What does it mean when you dream about your teeth falling out?

Wondering what it means if you have a dream about your teeth falling out? You’re not alone. Teeth falling out in dreams is one of the most common anxiety dream scenario. Here are dream examples and how to interpret what they mean.

Woman wondering what her dream means

What is the meaning of a dream where your teeth fall out?

Here are 5 keys to interpreting a dream featuring teeth falling out:

  • Positive meanings: starting something new, period of growth and development
  • Negative meanings: insecurity, ambivalence, cost of inaction or compromising
  • Dreams about teeth falling indicate times of change and feeling of loss
  • Teeth falling out are symbols of a costly compromise, lack of balance in your life
  • Intensity of the emotions in the dream are a reflection of tension felt in life
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Girl with beautiful teeth that are not falling out

What do teeth dreams mean? Questions & answers

Here are interpretations of selected dreams shared by dreamers on this web site.

What does it mean? Teeth falling out and personal tension

“I had a dream that I was in the car with my Mom and a some guy. Then I wiggled my tooth and felt it was loose and it came out. Then after that another another two teeth came falling out. I was freaking out in my dream…”

Falynn describe a dream where she sees her teeth fall out and several symbols, such as a car and her mom, that will help decipher the meaning of her dream. >> Read the interpretation of Falynn’s dream

What does it mean? Bathroom settings in dreams of teeth falling out

“I had the strangest dream about all my teeth falling one by one out my mouth. I was in the bathroom, brushing my teeth in front of the mirror when I feel one of my tooth come loose. I keep brushing and suddenly I see one of my teeth fall out on the counter.”

Sandra shares a dream that takes place in a bathroom, an environment common for dreams about teeth falling out and that carries important clues for her dream interpretation. >> Read Sandra’s dream interpretation of teeth falling out

What does it mean? Teeth falling out symbols and need for support in life

“I had teeth falling out and my mouth filling with blood from where they had come from. I was so scared and crying in my dream, I was at my nans whom I’m very close to and she was comforting me. “

Emma shares a distressing dream where she sees her teeth fall one by one and struggles with her own despair, searching for relief. >> Read Emma’s dream interpretation

What does it mean? Losing teeth dream, job and family anxiety

“I have a pregnant wife and a two year old, and with the new job I will have to do quite a bit of traveling which is new to me/us; this has made me very anxious. In the first dream I was where I currently work talking with a good friend and one tooth fell out, and then all of a sudden the entire top of my mouth came out, gums and all; then all of the bottom teeth fell out one by one.”

Ryan’s dream echoes various sources of stress he’s having in his life: job responsibilities, pregnant wife, lots of work travels… The teeth imagery illustrate concerns and anxiety shared by a lot of us.>> Read Ryan’s dream interpretation

What does it mean? Losing teeth and mirror symbols in dreams

“I had to go to the bathroom for some reason, when I went into the bathroom all of a sudden I feel a lot of pressure in my mouth (no pain at all), so I look in the mirror at my teeth and and felt I should put my hand out.”

Britt’s dream has two common dream symbols: Losing teeth and a mirror. Mirrors and bathroom settings are often featured in dreams about teeth since they symbolize the need for self-reflection and privacy. >> Read Britt’s dream interpretation

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Dreamy scene with fallen teeth on table

Guide to the meanings of teeth in dreams

Losing teeth dream

Losing teeth in dreams is a common theme in dream interpretation. This type of dream could be a useful indicator of:

  • Lingering fears about losing control, fear about “losing it”, whether it’s control over your life, your own sanity or people around you;
  • Fear about losing your edge, your “bite” on life.

See also Falling Teeth Dream.

Teeth being pulled out dream

The dream imagery symbolizes how painful or difficult the experience of change is […] >>Read more about pulling out teeth dreams.

