sitting in the waiting room and all of the sudden my mouth seems full so I spit out a tooth. Out of no where I was choking on my teeth, I kept spitting out teeth, and they kept regrowing in my mouth. I did this over and over till I finally woke up. Throughout the teeth spitting I kept feeling as if I was choking and I was scared.

  • donald miller

    I had a dream where I was sitting on my couch, all of a sudden I felt something hard in my mouth. I spit the object into my hand and it was a whole tooth, the too the had a hole in it, just one hole but the hole had blood coming out of it… What does this mean

  • Alyssa

    I keep having these dreams where I uncontrollably grind my teeth together to the point where I’m in horrible pain and all my teeth begin cracking and falling out in pieces and it goes on until I wake up

  • Kate

    I was at the beach with my family when all of a sudden this huge storm came in and for some reason we stayed in the water. Then i hit something and my bottom tooth was loose. I wiggled it and all of a sudden it came out and I started freaking out.

  • Oliver

    I know this isn’t related to teeth, but once I had a dream where I was on a checkerboard and a giant bee was chasing me. My family was standing on the side of the checkerboard watching me. I woke up screaming, “There’s a bee in my bed, there’s a bee in my bed!”

  • Maleia

    One time I had a dream where I was sitting at a table, and all of a sudden,I spit and a whole bunch of teeth fell out of my mouth. I can’t remember anything after that.

  • Tiffany

    I remeber being with my mom somewhere and I touched my front tooth with the tip of my tounge and it was really loose and I kept pushing it so it could go back in its place so it wouldn’t fall out. I was really scared and woke up touching my teeth.

    • Tam

      This exact dream happened to me last night and i woke up doing the same! Its so horrible.

  • James (Jersey) Williams

    I just remember rubbing my tongue on the back of my teeth, noticing one was cracked down the middle in the front. I gently wiggled it and it was significantly loose. I quickly let go and closed my mouth, but the force caused my teeth to fallout. I felt which seemed to be just one tooth in my mouth and I spit it out into my hand. I looked down and noticed I had lost 4 teeth and one was chipped. At that moment I felt scared. I didn’t want my girlfriend to leave me because of my appearance. So I quickly pulled down the sun visor to check the damage in the mirror. It was bad, I was missed 3 at the bottom, and the front 2 at the top, just one was half way there. Not to mention the ones in the back I’ve already lost in reality. And most of the teeth that were intact but next to the ones now in my hand were rotting. I began to worry for my relationship. Strangely enough, I look over to the driver set and there is my girl, impervious to what was even going on. It was like I wasn’t there. If it helps, it was a sunny day. I don’t remember much after that, but somehow we ended up back at the house in bed and it felt late. I still was missing my teeth but I felt as I I had been drugged and kept burning holes in the bed from a cigarette. I soon woke up after that.

  • jamie

    Im my dream I was downstairs and my front tooth felt loose so I ran upstairs and rinsted my mouth out with mouthwash and when I spat all my teeth fell out but when I looked in the mirror they were all still there

  • Dream if my teeth coming out

    I had a dream where I was in the bathroom and I felt my teeth were really lose. I touched one and it came out so easily. I tried another and before I knew it all my teeth were lying on the bathroom counter. No blood just teeth. Then I wanted to see if I could put them back in and it was like I never took them out.

  • angelica

    dreaming bad ugly things can figure out what they are then scared i start screaming out mom, mom mom and no sound comes out keep screaming till i litterily wake up in real life yelling mom with all my strength pushed out till sound came out mouth

  • Stein

    I had an intensly vivid dream just last night that felt like it lasted the entire night. I even woke up, then fell asleep again and continued the dream where it left off. In this dream as well as a number of others (around 3) I would feel a looseness around the entire inside of my mouth. As i would bite down or move my jaw, all of my teeth would get looser and looser to the point where they felt like they were barely being held in my mouth. Once i bit down i’d hear a slight crack and all my teeth would fall out at once with a mixture of white powder and chipped teeth. then i’d wash my gums out and once i’d forgotten about losing all my teeth, they’d reappear later in the dream. It is only in the morning that i’d realize this though.

  • Gugu

    I dreamt that my tooth came out,I was just standing outside at my house,and then I just threw it in the yard but my sister told me to look for it so that the doctor can put it back,I looked for it and I found it,it ended like that

  • yanira

    I was in my living room with 2 of my son’s and my husband when all the sudden my husband accidentally hit me on the mouth all my tooth start falling out. No pain no blood. I just started spit them out. My kids started laughing and taking pictures of me i told one of my son’s to bring me the clothes because i was going to the laundry and he refuse. He said that i couldn’t go looking like that with no tooths.

  • Teeth on the lower part back part of jaw crumbling and silver teeth falling out

    I had a dream that on the lower back part of my jaw i had false silver teeth and it was coming out along with my natural teeth was crumbling and i was spitting all of it out can you interprate this dream for me?

  • venugopal p

    Thank you very much about description
    I just shocked,while searching for the reason behind this type of dream. Is It common to all?
    My present career is not good,financially not settled well.i am in a feel of loosing something.
    So that only I am getting this type of dreams frequently

  • Shadd

    I just had this dream yesterday that one of my tooth fall out and when I check my self on the mirror the blood wont stop from coming out, i tried to gargle with water and pat it with a towel but when i sneak a peek on the towel i was holding it is drenched with my blood… it actually did not bothers me at all when i woke up.. but when i tell my mom she started to freak out saying “i should be careful, that a someone or even myself could get killed specially with theres a simble of blood and mirror that comes with it in my dreams. as a Filipino our forefather do believe in such a thing and it is actually a tradition passed on from many generations it is called “PAMAHIIN”. this actually got me soo scared now ijust want to know if it is possible that what i saw in my dream means that i or someone surrounding me might get killed or die.



  • Rosemary

    I keep having dreams of my teeth falling off. It’s been happening for several night now. At first it was my back teeth which I though was normal because they are still my baby teeth. Later all my teeth started getting wiggle and I pull on them and they fall off! It stop for a while and then I was bring cased my some type of killer fat, anyway I was running and I felt my front teeth wiggle and I stared having an anxiety attck and I stared crying because it was my front teeth anyone see my front teeth. I felt my inside of my mouth and where the back and side of my where suppost to be new teeth were growing. Which I know it’s impossible because I lose my grown up teeth. So I don’t understand my dream! HELP!

  • Kat

    I had a dream that I got a couple molars teeth pulled out at the dentist, so my mouth was filled with gauze because my gums wouldn’t stop bleeding. I remember not being able to talk because it was painful, and I tried to pull out the gauze but there was so much of it.

  • Shannon

    My dreams are almost always the same except for the settings. This time I was in a restraunt setting with a friend studying for a class that we never even took together and he was talking to someone else then I noticed that one of my teeth felt loose. So I started playing with it then all of the sudden it popped out. And normally the teeth that come out are towards the front but this time it was the aecond to last molar and that was it. In my other dreams normally a few more fall out but in this dream it was only one. After I pulled it out I sucked on it for a second and them carefully took it out so that no one would see and hid it in my backpack. Then the dream continued with no more thought of the tooth. Weird.

  • Cody

    I had a dream that I was with a group of people in a school type of setting. and had eatin something that had a safety pin attached to it. that I had to cough up. in doing so it poked into my throat. which was very painful I felt pain as well in my spine and brain stem. don’t know what it means but I haven’t felt really the same since. thank you for your time

  • Anonymous

    I dreamt my two front teeth were big, see trough caps fell off them and they vere very loose but didn’t fall out! And also moving into a new wooden house when I saw my teeth in the bathroom mirror of the new house.

  • Angela

    I had a dream that my husband was offered a job in Dublin by the company I work for. Ibwas worried he would take the job and leave the kids and I. He ended up consulting me and we moved with me having to take a position with a huge cut in pay and responsibility. My first day on the job my front tooth fell out. I went to the bathroom to see and then all my top teeth fell out. I had to tell my new boss and Tyler and I made arrangements to return to the US to see what was wrong.

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream that I was able to pull out my teeth with no problem and the feeling felt so weird. My teeth were destroyed and I pulled a tooth out. And was tryin to make them better.

  • Natasha

    I keep having dreams at different places each time but I always have one wobbly tooth and it falls out then after the rest all fall out at the same time, they don’t just fallout though. They started pointed out wards and in my dream I try an keep them in by they come out my mouth fills of blood and it’s really painful

  • Sexually touched by family member

    I all of a sudden felt like hugging my uncle, I was hugging him really tight, and he didn’t mind it, He touched my boobs with his body, and when I let go he smacked my behind.. in real life my family is having trouble with my uncle and I personally hate him, so I have no clue why I’d be dreaming this?

  • Helper buddy

    I was at my pageant 2 months ago and I was sitting on a couch talking to people that I never have really talked to. All of a sudden I would feel a tooth detached from my gun and I would spit it into my hand. After this, more would come our and I wasn’t placing my jaw correctly. Then my parents wanted me to go get surgery late that night. That’s where it ended.

  • keith

    I was alone in the dark with like a spotlight over me. I felt something in my mouth but no pain and spit out a couple of my teeth at first no blood then More teeth and then blood. Iv been having these dreams for about a year and they are happening more frequently

  • ek tallon

    So my dream is generally the same.i am driving a car, not my own car and then all of a sudden my teeth just fall out of my mouth and i spit them out. sometimes its just maybe one tooth and other times its lots. really freaks me out when i wake up.

  • rebecca

    I have dreams about losing my teeth all of the time.. Sometimes my teeth are really chalky or brittle and they are breaking off or my teeth are just really loose and are falling out… Either way I have the dreams the only constant is that I always spit them out.

  • Erika

    i was at a house I’ve never been in, according to my dream, i knew the owner of the house well. I feel a weird tingle in my mouth and i start wiggling my teeth and I notice how loose they feel. one by one they fall out, not all of them, just like 5 or 6. i started crying because i knew how ugly I’d be without teeth. I suddenly stop crying because i think how they could put fake ones or something. that’s all i remember.

  • Asia

    That happens to me I just start spitting out my teeth and I get really scared

  • Achal Jadhav

    I just read that my boyfriend,Firdaus Gupte has dreams of having sex with many girls and different girls each night.How could you,Firdaus? I gave you all possible sexual pleasure and here’s what i get to here.I even wrote Panda’s goldfish memory for you.And i gave you free drinks and drugs at my sleep over and we made out,had sex,had bath and here’s what i get to hear? Are my boobs too small? Firdaus Gupte,I need a reply!

    -Achal Jadhav

  • alexis

    I had a dream that I was in a torture camp and someone was pulling my teeth out slowly

  • my mouth is empty

    I keep having the same dream where im talking to an individual and then my top teeth grind my bottom teeth and then with no pain the whole of my top teeth come away from my gums but they stay together like I have dentures. What does it mean as I wake up in a panic everytime I have this dream??

  • grace

    I had a dream that I was helping my friends kid who is 1 paint her toenails on the bath tub in the bathroom when I was painting her toe nailes she fell off the tub on to her face when I started whipping the blood off her face I noticed her teeth fell out later in the dream when I was telling some one I noticed my teeth had fallen out to.



    • Maia

      Maybe you have a gum infection? Lol, or maybe your too concerned about keeping your mouth fresh and clean…
      Just a little guess, it’s possible…

    • Helper buddy

      This could mean that you grind your teeth in your sleep. I have these dreams all if the time. It’s not a big worry but I would recommend a night guard of some sort. So yeah, you’re grinding your teeth dude. No doubt about it.

  • Mariana

    In my dream I was at a family party and my aunt and other aunt were mad and I thought they were talking about me bc I don’t like one of them so then I had to hold in to one of the dogs they had and I was being mean to the dog and she hit me and all my teeth were weird they were displaced and then my dreamed moves to another event and I was at the store and then I feel something when I was moving my mouth and more teeth came out. Them again I dream about going to eat and the I opened my mouth and my teeth came out about all the front ones in the top came out . I was soooooo scared and panicking . Please tell me what this means ?

    • Mariana

      Oh and i mean in my teeth dreams all together my front teeth on the top came off .

  • Seth

    In my dream, I was laying in bed with my eyes closed. I think perhaps it was before waking up for work and I felt one of my teeth wiggle free on the bottom right side of my mouth. I was shocked that it had come free but couldn’t help myself from poking the spot where the tooth had been with my tongue. Then the tooth behind the fresh lost tooth began to crumble into small pieces. At this point I am freaking out and touch the next tooth back and it snaps off laterally coming off in a big chunk. I awoke at this point extremely upset. I don’t often remember my dreams so this was a particularly disturbing experience. I distinctly recall a gripping fear that all my teeth were going to be lost this way one after the other.

  • teeth

    I had a dream where all my teeth had fallen out and was going to cost £300 per tooth to replace .

    • Maia

      To dream about prices mean the value you are putting on yourself. So, take the $300 you were talking about with your teeth. You think your teeth are very special and valuable.
      PS Bored and love giving advice lol

  • Rihanna

    I was in the bathroom with my pregnant older sister and I felt like my teeth were a bit loose, and then out of no where one of my teeth feel out. My sister got a bit scared and mainly felt sorry for me because we both thought that it was a sign of old age or something (even though we’re in our mid twenties). Then the second and third tooth feel out and I started to get scared (but with every tooth falling there was no blood/rotten teeth; all were clean and white). Then I decided to open my mouth in front of the mirror and I saw that my actual teeth hadn’t fallen out because there were new teeth in place of the old ones that had fallen out. I in the dream realized that my false teeth/ veneers had been falling out because my permanent teeth were growing in underneath. This made my sister and I happy and extremely relieved; I hadn’t known that my dentist had put fake teeth over my real teeth to protect and save on my permanent teeth. My permanent teeth looked more natural but were smaller/shorter than the veneers, but were still clean and had a more natural stain to them; nothing rotten/bloody.

  • prathima

    standing around talking to friends, getting a weird sensation that teeth are crumbling and walk away to bathroom to look in the mirror and the front 5-6 teeth are out

  • Sally

    I frequently dream of continually pulling chewing gum through the gap in my tpo front teeth, the strand gets longer and longer and im aware of a load of stretchy gum in my hand, the strandgoes on and on and on and always between my top front teeth….. I dont chew gum, most bizarre dream ,
    Many thanks if you can explain

  • tisha

    I was talking to thia guy and we dated for some months. He stayed with his parents. That day came where we finally decided to become intimate. I went to his house, he slept in the living room. So we were in the bed and when everything was over, the door unlocked, I ran to the bathroom and locked the door and heard his mom. I turned around and teeth were missing, one was falling out, and I had silver caps on my teeth. But I don’t have them in real life.

  • Nancy

    I had a dream that one of my teeth were wiggly so I wiggled it and it fell out then one after the other they started to fall out I then felt like I had a mouth full of teeth and started spitting them out into my hands and they were crumbling on my hands. What does this mean

  • Evangelina

    I had a dream that I was at work it was before I clocked in and everybody was sitting around talking.. some ladies offered me food and I accepted it..after I got done eating it another lady came into the room and got the bag and took it upstairs and wasn’t theres to even offer.. I was upset about that I ended up getting up and walking to the restroom..I use the bathroom and when I was done I was looking in the mirror and that’s when one front tooth and three side teeth started to fall out..I started to freak out and all of a sudden I had a bag with me full of clothes and I was all over the bathroom floor I don’t know what I was looking for..there was a lady with the baby waiting outside the bathroom waiting to use it and I kept on saying hold on give me one minute while I was trying to pick up all the clothes and put it back into my bag..I’ve been opened the door and told her I’m sorry something strange is going on and I smiled and I showed her my teeth are falling out I need to go to the dentist I’m sorry I’m sorry..she then said oh don’t worry about it I had the same thing happened to me and she smiled she was missing teeth and I freak out even more..and then went back into the area where everybody was in the breakroom.. I woke up a little freak out.. what does my dream mean?

  • Lucy

    I was with some friends at a carnival type thing and suddenly my back teeth started to crumble and i was spitting out bit of teeth into my hand. It developped to the other teeth and when I looked in the mirror most of my teeth had gone. I was walking along a road (with my friend who is studying dentistry) and no-one would help us get to a hospital.

  • rudiie

    I have had dreams on more than one occasion where I’ve dreamt my teeth falling out, normally they just fall out by themselves but last night I had the teeth dream again but this time my teeth were knocked out and fall out 1-3 at a time, these dreams are more like nightmares because after I have the teeth dream I can no longer sleep

  • Kristi

    My mom who is 50 had a baby the same weekend that my best friend did.

  • Teresa

    I was with a friend walking around in what appeared to be a tent or like a circus tent thing and we were talking and I was runningy tongue along my teeth when I got to my bottom left molar, which moved when I touched it. I moved it again and it just broke into 3-4 smaller pieces in my mouth and they were just free in my mouth. I was moving the bits around with my tongue and not being able to talk. I askedy friend, using actions, to get me a tissue or something to spit my broken tooth into it. I was also covering my mouth with my hand. That’s all I remember

  • Tuli

    My sister always seeing me praying to her in the dream wearing pure white cloths. What does this mean?

