Rotten Teeth Dream

Rotten Teeth Dream

Rotten teeth in dreams are viewed in the field of dream interpretation as a presentation of something in your life or a part of yourself that you would rather ignore, but can’t. Whatever it is, it feels like it’s decaying and not pretty to look at. Dreaming of rotten teeth could point to a sticky issue that has been bothering you for a while and not dealt with completely. It could mean that you did or said something you regret or that it represents a part of you that you reject as being not acceptable.


Dream meanings of rotten teeth

The main meanings for dreams about teeth rotting or decaying are:

  • A loss in your life
  • Dealing with insatisfaction
  • Fear of dealing with lingering issues
  • A call to deal with unfinished business

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Rotten teeth as representation of loss

Seeing rotten teeth is a sign of a loss in your life. The dream could point to a symbolic loss, such as during a period of change, or a real loss of something that you used to rely on or was important to you.

The rotten teeth in your dream may also represent something in your life that is slowly going away or changing. Teeth could symbolize health, physical appearance, but also your strength, sense of power.

Rotten teeth as symbols of insatisfaction

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A dream featuring rotten or rotting teeth could also be a warning about something that is not unfolding to your advantage in your life.

Check to see if a situation, something that somebody said, or a behavior you may have are undermining you in ways that feel like demeaning, humiliating.

Rotten teeth in dreams as representation of lingering issues

Dreaming of rotten indicate that something has been bothering you lately that has been ignored because it was too difficult, painful or disgusting to look at.

Rotten teeth in dreams can been interpreted as symbols of what has been rejected out of your consciousness, but still has a strong influence on how you feel.

Positive dream interpretation of rotten teeth

A dream about rotten or decaying teeth is an invitation to resolve unfinished business. Listen to the message communicated through your dream to take care of a situation or emotions you have ignored before they poison your life or decay into something even more unpleasant.

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Rotten Teeth Dream

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55 Responses to Rotten Teeth Dream

  • Melissa

    I had a dream last night that I had a daughter she was maybe 3 or 4yrs old and she had rotten teeth!

  • Melissa

    I had a dream last night that my tooth was very lose in my dream I barley tuched it and it fell out in my dream the back of the tooth was black on top bottom white in my dream countless teeth keep falling out some were black and some were white .during the same dream I was in a store with my son this little girl wanted an ice cream the kids mom told my son to buy her one then the mom are it later in the dream the child was in my home and I was helping look over her in my dream I went to bed and a big dragon fly flew on the side if my bed and st there so much going on I would just like some thoughts .

  • Charity

    I keep having a reaccuring dream of me doing drugs and being with a drug addict (but I never knew it was drugs I was truly doing) then my teeth began rotting out—-they get worst every time I have my dream. What the heck??? Ps I have NEVER been in drugs lol!!

    • Sonia Bishop

      There’s some situation in your life that you’re addicted to. The longer you hold on to, or remain in, this situation the worse your teeth will continue to become.

  • JLD

    I’ve had a recurring dream for some time now. Always starting with uncontrollable teeth chattering, the chattering always works on my front right canine until I feel it loosen like it will fall out any second. Obviously I start worrying, but usually it doesn’t fall out, it starts to crumble and break instead, when I pull it out it appears fine on the one side and rotten black on the other, usually the surrounding teeth also shatter and a thick sludge appears on my palate as if it built up for years (imagine plaque a centimetre thick with the consistency of peanut butter and flour).
    Anyway, lots of teeth symbols there, curious to anyone’s take on that

  • DD

    I dreamt that a tooth that I already have loose in my mouth was pulled out. When I saw it it looked like it was rotten and should have come out a long time ago.

  • Selene

    Hello, so I had a dream about my ex the other night he was clean shaven ( which I have never seen him without a beard) and he was talking to me and as he did his teeth were rotting, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying.  We haven’t been in contact for months because I broke up with him due to shifty behavior, pretty sure he was cheating on me, an insight on this dream? I would be so grateful.

    • G A

      You see him as a liar and you subconsciously don’t see him as a strong man . You were considering possibly going back but you looked closer and saw who he really is slashed understood by your subconscious.

  • Val

    I dreamt my older brother was afraid to tell me that his teeth were bad and he needed 10 of them fixed and the cost was $2000 a tooth! Then he was asking me to help him pay for it. Then he tells me my daughter also has one that needs to be fixed too and she was afraid to tell me too.

  • phajia

    I dream that i was checking my daughters mouth she is only one year old ,BUT SHE HAD A FULL SET OF TEETH IN HER MOUTH BUT ALL HER TEETH WERE ROTTEN??????

  • Dr.Bryant

    I had these types of dreams several years ago but for the past week on and off I’ve dreamed of being amongst family and a few ex-girlfriends and in the midst of chaos my teeth are falling out. It hurts so bad I can feel the pain in my sleep. It’s like my jaws are trying to stay closed but as I force my mouth open I get teeth falling out. Near the very end of he dream every time it’s like a partial denture completely separates from my mouth and I am completely toothless. In each dream my older sister is significant; this last dream she was collecting my teeth and I was telling her it’s my dream coming true. I dreamed my teeth falling out and now it’s happening. The first time I dreamed this I was at my Grandmother’s house trying to keep my family from going out into the streets where zoombies were at; this last one we were at a church and several of my ex-girlfriends were there too. Any Help out there?

  • Sue

    I just had a VERY vivid dream .I used to be a dental hygienist/therapist + dreamt about a specific patient. as a child, who had decayed teeth that I was trying to fix but was being hampered by the staff and tools available at the place that I was working at. I didn’t want to let the child go as I felt she wouldn’t get the correct treatment she needed at that practice. it woke me up because I was so concerned.

  • Kida M. Morales.

    I just woke up from an awful dream just 3 minutes ago. I was in in warmly lighted room with a soft glow, everything looked okay. I was with my family and I noticed my ex was in the corner. Everything was themed in nature and I felt more like a humble princess. Which was unusual, so I went to go and change my clothes. Among the clothes, I saw a yellow fluffy dress like the one Belle has in Beauty and the Beast has. Then I look towards my right, and I saw a shirt / dress that was more my style. But when I went to go and put it on and go out the door so everyone can see me, I noticed that I was coughing up rotten black blood. I rushed to the restroom sink, when I coughed, 4 of my teeth fell out. Then blood started pouring. So I turned on the faucet, and more teeth started falling out into my hands. I tried to rinse my mouth as quickly as I could, and screamed for my mom to come. My family saw the mountain of teeth in my palms, and they didn’t know what to do. I was scared. As I kept rinsing my mouth, the water turned grey and my mouth tasted awful as I continued to cough out rotten bloody teeth. It was an awful experience and I’ve never had a dream that bad before. That was just a few minutes ago today, too. What does it mean? 🙁 -KM.

  • ToothyTerror

    I had a dream…
    I was talking to someone, and I could feel my bottom teeth with my tongue; they were loose and the gums were bleeding but there was no pain; I could feel the teeth wiggling in and out of the gums. I stopped talking to prob the rest of my teeth with my tongue, only to find ALL of my teeth were loose, cracking, and breaking… detaching from bleeding gums….I touched a finger to my gums and looked down at my hands to see blood. When I looked down, all of the pieces fell out of my mouth and I could taste the blood, feel my oozing gums and what few broken shards of teeth remained.
    I woke up screaming and crying. I haven’t had a night terror this vivid in years, and I can’t stop thinking about it (To the point I’m brushing and flossing my teeth more :/ )

    • Mira

      I have a dream like that today!!it was horrible!!

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