People also have many other kinds of teeth dreams:

  • Animal teeth
  • Chewing on something
  • Fake of false teeth
  • Missing tooth
  • Rotten teeth
  • Spitting out teeth

Fake or false teeth dream

False teeth or a fake tooth in a dream represent:

  • Conventional masks or facades you put in social settings or to protect yourself.
  • Field of illusions; lies told to yourself or others.
  • Lack of trust in your natural gifts, physical, mental or emotional self.

Spitting out teeth dream

Spitting out teeth in a dream indicate:

  • Anxiety about losing your effectiveness or good looks.
  • Desire to say something that has been repressed for a while; contained emotion, especially anger or agressivity, that need to be expressed or acknowledged more fully.

Rotten tooth or teeth dream

Rotten teeth in a dream represent:

  • Something you’ve said that you regret;
  • Feeling bad about something that happened to you or others;
  • Conflict that is of concern, but not yet fully addressed or acknowledged.

Missing tooth dream

Missing a tooth in a dream could represent:

  • Feeling of loss.
  • Anxiety about losing effectiveness or power in social life.

See also Losing Teeth Dream.

Animal tooth or teeth

If you dream about having or seeing an animal tooth, it could refer to:

  • Your instincts or emotions are coming to the surface and need to be acknowledged.
  • Aggressiveness, repressed primal instinct or motivation.

Look at the meaning corresponding to the specific animal.

Dream of chewing on something

Chewing on something in a dream is symbolic of:

  • Ability to analyze or integrate new information or events
  • A situation or habit you need to reflect on in order to better understand.

Look at what you’re eating to see which qualities or information you need to better integrate into your life.

687 Responses to What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Teeth Falling Out

  • Ian

    I once had dream where I was in my bedroon watching T.V and then i felt something in my mouth so i opened my mouth and a tidal wave of teeth spewed out. So in the dream i tried to speak to my parents and they laughed at me and my friends abandoned me for it. With the water fall of teeth still falling i woke up sweating and breathing hard.

  • bonek

    yes that is good

  • Ila

    What does it mean if I dreamed of only one molar falling out? I was in a party of a friend from Elementary school I no longer see and who I not miss. Then, my husband and I were leaving and before going out of the building, I felt my right upper molar loose, so I touched it and it fell. I desperately tried to put it back but what I got was blood because of the sharpness and I came to the conclusion of going to the dentist in that very moment..really awkward..I woke up crying..

  • ellie

    my wisdom teeth are starting to come through and one of them is push in one of my back molars and last night i dreamed that i was lying in bed asleep and then i awake from the pain and go to the bathroom and have a look at my teeth, i noticed that already 2 teeth have fallen out but i thought i felt more than that fall out and i was really glad it was one of the side ones because i thought one of the front one fell out, anyway then i just touched one of them and it just came out in my hand, then another. when they fell out i noticed they were very white. Then another tooth came out and this was the last one and was on the very side of my mouth and the tooth that was inside the gum was really long and it came out so easily; i might be getting teeth taken out soon so i thought this might actually mean i wont have to get that done. What does this mean?

  • Abie

    One day I had a dream that my teeth fell out and somehow ended up in my restroom at my house and I noticed when they fell out that, I put them back in crooked I pulled them out and tried to make them straight but they always ended up crooked…. I have pretty decent teeth but this was weird, it freaked me out and I woke up in shock, now I laugh, it was scary though.

  • Rudy

    I had a dream that I was running after someone. I fell done and and when I got up I saw a tooth on the floor at first I though it was my son’s teeth, then I felt my teeth and notice that one was broken. I look in the mirror and saw that my right front tooth had broken of almost by the gum line the the left front had chipped too, but was black from the inside.

    Please interpret my dream.

  • Tareta McLaughlin

    I keep having dreams that my teeth are lose and if i touch them with my tounge they would fall out. And i feel the pain in my teeth while im sleeping. it feels so real. in my dream i loose about 6 teeth. i get worried when i wake up that i have no teeth an my teeth aches are gone

    • Zach Delaney

      Yes! This is exactly what I have dreams about as well. I couldn’t find any relatable ones in the article :/ .