  • Emmy

    i was in the staffroom with coleagues and one by one my teeth started falling out and then regrew back. but then suddenly more fell out at once and they kept being replaced by others. It was too realistic. what could it mean?

  • Alan

    I just dreamed I kept spitting out teeth. It was horible because it just didn’t stop!

  • Emily

    I had a dream that I was at home in my lounge room and my tooth was really wobbly and then it fell out. I spit it out into my hand. Then I could feel the big hole/gap from where my tooth was. What does this mean?

  • bree

    i dreamed i was laying on the bed brushing my dog teeth. but they were already white and clean.

  • William

    What does it mean when I dream about being fired from my job

  • Banana

    i dream i pooped my teef out

  • Carlos


  • Carlos

    and i joined the KKK

  • Carlos

    I dreamed i was a midget

    • Anonymous

      Your supost to talk about teeth!

  • I dreamed i was on visit at a cousin wth whom i havent been in contact for years.i have false teeth.as i biting something 1tooth broke and fall out my mouth,as i bend to pick it up my top set fall out and as i picked it up it broke and 1rolle under a smal


    • Carlos

      Wuts ur name it say to put ur name

  • I dreamed i was on visit at a cousin wth whom i havent been in contact for years.i have false teeth.as i biting something 1tooth broke and fall out my mouth,as i bend to pick it up my top set fall out and as i picked it up it broke and 1rolle under a smal


  • Jacqui

    I my dream: I’m speaking with my sister and my top teeth start to feel strange. I was clicking my front teeth together as I spoke & then the entire bottom row fell out (no roots) & the top had the two frnt teeth coming in, pushing the existing ones out but they wouldn’t go so it appeared as a double set (one on top of the other . I ran around with the bottom that had come out all in one piece trying to find my mother to have her help me because I was supposed to be going on next in a singing competition. She told me I’d have to go right to the dentist & I was upset that I was going to miss the contest. Then my dream turn into something completely different with different people & story line.

  • KG

    I had this dream where all my teeth were falling out and i through them all away in the school cafeteria thrash can. I then came back the next day and saw tons of quarters because the toothe fairy came. Lol i was only like 5-6 when i had this dream.

  • Ellen

    I had a dream that I was straining my tongue against the back of my bottom teeth (I don’t recall why I was straining my tongue) and so I went to my bedroom and looked in my mirror. I opened my mouth and saw that it had braces (I don’t anymore, and I wasn’t surprised to see them in my dream) and my bottom teeth that use to be straight were now all crooked and messed up. So what did I do? I reached my hand in there and pulled them while pushing and popping them back into place. The pain was terrifyingly real but I couldn’t stop trying to fix them. It felt like the pain of when I got my braces tightened magnified at least 5x’s. It was horrible.

  • Kate

    I dreamt that I wore my retainer overnight and when I went to the washroom to take it out, all but one tooth came out with the retainer. The one tooth that remained had moved way out.

  • Vero

    I have a fake tooth, in my dream it falls out, and a second later I noticed that all my teeth where on the floor. I feel a little panicked but at the same time I felt like it was no big deal(I will just put them back on) my mom started to help me pick them.up. and when I go to the RR I see in the mirror that I have all my teeth in its place.

  • jezza bhel tugade

    I was pulling a string like in my mouth. All of a suddenly, my last tooth at the upper left seemed to fall down.
    What does it mean?

  • The one

    I dreamt i was at publix with my mom and i took this random customer because he had asked
    Then he made a drug deal wen i walked out of publix,
    The outside of publix was a church then suddenly my molders fell off then
    2 or 3 at a times kept falling. My mom was freaking out
    Then i kept telling its fine its fine lets go to the dentist. Weird.

  • emma

    dreamt my 2 front teeth fell out in a nightclub and woke up with a dried blood lump on my lip.

  • Rosemarie

    I just woke up from this dream 10 minutes ago…. I was at a party and my family from my dad’s side was there including my mother 2 sisters and my brother.. And I was just walking back and forth and a tooth would feel lose and fall right out and I could taste the blood and my dad would look at me worried and say ” another one” and it just kept going, my gums felt swollen, felt like I couldn’t open my mouth to tell some people what was wrong but when I did it didn’t hurt..what does all this mean???

  • Holly Cowley

    I had a dream where I was walking into town to go to the dentist because my mum said I should go, then I couldn’t find the dentist In town and on the way my two front teeth started to wobble and then fell out, I ran home and my mum said she wasn’t surprised

  • Giselle

    I had a dream that I was outside walking with some friends and then I looked at my hand & an entire set of my teeth came out & they were all together, like a mold.

  • Luisa Marie

    I was dreaming that i was 6 years old and i lost the 4 front upper teeth in the middle of my gums. it was horrible. what does this mean? i am currently getting over cancer.

  • lisa

    I had a dream that one night when my parents were watching tv I had to go pee so I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror and my front tooth fell out,then another and they kept on falling out.I started to cry and by the time my mom saw me I only had five teeth left.

  • Beckiie

    I had a dream that I was going on holiday with my boyfriends parents to Tenerife and we were about to get into the car when my tooth just fell out next minuite another one fell out but new ones had grown really awkwardly sticking into my mouth and then a plastic thing appeared I have no idea where it came from but it was to push my teeth back into place and then my toungue bar kept falling out (I don’t have my toungue pierced) and I couldn’t talk properly

    then the next night I had a different setting but one of my canines fell out and there was blood everywhere

  • Anonymous

    I dreamed my mum was a lesbian

  • Angelica

    I can’t quite remember where I was I think it was a school or around classmates and suddenly my teeth started to move. They all moved at once until they clashed together and broke off piece by piece. Shattering and clashing my teeth moved and multiplied until I had shark teeth in my mouth. I spit out so much I felt scared so much teeth I couldn’t close ny mouth. And to protect my teeth I obtained a sort of tissues and stuffed my mouth full so my teeth wouldn’t fall. It felt like such a nightmare a I remember was crying and I’m just trying to make sense of it I’m almost 20 and this is the first time I’ve ever had a teeth dream.

  • cass

    I was in an odd mall type building with my old friends (we were doing something I can’t remember what but we were dressed up), who I’m not friendds with anymore. We got a room in one of the stores and I walked over to the mirror that had a sink randomly placed in the room, already missing some teeth. Another tooth fell out. I was scared and my ex best friend told me I’d be ok. But they just kept falling out and it was really painful and bloody. I keep having pain dreams of my teeth falling out and it’s scaring me.

  • takoma

    I had a dream about my teeth fading away like if the enamel was soft on the tooths in the back and it was coming out but like sand any knowelege of to knowing what that mean.

  • goyal

    today in the morning i had a dream in that i hav seem my teeth geting separated from each other and bleeding. what does this mean ???

  • Megan Goh

    A few years ago, I had a dream in 2 places. I was in my parents bedroom, but then I suddenly rushed into the bathroom with my hand over my mouth and my teeth slowly dropped out one by one. There was no bleeding the whole time when all my teeth fell out.I panicked during the dream and abruptly stopped the dream.

  • zoe

    i had a dream that my mom was gay (she’s not) and her a her “lover” were in a fight and i ran up and i got punched and all of my teeth fell out. i have had several other dreams were my teeth fall out.

  • TIFF

    It was really crazy because I had a dream that a dog was pulling on me and my jaw locked then when it got back into place my teeth starting falling out it was scary I had blood every where an they all came out

  • Amanda

    My dream had me shaking and in tears when I woke up.I was in my bedroom arguing with my husband. When I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my mouth. I put my hand in my mouth which was already filled with blood and started pulling out tooth after tooth. I was screaming and crying for help from him and it was like he couldn’t see or hear me. Then I jumped up out of my sleep.

  • Matt

    I dreamt that I woke up and felt that a tooth was loose by poking it with my tongue. I continued to do so until it fell out. I kept the tooth in my mouth. Soon after all the rest of my teeth all became loose at the same time and fell out and I kept them all in my mouth. I went to the bathroom and spit all the teeth into the sink, looked in the mirror saw little pieces on my tongue and rinsed my mouth out with faucet water. I noticed there was no blood anywhere during my dream. I woke up immediately after I rinsed out my mouth.

  • 7DAW

    Teeth falling out is a fear of castration ( literally or symbolically — according to Freud ) But it can also be fear of a dentist. :)

  • Jaqueline

    I had a dream that I was at a wedding and I went to the bathroom and there was blood on the toilet seat then I felt my tooth loose I wiggled it with my tounge and it felt out it kinda hurt and there was a little blood but I cleaned it out, but I was also spitting out tooth pieces like if a whole bunch of my teeth feel out but no I licked my teeth and only one was gone. So my friend came in the bathroom and I was telling her that doctor told me my teeth will start to fall off and I felt really sad in my dream.

  • L

    I had my first teeth falling out dream this morning. In my dream I took my sister to the one Jamba Juice in our city and we took a while there because I couldn’t decide what I wanted, I was getting anxious because the workers were taking too long and kept changing tasks, and eventually a lot of former classmates came and I did not want to talk to them. For some reason the workers also did some kind if dental work on me. As I walked to the car I felt some teeth wiggling in my mouth and about to fall out. No pain, slight rotting but mostly clean teeth. I drove home and looked at the mirror and started to spit out, even choke on, some teeth. But when I looked into the mirror I still had all of my teeth. My front tooth was about to fall out and I suddenly woke up. I was freaking out in my dream.

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream where I was sitting in a waiting room and all of a sudden my molars fell out of my mouth. I wasn’t freaking out in my dream because I have had plenty of dreams where my teeth have fallen out. After my teeth fell out I just felt the empty space with my tongue. I know that every time my teeth fall out in my dream I always feel really embarrassed and worry that someone will see.
    After reading this I can relate to a few things that might explain why I’m having these dreams. I just can’t figure out what one is the right one.

  • Josh

    I have never read any response quite like the dream I had. In my dream, I can’t remember where exactly I was or what I was doing, but I had a very explicit feeling that my mouth was being filled up by my teeth that would continually fall out and fill up my mouth and I would keep spitting out teeth but new teeth would keep growing in then falling out. At one point my mouth was OVERfull with loose teeth and it felt like my mouth was completely full of teeth that would overgrow around my gums then fall out and be spat out. At the time during the dream I was not disturbed or freaking out at all. But when I woke up I could still feel the feeling of my entire mouth being filled up with loose teeth.

  • Anonymous.

    I had a dream that one or two of my closest friend were with me and I was in my bed and my two upper front teeth fell out. First the left one leaving a black hole (no blood) and just like black stuff kind of dripping out. My right one fell out next leaving a black empty hole with a little bit of really red blood dripping out. While they were falling out one by one the same motion of them falling out made a breaking glass noise. What does this mean?

  • Sasha

    Hi, in my most recent dream I was in a bathroom. Then I felt some pressure in my mouth, when I felt this I looked into the mirror. I looked into my mouth and pressed on the tooth I felt most pressure on and then it fell out. One by one my teeth started falling into my hands. When all my teeth were gone my mouth started to fill with what appeared to be as beads. These beads would also fall into my hand. Then somehow would fill my mouth again. In my dream I was panicking as this was all happening.

  • Margarita

    Hi, most recently I had a dream where I was looking at photographs of myself and noticed that my teeth were TERRIFYINGLY crooked. It caught me entirely by surprise. A friend confirmed it for me, and acted as if this was nothing new — and it made me feel terribly unattractive.

    However, the real question I have isn’t about that, because later in the dream I look in the mirror and my teeth are back to normal (actually even more “perfect” looking than that). I’m happy again. I start practicing how to smile GENUINELY because I realized that I was not being authentic earlier (in the photographs).

    Although the “lack of authenticity” is something I can certainly understand because that is something I have been thinking about lately, and witnessing within myself.

    However, what does it mean to have my teeth back to normal?


  • Abigail

    I had a dream where I was on a field trip with my class and we were all in a hotel. I went to the floor where all the boys where to look for my boyfriend and out of no where I was looking into a mirror and my tooth falls. Then, I decide to stop looking for my boyfriend because I looked ugly and I thought he wouldn’t want me anymore.

    What could this mean?

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream that I was about to leave my classroom (physics) and I was with the IB coordinator, and as I was about to say something all the sudden I felt my teeth fall out, so I kept my mouth shut and walked down the hallway alone trying to find help. As I opened my mouth only one tooth I spit out, but my other three molars (one from each corner) were missing. It it was painless, and felt hell of a lot worse than it actually was.and everything was so vivid, it actually felt like it wasn’t a dream, it was terrifying at first but after knowing that it was only 4bteeth and not as bad as it felt I felt better and kinda “cold hearted” emotionless.

    Any help with interoperating this?

  • Sarah Raveena

    I dreamt that I was eating then I felt something in my mouth and when I took out what I had bitten I saw a teeth stuck on it. Then all my teeth began falling off. It wasn’t painful or nothing, neither was there any blood. I dreamt my teeth falling off a couple of times.

  • Anupa Thapa

    I saw a dream where front teeth from bottom row came out and i am holding in my hand?? please help me to understand :(

  • Queenie

    Here’s my dream:

    I’m waiting for a bus when i realized that i’m only wearing slippers. I decided to go home to change it. In reality, our house is very far from the bus station but in my dream, it was too near. In front of our house i saw our Pastor waiting for me and she asked me to buy an adaptor for our keyboard. And i said yes. After that. I went inside and decided to change my clothes too. I went out of my room. (Btw, my teeth were on braces) then i saw a tooth deattached from my gum. I felt nervous. But i didn’t mind because i believe, in my dream, that i am dreaming. Then i came to realize that my two upper front teeth were missing. (This is weird) i noticed that my teeth is went back fro where it came, so i pulled them both. And one by one, all my teeth were spitting out. I was frightened that, in my dream, i’m not dreaming.

    Then i woke up when i realized that in my dream, i’m not dreaming anymore, that my teeth were all gone.

  • One by one tooth falls out

    For the last week or so, I keep having the same dream over and over. It starts out that 1 tooth is really loose, and I try to push it back in with my tounge; but it ends up falling out. And then I realize another tooth is loose and try to keep it up with me tounge. Usually it would only be 2-3 teeth..but last night I lost every single one, one at a time. I had them all in my hand and was trying to talk to people to help me but I couldn’t really talk and nobody understood what I was saying.

  • Amy

    Last night I had a dream my teeth were falling out,I have had this dream a couple of times and in my dream I can feel everything my teeth falling in my mouth, being cautious I dont swallow my teeth, and the pain. It seems sooo real and its crazy to see how other people around the world have similar dreams. Idk what to think of it!!!

  • Shainel

    Last night I dreamt my lower front tooth was wiggly. I started to play with it and before I knew it I was pulling out my tooth. It was the weirdest feeling, it was like I wasn’t in control. I’m a dental assistant so the first thing that came to mind was what’s a quick fix? I thought I’ll make a temporary tooth and bond it to the tooth next to it on both sides. So I turn to look at the tooth next to the one I pulled and noticed it was partially gone! Only the root was left and I pulled out the root before I could even think to do it. And I don’t remember doing it but I know I pulled the tooth next to it also. In total, I pulled out 3 of my own teeth.
    What does this mean?

  • Barbara

    I was with someone ,Ido not remember who . I put my hand in my mouth as I thought something was in my tooth I took it out a cd realized my tooth had broken in half,I believe I showed my nana when input my hand I’n my mouth I lost 3more they were splitting and then falling out I looked in the mirror and my 2 side teeth in front were gone and and I remember saying that I could not go out again,no one could see me like that but I could also see my dentures in some spots it was wired what does it mean

  • robert

    when a tooth is broken, is still in tact, like in the gum, but has broken off.

  • Crystal

    I had a dream last night that my bottom front tooth fell out and i showed my mom and my sister but when i looked inside my mouth at the bottom under my tounge I had rows of teeth almost like it was to teplace the one that fell out what does this mean?

  • Molly

    I have dreams about my teeth falling out rather frequently. They are so realistic I actually wake up in a panic. I’m rather OCD when it comes to oral hygiene so it’s weird how these dreams can seem so real to me. My teeth are the first thing people compliment me on. In my dreams however they’ll feel loose or fall out one by one. I had one recently where they just crumbled are nd disappeared. No blood or anything. Just gone. I have no clue what these dreams mean but they’re getting more frequent to a point I’m waking up believing I’ve got no teeth.

  • Jade

    I was in bed and I woke up with blud all over my sheets and my teeth was everywhere

  • Morgan

    I had a dream I was sitting on a bus and my teeth started feeling like they were burning. One by one they fell out when I would touch them or rub my tongue across them. I could feel my gums completely once they all fell out. Some more even grew back in the back of my mouth and then fell out immediately. I then realized it had to be a dream so I was fine with walking around without teeth but at first it was scary as hell

  • Krystal

    I just woke up from a dream I had about my teeth coming out.. Strangely I have been have several dreams about my teeth falling out. In this dream my mouth was full of my teeth that had fallen out and I realized that i had a loose tooth well I pulled my loose tooth out and I just kept spitting all my teeth out but when i looked in the mirror I still had most of my teeth. What does that mean?

