What does it mean when you dream about your teeth falling out?

Wondering what it means if you have a dream about your teeth falling out? You’re not alone. Teeth falling out in dreams is one of the most common anxiety dream scenario. Here are dream examples and how to interpret what they mean.

Woman wondering what her dream means

What is the meaning of a dream where your teeth fall out?

Here are 5 keys to interpreting a dream featuring teeth falling out:

  • Positive meanings: starting something new, period of growth and development
  • Negative meanings: insecurity, ambivalence, cost of inaction or compromising
  • Dreams about teeth falling indicate times of change and feeling of loss
  • Teeth falling out are symbols of a costly compromise, lack of balance in your life
  • Intensity of the emotions in the dream are a reflection of tension felt in life
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Girl with beautiful teeth that are not falling out

What do teeth dreams mean? Questions & answers

Here are interpretations of selected dreams shared by dreamers on this web site.

What does it mean? Teeth falling out and personal tension

“I had a dream that I was in the car with my Mom and a some guy. Then I wiggled my tooth and felt it was loose and it came out. Then after that another another two teeth came falling out. I was freaking out in my dream…”

Falynn describe a dream where she sees her teeth fall out and several symbols, such as a car and her mom, that will help decipher the meaning of her dream. >> Read the interpretation of Falynn’s dream

What does it mean? Bathroom settings in dreams of teeth falling out

“I had the strangest dream about all my teeth falling one by one out my mouth. I was in the bathroom, brushing my teeth in front of the mirror when I feel one of my tooth come loose. I keep brushing and suddenly I see one of my teeth fall out on the counter.”

Sandra shares a dream that takes place in a bathroom, an environment common for dreams about teeth falling out and that carries important clues for her dream interpretation. >> Read Sandra’s dream interpretation of teeth falling out

What does it mean? Teeth falling out symbols and need for support in life

“I had teeth falling out and my mouth filling with blood from where they had come from. I was so scared and crying in my dream, I was at my nans whom I’m very close to and she was comforting me. “

Emma shares a distressing dream where she sees her teeth fall one by one and struggles with her own despair, searching for relief. >> Read Emma’s dream interpretation

What does it mean? Losing teeth dream, job and family anxiety

“I have a pregnant wife and a two year old, and with the new job I will have to do quite a bit of traveling which is new to me/us; this has made me very anxious. In the first dream I was where I currently work talking with a good friend and one tooth fell out, and then all of a sudden the entire top of my mouth came out, gums and all; then all of the bottom teeth fell out one by one.”

Ryan’s dream echoes various sources of stress he’s having in his life: job responsibilities, pregnant wife, lots of work travels… The teeth imagery illustrate concerns and anxiety shared by a lot of us.>> Read Ryan’s dream interpretation

What does it mean? Losing teeth and mirror symbols in dreams

“I had to go to the bathroom for some reason, when I went into the bathroom all of a sudden I feel a lot of pressure in my mouth (no pain at all), so I look in the mirror at my teeth and and felt I should put my hand out.”

Britt’s dream has two common dream symbols: Losing teeth and a mirror. Mirrors and bathroom settings are often featured in dreams about teeth since they symbolize the need for self-reflection and privacy. >> Read Britt’s dream interpretation

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Dreamy scene with fallen teeth on table

Guide to the meanings of teeth in dreams

Losing teeth dream

Losing teeth in dreams is a common theme in dream interpretation. This type of dream could be a useful indicator of:

  • Lingering fears about losing control, fear about “losing it”, whether it’s control over your life, your own sanity or people around you;
  • Fear about losing your edge, your “bite” on life.

See also Falling Teeth Dream.

Teeth being pulled out dream

The dream imagery symbolizes how painful or difficult the experience of change is […] >>Read more about pulling out teeth dreams.

