Animal Teeth Dreams

Animal Teeth Dreams

Dreaming about animal teeth could point to a part of you that is untamed or wild. When the dream interpretation of this teeth symbol is positive, you may be reminded that your instincts are fully operational and part of your life. If the dream conjures up negative feelings, it may signify that you’re repressing feelings associated with a part of yourself that is difficult to control.

Dream meanings of animal teeth

Dreaming about animal teeth generally represents:

  • A part of you that is untamed or wild
  • Aggression or feeling aggressed
  • Integrating your “wild” side

Animal teeth, symbols of a wild part of yourself

Dreaming about animal teeth could represent a part of you that has not been tamed yet or resists the pressure of external influences, such as education, culture, family or peer pressure. The connection with animals in dreams reminds us of our instinctual nature.

Animal teeth in dreams and aggression

Become your own dream interpreter

Accurate dream interpretation does not require you a become a clairvoyant or psychic who can do readings to predict the future, nor an astrologer who knows how to read horoscopes and make forecasts based on your zodiac sign.

Serious dream work compels you to engage your intellect, imagination, and intuition together. It engages both sides of your brain by combining activities associated with the analytical left hemisphere and the intuitive and holistic right hemisphere. Dream interpretation is both intuitive and intellectual, and as such, it can be part of a rich process of personal development.

Unlike the predictions found in horoscopes or psychic readings, dream interpretation relies on your active participation. When you interpret your dreams, put yourself in the shoes of the dream interpreter who understands the symbols and meanings of your dreams the best.


If your dream contains disturbing or negative content, such as losing teeth, having your teeth pulled out, the animal teeth could represent feelings of aggression. The aggression could be felt towards someone or could be experienced by you as coming from the outside.

Look at the kind of animal the teeth belong to and search for the corresponding meanings. For instance, do the teeth look like they are from a canine or feline? How big are they? The larger the tooth or teeth, the bigger the issue or concern the dream is pointing to.

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Dreaming about animal teeth and integration of your wild side

If you are dreaming about having an animal tooth or teeth in place of your normal teeth, your dream could indicate that you are in the process of integrating parts of your personality or emotions that are typically considered too wild or not suitable. If you are losing teeth or your teeth fall out, you may be releasing or would like to let go of parts that you feel are unsuitable.

If you have animal teeth, you are perhaps trying to integrate your instinctual or wilder emotions into your life. Depending on how you feel in the dream, this process may be easy or offer some resistance. Pay attention to symbols of loss and renewal.

Animal Teeth Dreams

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Note about dream interpretation

This site provides information and techniques, so you can become your own dream interpretation expert. Psychics and fortune tellers can tell you that they do readings and predict your future; astrologers look into your astrological chart to predict your horoscope; but to interpret what your dreams really mean, you ultimately need to become your own dream interpreter.

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Animal Teeth Dreams

19 Responses to Animal Teeth Dream

  • Nicolle.H.

    I dreamt I was in a group of people who were family/friends all of a sudden I felt pain heat and pressure in top front gums and face. I felt with my fingers and realized I had to saber tooth cat canines growing out at accelerated pace I felt a sense of panic related to the people I love seeing the teeth so I tried to pull the tooth on right side out . As it came loose I felt ill and terrified and with a great amount of effort and anguish/physical pain pushed it as far up in to it’s place as I realized I was the only one who could help.when I had achieved this I felt my teeth and to my surprise they were human and lovely. I could also see this all from remote view of myself all at once.♡

  • Lisa Brown

    Last night I had a dream that my boyfriend and I moved into a new house. It had lots of rooms with big windows. I was carrying a baby on my hip and I looked out the window to the backyard and saw a black panther coming towards the house. I got scared but for some reason, I wanted to clothe the baby first. So I got some things out of the closet and dressed the baby boy – he must have been 6 months old. I walked into the living room holding the baby and there was the black panther staring at me. I went right up to the panther and grabbed him by his mouth (upper jaw)and flung him out into the backyard and he took off. Then I looked for my boyfriend and I saw some strange woman wearing a towel. For some reason, I immediately knew she was the previous tenant. We had moved in too soon so I woke up with anxiety.

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