  • Falling out teeth

    I had a dream where my teeth fell out what may be the meaning of it.?

  • Bianca

    I was with my friends, and we were on our way to visit somebody. I was first to walk into the room, and I was chewing on some bubblegum. There was only one other person in the room. and i didn’t know who he was. While chewing on the gum, I felt a weird sensation, as if my teeth were loose, and so i took my chewing gum out, and found three to four teeth in my chewing gum. I asked for the bathroom and went in there, looked in the mirror and viewed how severe the tooth loss was. They didn’t necessarily all fall out, they just looked partially broken. Almost rotten. I smiled and tried to hide my loss of teeth by changing my smile or something… really odd..

  • Trinity Sims

    Well my dream started when I was at home and I flet my tooth was loose so I puled it out. So when I wemt to bathroom all my teeth feel and blood spitting out of my mouth and my hands were bloody trying to make it stop. And woke up scared thinking it really happened, and scared to go bake to sleep after that.

  • Gabby

    It starts off extremely weird: I’m talking with this girl i dont know, and suddenly she pulls at my jaw and for some reason it stretches; like rubber. The pain hurts me and its like I feel it actually happening, but I decide in my dream to take an aspirin and sleep the pain away. As I’m dreaming in my dream, I feel something hot go down my chin and that’s when I get up and go to the bathroom. At first, I look fine, I can see myself clearly and it just looks like my bathroom; the pain comes back across my bottom teeth and then i spit out blood and broken teeth, and they just keep breaking and falling. The pain didn’t stop until I panicked and woke up. I didn’t know why my teeth fell out; the pain was immense, I was confused, but i didnt cry or scream or go to anyone- I was alone.

    I’ve felt different today, depressed almost and I just figured the dream was a further depiction of depression. I don’t feel like anything’s been bothering me anxiety, financially, or physically, either. Does it really mean anything? :(

  • Doug

    I dreamed I was eating a bowl of honey smacks cereal. One of my teeth felt loose. I reached in and snapped it off at the base, leaving the root inside the gum. When I looked at the tooth there was a black spot in the center.

  • Dianne

    My friend gave me my granddaughters
    Tooth – whilst I wS holding her.
    My friend said make a wish and then I
    Woke up

  • Dawn Thompson

    I fell to the floor and a block ov 3 teeth came out then lots ov blood. The next thing i was in a car with family and another group ov teeth fell out from the same side i was paniking because there was lits iv blood and it wudnt stop.

  • Cosmin

    I was with my mate at the dentist and after he was getting really scared , my teeth started to fall , and after some time i had in my mouth again , just like he was regenerating , and falling again , and this happend about 6-7 times

  • George

    I was driving somewhere, can’t remember specifically, and then one by one my teeth started to get wobbly – I had to keep pushing them back in – until they all fell out at once!

  • Sherrie Taylor

    I dreamt that my teeth were missing on the right side. I had one to fall out on the left side in real life. I this it was just me fearing that more of my teeth will fall outbecause I’m very over protective of my teeth.

  • Eli

    I had a dream where I was sitting in my room talkin with a friend then we recurve an unexpected visit yet we continue to talk. A few minutes later I feel my tooth coming loose, it breakes in half I rush to the bathroom to take it out & rinse my mouth when all of a sudden I start vomiting liquids, dark liquids along with some more of my teeth & some blood I try calling for help but the vomiting is non stop so I can’t say a word. What does this mean?.

  • Starr

    I was walking and my tooth hurt so i touched it and then all of my teeth started falling out and growing back and falling out o.o

  • lisa

    I dreamt i went to the dentist finally 2 cleanbmy teeth. While there she found some bad places so i told her to take it out. She did n called an assistant to patch up d areas. I asked her if im gettin something 2 numb dpain she said no. Began fussing n hiding n then they showed me a glass in it half my mouth was all bruised up but the next side was bright white. I started to pass one of my hands along the white ones and a bug ine like a jaw teeth fell into my hands…no blood…just pearly white.i remember being shocked and confused in d dream.

  • SAL

    i had a dream my teeth had gauze sewn into the base of them and it started coming out in handfuls of bloody gauze and the more i pulled the more numb my teeth and gums became.in the the end the gauze had thread attached to the end and i caould see it tied to something down my throat!! what does this extreamly weird dream mean

  • Rachael Greig

    I dreamt that i was pulling my teeth out 1 by 1 and in my dream i noticed i had screwed somr sort of plate into my gums!And that was the reason they were falling out,but i could not unscrew the screws in time.

  • Cherry

    I had a dream about my mom and I being in a movie theater watching a movie. And The characters in the movie, which happened to be Disney characters starting to come out of the screen. Everyone in the theater proceeded to chase the characters back into the screen. While I was chasing Cinderella in particular I felt the front top four teeth becoming really loose. Then all of a sudden then came right out! I started freaking out and I sat in one of the chairs and started crying. What does this chaos mean?!

  • Gigi

    I have this dream several times where I’m always public and I have my mouth full of teeth. And I don’t know why but, I would never spit it out because of the fear of it hurting or being ashamed of it. What does that mean?

  • trayc

    I had this dream several times that i was standing in a crowd and was talking to someone n a tooth fell n my mouth i stopped to spit the blood out and all of my teeth fell out and the crowd got silent n just stared.what does it mean?

  • Carlos

    My dream was weird. My tooth was loose and then it came out and I bled a lott, then this guy came and said just put it back in place you’re fine, so I did and it was all good and in place!

  • charlene

    Loosing my teath one by one

  • Ruca

    So I had a dream last night the I was giving my boyfriend a blumpkin, and when we were all done I smiled at him. He had a puzzled look on his face then looked in the toilet and all my teeth were floating around in the toilet bowl along with a decent size turd. Before I could say something he gave me a swirly and rode home on a unicycle. If any one can help me decode this dream please comment above with the title blumpkin.

  • Anonymous

    My dad is dead for yrs now. I dream he is alive and he is asking me to take him to a dentist to pull out a tooth. He only has two teeth in his mouth. One is painful and wants to take it out

  • Arlene

    I had repeated dreams for many years that my molars were breaking into pieces, then I would hear someone gently telling me to spit the pieces out. These dreams happened several times each year. Last year I realized I was remembering having 4 opposing molars pulled on sodium pentothol in college, and it kept coming back as a dream! Makes me wonder if these teeth dreams are instances of the subconscious mind remembering events that happened surrounding the loss of teeth when we were young children.

  • Julia

    I keep having sevral dreams about my teeth falling out, I can’t remember them clearly but one took part on the school bus and there was more that took part in my car.

  • Natasha

    I had a dream I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and they were bleeding heavily I was spitting out blood

  • Kaitlyn

    I was in the bathroom, and I just leaned over the bath that was across from me and all of my teeth fell out, all at once, yet there was no blood and no pain, just the teeth, and I was freaking out!

  • austinyelvington

    I wiggled my bottom front tooth and it fell out. Afterwords i randomly had a weird arrangemnt of foreign teeth in tje middle of my mouth which one of those front ones fell out. I then looked in the mirror in horror specifically thinking my appearence is forever altered or distorted

  • Valeria

    I felt my teeth very loose, and i kept playing with it with my tongue but as soon as the tip of my Tongue touched one of them it fell and when it fell it accidentally touched another tooth as it fell. so that tooth fell , and I was holding my mouth and i felt all my teeth crumble in there so i started spitting them out ! I checked in the mirror and it turns out that I wasn’t toothless, that my teeth just grew very crooked but it felt as if i was toothless

  • Jolei

    I was dreaming last night. I dreamed 2 teeth fell out and I COULDN’T FIND THEM, my foot started hurting, i looked in it and my 2 teeth were like embedded in my foot. I had to dig them out of my foot, then there was a hole there. Has been kinda freaking me out…..

  • kate lynn

    I was at home late at night watching a movie with my mom and I kinda wiggle a tooth it comes out and one beside it root and all, I get scared but don’t tell my mom and leave and my friend shows me a video of my boyfriend with three strippers and how he enjoys them and lied about how he wouldn’t go to a strip club and then I go home upset and more of my teeth fall out and leave holes on my gums and they bleed and I cry and feel terrified utter spoken to the core and tell my mom and then she calls a doctor that tell me tomorrow I go in for emergency surgery exploration to see what’s wrong with me and I’m told I have cancer and my boyfriend finds out and doesn’t care but I beg him to stay I then woke up crying

  • Danielle

    I’ve had this dream several times but not consecutively. Out of nowhere, my bottom teeth will almost fall out. Not individually, but together as if they’re all glued to each other. I try to keep them in place but they’re super loose and won’t stay in my gums. I’ve been having this dream since I was in 9th grade and I’m a Junior now. Interpretations?

  • Pam

    Strangers are knocking at my door and I open it…they tell me they are coming in.

  • malcolm kerr

    i have lots of dreams about driving buses, what does this mean?

  • Nelson

    I had a dream where I was on a giant bed the size of a room if not bigger. the bed sheets were white and a friend i met over xbox was in it although i have never seen him in person before nor in pictures. well we are looking down at the world and all of a sudden the las four teeth on the bottom half of my mouth randomly come out two from the bottom left and two from the bottom right then from the top i only loose my wisdom teeth. at that momentmy mouth gets full of blood and I look at many friend with confusion and spit out the blood and teeth out and make the joke reguarding the fact someone will think a girl was on her period because of the amount of blood there was and we couldn’t stop laughing.

  • Jaymie

    I have been having a dream this whole week about me loosing one of my bottom teeth, and it’s weird because I have braces. But this usually happens during the end of my dream, my tooth get lose then it comes out looking a little rotten. And not only that my boyfriend was I’m the dream and his tooth came out too. What does this mean?

  • chris

    I was at work when I felt a tooth loose
    then I pulled one out then another came
    loose before I knew it I was spitting my
    teeth out

  • Hayleigh

    I was in a busy hotel with my boyfriend and we were going round in circles trying to find our room. We were almost there when I twisted a loose front tooth and it feel out. Next thing I know two others fell out and I had baby teeth growing in. My dad appeared outside the hotel and told me it would be expensive to replace. My boyfriend didn’t seem interested in me after all of it either.

    • Anonymous

      Ive been on here reading the different dreams.i must say yours closely described mine.especially with the baby teeth coming in.omg what does it mean.

  • Christine Burge

    My boyfriend was meeting my family for the first time and I noticed he had lost all his teeth

  • wina

    I dreamt that I was eating sweets and then a few of my tooth suddenly felt like it was going to fall out and I just vomitted a lot and ended up slowly pulling out the rest of those loose tooth

  • Denise

    I dreamt that something was in my tooth and I went to the mirror and started trying to get out whatever was stuck in my tooth when suddenly the tooth came out and then the one beside it did also. Actually about four came out and I started wondering why that was happening. I also remember not wanting anyone to see. I was thinking I have such beautiful teeth. Does this mean I’m gonna lose my teeth early? But then when I looked at the place the teeth came from it looked as though they were rotten at the bottom unknown to me.

  • 123

    i was in front of my mirror when i just looked at my teeth and then i pulled it out and then another one and i was panicking

  • Max

    I was at my school and i was running through the hallway and while i was running i pushed my tounge against my bottom row of teeth and then one fell out and there was an unusual amount of blood on it so i kept running and more teeth came out and eventually the whole row of teeth came out at once so i cupped the teeth in me hands and kept running and i woke up and my teeth where hurting and i dont know why i was running if i had a reason at all

  • Alex

    I had a dream that I was in a bathroom (not my own), & was brushing my teeth when I feel one of my bottom teeth become loose, at this point I stopped brushing & washed my mouth out with water. I look in the mirror and feel my bottom tooth, it’s really loose & I start to freak out, then the tooth falls out & it falls to the ground. I look back at the mirror & suddenly all of my bottom teeth have become loose, then my mouth starts to fill with blood, then the dream ended. (Also note that the whole time my mouth was numb, no pain at all) I found it weird that I remembered this dream as I usually never recall any dreams once I wake up.

  • falling out slow

    my dream was real weard it was like me pulling them out by one by one but real slow ,like it was just real trippy.

  • alexandra

    I wiggled My tooth and they just started falling out into my hand there was a layer of tooth left behind in my gum and then I took out the left behind bits also

  • josh

    In my dream I remember feeling as though I had grit or dirt in my back teeth and when I bit down it sort of cracked my teeth. They went brittle and literally crumbled and I ended up spitting then all out :s weird…

  • C

    A chunk of my jaw broke off, taking a couple of molars with it. The medics said there was no way to put it back, so I’d end up with a hollow on one side of my face forever.

  • Sara

    The other night, i dreamt i was at my grandparents house. My grandfather had recently passed away but he was very well alive in this dream. I was walking around when i had felt a piece of my tooth fall off, like a chip and then the rest of it just fell out. Then other teeth towards tHe back of my mouth starting falling out too. At first it actually hurt because of the nerves in our teeth but then after it didn’t .. Idk i had to share my dream :) not sure if it had something tO do with my grandfather or stress

  • Sakura

    I had a dream last November 16 about my teeth. In my dream, when i was brushing my teeth one of my teeth was falling out and my father told me that there’s a big wave and i said there’s an earthquake too.

  • CLOE

    I dreamt when a a cow/bull was chasing me and my cousin but it didnot get us coz it got tired on the way.

  • a cow chasing me

    I dreamt when a cow was chasing some one

  • nicole

    i had a dream last night that i was partying at one point then all of a sudden i was in a bathroom with a whole bunch of people and some where standing in a stale waiting for food thats how long the line up was, then all of a sudden i was sleeping and i woke in dream still and my bottom teeth started falling out back to front in sections.the last part was my row of front bottom teeth an , then i was with my dad and his finacee my brother my bf and my son, then we ended up in a forst and people where trying to kidnap me and some random person saved my life i remember running our of the forst to my dad son his fiancee and thats it? what is going on in my mind?

  • Gemma

    I was sitting in my car and my sister (who was sitting next to me) cried ‘MY TOOTH HAS FALLEN OUT!’ and my mum and dad clapped her. The my bottom left canine started to hurt and when I touched it it wobbled. So I was wobbling is, all ready for the weeks of waiting, and it turned out to bE A MASSIVE TOOTH THAT WAS AS BIG AS MY FINGER AND THEN I SCREAMED AND MY TOP LEFT BACK TOOTH CAME UT AND I PASSED OUT and then woke up in my bed with my hands covering my mouth.

  • lala

    My dream fealt so real.I dreamed of my teeths falling out in three but all in my right side top and bottom I was freaking out in my dream didn’t know what to do.I couldn’t weak up from my dream untill I heard someone knocking at my door.anyways I hate there kind of dreams..

  • Brandy

    I was at my old house, I moved three years ago, and I was with my best friend. We were talking and than I felt a really lose tooth on the bottom row. I touched it and left the room and went to the bathroom. Next thing I know the whole bottom row fell out. Than my tongue swelled up. I couldn’t talk I was crying and I remember trying to say, ‘Are these baby teeth? Tell me they are!’
    Than I woke up.


    I was on the town service bus and every time someone got of the bus one of my teeth fell out!

  • nikkie

    im walking with a few close friends and theres a string tangled in my mouth and between my teeth. Im freaking out and ask my closest guy friend to take it out but hes not really trying and doesnt
    seem as concerned as i do. I then ask my closest gay friend to remove the string and he successfully removes the string and quite a few of my teeth break and fall out in my mouth and i begin to spit them out. And while im doing this im yelling at my friend i asked to remove the string first, i was upset that he wasnt taking it seriously. This is the second dream where ive spit out teeth.

  • Dakota

    I was sitting with my sister and best friend and I was complaining because I was in a lot of pain, I ignored it because I thought it was just my wisdom teeth which is happening in real life. I go to the mirror && there’s a gap between my teeth and gum I tap them and they all just start falling out on top.

  • Susanna

    In the dream I was sitting with my crush in class and four of my teeth were wobbly .I started crying because my dentist told me that I had lost all of my baby teeth. I felt scared because I have really nice teeth and now they were ruined, and I felt scared that my crush and all the people in the class would think I didn’t brush my teeth. When I sat down with my crush again he was just really nice to me but I think that was just a fantasy because we hardly talk. In the dream I also said awkwardly to everyone that I did brush my teeth every day and I didn’t know what was happening.

  • Anonymous

    I was cleaning my ears and the top set of artificial teeth came out???

