Types Of Teeth Dreams And Their Meanings

Here’s a detailed list of all different types of dreams about teeth and their interpretation.

Fictional man giving interpretation of teeth dreams

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Teeth Dream Types

Contemporary dream interpretations

Teeth are symbols rich in meaning. Here are the most commonly accepted interpretations. Teeth in dreams represent:

  • Transition times
  • Personal growth and challenging your limits
  • Self-confidence and strength
  • Self-expression and personal nourishment
  • Courage and assertiveness – or lack of it
  • Concerns about self-image and attractiveness

Simple interpretation techniques

Here are 3 simple steps to analyze your dream. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How do you feel in the dream?
  2. How does the feeling in the dream relate to your current life?
  3. Why would you mind if you would… Here, fill in the blank with the scenario of your teeth dream; for instance, a dream where you lose your teeth, break a tooth, etc.

1. How do you feel in the dream?

Ask yourself how you feel in the dream. Pay special attention to your experience or feelings, especially when something happened to your teeth.

dream interpretation tipDream Interpretation Tip: Connecting with the raw feeling, impressions, sensations or even fleeting emotion or images can help extracting more meaning out of the dream content. You can take note in writing or mentally and go to the next dream interpretation step.

2. How does the feeling in the dream relate to your current life?

Are there any connections between these feelings and impressions or feelings you may have in your everyday life?

dream interpretation tipDream Interpretation Tip: Here’s a key point in interpreting dreams: Strong dream symbols tend to show up when an event or a situation in the dreamer’s life triggers intense emotions. Check what’s happening in your life right now that may be related how you felt in the dream.

More specifically, look for moments where things are shifting or changing dramatically in your life; making compromises that are not completely satisfying for you; facing choices that are hard to bear or make; expressing yourself with assertiveness or lack thereof.

3. What do the dream symbols mean to you personally?

One of the most important questions to dig out the deeper meaning of your dream is: Why would you mind if your teeth would fall out like they do in the dream?

Your answer will point you to another layer of interpretation. For instance, your dream could be related to the fear of aging, not looking as good as you would wish or stem from a feeling of powerless in face of change or losing something important to you.

Other interpretations may lead you to the idea of biting life more fully or getting more of the nourishment you need to enjoy life.

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Dream interpretation advice: Become your own dream interpreter

Interpreting the meaning of dream symbols can be a daunting task when one is looking at definitions in a conventional dream dictionary. This interpretation guide is designed to empower every dreamer with knowledge and techniques to support the creation of a very personal interpretation of dream symbols.

Unlike the already-made dream definitions or the predictions astrologers or clairvoyants may offer in their readings, meaningful dream interpretation relies on your active participation. When you interpret your dreams, you become your own dream expert. Who else than you could better understand the dream meanings coming from in the recesses of your psyche and the messages of your unconscious?

Dream interpretation does not require you to be a clairvoyant or psychic, nor a seasoned psychologist. To interpret dreams, you need to engage your intellect, but also your imagination and intuition. This dream dictionary and interpretation guide is a starting point. You’ll find that combining symbol definitions, dream analysis techniques, and letting your brain work with free associations and imagination, will go a long way in uncovering the true meaning of your dreams.

Dream interpretation theories: Why do we dream about teeth?

According to traditional psychology, an explanation for dreams about teeth, especially dreams where you see you teeth fall out or you lose a tooth is linked to highly charged emotions in your waking life.

Most often dreams about teeth are disturbing and could even be a horrifying nightmare for the dreamer. The emotional quality of the dream scenario usually corresponds to emotions the dreamer is experiencing in her waking life.

The reason this emotional content appears in the dream though teeth imagery is because the dreamer has probably not fully acknowledged these emotions or repressed them because they were too frightening or painful to deal with in the moment. As a result, this traumatic or difficult experience and its emotional charge appear in dreams disguised in images and symbols.

For instance, teeth being pulled out or falling out remind us of the painful nature of these experiences or situations. In the symbolic language of dreams, emotions are represented indirectly through images and offer meaning for the curious dreamer who’s willing to understand their deeper meaning.

Literal and symbolic interpretation of dream symbols

In the field of dream interpretation, teeth symbols can have multiple meanings. Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud was one of the first modern dream analysts to focus on the distinction of the literal content of a dream, i.e., the matter-of-fact content featured in dream images, from the latent content that has a more symbolic meaning and represents a hidden unconscious meaning.

Teeth dreams emphasize a specific part of the body, the teeth, but also the mouth and possibly the face. Several interpretations are possible:

  • The most literal interpretation points to concerns relating to your body, health, or physical appearance you may have consciously or unconsciously in your waking life.
  • A more symbolic interpretation of the latent content of the dream consists in seeing body images as a representation of the way you see yourself and lead your life, as well as the feelings and emotions relating to these topics.

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170 Responses to Dream Interpretation Teeth

  • Genevieve

    I dreamed that most of my teeth were loose and fell out. had all off them in my hands as they fell out with little broken pieces included and bleeding as well. I was at my uncle’s home, somehow I was also running from someone chasing me at the same-time, the man was black in complex. Just as I was running from the man more teeth fell out and he keep on chasing and looked for me. I would like to know what the dream means, please!