People also have many other kinds of teeth dreams:

  • Animal teeth
  • Chewing on something
  • Fake of false teeth
  • Missing tooth
  • Rotten teeth
  • Spitting out teeth

Fake or false teeth dream

False teeth or a fake tooth in a dream represent:

  • Conventional masks or facades you put in social settings or to protect yourself.
  • Field of illusions; lies told to yourself or others.
  • Lack of trust in your natural gifts, physical, mental or emotional self.

Spitting out teeth dream

Spitting out teeth in a dream indicate:

  • Anxiety about losing your effectiveness or good looks.
  • Desire to say something that has been repressed for a while; contained emotion, especially anger or agressivity, that need to be expressed or acknowledged more fully.

Rotten tooth or teeth dream

Rotten teeth in a dream represent:

  • Something you’ve said that you regret;
  • Feeling bad about something that happened to you or others;
  • Conflict that is of concern, but not yet fully addressed or acknowledged.

Missing tooth dream

Missing a tooth in a dream could represent:

  • Feeling of loss.
  • Anxiety about losing effectiveness or power in social life.

See also Losing Teeth Dream.

Animal tooth or teeth

If you dream about having or seeing an animal tooth, it could refer to:

  • Your instincts or emotions are coming to the surface and need to be acknowledged.
  • Aggressiveness, repressed primal instinct or motivation.

Look at the meaning corresponding to the specific animal.

Dream of chewing on something

Chewing on something in a dream is symbolic of:

  • Ability to analyze or integrate new information or events
  • A situation or habit you need to reflect on in order to better understand.

Look at what you’re eating to see which qualities or information you need to better integrate into your life.

687 Responses to What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Teeth Falling Out

  • Tanu

    I had seen one of tooth broken when used hair clip because something got stuck in tooth. That tooth came into my hand. What does it mean

  • Adee

    I had a dream that I was drinking out of a zip cup and one of my front tooth got stuck in one of the holes of the zip cup. I was trying to get it unstuck and my tooth became loose and fell out.

  • saira

    I have seen that im laughing in my dream and my teeth are so small. As i took treatmnt of bracess so i am so conscious about it. I took notice in dream that my teeth are small and gums can be seen But i thought i wll visit to my doctor and take treatment of it. I touch my front tooth and scratch it but invain so i left to do so

  • Eve

    I had a dream where i was at some sort of summer camp and all of my teeth (particularly on the left side of my mouth) just felt loose and started to fall out but i was trying to hold them in really badly which ended up in me just holding all my teeth in my mouth…..i could taste the blood and i was crying so hard, screaming for a doctor or nurse but i couldn’t speak. None of my loved ones were there or anybody i know in real life, i was basically by myself. Then the doctor told me i was going to die??

    • Aurora

      I had a very similar dream. I was in a house with my family and It started with the bottom half of 4 teeth, they were somehow connected in a row.. Then i “put them back”. Then one tooth came off completely and then 2 more and then the gums and 4 teeth attached came out and everything followed to where I could feel emptiness in my mouth up top but my mouth was full of teeth gums and blood. I went to the hospital and didn’t tell anyone I knew. I just held my mouth and waited for the doctors to help me. For some reason I didnt have insurance and I was worried about the pain I might have during the procedure. Even though the inside of my mouth falling apart didn’t hurt.

  • shae

    i had a dream last night i was just casually talking to people,and suddenly my teeth felt loose and started coming out and more became loose and most of my teeth were falling out except for my main back teeth, the front of my mouth was just flat gums with no holes.

    one big tooth had little black balls like stuff in it?
    i was scared to show my mouth to my boyfriend afraid he would leave me.

  • DeAsiaa

    I dreamt that I was talking to my friend and my mouth started hurting real bad and I ran in the bathroom to the mirror and all this blood was falling out my mouth as the teeth was falling out and I pulled one but it didn’t come out and it felt as if my gums were squeezing the teeth for them to come out and I was in so much pain and under the teeth coming out was new ones qrowing in, I keep on having these dreams that my teeth is falling out and I feel all the pain and it hurts really bad, what does this mean?

  • Bree

    I had a dream my teeth had fallen out and was giving them to my dad. Any meanings?