  • brian

    I was sleeping in my car in between classes. I fell asleep at 10am. Had a dream and woke up at 10:18pm. According to my knowledge regsrding dreaming and sleep cycles, I should of been in the process of slowly drifting off to sleep. Hm well then again I had just come out of a 45 min sleep.
    Any how, in my dream, I was at my job, my boss was there and the store was different, it had a movie theatre a concession stands, fancy new lobby. However, I knew my way around quite easily.and still was excited about the changes.
    Anyhow, when I went to talk to my co workers and shoppers I had a pain in my mouth, as if one of my teeth (the tooth behind my canine, molar?) Was positioned incorrectly and everytime I closed my mouth or talked it hurt and I was in immense pain. Finally, after what felt like 5-8 minutes of dealing with the pain. I bit down really hard and the tooth came free, I felt instantly relived but also felt horrified by the fact that my tooth was missing and I can feel the gap. Then my thoughts were, is it visible? How much is this going to cost and how soon can I fix it? Haha at any rate I was just so pleased to be able to feel relief. Soon after, I decided to wake up from my dream.
    In dreams, I sometimes feel as though I have control and can make certain events happen, it feels like “wow im writting my own movie inside my head!” Its a wonderful feeling if anyone has ever felt that sensation, you know whst I am referring to.

    Thankyou for reading. I Remeber a great deal of my dreams and thr events that occur. Although according to sleep analysts, 80% of dream details become lost. I dont think I fit that statistic.

    At any rate, thankyou so much for reading and hope to hear back or help someone else.

    My best,
    BRIAN M.

  • andrea

    I was dreaming that my whole tooths on the bottom left fell and i started freaking out. And then i lost it by throwing something to a cop. And finally i found them. :( i dont know what it means???! But i hope is nothing bad.

  • Anna

    I just woke up from this dream. So in the dream, I felt like my bottom teeth started to move and they were killing me. I tried to touch them and they were kinda wiggly. I touched my gums then all of a sudden it got off and half of my teeth went out with it. For some reason I still had gums in my mouth with a couple of teeth on it. (Top teeth were perfectly still there). I remember freaking out and screaming in the dream, & I also remember my mom calling our dentist and scheduling an appointment lol.

  • Natalie

    Last night I had a dream were all my teeth were rotten and crumbling out.. It was very strange and a bit disturbing.. what could that mean?

    • Anonymous

      It could mean that you don’t brush your teeth. I suggest you brush your teeth,,lol

  • Rheannon

    I had an extremely similar dream, they were in my hand and the molars were really loose, so I pulled on them and they came out, leaving blood all over my mouth. I am thoroughly disturbed and can’t get the vision out of my head!

  • berenice

    Ok so I had a dream that I was in my room and I was talking to someone I don’t remember who and I was telling then that my teeth are falling out and I was getting really worried about it and I get up because I was sitting down and I look in my hand and I have about it7 teeth already put and I just kept looking at myself in the mirror wondering what was going on I know I was worried and getting scared

  • dark angel

    I had a dream that I was in my living room and I felt my teeth coming loose so i hold them in place with my tounge run to the restroom and all of my teeth fall out and my mouth and my mouth filled with blood. I was scared and kept spitting out little pieces of my teeth.


    i was in my parents house and i bit a bite of a loli pop and i spit it out, and my top and bottom row of teeth came out to. like dentures, and i was freaking out, and none of my friends would take me to the hospital, and my mom tried to help me put them in

  • Natile V

    In my dream I was in my room I saw my teeth in the mirror it was moving I didn’t want to touch it cause it would have fell out so when I touch it a little it fell of than I stared to freak out I told my dad he was like let’s go to the hospital I ran to the kitchen and put my tooth in Milk and I got a cup of Milk too drink and I was heading down the stairs and I woke up scared

  • Nina

    Well I had a dream I was in my room and out of nowhere I feel that my tooth is loose so I wiggle it and then it jut comes out like nothing all i remember is feeling my gums with my toung where my tooth used to be and for some reason I had braces on ??

  • Zeta

    I had a dream about something being stuck in my bottom teeth…as usual like meat, but I started to pick whatever it was out and my teeth just started falling out. It was from the top and bottom. I tried to push them back into the socket and you could hear the suction sound from it going in, but then they just fell back out. Next thing you know I was in a dental chair and they where screwing false teeth into my gums. Very weird.

  • Brittany

    I had a dream lastnight that my teeth had shifted and overnight were crooked. They had large spaces in between each of my teeth. It was dramatic as if I looked in the mirror one moment and my teeth were straight and the next they were as described above.

    • Anonymous

      I suggest that you put food in to your mouth nice and straight from now on so it doesn’t make your teeth crooked you goose. As for the spaces I suggest you get some fence pales, paint them white and place them between each tooth.

  • Khloe

    I had just went to my braces doctor and recently i had felt wisdom tooth kinda loose. Later at night i had a dream that my front, back and middle tooth were very loose. and then i went to the dentist who took out my wisdom tooth and it kinda hurt. The doctor showed my mom the tooth too that was it. I really want to know what it means asap!!

  • Muthulaxmi Mani

    I dont remember my dream very clearly. I had a dream where in i felt that my tooths are falling. I was with my friends. I felt that my tooths are falling. I ran to a corner and started spitting my tooths. i saw many teeths falling along with blood. I was horrified by this this dream. I often get the dream of my tooth falling. My mom also said tht even she gets such very often

  • Lisa

    I really don’t understand my dream somebody anybody please help me … In my dream I went down a water slide not that long but fun and when I came down after like the second time I realized my bottom row of teeth were gone except for one tooth. I keep making my tooth touch the top row but I can kind of still feel it even tough I have all my teeth #creepy

  • Antonia

    In my dream I am in my bathroom brushing my teeth. As I brush them, the toothpaste becomes brown and continues to get darker.

  • Jason

    i had a dream about my girlfriend that was kidnaped from black mens or arab … and nobodys help me but my girlfriend was treat good from the mens …pls what does mean ?

  • Ella Lynn

    I had a dream that one of my teeth just fell out and then I got worried and felt around my mouth with my tongue and felt the spot where it had fallen out and then all the sudden more teeth started falling out so I put my hands out to try and catch them and I was spitting them out they just kept falling out so fast and then I dreamt that I woke up and felt around my mouth again and none of my teeth where missing except my back two molars where gone.

  • Kaitlin

    I had a dream that my sister was still grinding-clinching on her teeth with her mouth guard. Then two of her teeth broke and one felt out. We went to the emengercy dentist and reply that they can save the one who felt out but the 2 tooths who broke had to be extracted. I woke up after that. It just tells me to take good care of myself, don’t clinch on them and be careful during sports. Oral surgery is the worst. So avoiding that.

  • Anelise

    I had a dream that I was at the dentist with my girlfriend, her dad, and my sister. I was just looking through a magazine in the dentists office next to my girlfriend and my two “vampire teeth” started hurting to the point where I couldn’t talk. I walked over to the trash can and opened my mouth and they fell out. Then I woke up.

  • dayna

    In my dream my teeth are feeling loose which sets me into panic and once they fall out I try to put them back in and they fit back in but won’t stay

  • Ed B.

    My dreams were weird last night. In one, I lost 3 teeth…like was literally able to pull them out. I thought I woke up and then was looking in the mirror a little freaked from the dream…and I pulled 3 different teeth from my mouth. Then another dream came (in which I thought I had woken up again)…but I couldn’t remember exactly what happened..but it was weird. Finally I actually woke up, checked and all my teeth were there and everything was fine. Just shudder me up, dreamland. Can I order a pleasant dream tonight? LOL

  • Anonymous

    Mine was really weird, because I woke up crying in my dream.. So in my dream i basically woke up and i felt that two teeth were gone. I was freaking out and crying so much I went to the pharmacy (no idea why) and i kept crying infront of everyone and I was walking around and then a strange man starts following me. Then my mum bumped into me and so did my stepdad and i knew that man who follows me (hes a chef where i work) and me and my mum got scared and i was still crying then that man started pushing me and hurting me and then my stepdad beat him up. After i magically appear on a computer playing Gta5 then i get up and my mum calls me to go out again and i keep crying really loud! Then we saw that man again he started following us again and me and my mum knocked on our neighbours door and i looked in the mirror and realised another tooth fell out, i was crying even more! Then we went outside and realised that that man broke in to our house and took all our clothes so me and my mum went to the police station and then i just woke up /:

  • Cinthia V

    I had a dream I was sitting with friends at a table and all of a sudden on of my tooth fell out and apparently it’d been a fake tooth then I was worried about how I looked then all of my teeth started to fall out chunks of teeth still connected to my gum would fall out with my gym still in tact it was so vivid and I tried to put them back in but they would break apart in my mouth

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream that my deceased pet bird came back to life and was flying around my room… I stood up and smiled, and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I started to yell to my mom, “have I always had this space??” and she said, “No, what happened?” I saw a gap in my teeth (my immediate right upper right tooth next to front tooth), but when I felt with my tongue, a piece was still there and I pushed it out. No pain. I then started yelling to my mom to grab me a cup of milk to put it in and she went to retrieve it and I woke up. Please help me figure this out- VERY vivid. My teeth were all white, no blood, no pain.

  • Anonymous

    It was a completely normal day, until I got home(You don’t need to hear about the day or this would take as long as a novel!!). I went in my room and right when I licked the back of my tooth I felt it move more than it usually does. I looked in the mirror and the tissue around it had turned white and when I tapped on a tooth it came out, leading to the next tooth and so on ’till half my bottom teeth were gone. I went out and cried to my mother with a lisp since I was missing teeth and she acted like it wasn’t important. . . She said something about how I have thinner gums than most people anyways, so why would I have to be worried? Then she suggested dentures. I woke up in fear and checked my teeth, letting out a sigh or relief that my teeth were still there in my mouth. I have had other dreams like this, but in the other dreams my braces kept my teeth in place. My braces were not in this dream for some reason. Thanks for reading this.

  • brandie

    im pregnant and i keep having this dream. in it i feel pain in my mouth and seconds later one by one my teeth are falling out in my hands. i feel every bit of it , its so realistic. every dream im with different people.

    • brandie

      and even with all the pain i stayed calm and just acted casual.

    • Wesley

      I spat my tooth into my hand it was very big

      • lesley

        Just remember my tooth being very slack being able to pick it out of socket and the tooth was very large

  • monica

    I had a dream that my tooth fell out while I was talking to someone . I didn’t panic I just looked around for some to try to fix it. When that didn’t work I just sat there starring at it in my hand.

  • martin

    I had a dream were one tooth fell of then I started to spit them all out and I was freaking out.

  • Toothless

    I just had a dream 10mins ago.
    My upper right sharp tooth was lingering a bit, I was eating, and the more I ate – the more it got loose(and no, this isn’t a sign of obesity, I’m very healthy). Then it was so loose that I just pulled it out with my fingers. There was a bit of blood and something like raw meat in my mouth. I looked at the tooth and it was so silverish color, even though I only have plombe on one of my all teeth. Anyway, suddenly the single teeth on the table turned into a big, kinda cut in half bone, as huge as a fist, even bigger. I realised then that it is too big bone to be part of my body. Then I realised I wasn’t missing any teeth.

  • nannette

    I had a dream that i was at home with my family and the whole of my upper teeth startealling down n bleeding so i needed to te my mum to take me to the hospital but i couldn’t talk so i have to write it . On the wall that they should take me to the hospital

  • eil

    In my dream I was alone everything felt Fine normal when al of a sudden felt a rush of DRAE alone and aorta got dark when I fept a loose tooth started crying as i soy it out into my hand and started to cry looked into the mirror as i cried some more in panick as the next tooth fell out

  • wanda Robertson

    I keep dreaming that I am in the bedroom with my husband, we are getting ready to go to bed, and all at once my teeth start falling out. usually my front teeth. I am in excruciating pain when this happens and an enormous amount of blood.

  • A

    I had a dream some guy (stranger) got shot and I had his teeth bc police where investigating and going through his things, but weird part about it is that I felt a sense of honor bc I had something to remember this stranger. Also, I can’t remember why I was there. As I walked away from the scene I felt my bottom left, & top right molur break in half & i think I felt better. Then it switched to being Ice Cube & Snoop Dogg that’s teeth came out. I am a 22 year old female from the suburbs lol idk why my dream was in the hood. I’m just upset my teeth fell out bc I’ve heard before it means someone will pass away, even me. Help please

  • kassandra

    it was a very big dream so i cant remember all the details . all i remember is having one tooth fall out, then pulling out all my teeth, with no pain and in fact laughing about it.

  • Nina

    I was sitting in my bed and I had felt something in my mouth. I reached a finger to fetch it out and found out it was a tooth. As I pulled out, more and more kept coming out. I was frantic and crying.



  • Shani

    So I was some type of Warrior/Hunter in a war against Witches or something(really trippy ) and i was in this tent full of people sleeping next to a woman who seemed to be my wife who had our baby in her arms and suddenly theres a witch in the camp which was not suppose to happen because theres some protection around the camp o something… So the camp is beeing attacked and everyone is trying to cover for safty etc. and im protecting my wife and child running through the camp and than we found my mother and father and while we are searching for refuge while fighting of witches my teeth are slowly falling out one by one and once there all gone a new set of teeth grew in just that they were ‘sharp ‘ like needles and thats when I woke up. I would love to know what that all means !?

  • David louisiana

    I dreamt that I was still in jail and I was brushing my teeth and then they started falling out one by one then I was so sad cause I knew I was screwed cause with me being incarcerated the jail isn’t going to do anything for me to get this corrected, I was so sad……. Then I blew up the jail :)

  • brittany

    I was at home when one tooth fell out. as i was talking to my motgerin law another fell out. i decided to walk to her house while walking 3 more fell out. when i got to her house i was nearly toothless. . i started crying as my husband came into the living room and thr rest fell out as i was talking to him.

  • Anynomous

    I had a dream just last night where my parents had gotten divorced and I was fighting to get back to my mom but then I appeared in just kinda white space and then I wiggled one tooth and it came out and then I spit out one and pulled all the rest out with almost one grab. What does this mean??!!!

  • Anonymous

    One night I had a dream that I was sat on my bed reading a book then I got a really horrible pain in my mouth then all off a sudden my bottom gum and all the teeth in it fell onto my book and covered it in blood then my top one fell out and the pain was absolutely excruciating then I started coughing up clots of blood and what looked like animal teeth and then a huge pain went threw my neck and there was a really sharp tooth has slit my neck and I died ! (I didn’t like this dream )

  • pearl

    I dreamt abt ma teeths falling out for more thn 3 tym nw in ma dreams t jst happens like ths my gums start by cracking thn all my teeth will come out an t freaking me out caz I’ve been dreamn abt thc 4 so long sum say t luck an sucssess bt sum say I shld b careful I myt be in trouble

  • cristy

    I had a dream that a friend of mine grabbed the wheel and moving to get in a car crash so we fell off the bridge and all my teeth fell out

  • Nelly

    In my dream I was washing my teeth or eating I dont remember to well, and then suddenly all of my teeth were falling but not one by one, it was like if I had dentures, they started “un-glueing” from my gum from the back and it would go around, top and bottom, both at the same time. It was from right to left.

  • Ani

    I had a dream where I was in school, it seemed pretty hectic. I had the feeling as if the year was coming to an end. The dream quickly shifts to where I’m shopping with my best friend, but she turns into my mom. I’m laughing and having fun, while people I don’t like from school stare confused. They come new us & start talking to us. Suddenly one of my teeth falls out so I walk out of the store, & the scene shifts to the outside of my house, there i find my friend & he dircts me to the nearest trash can. I spit on my hand, where I find to teeth, one was slightly decayed on the base, & soggy food, which seemed to be popcorn. As I’m doing so there’s a teenager running as if for exercise & I watch her til she disappears. I go outside again & I see two of my other friends with the friend who guided me to trash can. I tell them to come with me. I realize its been dark the whole time & it’s cold. my closest from the group is wearing a poofy blue jacket, like if he were to snow-cold. We see my mother in the distance & she tells us to sit in the middle of the street so we could take a picture. As we take the picture, I look to my left & see there’s a guy who is my friends’ friend but I never really affiliated with him. Dream ends.

  • Mhai

    I had a dream of losing my 1 or 2 teeth then my co-workers broke it up into pcs

  • Amy Jenn

    I had a dream I was in my dogs oh-so-hott- vets office. In the waiting area my teeth were falling out one by one..I was ashamed to talk in my sleep cause I knew I would look terrible with no bottom teeth. My late grandma was in the dream also.

  • Gilda

    I had a dream that as I was talking-to someone, and my whole set of teeth popped off like dentures then crumbled in my hands.

  • Andrea

    I dreamed that I was in a middle of a lot of people walking quickly. Like in a street or a hallway at school. I suddenly feel pressure on a tooth and I stop. The people just move around me. I feel my tooth and it just pops out. When I woke up I could feel my tooth not there but it was.

  • Mercedes Ramirez

    I dreamed that I was walking from hallway of my house to the living room (there was a bit of sun outside) while trying to pull one of my teeth. It hurt immensely and I tried telling my sister to help me but she kept on walking. I kept on pulling the tooth but it never came out

  • Anonymous

    i was dreaming i was pulling one by one with pliers my teeth out and thinking this is going ok,then i thought owwww that’s hurting now and then stoped dreaming it

  • lopez

    I had a dream that I was visiting my grandpa’s grave in Curacao but we were by the ocean and 4 of my teeth fell off but they were rotten. Then suddenly there was a tornado on the sea and I ran into a local store with my parents.

