Emma’s dream: A distressing dream about teeth falling out

“Last night for the first time ever I had a nightmare about my teeth and jaw bone. I had teeth falling out and my mouth filling with blood from where they had come from. I was so scared and crying in my dream, I was at my nans whom I’m very close to and she was comforting me. I was leaning over bowls and sinks every time I felt them crack loose. They started coming out one by one my front ones first then my canines and then they started coming away attached to one another by some sort of bone yet my jaw bone felt fine, my gums were bleeding heavily and the more teeth that I lost the more I cried and got distressed over.

What does this dream mean? I have a lot of stress in my life right now with having baby number 2 on the way and my husband in court tomorrow for reason I wish not to say (nothing bad though). Is this my way of saying I’m not coping as I’m not feeling old as I’m only 23 so I doubt its due to fears of getting older? Please help.”


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Teeth Falling Out Dream

Dream interpretation: Teeth falling out as symbols for need for support

Dear Emma,

The intensity of the experience in your dream of teeth falling out probably echoes what you are experiencing in your life right now: The stress that comes with expecting a second child and the events surrounding your husband could be at the origin of a dream filled with anxiety and scary imagery, such as teeth falling out one by on and blood coming out of your mouth.

You are on the right track when you say that your dream about teeth falling out may be related to a stressful situation rather than the fear of getting older. Let’s follow that thread to interpret your dream.

The teeth and jaw bone symbols suggest that your dream could be about communication or the need to communicate about matters that are difficult for you. The fact that you see your teeth fall out in your dream either point to something you would like or need to say that has not been said yet and is mining you down, or to something that has already been said that you may regret or feel bad about.

Have you shared how you feel to your husband or someone close to you, such as your nanny or a close friend? Or are you holding feelings of frustration, fear or anger within yourself? It seems like you found comfort when you brought your nanny in the dream. She could also symbolize ways to find support and comfort in your life – perhaps when you nurture people are being nurtured, when you get helps with the matters of everyday life, with children.

The central place of the jaw in your dream may indicate that you have been determined to either hold your feelings back, perhaps even hiding them from yourself and your awareness, or that you have been a bit forceful and stubborn in a position involving anger or resentment.

Dreaming of blood coming out of your mouth is a common theme in dreams about teeth falling out. It could add to the gory imagery to reflect the intensity of your emotions and the stress you are experiencing right now. In a way, it’s the dream showing you how hard and scary this whole situation is.

Blood in dreams can also be interpreted as a representation of feeling drained, of losing your physical or emotion energy or your strength. The image of the nanny who brings relief in your dream could indicate that you need to nurture yourself more and find support to help you go through a difficult time.

Even though your dream about teeth falling out can be pretty scary, it is also a way give an outlet to fears and concerns you may experience in your everyday life. The elements in your dream, the jaw, blood, nanny, are important symbols that point to possible resolution or means of relief.

Your dream can be interpreted as an invitation to look into ways to communicate about your feelings, whether it’s fears, frustrations, or anger, in a safe environment, perhaps with someone you feel close to and trust. It could also encourage you to look for more ways to find support.

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3 Responses to Emma’s Dream | Teeth falling out and need for support

  • Bernadette

    Last night I had a dream I was working in a Victorian factory then suddenly my teeth started falling out and my mouth filling up with blood. I ran to the bathroom and some girl who seemed to be my friend in the story was beside me comforting me whilst my teeth kept falling out into the sink and the blood along with it.

    I’ve haven’t had scary dreams like this since I was 5 years old, I woke in a cold sweat and my heart racing.
    It was so scary and I’ve been thinking about it the entire day.

  • Deidre

    I had a dream last night that most of my teeth fell out and there was so much blood,in my dream my dad,uncle and aunt was there and it was raining,at the same time I told them i should go for dentures and they looked at me saying yes maybe you should,it was really scary and its not the first time I have a dream like this…….

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