What Does My Dream Mean? Losing Teeth & Mirror Symbols

Common dream symbols featured in dreams about losing teeth are bathrooms and mirrors. What do these symbols mean and how to interpret them? Here’s an example of interpretation of a typical dream about losing your teeth featuring the dreamer going into a bathroom and looking at herself in the mirror.

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Dream Of Loosing Teeth

Britt’s dream of losing her teeth

“I had to go to the bathroom for some reason, when I went into the bathroom all of a sudden I feel a lot of pressure in my mouth (no pain at all), so I look in the mirror at my teeth and and felt I should put my hand out. As soon as I did, like 5 teeth all at once fell out in my hand and blood was just pouring out into my hand and the the sink. I wasn’t afraid and felt no pain at all, just a bit confused, the only reason I felt awkward was because I didn’t want to walk out the bathroom for them to see me bleeding and missing teeth… Then I woke up and oddly enough I actually remember literally “feeling” the sensation of the pressure building up in my mouth during the dream… Pretty weird. I’m assuming because I wasn’t scared and I didn’t feel pain, this probably wasn’t a “negative” dream.


Dream interpretation: What do losing teeth, bathrooms and mirrors mean?

Dear Britt,

Your dream about losing your teeth contains several important symbols that are important to explain in order to uncover the meaning of your dream: The first one is that you are going to the bathroom and look into a mirror.

The bathroom in your dream seems to be a place that has a specific function or is separate from the rest of the house that is shared by other people in your dream. As such, it could symbolize a space where you feel more privacy. It could also be interpreted as a personal inner space where you can reflect. Bathrooms are places of cleansing and purification as well.

The mirror could represent an invitation to look at your feeling and actions. In dreams, the meaning of the mirror could be that you need to reflect or face an issue or feelings that you have been ignoring until now.

The fact that your teeth are falling out in your hands could indicate that you are trying to take care of an issue or concern. Seeing blood pouring out may signify that the “issue at hand” is connected to a situation or someone who is draining your energy.

The dream would encourage you to look at whom or what has been taxing your energy, either physically or emotionally. Since you are just being a bit confused in the dream and do not seem too frightened, it could indicate that the concerns or feeling you need to reflect on are not too heavy.

Note that the fact that you are feeling pressure rising as the dream goes could have a physical root in that the sensation in your mouth may have triggered the sensation in the dream. It could also be interpreted symbolically as an emotional tension that is building up as would benefit from being released.

The teeth falling out in your dream could symbolize the need to release tension or unexpressed feelings pertaining to how you show yourself in more social or family settings. For now, it seems that you need to hide these feelings from other people around you, just as it felt awkward in the dream to go out of the bathroom and have them see your missing teeth.

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3 Responses to Britt’s dream: Losing teeth and mirrors

  • Brittany

    I just had a dream where my tooth came lose after eating chips. And when I saw this it creeped me out because the person telling their story has the same name as me! Just thought I’d share that

  • juvenile

    Thank you so much for this interpretation. It indeed helps me. It answered all my questions. God Bless.  O:-) O:-) O:-)

  • Milly

    2013Jeg synes det er sv¦ÃƒÂrt at tabe det flæsk der sidder midt pÃ¥ maven. Ingen tvivl om at kuren virker, jeg kan se at jeg taber mig i ansigtet og pÃ¥ numsen, men maven vil ikke helt med. Er der mere jeg kan gøre?

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