  • Anri

    I had a dream, when I just brushed my tongue against the beack of my teeth and they started getting pushed out, they got loose and then fell out. All at once, but slowly.

  • Stephanie

    So I usually whiten my teeth and out of no where I see that one of my front teeth is underneath my other from teeth so I try to wiggle it to the front. They’re all straighten but then I try to fix the ones at the left all the way at the back. One ends up falling and the other one ends up crumbling a bit.

  • muqadsa

    I had a dream DAT I saw my 3teeth lose and then they fell out and then I saw the teeth reappearing on the same place one on each of their place.

  • Regina Williams

    One ear ago-
    So I was at my new school and I was with this girl I met the other day and we were walking by the cafeteria. Inside I was upset but on the out side I was smiling. While I was smiling my front tooth feels loose. I start pushing on it to keep it in and it starts to get really painful, eventually, I end up biting my hand to try to keep my teeth in but they come out anyways. I start crying then I woke up.

  • Ally

    Another dream i had a long time ago was when i was sitting in my parents rooms floor and a tooth fell out i wass looking for it on the floor and when i picked it up it was a hige tooth way to big to be mine

  • Ally

    Last night i was dreaming i was on my bed with my dog and he was chewing something i opened his mouth and took out a tooth of his that fell out then it happened again but 2 teeth came out of his mouth later a tooth came out of my mouth

  • Tyler

    I had a dream where I went to the bathroom and one of my front, bottom teeth just came out. And a few moments later, a back molar came out(there was no blood/pain. My back molar is cracked and needs to come out anyways but nothing wrong with the other tooth). There was pressure in my dream where the teeth were, but no blood or pain

  • Jenn

    I was standing in the bathroom, brushing my teeth in the mirror. I changed positions from brushing the bottom, left row to the top row when I felt grinding all of a sudden. I took the toothbrush out and saw one of my back molars stuck in it. It was strange because there weren’t any roots, but it looked like part of my gums were stuck on there – almost like it was a false tooth? I tried putting it back in, but the hole had already filled in with another tooth. So, there I was standing there with this extra tooth, dumbfounded.

  • chris turley

    I dunno where I was in my dream cant remember but it wasn’t a bathroom or car I was on my own some where one fell out and then all my other teeth just started to fall out the weird thing about it was they came out in pieces not whole was freaking right out in the dream actually lost sleep over it and needed day off work where was just tossing and turning the rest off the night was mad.

  • Kate Proctor

    I was at a witches wedding with my mom but I was a baby and I was being pushed in a stroller. We were at the top of a staircase and we were then being chased by the witch and so my mom ran down the stairs with me in the stroller. Then the witch and the groom were in these m glass wall things the busted out and both started chasing after us again

  • Zach

    Okay I’ve had my braces off for a couple years now, but I keep having this dream and it feels so real that it terrifies me every time. I keep dreaming that my teeth have the “just tightened braces” feeling, and for some reason my bottom teeth push uncontrollably on the back of my top teeth so hard that at one random point i feel and HEAR the sound of all of my top teeth coming forward until they just come out, then I end up watching myself spit out shards of metal and teeth like I still had braces.
    (P.s. my teeth are straight now, but before braces I had major overbite if that counts at all toward the dream)

  • Elle's

    I dreamed my teeth were throbing .when I look in the Mirror one of them had started to go bad I touched it started to come away for my mouth a then all of my over teeth at the top came out in one solid block Like false teeth So I pulled them out And underneath them was a new set of teeth Which were hanging down really long And floppy But after a few seconds They started to get smaller and harder And turned into a new set off Teeth But they wasn’t as strong and nice as my old one And they felt Much weaker But they were really white when I look around my husband who has Recently left me was stud there .I then Woke up .

  • Atlus

    Ya’ll niggaz be stupid though

  • Jennifer

    I was at my house about to eat and I had braces so I took the top wire off so I could eat better and so when I was eating, my mouth felt strange so I tried putting my wire back in but it wouldn’t go it. & throughout the whole dream I felt my lips swollen and up until I looked in a mirror and my whole top row teeth were gone, and all I was left with was my gum and the brackets, but the gum was on top of another gum already getting ready to come off. I was bleeding & I kept telling my sister to call my mom and nobody would listen, they just kept telling me I was fine.

  • Tisha

    I was dreaming about a friend who was driving around my apt. Complex. Then all of a sudden he lost control of the car and it rolled twice. While we were rolling my head was squished between the seat of the car and the roof. As the care stopped rolling and he was dead, i got out of the car and sat next to it while rubbing my neck. Then a group of people had pulled up and got out of the car like they didnt notice, all but of two. So the two boys came to my side and asked if i was alright and i said yes and that only my neck was hurt. Then the boy was saying that a lot of blood was coming out of my mouth. I checked, and while the blood was coming out so did my teeth. I started crying and trying to put back in my teeth.

  • Brett

    Was dreaming that I was fishing and had caught this huge sea bass that got really angry that I had fished him out. It shouted at me than fin slapped me causing all of my teeth to fall out.

  • Brotha

    I had this weird dream that I was in a submarine smoking a Doobie with someone that looked like Jesus. He said that I should stop smoking and proceeded to smack me and my teeth fell out, he took my bag of weed and gave to this random monkey that appeared out of thin air.

  • Brotha

    Had a dream that I was kicking babies through a goal post then my teeth fell out.

  • Anon

    Servant of god be trolling

  • Kelsey

    I had a dream I was in the city with my mom and brother and all of a sudden the top row of my teeth were all extremely loose and wiggling everywhere. I tried to keep them in my mouth but they started to fall out a bunch at a time! It was so scary and I was freaking out in my dream. But after they all fell out new ones grew in right away! It was very odd.

  • Lauren

    I was just walking along and had to stop. I felt one of my adult teeth was about to come out. I pressed it an it just fell out.

  • Crys

    I dreamed that I was with my family during a party. I took a nap and woke to my teeth crumbling in my mouth until almost all of them were gone. Only a few front teeth remained. I woke up to find my Aunt Judy to tell her about how upset I was that my teeth crumbled. As I was looking for her, several people told me not to worry about it. I couldn’t stop worring about it and continued to look for her. One person even told me how to brush my gums since I don’t have teeth. I woke never finding my Aunt in the dream.

  • WP

    In my dream i was sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee, when all of a sudden my boyfriend walks in, looked at me strange, and i thought i woke him with noise i made. Next moment his eyes turned back like having a stroke and showed me two loose teeth saying that someone broke in through the back door and knocked his teeth out.

  • Victoria

    I’ve been dreaming that I was chewing gum and was happy then I tried to throw the gum but it was stuck to my teeth. I pulled it and as I pulled the gum out my teeth came out with it…..the more gum I pulled out the more teeth came out and I was freaking out, I wake up scared.

  • Anonymous

    Had a dream I lost my two front teeth

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream where I was so scared (of nothing in particular) that I kept grinding my teeth and clenching my jaw really tight, and this caused my teeth to literally crumble (not entire teeth were falling out, but rather pieces or chunks), and this made me more scared, and I was showing everyone my handful of teeth and saying “look!!! I was so scared my teeth a coming out!!” And I always had in mind that I had to tell my one specific friend, but I couldn’t find her.

  • Tooth loss and vomiting up bugs and maggots?

    Alright So I am sleeping last night and I push on my tooth in a dream and lose it its like grinding teeth a few minutes later I dream I am throwing up bugs, maggots and nasty stuff insects. What is this meaning I can’t figure it out

  • Firdaus Gupte

    I keep on having this one dream where in I have sex with someone I don’t know,a different person everytime..can you analyze my dream,please?

  • ninga

    wow i also had the same dream as kate

  • ninga

    my teeth were falling out and no one cared it was like i was not important lol!

  • weird

    I have a crooked tooth and i remember t was loose so i twisted it and it came out. I was happy tho because my teeth looked alot straighter without it. But then the tooth next to it and 2 others fell out. All in just a few mins. I was scared and crying in the dream. My mom and mawmaw were standing there and they kept sayingit would be okay. I started goin off and freaking out. I was crying and yelling saying “no! No, its not guna be okay! Now i look like pawpaw:/” (because my pawpaw has no front teeth) and they laughed. When i went to school i tryed not to talk to anybody. I refused to open my mouth and be laughed at. Thats all i remember

  • wondering

    I had a dream that I was hanging out wit some family memberd nd I think eithier I got hit or I started messing wit one of onmy teeth wit mytongue nd I felt it come off in my mouth nd I quickly pulled it out nd then I started to feel another one next to the missing one nd I wiggled it nd it started to loosen nd I came right out so I run to thebathroom nd look nd seen the missing teeth nd I wass walking around nd I felt to new tetth coming in nd new that I had my last duplex of baby teeth falling out

  • I dream about a girl beside me and her eyes have blood

    The place where I’m sleeping that’s also the place where she appeared then suddenly I woke up

  • Tyler

    I have been having these dreams where my teeth are getting stuck behind my other teeth and tthen they rip out of my gums and other teeth break, its quite terrryfing and these dreams happen in different places with different people.

  • Amy

    I had a dream where I was in the bathroom looking at my teeth and all of a sudden one of them on the top started to crumble. I then went to grab it and when I did half of my right side of my face came with it. This dream was so gruesome and vividly detailed that it still scares me today. I could literally see my brain!

  • Kelly

    I had a dream that I was with my parents (not sure where at) and I went to the bathroom and my teeth became rotten and started crumbling in my mouth and falling out. It got so bad to the point where I was able to pull out a huge chunk of my jaw. There was no pain but I was starting to panic and when I showed my parents they acted as if they didn’t believe me or care…?

  • Azim

    I dreamt about waking up to find my teeth stuck and tangled and I had to fix it however it all resulted into me pulling out my molars up to my canines in order to get my teeth right. I also don’t feel any pain when I pull them out and this happened while I was in a living room with my parents and my mom just went ‘Don’t worry dear, just pull them out and I’ll bring you to see a dentist.’

    I swear by then I got so legitimately scared I began to cry as I continued to pull my teeth out with my fingers. I spat out a lot of blood too and my teeth were jagged too…well the remains in my gums.

  • debbie

    I dreamed all my teeth on my left side of my mouth just crumbled away like powder and there were lots of blood.

  • may

    I only recall I saved a lady on wheel chair from passing a road meant to worsen her condition and she became well on getting home one of my teeth fell out with blood over it n a second one.saw the one with blood tied it in a nylon n then I woke up.

  • Misty Wilson

    I dreamed that My sister and brother in law were renewing their vows and during rehearsal I was chewing a piece of gum and it became stuck to my teeth. When I pulled it out the very back tooth on the bottom left side came out with it. In the dream my mother and I had also been arguing about a very personal matter in which I’d rather not state. What could this mean? I’ve always been told dreams of teeth coming out meant death or something bad happening.

  • joann musto

    I was sitting out side with my father and his friend. I got a sharp pain in my mouth and I started to spit out teeth. Only the ones on the bottom of my mouth. I ran inside to look in the mirror, I realized the top row of teeth were false and as I removed the false teeth my real teeth began to fall out. I freaked out and cried to my mother.

  • Kate

    I dreamt that I lost one of my molars and spat it into my hand. When I opened my hand it was a beautiful little silver boot.

  • Breezybaby

    In my dream i was doing laundry and talking to some random guy. I sat down on the couch and was reading a book and just pulling my teeth out. I looked at my hand and thought oh no i pulled too many. I went to look in the mirror and i was toothless in thr front with little baby teeth coming in? I was so sad cuz i couldnt close my mouth then i started crying and woke up.

  • Jennifer

    I had a dream where I was sitting in a room and there were lots of people around my boyfriend & I when my teeth started getting loose. I started wiggling and pulling them out then hiding them in my shirt so no onr would notice. People were talking so oi ran to a rpom and was followed, but had to say something. Everyone realized I had no teeth n gasped. When I tried to reach for my boyfriend he just stood froozen. I started running and woke up.

  • cris jimenez

    In my dream i was running from someone or something, I don’t remember. I went to go hide in a temple like building somewhere not in the US. I go inside, close the massive doors, and then I notice something weird. I spit and most of my teeth fall out. Only some stay, but they were broken. The rest just fell out

  • Gaming

    I pull out my own teeth because there are teeth that are going to take its place. So pull it out and it has some blood on it. But when the next time i look myself all my teeth are so pretty, clean and white.

  • S.R. Alexander

    In my dream, my Top right incisor easily was pulled out from my mouth. Full root and all. I looked at it and put it back into my mouth and it stayed.

  • Haleema

    In my dream, every time I would do anything, especially speak, I could feel my teeth become loose, and they continued acting that way and soon they all fell out one by one.

  • Samantha

    I died in my dream by falling in the stairs.

  • Hayley

    I was escaping a huge fight and I locked myself in a nearby bathroom and i felt something irritating my teeth so I reached in my mouth and started pulling out shards of glass where my teeth are, I kept pulling them out and I bled a bit, I was terrified and very upset. When I had finished pulling them out I looked in the mirror to see I only had my two front teeth and my bottom teeth left.

  • Mikayla

    I dreamed that I was flossing and accidentally cut Into my gums around one of my teeth and it fell out.

  • Calvin G

    Iv had so many discomforting teeth dream this month!.. Latest one was last night.. I was alone in my room #Chilling, then i started feeling my teeth separating from eatch other, creating gaps.. But this ain’t even the weird bit… It then started to feel as if there was some sort of thin wire wrapping itself through & round every tooth of mine, tightly!.. Wire so thin the best way to describe it is…. Hair caught in a comb.

  • Elayne

    I had a dream where my teeth were falling out one to five at a time. I was with a high school guy friend whom I have no contact with, but also seeing my co-workers, my boss and my ex-bosses. Everyone was concerned that my teeth were all falling out, and most even came with me to a specialist dental clinic to get me false teeth. But I woke up before I was able to see this dentist, and had maybe 4 teeth left in my mouth. I was carrying all the other teeth that were falling out, in my hand. I was also willingly showing my boss and ex-boss my toothless mouth. In my dream I was scared to get false teeth because I have heard it hurts when they first put them on your gums.

  • Sanda

    Dream that my cousin smile at me and he had a mouth full of teeth. Just a lot of teeth.

    • booo u


  • Catherean

    I was in a living room talking to my mate and watching television. I suddenly felt one of my front side teeth was wired to the one beneath it, all if a sudden it cracked, I touched it with my tongue and it fell out. I started freaking out, the one out was wired to fell out, then the one next to it. I started freaking out and woke up very panicked.

  • kristen

    i was swimming under water and i felt a my tooth crack so i swam above the water and it fell apart touching it.

  • loopdydoopty

    i pooped in my hand and made my mother eat it then my teeth fell out except it was no dream

  • Anthony Catalano

    I had a dream that I pulled my back left side tooth out then the one closest to it became loose and I pulled that one out I could actually feel my fingers in my mouth as I was gasping for air shaking them back and forth until they came out I could feel an empty space in my mouth where the teeth were pulled. i stuck my fingers back in my mouth one more time to feel the empty space. and I pulled out one last tooth but this one was long and sharp like an animal’s tooth and that is when I woke up in a panic

  • diane

    dream constantly that my husband sells our beautiful large home for a run down shack

  • ://

    I was dreaming that my Teeth’s were falling and I was trying to put them back but they keep on falling more and I stay without Teeth’s :// what does that mean .??

  • dina

    In my dream I was in a hospital setting with other patients in diffrent area’s. While waiting to be seened by dentist i was removing and cleaning my teeth one by one. I was placing my teeth on a table when a man and a women walked in place a bubbled plastic over my teeth and went into the bathroom for more privacy. Coming out of the bathroom was like a maze I found myself walking through and urgent care area where diffrent surgeries were being performed. I then believedI am in the right place only to find that I was holding the wrong set of loose teeth. when i realized that they were not my teeth I remebered I can find them if I find the bubbled plastic. I begin storming around the facility searching for my teeth and could not find them. I ran in on a dentist beginnig to perform surgery on a man with a mouth with no teeth his mouth was wide open I could see his sore and bloody looking gums. I got the dentist attenton and at that moment a big drop of blood fell onto the patients face. I saw some teeth but it was not confirmed that it was mine. I then woke up with a bit of worry. This dream is a reoccurring in regards to my teeth except this time I was in a diffrent location. I awake with anxiety because these dreams have been associated with people dying. After reading on this website I woutd like to get insite rather than my own assumption. This was one scary awakening I woulkd like to know what this means.

