What does my dream mean? Teeth falling out & the symbolism of bathroom settings

Dreams about teeth falling out have recurrent themes: A common one brings together the symbol of teeth falling out and bathroom setting. While it seem obvious that the two could be linked in waking life, the interpretation of a dream featuring both of these symbols could shed light on deeper meanings for dreams about teeth falling out.

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Teeth Falling Out Brushing Dream

Sandra’s dream of teeth falling one by one

“Hi! I had the strangest dream about all my teeth falling one by one out my mouth. I was in the bathroom, brushing my teeth in front of the mirror when I feel one of my tooth come loose. I keep brushing and suddenly I see one of my teeth fall out on the counter. I am not phased out by it in my dream, but then I get a little freaked out when I see more teeth coming out of my mouth. There’s blood coming out also. I woke up in panick. What does my dream mean? Please help.”

Dream interpretation of Sandra’s dream of teeth falling out

Dear Sandra,

Dreams about feeling all your teeth falling out one by one can be pretty disturbing. Though, it’s a common theme when people dream about teeth.

The dream setting is important in understanding what your dream means: You said you are in the bathroom, in front of the mirror when your teeth start to fall out. The bathroom could represent a place where you can find privacy. It’s also the place where you clean or cleanse yourself. Mirrors tend to symbolize self-image and are often an invitation to reflect on oneself.

Dreaming of losing teeth in your bathroom is a classic dream imagery related to concerns about self-image and how you see yourself. The fact that your teeth are falling out as you are brushing them can indicate that while you take good care of yourself, something does not feel quite right and bothers you.

Losing your teeth in front of the mirror could signify that you need to face a minor issue or concern that you have not fully acknowledged yet. This concern could relate to self-image, but also to how you express yourself and communicate with others, to your need for privacy or setting stronger boundaries with close relatives or possibly friends.

The fact that you are just a bit disturbed in the dream and are not freaking out could indicate that you are starting to grasp whatever is bothersome and are not letting yourself be completely freaked out by what you are feeling.

Waking up in panic could be a normal reaction as your conscious self or the part of yourself that has been trying to keep the feelings and concerns away is confronted with pictures and symbols that are hard to understand. The dream imagery of teeth falling out can be quite shocking when its symbolic meaning has not yet been understood.

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14 Responses to Sandra’s dream – teeth falling out & bathroom dream symbols


    I had a dream where one tooth fell out as I was in bathroom.infront of a mirror. I called my sister in to see and I was calm the whole dream and stated well that’s weird I need to call the dentist.  Then I pushed my tongue on the back of almost all the teeth on my whole right side of my mouth and they all just wiggled/popped out. That side ended up having some black along my gum where the teeth were attached on the side of the gums but not like rotted and only on the top not the bottom set where my teeth came out.

    Then I tested out the left side on one and it showed the full filling it had in it from the top. I pushed one more out from the bottom left side and that came out as well. The left side did not have any black along the gum lines.

    My sister was with me and helped me save them all, and then arrange them for the dentist. One we lost and couldn’t find and that was the very first tooth that fell out on its own from my mouth.

    And I legit woke up thinking this all really happened and feeling for my teeth!

  • AlyssaRussell

    Last night I dream that all of my teeth fell out, not one by one but a few were coming out all at the same time. After all of my teeth fell out and I was toothless, more teeth were falling out of my mouth, I had no idea where they were coming from. It’s so odd, and it gets even more weird, they were not my regular size teeth, they were very TINY. I’m scared and excited at the same time, because teeth falling out can mean death but also change. But I need answers, I need to know what it meant. Then my friend told me that she had a dream about me also and it was weird, does this mean I’m gonna die or someone very close to me is? I have to pray about it.

    • Rhonda

      I’ve had the exact same dream this morning. I don’t know what to think.

      • Lilly

        Teeth falling means the death or really bad news about someone you know. 

        Pregnancy in a dream means birth. Someone you know will get married.

        Dark water like muddy means misfortune.

        Clear blue waters means happiness and tranquility.

        Dream about walking on a bridge or on a road alone, time to turn back to faith. Your losing your way, your path in life.

        Those are a few.

    • Liz Ellie

      Yes, Allyssa.I too gave had this dream and in my case (3)family members passed one right after the other in the same year.  This is a very disturbing dream but truthful one.  Beware.  Take care of those you love and take advantage and tell them how much you love them.  The dream is your warning.

    • Lexy B

      I had this exact same dream last night, mixed with Octopus. I had little recurring teeth falling out and filled a big bowl I was holding or had to collect them all they wouldnt stop, abit of blood not too much. Was freaky in the dream

  • angelina

    Hi so this is my dream so i was normal i dont know what backgrounf i had i dont reamber it was 2 days ago but (o i also dont reamber what i was doing) so the suddenley a tooth comes of and then my mom appears i dont know exactley who it was or if even there was somwone there so i start crying and then an other one just like that but only 3 came off and thats it and i think she was aying stuff like thats what happends i dont reamber ps:i think its because i hace a tooth in the moment that everytime i eat it hurts an its a little lose but i leave it alone because i dont whant it to come of. 

    Please responde imediatley

    • Lexy B

      I would go to the dentist so it doesnt turn out worse than youd have it you had gone right away.. I have a hole in my tooth From the dentist I just made an appointment to get it fixed.  I had this dream last night; I had this exact same dream last night, mixed with Octopus. I had little recurring teeth so many falling out, and filled a big bowl I was holding or had to collect them all they wouldnt stop, abit of blood not too much. Was freaky in the dream

  • Manda panda

    I have had several dreams about being in the bathroom looking in the mirror at me teeth n if I touch them they start to crumble one by one and I start pulling them out…  My latest dream I have a facial piercings and it hurt so I go to look at it and my teeth started rotting before my eyes I start pulling them out until eventually I pull off almost half of my jaw bone I’m panicking in my dream crying and scared and be for they are all gone I wake up…  One before that I pull all my teeth out in the same bathroom setting and magically new teeth start growing back almost instantly but no sooner than my whole mouth has new teeth again they start falling out some of the teeth being pushed out by new teeth growing in…..  Needless to say these dreams terrify me….  I’ve had a lot of recent struggles my 2yr old son died 2yrs ago, my children we’re taken from me my marriage ended and now I’m in love with a man who I’m afraid to love…  A lot of the dream scenarios fit but how do I find out what these dreams mean specifically….  Plz help

    • Ron

      Your dream sounds almost as mine!I’ve had this dream like 2 times I just woke up and googled because I was nervous as heck 5 minutes ago but i just lost my 6 year old son July 2016 to so as I was reading your message I started to year up. Now I most definitely wanna know :but am sorry for your loss

  • Saskia

    Several times I dreamt my teeth keep falling out.one in particular was I in a bathroom brushing my teeth and then my mouth was full of all my teeth coming out.weird thing I woke up to find myself in another dream where it recurred and then again and again til I actually woke up and ran to the bathroom to check I was actually not in a dream again.last note I dreamt they fell out again one by one

  • End Master

    dream telling me the number 197 for no appearant reason saying it as if it was important.

    • End Master

      the rest of the dream is when it got weird. i dont even know how to explain it though.

  • vida Owusu

    I had a dream and two of my teeth fell out with intensive pains and in that dream, I was begging for food.pls help me find the meaning of my dream cox I’m scared

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