What does my dream mean? Teeth falling out symbols and relationships

Falynn describes her dream of teeth falling out and a few more common dream symbols: Being in a car, dreaming of people such as her mother and a couple men she does not know. What could teeth falling out and these dream symbols mean? Find out in this personalized dream interpretation.

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Teeth Falling Out In Car

Falynn’s dream of teeth falling out

“I had a dream that I was in the car with my Mom and a some guy. Then I wiggled my tooth and felt it was loose and it came out. Then after that another another two teeth came falling out. I was freaking out in my dream, saying I was never gonna leave the house again. Then suddenly I was in another room with another guy and my teeth were still missing. I have no idea where my Mom went and I tried to introduce one guy the other one and there was a little animosity between them. Then I woke up…. Just an odd dream altogether. Especially since I’m not dating anyone at the moment. Just weird…”


Dream interpretation: When teeth falling out are signs are tension

Hi Falynnb,

First, let’s focus the interpretation on an important element that gives an overall context to analyze the meaning of your dream: I see that your dream starts in a car. Typically, cars in dreams symbolize how you lead your life, your life direction or motivations that “drive” you. To see what meaning the other people in the car can have, you can ask yourself: Who was driving? How did it feel in the dream to be with these people in the car; was it comfortable, scary, weird?

You are in the car with your mom and a guy, which tells me that these people play some important role for you at the moment in our life or are the object of your attention in some fashion. The guy might just symbolize” guys “ in general or a masculine presence in your life. It’s not necessarily because you are not dating that men or guys are not on your mind, right? : )

Your mom could symbolize your mom in real life. In symbolic dream language, she could represent sources of nurturing attention or an aspect of yourself you associate with your mom’s quality, personality or relationship. See what resonates with you.

In the context of your dream , teeth falling out could be interpreted as symbols for something that needs to be said or that has been said a bit forcefully, feelings that you or other people around you are holding back, especially frustration or anger. It could also be a representation of the pain you feel.

Your reaction in the dream is marked by fear (you say you’re freaking out) and the expressed desire to stay inside the house. Perhaps your dream is pointing out that you find relief and comfort when you feel at home or take refuge there. It may indicate that you prefer staying or feeling “at home”, whether it’s your physical home or a more symbolic “inner home” or personal, inner space, when emotions get too intense or when you’re scared or angry. Again, see what interpretation speaks to you the most.

The animosity between the two guys may imply that there’s some sort of tension in yourself about your relationship with men or perhaps that you feel some tension when you enter in a relationship with one. The two men could represent different people in your life – for example, a potential boyfriend and your dad, or two potential boyfriends – or men in general, more like an archetype of the masculine.

As a conclusion to the interpretation of your dream of teeth falling out, the presence of several people in your dream could be associated with a situation or feelings you have in your daily life, whether regarding your mom, a man in your life or some boyfriend you wish to have or dream to have. Look into how you view and feel about relationships with these people or your dating (or non-dating) situation at the moment.

Dreaming of teeth falling out could reflect a need to communicate about something that is upsetting you or scaring you, especially regarding relationships at home or with a man you know. A positive interpretation of your dream about teeth falling out is that it encourages you to face any fear you may have regarding expressing what you need. It tells that you always have a way to go back “home”, in your own physical or inner space, even if things seem to go out of control or feel very tense.

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5 Responses to Falynn’s dream: Teeth falling out and relationships

  • Rocky

    I had a dream that I was walking with a lady and I realised that my teeth fell out. Shortly it began falling in smaller peace in succession. I panicked in ma dream and opened my eyes. Soon after I closed my eyes again,l have same dream again an this time I was in a bedroom with the same lady and she was making love advances towards me. I gave in and we started kissing in the dream but the said lady held on my mouth for long when she kissed me. I realized that I had a very strong erection. When I was about to have intercourse with her,I panicked and woke up fine my dream again

  • Shruti

    Yesterday night I had a dream or say morning at around 5 o something. The dream was about me losing a tooth all of sudden when walking. I was feeling some pain in tooth which in real I had done RCT, I felt that the cement which they apply on tooth before RCT that must have come out so I am getting pain and very next I saw tooth falls off and I pick it up wondering which tooth was it. I don’t remember with whom I was but I was with someone when my tooth fell.
    Please help me know what it meant? Please

    Thank you for your answer in advance

  • Janvi

    Today i had a dream in which i was in some sort of clinic with my mom to fix my teeths cause i was playing and just fall on the ground with a pressure because of which my teeths were broken like they were still on there places, and then when i pulled my one teeth out all the teeths started falling from my mouth. That place was not exactly a clinic it was a house with a old lady whom i have seen some where in my real life, but im not able recoll it and more relatives were there with there kids to get there teeths to be done. It was horrifing dream, i was crying in my dream and praying to god that “plzz this shouldme dream” and that was the time i woke up from my dream. What does that mean??!

  • Nestlie

    Hi! This morning i just take a nap 5-10 minutes and had a dream that my false teeth was removed and got broken. I remember that i feel something wrong on my teeth and i was trying to check it with my tongue and that started to craked and fell out on my mouth. I remember my boyfriend was there in my dreams and he was in front of me when my teeth fell down and i told him i can’t go to work like this. It need take time to fix. My mom was also around that time but only taking care of kids. Please what is the meaning of this dream??

  • snehal

    Hi !!
    Yesterday night i had a dream that i was sleeping and my mom came to wake up me and i got up too but suddenly i saw my mother’s one teeth has fallen out and i held the teeth in my hand but the tooth was golden. and i shouted at my father that he was a careless dad. yet he did not take her to dentist.
    now in present life, many more times i told my father to take my mother to dentist to clean her teeth.
    but i have two questions, why i had a dream like this and why i saw a golden tooth ?
    please help me.
    Thank you.

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