  • JonAustin

    I had a dream where one of my teeth fell out and then tapeworms started to come out of my gums as all of my teeth fell out and the long wringing worms filled my mouth and I suffocated.


    i had a dream, where i was pulling my mouth, to see my cracked tooth (yes i do have a cracked tooth) and then, it wouldn’t pull, then my loose tooth that i have fell out, it was bleeding, but i did nothing about it, and the rest of my dream Was still without that tooth.

  • Capatin

    Something about the show seemed Off to me, so I decided to meander around online doing a little research, and I happened upon a link to your blog from the Breaking Amish thread on twop.  After reading your posts (you’re awesome, thank you) I decided to stop watching the show for good.  I can’t support a show in any way that takes no reoilnspbisity for spreading false information about a community and misleading it’s audience – and it’s especially apparent to me the way it seems to portray the Amish in a completely negative and biased light.

  • Linda

    I dreamt that my sister wore a denture o her upper jaw which she does but then she just stopped wearing and under that denture was her real teeth that she kept hidden because they were very small and looked really weird in an adult mouth.  Any help is appreciated.

  • Venus

    I am currently wearing invisalign braces. Usually i take them out to eat then put the back. In my dream I ate. I was feeling sleepy so I got in the bed lay down and proceeded to put my invisalign trays back into my mouth. However, I was having a difficult time getting them in. I was feeling lazy and didn’t feel like getting up and looking in a mirror so I was putting them in blindly. After serveral attempts I realize my teeth had falling out. 4 at the bottom and a few at the top. I was like WTF is going on. LOL then I woke up. Can someone help me with this dream?

    • Lisha

      I THINK that something you routinely do (because putting your invisaligns in and out of your mouth is a routine) is not working anymore and you keep trying to force it to work. You may not realize that you are trying to force it to work or maybe you do and you keep trying because it’s routine you’ve done it so many times that you know you can do it. However,you are having a hard time with it and it is making you insecure (That’s why you kept trying to put the liners back in your mouth not realizing your teeth was falling out until you stop forcing the liners). Sounds like a job, house routines, the way you’ve always handled someone or something.

  • Kofi

    If someone can help intepret this dream. Before I slept I went out viewed the moon and the stars and slept. The dream is a bit long but would talk about the teeth part, the moon and the skies and about man of God prophecying about some people.
    In the dream I saw myself with a group of people and an old man our journey was about 395 kilometers. On the journey some individuals dropped out and it was left with the old man, a lady and I. We have crossed 300 kilometers already and the girl dropped out when she was leaving she said that I would give u something to help u finish the journey and that was the end of that part. I also saw myself in a room watching the moon in the evening. I won’t say it is exactly the moon. But it was big yellowish and their was another white ball infornt of it. Everyone who saw it was wondering. Immediately the whole sky began change. Time remain constant interms of (have u watch a movie and they try to show that the night is going to an end, the skies and the clouds would be moving fast and everything that is been shown in the video would be moving fast also) that what happened but in my dream the skies where moving in such a way but the earth stood still. the sky moved and caused that big yellowis moon to vanished with the small white one and another moon came in the form of the normal moon we know of. Was in my room complaining and other guy in another building also complaining. Some authorities came arresting, as they started the other guys and came to me. I runed and enter a bath house which had no locks to the door. The man was strong enough and force the door to open.  after that I saw myself with all my tooth removed and been replaced and could fell the weakness of my teeth as I lie on my bed. I never saw this in the dream but in the dream I remember someone telling me that when ever I need safety i should enter a particular room. Entered that room isaw some of my interest which electronics (soldering iron, machines and others) came out of the room and saw the man who arrested me watching me as I entered the room. I ignored it and and went do my own thing when I came back the man was not their but I have a taught meaning that the man have entered the room.
    The part the prophet. He was saying there are ten people with marks on their forehead some with the mark of the beast (666) and saw a great person who I can’t mention his name or talk about what I was. Because it might bring trouble to me when wrongly interpreted.
    Pls someone help me in the explanation of this dream and my WhatsApp line is +2330549147629. Thanks

