Missing Teeth Dream

Missing Teeth Dream
Seeing missing teeth in a dream can be a warning about an issue or feelings you may have overlooked in your waking life. In the dream interpretation of teeth, missing a tooth or several teeth signals potential issues with self-esteem, especially with regards to your body image. Another dream interpretation for a dream of missing teeth points to a more symbolic meaning where the missing teeth or tooth represents emotional struggle and lack of support.

Dream meanings of missing teeth

Seeing missing teeth in a dream could have several meanings:

  • Concerns about self-esteem and body image
  • A calling to take care of yourself
  • A warning about a reality and feelings that have been ignored

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Missing teeth in a dream signals concerns about self-image

Missing teeth are strong dream symbols of concerns about body image. Since teeth are an important part of one’s facial features, they are objects of a lot of attention. If you are missing teeth or a tooth in a dream, it may point to concerns over your physical appearance, health, and aging.

Having a missing tooth or teeth in a dream does not usually mean that you are worried about your next dental health checkup – although this could be one way to analyze your dream. The source of worry signaled in your dream is most likely about a more symbolic part of you, either related to body and health, or to your emotional well-being.

Missing teeth as a call to take care of yourself

Become your own dream interpreter

Accurate dream interpretation does not require you a become a clairvoyant or psychic who can do readings to predict the future, nor an astrologer who knows how to read horoscopes and make forecasts based on your zodiac sign.

Serious dream work compels you to engage your intellect, imagination, and intuition together. It engages both sides of your brain by combining activities associated with the analytical left hemisphere and the intuitive and holistic right hemisphere. Dream interpretation is both intuitive and intellectual, and as such, it can be part of a rich process of personal development.

Unlike the predictions found in horoscopes or psychic readings, dream interpretation relies on your active participation. When you interpret your dreams, put yourself in the shoes of the dream interpreter who understands the symbols and meanings of your dreams the best.

When was the last time you had a tooth missing? If it was during childhood, chances are that your dream about missing teeth relates to some old, obscure feeling related to that time.

Your dream may point to the need to nurture yourself more: Have you been taking care of yourself lately? Where are your sources of support in your private or social life?

A dream of missing teeth could point to a current situation where similar feelings are coming up. Pay attention to feelings of loss you may be experiencing because of a sudden change in your life. It could be related to your job situation, family, personal relationships.

Missing teeth dreams as warning

Dreaming about having teeth missing acts as a signal that a situation or feeling has been ignored or denied. The dream imagery is strongly associated with fear and concerns. Check what in your daily life may be causing such concern or grief and see how you have been dealing with it lately.

Your dream may point to the need to acknowledge the seriousness or the depth of your situation or feelings. What is missing in your life right now? Or what have you been missing because you were too busy or worried?

A dream of missing teeth is a calling to become more aware of what is going on and deal with it more in a more open, conscious manner.

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Missing Teeth Dream

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34 Responses to Missing Teeth Dream

  • Leonard

    Hi, I had a dream today that my left upper teeth’s were all removed whiles I was eating gum. Please I want to know the meaning.

  • Shyla Ann

    I have been dreaming abut my teeth falling out since childhood. It’s always a different type of dream but usually the same teeth end up getting loose, completely falling out, or just one tooth doing so. Usually I am in a panic and it seems that no matter what I do nothing or nobody can help me. They just sit and watch as I freak out about it and cry.

  • binks

    I dreamed I woke up one morning and had devleoped a gap in between my two front teeth, when I tried to push them back together one became very wobbly and then fell out – i tried to push it back in and the dream ended.

    I have just been subject to constructive dismissal at work after a successful 25 year career in public service and been made a scapegoat to save my ( much higher paid ) bosses

  • Jen lango

    I had a dream that I was getting ready for a friends wedding at this time I had braces on my teeth (I had braces as a kid all was well my teeth are great and I have no negative feedback) but what I can remember in my dream is me pulling out the wires and it being extremely painful and then me ripping off brackets and spitting them out.

    And then I woke up in a panick heart racing and covered in sweat

    • Anonymous

      I just had a dream like that I pulled on the brackets and one of my front tooth fell out and I was trying to stop the bleeding with a rag but all I can feel was the hole in my tooth where it used to be.. scary

    • April

      I had a dream like that too (of some sort). But I forgot some of the details, because I have dreamt of more than 5 dreams about my teeth falling out, plucked or being off. It kinda worries me because I’ve been having them dreams since April. I remember one where some of my brackets came off when I ate something, and my teeth came out along with my brackets.

      • Anonymous

        I had a dream like that too!!! Very scary. It was when I was brushing my teeth (with braces) and I pushed too hard with the toothbrush and 3 of my teeth on the bottom row fell back.

  • Adrianna

    I had a dream my husband got hit my a horse and one of his bottom teeth fell.

  • Inah Bondoc

    Hi! I dreamt of my boyfriend losing his upper set of teeth. At first I was still laughing about it when he lost some of his upper teeth then after some time all his teeth were also gone except for one canine on the upper set and I was still laughing about it. I can not remember if I also lost mine but I feel like I did also. Please help me interpret this dream. I am really bothered the past days because of certain issues. Help me please! Thank you in advance!

  • Mary-Anne

    i had a dream that all of my friends front teeth were missing except for mine, all my teeth were there. what does that mean?

  • anaon

    I had a dream that the guy I no longer talk to was posing with his baby niece with a front tooth missing? what does that mean?

  • Candy

    I had a dream that my ex boyfriend which has been dead for 5 years came knocking on my door and we were chatting as if he was away temporarily. But all of his teeth were missing. I remember asking what happened to your teeth and he didn’t respond I kept pushing the question like you had such big teeth omg what happened where have you been? I’m so scared it might mean something terrible. I have been looking into plastic surgery for a butt lift because my body isn’t as nice as it used to be. Ive lost a lot of weight too soon now my skin is in excess. I did not see any teeth in my dream just saw his bare mouth. What could this mean?

    • Candy

      Sorry I meant to write “such beautiful nice teeth”

  • Rashaye

    Dream that my front tooth was missing but when I smile in the dream it was like it was still there it didn’t seems like anything was missing even thou I know it was missing .

  • Anonymous

    I dreamed the whole top row of my teeth came out what does it mean ?

    • Megan

      I had the same exact dream

    • Renata

      In my country, losing teeth in dreams is related to death. If its from the back row (molars) it’s supossed to predict that an older person will pass away, so the placement and type of tooth represents age and the amount of teeth represents if it’s a group or a single person’s death. Also the way that they come off means if its an accident or a sickness. And finally if it hurts or not represents if its someone close to you or if its something that you’ll learn about someone. I hope this interpretation is not related to your dream!

      • April

        Does it really mean death? What does it mean when three of your front teeth fell after having to eat something? I had a dream like that, and am very worried especially that my father’s in the hospital.

      • Ray

        April. Me too my top theee fell out and I had eight teeth in my hand tho. And my aunt is in the hospital very sick and now I’m just reevaluating life

    • K

      I had the exact dream today. What does that mean?

    • Ray

      Omg me too. The middle one came out then I had them ally hand all bloody and the I put them in my pocket and looked and actually felt the pain of all of them comin out. It was just scary. I woke up crying and sweating


    I had a dream that only 3 of my teeth fell out and I told my mom are they going to grow back and out of no where I started laughing. What does this mean anyone ?

    • Lawanda

      Death is to take place for me its where they fall out rather from the top or bottom and it lets me know rather to prepare myself in the passing of a family member or close friend of the family …each time death occurred

      • Kendra

        Lawanda tx?

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