Teeth Dream Symbols: A Body-Centered Interpretation

Teeth Dream Symbols

To interpret the meaning of teeth symbols in dreams, it’s important to consider another closely related part of the body: The mouth. A key to the dream interpretation of teeth imagery is to look for associations or meanings relating to the mouth, its function, and its image.

Teeth symbolism and personal expression

To start your interpretation, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do your teeth represent for you in the dream?
  • What associations can you make with current life?

In general, the mouth can symbolize means of expressing yourself, voicing out your opinion. Teeth could relate to appearances, the way you show yourself in the world.

If your you are losing teeth or teeth are falling out in your dream, a more literal dream interpretation consists at looking at what has or has not been coming out of your mouth recently: Is there something you have said that you regret or that came out too strong? Or something you wish to say that has not fully come out yet?

Dreaming about teeth may refer to an emotion that has been contained and could benefit from being expressed more assertively. Common emotions are anger, resentment; look at contained aggression. The dream could also point to a feeling of being subjected to aggression and loosing your power.

Teeth Dream Symbols

Dreams about teeth and concerns about self-image

Most commonly, teeth are symbols for external sign of health, attractiveness, and beauty. In the media, clean, shiny white teeth often depict an ideal of beauty and seductive power. In dreams, teeth could have with a similar function and represent these ideals.

Clean, beautiful teeth could evoke a good level of confidence in yourself or your image, your ability to seduce, to look good. On the contrary, if you dream about teeth in bad condition, such as falling out or crumbling, this could be an expression of doubts or a low level of confidence about the way you look or show yourself in the world.

Dream analysts often suggest that teeth relate to the fear of aging. If you have a dream where you have problems with your teeth, it is likely pointing to anxiety about you’re the way you look and in social settings, looks are often strongly associated with considerations about age.

Your dream may point to the need to reflect on how you see yourself, especially with regards to aging or growing older.

If you dreamed of fake teeth, the dream may refer to the way you show yourself or hide behind masks in social settings or in your private life. If the fake teeth have a cosmetic purpose in your dream, this may signify that you are preoccupied about your appearance and feel you need to put a facade in order to fit in or succeed in social circles.

If you had dental work done recently, the dream could reflect your feelings about your experience and the effects of the work.

10 Responses to Teeth Dream Symbols

  • Daryll

    In my dream, I feel my tooth loose and fallen out, when I go to take it out it turns into keys

    I really don’t know how to interpret that

  • Allybear

    In my dream I had got hit by something like a basketball in a gym and it knocked out exactly 10 teeth i had counted them and I was completely calm about it. What might that mean?

  • Ana

    My great grandmother was a gypsy from Barcelona, Spain. The one dream my great grandmother never wanted to hear about was teeth falling out because it meant that someone was going to die soon. It always came true too.

  • Martha Poller

    Hi. As a child I used to have these bad BAD dreams. Huge rocks came rolling on to me and just as it was supposed to hit me, I got this very unpleasant feeling (not taste) in my mouth. It was my teeth that felt so awful that it kept me awake for the rest of the night. And yes, I’ve been molested…!

  • leigh

    Hi! I had a dream about me smiling and suddenly one of my front teeth falls out. I’m worried about what it might mean. Can you help me, please?

  • sonia

    I had a dream where a part, that was extra to my tooth, came off and thanks to this, my tooth turned out perfect. At first I thought my tooth was chipped and then realized it was just a piece that my tooth didn’t need and it was just fine.

  • richly callao

    can u please interpret my dream. this is the setting. i was with my deseased father and i had one empty space of my set of teeth. here is a false tooth being put in that empty space and it perfectly fits in.

    • Kelly

      There is one aspect of yourself that you feel is not presentable and you are ashamed of that. It has something to do with your father. But maybe you are getting a new start with that.

  • Chambrai

    In my dream, I looked in the mirror and my teeth were beautiful, I couldn’t believe it, I thought it must be someone else in the mirror, that my dreaming technology must have received the wrong dream, and it was meant for my cousin, she has beautiful teeth cos she neither drinks nor smokes – I do both, particslly the smoking part. I felt so happy seeing them this way, I kept running my tongue over them.  My teeth are nothing like that in real life, I’ve got lots of missing teeth and they are a yellowy brown, although I try to brush them regularly.  I felt lifted up by this dream, coz I’ve been enduring a lot of punishment and self-doubt recently.

    • Charleyne Davis

      I had a dream that my teeth were all brown with a Hebraic symbol on the front right tooth if I were looking at myself in a mirror. My granddaughter said Nana you need to take care of or brush your teeth.,

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