  • my husband dreamed that my falseteeth fell out. I don't have falseteeth what does it mean


  • Lily may

    I dreamt I was driving in my car, I left the house as there was a lot of tension and I was just about to light up a cigarette when my mother rang and said a delivery man was at the house with something for me so I put the cigarette down and raced back home, I feel under pressure in the dream as I am rushing and then my teeth fall out all at once, a big mouthful. I pull up to the house and leave them in the car and then I woke up panicking and checked my teeth were still there, I’ve never had a dream like thIs before and I’m worried about what it means

  • Michelle

    I had a dream that I was in my home bathroom by the mirror and sink, and when my tongue pushed on the back of my teeth, they were very loose. Because of my tongue pushing on them, they began to fall out, a few teeth at a time, into my hand and onto a towel. I called to my mom, starting to freak out a bit. “Mom? Mom! All my teeth are falling out! What do I do??” I also remember asking if I would have to get dentures or fake teeth, which I mentioned as a clear and obvious solution, but was still concerned and distressed about the situation.
    It may also be worth mentioning that that bathroom was about to be remodeled, and I was going to have an appointment about getting my wisdom teeth removed soon.
    Any ideas?

  • Sheranda

    I had a dream last night but every time I do have a dream, I always ending up spitting out my teeth all at once in my hand with the roots attached…then I rub my tongue around in my mouth but my teeth are still there…can anyone help me?

  • teeth

    My tooth fell out.

  • Lilyana

    I was in the car with my uncle and we left some house my sister mom myself and my uncle and my moms friend were in so then my uncle and I stopped at a diner and I felt a loose tooth but there was a string attached and I twisted and cut the string then all my teeth fell out 1 by 1 and then I went back to the house and was attacked by some evil animal.. Any help??

  • betty

    I had a dream that I got home and all my family was there. I wasn’t sure why everyone was there but I noticed a stack of my clothes hanging in the living room so I decided to put them away. I started carrying a bad my clothes, but as I walked to my room I got tired. It was as if the bag and my clothes were to heavy for me. I was in the ground resting and then my ex comes and hugs me then walked in to the room. My brother came and helped me carry the bag and I carried my clothes. Many people were in the room, so I stayed there as well. Suddenly I felt my mouth weird like a had something loose and was there. I put my hand in my mouth and pushed out what was there with my tongue. Alot of teeths were in my hand. I still had more teeths loose. I got scared so I went to go look for my mom and when I finally found her I woke up.

  • Krys

    What does it mean when someone dreams of you sitting at an empty desk and crying

  • Sbensb24

    I had a dream last night that my fake tooth came out because I was chewing on something then the tooth right next to it came out too but that tooth is real please help me figure out what this means

  • mbrott

    After having dreams of my teeth falling out since I was a little kid…this one was a bit unusual… I was In a foreign country at somebodys house and I felt one starting to come loose so I was trying to get it out, I finally got it out but it broke off in pieces and then started bleeding very bad…then one by one they all came loose and I ended up pulling almost all of them out… I was bleeding so bad that I kept having to spit the teeth and blood out until it made me sick and I started vomiting over and over which made me bleed worse!! It’s never been this bad when I have these dreams until now! What does it mean?

  • GFoster

    Another thing I forgot to say:

    Eventually they all fell out and I was trying to stick them back in but they wouldn’t go back. My dogs just died so I don’t know if this has got to do with anything, does anyone know anything ??

  • GFoster

    What happened was, I was talking at home and all of a sudden my mouth felt funny, I looked in the mirror and all my teeth were hanging out by like threads that were made out of my gums. What does this mean ??

  • jocelyn barker

    I was looking im the mirrow and I was brushing my teeth, i looked in the mirrow again and pulled a tooth out. The tooth was a little loose but not loose enough to the point were it falls out. It didnt even faze me, like it was normal.

  • Sark

    I had a dream, we were at a concert. Not a hardcore concert, more like an opera in a concert setting. A girl got up on stage and started to sing, she suddenly turned evil and said your lives will CRUMBLE. Crumbled was yelled in a much lower yet louder voice. Then me along with everyone else in the crowds teeth started to fall out, not all of them just the important ones.

  • Lynn

    I had a dream that my boyfriend and I were leaving a party an it was just after 12 and we were the last ones there and the cops showed up and then all my teeth fell out and they were watching my trying to screw them back in like they were fake but they weren’t. Then the cops took us to another party? Lol. But I still had these teeth that I was trying to put back in

  • Caitlin

    Everynight for the past 6 months I have a dream in which a tooth or two becomes loose and falls out. 2 nights ago, I had a dream in which I lost all but a couple teeth, which was unusual because I had never had a dream like this before. I have these dream where my teeth fall out everynight. It’s so odd.

  • kay t

    It was dark and my front to crackin and fall in my hand

  • Jamie

    I had a dream in which I was in the kitchen of a house I lived in as a child, and ALL of my bottom fell out, most of them fell out on their own and 2 or 3 of them I had to help come out, I thought it was REAL it felt super real. What does it mean?

    • Anonymous

      you crazy.

  • yvette

    I just remember walking with friends and family when all of a sudden I feel my tooth loose with my tongue so I start to wiggle it with my tongue and it falls out I spit it into my hand and it was a moller I remember the feeling of my tooth in my hand and the whole in my mouth with my tongue the feeling is still very real to me even after several hours have passed by.. and now that I’m awake I still keep feeling my teeth to make sure they are still there lol. Its weird.

  • diane weber

    I had a dream of my teeth falling out and alot of blood coming out of my mouth i didnt know where i was What does this mean?

  • william hernandez

    In my dream i was sleeping with my girl besides me then all of a sudden i frlt one of my tooth loose so i wiggled it with my tounge and it came of i freaked out then a srcond tooth fell out what does this mean?

  • samantha

    I dreamt about picking at a little cavity like crack that was in between my two front bottom teeth. As I picked at it, the row came off as if they were like porcelain or fake. I tried putting them back but it didn’t work. I tried smiling in the mirror but I had crooked small teeth. As if they were just growing. I showed them to my mom and they just began to break more where I couldn’t put them back in. I cried bt woke up as soon as I started.

  • Cita

    I had a dream that I was in a room with my brother but there were different levels like a video game.I could wiggle all my teeth with my touge. As each level pasted I would lose more and more teeth. By the end of the dream all my teeth were gone no blood or pain in my mouth. A few weeks later my brother had a dream he lost his teeth too. What does this mean?

  • addmsgd

    I have had a dream, that my teeth are come out one by one out of my mouth and there are lots of teeth than normaly i have. There is no blood. Then i go to a dentist and he said that, he will find the reason of my teeth loss. I see my best friend as the lab attendent of the dentist. Then also in that dream i go to a college feast and there i lost my bi-cycle. I was crying badly in need of my losing teeth and cycle, then an old man come to me and give me 500 rupees for my cycle which was not enough to me…what is the meaning of this dream? Can anybody interpret to me??

  • kevin

    In my dreams I feel a tooth become loose and I wiggle it until it comes out and it hurts for a moment and then stops and then I find another loose one. I begin to freak out like they’re all going to fall out before my anxiety in my dream wakes me up.

  • savannah

    i had a dream that my teeth were rotten, so i started to pull them out they didnt hurts or bleed the started breaking into pieces. i dont know if it was a sign to take care of my teeth better but i am…. so what does it really mean?

  • gwen

    Was talking about someone who I knew was a serial killer. During the conversation with the investigator I keep pulling tons of green stuff like grass out of my mouth.

  • Anonymous

    I had 800 dollars and my teeth were falling out and I swallowed them

  • kesha

    my dream was that my tooth was loose and then it fall then an other tooth was loose and it fall too ,, what does it mean?

  • S

    I had a scary dream where I was speaking to someone and had a bad pain in my jaw. I noticed one of my teeth on the floor and went to pick in up. suddenly more teeth in my jaw started coming out and I was in bad “pain” in my dream. also it seemed that there were some kind of “rubberbands” with cotten between my jaw (in the dream) holding everything together and they too were coming loose. even parts of my jaw that held the teeth were coming loose. In the dream I was in some sort of an office building that didnt get any reception and I was frantic asking people to call 911 or some help and nobody would. I ran out for help

  • Bernice

    I have the same occuring dream that I’m pulling out yards and yards of floss from my teeth or that I am pulling out my braces myself

  • latonya

    what does it mean when you dream about a baby staring at you?

    • Adios

      Be afraid

  • Poppy

    I have had many dreams about my teeth falling out all different ways. Crumbling and decaying etc. But recently I had a dream that my two front teeth fell out. I was pretty calm about it I just rang my dad and he said we could contact a dentist to get fake ones. When I got down to dentist place I noticed my two front teeth started growing back rapidly. And they were really White and nice looking compared to my others. I found it strange as I have had quite a few dreams of teeth falling out. But never coming back

  • Kristal

    I had this dream several times that im just walking and all of a sudden a tooth falls out and i feel it falling out so i catch it but then another and another falls until they have all fallen and at the same time Im just crying . What does this mean?

  • shaida

    i used to have the same dream most of time without my front teeths and i put my tongue in that space and they keep falling in my hands there are white and small, always is the same dream i dont spend a month without having these kind of dream

  • joey

    dreaming of verypainful front bottom and top teeth nothing else

  • Sam Clary

    I keep having this dream that I try and stop the car but the brakes don’t work and that I’m falling off a cliff. In both dreams I never splatter and then in my dream I say I must be dreaming because I would have already crashed

  • Me

    I bit down on a rock and my teeth broke.

  • Allie

    In my dreams when i touch my teeth they feel loose and im able to wiggle them. The dreams feel real because i feel the pressure in my gums. My teeth then start to fall out and my mouth fills with blood. I have these dreams alot and they are very realistic… sometimes i even start to cry. it all feels like its really happening like i feel the pain, tast the blood, and even feel myself crying like as if im crying in my sleep… what does this mean?

  • Kim

    I dreamt I was finding my dogs teeth all over the floor even though they looked to be human, assumed she was sick and I was going to lose her?

  • Kirsty

    I had a dream I was in my bedroom looking at my teeth in the mirror, my teeth looked a little rotten, 1 of my teeth was wobbly and it came out, so i looked where i came out from, then i was feeling loads of teeth in my mouth, i opened my mouth and my teeth were falling out of my mouth.

  • Chloe

    I was in a classroom, when I noticed that I was able to pull a tooth out. One by one, I was able to pull out every single one of my bottom teeth. Although in my dream my tooth was strange and hollow. I was completely freaking out and was in tears. What does this mean?

  • bree

    I’ve been having the same dream for a couple weeks now and I don’t remember any of it except my tooth falling out. In my dream I’ll feel it loose and then it’ll fall, but when it falls in my dream I act like I don’t care and look for ways to hide .

  • devin

    I dreamed that i was fighting and at first it was one on one and eventually another guy gets involved and i end up taking a punch and start spitting out teeth and people were asking what happened and i told them and they were like how did u let that happen I’m like i got jumped wouldn’t shit i could do and i couldn’t stop spitting out my teeth until it was so bad i woketo find my teeth were indeed still there

  • Abby

    In my dream…. I was in Hallmark and my mom asked me to go get something. So I was running around panicking to find it and I started to forget what I was getting. So then I started running around panicking for my mom and I couldn’t find her… So I started crying and I herd her voice in my head saying don’t cry or it will get worst… But I didn’t listen.. Now I felt a lose tooth and I kept wiggling it(while still crying) and all my teeth fell out!!!!(I also dreamed I was a toddler)

  • hi

    I keep having dreams where a boy in my class knocks on my door wearing Victorian style clothes. It is always on the same street and it is always dark.

  • Christopher

    I was kissing a ex girlfriend and when I moved away from her lips I felt the right side of my mouth was different, she then poked out with her tongue my teeth from the right side of my mouth, these teeth were not singular but in a block of three from the middle of the right side.

    We went to the mirror and looked at the remaining teeth or the gap left by the missing teeth then a bigger block of teeth just lifted away with a slight touch and finally with one more touch the last block of remaining teeth on my right side came out leavening me with no teeth on the right side.

    The biggest block that fell out seem to look like it had some form of blood or was rotten from the root.

    After this my ex was gone and it was me and my son and I looked through the peep hole in my door and saw an elderly woman knocking the opposite door, it seemed like she couldn’t get in and tried to open their door by the handles, then she knocked on my door but I felt unsure about her or what i saw of her so i did not open the door.
    Can you help me please,

  • Chris

    In my dream, I felt like I was awake. I didn’t realize that I had been dreaming until I woke up and my teeth were fine.

    The dream started with one of my fillings falling out. Then the tooth that had had the filling broke in half and fell out. From there, more of my teeth started to crumble. I felt no pain and was unconcerned with what was happening. I simply spit out the pieces into my hand, and I had the feeling that I didn’t need to worry because it could be fixed.

    Any ideas?

  • Suzanne

    Had a dream my boyfriend got better, new teeth.

  • emily

    i always have this dream,, when my teeth fall out and i spit them out and my gums are bleeding.. or when im brushing my teeth they come out whilst brushing, i have this dream at least once a week and it scares me to death??

  • emily

    I dreamed that I was watching a man I love about to marry another woman and then suddenly my teeth on my back left side started to fall with no pain and no blood.i just wiggled them and they fell. I started to cry and then smiled in the mirror ad my whole left side on the bottom was gone and I still had pieces in my gums and I started to push on my gums and the pieces of my molars were coming out and i was crunching on them.

  • Jordan

    Well, I have always complaining about my teeth and last night I had a dream that I was in a hall and people must have been doing stunts. But my teeth hadbeen paining from the start, at one point my teeth were perfect but after they went perfect I started losing balance. I seen 2 girls crying because they entered the competition and had no chance of winning. For some reason I took there scooter and had a go. Someone warned me about them but I didn’t care and I just tryed it. I got over the ramp and the must have pushed it and I don’t remember falling to the ground but some how when I got, up blood was rushing from my mouth so I ran to the bathroom. The first place I head for was the boxers bathroom (for people that do Boxing) because I recently joined iv had kind of rough time while joining but I’m ok now. But anyways when I got into bathroom and looked in the mirror all my teeth had been shoved up into my gums, I waited and looked in the mirror and the grew back out again… Sorry for confusing you… But please help or tell me if you had a very similar dream.

  • Gawie

    I had a dream wer i was counting 4 rotten teeth in my own mouth.What does that mean

  • anna

    I had a dream where I was at my old house and all of a sudden my bottom tooth felt wiggly and it just fell off, I told my mom it had fallen, so I went to the mirror and I saw another tooth right where the other one had fallen, but the new tooth was also wiggly. Then the tooth right next to it fell off, and all of a sudden both bottom teeth were missing. In my dream I was worried, but no one seemed to care. I told my mom and my sister but they didn’t really pay attention to me. They didn’t make a big deal out of it while I was freaking out.

  • Melila

    I had a dream were I was writting an exam with actresses and all my teeth fell out. I have been having the same dream for the past week now and its starting to scare me. What does it mean?

  • Rover

    I had a dream of my teeth bleeding while I was chewing gum. I’ve had several dreams of my teeth. Such as being in a car with my mom and feeling my teeth loose. Or being with my boyfriend and have my teeth fall. And it’s always the bottom front 6 teeth, never the top or back teeth. Any advice please? Thank you.

  • Paige

    I always have the same dream , about once or twice a week . It’s always the same thing happening , but at different places or scenarios take place. Last night I had a dream that I was going on a trip with my friend and when boarding the bus , I was nervous and I made myself take my front teeth and push on my bottom ones making them come out , I always try and stop In the dream but its almost like I’m addicted , I kept on going until I had one bottom tooth left and for some reason it wouldn’t come out . I dreamt that I woke up in the dream and it was actually happening , so I was freaking out . But then I actually woke up and I have retainers in so I know I can’t push my teeth out . I had braces for four years, so I’m always afraid (while awake) that I’m going to fall on ice or something and chip or break my tooth. But I’m super curious about what my dream means because it really bothers me because my teeth are the only thing I actually like about my body

  • Sarah

    I was at one of my high school’s football games and it was like an out of body experience because I could see myself. I opened my mouth and one of my teeth were a purpleish color and you could see the veins in it. I touched that tooth and it just fell out. Then I started freaking out and I touched my other teeth and they all started coming out like dentures because they were all stuck together in pairs of four. I started crying and screaming and going crazy. Then I woke up….

  • Jake

    After school, I laid on my bed and took a nap. This is when the dream started. In the dream, I woke up (in my normal bedroom) and my mom was sitting in the chair at my desk, looking at me. My desk is right next to my bed. I sat up and I felt that one of my teeth was loose. I kept wiggling it and it came out. I moved it around in my mouth a little bit, and when I spit it out, four or five teeth came out! At this point, I was weeping to my mom and I was telling her to call the dentist, but it was after 5:00, so the dentist would not be open. At this point, I dreamt that I woke up. I had all of my teeth still. I went to my mom’s desk, and she was there working. I explained the dream to her and she said she hasn’t had a nightmare in a while. At this point, my mom actually woke me up sitting in the chair next to my bed.

