Broken Teeth Dream

Broken teeth in a dream are a representation of disruptive challenges and stress. Dreaming of a tooth or teeth breaking can be a warning about a costly compromise you are about to make and the difficulties and misfortune that may result from it. Read more dream interpretations to decipher the meaning of your dream.

Girl dreaming about having a broken tooth

Broken teeth dream meanings

The main meanings for dreams about teeth breaking or broken teeth are:

  • A primary dream meaning for broken teeth is instability and lack of balance
  • Another common dream interpretation of broken teeth points to issues with reliability and trust
  • Guilt or concerns over broken promises
  • Emotional pain, fear of loss
  • Price paid for costly compromises
  • Invitation to look at your current course of action, path

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Woman having a bad dream

Broken teeth dream meaning: Instability and search for balance

Dreaming that your teeth are breaking isn’t generally associated with positive feelings. When you want to find out the meaning of your dream, take it as a useful clue: Because your dream contains imagery and symbols that stimulate negative emotions, it may refer to something disruptive that is undermining your balance in your waking life.

How to interpret broken teeth or teeth breaking? A good starting place is to think about what is or could disrupt balance, pleasure, well-being in your life. Seeing broken teeth indicates that your foundations or stability is being challenged.

Check how this could refer to a situation or feelings in your waking life to get a key on how to interpret your dream of broken teeth.

Girl confused about the meaning of her dream about broken teeth

Dream interpretation of broken teeth: Questioning reliability & trustworthiness

A broken tooth or breaking teeth in dreams denote that something is unreliable in your life. The dream could point to you or other people. Broken teeth could represent doubts or concerns over the reliability of your health, aging of your body, or physical appearance.

Become your own dream interpreter

Accurate dream interpretation does not require you a become a clairvoyant or psychic who can do readings to predict the future, nor an astrologer who knows how to read horoscopes and make forecasts based on your zodiac sign.

Serious dream work compels you to engage your intellect, imagination, and intuition together. It engages both sides of your brain by combining activities associated with the analytical left hemisphere and the intuitive and holistic right hemisphere. Dream interpretation is both intuitive and intellectual, and as such, it can be part of a rich process of personal development.

Unlike the predictions found in horoscopes or psychic readings, dream interpretation relies on your active participation. When you interpret your dreams, put yourself in the shoes of the dream interpreter who understands the symbols and meanings of your dreams the best.

This dream symbol could also point to things you have said that may or may not be really trustworthy. A broken tooth or teeth would symbolize guilt you feel about a broken promise or concerns over promises you or others cannot depend on.

A broken tooth, dream symbol for pain and loss

Broken teeth symbolize pain over losing something that is important to you. You may be currently experiencing changes in your life, transitioning from one place or job to another, ending a relationship or working on modifying your habits.

Dreaming about teeth breaking is a common symbol for concerns over change and loss. Your dream could point to the fear of getting hurt emotionally and perhaps physically as well by an upcoming situation or by someone.

When dreaming about broken teeth means costly compromises

A dream about teeth breaking can be interpreted as a warning about the cost of a decision or action. You may have or are about to make a choice that compromises with your real needs or desires. Broken teeth may represent the emotional pain that comes with such a choice.

A costly compromise is like losing a part of you or denying important needs. Through an image related to the body, a broken tooth or teeth, your dream is most likely pointing to the emotional pain that your decision triggered.

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Dream scene with woman facing crossroad

Broken teeth in dreams: An invitation to look at your life direction

A meaning of a dream about teeth breaking could be that you are “breaking” yourself and your sense of balance in order to satisfy others or goals that do not serve you well in the end. Dreaming about broken teeth could be a warning about a course of action you have chosen and its potential drawbacks.

A broken teeth dream is an invitation to look at the path you have chosen. Check if you are losing sight of yourself and your true needs by going after some ideals that may not align with who you truly are or by compromising too much to fit with other people’s expectations.

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Note about dream interpretation

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82 Responses to Broken Teeth Dream

  • Tia

    I had a dream where I was having drinks with my dad and I opened my drink with my front teeth and chipped my two front teeth and I caught them in my hand I looked at them then looked in a small mirror to see my teeth

  • Benton Xavier

    11 Windmill Close

  • Micah

    So I have one front tooth that is not real. But yeah always been afraid it would break and would lose my self confidence because I’ve been bullied most of my childhood life for not having a tooth there. So let’s just say it’s very important to me.
    In my dream I seemed to have loosen it someohoe and it just broke off I can’t remember if in half or a few pieces. I was freaking out trying to fix it back but I woke up.

  • Alice

    I’ve been having recurring nightmares about my jaw clenching to an unbearably intense pressure to the point where all of my teeth shatter in my mouth. It is extremely painful and stresses me out because it’s vivid as hell. I wake up, wondering if it really happened or not and I’m always relieved when they’re all still there, but it usually sticks with me for a couple days… Should I sleep with a grind guard? Where would I get one?

  • Khin Wickman

    Dreamt i lost my front too. Please explain me please many thanks

  • Lenore Viljoen

    I have been dreaming about my teeth breaking off for approximately 1 year now.
    It was always the same tooth but I was always able to fit it back into my mouth. I did not want people to see me looking like that. I started dreaming about a different tooth breaking off and this one I could also just fit back in so that it doesn’t look broken.

    At least my dreams of being chased and nearly killed have stopped now.
    I would like to know what this means.


  • Hafiza

    I had a dream that my tooth was crumbling into pieces and then it got stuck to my tongue and when i tried taking it out my mouth, started bleeding heavily and it felt so real because i felt this fear of the tooth stuck on my tongue and me trying to pull it out from my tongue without feeling any pain.

    • Badshah

      I know many things have about this dream I can help u hafiza

  • Desheree Judena Preciado

    “My denture was fallen but I managed to put it back because I found out that its ring was broken. And I said to myself, I need to see my dentist.” It fears me a lot when I woke up. Because,I remember an old friend saying that broken tooth represents losing someone. However, when I processed my dream it boils down to the experience I had before that day. Our college has team-building activity.One of the activities is about “Thinking Outside the Box”. We were 27 participants. Unfortunately, I belong to the last 2 men standing because we could not get the symbols made by the facilitator. But then we made it. However, it really affects me emotionally, mentally and psychologically,I almost cried because I felt so dumb. Even at home, it disturbed me. Before I slept, I keep on researching how to improve my brain on the area of logic.Despite of that experience I managed to say myself I would be on top I need to prove my worth!.
    Question: Is my dream relates to the experienced I had that day?

  • Tariq Butt

    I dreamed my three teeth broke down and fell in my hand without any pain from the right side of upper denture. I threw them in the basket and then collected and saved them with my other artificial teeth.

  • LaJuana

    I can’t remember anything about my dream besides my 2 front teeth breaking in half….. I’m sure it has to do with my marriage of 21yrs falling apart, ……he was always a very unfaithful and abusive narcissist and I’ve been staying with my older daughters dad the last 15mos and have recently become involved with him and now the narcissistic husband has decided he loves me and wants me back so he causes lots of issues with my current situation.  He even stalks me and tries to find information out about ne from other people.  It’s kinda gotten scary…. This dream makes me feel like maybe I should go back to my husband and take my chances….. What do you think the dream means?

    • Teresa

      You should most definitely not return to your husband. Your dream probably just represents a change of path for you.

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