  • Martin

    I dream Im having my teeth pulled out one by one and il ways wake up to this

  • Maeve

    I have a bridge with a false tooth. In my dream I felt that the tooth next to it was crooked. So I touched it but the bridge came out, no pain, no blood. When I had it in my hand, it looked like an entire draw of things organized such as alligator clips and the like – really bizarre.
    I was with one of my University professors. We were moving from one classroom location to another on an upper floor so we could watch films (which we normally did in class). But the room wasn’t set up properly. I found myself constantly moving from the floor where it was supposed to be to the ground floor and running into people I knew. Not sure what this all means.

  • Denisse

    So… my I’ve had two really strange dreams.

    The first, I remember a tooth fell out and then it was like a waterfall of little teeth streaming out of the area the first tooth fell out. I was really disgusted and scared and I can’t get the image out of my head.

    The next dream happened a few months later. I remember someone poking my tooth and then a few seconds later, it just fell. Then I rushed to bathroom to see if it was noticeable. I thought i was real, so I tried to wake up to feel the area I thought to be the missing tooth. For whatever reason, I was unable to move my body and I started to freak out. It wasn’t until maybe a minute that I was finally able to move.

  • Victoria

    I had a dream where I was falling from a darkness and I hit the ground. When I hit the ground from the pressure and force of hitting the ground my top teeth came out and ended up in my bottom gums. It was very painful and felt so real, it was a nightmare. I woke up.

  • Matthew Wise

    I had a dream last month where I woke up wentto my bathroom turned on the water drank some and when I spit the rest out it was all blood water and I spit again and I lost a tooth, then I did it again and my whole mouth was full of blood and all of my teeth and I spit it all out into the sink…

  • Emma

    Okay I’ve had these kinds of dreams a lot but recently I dreamt that I was at my school with a lot of people I knew, and this girl was being extremely mean to everyone and I was starting to get mad and I finally snapped and yelled at her. Then I went into the bathroom and cried because I was so mad and suddenly my teeth became loose and they all fell out.

  • Gigi

    I was dreaming that someone gave me a pill to drink and that made my teeth start falling one after another…

  • emp

    I recently had a dream where I remember losing about 5 teeth. I was minding my own business
    I just felt them come out of my mouth and into my hand. They were purple and green like they
    were bruised or rotted, but they also looked like baby teeth because they were quite small.
    I can relate to the entry about rotten teeth, my life has also been very stressful.
    I have dreams where my teeth feel loose, but this was the first time any had fallen out.

  • Dying slowly

    I’m a female 15 year old and I’m finally gonna meet my boyfriend from another country. I know he’s “safe” because be is a gaming friend of my father, but I keep having sleeping troubles. I’m usually meeting someone, like my boyfriend or walking somewhere with mum. Then I feel a tooth is hanging loose, so I push it gently into place, but it falls out. Blood pours out and tooth after tooth fall out. I panic and see blurry while trying to stop them from spurting out, but drowns in my own blood. I wake up sweating and crying, scared and longing for an embrace of a loved one. Can this be because of my dark past with my parents? Am I just yearning for ‘him’? Help..!

  • Sarahgirl12

    I had a dream that I was in my friends house and. I had a loose tooth so I went into the bathroom and I pulled it out and a discusting huge brown long root came out it was discusting and I was bendy eww

  • Vir

    I had a dream which my teeth was starting to fall off while i was in school having classes, suddenly instarted feeling weird (not painful) and just starting spitting my teeth on my hand and they where all bloody and i was panicking, so i ran away and told my teacher what was happening then i woke up..

  • nik

    I usually dream of falling down from stairs which makes me awoken . All this generally occurs near to midnight .

  • Having sex

    I had anal sex with Kim kardashian

    • Matthew Wise

      Always that one person

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