  • Toothless dreamer

    I had this dream for the second time. But this time it was way more intense. I was sittin on the couch in the living room. I licked across the bottom row of my teeth and realized that one tooth was way more loose as usual, i told myself to leave it alone, but yet i just had to toy wit it with my tongue. Next thing you now , my toothe just slid straight up and out of my gums. I ran to my mom, i told her my tooth was loose, she didnt care. I didnt have dental insurance so i had to make do with what i had. I wasnt mad because i could hide the missin tooth wih my bottom lip. But the next thing you know my teeth just all started to feel loose. So loose to where i was spittin them out in my hand! I was terrified. I was so relieved that it was a dream. Thank God. Cause AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!

  • Ariel

    I had a dream where I was in a town-square-like area, there were lights hung up (like in a Chinese celebration) and it was dark outside. Two of my teeth (a molar and a really sharp tooth I do not have) came out of my mouth. I did not pull them, nor did they fall out; they just appeared in my hand. I tilted the teeth to get a good look at them, and a dark but still clear water fell out of the crevices of the molar. I hardly lost my cool in the dream except thinking about getting some fake teeth. In real life I would have had a fit. What does this dream mean?

  • Bob

    i had a dream where i was about to talk to a hot girl but my teeth fell our just before, i searched for along time for them worrying shed b disgusted byby my lack of teeth. But when she arrived and i began to talk to her my teeth reappeared.

  • j

    one tooth came out then they all just started cracking and falling out one by one

  • Bailie

    I have had this reoccurring dream of chewing gum. The gum gets stuck in my teeth and and I keep pulling and pulling atheists endless amount of gum until some of my teeth come out. Some times it is only I e tooth that comes out and sometimes it is several teeth! I wake up feeling very disturbed. It seems so real. What does it mean??

  • Brandon

    I don’t recall what I was doing, but I opened my mouth and noticed a pin size hole in my tooth. Somehow I was able to peer inside and saw another hole like I was looking through a telescope at the cosmos.

  • Jaik

    So me and my long term girlfriend think she may be pregnant. I had a dream where I was running from somebody and once I made it home one of my teeth fell out. On top of this the ace of swords and the empress appeared in not only my dream but my reading the following morning.
    I suppose I dont have a question but a confirmation that Im near positive shes pregnant and my tooth falling out symbolizes change and anxiety.

  • Sarah

    I have recurring dreams about my teeth crumbling into bits and I’m trying to spit them all out but feels like I have a mouth full of gravel, there are also some teeth that I can just pull out because they are loose and that makes the others come out too. I sometimes just try to fix them back in which seems to work, but I always end up with the crumbly gravel sensation in my mouth trying to spit everything out.

  • Bree

    I have had dreams were my front row of teeth get stuck behind my bottom row of teeth and i cant get it out and i end up pushing the front row of teeth against the bottom row and it ends up ripping my teeth out and i end up spitting them out one by one.

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream that I was running away from zombie little kids and all my teeth fell out at once

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream that I went to the dentist to show him that I could pull my molars out and put them back into the right spot. I told him that I needed them to be fixed, but he informed me that there was nothing he could do and I would have to live with ‘removable teeth’. I was very upset, because there was nothing more I could do. I don’t see any interpretations of pulling out teeth, and putting them back in – what does this mean?

  • taylor

    my tooth was hit lightly and it was crooked so i tried to fix it and it just fell out and i noticed the one next to it was loose also so i touched it and one by one 6 teeth in a row on my bottom jaw feel out all i can remember is standing in front of a mirror looking at my self and there was blood all in and around my mouth while i stood there with my teeth in my hand.

  • Wes

    About every two days I have a dream where I’m pushing on my teeth and it hurts very bad but I can’t stop my jaws are locked and my teeth one by one break and fall out.

    • Bree

      i have dreams like this too.

  • caroline

    I can’t remember wer I was but remember checking mt tooth it became wobbly then fell out and then another fell out this is all i remember can u help?

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream where I was in my bathroom I felt my molars feel loose then as I touched the teeth one by one they fell out in my hand my step mum was there with me while I was freaking out n she says quick let’s go to the hospital they should be able to stop this, this is every thing I remember wot does this mean?

  • Gabrielle

    I had a dream I was at my local gym working out then someone, I don’t know who, came and hit me. I started frantically looking around and then I held my mouth and spat out my tooth. I was gushing blood. I cried and then ran to the bathroom. It all goes dark and then I am looking in the mirror at my gym and the teeth that fell out (my whole bottom row) were all replaced and looked extremely different. The dream ended with me looking in the mirror touching my teeth and being extremely sad. I woke up feeling pressure on my mouth and this overwhelming sadness that ruined my entire day.

  • anette

    since i can remember ive had dreams where my teeth fall out, but when i do i dont feel my mouth just a bunch of teeth, probably more than what i have, inside my mouth. i think ive had these dreams since the 6th grade and now im in the 10th grade

    lately they’re coming back and im sure its because i’m starting to like this guy and im extremely shy to even say a word to him, i’ve always been like this, i wouldnt say social anxiety but very very shy.

    the last dream i had, i finished a play and i wanted to find him, so i went to the bathroom to change and i was naked, and all of my teeth fell out to my hands. i left the bathroom and saw him sitting at the cafe with a friend, it was awkward but we talked and he asked me to sing and then left

    so i can agree with the message that its lack of confidence, anxiety or that i want to really express something and i cant.

  • elizabeth

    i’ve had this dream before whereby i’ve been hit, or i’ve hit my head on something and slowly each of my teeth have fallen out. I always sort of help them – as in i know they’re falling out, so i poke them of move them. i then look at myself in the mirror and only five or so are left – but the thing is that i never freak out or spit out the teeth – i just hold them in my mouth. -help!

  • sherine

    i have dreamt that all my teeth just fell out of my mouth I was also sitting with parts of my gums in my hand

  • spohie

    i was at my house and being rude to my family , ym cat didnt like me atall at kept trying to attack me, i slamed the door shut on the cat and all my bottem teeth up to my molers fell out with loads of blood into my hand but they didnt look like my teeth they were very spikey and long, as the dream went on hey all started falling out them m alarm woke me up

  • Ivy Meyers

    i was sick, i was in a hospital setting. I had gotten some type of illness. I must have contracted it from some buisness or party i was at. because they were trying to offer me a settlement. While in the hospital everyone was very nice to me except one nurse and they couldnt figure out what was wrong with me… All my teeth were falling out and my body was very hard to move. I kept getting gifts im assuming they were coming from the same people that I had the lawsuit against. I was very scared because they had no idea what was wrong with me…I also felt alone.

  • Mayah

    I had a dream that my boyfriend had false teeth. And because he didn’t brush his teeth in time they started falling out what does this mean….Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream that i was in a train station running around then next thin i know one tooth fell out then one by one they started falling out why is that

  • selena

    Every couple of months I get a dream where I’m asleep in bed and suddenly an awful horrifying feeling comes up on me and pulls me off the bed such as an evil spirit or demon trying to take me with him, at that point I’m levitated crying & screaming trying to pull my self back to the ground or bed, I ended up pulling my self into my mothers room she couldn’t hear me cry because my voice was muted I suddenly felt a pulling in my mouth and as hard as I tried to hold back all my teeth fell out at once, at this point in the dream I manage to wake up screaming and in tears these dreams just feel all to real and I don’t know what they mean … does anyone?

  • Samantha

    I dreamt that I was asleep in the spare room (which I was) and decided to get up and go back to the room I share with my partner, when I came around the corner I saw another me stood there. The ‘other me’ told me I had to go and tried to push me out the front door at which point I woke myself up screaming out. I dream a lot but I’ve never had one like this before and it really disturbed me, what does it mean?

  • Elina

    In my dream I sow that I loose all my teeth, they all fell out, I try put back, but they keep fell out, I’m panic and my gyms blooding as well. What is mean

  • Anonymous

    I was sitting and looked down beside me and saw a red-orange thing, I picked it up and it was a spider, it clung to my finger although I tried to shake it off, then it bit me, I flung it down,and it lay still slightly curled up but not really dead, my finger began to develop red streaks and hurt a lot, I was worried that it was very bad.

  • rachel

    In my last tooth dream (have had three this month) i got braces and i was sitting in class. I was showing someone that I had gotten them and all of a sudden i felt a few of my bottom teeth come lose and i spit them into my hand and i kept spitting them out until my hands were full with teeth (way more than what is actually in anyones mouth) and it was only my botton teeth. I put them all in a ziplock baggy and thought nothing else of it. I was not worried or scared i laughed because my dream switched and i saw how funny i looked with no teeth. i have had about three dreams like this one this month just in different places. the other two were at a river or water of some sort. What does all of this mean?

  • michelle

    My two front teeth fell out and I was holding them in my hands they were like green or curried teeth

  • Anonymous

    Last night I dreamed I spat all of my teeth into my hands whilst walking with old friends. I looked at the teeth which were not white but see through and shiny at the same time and threw them to the grass verge completely discarding them. I then continued to walk on with my friends until…I was then been arrested in Poland somewhere (I know how mad this is haha) but had very loose handcuffs placed on me and put into a cell where other English people were eating chocolate bars/cakes. I was told I would be in there for 2 hours. I know it was part of the same dream because as I tried to bite the cake I remembered I had no teeth because of the earlier part of my dream..What is going on there?!!?

    BTW this is the 2nd time I have dreamed about my teeth falling out in the last month, but I have NEVER had a dream about this before then!

  • Mayra

    In my dream one of my bottom teeth was loose. I was freaking out, then I was looking for a mirror. When I did found a mirror I pulled my tooth out, but a new one was coming out. Then I was driving and I was trying to park my car, but it was so dark and dusty that I couldn’t see were I was going until I crashed my car with another parked car.

  • Alexandra

    Also, in my dream I even felt the pain you feel when pulling teeth, and the soreness of the gums, not too painful but like the feeling you had as a kid when your teeth fell out..

  • Alexandra

    I had two teeth dreams. One where one of my front teeth fell, like I took it out of my mouth and it looked perfect and intact, almost fake but not because it was mine.

    Second dream, my back molars were crumbling like as I was taking them out of my mouth…

    What do my dreams mean?

  • jo

    i dreamt my gums fell out

  • Stephanie

    I had a dream of my front tooth fell off. My mother said “I was wondering when that one will come out” I remember holding it and I saw myself in the mirror and it was gone.it wasnt my fake tooth that fell off. it was the other one.
    (Basic info on me:I have one fake front tooth)

    what does it mean?

  • jess p

    In my dream im clenching my jaws so tight that my teeth are crumbling in my mouth and im holding my mouth open and spitting out blood and teeth also very painful

  • Kelsey

    In my dream I was in school and I had just gotten braces and all of my bottom teeth fell out one by one. What does this mean?

  • jessi

    what does it mean when you dream of two baby girls and their slipping out your hands?

  • Annonomys

    Every time I dream my teeth falling out the main thing I notice is that right befor my teeth begin to fall out my jaw starts to lock and then I start to feel a lot of pressure on my gums I try to open my mouth and relax my jaw but it will keep locking up and my gums will feel like an intense pressure as soon as the pressure goes away and I can open my mouth my teeth begin to fall out but when they fall out I’m not left teeth less I still have my teeth

  • anessa verwey

    Had dream about my daughters fulling out of her mouth

  • anonymous

    I don’t remember where I was but I remember feeling round my mouth with my tongue and my back teeth. On both sides falling out so I spat my teeth in my hand but in my dream it felt like it was a normal thing to do

  • Anonymous

    I dreamt the I was in the dentist office holding 2 rotten teeth in my hand and telling the dentist that I want implants and no crowns

  • Julie

    I had a dream I was with my friend, but he was having a conversation with someone else, someone who had met the people he was discussing and was offering their opinion. I was listening to the conversation and started to noticed that some of my friends teeth were missing,and more he talked the more I noticed that he had missing teeth and his face appeared sunken like when an old person removes false teeth. What do you thing this could mean please?

  • leigh

    I dreamed i went to a dentist to get work done on my teeth.I will say i have been avoiding going to the dentist because i am afraid of them and i dont trust them because of the bad things that were done to me in the past! after i got done from the dentist in my dream, i reached up to feel my teeth and they were loose and each one accross the top began to fall out! That actually happened to me with one tooth once. This dentist used someone elses teeth in my mouth as binders but it fell out in my hand. he should have been sued for what he did but i was in a position where i could not do that at the time! I was horrified in my dream that my teeth had fallen out and in a rage that the dentist did it.when i went back to make her fix my teeth she started laughing at me and said well thats too bad and there is nothing i can do nor anyone else! i was so sad and didnt want anyone to see me and was trying to think how i could fix my teeth!I woke up in fear and almost in tears!

  • shianne

    when i was 7 i got my dad mad and he punched me in the face when i felt a gap in my mouth and my tooth came out

  • Jordan Lynn

    Hi. Last night I had a dream that really freaked me out. I was at my grandparents house. I notice that my teeth are crumbling,rotting,and falling out. And then I see part of my top jaw is broken and hanging. It’s broken right above my front teeth, and I have to try and hold it up, while throwing the teeth into the bathroom sink.I run to my grandparents,trying to get them to understand I need to go to the hospital,but unable to talk. They understand after a few seconds, and get ready to go, while I try to take out the rest of the teeth so I don’t swallow them.I woke up then, and can’t get that feeling of pain when they were falling and crumbling in my mouth. I feel so sick to my stomach just thinking about it. Please help.

    • shianne

      oh i know how that feels

  • Jessica

    I had a dream that I was in an unfamiliar house with my ex and some unfamiliar girl. He was the one that had lost a tooth and had went upstairs to the bathroom. I went upstairs to the bathroom as well and when I looked in the mirror I felt a strange tension on one of my teeth. It didn’t hurt but it was like I knew it had to come out. And then several more came out until I was missing 5 teeth. I was upset about losing one of them, since it was one of my front teeth and I tried to put it back, but it didn’t work. We then both went downstairs and sat on the couch and the girl I didn’t know handed me a baggy and all I kept thinking was that I needed to get to a dentist and I woke up.

    • Jessica

      When I realized they were going to come out I pulled them out. I wasn’t anxious and the whole time my teeth were really white and healthy so it confused me. There was also barely any blood at all.

  • jamie

    I dreamt that spiders were falling from the ceiling

  • natalie

    i dreamed that i was talking with my mom and i saw a space in her mouth she was missing a tooth what does this mean.

    • natalie

      i was just talking with my mom and i was looking at her and thhen i saw a space between her teeth.

  • Elizabeth

    6 years ago, when I was 18, I had my front tooth knocked out and have had it replaced with a dental implant. Before the implant was put in place I had to wear a false tooth on a plate (like a retainer brace). Recently I’ve been dreaming most nights, that I am back to wearing that temporary one and it keeps falling out of place.. and it wont go back into place. It’s always in social situations and I have to walk out of the room/ away from the person I’m talking to. I sometimes try and continue with it still partly in. Am I subconsciously rejecting my implant??? Or just still not over what happened to my tooth???

  • Anna

    I have very violent and unpleasant dreams on a regular basis. A lot where I am being murdered, blood, chased, great white sharks and 90% of my dreams involve water and I am usually in the water and often wake up right before I die…..
    This last dream after all my malicious and relentless behaviour(in my dream) there was again someone trying to harm me. They wanted to break my jaw in half and I wouldn’t let them, and it came to the point where I gave in and then all of a sudden my jaw was being contorted and my top right molars all fell out withthe ripping of my jaw. I could feel my teeth falling out and I went to look in the mirror to see how horribly disfigured I looked, but I appeared to look mostly normal….then I woke in in a sweat. If I can get an insight on this and why I always dream about water, I would be very greatful.

    Thank you.

    • Joe

      Hiya. I’m a new craft blogger so I’m sanechirg what else is out there. Anyhow, I’m really sorry to hear about your dog, and I’m sure you are relieved that what seems like the worst can be considered over. We have a little fella here who has has 2 operations in 10 years (bladder stones and knee-patella), and it is so unfair that they bring so much love to us and have to suffer anything at all. Here’s to quick healing. Donna

  • Ginger

    I had a dream where I was at some type of school an I got mad and my front teeth fell out and one of my molars did to and a couple other ones to.but then I tried to put them back in but they kept falling out but in the end they were in.What was weird was that it actually felt like there was nothing there.i also have had another dream about loseing my teeth but I don’t really remember it.do you know what that means?

  • ace

    I had a dream about my tooth falling out i was getting ready for bed and i put on my retainer. Once I had them on I felt my tooth really loose. I pull it and blood comes out I run to the restroom and I rinse my mouth. I look my self at the mirror an I notice that I only have four teeth left. All of my back ones are gone, I start panicking and I run to my dad and I start crying.