  • Richard

    I painlessly take a large tooth from my mouth and feeling how easy it was to do.  During my dream I felt happy and unbothered about anything as I remember. Quite tranquil actually.

    • Richard

      What is the point of posting on here

      • Dina

        Moi aussi j’ai été gay durant un moment sur FB, et les gens me regardaient d’un air bizarre. Vérification faite, c&qrauo;étsit un homonyme. Pour ne pas se faire trop de publicité, il ne mettait pas sa photo. Perso je m’en contre cognait, mais j’ai quand même mis un profil où je me déclarais lesbienne. Puis le gars a disparu, et moi aussi. Pour c’que ça sert…

  • Angela S.

    I was dreaming that I was at some kind of party and I notice that my teeth are getting really lose on one side on the bottom of my mouth. And then i feel it crumble and a few of my teeth break and fall out.Later on i see that my teeth are rotting really badly and big chunks of my teeth fall out. I don’t think it was all of my teeth that fell out though…After that I woke up. What could this dream mean??

    • Angela S.

      I didn’t know i was in the dream when I woke up. In the dream I wake up…I thought it was real life. Then i actually really woke up.

  • Larissa

    My aunt lend me a gold ring and necklace with a letter.she said i can pawn it to pay for my placement fee but when i told her it’s uncertain that i can go abroad because of my goiter she asked for the jewelries back.i gave it back to her and she told me to ask her again the jewelries when its sure that i go abroad.

  • Patty

    I went to the dentist who put a cocained cotton swab on a rotted tooth. After a while the teeth started to crumble and came out in peices.

  • Anonymous

    Everything I touch renewed itself

  • Anonymous

    someone who i like was my boyfriend ryan instead of himself.

  • intensive teeth falling all of them

    I didn’t know I was in a real dream when I woke up. In the dream one tooth I picked out then suddenly I felt like I had to spit and others start to fall out until the point that wholes where in my mouth and more and more teeth start coming out by the chunks. In the dream I knew that I had to go somewhere to see why this had happened. In the dream my daughters where watching as they were assisting. My oldest daughter went somewhere outside and came back with something big to put all my teeth in. In the dream the object she had felt like a gold catcher. In the dream I felt after being hysterical that I had to figure out where I was going to go get treated and what treatment I would need to fix my teeth. I had other dreams of my teeth falling out, but not to this extent. This was serious! I woke up and thought wow! I was dreaming.

  • Kathy

    I dreamt of my niece who was lying in bed and she had a piece of cotton in her mouth and I noticed that she just come from the dentist after extracting one of her front tooth.  I then asked her why she had her tooth extracted because there was nothing wrong with it.  She replied that it was discolored.

  • nicci

    we were on holiday at a beach resort when i dreamed that there was a flood and i was trying to keep my 2 year old son above the water when all off a sudden while in the water we were across the border for palistina or iran or somewhere where they are killing each other when they shot my baby in the head while we were fleeing…. i felft his pulse stop as i was holding his wrist with my one hand to keep him afloat…. it really sucked

  • Ann

    Riding on a horse

  • Ashley

    My tooth like broke then I started pulling it out then
    then the tooth next to it, I could feel the pain from
    My own self pulling out my teeth& I could feel my teeth
    That I pulled out crunch on my other teeth, I’ve had these
    Dreams before, they scare me& I don’t understand them.

    • Jisha Elizabeth

      The same I have seen today. several days- same dream! what is it ?

  • Marilyun

    Last night I dreamed about my deceased Husband We used to live in los Angeles and we were moving back there. Also my son was in the dream and he wanted to go back too. The lady who was showing us the house where we would live was a deceased friend of ours but we found out that she did not own the house she was showing us she kept insisting that the house was hers.

  • judith Modise

    I always dream of my teeth locking up then my gums tearing up nd bleeding

  • andre

    I dreamt my husband hammered all our dogs teeth out and my dog us had gums , in my dream my I felt so sad of what had happened I was feeding my dog soft food. Then my friend had. A dog that was very playfully bit everyone was scared of it apart from me.

  • Anonymous

    Beans coming from vagina

  • tallia

    jaw tightening off to the left then it stops for a little bit then happens again and my teeth shatter and fall out

  • Sandra

    A glass bowl containing a dark liquid. Floating atop is pieces of broken teeth. It is then wrapped in a white cloth and taken away. I saw my mouth with a whole new set of teeth.

    • Mildred

      Yup, that’ll do it. You have my apniceratiop.

  • katie

    My teeth shifted all weird became loose and fell into my hands when i touched them. Then new teeth were sprouting.

    • Anonymous

      i also had that dream – someone told me that it means you or someone in your family is pregnant and it means advance or success in life….

  • losing a tooth

    i just got up and i dreamed about loosing a tooth! it felt so real,,, my whole family was in the dream except my husband… can you please let me know the meaning of this dream….

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