  • Taj

    I had a dream that I was back in high school playing for the football team and my teammates was like it’s half time and where down by 6 we need a touchdown to tie the game up and everyone started too look at me and say hey. Why don’t we put you in to get the touch down and the next second I know I get on the football field and my teeth started to fall out and started to grow back in and falling out again the dream was so scary that it woken me up and I ran too the bathroom and look in the mirror and said that was one craziness of a dream. Someone please tell me me what this means for real help me

    • Lisha

      I THINK it means that something or someone in your life is putting you center stage in the spot light (Picking you in the game over anyone else so you can get the touch down for the team). You have mixed feelings being in the spot light. When I say mix feeling I mean, You’re brave but at the same time you are feeling a little insecure about it or you are having anxiety about it. That’s why you’re dreaming that your teeth is falling out then growing backing. The people, place or thing that is putting you at center stage or in the spot light has faith in you to make the touch down (win).

  • Shaniya

    So I had this dream that I was with Kyle, my boyfriend and then all of a sudden my tooth starts to feel loose. So I wiggle it and wiggle it to show Kyle then eventually it falls out. So I picked it up and shoved it back in .  Then the rest of my teeth start getting wobbly.  One by one they each started to fall out some of them even started to break in half.  I kept trying to shove them back in there to save them that way when I have a empty mouth.  Then in my dream I walked into the bathroom to take a look at my mouth and there were giant holes where I was shoving the teeth back into.

    • Erika

      Just woke up from a nap and had a very similar dream

    • Yvette

      Yeah same here except I was with a friend walking somewhere and I kept keeping the teeth in mouth. I started looking for a dentist to have him glue them back on.

  • Jessica

    I had a dream I was sleeping and woke up to my boyfriend in the bed and we start arguing then I get up walk to the mirror and see that my lips are black I open my mouth and 2 bottom teeth were broken in half the bottom half I still had then I see that one tooth is really loose I move it and without pain it falls off and then 2 top teeth do the same thing also in that dream there was a small river with one small dinosaur and my sister trying to get inside of it but I was begging her not to do it and my dad was trying to get $51 from the tree. What does this mean

  • Sofia

    I have always had this dream and every time I have it one of my family members pass away and it freaks me out every time I dream this ….I recently dreamed this but it was different only one tooth fell and I saw an old lady with a kid but then I also Saw my sister and a friend and I also saw my boyfriend I hope it’s not what usually happens but if you can reply I would like someone to help me plz

    • Jenny

      Just today I had a dream that my sister had made my teeth thinner from the sides by using a nail poilisher. Then I was crying and in the process my tongue touched my teeth and I could feel them wiggle. I made sure my tongue didnt touch my teeth because I was scared that if it did they would fall. So I kept crying I was walking to show somebody what happened and while getting to the person 3 of my teeth fell out I saw them in my hand with blood and I cried harder. The rest I dont remember but when I woke up my mom was in my room I told her about my dream before I forgot and she told me that from where sge comes from that means sombody is going to die & now im scared

      • Mitch

        that no choice is without risk so every woman must decide for herself which risks she wants to take. Such a great point, and surnrisipgly one that I rarely see in any discussion of birth.

    • Elbia

      I have been looking up dream interpretations on teeth falling out because the same thing happens to me. Everytime I dream of my teeth falling out, a family member passes away. I can never find anything on this phenomenon i have. Its a relief to see I am not the only one with these concerns. My granmother did tell me that in a spanish book she read about dreams; it said that when you dream of teeth falling out it meant the passing of someone or danger to someone you know. I don’t want to believe it, but I always fear having that dream. I dont know why in latino and american cultures they have different interpretations of dreams, but im still looking for answers.

  • Ulka

    I had a dream as I dont remember whole dream but I remember that i was somewhere and I suddenly realize my front tooth is falling out. I was thinking that how come I had tooth falling out.

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