  • Niasia

    I had a dream where I was chilling in my house with my friends and family then a guy I didn’t know was trying to talk to me the dream was changing from place to place (in my house to out my house) in my house I was playing with my teeth bitting down feeling the teeth line then I couldn’t stop bitting down every time I tried to open my mouth it would go back down I couldn’t control it I was crying getting scared and asking for help nobody was listening it told me to wash my mouth out it had gotten so bad to where I was spitting teeth out into a cup .. Getting nervous feeling like I had no more teeth I would spit another out . There was also odd things in my house that wouldn’t normally be there like the color of the walls were different and there was a tree plant in my house a dog that didnt bark it just stared at me ..

  • George

    I had a dream that my teeth were falling out but they turned to a rock / metal type object. I was in a waiting room and two younger girls (in their 20s) noticed. Then I spit out a tooth that was a large rock or metal object. The girls noticed. What does this dream mean? I have searched everywhere but cannot find the answers.

  • Brianna

    I had a dream that i was talking to a friend and the i felt my to front teeth loose. I started to wiggle it and it came out. Then i tried to put it back in.

  • Lupe

    The part that i remember most about my dream is that all my teeth fell out, in real life i hae ugly teeth and im also missing one. Then just as fast as they fell out, i grew all nice teeth, but i was also missing one and it was on the other side, not on the same side as before.

  • Nicky

    In my dream I’m looking in the Mirror and suddenly I feel my two front teeth start to move and they start to dislocate then a few seconds later they move back into place… This is not the first time I’m having these dreams

  • getting fired

    my boss put her arms around my shoulders told me it was nothing personal but she had to let me go

  • Jennifer Lynn

    I’m looking for an elevator and when I find one it is about 6 foot off the ground and it is the only elevator that will reach the floor
    I need to go to. Then me and a few people I do not
    know are competing to see who can jump thigh enough to get on it? I can touch the platform and almost get on it but
    My hands are not strong enough to hold

  • Toothless in Skidaddle

    Mine was flossing and biggest back molar and a huge root structure came with it. No Pain. Everyone came and gawked at the sight.

  • tooth falling out

    I was moving my front tooth and It came out when i looked at it it was really dirty and the roots were see through with bugs floating around in them then one of the side teeth fell out as well

  • zoe

    i had a dream that i was brushin my teath and then one by one, they all fell out followed by allot of blood. what does this mean?

  • veronica

    In my dreams I often have my teeth fall out,they just start falling one by one.I also often dream about me chewing gum.the gum gets stuck to the roof of my mouth and then I feel like I began to chock and can’t breath.I pull on the gum as a magician would when doing a trick but I never see the end of the gum.That’s all I can ever remember in the dreams .Please help find out what this means .I dream about it a least once a month .thank u

  • steffano

    My dream was set in a nightclub, I was looking for my friends and finally found them but they were fighting,my friend punched the lad and his punch followed through and connected with me!then I could feel my tooth being loose and wobblie so I pulled it out and clenched onto it, then my teeth started to crumble and I was spitting my own teeth out!.

  • Maria

    I dreamt my lower jaw was pushing against my top jaw and I had no control. My bottom molars pushed so hard against my top molars that I pushed one out. I was bleeding. It was so painful in my dream yet it felt like a relief. I pushed another molar out. In my physical outside self I could feel the pain like if I would wake I would find blood on my pillow. Luckily I didn’t.

  • Kelly

    I was brushing one of the children’s teeth that I take care of at work

  • tori

    once in a while i would dream that my teeth are falling out. it would b anywhere my teeth would fall out and in some of them i would crunch on them.it always felt real.

  • Chandana

    Hey guys,u know what the dream is true. In the last post I had wished it not to be true.I’m speechless because one of my friend died in an accident.I dont wanna believe but ithappened just after two weeks of my dream in a really unexpected place.The bus somersaulted in very clear road.he was a very good guy.he will be missed a lot by our class.

  • Thomas

    Last night I had a dream I was shopping and some people I know were behind me talking to me at the check-outs, but I ignored them. Then the dream continued to me being at home playing a video game, but instead of just playing it, I was actually IN the game playing as one of the characters. Later on, the dream continued to me visiting my old school (which is a one storey building) but going up some stairs outside to a teacher training building (which doesn’t really exist) on-top of the school, but on my way up some of my teeth began to break and fall out completely, root and all, but the front teeth were perfectly fine and healthy. I rushed up the stairs to seek help and found an old teacher that I remembered but who didn’t recognise me and she was rather angry that a stranger like me just went walking in without permission or invitation, so I ran out and found my mother and my sister outside and asked them for help. After that the dream becomes very cloudy and vague and I don’t remember much else, but these are the parts which stood out to me the most that I remember when thinking back on my dream. Does anyone have the faintest idea what this dream means?

  • Athena

    I dreamt last night that i was pooing on the toilet, big massive poos, it would not stop coming out, it was big healthy poos.

  • chandana

    Today i had a dream where i was losing my teeth. I was watching TV speaking with my brother. I put my hand inside mouth, teeth just fell out. The upper incisor and lower premolars but no pain. It was my first time so moarning, I asked to mothern she told me to not tot tell anybody,it was a bad luck. I just quicked to the internet n found that it means of losing hope n a sign of some relative’s death. I just hope its not true…

  • Jackie

    I was standing talking to some people,and I thought that my that something was wrong in the mouth,I did not want to pay any attention.
    So as I moved away from the people I put my finger into my mouth and a part of my top back came out,then my tongue started to move the rest of the tooth until that came out.I then woke up and straight away my tongue went to see if my tooth was still there.

  • Nidanilia

    I have had dreams, many of them, in which my teeth just fall out randomly. I am shocked and horrified in the dream. Sometimes, after eating something in the dream they fall out. Sometimes, if they are tapped lightly they fall out. I actually thought I had these random dreams because it was bothering me that I haven’t been to the dentist in a while. Lawlz. But then I told someone about the dreams,they told me to look it up because it actually had quite a significant meaning. I guess it does. Wow. I realize I’m too insecure and am always stressing about my new social life and I lose confidence in myself and my abilities. I feel weak. So, to fix this I’m going to get a book to read. I know that sounds lame, but I believe it will boost my confidence and STOP those horrifying dreams. Thanks for reading this .:) needed to vent.

  • lauren

    I had a dream that my teeth were all capped, or veneered, and they were falling off and filling up in my mouth–could’nt talk cuz my mouth was full of them. I would either spit them out into my hand or put them back in place, and press them down back into my gums. I was also struggling to find which tooth/cap/veneer went where. There were also sharp little nubs where the veneers had fallen off. I have been having tooth dreams since high school, and they leave me with the worst depressed feeling afterward.

  • lisa

    I dreamt my front tooth came out but the gap was getting smaller as my other teeth were pushing together to fill the gap then when I looked in the mirror my back teeth started to drop out and all I was left with were fleshy roots and when I looked at my teeth in my hand they were a lot bigger than when they were in my mouth,they then just crumbled into powder. But the night before I had a dream I was pregnant with twins and when I went for the scan their faces were very clear and they were smiling and waving at me.Both dreams have felt very real and I have found they have been on my mind for most of the day following them.

  • lisa

    i had a dream that i was walking to my house but my housed look different somehow i knew it was there were i lived it looked kind of creepy thougth once i was inside there was no one it was empty just me by myself i felt a weird felling on my mouth like one my teeth felt loose and once i grab for it it felt on my hand lots of blood was coming out it cover my hand. Once i woked up from this dream i was scared out of my mind i dont know what it really means but i would like to now.

  • Kristie

    I recently had a dream where I peeled off the front of my teeth. There was no pain, they just peeled off. However, while peeing one tooth, it went too deep (into a nerve) and hurt. I tried to put it back, or leave it alone but it just hung there. It was snagging on things and getting in the way, so I just ripped it off.

    What do you think this dream could mean?

  • Rene

    Omg I just had a dream that I was loosing teeth.. Like all my bottom teeth on my left hand side was falling out . And I kept spitting them out in my hand crying.. It’s like it was being held together by a case or teeth covering clip thingy and that came out and I remember running and getting a Baggie to put it in …and after that each tooth started falling out one by one..and I crashed to the floor just crying as they fall into my hand and I just stare and look at them and my mom was trying to console me and make jokes saying it can be fixed we have insurance and I was just loosing it. 

  • Veronica

    Wow was my dream intense! As I would bite down or continue to have a conversation, my teeth would crumble into my hand and my mouth filled up with teeth crumbs! I grabbed a plastic ziploc freezer bag and continuously spit my teeth crumbs into it until I filled it up. I looked in he mirror and I had some partial teeth still hanging from my gums. I reached into my mouth and my gums, along with my teeth, came loose! My remaining teeth looked old and yellow and I felt so embarrassed and depressed. I have never had a dream like that. I woke up and felt my mouth because the dream felt so real!

  • Kate

    I have never had a dream about teeth before, however, last night i dreamed that a tooth on my top left had become loose, as i touched it it came out in my hand, no blood or pain but i remember being deeply upset and didnt want to look at myself in the mirror. In the next part, i went in to work (strange as im a stay at home mum) and i was forced to tell my boss that i couldnt work that day as i had to go to the dentist to get my tooth fixed, i remember feeling embaressed as oher collegues were listening in, my boss was cold and said if i did not work i would be fired, i stormed out and decided going to te dentist was more importat than my job. Extremely baffled!

  • Amelia

    My sister dreamed that her toddler was pulling her teeth out, kinda graphic with blood. Sounded creepy. I wanted to know why she dreamt this! In the same evening I famed Motown teeth fell out. And in the same dream I was being chased by 4 tall men. I thought it was a crazy dream. Especially since my sister and I both dreamed about missing teeth in the same night..

  • mary joy

    hi i take a nap in the morning and I had a dream, all my teeth are lost and found it all in my hands, what that does mean? im afraid. because in my dreams there is so mony rugby in my teeth i dont were it came from. when i was about to remove the rugby all my teeth have lossed anf have it in my hands…. what is that weard dream all about…. ?

  • tooth in hand

    I dreamt that I had lost some teeth and I was holding 5 in my hand, I was pretty sure I hadn’t lost that many so I couldn’t figure out where they all came from. Two were crowns which I thought was weird as I am in the last stages of getting one dental implant so I was pretty sure I didn’t need the other one. There were two regular teeth which I wasn’t worried because I am pretty sure that they belonged in my mouth. The fifth one didn’t even look like a tooth, sort of like a slivered almond so it left me confused. I have just started a new job and am about to finish my masters, I am also deciding whether I should stay in the UK or go home which is a hard decision because I will be leaving my boyfriend of three years behind to go to a well paid job in my home country. Hopefully this gives some context to my weird dream.

  • rsym

    Seeing someone you love tooth fall out means what

  • Shan

    anyone know anything about this … ive been having this dream were my teeth are all loose and my gums are bleeding, some teeth move and i push them back into place, its really weird.

  • Laura

    I’ve had different dreams but with one recurring event – my teeth crumble into pieces and fall out of my mouth while I’m trying to talk. I can still feel even hours later what the sensation feels like – my mouth is full of tiny chunks like if you were to chew a peppermint into pieces and hold them in your mouth. Pretty gross. Even though situationally the dreams are different, the teeth part is consistent. I try to hide the pieces of teeth in my hands so no one will see or run to the bathroom to wash out my mouth.

  • katrina

    I dreamt that I felt my front 4 teeth became loose and as I continued to go through the dream they go looser and looser until my canine came away from the gum but was still attached by the nerve and just sat there in my hand. All the other ones were very loose and I was able to push them away from the gum. And felt so real :(

  • shante

    I dreamed me and this guy, we Are seeing each other and both of us, in the dream, had false teeth over our reaL teeth and the false teeth came off and we were both afraid in the dream when they came off.

  • Ken

    I had a dream where the false tooth I have, which is one of my front teeth was pulled out/fell out. I’m not sure which because it was just the image of it coming out and I remember vividly the feeling of it coming out and all that was left was the metal post it’s attached too. I remember feeling the metal post with my teeth an then I woke up. I can’t get this dream out of my head. I you have any idea what this could mean or signify. But anything will be appreciated Thanks

  • Katherine

    I have a recurring dream that I am clenching my teeth shut very tightly and if I open my mouth then they will crumble and fall out. I feel as if my teeth are barely attached to my gums or in pieces.

    • Laetitia

      Here’s an interpretation of your dream. Remember, this is only my personal interpretation, so see what your dream symbols mean to you. The image of your teeth shut tightly reminds me of the image of someone who’s holding tight and not saying something or who’s being forced to shut her mouth up about something. It’s maybe something that’s been on your mind or that you’ve experienced for a while since your dream is recurring.

      I would ask you: Do you feel you’ve been holding back lately? Or that there’s something you need or wish to say and have not? Whatever it is, there are some strong fears around revealing or talking about it. It’s perhaps so scary, that it feels like the world would fall apart, like in the dream when you’re afraid all your teeth would crumble and fall out.

      One positive side of your dream is that it’s sending you a message to pay attention to something that has most likely been bothering you for a while and need to be dealt with. It’s perhaps a call to gather your strength in moments when it feels scary or when you feel like you’re shut down. Courage!

  • Dee

    Last night I dreamt that I was in a white lit room, looking at my face in a gold-framed mirror. I could hear my mother talking to me in the background, as I inspected myself I looked at my teeth, i could see a bottom front right tooth become crooked, it kept twisting on its own. I freaked out and touched it and the tooth was really loose. I spat it out onto my right hand. and felt the void with my tongue; No blood or pain or anything. I felt anguish and anger. I turn around to tell my mother what just happened and she blows me off with a “good-intentioned” remark. (Dont recall what). I look in the mirror again, and now a tooth from my front, bottom left side was missing…i couldnt find it so i figured I swallowed it or something. I turn around to see if maybe i dropped it and all of a sudden I see blood pouring from my mouth. I freak out, and run to a nearby sink and rinse my mouth out with water. The bleeding suddenly stops. I look again in the mirror and I dont feel bad, just a funny feeling because of my new gapped smiley face. And then I feel more reasured from a voice inside my head telling me that it was ok, because i was getting my new teeth from the lab in 2 weeks….

    I’m really stunned by such a frightful dream, and I’m kinda terrified by what it might refer to.

    • Jennifer

      What an interesting dream… One way I would interpret it is about how you see yourself in your current life (the symbolism of the mirror is powerful) and how the relationship with your mother influences what you see and how you feel.

      The loose tooth and the tooth falling out of your mouth could symbolize the fact that you growing up or growing out of something – perhaps it’s a frustrating or dependent relationship with your mother, perhaps is an attachment to being “perfect”, good looks, behavior, appearances… The teeth falling out in the dream could symbolize the old stuff or ideas that you’re leaving behind or need to change, so you can renew yourself and feel whole again. This might feel like you’re losing or missing something at first – like the teeth missing in your dream or the blood pouring out.

      In any case, your dream has a hopeful message too. At the end, you seem to accept yourself as you are – even with your missing teeth – and you gained confidence in your ability to receive what you need (in the dream, this refers to the new teeth from the lab) when you need it.

      • Lala

        Indianapolis enjoyed an aitcve National Dream Awareness Weekend. Ben Pettingill, dream coordinator, led and mind stormed several brilliant events that included a lecture on Friday evening; a family dream day on Saturday afternoon; the screening of the Edge of Dreaming at Butler University on Saturday evening; and a public dream appearance on Sunday afternoon/evening. Ben also led weekly meetings in which dream interpretation was the focus along with the ideal, purpose and activity for the weekend. His thinking was that by focusing on interpretation, students would develop strength and confidence regarding dreams and interpretation that would deepen our understanding and others would certainly benefit from it! Mission accomplished.I, (Christine Spretnjak, Director of the Indianapolis branch,) personally, became more aware of the universality of dreams. Through the Universal Language of Mind, there exists a universal way to interpret and understand dreams for the purpose of producing peace, contentment and security. This weekend afforded me the opportunity deepen my understanding of how peace, contentment and security is produced and hone my ability to communicate that understanding more effectively.In rock climbing, there is a technique called lead climbing in which one person, called the leader , will climb from the ground up with rope directly attached to their harness while the other, called the second , belays the leader by feeding out enough rope to allow upward progression without undue slack. It’s a sure-footed and secure way to ascend (that is if the second or belayer is alert and steady). During National Dream Awareness Weekend, this image came as I asked myself again Why is dream interpretation universally important? and Why would everyone want to understand their own dreams? Asking myself questions like this then recieving the answers help me become more confident and even convicted regarding that to which I devote so much of myself.Seeing the leader as the subconscious mind and the belayer as the conscious mind demonstrates the importance of dreams in our lives as they relate to our upward progress. They work in tandem. The conscious mind has a question or thought; the subconscious mind answers it and gives it back; the conscious mind stays steady to receive it and apply it willingly. It’s this step by step progress and process that can be sure-footed and secure when understood. National Dream Awareness weekend provided an opportunity to interpret children’s dreams as well as answer specific questions like Why do I sleepwalk?’ In all cases, the dreamers were captive and genuine in their desire to understand. Peace, contenment and security is a universal need and it’s energizing and fulfilling to feed this need. christine_spretnjak []

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